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Episode #372 (Originally aired 11/20/15)

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Episode #372 (Originally aired 11/20/15)
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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time. Ill luck should look like you're right now. You're gonna make me monsieur more than ever. As you know this, this is our last show of the season.
That's right. Well, I always take the holidays off to work. A doctor Ben Carson's charity. If you're familiar doctors without clues with stripes we're leaving in a very nervous time for the country in the world. The number of Americans who now say terrorism is the biggest problem facing doubled in the last four days, wow replacing America's previous biggest problem white guy. So where Pocahontas costumes like that, now, there's a lot to be frightened about that's true, but I'm pretty sure the five scariest words I've ever heard are Donald Trump has applied,
yeah yeah after the Paris exact Donald Trump is rising in the bulls. Republicans think he can do the best job fighting ISIS, because he said a few days before the attacks it was good of bomb, the Should Otis and then somebody told them but down. We ve been doing that for your. We drop twenty eight thousand bombs on them and done said. There's this should out of them he also floated the idea of closing down mosques, but he's going to do with his way he's gonna buy them, turn them into casinos and slide.
Into bankruptcy. It's gonna walk in this back when he was talking about yesterday's sitting a different places across the country for every Muslim to register. So they can be tracked. This is going to take a lot of manpower sounds like we're going to have to hire Mexicans You know. I always say that the net immigration number no zero. Actually that's only been for the last seven years. It's not that anymore. It's negative over the last five, here's a came out today, a million maxims I've gone back to Mexico.
According to a war to keep the men. You know the guy you park, your car he's not coming back and some people in Mexico or not happy about this well, their drug dealers, their rapists, at least that's what I hear on my favorite makes a good morning news. Fox in a Mega Fox news has anything contributed more to the stupidity of Americans than Fox NEWS. I don't think so. I dont get I'll give you his I'm sure this comes from Fox NEWS. It was reported today that a majority of Republicans, a majority think unemployment has risen under President Obama. It was seven point six when you got into office now, it's five
again, Republicans that second numbers lower Republicans view newspapers like syrian refugees. Whatever you do, don't let one in your home Are we doing a thing where we grown first and then decide if we're good people? Don't do that on the last day gives you fuckin people are gonna. Make me quit this business. I swear. I'm just gonna stay on the road where they don't grown. It's only. The atoms are getting for free ground. Can we get a kick out of our asked about rights? They hate liberals but look republicans are tripping over each other to trying to look tougher on the syrian refugee issue, Criss crossed
Chris Christy's if he wouldn't even let in a toddler. After all, their known to make a Bobo speak at a boom boom, France. They are not fucking around. Have you seen what France is going on in Syria? Ok, they suspended their constitution, they wanted another attack and they killed the ringleader of the Paris attacks and they didn't. How brave up you. Yes, we're against killing ices, I'm so glad we're on that page, but didn't just kill this guy. They went french chef on his ass. They were due
Take me to a thick sauce and how about the people of Paris of defiance. I love this sitting outside and bars and cafes in record numbers, but not ignoring the threat. There's no it and president that's why hello told Parisian see said never, let terror win go be with the ones you love and tell them. You love them and then, if we have time drop in and
A wise and husbands, gonna gray Christian Stay in Germany are here in a little later, be speaking with Andy Cohen, but first up he is California lieutenant governor. That's our state. Our states gather Newsome everybody areas of our favorite. You now you are, you are the lieutenant governor of California. I was reading a resume before I came out here. That's very impressive. A newborn nomes that you're going to be running for governor in twenty eight d, C Mon. Let's, like three wars from now, I had three wars. It is better to be got me better to begin
then coy. I mean there's nothing worse than politicians that are saying you know that know exactly what they're doing, but don't tell you what they're doing side rather just be transparent, and the and Governor Brown is that he's not going to run that you can't, even though this is long term, is it our bat? Finally, I love him, but finally, appear like Prince Charles, I'm not wait, and behind this old beggary bore he's going, you got a minute is doing an unbelievable job. I was in many where I was gonna, try to tick off the headings that he's just in the last few months, because I'm in California folks, you should be happy you're here for you We passed a concealed hand, gun law. You can have concealed handguns, ok against the grain of most of the gallery. Automatic, voter registration that right, that's one of them,
You illegal aliens can vote that There's there's some question about now and assisted suicides. Now, when we finally passed principally pregnancy centres, can promote abortion right and hopefully next year, dog rumours now and that the strongest gender pay gap law, Indonesia, that now we start up we're living in a store to strike job. We would you know what to do
about it and all those things were huge accomplishments. But I think at the end of the day, the biggest accomplishment there goes in flies in the face of conventional wisdom politically from the right is for all the progressive values you just enunciated. We haven't been profligate. We proven you don't have to be profit to be firm. We ve gone from a twenty seven billion dollar deficit five years ago now to three years debating the size of the surplus. So I think that's the biggest story about California. Around and I think it's an important lesson because listening to the Republicans, listen a Fox news and arrest, you think raising minimum wage having paid sick leave, doing universal health care, universal preschooler after school would be a recipe for to still be an outcome in the reality is exactly the opposite. Cities like San Francisco are more vibrant and they ve ever been with these progressive values. This state is more vibrant than its being in a decade plus with these values, and I think we're proving in asserting ourselves.
In a way that I think, will I think, trains look about translate to other states. The struggle was well, I mean other states are very different. I mean you know where. No, when you're the governor of the state and then you're the President, it's gonna be a little it's. It's very easy to be governor, big balls here and color you're gonna cause you ve, been out front on a lot of issues are merely with the first one there and gay marriage now you're gonna. Do it on we'd we're gonna get to that. Let's talk about the gun. One began at a maiden Democrats are afraid of the gun issue because now or lost his own home state in two thousand and see what he came out. Sort of first, some sort of gun control. California has Donald Trump says of Paris had guns. I know I just a minute sort of mythology of the gun, a guy with a gun, it's gonna come save the day
right out of the movies sort of this gun slinging fantasy. The reality is most likely to create more harm, more damage, a moral lives really. So, if you are in a restaurant and a crazy gunman came in you wouldn't want to have a gun. Why need rather just be sure why? I would hope that the folks sitting next to me that haven't been trained? They don't necessarily don't respond well under stressful circumstances, don't get up and then start pointing trigger oars, pony and pointing a gun and shooting, but hasn't worse. Things already happened- a crazed, men, men who spent on killing everyone. How could I get worse than what I mean?
What do you get worse than you live in a country with three plus million guns in a country that the entire ray is out there promoting guns for terrorists? Let me just repeat what I just said is a dangerous right. They believe that everybody deserves a gun, including terrorist. From two thousand seven in this country we ve been trying to close a loophole that deny people that are on the no fly zone in the United States. The ability, those folks I can't get on aeroplanes- terrorism lies with terrorist watches. They are still allowed to by legal weapons legally in this country, two thousand in the last decade in the inner re start that it every single effort every single time. That's the perversity of the country limited, but let me give you more, you know we're in a country where we ve had more mass shootings than we had days of the year. One pays to have three and ninety mass shootings by the end of this calendar year. We that fifty two toddlers three year old gun down in this
three. A couple years ago we had more toddlers, shot Nan Police officers in the line of duty. We have got to reconcile this. We gotta get arms around this and, with all due respect, we gotta take on the inner ray and we gotta take I've folks, I don't think I've got to do it. I dont even give the Ark and our right to risk, but I wouldn't say that yet another. So ok, so a lot of the governors around this country do not want syrian refugees in their statements made the plane. If you were the governor right now, what would your position on railway? Then? We ve been accepting syrian refugees,
California. We have turned fifty two without incident. Odorless couple years we ve accepted tens of thousands of refugees over the course of the last few decades, that of assimilated, extraordinarily well in California. One thing we're not gonna do is we're not gonna play the politics of fear. We're not gonna turn our back on people that have been persecuted turn our back on people that had been threatened by terror, we're not going to sort of play the xenophobic game of trying to one up looking governors and were certainly not going to what is going on. You say to fifty two eyes not an end now, but let them her son of letting her son of the wet what the countries so far and we got he wants, but ten thousand California will do our, but there is some number that would be too many right. Germany wants to accept upwards of a million. Would that be to me
the army, perhaps but the bottom line, is whatever we do whatever the number is its abetting process and right now takes eighteen to twenty four months to be valid, and fifty percent of people have been rejected in this country. The two thousand that we have allowed in the vast majority are women and children and seniors, and so with respect. I know it's amazing to me about this debate bill, and it really is amazing- is the idea that terrorist need to wait two years to be get asylum status versus just getting a plane ticket in getting on airport right, because we have a visa waiver programme in this kind of twenty million people take advantage of the terrorists in France and Belgium, where National citizens of France and Belgium and they can come over. We want to close that loophole centre. Feinstein go do that twenty! Sixteen we design the ballot amount for too long overdue to tax unregulated argues gave about from a blue ribbon. Commission lawyers
you're not on it cuz. We knew your position well in advance. Will it pass this time? I think it will pass? Ohio was badly crafted legislation that was monopolistic and Ohio did not have a medical system in place like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, center medical system, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety six amateur system, and I'm absolutely confident that we can do it the right way and will give the voters before the opportunity do it in its final question, Armenia's coming will solve our drought, probably not going to solve in a one year. No, I wish it were, but the high so getting hot or cold you're getting color the wet are getting better and that's a reason that perhaps the most important meeting this happening the next month in this is out there
Paris with the climate talks we gotta go first to thank you for coming on governor. I mainly everybody. Variety is the problem of the online magazine of cutter, less than hosted the Federalist Radio, our Ben Dominion How are you doing then? I said he represents the state of made in the USA where he serves the observers is an intelligent committees. Senator Angus King Senator, I e g, the canadian member of Parliament for university, rose the Rosita that it means that both Ambrose do about your district. That's right! That's right! I'm sorry, who was recently named minister of International Trade wow,
regulations to Christian Freeland remember to follow me on Twitter and send us a question for tonight's overtime, so we can answer them after the show on Youtube. I read. I have many questions about what was going on last week we were on just as the news from Paris broke. Now we ve got a little time to think about it, I'm going to try to get a lot of points, but start with this. We hear a lot about how we need more war. Donald Trump wants to bomb the shit out of them. We are. We have dropped twenty eight thousand. I mention that eight thousand two hundred and forty three raids, sixty bombs day. How many more would work bill? How many more would change more war is exactly what ISIS wants right. They even have a term for that say: there's a grey area between Muslims who live in harmony with people
from the west? They want to eliminate that they want to make it us against them. They want a war between the West and Islam and, to the extent we give them that it's a gift. Ok, so we went to Afghanistan to root out jihadist right now, there's more than ever went to a rack when there weren't you
they are just in case they came there now, there's a lot of them. Their Yemen same thing. Would someone who wants more war? Just tell me when has more military intervention ever defeated terrorism, because I can't think of an example? Well, I think in this case you're, seeing to your point, a situation that has played out of the course of a number of years and a lot of negative situations. We ve seen the lessons taken away from the experience in Iraq, as Tony Blair said just most recently. Isis would not be where it is today if you had not remove Saddam as a dictator in his opinion, what we learned time and again is that these bullies, who exist on a local level bullies like Gaddafi, bullies like Saddam. They are actually a buffer between us and these
calls, and I think that unfortunately, is sad as it is. You have to be realistic about the situation, which is that we can't be the policeman of the world for that makes keeping aside, because it goes in my opinion, mean peeping aside, I dont worry with a side, is ISIS is evil twin there there in existence in Orange may result in case study a little bill. They are sitting here in comfort in early preaching to the people around the world that they have to continue to be ruled by a rotarian murderous. What on earth are you going to take them out? No, are you anyway I've been large thank band. What we also have to understand is people. Power is real. This is the technology age and dictators around the world are being taken out not by us, but by revolution. By their own people. That is another political reality really true, because what we have and when it was a big revolution in Egypt in two thousand and eleven and what happened a guy took over.
Then they had an election and the Muslim Brotherhood took over and the people decided, while the army's even better than that, Sometimes there aren't good choices you get there. That would be another. We are going to the point of making bill is we have to accept that the choices are not all our own and we have to accept it. The rounding, a laser in Chad or at work we dad and worst between bad and in this situation. That look was Saddam bad. Of course he was was Gaddafi. That, of course, he was is aside bad, of course, but is the worst is worst case scenario that an enlarged Europe and our gaze with their rhapsodize? Your point about not dictating because I think a lot of Americans or myopic about really every issue. So when they talk about Muslims, they think about american Muslims, which There are six million of there is another billion and a half around the world and to be an american Muslim is a pretty good deal. If you want to leave the religion, you can it sort of a boutique muslim experience,
I would also say this, as is I saw ISIS, is a sect of a sector by sector mean their ability within ok well, but just to finish on this for one second about american Muslims. Ok, I think that Islam is a problem, but I dont think american Muslims are the problem. That is not the squeaky we'll that needs the oil in this problem. And yes, in that
the reason why I think you see this opposition currently among the american people to bringing in these refugees that is not because of xenophobia about Muslims is because they dont trust their government to be able to tell good ones from bad ones when you're bringing the men just think about this for a second, if you brought in sixty five thousand refugees, as Hillary Clinton wants to do, you have even if you're right, ninety nine point nine percent of the time you ve still got six guys who come in who have terrorist inclinations, you look what they just did with a look, what they dusted with ten, but but you were just talking with with Gavin Newsome about them. The visa waiver programme focusing all this attention we ve had this week on the on the syrian refugees, and I think they it's it's a serious vetting situation. Eighteen to twenty four months, perhaps it should be even more serious, given the instability in the region, but the real problem is the Visa waiver programme. You know how many entries they were the United States last year and the Visa waiver programme, twenty million,
twenty million is attacking the syrian refugee problem in ignoring that is like attacking Brazil after Pearl Harbor. It's it's a vigorous response, but it's the wrong target, as we all agree on what I'm saying and I want to stay with the refugees. It's really important to remember what is happening there and what our response says about us in Canada. A platform committed for us we just had an election was that we will admit twenty five thousand syrian refugees,
Canada by the end of the year, and that tat its annual report, that within our platform and we won a landslide majority- and I think it was partly because of that commitment- and we are working hard to do that. And what we are saying to Canadians is the syrian refugees or not the terrorists. They are the victims of terror than our response is what is going to define us as a country, and it is going to have a contribution to what is happening in the Middle EAST. When people see countries like Canada, which countries like Germany opening their doors, what we are saying to isolate you are not going to define who we are, and you are not going to make muslim people feel that we are hardly know. The definition of the Canadian, a Canadian is an unarmed North american, with health ensure
such a way that I can see the light of the boy good, there's a difference between american Muslims in their experience and Muslims around the world. I think you know we here in the West experience occasional terrorism as bad as it Muslims around the world experience every day, terrorism. Yes, I'm talking about the wife whose husband can beat her with impunity. The gay person who, if he comes out, will be put to death the maid who can be raped with impunity, the intellectuals in the muslim world who would like to speak out, but they see bloggers getting killed or the artists who would like to paint what they want and they can't. I dont know why. Liberals,
can't stand up for those people. Those are the Muslims on whose side you should be they're, the ones were being punished by radical, doesn't work that way. You know, because that's why you think, because I'd be supportive of the syrian refugee like, but this either despite the best, to be supportive of the syrian refugees is to kill the people who are killing them and let them go back home and by the way the only waited ISIS is gonna be defeated, ultimately, is by Muslim Army I agree, but about let's up, I strongly agree with, and then I saw this today in the news on tv. Fifty six percent of Americans believed that the syrian refugee refugees have odds that are at values, are at their values, are at odds with our values. That may not be wrong. If, if you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds. This is what liberals dont want to recognize. You may be from a cunt.
Three, as there are many many muslim countries that either have Sharia law or want to realise those values are not our values. Can I read what David Cameron said? He's the prime Minister of Britain. As we know, he said the root cause of the threat we face is the extremist ideology itself Let's not forget our strongest weapon, our own liberal values, we believe in respecting different face, but also expecting these phase to support the british way of life. Too often, we have lacked the confidence to enforce our values for fear of causing offence, and then he talks about the horrors of forced marriage. He talks about how the utter brutality of female genital mutilation is too common in his country, nearly four thousand cases, and that's just the reported cases. Eleven thousand cases of honor based violence
saying this is going to happen in America, but this idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is bullshit and we make a call at Goshen. I actually strongly disagree with that bill. I think that it is incredibly important, particularly now after the Paris attack, particularly now with isil raising around the world, to stand up for real diversity. And to say our diversity is our strength, so gathering women are second class. So I'm just doing so. I'm not thing that, but you know what it comes down. No, I'm not what I'm saying is beginning and haven't we weren't, Canada are not going to say: Muslims are worse than Christians or worse than you. Or are not as many of the ideas or where no and their work and their culture is not worth, and we also appreciate that I saw does not represent Muslims and is now more important than ever to.
Be that, as from one January one point five billion pleasant. Surely we can agree that there is a portion of them a portion does number in the millions. If you, if you take these pupils on the popularity of ice as if it were and tenth of one percent is one point, six million the point, but it begging him, but in our case in Turkey and its eight percent and that of a country of five million people- let's assume that's regarding intelligent- waited six million for eight years Adams. Eight percent, like how many people of seventy five million I cant, do math six. Six million people agree with ices and you're telling me it's the same as our culture. Our culture is very diverse one and, I think now Incredibly dangerous and very wrong to persecute must
we're not they marry you, I'm going wrong. This being a miserly lies, hidden cameras right. We ve got to stand up for our values and not say that we are going to tolerate something that that in our culture we don't accept. On the other hand, one of one of the tricks, one of the things that ISIS is up to, is to try to get us to clamp down on all Muslims, regardless of who they are where they are and push them into the ISIS camp. We I had a muslim girl, it was a foreign exchange to lived in our house for four four year. Four years ago she was a most peaceable soul in the world. She prayed five times a day. She didn't even know about September. Eleventh could figure out why those guys would do such a thing, so I dont want to push her away. I, but I dont get tired. I couldn't because this is not just a disease late. I admire that. There is no difference between these two thousand and you're right about just now. What you're saying that thing? A muslim faith is by definition worse than others.
No I'm saying that. There's a division between the ragged if six million people in their supposedly moderate country agree with ISIS in I read an article recently. It was attacking me about my beliefs and such things and they said o bill. You paint with two brought about What about Indonesia, the moderate country of Indonesia, which most of it perhaps is, and then they went on to say only eighteen percent believe and honour killings. Yes, really one out of five people in a country that you're holding up as the moderate country believe, If a woman is raped, we blame and kill. Her ok problem is how to most of your cell, pointing out the dumbness of Americans. I know if you little Germany has a little easier for you. I mean, if it is very, very wrong to demonize, are related.
I'm demonizing! I'm just report that you are making it a demon was aged, like the challenge, is how do you take that eighty percent and have them squash, the eighteen, the Uyghurs Zactly? Eighty ok, but You don't do it by thinks that Muslims are bad, but you're, not saying I'm, not a right that you were saying me: ideas need to be changed by their ideas. Are bad killing women for being raped, I would say, is a bad idea. I do so I mean today as an eye for an eye. We don't listen to them. Why ball so in very many Muslims. Don't listen! Maybe these extra we just went through some numbers. That's at an alarming number. Do you resort opinion polls? Opinion poll here Would you were just other or lying to the opinion there actually telling I'm thing when we don't need to say an entire religion and the people who
and I say we're not. I religio we're saying, there's a radical portion of this religion that takes these ideas and uses them as they fuel to crush people into kill people, and that that is something that needs to be done Then there is the location, but it is really important. Now, more than ever for us to be standing up for minor it most. And that's what I'm trying to do. What I do you are you I mean there are a lot of Muslims who agree with me. I had one unless we gusto no money and she says the exact same. She said people like you are the problem, because they closed off a debate that we need to have exactly said. You know when I was a child. I would like to have gone out and talked about this with you, but I couldn't leave. The house must. I was accompanied by a male guardian and we couldn't have a drink, as I was not allowed to do that either. I'm for
Her why me for I am absolutely for her, but I am saying now at a time when some people are talking about things like only admitting christian syrian refugees, it is really important to stand up. Sorry, but it's time for a comedy more exact way. Now, as I bet you, this is our last showed the season and as always, when we are about to go away, we predict what the headlines will, because you know a lot of people get our news from this show, so we will be back on January fifteenth we will be covering the entire political year from the I will carcasses right through to the inauguration of president at noon, but here the headlines you will see. While we are off twenty fifteen hottest year ever Republicans claim thermometers.
Just a theory: crisscross they names own ass is running mate. Mcdonald's promises to stop using strange ingredient that isn't food, Ober draggers do offer outpatient medical. Procedures, man vice crap at yards. Now that turns out to be slightly rarer, crap and you'd imagine looks wagon, admits Jeddah Nazi Code word for vengeance. Car scientists say salt once not good for you than bed than good, then bed than good again
now. Definitely Lamar Odom struggles to remember why he married narcissistic white girl, Campos activists demand apology for what to be determine
later Rachel dollars all stop by police ass to re identify is why get worse flat out offers other candidates money to quit and Donald Drums Biological Father speaks out. I just want to see my boys that executive reduce global GDP, real housewives, in view of the Andy Cohen, diaries, a deep look at a shallow year- Andy Cohen. Now I hope it's ok that you're here on such a day where we're so you know, I know it's a little bit of
down right now, I am happy to be here any delay or be, but you were a producer of news. Right was free ten years, Raby s red tape at sea. Be yes, we do it I'll smells the saving us anything. Actually. What is that smell ate like us? It's like my elementary school. I cannot describe it yes, so I know your mother says that you issues affecting the show, but she doesn't want you to do which she didn't you were smart, and that is true, but it does not sound like a jewish. Well, I know she's, the ultimate jewish mother, you are her favorite, her favorite, and she doesn't think that I have the ITALY actual capabilities to be on the show. There was nobody. There were many days that I wrote about in a book where she would say listen. I really sleepless night, I'm begging! You don't go on the internal market, It's not an issue. There are not call
they have not asked worry. No, that is before you call that's not true. We always want to do on the you're, just the most busy manager. I mean you have a talk. Show you the producer of all the real Hollywood. Wives shows you how the tour What's going on with Anderson Cooper. That's true. Had this book, I'm yes for a gay man, you have your you're in a lot of pies tell me that's what game man, and this is what we did. This is what we do. How do you juggler sketch? It's all fun, you know I just have one and you- and I think it's great yes, so everybody in the media has been saying or your long. Yes, it is election is a reality shop. So I think what long as we have the major duomo of reality this shows ray. I would have to put that question. Well, I've been watching Donald Trump, I mean who came obviously from a reality show, and he reminds me of a
foresees an Orange county housewives. I know you may not be familiar with, but you ve really got because they have delusions about their place in the world. They we'll say anything they will say any damn thing and there aren't always repercussions and there's a weird phenomenon season, one where there on the show and they haven't totally figured there make up out and then they see themselves and their like. Oh my god, I gotta adjusted, but he keeps getting or sure so that these seas in one of the shy its. I can't stop in the debates on the whole a whole mothers and their they're getting big ratings. That must make you a little jealous. Well, twenty five million people watch that first, it's incredible. But a deeper housewives don't get that they do, but they remind me of housewives reunion show yeah. I mean I moderator we do these reunion chosen on the moderator and waiting for the Republicans to say you know what? Let's just let Andy do this, because he knows the turf
because they're all trying to interrupt each other Hilary. I thought was really interesting on the democratic debate last week, where she was sure she had that kind of tirade about Wall Street at nine eleven, which was originally it was her kind of table. Moment. If I can make an analogy to rightly said: Jude Eyes, it was a big moment for it, but if you actually listened to Teresa Jude Eyes when she flip the table, what she said didn't really make much sense. I think that was, at the same moment I was like oh yeah, you know, go look at its centre of power. You don't have to make sense. You just have to look like you're make. Exactly and have the emotion we all are so hungry for emotion and real ness from these. So
Is there any candidate I mean? There's? No, I think we're down to fourteen. There were seventeen right lost Bobby Gentle this week, very sad and Rick Harry's out. Scott Walker is out there The fetal alcohol vote is up for grabs. Is that is that the vodka? Well, it's got Margaret area, but when what about Lindsey? Graham, do you know who he is? If I know he is he's John Mccain boyfriend still together. Are they still together? Well, they do everything together, we're not saying there together right, we're just making it. I would like to tell you something: is it too late for Lieutenant Governor Newsome to step into this race, because I am everything says I'm in four, but it is still too early. Yes, he's not gonna, be the governor, California and he's got, but I mean he's governor dream
They ran yes, he is turning. I always gets better dreamy is out, but but debt legit, Graham, is the only a Republican can and they're all try new outputs each other yet on how to beat up the very tough, the very top he's, the only one who wants to actually send boots on the ground. You know he's very adamant about that. We gotta get into Syria yesterday, with troops Do you think he's compensating? Oh, do you think he's overcome like basking than was where I write like straight got like guys who talk about girls AIDS? has the right to say that you said that it is exactly. I gotta tell you, know, tat crews, his I realize this week he sounds like he's in regional theatre, his
now. I don't know it now. What does that mean? Regional theatres? Listen yoga aren't! So let me I was honest about the politics the. How do you think that the terrorist attacks are going to affect the politics of our election? Now after it happened? A lot of the Pandit said well, this is gonna, be good for job creation, Chris Christie and they normal Republicans, because people know totally wrong. Trump went up in the polls. Mr Obama, the shit out of them with all his dumb I d is- is doing better in America, because Washington has over the past fifteen years, given the country failures in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria, and screw up of
manner when it comes to the domestic seen Katrina, everything that's, but they can't even build websites right and it's the sort of situation they look at Washington, they say not solve yeah yeah I get out the exotic everybody out. You know we're gonna go with this outsider cause. He says this is all bullshit and he's right, and that I think, is all that trump is really good. On here and he's doing it as well as they did. What, with the realities of one of the other things, though, is it electing a presents, a very deep thing? It its sources of psychology to it and in many ways, particularly in times of danger, your electing your dad you're electing someone to take care of and tromp comes across. As you know, these kids do lover, but I did so in this. You ask the question: how will this affect the election? I think it's gonna play in favour of the person that comes across as as tough and and and all of that you know, bombed the shit out of me. I mean that that that's a terrible,
Dear boy, I want my dad to talk me in that Spirit. I think it's gonna be a hope versus fear election and You think you're gonna have a lot of candidates, pushing very hard on the fear button and trying to stoke that up and say the world is a dangerous place. It's really terrible convincing its even worse than you think, an offer to protect and wheedle man. I think a winning message can be from a candidate, as we heard from the lieutenant governor who says,
Actually, I have a hopeful progressive methods and let the usual ballot we're not. We don't know what she's gonna be a year from, but then I any I take your point it. A lot of people are feeling hopeless right now and helpless, and I would say it's both better and worse than you think, it's better in the sense that it looks like we never stop a terrorist attack. We actually stop a lot of them and I think the ball we have to keep our eyes on is nukes. Let's not forget that there are many many people in the world and I'm sorry, but the vast majority of them are of the muslim religion who would like to kill all of us and then care if they die and the only thing that stopping them,
from doing a far worse thing than Paris is access and know how I'm glad many them only read one book. That's that cause that that is the only thing that is stopping them from getting a nuclear weapon, and, let me say at nine: eleven powers will look like nothing. If there is a nuclear attack of that order, goes off in a major city, fun will be on high aid is for a generation. My concern is in the immediate softer targets, the fact that they are going to start going after from my perspective, not the harder ones that we ve had that we have secure today, two guys with guns exactly killing twenty seven people at a hotel
the item on all you're, not another attack in Moscow and that's what we should be worried about and that's what I'd tonnage regarding the real nightmare, though, is a is a nuclear weapon in the hold of a tramp steamer coming into the port. Am I am here absolutely or a horde of LOS Angeles and and that's that's right, that's the big, and because it killed three thousand people September eleven. If they could have killed three million they would have happily they want to. Let's not forget that, mention of a cheery concrete and now, but it must also be the happy part of this work with it. This is this is where, but I think I think we can be optimist, though, because I think in the long run, I think our values actually do when the day
and they win the day for a number of you were talking you're talking earlier about the difference between the experience of Muslims in Europe. In the experience of Muslims here bill in Europe, muslim refugees who come to France are never going to be true frenchmen, but if they come here, they'll be american writer. That's one of the things. Better about our country. Frankly, for now I strongly tapping into- and I mean and MIKE in my country, we have a fifty fifty gender balance cabinet for the first time. That was a very rigid on the very hot prime minister. One another, but I'm not allowed to comment or got his wife is a very gracious beautiful lady is, but one of our cabinet ministers are younger.
Who is thirty years old? Is muslim and she's? Actually a refugee from Afghanistan and the Mayor of Calgary, great canadian city is muslim and I think that kind of integration really is this. Longest assertion of our values possible for Sudan, that regional integration is hard and twenty eleven. The Obama administration had to shut down the iraqi Refugees programme for six months because they discovered that about a dozen guys had gotten through who had fingerprints on ideas trying to blow up our soldiers. I think it's very difficult to trust that this government to be very competent and end responsible when it comes to processing, you mean the Obama government, or just the american government generally, what we ve seen for twenty plus years from Washington, but not like than that of the council,
Spare I mean, are you think no one ever can come into the United States? No, no! No not have grown so so what do you think we can take the conversation about the tourist visas? What's really strike? Could I ask another question: before we have run? It means we. We were having this fundamental, really difference about. What is bigotry, I think bigotry is not asking Muslims to do more. We seem very shy. You mentioned a few minutes ago, one of they fight their own wars. Why, dont day, it's like treating them like children to me, that's right! That's the real thing The truth is that we never seem to ask them to do anything. Why can't they fight ISIS? Why are muslin army so useful? They have. The true was that what they do, you know what they do best they say will hold your coat, contribute a little money. You do the fighting. That's
the star right and it's loaded it residual around me. Giving money will give you a big if you, whatever you need, take here. The problem yourself, ok, well, that I think that you can have to come to Canada, because that always and gather that, while I was there the day before the election, the way your attention. Edge, are hysterical. Like the other guy he's a nice guy. I think I could do a little better. That's an attack. I have just one minute left before we go to do. I wanted to mention this four weeks and we always run out of time our friend Jimmy Carter, who is a hero to me one. I think the only american pressure never fired. You know he's he's ailing and in the summer, when you got sticky at a press conference and asked him what he would like to happen before his time on earth was over and he said
like the last guinea worm to die before I do, because three and a half million people, three and a half million people in Africa used to die from the guinea worm. I'm not sure what that worm does, but it's not good water filters that Jimmy Carter and his people but in their reduced at two hundred and twenty six people. So I just think this is a better way to handle it than bombing people. Thank you. We're going to ban people from the Middle EAST. Can we start with the world's number one hypocrites saudi princes moved to allay? to do all the on Islam stuff. They can't do back home I'd rather about,
hundred syrian refugees, next door than Prince Abdulla been douche bag. Is that ok neural since last week it was revealed that winning the poor girl, not a boy winning go all the way and come out as a lesbian come on. It's obvious. Her face is always buried in someone else's honeypot. I scared them thoroughgoing make neural come on, come on Indonesia, I realize you're, not a rich country but You know you're environmental policies are bad when people look at this Reverend thing great. Where am I s pose?
shit now. Girls, I'm trying to make I stayed massage thing This is the new nexus revolt, prostate, massage here and if you find it at all intriguing, then you're a very different. Person than I nexus calls it the next step, a male pleasure technology. I call it a hundred and thirty three of its work that no thanks the closest I get. So this is every couple of years at the doctors offers and not once, and I thought I could get
Don T worry about me. I'm looking at all neural pizza boxes have to stop being racist. Look at this cardboard hate crime. It suggests that every italian cooks, pizza has a moustache, and this is like super merrier, its twenty five deem high time pizza boxes reflected the guy who actually got my pizza. A mexican and finally neural. I know the constitution says there can be no religious test for holding office. Bizarre. You can't get your hands on the nuclear launch codes. If you own, a painting of yourself with This is in a bathrobe. This is a painting that hangs in been Carson's home of him and Jesus
currently enjoying a spar day. So yes, you can believe whatever you want and still run for office, but it's gotta work the other way too. As a voter, it's perfectly fine for me to say doctor giggles, because you, sir, are clear and present Ding dong. Now we hear in real time had our fun with Ben Curse anew seems like a decent man, so I tried to overlook some of his. Shall we say unorthodox believes like the pyramids are full of cheerios
when he said that prison turns men gay. When we all know that's the Bravo network I had to put now. I know I went Ben Carson is the seventh day Adventist a religion founded in the nineteenth century on past or William Miller's guarantee the Jesus would return to earth on October, twenty second eighteen, forty four, spoiler alert. He didn't. What do you think would have made the followers go. Well. I guess that was a bunch of us it's like believing in the wizard of OZ after Toto pulls back the curtain, but no that's logical, and this is religion seventh day Adventists are obsessed with the world ending and refer to the world, not ending in eighteen. Forty, four, as the great disappointment.
There are disappointed that the world still exists. I dont have to agree with a politician on everything we could disagree on. Abortion entitlements, pave sick leave the earned income tax credit The earth staying is kind of a deal breaker for me, you know what my great disappointment is that I live in a country where four out of ten people believe we're living in end times and that the stupid media never asks Jesus reeks running for office to quest do you believe the world is ending soon and is that a bad thing, because I'm the opposite of an end timer? I must spend time I want to spend as much time as I can on this planet, and I want some planet left for the children
Grandchildren, who are always kicking the back of my airplanes politicians here love to talk about fundamental differences. This is as fundamental as it gets. Folks, Lamar Smith is the chairman of the House Science Committee and he's a christian scientists, which means he doesn't believe in science. He wants to repeal Obama CARE and replace it with prayer. John Shrimp guess is chairman of the House Sub Committee on the environment,
he says, don't worry about rising sea levels because in the Bible God promised Noah, there won't be any more floods. So what if the oceans are dying and we kill all the fish Christ can make more is done it before? No wonder nothing gets done in this country. How serious can people like this be about wanting to improve the future when they dont think will be around for it? A majority of Angelica say: Christ will either probably or definitely we're turned to earth by twenty. Fifty, depending on schedule
So why fix the straight lights if they just gonna, be a big fight with Satan? Why reform health care? Why, where pads, then Carson says he could quote, feel gods fingers pushing him to be president. You know what tell God to keep his fingers to himself, because we know where those fingers had been in error WAR in human history, from the ones you started in the old testament to the one that just played out in Paris but just in case I'm wrong about the apocalypse and the end does come while we're off. Let me make sure I say it now to all my fellow liberals: Oh, I do really love Mary WAR on Christmas
happy to all of our Asian. My guess then dominate first, your real at an early hour on governance and join us. Now. Are you to write to me medicines every Friday night Watchman removed the nation love and each be oh dont com.
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