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Episode #387 (Originally aired 05/06/16) - Bill’s guests Richard Taite, Bryan Cranston, Ann Coulter, Nick Gillespie and Dan Savage.

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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO real time,
You are only various under. You are you're, surprisingly fresh fruit for a week, including a lot of heavy drinking, think I d Amato yesterday and also
Tromp is gonna, be the republic, a nominal MEG Corona strong enough for that. That's right These are known for obvious to the heat, to mock interim three, it out a breakthrough in eating a talk or ball and said, happy happy Think I do my. I love is managed and they live in. They love it he's at all the children's parties here and our as the periodic You know they said it couldn't happen. They said it wouldn't happen. It happened. Donald Trump is to be the republican nominee for president- and you know I have taken a lot of crap over the years. The saying this is a stupid country. I should a trade
everybody give thing, it's a reality, show yeah fear factor I feel like. I know how Dracula got to run Transylvania. They had primaries. There was debates and then the other vampires just couldn't stand a groove. What happened at all at all ended Tuesday night in Indiana, two groups bit it bad I mean the republic, it's all they do is come up with one the fucker who was more popular than Donald Trump, and they couldn't do that. You're wondering why even Republicans could not stand it. Crews, he said these concessions, which I am not making this up this- why we hate politicians, just a few days ago to young kids or and six handed me,
two envelopes: full of change, all of their earnings from their lemonade stand right, a fool Your role is concerned with the direction of the country and is a closed. Take all my money, you did defeat bottled Twa peace, not war, conserve at the six year old said he would have done it sooner, but it was waiting to see of Bloomberg, got in I'm beginning to think this. Whole elections taking place inside the minded disturbed child and that child, of course, is your Ben Carson, yes, gentle Ban was he's been appointed to find trumps vice president or at the point now what
crazy people are appointing me each other to do jobs and so on. The short list, of course, is Chris Christie. He was the first on the Trump train. Trumpet plump it'll be quite a risk. Firstly is already assure Donald Trump and he does not have any skeletons in the closet, baby back ribs, bad? Yes, I mean this is that we have and we were living in their talking about trumps vice president, that we are talking about what he's going to do in his first hundred days. You said by the it was first hundred today's the wall. With. Mexico will be designed. Immigration ban on Muslims will be in place and the repeal of Obama care will be in motion and all of us we'll be in Canada
by the way there may be quite a few republicans with us. The party is split in a way I have never seen before. The republican establishment is not NASA verily going along supporting Donald Trump he's racist, he sexist is belligerent There are also some things about him. They don't like fruit go two republican President Bush Senior and Bush Junior they're not going to the convention, the latter Two nominees Mitt Romney, John Mccain. They don't want any part of it, they're not going to the voting list, Graham says he won't go, but that's it as he has nothing
nothing to do with politics, Paul Ryan. He is the leading Republican in the country. This. Bigger up the house? Here's, the chairman of the convention yesterday said he will not endorse Donald Trump. He said he wants to. He hopes to. We said he's, not there. Yet he doesn't want to Russian. Do it this Donald Trump tell me more heard enough about that. Gonna drop like Trump is to change! This is what magical thinking get you you believe in a talking snake
believe and rang a tank and transformed into a state. I almost feel sorry for them, but you know what this is: what you get Republican spent years, whipping their borders into sexist Zena Phobic, self, righteous frenzy and now their stock with Donald Trump it's like. Finally, then seeing your wife to have a threesome and then she brings home a guy would be immensely zoology. Ryan friends get his bags day after eleven years. He has run one of the most successful drug treatment clinics in America. Please welcome the founder and see you of the Cliffside Malibu Treatment Centre and Co. Author of ending addiction for good Richard Take
How are you, sir? Thank you great to have you here. Thank you. I think you know why you're here. So it's an intervention for me know: I'm kidding, because there is an epidemic in America and it is about drug abuse, and you know more about this than possibly anybody. Because you yourself were inadequate and you started a treatment centre. Elect their hair club for men guy, but with our own so tell us about your drug days and why you didn't find them fun. I did. I did actually find them. Fine, ok, right! Drugs, orphan drugs are a problem. Now. It admits that drugs are far rugs or finding I give her being here, but like anything else, it stops working after a certain period of time, especially drugs. This always
honeymoon. Very that's. Some drugs have like a guide. Liquor always works. Sure pot always works, but it does diminish. But there are some drugs like opiates, we're gonna get into cocaine. Words like you, only get like three months: it's a balloon payment and then with falls right off the chart right right. Well, the thing about the prescription drugs, the dynamic it so bad when Cliffside Malibu opened in two thousand and five about twenty percent of the people that came to us had a problem with prescription opiates. Today, it's ninety percent right right yeah, I mean you know how I know it was bad. I was watching the Superbowl this year and there was a commercial for opium, Lloyd, induced constipation, right weir. I said wow, because a super bowl commercial, the most expensive thing in the world as it is this- is this widespread that on the super bowl,
doing ads for people can't shit because they're on. And what do we, which are open? What did the? What are the actual names? The drugs retorted been Oxy Canton oxy carcass brick set right, codine that no right and these these constipate you? Apparently yes, but here's here's the thing to know so you ve got the heroin over here, that's enriching the drug cartels and then right got all this litany of pills that are enriching the pharmaceutical companies. What they say is don't use this use this same thing by the way same thing, just just legal heroin, there is called actually gotten hillbilly heroin. It certainly is: I mean I've been heroin, docks continent and the same thing so impact. So I dont think I you know. I don't think I know I know I know I've done it right so and then you get off
and you get on to heroin light, which is symbolic some they call it harm reduction and they like methadone Absolutely its modern day methadone and then they say: oh wait, a minute, you're not gonna, be able to delegate so you ve got to use this pill. I actually took a picture of that commercial and put it on my facebook. I was, it was blown, by too much information meant that the leaders of the wet money I mean what we say this on the news: every day that that we know why people are doing arrow and friend. Then, when you read the background to this is because they started on the prescription drugs. That else, because you don't know one ones, pain and ETA course, but ones pain, nobody ones pain, but then they can afforded or they get cut off by their doktor. So what did they? Do they go to the drug? That, as you just said, is the same thing, which is arrow and right that
think about this- and I get I get your point and its well taken the thing about it is you can be black or white, rich or poor, straight or gay. This this thing, this epidemic that we ve got right now doesn't discriminate rise, killin, everybody prince. All of them and he was on people get people get very emotional when their rock stars, I mean I was a big prince. Then we all were and we're not talking the school. The autopsy report is not back yet if there is going to be one, but it's pretty clear that he was on, I think it was perquisite. He had it on his body when they found him in his house. I've done a lot of drugs to dark. Let me too, something when you're, when you got the drugs on you in your house, was wondering when you go out of the house when you don't think you can make it to the next.
That coffee table is far away. Let me just put these in my bathrobe: that's a serious drug, so here's here's the important take away right. We we know that he was globally on those opiates for hit pain. We also have reports that he had sleep problems. Sleep medication with a prescription opiates is a disaster, its lethal. You can't, you can't take those two at the same time. What why we know. Why did he die didn't because the opiates slowly
sort of suffocate you date. They suppress respiration right right right, but they're not made. These opiates are not made for long term care, so the CDC just came out and offered up or report, and last I think thirty days and what they said was three days to seven days that set right. So the FDA comes out and says we like what you just said: why don't we get all these doctors together and start Cochin em up and nip this epidemic in the bud and what happened was: is the pharmaceutical the street. The lobby came out and push back against it and said, or a fright thick olive send their the air may lobby right.
I mean you're really concern. Well, I mean it's important to note that America's five percent of the world's population uses seventy five percent of the prescription drugs in the world. That's a pretty amazing statistic, at least in in and what is even more important is that, right now you got twenty seven tat: twenty seven million people in the country who are abusing these drugs, but only two point: five million were able to get treatment every candidate. The is it in the drugs. Are everybody thinks we need more treatment? And then there are these local communities. Even in California liberal place, I California they just introduced a bill, a be twenty four, oh three, that's going to decimate, I mean take away thousands treatment beds that we need. Then we get one last question: that's a little broader about society.
I mean I was a kid in the sixtys. The drugs were lsd and marijuana psychedelic stuff, like that, the seven Asia moved into cocaine and Quae Lou nine years it was ecstasy and now it's opiates. What is the fact that opiates is the drug of Troy say about our society? Now, as opposed to our society and other decades, so I think that we are a society that is the past where depressive society, Edie, I dont know if it has to do with Trump right. You're right, I don't know yes do with income inequality or the lack of opportunity or just life on life's terms, because it can be hard, sometimes right, capitalism, when you don't ameliorate,
with some things, is pretty rough on people and a lot losers in society, and that's that's too, we wanted here in America apparently but yeah. I get your point. Will when you're depressed you have this type of learned helplessness. If you will write and when you take a painkiller, they call it painkillers for reason and it actually works better on emotional pain. Then it does on physical pain. So when you take the painkiller and you're depressed you Gulf, ok, I'm good
And your hide see after the show the parking lot has made. Our finally is the editor in chief of reason, dog common reasons: Avian co, author of the declaration of independence, Neck Gillespie Where does not arise, that isolation indicated column, savage love and hosts the savage love cast. Podcast Dan, Savage Romero, gonna left splendid per click, Turkey into a third, world well all and culture as a number of times that, even after the show on youth
Alright, I'm gonna break format tonight and start with a clip. This is from our overtime, Now we do overtime, which is something we do for the internet after the show of people want to like. You know why they do this turn of age me, oh and turn on your computer, but dead from the last time you were on the show. This is when there were many many many republican presidential candidates still in the race and here's the question that someone asked and I related to you and here's what happened Ok here we are and which republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election unviable. Layered ones right now, Donald Trump well go ahead. You do out
estimating you intelligence of the american people tips from me now. People, apparently because a look under estimating the intelligence of the american people well a lot of people apparently because a lot People said he wouldn't even when a primary. So last week. Rob Reiner, who I love is here. In the end, we added to show by saying I think killer is gonna live in winning the landslide and, I said, don't say that I've. Given you credit for that- and I also want to use you to scare liberals, but I ask you right now: can trump when the general election, its powers First of all, I dont beer that way Sir, I mean I'm what I would say about twenty years and that I am so glad it's fun. I think he will do better than any other Republican could have as the result of this primary election show he does represent not only the rope Republican Party but large segments of the Democrats.
A party that has been being ignored, ignored we have been asking for the wall, we ve been talking for a decrease in immigration and time after time, the people rise up, shut down, Amsterdam, throw Out day, Brad, bigots era, cancer, and they can't work well. I think we know now the walls farmers. Are we not advocating an outline of a great things than we already have one, because our economies sucks worse, the Mexico's there's been net out migration? Mexican go back sense about strategies. Is our current our economy, our socks? Worse than many other goes, there has been an honour to move their. Why are you know what I speak? The language long about getting our economies are worse than Mexico's Boob one million fewer mexican immigrants ably here. Don't you know that we need seven years with that's what the governments, as and regarded as we haven't Levin million early wrong about that in order to have a party win that is so split I mean George will
somebody I've been reading my whole life, I don't always the great with them, but sometimes he's persuasive, he's an amazing thinker. He hates me by the way, which I wouldn't have it any other way than law right, and he said that he is against big time. He said this is a time for prudence which demands the prevention of a Trump presidency. He says, can operatives have to task. The first is to help in lose fifty states and and and and keep Hilary to one term How can you win when a party is split? This man is not
what more votes than anyone else running in the primary or tie, and not a few sore loser, not a sound. I know how I feel when all was running out their enjoying and by the way I wasn't as much of little bitch as George Willard Lobby Bobby Gentle says. Donald Trump is enormous, and these illegal maniac, I wouldn't want, is fingers on the nuclear club codes, but he's going to vote for King way, Peter King, a guy with because Trump, a guy, with no knowledge of? What's going on, but he's going to vote for Edmund Rick Perry calls him. Cancer on conservative, enable them somebody's gonna Bolivar? Can fire like any offer to be running? That's why we counters running this rival country? First, ok, let's look at why Sandra set about Hilary point. One more point to informed is crushing the primary seek out
half a million votes than yet, and she all right. I got half a million, more votes in the Robin and primary implored them and Democrats got. That treaty is the like nobody. Nobody is getting on with gentle, but ever gender wants. All do I mean he's like loser candidates, but would trump is good at and I dislike trump because he is a perfect republican every one of his points from the stupid wall to bombing countries etc. All of he's just doing exactly what the Republicans has said, that we should be doing for for a long at all Yes, let them now baby. What has been said- and I believe that the different amounts that and also for the Republican Party, because it reached a point where we need to like brutal breaks out about distributing to dissolve the base and elect a new one and they can't the problem is the base of cracking up guy during together every rule,
racist, not job, sexist homophobia in the country's calling them Republicans. And finally, they voted for one of their own but way spokesman for Hilary, but wait. Twenty a big, arrogant people were overwhelmingly voting for one April scenarios we base, which is overwhelmingly robes idiots sexist racist, are overwhelmingly voting for trouble with the american people are not and overwhelmingly, but I'm with you on a Catholic, I very nodded ginseng things. So I'm not going to say Hilary is gonna win and lands NASA July. Twenty, the american people are not the GNP. Hygiene is what your arguments that she's? No, I'm not I'm saying in Massachusetts. Twenty thousand Democrats, which their registration, the republican developer, Tromp Dunsinane, sixty thousand democratic way. Roger? How many of them were monkey ready, Snorri? This is almost always entre. Hilary is widely dislike. She's got like a fifty five p m
an unfavourable in writing the minute she starts talking that will go high, she's off, I think she's as bad its trump in different ways, but what Trump has going form just as a tacticians? He knows how like he knows next week, you ve got another episode and he's gonna, throw something out there and he's gonna shut up. Every time he was written off next week, he's our get mean. We're not me. I wouldn't final item nine against him, but I am sure he will run like the greatest most entertaining yes campaign of fault. But this is not an aim with this is supposed to be a country. Like you, I will tell you all you learn, I know, but I'm not running for Brazil. I know I'm not, but people watch you you. They started laughing in the case of charmed your lot you're watching because he's funded retaining the new starting out. Why I agree with that? But why areas thousand people? What is wrong with you? So what you do like,
let loose zoo animal and there would be people I couldn't I dont, like everyone else and evil coming out of hearing every time he talks about the wall that do a story, a lot of people coming to Europe. These can be problematic Ok, ok, but twenty percent of Republican say they will vote for Hilary, and there are republicans Kelly, a yard who say will not endorse him, but she supports him, which is a little like saying I'll fuck you but I won't be seen in public with your Paul Ryan. As I mentioned in the man. What this is the titular headed the party do these regular dive impatient Monday's, not hatreds, like Ebay fees, were absolutely hated. He's the next era. Cancer who won.
The highest number of leadership, wherever what Europe is an appropriate amount. You are sitting here and quite possibly within herself, it's the implosion of the what can be raising and by the way as a libertarian. I can't wait for this to happen, because the Republican Party for years has always taught the libertarian line. We want the of small government this and that and all they have done on every level on personal liberties as well as wars and Anthea they're, not regulation their terror. So, I'm gonna see implode and I hope neither of the two halves come back to life I want to see the dominant when they are already we're getting rid of the dead when it is all. Does it matter to you, the Trump is going to crush the markets, because let me tell you something what the markets hate. They hate utility. He is personification of volatility.
They hate uncertainty, that's exactly who we run today to default in the? U S exactly: they hate trade wars. They hate debt. He is all those things put together right who and what, but Donald Trump would threaten to default on hard are but the one thing that the world buys, because they are known to be this tape, is our world are tending to talks about them like he's? negotiating with some guy, was always putting in a stairway in a building because he doesn't know what they are right is the great business, many just learning about money, you things! We can do
We have already dead in a year if you're born with enough money, you don't really have to know anything about. It doesn't have ten billion yeah, that's bullshit! You bought, I really care, but he's sure owns a lot of property. That seems to be worth a lot of money. Anyway, I mean you misunderstanding the varlet, what you're calling volatility he sang and predictability in foreign policy and we're not gonna, tell ISIS what we're doing we're going to negotiate tough with China. I dont think our foreign policy should be based on what Wall Street wants. Ok, but he's already in a feud with the speaker of the house. This is nuts thing that the market is not he's been very nice. I think the problem is with the speaker of the house, but the EU also to understand the republican Republicans now that leadership they have like until they the convention to kind of negotiate with them a little bit. They have no laboratories,
Tehran, so they're gonna be, like you know, work I'm holding off a little bit. Paul Ryan is already set him not endorsing, and yet you know he's going to really do you know you don't want H, W Bush W Bush at the convention if you want to win in the fall just Ivan as a straight right. Niger is doing a good, ok, but we're past the port. Where we're talking about here, an angel now we're talking about what he's going to do with this great businessmen who are going to do. Ok, first working to deport eleven million people, so lobby lotta openings for nannies and enlarge children, insurance or else right. Ok, that's why these forests and of the institution of a police state, unlike anything these countries are barely enough and then and then China, there's gonna, be a trade war, so a dildo what war Mortal be two hundred dollars, but a small price to pay for making american right again May I answer these? Yes, please do number one there's not between police force. All we do is enforced the law on the
looks like we're: gonna have a wall so without how I know how do you know how long the books, without a police force to enforce the ice there being stopped last week ice release? We don't even know how many hundreds of thousands of placing will you have the hired around eleven on the entire them tell them they can do their jobs. Now, really cute baby show the fact. The only way that this happens is where every one of us at every time and every job hire every job firing every cross into a new think, there's going to be a locked out, if therefore highest odd. If it's there, we lock up. Why do we want to throw these eleven million people out of the country that contribute more to our economy than they take out? They pay more in taxes than they receive and service illegal immigrants can make your crimes per capita native born American born Americans are landed on our two and a half times more likely committed by crime to now three times more likely to be in prison.
Illegal immigrants are not false, that's rather sacks, but even if they are true facts than you need. Oh and and elect people who will change the laws and we ran out over borders, but all he is saying all showing the rats sees the commander in chief protects the Boers. Those the laws all these years. I worry that most will enforce the law. I know I know you all want to pay your mate maids even last, but most
oh yeah? What about our once? You know what I'm gonna fuckin path to citizenship. I want to give them sit. Ok, I gotta get a path to shut up now, so listen. We! We have a tradition here, whether when a primary ends and obviously case again, Jed grew said uncle this week, so it is Donald Trump. You get credit for predicting that, but every time this happens, you run real time. Our tradition is wee, wee, wee them safe, a fond goodbye to the people who made it so memorable, and so please help us right now say goodbye people who made this possibly the most fucked up election. Have remind teenager stabbed someone a lot of people who go into prison going to prison.
And when they come out there get Please clap like you, I ll my party is going to raise the press is watching tonight, this town, we are getting You re end on the White House. He knows me its case
Basing the next president of the United States, the amazing that basketball ring near an Indian. It's the same, hide as it is in New York City and every other places prize winning role as L B, J and HBO film all the way.
Remembering made twenty verse Brian grants them. You are, I was giving every octagon were well, they love you because you are a great, thus be him. I said what do you mean this ruby? I was watching your first of all the way it sounds like one of those team comedies when they lose their Virginia, but it's really but I'll be J and say you did this on Broadway. I did ok, we'll you look practiced in the part I mean as far as historical dramas go. I mean Sundays. People get the accident; sometimes they get the look, and sometimes they get the essence
The person- and I felt you got all three back and they knew how I got like Brian grants them disappear like within the first and second, that's that's the best thing that anyone can say right now: It surprises me two and a half prison make up and they start putting it on, and I could see him start to come to the surface right and it really helps so. Let's agitation, the kids, We are not quite as all this is about l b J, because a lot of them be another just initials into history book. He came along. Of course he was Kennedys vice president right and then when Kennedy was shot a jug over.
You didn't do the back. I honestly that part, you just read your lines and while ryzhkov highs, bullshit holes like guards, that's how actors are now, but I always thought that this movie, as I worked it would be a great companion, peace to spill, Bergs Lincoln because they're, both about President's personal, that both entertaining about procedural matters right, which is a very hard thing to do, but they're both about President's who saw a window a brief window to get legislation passed both about or regional sin of racism and took that opportunity and that's what you played through an almost exactly one hundred years after link right. Nineteen sixty four,
We J was able to pass a civil rights ACT, the nineteen sixty four and he knew tat. He would have a honeymoon period after the assassination. There was a period of time that the Congress and the citizens of this country would be all in do whatever you want. We need to heal because of the sympathy for regattas empathy for you. And so he knew was he had that window of opportunity within six months. He passed this legendary, but it was hardly easy. Honor, that's the way. I remember it because I was only a child and Kennedy died. They did but every wanted hardly know. And of course I think what makes me love this movie. So much is. Is that when you think about be Joe, you think of the car similar politician, the arm twister. But what you find out here is that he really believed in it. There was a moral centre to him. He really wanted, to be, and of course, as southern president had to be a southern president who would drag is part of the country out of the
asked out of their race or a hundred years. The Dixie grants had read aloud re out, and in nineteen sixty four that change all right. I mean he tells a story I mean you do it in a movie about, I guess, a black person who worked for him, who used to drive back to his ranch and couldn't go to the bathroom right, had to pull over to the side of the road and then feel all my side of the road she had a p lack. A dog She's not ride very sounds like it. He would use any means necessary to to get what he needed to get the road it back. In his day policy. Ran on the horse trade. He knew that if I needed something from you, I'm going to find out what you need and I'm gonna make sure we do there. The other thing that was different back then as they they often socialized with with
senators and congressmen from the other. They knew their wives and the kids names so that the next day when it came to, I'm driving iron out a policy, I'm not gonna, throw this person on the bus. I like him, he has a nice wife and some come on. Let's dammit, let's figure this out right that guy Uncle Dick Richard Rustlers, under us, from you're right. Who is his mentor and also over segregation is right, but they used have. Together every we all attach, so that made a difference here. So I hear, You do. I mean I've heard of a double take and once a while, it's rare, but you see someone do a triple take. I understand brine and that you can do it quadruple take, and I said I will I heard it. I said this is not possible. Albania is a great thespian, but no one, I don't know ever, did you mess that no one could do a quadruple day? Why and
fitting? At the same time, I did miss it twice now, so that interesting part of this movie is that the people who were you know having two in their view, give up their way of life by when the nineteen sixty four civil Rights ACT was past, felt that they were being discriminated against. That they were the ones who are being made to suffer, and it reminded me so much of the gay marriage argument. So many I think people in this country who were against that the Kim Davis's of the world. We're like what about our rights, what about our right to take away your rights yeah. I guess it a bit. Let these things are no. The biggest the biggest argument that the south had the Dixie grants were take time. We don't need to change
things quickly suddenly been. I daresay ordered ears and that's it was something that l b J needed to risk. He knew he had to risk that and he did, he rested. He lost the support of all the Dixie Cresscombe nineteen sixty four right. Well, what do you think about the fact that bathrooms, because we're jargon- but the bathroom thing is- is again an issue in this country that transgender people somehow have that risen to the top of the political charge about where they can go to the bathroom argot is they have groups are running. The american family sensation is set its collected over a million, The trees on line to you don't get back a target for saying you can shit where you want workers, wages they grow.
Became a guy. They couldn't demagogic anymore about gays and lesbians, because too many of us are out to many people know us. They took the same old script, other recruiting children preying on children, threatening children creeping in batteries. That was this. That was what they set about gay men forty years ago and there just taking that in applying it now to Trans women and its book shut and Trans women and menus bathrooms all over the country and have for ever, and they have actually new cases to point to wear a trance Britain is exploited, a civil rights protection to plant a child, there are lots of UK somewhere of argument, which is it about Mexicans. I do. I will building a wall readable to stall. That's beautiful! Take gender pay for drugs
it wouldn't canoes the bathroom as a good on this. Exactly easy doesn't care about drags right, I think were growing up as a society, and you know there's even though the nation project providing an emperor s, but I think that people hate Mexicans The republican base hated It is more racist, the mayor, Ransford beckoned, to Tony rope, one doubt, but going to be back when remit ago, no way I can make they also environment. Yes, polluted get better at worst of all. I completely reject the comparison of either Mexicans since you brought them up illegal aliens or gazed at the black economy. Hence in America, one point that always agree or brought here is labour and right remedy against side of things. Your leisure experience- and I hate that comparison all the time, and I would say that the arguments on the bathrooms- it's not the transgendered people- are going to go and molest it's that once you say, men can go into women's bathrooms: men who were out shopping with their little daughters and don't have mommy to bring her in.
It's not that the trans you're gonna molest them. It's been a charm. Less sure now has the right to go into that fast, That's bullshit baluster doesn't need to put unaddressed interbank. You can google paper sexually assaulted and arrest room, and you get thousands of examples of eyes agenda. The child molesters, its Dennis pastor who, who is always watching voyage our year after year, in a lazy boy chair, because he wanted to make sure another weird was going on, so we watched the boys shower. I saw in the paper today Joe Paternal was aware of Jerry, send dusky in nineteen seventy sick, this the child molesters bills, not about that makes. Your argument against woman doesn't make your argument for that. Men will not become
there is a rather like. We can only do this. I guess society figure more important point. We desire that's good. I think the Republican Party has gotten over their obsession with these web issue I don't think wedge. Issues are because Donald Trump they had their choice to pick Rick Santorum, microbes, TAT groups TED all these people to trade. Their way across, country and they opted for the New York. We three wives who doesn't give a shit about any of this. He doesn't care about gay marriage, he doesn't care about where people go to the bathroom, I mean he says,
we read the Bible more than may know what I am now number was ill and number two Corinthians at that. I don't think it's. I dont think that too it yeah. Let's wait three more electronic cycles and say because we're only getting access to birth control. We thought that was settled issue, but even closed areas where birth control by suddenly lobby gentle made plan b. He wants to make contraception he's he's a religious catholic. Where was governor of Louisiana, he wanted to make it over the counter. I urge I've been. I worry about some of the same issues. I don't think this is temporary. Only twenty six percent of the population out of place? And I maybe it's time for a viable third party? That is socially conscious, but physically responsible
those people are gonna, send ok, so God, now that we're edible waste were the only thing that they only perhaps stands between us and the end of civilization is celery and what should help Aris strategy be against Donald Trump, because I saw she was trying to trot out another go just testing things now: he is a loose cannon. I didn't love. That's coming things. Certainly, what is IRAN's like about he's a great Dane released into Toddlers Birthday party, everything up, so how do you go
peering for the votes of the batch republican base, we're in a different place now wage Anno allows your voting for Hilary right, of course, and voting out. Of course, I've been getting this. Is we don't I've? We have two bad choices as far as I'm concerned, their third equally and in their own way, the lesser of two evils: light less evil know. But what I'm saying but can base we're in a different place now wage I know, allows your voting for Hilary right of course and voted out. Of course, I've been. This is. We don't. We have two bad choices as far as I'm concerned, their third equal and in their own way, the lesser of two evils: lightless, evil. No, but I'm sorry, I don't. I don't like this evil that Pivoting argument the giants, terrible if I can see that I'm saying what is her strategy that, because the minute she starts talking about, stop people are going to be. Oh. I remember why I didn't vote for her in two thousand. I remember that she's an idiot who said that you'd have fucking that live
as she points to the invasion of Libya in her latest book, still talks about it as a great moment of smart power. It's you concluding. I really want to see what is incontrovertible Eric assistance. You know my present have tended to invade. Libya was that we had it. It wasn't my agenda. Twenty one saw are you? Are you kidding while you're over the world? Ronald Reagan would have done the exact rosy we're leaving what you're saying you you or anti war right in general. I am I what in Libya, and you say, you're. The sick was out at work out where it didn't work out. Well, you're forgetting about this happens, because people were about to be slaughtered by conducting these. Yes, you you can only have yet that you don't know I haven't please. I know what I made a speech. They understand those Ronald Reagan. You wouldn't
no border where we said the United States does not like any other country. We can't just ignore we're. Just like this. The United States is different, but your hand there I wrong. That's exactly what have you will vary with the islamic Reagan. I'll, see you not like these pretend causing your own. No do you, like you did in Lebanon, will ever since that would survive every right. We should abandon the first boys. Ok, there's no. I was just I'm still trying to find an answer to the question you making, because I don't know Harry interventions. There were two hundred and fifty people killed. Well, that's cowboy you know, mister, I'm gonna go counselling bomb people. There were three military interventions under Reagan. In eight years, thereby today's republican Party standards, regular, getting old and bombing libya- and I learned- is deeply unusual areas. Magro can't season at the Republicans want to go to work on the Dublin declaration, stay focused on on the issues and take the high ground,
so is shows greater contrast to her her opponent, dont get sucked into his energy and you get sucked into that forecasts will swirl down. Toilet right. I agree with that and say: competent material damage are best movies to get indicted, her talk anymore, it is now a dream on indicted for war and not what you think. You know nobody hates Hilary once she's in everybody
they did Hitler and she was running and at once using senator everybody loves orbiting hated and where we can have any more than once, you will secretary of state. We saw all the time you couldn't get a job. You have buried them. Why would I do you have a point I made earlier, and maybe there is a right wing hit machine there's been after her thirty years, and I am happy to say that when inside there's nothing wrong with first, I think that our first choice she would do. This is what I'm saying that she is on light occasions. Not are. You vote for what I am going to vote for Paul Ryan when he makes his decision are going to vote for the libertarian candidate, who the hell is that
probably going to be a former to term governor of New Mexico. You gotta valued votes, I love and liberal tarrying, but they never succeed in the libyan area and market of getting boat out of theirs reason. Far right I'll everybody shut the fuck up assigned to do now that Hamilton Musical, where blackened hispanic man play singing dancing. Founding fathers has garnered a record. Sixteen tony nominations some the writer show where boring white guys play slaves who just stand and talk and call Galler twelve years of primary. There are other biomedical company that announced plans to bring dead people back to life through stem cell therapy must promise never use it on Abraham, Lincoln,
is. If you saw what happened with party had straight back to the theatre. Perform neural tie restaurants and time, massage parlors muscle urgent offer a Robin come on I'll. Do it there are the biotech companies that want to use drones to deliver organs to patients has to not do that. Imagine telling a patient. The good news is, we found a donor. Bad news is Your liver is stuck in a trait neural. This couple court openly having sex on a subway platform, have to hurry up and
finish already thrust Redding enough wondering when the train is finally neural. Since eighty countries in the world have elected a woman leader, but not the United States of us, yet we must admit that when it comes to being progressive, we are often late to the party and if you need further proof this Sunday, which is mothers, Think about the fact that when my mother was born, women in America could not vote my mother, not some far distant realm, if I discovered and ancestry dot com- my mother was born nineteen nineteen the year before women got the vote. Of course, by the time she had made a nineteen, fifty cents
thanks for women are really changed. How much I'll leave that to Rex Harrison to explain he played prefers. Henry Higgins, when my fair lady opened on Broadway in nineteen fifty six edit Rex, rational. That's all! It is true that a handful of Copenhagen rags when exasperating irritating vacillating calculating agitating, maddening infuriating bags. And he's the hero, but that was how women reviewed in the nineteen fifties: irrational, pouty, vain, thin, skinned, hysterical and just not that bright. Does that sound like anyone? We, Who who
yes, John Old Throb, who says that if Hillary Clinton was a man, she wouldn't get five resented the vote and if Trump was married stuff. Whining like a little bitch. This is a guy you actually brags about his prowess at whining. Wider and wider, and I keep whining and whining until I went Yes, it's the I love Lucy School of diplomas. Does anyone fit the stereotypical fifties, description of a woman better than Donald Trump, any cream inducing line they ever set about a secretary on mad men is true about Trump, and yet these the one with the penis
I may know that, because of you, make fun of it, he'll be up all night tweeting about how great it accuses Megan Kelly of being menstrual, but for him that time of the is always. Has there anyone ever with anyone more thin skinned? I made a joke about his father being in a random tang, once marched into court with his birth certificate and sue me, because these are want a little bit and it is not doing so is threatening to sue. You are demanding an apology are threatening to spill the beans. We do that if you. Months ago when he was still battling TED crews and someone posted a picture of his wife. He didn't like, so we tweeted, still the beings about tens, wife
and then literally told the press is started it just like Teddy Roosevelt would do Yes, a billionaire air, the United States Senator and the girl shower. Throwing tampons carry I sure hope, is man, gets elected to the world respects this again. And I mean this in no way to disparage vaginas, but what a policy who gets more hysterical than the Lady Donald Trump seeing Mexican right, but I saw myself so we must build a wall and giant wall and that all of us,
He makes Lindsey Graham look like VIN diesel. This isn't presidential its Glenn close boiling the rabbit and, like the daffy typical house, Why were the fifties? Lady Trump is the one who can balance and check book Tromp airlines, Trump Casinos, Trump University drumsticks! You ve got the mightiest everytime MIDAS touch something it exploded I could I could go on, but instead I'd like to turn it back over our wood, erects terrorism summit all alone, I am thinking something women. Never do they wise logic. Never even straightening up their hair is only ever. Do I dont day straighten up the mess that inside.
So never forgets. Lady Trump, Hillary Clinton was born a woman, but you chose live your life as sat say it with me? Won't you whiny little bed, which is why have Hilary is the democratic nominee I'll be voting for the only one who has ball? back in July, twenty second, twenty. Third, I wonder that nickel ass, we then savagery and Gothenburg and grants that I read your date joiners diver over time. I need to make you tell me where she seemed to be having Friday night Watchman removed the nation not mind each be oh dot. Com.
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