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Episode #377 (Originally aired 2/12/16)

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Episode #377 (Originally aired 2/12/16)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. Ill luck
look? I know. I know why you're happy today, because the president has left the freeway. That's why you get caught in the traffic yeah yeah. The present was there. He was in town to do Ellen.
Yeah and then an interesting in town go well and which is that's what the traffic was buds funding. As you know, this duty up has a helicopter pad traffic would be our job. So if a presidency wanted to do a shower, not look up the drive, and you know what I just want to say. I know how the Oscars feel, because I've got black people boycotting to too now we had that protection. You know past it rubber But the weekend was out. I didn't roll up the score, I didn't say, keep doing it, but you know I keep doing it now. You know what I still love. You may be an insult to you and I think it is but it's Valentine's day. So you got love from this guy and I wrote a little valentines palm for it
Would you like their roses? Are red, violets or blue? It's time to elect a socialist. Do now we New Hampshire Brunner, this wig Bernie Sanders drowned Sillery Gliddon by twenty two points. The last time I gotta say a Jew hurt Hilary. This bad was Monica Lewinsky, I think we'll get over it, but listen if you are visiting ally and you're feeling the burden that just maybe the method not a captive. Did you hear that they can? We had a horrible, my family care that yeah they finally did. They used a combination of mud and stabilizing fluid and cement the same stuff trump uses on his hair. Well, he want a big victory. Jerry you gotta, give him credit. I know people don't like to hear that, but the people have grunted
and they wanted trumpet up. There are New Hampshire. Did you see drums victory speech? He was very red. I mean he's usually like he's usually like a pumpkin orange was read. I mean he's like a human terror alert system and the threat to America posed by his candidacy has been now raised to severe. We'll see what happens. You know a boy. The this race has shown. A lot can happen in a week. A week ago, marker Rubio was the chosen one
we the little broken robot boy. His Valentine's day card to his wife is very sweet. It said remembering you on this special day and then, when you open, it said remembering you on this special politicians all repeat themselves, but this guy, my car knows more phrases like a first generation Ipod children, fifty song, but of course the media is obsessed with the fact that two days ago, Donald Trump called TED Cruiser pussy they pretended like the world, was coming to an end, which is first of all so
unfair to policies but not to defend Donald from, but it wasn't set in the bad sense of pussy, like your pussy. Now it's like pussy from pussy, the that's. What that you know- and you know it was present its head. Crews is for water boarding, but not enough for it so he's a pussy. This is so republic in this a binary, if you're not enough of a Dick Europe listing- and this I guess- is ironic or just weird, but on the same wig protect grooves had to pull a campaign and because it turned out the actors in his campaign
was a porn star. She loved ass. She did a movie gold sex, sent me to the ear and that's a tip, love she's, not a real republican. She has sex and access to healthcare. But ok, now it's onto South Carolina, that's the next primary. If Iowa New Hampshire are the Oscars. This is now the BT awards. That's how we do it in America. First, the white people vote and the black people vote Bernie. Not doing well, I have to say, with the black voters there and which I don't get the only
turning to visit a white woman with a big ass. Ok, I get a great strain and latterly sticking Margaret Show is there to join us. Firstly, is the envy failures to foreign correspondent whose new book is, and then all hell broke loose two decades in the Middle EAST? Richard angle, I know why you might, I must say you look markedly healthy and relaxed for a guy who spend two decades in the Middle EAST. I would think you would look eighty by now. The there is generally warm. The food is pretty good. What is it about war zones that attracts a person I think you see what's going on
in the world. Rather, you see humanity, but I concern our pressure brought to bear by you for when you see that's about when you see a situation like like two items that are smash together, that's when you understand universe and when you see two societies that are driven together. That's when you understand what the societies or are made of Azores lay. Is this what you were thinking when they kidnapped you in your The catholic regime for five- it's no when they condemn me, I thought this is this. Is this is going to end? This is the worst thing that ever happened. It was right for Christmas and I was thinking a mother can be dead for prisoners or a hopefully I'll, be out by Christmas, and I was out like
miss and celebrated with my family. No so happy a democratic debate. Last night Bernie kept talking about blow back in one way or another, which I thought was great, because I think that's the the concept we should get across to people who may not look so much of the Middle EAST that on it and had consequences, and that, I think, is a lot of what your book is about. The fact that when George Bush said we're going to find him over there, too, in order to fight him over here, we actually wound up making them want to come over here and fight
well I. This is undoubtedly a creation of the Iraq war it if the other leadership from ISIS were leaders that started out fighting american troops in Iraq. That is the genesis, but this book looks at the last twenty years and that, with the thesis of this book and a lot of personal anecdotes, its told through my eyes, but the the the general concept is, there was a status quo in the Middle EAST that has existed for decades and through eight years of military action under the Bush administration, we broke that status quo and unleashed a lot of demons that had been pent up inside the region and then over the last very soon. To be eight years of this administration, we had quite a bit of an inconsistent policy, and what we ve been left with is that old status quo is totally destroyed. All of the demons are out and is represented by ISIS, which is this kind of primordial ooze, though it had always been there and has been unleashed, and I think it is time on this world is- is very horrible. It's like a virus that is that there were all suffering from, but that it eventually will go,
way like the black plague, like other viruses and diseases that have debt of code it, but it I mean, there's been a problem for a long time in the Middle EAST that we seem to not want to have dictatorships, but that there seems to be the actual best option. It seems like this a vicious cycle. When there's a horrible dictatorship, the people turned to religion, and then, when the religious forces take over, you actually needed dictator to put the lid back on. While I think what, when you look at what happened, so if you have this the status quo, that was there, which was dictators, and they were like a lot of old rotten houses. They were containing the problem,
but also contributing the problem, because if you don't open the windows and doors, the rock gets worse and worse, so they were part of the problem as well, that old system got broken down and where I think we're going to mention this in the book is, I think there will be a new series of strong men to come, but we also have to be careful as people who are human beings and ethical people. We don't want to embrace fascists. We don't want to just say: ok, do what you want to your people, because I think that's morally wrong, and I think the last hundred years has shown us if your brace, fascist, bad things can happen. If your piece really terrible leaders, you can get terrible resort, isn't it always about the least awful? Not there is no good option. Just delete it is better Saddam Hussein or ISIS, those in your choices. There isn't the third one on the menu on the menu
Because in Syria we tried to failure, not legally lottery off the menu. Yes, if you have to look at issues or sit on the same footing as are pretty bad, but in Syria we tried to find a moderate army, we tried to build. It tried to make one and two The first is that he's always fifty four hundred people. Then we got fifty four. Then there was about five or size. We get five guys Five man, a limited menu yeah, only rose. And said to me bill have to introduce you to a moderate Muslim. I said Sancho to Syria cause there's only five guys here. Why don't think that's fair? I look very well, but what about of people who are? I agree? Who are terrified and their role in Germany now in a lot in some of them, are being sent back frankly, I know, but but shouldn't shouldn't they fight for their own country. At some point it shouldn't. We have some mechanism, it seems like all the energy is always with the fanatics. How can?
I know there are moderate people. I know people who want to live in normal societies. How can we harness that energy? Why does anybody joined an army to fight ISIS. I hear open, joining ices and here the right, the reverse, the I was just talking with someone in in SIRI the other day and if you're living in Aleppo, which is right now, probably the worst place on earth right and you're. Seeing now russian bombardment intensify you're, seeing the syrian government troops advancing it's already been several years in the conflict. You watch other towns that have been starved out. It's easy for me and you to sit here and say you should stay. You should stick it out and Fiona on what is it? What is becoming unreasoning moxie people who went to Germany? How bout? I might be one of those people who
on a bright got, but instead of trying to build a new life there there so many them about a recruitment centre. Build the army there in Germany and go back to the problem is right from the beginning that Syria was was a proxy war and it was always a struggle between IRAN, Saudi Arabia and the? U S and Turkey. So everyone had different fingers in this in this hot right from the beginning. So if you wanted to join a legitimate, clear, Rebel Army. That was the cause of good to fight almost right from the beginning. It didn't exist. So what should we do? It seems like, no, I heard President Obama say Afghanistan, and we should try to fix this frankly. So so he said again.
Then there were they're using these south korean model. In other words, once we go, someplace we'd have to stay forever. It's kind of like when you put your foot on a grenade if you'll lifted he lifted it blows up right, so you that I feel like that's what we happens to us when we invaded country now we stepped that grenade we either die. Where we stay on forever. Well, I think that the Middle EAST to eye- and I hope, people if they if they read this book- will walk away with a way of thinking about the merely so for decades you had its status quo, it was broken. Now it's been destroyed and we're living in this period of of real chaos. I think strong men will emerge, so I think that the region will solve its own problems without us trying to solve it for them. But you said that wasn't the answer strong, but I'm saying we should not wish the though the world community should be very careful to fall.
Over themselves and embrace these small, strong men and say do anything you want to the people, because we live here after the show. We're gonna have a panel and we're gonna go, have a couple of drinks right
We don't have to live under these horrible tabled, so it's very easy for us to say are bringing the worst greenbacks it on the scene and do what you want her to equal reminded me. We ve got to get to the drinks, and I thank you for coming. I thank you for going really brain region, everybody likes radar areas and I shall pass one in four Bloomberg. Business wig jars, green, is back where there's just green, hello, Asia, musician is going to sound, is run the jewels to annex a Bernie Sanders. Supporter Michael render a gay, I e, the CNN and ably say political contributor and a job Bush the border on and of our all. Our amendments finish your question for tonight's overtime, so we can answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, now
I'm sure primary big results. Trump and Sanders isn't an interesting. The trumpets Andrew to in some ways, diametrically opposed are also the ones who are kind of our alike, because they speak their minds that the authentic ones and MIKE Grant walled. Politico asked an interesting question that I think is worth repeating. He said New Hampshire unemployment rate. Three point: one: that's really love Gas is a dollar. Ninety eight a gallon, the murder, rape lowest in the country, poverty rate lowest in the country, and yet they voted for the guy who said the american dream is dead and the other guy who said: let's have a revolution. Why so glum America the top line economic numbers, I don't think tell the full story. I was on the ground in New Hampshire and people are angry and we ask why it's because the gains since the crisis- and they been modest gains of all gone to the people at the top of the economic ladder in working class people are,
stupid. They know that they see that they feel less secure than we have as good a job as they used to have, and they see all these billion years in all this money floating around and they know that scrutinise Trump and Sanders understood the mood of the electorate better than any party boss or any party or any pundit there we saw that the results in New Hampshire. Don't you get, you can quote those numbers, but when you ask people whether they think the countries in the wrong or right direction going wrong or right track, the vast majority of a man can think America's going on the wrong track and I think that's true in New Hampshire. Well, they also have huge problem with drugs. Would you be saying this if it was President Mitt Romney with a four point: nine percent unemployment rate with envy countries in the wrong direction. I don't know what that mother fucker. Think about. It's not me thing, I know, but if it wife receive eighty percent of American saying so you and that's why? But events rampart but tapping answer, because the media and the pilot
Yes, and the politicians who are running for others have a vested interest in getting people aroused getting them angry, making it always seem like the other side, is trying to take the country from your side? Like that's a lot of really I mean we were talking before I got on here, and we all. I heard you out their real chatters boxes. Ok, I'm his band and don't invite me if you want me to be quite I have given my brother
want to say what impress me about New Hampshire is the fact that its, it is a big white state it they do have low unemployment, they do have logos and they could have went totally the selfish route. They couldn't wait. Total tromp like we're, ok to hell with everyone else, but the people there, I think, want donation to be more reflective of what their living and that's where people can have jobs or people do have disposable income in the work in the middle class, and I think it's possible, which is why jumped on a sandwich trade, but understand why people jumping to talk. Tromp, try. People are peace, but if you're really pay is not think you should direct in a positive direction. Get on board for this revolution me better matters. He knew him just a very unique experience in a country when it comes to the democratic process folk show up to these townhouse. They open themselves up, like you now open books. They tell these candidates the real problems they, you know, tell him about harrowing things that you wouldn't believe are being so like.
Daughter just died of an overdose like my father was declared dead by the veterans Administration and here he is alive. What campaign issue is addressed there? What are you going to do about the delegation what're you gonna do but the vizier problems. I think that they want to hear real solutions. My point is they like he said you know, and I think they sounded in burning alternatives so interesting, because we ve gotten so used to Donald Trump that and a candidate who just pulls insane shit out of his ass? Here's, what Donald here's? What Donald Trump said about the four point: nine percent unemployment rate, which is the fact in America he said, don't believe those phony numbers. When you hear four point: nine unemployment, the numbers problem, Twenty eight,
twenty nine as high as thirty five. In fact, I even heard I love that there are serious person can just go. I heard a passing mental patient whispered in my ear. In fact, I heard recently forty two percent. Do you have any idea what America would look like with forty percent unemployment? We gotta get rid of reciprocity is coming out of the Windows Defender street forty percent. I have to say no, to hear this Republicans, but this is just in their god. They want to This is what Obama did to America. I know they don't think they're racist, but there is no.
Explanation for delusion on this level, you think you're going to accuse us of all. Let me just tell you I dont, like Donald Trump. I know you don't know and also I don't think it's fair to paint Republicans as racist when you have to Cuban Americans in a black eye who are running. The republican nomination you why people to all white people running on the democratic site will see who ones or brother Why did I merely at the civil rights move right now in an area in the Brian I gotta? Do you like is in Spain doktor? He gets pictures in my house is too, but he does. The grain was in a pyramid who love of allowing Europe trumps. Man operates on a different political plain than any other candidate. I've ever seen, certainly any other candidate in this race, and I talk to people said, unite our
business week. I have the numbers I can show tee. What are you? What are you believe him when he says forty, two percent unemployment? I know he's telling the truth you guys and it may not be forty two percent but its higher than you say, and you guys always show for the establishment, whether its Hilary or Jabber, whatever Trump articulated, anger, even if it does it without facts that is landing grid republican voters, yes and I notice that they reacted. When I said media, which I'm glad because as much as I hate the politicians every week when I watch tv, I hate the medium and I just I just waiting for me to know when we hear it, everybody gets a reality. Show it really is a reality show in the sense of the media. Acts like reality show producers
now we all know reality shows are not really reality that the producers before they turn on the camera, whispered just throw a drink in this guy's face which start a fight with this housewife- and I mean he does not care about the truth in this election on that saying they make it up. Totally, but they take whatever is going on like Rubio flooding and they make a story like all they care about. The story line. Rubio he's not because he's the handsome one he had to be up and he had to be down now I'll, be up again. That's all they care about media. Have that much power, neither does it yet. It is the political establishment and we find out every day and we ve been trying to solve a problem that just like everybody, we report, we report the facts of people who get ormond voting for Trump any worthwhile, not not on tv did not report the facts. There was a giant story, just totally got buried, because all they do is talk about the horse raised. There should have been a giant headline that said Supreme Court attacks earth
let me tell you what happened to him. Five Republicans on the Supreme Court. Stop the EPA from carrying out the clean power plant, which is President Obama's in global warming initiative. It is the thing that allowed us to take the lead at the Paris accords in November at Paris, we agreed to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by twenty six to twenty eight percent below two thousand and I've levels by twenty twenty five. This is really important stuff and its unprecedented. By the way for the Supreme Court to do That is because this has not been adjudicated so far by the federal appeals court, but they had to step in arrests and oil company might have been her,
what my question is one. How are these other countries going to trust is now on taking the lead on global warming into how can anything done in America when you have to run it by Antonyms Scully Averse, I went away when you have very complex big Harry problems like era warming, Harry Barrier like immigration, the same thing is happening on the immigration front, that there's a stay on that and that of the immigration executive borders that Obama pass. Why? Because bill, we are a country where there is creation of powers in these very complex national issues have got to be solved with all the powers weighing in
a bipartisan manner and ask that Americans, we Maza man that our President and our Congress work together, damage this, if not the status. What can I do not accept that the lovely speech, but it's so interesting to me the way Republic enjoys rail against activists, judges, activists, judges, except when they don't get what they want. Then they run to the judges to solve it. Upon my hair became find all climate change gay marriage. Then they want Scully to step in and again this is this is so political? You don't think this is political on the part of the judge, because this is the oligarchy get work. Americans, including Republicans want action on climate of already remind you that there is a precedent, Raphael, Edward crews. You might end up with executive orders. You really really don't like and you're going to like the fact that the court steps in or that there are constitutional
shoes that are reviewed and that there are other scrutinise. So you know there are checks and balances in this country. It is why we have and democracy that has worked for financial climate. Specifically what this is gonna do a centre is gonna put at the speed Bob. It's gonna delay C p p and is going to push to whoever the next presidencies rights democratic President, Hillary, if its Bernie we're gonna, get this going to continue in the same direction if its present a cruise it's going stop. So what this really does is throw even more importance on the presidential race in November, because the identity, the next president, is progress aside. What direction we go on climate and they are two very different directions I just want to. One thing. I read it before the this. The study study, I'm sure you are familiar with it by two Princeton professors who said this is another oligarchy in they said the poor fringes of the average American uprooted. If only a minuscule near zero, statistically non significant impact upon public policy
and they wonder why. There's a revolution right, so I may find Donald Trump a lot, but I am no supporter. He did zoo me once only once but that the media I move that makes me laugh because sometimes they go after him in a way that reminds me a lot of who they themselves observe the daily news hates this guy he is classless bore. They call him every name and then look look at their cover. Winning one. The new Hampshire murmur of the brain dead clown comes back to life, with New Hampshire, win as mindless zombies, turn out and grubs and ambitious, and the only one I mean the the National Review had a whole issue devoted to against Trump, and yesterday
open season for magazines and newspapers. We gotta hold to some of the ones that are about to come out with you. Like some of these people magazine the sexist man alive. I mean right, variety expect rich brick. They aren't. You know what that is. That's the retired persons magazine that they have. We know old and this shit's get. No national inquire has even have trump didn't, kill Natalie. Would it just the kind of thing you would get a plane girl had a plague? Earl first, a dick on the Cover Ebony magazine had Trump. President, just fucking around
In addition, an abortion spill geographic regions phenomena of american MID April twenty nine is performing at the just relax comedy first and then covers both bitter bribery. Nineteen march,
Joe alright, Margaret no, you know why. You're here, North Korea has launched the long range it was. I cut my hair like him. Don't I look like, and I could go be as double could not write and where you're here cause we love units Valentine's day. I love you long time. No, that's a good question. You know, because we always year about where the blacks are voting, who the wider voting for, who were the Asian so that they want for residents rose. Why one Bernie Sanders Revolution Road, but I think that I think asian Americans are confused. You know, I think we really dont know. We feel this hostility towards us from the trunk cap which he's very hostile towards all immigrants, and here I guess he has the right of whose always rolling on Yahoo hatred.
The mother Fucker he hated, he hates China and he he does kind of a weird chinese access rights. Have people? Oh? Well, I guess you know it's all sort of his anti immigrant stance, but he's he's he's confusing, because I think that Asians would want to vote for somebody that is about anger. I think asian Americans are lot angrier than we even acknowledge ourselves, really they must repressive. I think it's a lot of its repressive live as cultural, but I feel like a lot of people are very confused, so you're on fresh and police. Yes- and I was watching the democratic debate, last night. Can I show you what Hilary war? Yes, I know it's unfair, because a man can always just put on a suit, but still why that I know it's there. Yet that is not a I leave it to the very bottom of the Chios,
barrel. You know every she goes duster that they have and that's the last one laughed she safe in a storm. But now I know you talk a lot about how women are victims of body, shaming and so yeah, but I'm not body shaman, color, shaming right now it is not our body survives great. Ok, but I mean you do too. About how America is very ages, acts as it means that believe me, I know I'm sixty now. So it's it's hard. It's arctic. Older and and visibly older me, I sort of em a little bit outside a visible no now now you tell people that, but I'm a little outside
because as black don't crag page don't age, no matter what I do, but yet body shaming is. I think it's it's a fascism is a fashionable ism against women's bodies, I'm a long time survivor of eating disorders. So I know that you can be dragged back into the disease anyway, so you know I mean now, because I've done a lot of work on it, but his heart is because of the sex workers, but you ve written about. That too the year a sex. I want sex workers, but that was, I didn't, have much to do with all the other problems in my life. Sex work was oddly enough, a positive aspect that have always been clear when we talk about that, you were a phone sex upper as concepts operate, an dominatrix well out of terrible dominatrix cats, bad aim and bad are so does not work right, not love to diminish it, but those those seem like to sex work,
reacts, you don't even have to touch people right well and then, with the firm, no kind of asian sex were now now so that its goals that it set in stone. It still is, but I mean look, there are so many worse things I'm talking about just like in the medical. Oh yeah, I mean there are things ever talk to somebody works in an emergency room. I mean they pull shit out of people's asses, all dragon Finally, I raise its almost always sharps whatever it is. I mean if I know it's true. I sense a hundred percent, but if I did I why I don't know something about the width of it in their accessibility and people to Caesar never put one in your mouth. I'm just saying, reflexively put it in your mouth is interest. You don't know you don't know and I'm just saying if I had to either like doodad like postal at a people's asses one blow a guy, I would
we're going out on a one of all about. Well, that's why I think it fills in important religious leaders- and I respect sex workers a lot and I think that they deserve a lot more than we give them that they deserve decriminalization. They deserve law enforcement to be on their site. You know it's very strictly ties between Russian, as they should have respect just like emergency absolute. That's where there's so much exploitation, nothing you talk about, which I think is very abusing you coined the phrase. Whites light points like well, yes, which is why I agree both light there are under attack, will ya white fragility because they're so pathetic with it. We only started talking about race when white people found out about it so all we do now talk about racism in that area to sell their very fragile. You gonna walk on eggshells, around white people with so much easier before when we could just walk on their back
where's rigging of speaking of white people. Thinking there under attack, I was watching the Superbowl every American does and it was a grub crap game, but the half time show at that was pretty interesting and I say we had a great. Let's go a little bit of beyond say at the back to me watching that I was like will. This looks like every other have done Joe I've ever seen, no wrong. It was an affront everything we hold dear singing and dancing while black and are you know once again at the superbowl black people must be heavy know what the right wing was talking about rush Limbaugh said it was represented above the cultural decay and social wrought. That is, following our country, yet same people who think those forty percent
employment. Your pop expert, Rudy Giuliani, was outraged. He said it was outrageous. I don't know it was a bunch of people bouncing around and all strange things what's wrong with Perry, Como Medley, my up with people, and it's just amazing that the two America's they were because Why? Because there were some aquifers, why? You can't, even here the lyrics really really whose list not she did a video today before she they're in the video. The very there's a little bit of the view that this was not at the Superbowl. This is from the video of the same song, tat writing I started shooting bigger. Why sliding ifrits fragility white people it's now,
always about you mean we hear talk about the record she saved. You know like its first, I'm not a that. She's talking other black people say, look stupid because if our guests- and when you want me to be doesn't mean I sold you out and in the rest of the first verse, is about her telling other black people like being black? This is the type of black. I am. I like the fat. My daughter's black, like my own Michael Jackson, knows I like much out within. Therefore I like me why people that conversation was for you now.
What would spell out what is what she sang was ladys time it's called formation, the ladys time to get information which means kill, whites. I think we all your husband, that's right inside you to my wife. It I want to say about the black Panthers other white people. The history they teach you are white school is not exactly right. The black after were called the black Panthers, but they were just prowl black people. There was even an asian black Panther people. It wasn't me the black hair before a socialist group for any downtrodden people, and at that time it happened to be black, but they say it all people
red happened was twenty one years old when he talked who talked about educating the people, not just a black people sell why people grammar great in the path of Pakistan. We don't have to be afraid anymore. One there's an hour. I was just like you. I think you know I had to be broken down four days for me to understand what the message was. I think I was so happy monkey baby horrific right. I just couldn't figure out what message it was and I do and the people Can't shit. What I mean we have family tat was even worse was though it was horrible, were horrific, so one isolated beyond our former doing my routine. That is the right guy in the panel. I guess I recognise the meal. Amuses is a white political reporter bit fur
four trumps, Amira might have been the only solve in person watching the image of dancing. Black militants is, like their nightmare, come to life in right right in the middle of the big game, but every republic, as every dance number, looks militant glad. It didn't look like anything different than I've seen, but there were aliens on the black powers diamond their own agenda. Yet, as a Trans border, you got an black pride doesn't have to take anything away from white culture does not take anything away can exist on it sounds. I think this is what black and talking about the racial issue, which I think is so important and what we have to learn how to talk about it in a constructive way. We cannot continue pitting one group against the other, black lives matter. I need to be appalled when Eric out Varner can't breathe and dies, but we also need to be upheld when the cops get shot sitting in any put
This is a guy and where the sound a little out of a car, I put up a memorial at last night before I was poured over four, cop that was killed in Atlanta, but my question to you is: why don't any of your leaders say what you just said to me
like yours, not against poverty, but of course it would have the balls to say that he'd have more the black boat, they made the nerves and american you had our. Can. I call you can look. At least there is a lot of by partisan support for criminal justice before and there are a lot of people calling for there to be attention paid to this, but we just can't do it in a way where we are both. You know pitting each other again wondering about and other aid that police officer is wrong in South Carolina pursued in a mad at you, money away, unconstrained leaders are not, they pray for them to get it and say the rightful benchmark the bomb, so you broke up said Caroline after the word. The next primary is, and I was very interested to see that you're for job bourgeois abroad
His brother George, W Bush peril He thinks it can be very influential with with a key republican demographic and eighty percent approval. Ratings have come out, and this is what I want to get out because South Carolina lot of veterans lot of military people who love George W Bush. Do you remember what, Yeah bushes, big gaff was at the beginning of the campaign. They asked him about. If you know what we know now, as you know today. What we knew then, would you go into a rack and he said. Yes, all the other republican candidates jumped on him ten. Ruse said knowing what we know now, of course we wouldn't get into Iraq. I would you be so stupid as to be sure leaving for a war that I was for only two years ago. Ok, but they all said the same thing, basically Trump brags all the time about he's the only one it was against the war in Iraq. So ok,
we all agree that the war in Iraq was a mistake. Shouldn't George W Bush be the least popular guy among the military. I don't it's like better wife syndrome. Why do you like a guy who sent you to lose lives and limbs and be away from your family to a war? We now agree was not necessary these also form a precedent that have done as much for veterans by wounded warriors as George. You know they would marry again. You do well leadership. Ability is leadership.
Leadership ability yeah. Well, I guess I watch a lotta velocity tv at home looking at how to work on cars, what not just one commercial it comes on. It disgusts me every time it comes on. My heart goes with the soldier he's on it and he shaking throughout the entire commercial. They show you and they give you a picture of a wounded warrior syndrome. Unless they the exact same thing, you see why don't we start sending poor working class voice? Tell me you don't have to have those emerging. You don't have to have a charity. We don't have any angry that to be a hospital, not see them for post traumatic stress syndrome and combat, so we have higher suicide rates. If we do the right thing by avoiding war, we don't have to wait. I mean, I think, he's a. I think, actually wishes a work credit here. He said all of these people,
Some of them came down around so loosely. I mean an immediate and anything, but you know what those are not the right way and in its laws and hasn't shown over the last two republican convention. So a lot of people do feel that way. In only maybe in the insular community, the South Carolina Republican Party, does he have some? Oh, I dont think JEB would have him out on the campaign trail if you weren't real trouble electrically well think up
this. You know where does where does Heller Clinton bring out bill where he can actually help? So you don't think we're out of these regional politician actually being strategic as to where they use their assets and their resources. Final figures, much of an acid or resource while the people of South Carolina experts, one boat, mental flatter they disagree. Much on monitoring has reached its approval numbers in South Carolina through the roof and not convinced yet that he's gonna be an asset for joke about you. You didn't realize approval numbers in South Carolina, moans Republicans are through the roof, trust poles, and after after recent, like pot, I say something, respect for work, but as a comedian, I don't exactly what she said either, but we can mediate hated. We make a serious point in Germany, says you're a comedian, ok
ok, because yes, we're comedians, and we also can make good boy. Ok, I wanted, I wonder how you somebody will actually civil war in Nicaragua and fled war in Nicaragua fled communism. When you put our round they term like war criminal right in his personal to me, but just in committee personal to us! Ok, so things are funnier than others, but it's not funny, I'm just talking about all the people who came back from a war that we shouldn't have gone to because George Bush, you that's why I came. Aren't you think, there's a war criminals in. I think he was commander in chief. I think he's gonna live with some of his you, no mistakes. I think he does and I think he also showed great leadership qualities we did not get another nine eleven
where he was able to say that we have really is really ok. This bothers me do this is this is something jab always says you know my brother kept is safe. I remember one day, he did not and the selective memory that we have about this as some out the terrorism started the day after nine eleven. We remember this. There was memos coming in all the time that supposedly were read to him.
Osama Bin Laden is standing right behind you bill and there's no there's people who lost loved ones in San Bernardino. That feel exactly the same way about President Obama. So we can you really think presenting anything to stop saying gonna do tell me what Obama should have done. Just stop San Bernardino. You just do you think we have the fears, intelligence capacities that we did before. Well, if we don't its biggest congress, did them differently and, yes, we have incredible intelligence capabilities and that would not have stopped the San Bernardino killers. They still have not been able to open their phone. I think there's a reason why job started is the front runner in his fallen. I do think that a lot of people have thought about this, as this crazy primary season has gone on in decided, they're gonna reject that
I was meant thinking to reject that way of thinking. I think it's also happening to a lesser extent. On the democratic side, they looked at Hilary and Bill and all the turmoil that comes with them, and that's why you have so much energy unexpectedly, I'm not behind a trot of sound Vander when he says jobs is stiff and if he wasn't it what did you wouldn't Hiram profits is kind of right, come on jab love, camp jab bushel my my entire life does not throw around you bad y know. Does not insult people actually respects the presidency. You know he has been very successful in business and, unlike Donald Trump here
get a million dollars from his daddy. To start he's been right. He had no advantages being the son of all the arguments of all the no the guy. I know what you mean. I actually know how, but to bring the Danny's aliens are worth anything about the bushes. They don't get trust but they're, not one baby than I can tell you that just push began his career working in Venezuela, W Bush border baseball team with like bubblegum well TAT Bush began working in a bank in Venice. Why we respectfully agree to disagree. Thank you panel. We must move on Euro crisscross. Prosperity must look on the bright side. Now that he's dropped out of the race can stop doing all those embarrassing and humiliating campaign stones and
after this simple dignity of his real job selling, this annex we are all someone must tell hipsters that, instead of paying over a hundred dollars for Levi's new wedges the genes that are worn higher round the waist and lived in a separate, your ass Jake's. You could just try pulling up your pants neural, stop making kleenex with lotion the reason I the kleenex is that I just those lotion, Neural Bernie Sanders has to admit he's waiting for a Polaroid DE commanded. The bottom of this girl came vernier old school. That's why the jagged dig Neuro
This is for Valentine's day. Someone asked to inform women that when we men's little offer underwear dangle it on big toe, then flip it up and catch it. We expect round of applause and finally neural for this Valentine's day, people love marijuana. How often have to do me this favor stop treating it like. You could never lose it. You know not away goes by. Without someone asking me to get into the pot business with them, don't go. Behind. They tell me we can make a fortune selling moral one hour. Billy, Billy, Billy's, whack ain't. Everybody seems one hundred percent certain that completely we'd Legal America on the model of gay marriage is right around the corner. Yes, the plot
every day, it's only legal and forest dates now, but Bell the resting at a ball like dominoes ere. It all the time they can afford, like dominoes, dominoes, hey, let's order from Ok, you have these needs to get your head out of your grass progress doesn't just automatically snowball think of other rights we never what would be rolled back look what's happened with abortion, Since ninety ninety one eighty percent of abortion clinics of closed in Mississippi it's easier to get good tie food? in Mississippi intact. As you have to drive five hundred miles and sit through and informational video, where TED grooves calls you are, or so too, with part in twenty thirteen
away, had nearly seven hundred dispensaries, but since then over five hundred have been shut down and dispensaries still can't get banking services, because there to ski the banks, not the dispensary, and we still do not have a major politician who will simply say legalise it nationally period, pray President Obama has tried to move the needle a little. He says part is not very different from cigarettes and no more dangerous than alcohol, but it's a bad habit, and this is what passes as supportive
even though none of those statements are really true. It's not a bad habit, it's a fantastic habit. Unless, like anything, you overdo it, it's way front than cigarettes, mainly not linked to lung cancer and no, more dangerous than alcohol. Try way way way less dangerous. Somehow this is the year when everything from socialism to mass deportation is on the table, and voters love the authentic guys who speak their minds, but when it comes time for Congress to consider common sense pot legislation, it's like marking a joint with Woody Harrelson. They just born pass it and I'll. Tell you why biggest part is not like gay men. With gay marriage, no one stood two,
lose mummy if the law changed, but the war on drugs keeps billions flowing too. The agents and police and prison and legal. We would mean Americans had an alternative to during their mood by downing Oxy continent Budweiser or as Rice Limbaugh calls at lunch. I was reading recently about a guy named Raymond Schwab from Kansas he's a Gulf WAR veterans wanted to move to Colorado, to treat his chronic pain and pity, as de because, while the egg gave him lots of prescription drugs for him, part is the only thing that actually works. The Raymond thought moving to Colorado where pot is legal and he could even grow. It was a great idea, Kansas, not so much. They got wind of the move and took away his children.
I'm not a big fan of children, but I believe, if you like yours, you should get to keep them. Maybe that's my New York values jogging, but this is what happens when part is legal in some states, sort of legal and others, and completely illegal in places like Kansas, where, frankly, they could use. We can't leave this up to the states, because states rights is always code for taking no way rights And since liberals have never accepted states rights as an excuse to deny black people education or voting or outlaw gay marriage or abortion, why do they accepted with this? Would only some
people have it and some don't that's, not a quality. That's wifi, I And think of another example of a drug that legal in one state, but not in another, it's not a tenable situation, because when I leave you ve Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska. My back pain doesn't go away or whatever it is. I have
I'm getting. I used medical marijuana because my third, I has glower com. You know it's exacting up right now, maybe maybe I should the aviation treated. This is private property and I do have a card so In conclusion, please remember remember that legalizing pod is along from a done deal I know you
tired. I am too of making the same old, obvious pot. Arguments like how pot is less dangerous than other legal adult activities, but some you can drink alcohol, you can smoke cigarettes. You can do that thing. We have cut off. Your oxygen with a belt and masturbate, which is not only dangerous but take it for me and I'll get. You kicked out of Macy's men's where, like like our show or region back on twenty six April, a warrior better and Jackson Dave. I wanna get my language Richard. I join our John. I told me medicines, we haven't ninety ninety watch. Any movement is not going to each be oh dot. Com.
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