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Episode #388 (Originally aired 05/13/16)

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Episode #388 (Originally aired 05/13/16) - Bill’s guests are Michael Moore, Jeremy Scahill, Bob Graham, Jack Hunter and Katty Kay.

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time. You should ask I don't know why. I know all about you. I know all about you. People with the
now? I know I know your excited, because the important issue of our day, the most important issue where people can Be- has come back into the future president. Obama has is that in all public high schools they allowed transgender students to go use the bathroom the matches, their gender identity. Not the deck. They were born with our whatever it is at last they at last, we can most. American kids aren't looking for a big civil right stand when they go to the bathroom they're. Just looking for a quiet place to have sex with their teacher The conservatives met the weather, the ones you make this an issue in North Carolina. I'm not getting about this. They are issuing pepper spray.
Students in case you encounter a transgender students, Beth six months ago. They never heard of trends. Under a North Carolina there, also, by their way, giving you a sword in case you encounter a dragon in the back is likely. Can we please stop obsessing about this Donald Trump pulled even with every glittered in the polls. This we place I'm worried about pissing is in my pants. That's true! In the writers pull, it is forty one to forty, The only thing we all
You think I have to say about that is how do you think I'm getting? There is actually now a dating service called maple match too Americans, who will be fleeing Dick did me to find a partner. I was looking out of the other day. I saw one that said hispanic man Lubs Long walks on the beach, preferably not a gun, point in the direction of Mexico and indication Trump is suddenly even what would happen to never trump Republicans Euro on board in less than a week. It's amazing, it was like a drum girl at the
Are you at first I, like your repulsive pig two hours later. I didn't take much Donald Trump on Thursday had a big meeting with Paul Ryan in Washington. They discussed republican principles. It was a short meeting. And then they put out its neighbouring. They said we have a few differences, but we share principles. Okay, now we know bragging about your penis. Size is a difference. Racism is a. Principal. Ok, I get it and now they have they put out a joint statement. That said, they had a great conversation about our few differences, but it was a positive step toward reunification and we are totally committed to working together.
To end America, as we know that was the bad guys like Donald Trump, even has any principles policy what's policy. What's today, it's Friday, O abortions, call again I mean what the researchers on everything you know, these big thing that for six months, everybody was on the right was crazy about a ban on Muslims, as Wiggys objected suggested. Spit bullet out this again, but just as isn't too we find out what's going on Another point is right: Rudy Giuliani, to find out what's goin, maybe compatriot it should appoint his private investigators, put them on the ones who went to who
eight track down Obama's birth certificate, put them on a comeback, gave him a report, sir. We're finding amazing things about the Muslims. Apparently, there are even celebrate Christmas I mean nothing about this guy is consistent and it doesnt stick a vain. He said for months. He would releases tax returns. Yesterday said none of your business, which is actually a good move for him, because they would probably bring you that he is actually an unemployed actor from Queens exporting Housing, and this is the good of grass. Today, Washington, Post River released tapes of Donald Trump in the early nineties, where he is pretending to be his.
Press agent. Somebody named John Baron who obviously is tromp, who talks to reporters about how great trump is, how rich is how great he's doing with women sounds like from as vice president of the Republican Party, as embraced a man Donald Trump had a made up employee who stood up to the boss who was then they got into a fight and then he said I'm fired
this man is always stopping himself. He has a a he had a butler for many many years. Now is the former butler he is now the historian like. We need bad admirer. Largo he's been posting Facebook comments about President Obama calling Obama, he called a misleading bastard call him a prick in fraud. A ball was dick. He said he should be shot as an enemy agent for his first term. He also said Obama, I should be hung and abolished. Back at this guy, he said I am hung at your boss, who was a small here, will be speaking drain Jeremy Skate, elbowed pursed up clears the Asker winning Documentary NEWS latest film word to invade next is now on.
We d Blu Ray Digital age. The add on demand. I've been always wanting to meet this man. More, is over twenty four hour. I might yours. You're you're you're supposed to be here and and you're are right, so this is a make update. Yes, This is going on me back on this is like we got reigned out in April. We did we on our planet twine. I double had her in August and I'm ok. Now, I'm ok Because you are a little healthcare, luckily nothing juice areas, but Michael you have to take care of yourself. I agree. The people depend on you, you're the Tribune. Do twenty pushups right now right! You look, you look pretty good. You I've I've! Yes, I've got
in a way- and I am taking better care myself- are going walks every day and the long hair I like it. What do you know where I live? I believe I agree with the Ladys alone no, I I turned sixty two last month and unlike like one of the few sixty two year old, who still as air deal with a body part their work. People like it happening, ok When you were going to be here, we're going to talk about your Moby with just came out, but now it's on the Blu Ray DVD and all that. So, let's talk about it now I saw it. It's amazing. It's I think it's your best move! Guess I remember when you when you called me, I knew you were so excited about this idea.
I can tell you were excited because you did it like that. I mean you got the idea and you got your crew together. I mean you're doing it within a month within a month. Amazing what it basically. As of course is called where do invade tax, but it really what to steal next you now you got all these countries that do things better than we do in ITALY, they give people paid vacations and France. The school lunches are great in Finland is it that the prisons are Norway, the prisons are awesome and they have a low recidivism right. Portugal, the drugs they go. Iceland has a limit on the Mena upper limit on the number of women, so it has to match the number of men Right- parliament, forty percent of a board of directors and rifling. Corporation, have three women and the punchline at all, moving away as ever. Really these are all american ideas. Are they wait? We really does need to steal from ourselves right every everything every country one do. They would tell us that progress
education, that was an american idea May day that didn't start in Moscow that started in, cargo when there were riots over the eight hour day. All these things that we started and then we gave up on we give up on ourselves. We gave up on the country that a lot of people wanted it to be, and, and so the Europeans just why? Well, you don't want you, no good health care forever one dog I paid vacations and paid maternity leave and these things will do it, and so they ve done it may do they do it in their prisons. You mention Norway in Germany in these other places where they have Norway as a twenty percent recidivism rate, because they treat inmates as human beings and their whole goal from day one there that warden says so that one day one you're gonna be my neighbour some day, because we don't have the death penalty and we don't have life imprisonment, so it means you're getting out of here and you can be living my story. So I am committed
to helping you do whatever too so that you're gonna be fine when you get out of prison and and so eighty percent instead of having one people here about all these great benefits, they have another country's anything while the taxes are higher. But you raise a great point, which is actually our taxes may be lower nominally, but not really because we have fees on so many things and we like. Like to wish it. Co op pays is due to long ride and nursing home for your parents. These things are for the or nearly free in these other countries. So while they pay a little more in taxes, we don't call them taxes here, but if you add our taxes to the tuition to day care fees, nursing home fees, all the copious deductibles, we pay a lot more than the french and the Norwegians
all these countries in and get you laugh and give laugh get far land. And this I mean- and this is a main we're talking and broad parameter, but this is basically what Bernie Sanders is selling. This is really why he asked, I mean. I know it's a new deal. You take a little more in taxes, but you get so much more. In the end, you, you are out of pocket less overall for everything because you don't have a hundred thousand dollars to loans to pay off. You don't have to pay for a day care. When you have a job, you get it. You don't like. In ITALY, there are six to eight weeks paid vacation that that workers get. And- and these other I think, to be in the European Union? Actually, you, your country, has four weeks paid the occasion as the law and you have to pay, but turning to leave and you can have a death penalty. Few have any these things you can be in the European Union and in Europe today, poison there.
Citizens with lead, and we know that Europe is perfect, like Europe. Europe cannot. Many right in the eye would rather live here bright, but I went there to to show people that good things are happening as already about. Italy is a mass in all forming a new government. Ten million lire toy dollar, they never show us the real life they have and how happy there why they live for years longer than we do, but as far as the lead goes you now this, or that is your hometown. Well, this is flip Michigan back in the news and many a cuban a chorus of manoeuvring. Amazing, dear home state, your hometown, your whole life. I just want to say thank you for that, but I this is not a lead issue. This is not even an infrastructure issue. This was a decision made by a republican governor to give the rich in Michigan a billion dollar tax.
Break and then, when they had a billion less dollars in the budget, it was like. Ok, what are we gonna? Do we cut back on services way, but I gotta aid are the ideas yeah, let's take flint off the drinking water from the great lakes and make them drink from the Flint River, so we can save money within a few months. They realize they were poisoning people and the word came down, don't say anything doctor the books and they let people continue to drink this water and did nothing about it, and I think that is a crime and they didn't. I know they did it, because it's a black city, it's a poor city. They wouldn't do this to Bloomfield Hills or an arbour or gross point. This was a hate crime. It was a hate crime based on this race hatred of this particular parenthood, environmental disasters in white cities. The love canal was not yet, but that but nobody but who really once they discover love canal, the one thing that they ve got a problem. Everybody starts to work on it to try and fix it, not in Flint
they went another nine months trying hoping nobody penitential, because these are just a bunch of black people, poor people they have no, they have no lobbyists, they have no money in this, and so they and two to this lame Democrats tonight, you're very early on alpine, very upset that President Bundle went there and drink a glass of water and set its ok everybody to drink the water. It was just a stunning sad thing to see happen and and because he took the light, offer that you're saying you, people think clearly nobody's going to worry about it. You present bomber drain, Look at the picture on the front page of the times he's like he's. Ok, so it's no! I it's really shameful that he did that are so. I have to ask em up from now until the elections on this can ask everybody on the show and go against boring.
How do we stop Donald Trump because nobody seems to have it? Nobody seems to have a strategy. I know you met him recently running show with him. Nobody says the same these nice in person, but that we need to worry about the guy in person when the guy you might be. President first, I want to show, within fifteen years ago, on talk, show and the producer came over to me and said Mister trumps- afraid to go on the show with you that you're gonna do something or say something, and unlike what team worried about- and I went over and shook his head- was all wet north tiny. I didn't notice the size of the time.
What I do is this: what you said last week: he was, he was scared waning. Why any little badly used for what you said last week, and so he goes. We who you don't you know, could illegal you'll, see anything of area Bobby from Mr Mann? I hardly know we who are ok. Ok, I'm like that image of him still six would be about. It's like why people have been afraid to really taken down bill that what the question you asked. What are we going to do between on the member you and I are going to take him down that if that is not at killers, community ends up being the candidate she'll, be shooting talk policy and all that you and I will do the things There-
Tell me where to show up. I will tell you tat. I will comment. We will do something that we all hope for good prosecutor and their long haired you know, and you re not only is the politics of: U S. Jack Durham was that, as I'm sorry, Jack Jack under fears, the anchor for a baby see world news and arrogant. Caddy came back where there's hake is a former you senator from Florida and author of intelligence matters, the CIA Fbi, Saudi Arabia, and the failure of America's war on terror, Bob Grey,
How are you remember? You is your questions like tonight resigns answer and, after the show on Youtube, I would say if there is a will to raise for this week, that sums it up for me it would be well that was quick and I'm talking about the Republicans and Donald Trump suddenly being tied with Hillary Clinton. That was quick because only last week we were talking about how is unit lunatic going to unite the party before November, he didn't like three days. I mean listen,
strummed gets eighty four percent of Republicans in a match up with Hilary. The month before he announced, may twenty fifteen fifty eight percent of Republican said they would not consider voting for Donald Trump under any circumstances. I guess, except if he won what happened with some of this political, expedient right. You have some polarization. Well, that's not an exercise in intellectual courage, but you got somewhere looking at their own futures and thinking. We have to rally Round Donald Trump and are taking their supporters with them. Some who are thinking anything better than Hillary Clinton and that's the alternative. We have to swallow it and go and Donald Trump, and some are saying we have to
party unity, that not all necessarily good reasons and a lot of the people who have rallied Round Donald Trump have severe differences with him. Is he basically a needle democrat right? You read these new old, I mean I was running one from ran Paul in January, so Donald Trump is a delusional nurses and an orange faced Winberg aspect Dirt is way more qualified to be President he's onboard rector I mention this last week said he's a cancer I'm with cancer. Cancer endured and then that that one excuse that the IMF, but better than Hilary is really an must end, stand up to scrutiny better than is illusory, really where's that answer and dirt. Well,
depends on how you look. I look Markka Rubio settings terrible and disgusting. Now he saying he's going to, I think, what's just as interesting bill you're talking of the beige looking at the polls is overnight seems like they were. That way, look at the people who are still never trump. If you look at met, Romney he's, never guess present. Former President George W Bush and his father, never tromp Lindsey Grab, never tromp the people in the republican establishment who told the base time and again you better vote for John Mccain. You better vote from Rome. You have vote Republican. We know you don't like these guys You better are all singing indifferent to now. What does that say to the base? So, yes, I'll, read Paul or a marker Rubio these people, yet he is a cancer. Is the worst thing ever, but do they reject the base as well? None of these people seem happy that there supporting Donald Trump I mean they have to be kicking and screaming,
do this. None of them seem happy about it at all, but it is a sort of what did you do during the war daddy moments for them? I think there's a lot of things that are different about two thousand and sixteen and other presidential elections. One of them is a lot of people are not voting for the candidate that they think is the best prepared. The most experienced will be the most of bring the most effective judgment to issues their voting out of protest. They feel that they belong to I've been dealt a bad hand and they want to express it some way and do not get it when they talk about the people under about the leaders. Now the people in the party who were switching over em, you mentioned a few who were still never trump, but I'm talking about the Bob Dull is now on the on the Trump train Dan Crap. Most of them are John Mccain. John Mccain is the saddest one of how does one? How can the Maverick one
the man in torture right Harris his role in the world? There is nothing that you can think of that John Mccain and Donald Trump agree with the same with Paul Ryan trade deficit, cutting and immigration again, and yet so what these people, who did he loses held is John MC. It's gotta be using these myths. Mid I thought he was in his upper one terms, but it whatever it is like isn't, is more important than hanging onto the job. For ever he could. He was known as the maverick he could have gone out, I being the guy who was very much against Donald Trump to make up, for is picking Sarah Palin. I just gotta say like a good position was reversed and there is no real democratic equivalent to Donald Trump, the closest. I can dig this.
On your west, but if the Democrats put up Cognac West and the other side put up, Mitt Romney I'd be like yeah, I don't like Mitt Romney. I disagree with everything, but he's a normal human being. I would vote for Mitt Romney. By the way, Pga our work, our friend said the same thing he said, whereas pocket. Oh here is I'm endorsing Hilary and all her lies in all her empty promises. Its second worst thing that can happen in this country, but- she's wrong about evilly everything but she's wrong within normal parameters.
Think. That's very conservative colleagues might Gus in this week saying that Donald Trump is morally unacceptable, and was you suggested this is a moment where you decide what I think wasn't. It is what happens to something Paul Ryan if Donald Trump loses and there he is he's based his whole career and his whole bona fides on supporting conservative economic principles, and is he gonna throw them away in order to support Donald Trump, because that's what it will look like if he now endorses Donald Trump, that's a very difficult. Without the support of the handsome risk, it is definitely a risk. I would also say that I think the argument within the Republican Party Right nails, whose worse Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, that's what everybody talking about and for some of these people who were never trappers critical, as you could imagine who now protocol there taking a gamble on what his administration would look like versus Hillary Clinton, they definitely no. They don't like like what
Where would Donald Trump as president? I would you behave like I tend to think that whoever compliments him the most. That would be our policies. If a beautiful woman says hey, that's a nice! Mr trouble. That's our new. You know that economic policy or something like that. I think I'm too tired. I always want to favour supporters, and maybe I will tonight or if their red flags every week with this guy That's our nuclear power red flags like this week when Donald Trump, again retweeted, something from the K K k if a party, a new found out the host had reached. We did things from the cake, a gay, wouldn't you leave that party. Isn't that a red flag that you can get back here said this week. Nobody knows more about taxes than me, perhaps in the history. The world economy
red flag in some of the factory at that point, This, too was really him. I mean switch it around we found out that in ninety ninety one Hilary was talking to people in the press as somebody else and talk about how many Lenny cravats really wanted to fuck her so. My next question is: what what strategy can you employ against the guy who does not have to? play by the normal rules and an you everything he does. That's crazy is just somehow baked into the cake and dismissed. What should we do? What is the strategy can? Well, I think the strategy is to confront tromp areas, weakest point which,
use lack of knowledge of almost any other responsibilities. With me ever going to vote for amendment no eight on the care you do what will, as with warranted so yeah, sweet and everyone after tromp on trumped terms and she seemed to relish it and she went on with his own language. Even at the lame sad was sent out and also condemns gazed on twitter and every peoples? I dont engage Donald Trump on his own turf, you'll, never She has not that's America's turf America's dumb, you gotta, I agree with him on the field where they live, there's a reason why president's not just the one who's in office? I would ask every shut, but this one is a reason why they go on a lotta. Dumb shows cause that's what people are watching their not watching meet the press, so yeah right was withdrawn here, let less we trump Goofy
worn a phoney native American had drawn a twitter, ran easy, I'm driving or nuts minutes later no Add real Donald Trump. She says you are racism, sexism and xenophobia. Doesn't I mean knots. It makes me sick- and I am not alone in this strange, but this is America is dumb idea of what strength it actually seem to get under his skin and in fact the horizontal trumpeters running for the president is taking time out not attacking Hillary Clinton. He had to spend time attacking Elizabeth warm because it couldn't stop himself because she had some how riled him in a way that other people haven't managed? It will certainly, but he's republican opponents did manage to you guys agree with it. That's what we should do You should be trodden. Elizabeth Roll call. The hell out of empathy, the ultimate role, that of a campaign, as only does right
I mean she's doing the right thing, I think. But what? What do we do with somebody if this was a job bush or any of the other republican candidates? Half the things he said, flip lot, raw gymnastic things racist as a matter of heard. Anybody else immediately. What are you with the exactly. This is a libertarian conservative. It doesn't Hilary, let's terrible, it's like clutching a ghost. I mean this thing. He said this week about the Muslim Ban huge. I just had to take my hat off as what a great politician is for six months. He was talking about a ban on all Muslim. Got his base with him in one day the day, the Ryan meeting just a suggestion, Now he's not gonna lose any those people in the base because they're like I just say that, and yet he takes the issue on the table for the same people. Rats APOLLO, they number one insult conservatives have had for their leaders for forever has been rhino, and that basically means you have right orbit of rhetoric.
You dont live up to it, you don't have a bigger flip, flapper ally and whatever. What are we gonna column than you? Do the presumptive republican nominee right now he's changed on everything and even said this week. Everything from here on out should just be considered aces s right about now. What I asked I think here we are making a mistake if she saw this election is just being or contest between an eagle, maniac andor herself. I think this is a presidential elections or the time when Americans can contribute can participate in making some very serious decision would do. We want to continue to have a military policy that We go to war every time, someone well waves of like do. We want to have arrived in the pillory really. We ought to have a system in which we have this enormous gap between the haves and the have nots. I think those are the
she's that this campaign on whether their day or we're actually was actually was a primary. This week it was in West Virginia, which is called country Bernie. One big, The first one- and you know coal- has been on the ropes for quite a while. There has been a war on call, even though President Obama won't call at that, but the industry is dying and the murderer is Barack Obama and hatred get a Nobel Prize work as a whole is not taking it lying down. They have put out an ad campaign to try to real ability their image. Would you like to see some of the call, as they say what you like, for example, how we help
snow men say oh powering more midwestern households than men call, I am one of those two years the sun. He wouldn't have put at ninety three million miles away. Look at this one black lungs matter. O mine is a terrible mine. All your asthma means it's working our smokestacks make earth look like it has a big green and
oh because sometimes you just want to burn Iraq Homer rounds, I'm real reporter and the author of the assassination complex inside the government, secret, drawn warfare programme, Jeremy Scale, okay, so great a second drones or bad. I thought that's what Amazon was using to deliver my packages, Martha Stewart tweets about how much she loves drones and she did it actually ended up. Aid would actually with oral massacre of children, and she says: don't you just love drones and she saw the picture than flying over vineyard different kinds of drones. We're gonna be a wet blanket per second obsolete. Do you know? I mean I'm I'm with every one that I think Donald Trump is reprehensible individual and I certainly don't want him to be president of the United States, but I think that just focusing on Trump in what he says, MRS a deeper, more disturbing reality, and that is that Trump
has brought to the public the fact that we have a real strain of fascism in this country and- and I think that to me led by him. What are you try out now not led by him? I think that what Trump has done is to give is to give public voice to a sentiment that is held by a significant minority of the population, where now someone is saying the things that they felt they couldn't say in public, so they can openly bigots races and they have their candidate. Now everything is, but I know you and I are both. I think we should the same viewpoint of many of Hillary Clinton policies? She is the candidate of empire. She is, is the candidate also of regime change of humanitarian crews missiles? I mean she is hardly the dervish opponent or or or a sort of alternative choice to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supports the killer
so we have. We have three candidates, all of whom have very serious issues that should be investigated and they should be held accountable for in front of the american public partisanship doesn't allow, but in others as funny you said that, because this is what I heard from Republicans this week in the rest of battle. Tankerville no really when they were asked about Donald Trump and then the reporters kept saying will do you agree with Donald Trump on Muslim? No, no! I don't know you're, really Donald Trump on deporting and now of course had under and then they would say? Yes, but he raises an important issue like that's something I don't agree with air Hitler on the jewish question, but he raises raising an issue is not the same thing is being right on the issue as it limit. Let me be clear. I believe that what we are seeing with Trump has has whiffs of how Hitler rose to power,
because of the popularizing of all of these things, but I'm at hand the NEO Nazis are strongly denying a well yeah. I mean he has an offer from both David Duke and Louis. Fair contributions running made ever do coup I've ever heard of the man David. I, the name does not ring a bell. I don't know anything about him, better bedsheets. We I have some of those Barlow maple trees, but but it, but it is the reality that that we are seeing the real risk that an overt fascist is going to come to power. So I totally on board with they. We don't want that guy to be president, but as a journalist, I'm not a democratic republic and I believe in holding all of these people accountable, including Bernie Sanders who actually supported regime and change in Iraq as much as he wants to attack our. Do you want to plug your fuckin book worldwide bill? I just wanna I want I want. I want edited around. It is written.
Pay. It is unclear what we're gonna get to that when your book is about drones, don't you want to at least give a little blood to that? Well, you know I mean, as I say, in the opening, a part of the fine words about groaning people. To death in the Middle EAST. To we know we go after the terrorist, but we get a lot of people who probably aren't well in a first of all your against that drones, r R a weapons platform. They are not a policy, the policy is assassination and the fact is that every president. Well, while the policy as assassination Sykes well come on we're in a war with people, so diet to say: that's! That's like saying anytime, you go to war, it is asking what that is, as nation is killing a political leader. This is not what the drone programme, while its it assassinations, often are for political reasons, but when Jimmy Carter was president, he amended the executive order banning assassination to remove the word political, although, but this is significant, we have never had a debate in this country, because the Congress has now
define the term assassination, refusing ok, let's just where we have to. We had to assassinate alot of british soldiers to win our independence that my my argument is is not about whether a night states have a right to defend themselves. My argument is that, if you're going to say I'm not seeing your things, but if one is going to say all of these drones strikes are justified. Then how do you reckon on that? With one of the documents we published, that shows that nine out of ten people that they are killing drone strikes, they don't know who they are. Maybe they are terrorists or maybe they're innocent civilians. So when you have nine out of ten people that you don't know their identity and you're killing, how is that smart pilot? Nothing, nothing! You say I disagree with a mean, it is a great recruitment tool for the enemy to say nothing of the humanitarian. Nightmare of killing innocent people. My question and a lot of people question is always as opposed to what we don't want to start. Another war like when we sent a hundred. Fifty thousand Obama has seven wars going right through seven wars. Guess at me I mean I can name them oak in what you call a war is really. What do you call firing missiles at people have asked
cooperation locations on the ground. I call a different than what happened in Iraq under both well, I mean actual pushed back on that Obama. Come campaigned on the idea that he was gonna, stop dumb wars and the first thing he did was to search and Afghanistan expand the role of special operations forces. We have two hundred and fifty special operators now on the ground. In Iraq and Syria. One Navy seal decide recently in about ok. Ok, so if we, if we- but we don't know boots on the ground like we did during Iraq a mile generally, but that is a fact that the Iraq thing is the most catastrophic design, ok, modern, so that its low hanging, ok, ok, the Khartoum okay, so someone I that They are right. We agree, we don't want in Iraq war, but what's the other thing, others as opposed to doing nothing,
it gives a bomb. I would say nothing, that's the middle ground is the drone where it is not boots on the ground, and it's not doing nothing for. First of all, a bomb has totally done away with the idea that he needs to rely on the authorization for the use of military force, which was passed in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven. Only barber leave voted against it. Neither house he now is claiming something that is the wet dream of chinese Rumsfeld, which is that article two of the constitution, the commander in chief clause, gives him Carte blanche to do all of these things. It's it's against the very mission that they state there trying to achieve, which is not having arrived at on the hill and by Romano Obama, has done something that I praise, which I actually is my solution, but I think we should be doing healthcare. Terrorism is now on. This is yes, I support. I support health care about. We reiterate the terrorism should be viewed as a crime, and I think that I dont believe that they have actually killed someone in a drone strike that was engaged in what any reasonable person would think was an imminent threat against United States. They redefine the term, so let's bring those can
justice and put them on trial are right. Glad you have no idea what to bring up. Is we do these ruddy Niger bring the people up on all they may have been during the week, and I haven't. I have an internet- raises important Some life and book somewhat related news story, which is that London elected a muslim mare, and his name is so deep- and I think the world needs a lot more of this, because when you elevate Muslims to high positions like this in western countries, because they are politicians, they have to say the right things out loud, but we have been lacking is in its tomb. Isn't is more Muslims saying the right thing? out loud and, of course, authorities the mayor he has to I'm not saying you doesn't really believed them, but he said
There is no other city in the world where I would want to raise my daughter's than London. They have rights, they have protection the right to wear what they like think what they like to meet, who they like to study. What they like, the clear implication there is, they would not have those Actions in much of the muslim world, he also said he's for now wearing the job. He said in public service. We should be able to see each other's bases. I contact matters he his first public appearance was of the Holocaust museum. This is,
but we need more sitting at this. Is somebody who elected mayor of any major western city and Rotterdam and he was elected after a vicious fight in which there was a lot of dog, will put whistle pulsing politics tying him to extremists principles, basically on the basis that he's muslim and I think, one of things that Germany's pregnancy real stoking an environment of fear in which is very easy to link people by association, particularly if they come from minorities, but one of the things I things internet site economy. What he has said is that look ISIS hates me, because I am very successful Muslim in the West, exactly what they say is not possible. They also hate me they're hated, because he believes that his daughter should be able to see who what they want and shouldn't have to wear the thing more fundamentally about you know that
using a living proof that the western democratic, liberal pluralism is compatible with Islam, which is exactly what I say says it's not just by virtue of the fact that he has been elected mayor of London. He represents all ISIS stands again, but can I read another court because there is another muslim AIR, Rotterdam right and another lunch? And after the Charlie Boa tax major issues that he said it's in comprehensible that you can be against freedom like that, but if you dont like that freedom pack, your bags and leave you and find your plays in the Netherlands in a way that we would build a society together. Leave fuck off, he said you re interested in is Hillary Clinton wants to release all the stuff. That's undercover about area. Fifty one the flag saucers
we're going to find out about the flying saucers, but not about the crashing planes cuz. I know that's your issue of the twenty eight pages right. That supposedly has will not supposedly it spits, we've never seen it. This is the nine Slash eleven report about who is really responsible for free, as planes into the buildings and its Saudi Arabia right Bob. Well, it certainly looks like it. There are if there is an enormous amount of billowing smoke around the relationship between the nineteen hijackers and from the highest levels to charities and financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and additives, aggressive boy materials Angelo right, not far
where we are, is where the first two hijackers supposedly had a coincidental lunch with a man who was here as an agent of Saudi Arabia, who then encourage them to move San Diego where they spent the better part of a year preparing for nine hundred and eleven. They were not. They didn't end up being pilots, because the pilot instructor describe them as being dumb and dumber. But they were the muscle men who kept the passengers in line. So what do you think we're gonna find out from the area fifty one flying semaphore Hilary are being stored. You really hate Hilary, don't you know I I,
I believe what is everybody hate hither where we ve got my right? That's it that's a cheap characterisation of this. No who Hillary Clinton but is the embodiment of how little of a difference there is between the two parties on foreign policy, who is the current, is the NEO Cons, Canada, this year bill, but I wouldn't be surprised, but we can standard- and I know some of you have asked why. But I do think that is no. But, like a child asked me about this election, I would say well, let's, between a crazy person in a nice lady, Why am I am? I am I a hundred per cent on board with the nice lady, no budget, a nice lady, but she's, not a crazy person. It don't you irony and humor, and something comical about the fact that was nothing that the left in the Democratic Party hey worse about the Bush, Janni Administration and the war in Iraq. The patriot act, sort of the whole world tear narrative, Hillary Clinton embodies
to a t. That's Basel bombing, Oliver exaggerates, not Iraq, Obama called her Bush Cheney light in the two thousand. Eight campaigning was right, then, and he's right now, and will you nor because their distracted by Donald Trump, Jean definitely to workers for my taste, but you know what it's funny that she was the outside her. She was going to be the first woman president. Would so different, and now how come she? Suddenly? The ultimate inside one is just about the fact that we are running in a year in which exit pole in primary after primary shows us that people are saying they want change. Whenever change means they want somebody different. They want somebody that hasn't been around for a long time and whatever you say about Hillary Clinton, she has been around for a long time. Look here. We are this week, release negating some sleazy moments of the ninety nine
I was seriously hope we wouldn't have been through that wanted. But I'm reason this that about a real voters were broke. I've been around a lot longer than tromp you're doing jokes. When I was in my twenty, I have I've known Hillary Clinton for the better part of thirty five years Jasmine run along very, very gifted person. She has good judgment. I don't always agree with it. She voted for the war in Iraq. I voted against the war in Iraq, but I dont hole that one single dense is being well ran again and, above all of it wasn't exactly. As I recall, it wasn't exactly, we are definitely going into the war as Bush phrased it that those people voted for. It was give me a badge and a gun in case. We have to do this and then, of course, that fuckin
did it, but well, but let me, but I think it is something more more current. Hillary Clinton was a major player in the regime change at the: U S and acted in Libya. She wasn't just voting in the Senate. She was a major organiser of that campaign and it led directly to the death of Ambassador Stevens. She and I'll tell you this much. Hillary Clinton is lucky. She's luck. That the Republicans are bass. Shit, crazy, because real questions are never asked about that. You never asked about Britain Gauzy, it's no! No! I know their partisan witch hunt against Hillary Clinton and I agree with the right now, but I would ask about the covert operations at John Brennan authorized that killed four important tribal, the
and claws global model is really the napoleon of crime. I don't ever defended, I haven't, I didn't want to get our ok, I'm a little family spinal talk after its time now that children, Amazon, says Ill supports fellow billionaire Donald Trump. The guidelines must admit: that's a first and enter a droll indoors apply an actual for narrow. Reading about ninety two year old, Sumner, another butte the Ladys and yet not out there now reading about I need two year old, Sumner Redstone Sex happened this week. The The aim to put an upper age limit on Viagra
I need to do, and you tell your doctor, I wanna be stiff. The proper response is you're. Almost there there's a sign you're too old, for sex when you're conquering is a medic alert. Bracelet decide here, allow that wiser, has gotten government approval to rename their product. America, that's true from until the election, everyone must drink some during the republican convention, while saying wow America has We know days a little later. There goes America right down the toilet,
people promote. Breast cancer awareness have to find me one person who isn't aware of breast cancer. We know what cancer is and we know what breasts are. If you want to explain something, try mammograms because most guys That's when a woman shows up at your door topless and things were you. There were all of you are such a rich and unsatisfied wife that you spend fifteen was in dollars for this twenty four current gold plated vibrating dildo try, ok, the gardener first, really, I'm just getting the actually looks like this.
I'm finally neural conservatives can blame liberals for a lot of things like making your kid wear: a bike helmet and gluten free cupcakes in the war on Christmas, but the one thing you're not gonna, get to blame us for is Donald Trump, because they are already trying to do that it's not going to happen. If we after all the man, but you have to on the dot. If these things I'm kidding about this or exaggerating just look at some of these recent internet headlines, the left is to blame for the creation of Donald Trump, how the pc police propelled Donald Trump, how the left created Donald Trump update. Your browser melts in your area need sex. Now, no wait, not that one, I'm sorry, but other than other than that one. The points of all these think pieces,
that the trump phenomenon is on you, liberals, because Europe, condescension and political correctness, forced otherwise reasonable people into trumps hateful embrace. That is their thesis really that Trump voters are perfectly nice. If left alone,. Like raccoons, they just want to eat garbage and crap in your Hata Honey Bobo. When the duck commander arm but the Isle of Garden. They would vote rationally, if not for overbearing, liberal scientists and historians and nutritionists telling bill Americans at their job and hurts their failings when we insult their values. With our facts,
was an avant garde com, they say liberals or smug, because we practise quote a politics defined by the command of correct facts. Oh yeah shouldn't. We all do that the daily These claims that brutish leftist tactics have driven people to tromp because their terrified that they're losing the basic right to express themselves have you seen the internet? It's nothing, but angry white people expressing themselves the tea party.
Named after a tax revolt and t stands for taxed enough already, and yet, two years after Obama lowered taxes on ninety five percent of Americans, ninety percent of deep people believed he raised them. So if you don't know the first thing about the thing you claim theirs,
Most important thing to you. Are you bright? Is it my fault for pointing out? No, the Federalist says: voters like Donald Trump, not so much, because they hate Mexicans and Muslims, but because they hate progressive bigotry now its figures, they hate Muslims and next among other minorities. Sixty four percent of Republicans think reverse. Racism is a greater problem than racism. Now that is something easily disproved with statistics. So please help me with my dilemma of how I, as a liberal fact, nor can both not insult you but also tell the truth.
Is like I can't honestly say. I respect your view that the world is five thousand years old, because its twenty sixty. If Sarah Palin claims nighttime is when Jesus puts a blanket over the sun and I disagree. Does that make me smug? I'm sorry you find irritating when liberals point out that global warming exists or that racism exists or the gay people exist. But here's the thing you guys were wrong: a blog about all that really check the climate science check the dashboard camera on the- Police car check your pastors internet history is political correctness out of control. Of course, it is. I think I might have
some sort of show about that. I've been telling liberals when they had Spinnet John their teeth since ninety ninety three I've ridiculed them for everything from offensive Halloween Gus. James do Islamophobia from the south steam movement to college campuses, forgetting what free speeches, but none of that justifies embracing a dangerous buffoon simply because his lack of political correctness is cathartic. Trump is your problem, but somehow the party of personal responsibility
doesn't want to take responsibility for this one somewhere along the way. The slogan when from make Amerika great again, look what you're me me to all right- that's a show off next week and we'll be back on the 27th I'll, be at the Connor Palace in Cleveland June. Fourth, I want to thank Jack Hunter Katty, Kay, Vibranium, Jeremy Scahill. I mean log onto HBO dot com.
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