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Episode #393 (Originally aired 06/24/16) - Bill’s guests are Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Larry Wilmore, Paul Begala, Michael Steele and Betsy Woodruff.

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO, making real time
I guess you're gonna money in this dark marked down like six hundred bore you heard about what upward England has voted to bricks it
Rex Britain leaving the European Union. May you know what happened? The issue gotta hijacked by a bunch of anti immigration isolation is who are obsessed with the idea that foreigners were stealing their jobs. Thank God, something never happen here now. The final does happen this late last night. The final tally is in from England forty eight percent voted for sense and sensibility Fifty two percent voted for pride and prejudice so well. I guess I think, as America's when we think of the British, we always just the image. It comes to our mind. We think of some refined, educate charming accent played by good have pulled and then there's that other ring that these soccer hooligan, with three teeth
Who speaks English when you have no idea what one fuckin word economist all over the world are saying: this is a cataract specifically stupid move, evidence they offer lots of data lots of charge and the fact that Trump is for it.
Well, what do you know? They assembled Rex it a couple of weeks ago. He thought it was a laxative, no idea what they were talking about it, but it was the name of Sarah Palin. Kids did actually with a lot of news this week. Did you see the House Democrats Hetty sit in right on the house where it was adorable next week, they're gonna have a big sail to pay off the deficit. I mean. Do we need any more proof how dysfunctional this kind since, when there are literally setting up
floor like a toddler in the cereal I'll, they said they were going to stay there until gun control, past or mom buys pop darts. Several The house members were asked how long they were willing to keep their protests going. Basting stated on the floor and they said till oh freezes over or one day, one day they'll I've waited longer for the cable guy. You fucking kidding me, stop guns ain't even stop the cleaning crew from coming in and shambling the rug Paul Ryan stood there and the speakers chair at one point and scolded the Democrats on the decline of decorum, and then he went back to supporting them Publican presidential nominee for once during this,
and payment of speech with his line of stakes behind him. Yes, this is also the big news. This week, conservatives on the Supreme Court ruled against President Obama's Executive board. Protecting millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. Parent lay my order and I have to go back to don't ask don't tell yeah, I love our judicial system stairway to Heaven civil law, but this is up in the air, but in others court ruling against President Obama. He took it like a man. Can you imagine President Trump
I can't if the Supreme Court ruled against him he would be- or we have this put a weakened judge so to my very nasty bursting water. Ricans love me, but that you keep a banana soda. My ears very nasty, Lena Kagan CAT Lady Kagan Cedar like man, I'm hearing a lot of people are saying it. She very unfair to me because I have a penis, a huge beautiful. Nobody has a better prepared than me. I will tell you that What is the Good NEWS we found that this week the Donald Trump campaign is basically broke, their son
how desperate fundraising letters what happened to the self funding billionaire this campaign, I wonder what are they found? Dory getting. They have no cash on hand. Very few employees, no organization, no ground game and worst of it is Christie ate all the states. All right. I got a great show Michael Steele, Paul Begala, with Larry Wilmore for the nightly show, but he is a musician and environmental activists in the youth director of the advocacy group earth, guardians
shooters God. I hope I got that Right Martinez. I get my bride. You say it for me: she has got shooters, God go shooters cut your tears, got a gun, it's like your showing a cat that suits has caught churches. Cod Really that's fucking and that is an aspect me yeah you're, Aztec, half aztec range the ammo, Father's side, Mahars ages from Mexico City. What not tell us about the Aztecs cause- I must admit my knowledge of south american history is not as good as it should be. Yeah I mean well, we were calling as a long time ago so a lot of what we should know about ourselves as last, but I carry on the tradition but my grandfather, my ancestors, pass into my father given to me, by my name and through the traditions that vessel
like we always hear their warriors seem very bad ass, always say so. No official deafening can cinema why so and a warrior- and you ever hear a warrior through a great cause which is the environment. I mean you're here, because you meant a lot into his personal. You ve made three speeches right at the: U N, cracked, wow, that's three! More than I and they were all on the environment, environment, climate change, my generation all right. I am your sixteen may be the youngest person
a shrill record after you have this lawsuit tell us about the lawsuit, so myself in twenty other youth plaintiffs are coming together and working with an organisation to actually work with our traditional system to say that they have. The government has a right that we have a right to how gap is fair and they are but directly in violation of our public trust and of our constitutional right to your mail. Doing enough to help you breathe exacted. You think breathing is part of your rights. I say it's pretty. Why right I mean it's us specifically in the constitution, but life Liberty and Labours Africa. Could you have any of those? If that you don't have breathing room climate?
Defining issue of my time is defining, I always it can. I always say only say this, and I say this every other issue and then there's that issue, because if you don't see that issue there are no other ashes and as an indigenous person that was always part of their culture, right was due to take care of the earth. We I mean, if you look at before, Europe came in kind, must shut up over here. You know do an hour. I live in a balance with the world, and so I guess, taken those principles and taking those understandings they will pass on the mean working with technology. Innovation in what this new generation of my generation is more innovative and have want to produce an ever before. So we can really work together to build a new world by calling our leaders and where I've been doing the job there and let us not pretend you are typical of your generation, how many of your generation would give up their Iphone?
the american answer that now I mean I mean you know it's not just in it. Yours and people in their twenties, don't don't vote as much as they should make it its import of youth. I mean you have too many hormone it's not too many hormones and you can get fucked up too easily without hurting you get those. I know from, whereas I speak now. I think forming part of that, too, is that, like we're, young technology has pulled our attention away from the world and waterways because road origin,
It is being bombarded with media that showing us that is over. You know, climate changes, the greatest issue of our time. We have politicians are supporting our survival and they so many problems all over the world everywhere we looked more crises and there's no way for our voices to be used to create solutions. So young people are searching for that. There's no outlet for us to engage in a world that is stacked against us, we're distant systemically disempowered from the time they were born. So this generation. What I've seen personally travelling around the world and talk into more and more of my generation? Is it you? Don't people are ready to use their art, poetry, their passion that music to engage with the world and be leaders today because in oh sure, we're a future generation, but we're here now and we're not gonna wait to make a different. It's all very feel good here at the moment, but you know I get your speaking for like two percent. Ok, The question is: how do you reach those other people, those other people who were just like that? I mean I talk to young people all the time
they're like well. The only news I get is word someone posted my facebook page. They don't know global warming, is they don't read about it because it just not part of their existence? How do you reach those people? I know your message is at it. So part of it is, is mainstream. Media are music things that young people can relate to cause. If there's like a climate scientists in the sixties, addressing a school classroom, no erroneously, I will be sleep in also know about. Let's just say: that's fucking wrong right. I agree, I'm sixty, ages. I thought you were cool very lightweight now. You just said: if there's somebody in their sixties, you don't even pay attention. I said that maybe you should learn certain dear brother will. Maybe we came to an agreement? Father, that's right. I usually indigenous peoples are cool about like respecting.
Elders they out because we ve been here longer, so we know shit to. Let me crazy. They. Let me finish, I think it's part of it is there to get other young people engage. They have to see that these young people actually doing something in the world and in mainstream media. We're not prefer portrayed as leaders when arbitrators leaders were betrayed, as you know, young people that are breaking the line just wasting time. So if we begin to tell the story of the millions of young people in the world are doing incredible things and collaborate with you know our elders and in the older people in society that are leading the way and have the wisdom and I say we need working to create such an amazing future. If we take that potential, the we have an eye elder to collaborate, energy and idealism with the knowledge and one last thing. I think this is really interesting. Your goal is not just about the environment, specifically its about changing the way we live. Our lifestyles, too much materialism right, do much stuff. You don't have a lot of stuff. Well, I think that the system-
Bill so that an eye out alive suit good. I will never be able to afford a suit this nice, but rarely where'd. You get that of a gift from a friend leave it at that. But no man, I think a lot of people, a lot of people. Don't look at the world in a way that we evaluate you know we have as soon as this connection to the planet, to ourselves and to each other, and a lot of people won't care where we get our energy as long as we can still have the lights on as long as we can drive. Cars must be candid care if it's a priest or not, but no other reduce right. We ve ever stop thinking in terms of big mentions and more and more and what we're all kind of borders are inadmissible.
It's not even just about like all this protect the environment, not not a lot of people there's a lot of people in the world. They don't care about the alarm, but people care about their kids about their grandchildren about their legacy. That they're going to leave behind. That's what's at stake. That's what's at stake is, is the kind of world my generations gonna be left with? That's what I'm finally to protect? That's what my message is all about.
What people gotta listen. I am more optimistic for meeting you. I really like you yeah. What maybe he'll be thirty six is our ideas is reviving the glitter more robust CNN contributor and an affiliate, a professor of public policy, a Georgetown, universally Bob, a gala K. She reports politics from the daily. These please welcome. Betsy, wonder: ok, Betsy was the chairman of the Republic and National Committee Watch. What is one of the good ones, but now
dad having more fun, co, hosting Siriusxm, Steele and Ungar. Please welcome Michael Steele of it here back. Remember to send us your questions for tonight's overtime, so I can answer them after the show on Youtube. Remember to watch our convention coverage, we run free. Storing the convergence of the Republic and July one Say Thursday and Friday is gonna, be throwing jerry that you're gonna bet. I tell people bring the plot corn and the flag. That's right right, let's Nancy is who is literally covered. Arab Spring and Egypt was an hour slack channel the other day and said I'm serious others have anyone needs a flag jacket or a home at that? I was worried covering this. I'm happy to wonder to you also genuine needs one. Almost there in front of the daily I've never been right before so I'm gonna be in Cleveland uh, that's gonna, be your convinced would be really become. Oh yeah, maybe
I wrote what I've never coming vanishes right. What shut up We are important issues to talk about bricks- it, oh my god, bothering me all day, not really so that's it don't follow such issues. Let me just say this is not really new. There's been a dream of a United Europe for about a century right in nineteen Seven, when I was one there one. The common market that was the the ancestor. That right and then we had the European Union, its a wedding unite the european countries, so because I it'll never work. What is someone in Iceland have in common with somebody? Albania there's always been this tension and with globalization, of course, there's always winners and losers. Now it was good for people. Twenty seven, different twenty eight, what thou twenty seven in the European Union, if you were up wash engineer in Krakow. You could move to
Just a England and work no passports, no borders. Ok, What they're saying today increasingly up is for us Americans what's what matters is that this is a harbinger for Donald Trump, because they didn't think this was going to pass. This is the same issues. The Trump is talking about you know we're getting screwed on trade too many immigrants and they underestimate trump? They underestimated this. What do you think, I think definitely eleventh? Revenge is the new cap member of parliament and the European Union Parliament. Started. He was on CNN and made the argument against immigration. That's almost verbatim of what Donald Trump unjust session say, which is we don't hate immigrants? However, if you bring in lots of low skilled workers, it drives wages down. So big corporations want that to happen as it increases their profit margin. That word for word is the case.
Immigration receptionists in the? U S make the identical argument: it works on both sides of the pond, it's a matter of expectations too, and that something that you know a lot of peoples who talk about Wild Donald Trump in those taking advantage of this, where this has been brewing in Europe for quite some time. What Donald Trump did was recognised and brought it here and is there? Is that connection between the anxiety that families and in middle class workers across Europe coupled with what you see happening here in the United States and in the U S, as in Europe, has led to certain types of movements, whether woods The news he already or move on, or whatever its right wing populism and here and there is it- is because the conservative populism that people love their entitlements and hate Mexican. Well, it's it's what it, what it is It's basically white folks concerned about the integrated that are communities and in the migration of people of color from out from the african continent into into Europe and from around the world. Here to the? U S,
That said, to kind of hijacked the merit of a little bit new Yorker had a piece about your requirement and who is the leader of the Labour Party in Europe in the in the in the UK, and they quoted one of his associates of forty years saying that carbon, whose very leftist politician probably secretly supported, believe effort, because Messrs up it doesn't up, he's got such and it's not even I say my way that twenty two percent of Bernie voters say they're going to vote for trump people are complicated or something world politics is complicated. I doubt that's gonna come true, but a much higher percentages. Hilary voters said they would never vote for Obama and they all did ok because senator I wanna do his job as the that that's a different type of older, but at once, but just like you know here, the young people didn't show up that much in Britain and if they don't show up here, welcome president clown meat
Not that's! That's absolutely true. In Britain the line was right at age. Fifty everybody, Ireland, fifty voted to stay everybody over the over fifty voted to leave. Any ADI were the more polarized it was under twenty five. Seventy five percent of the Britons under twenty five once want to state like seventy five percent of those over sixty five and seventy wanted to leave. So there is a disgraceful were there as well as a class war, but not to make everything about Donald Trump. But you know, since this is about money and the pound just took a pound, examine these people inflicted. A wound on themselves at the not gonna get over for quite a while. Ok, I seem to remember Donald Trump saying we could default on Treasury bills. Where do you think the world went today Treasury bills and says there's a day where they went? Donald Trump said this week, He was asked. How would you renegotiate the debt? Our debt? You go
back- and you say: hey guess what the economy, just grass I'm gonna, give you back half. I guess my quest You Michael, is what does the bridge too far. What at what is the point at which you say? Ok, my country before my nominee, but I think that's it. I think that's an individual judgment that you seeing in hearing a lotta republicans make across the country and certainly within the party yours. While you know look I'm straight up, I'm a party guy was, I was a national chairman. I was a county chairman. I was estate chairman, so there's no bridge nano there is. There is a bridge too far and what I want to see and I've been very clear about this from the very beginning. I want to. Donald Donald Trump make the kinds of steps, and I know you wants seventy or man. So this idea, he's going to change, is not in the car more ages
cyber he's, not gonna. Do I m changes of heroism thirty five years he's not gonna change campaign style, but he is here is the rub. I philosophically cannot cannot sit there and go oh well, because I'm so pissed off in can't stand Donald Trump that I'm just gonna fall in love with Hillary Clinton. That's just not I am sorry about Donald Trump. It's about the policy. Rapid spot is exactly like clingy Graham said, though, come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hilary. I feel like this election. And that may, where we've had that, where we feel like work, it's a referendum on decency. At this point,
This is an indecent man that, but this is not just about you make. The point is not just about Donald Trump. Indian does indecency that you may see in him it's about the process as well as about the indecent process. That's that's also was a big driver for a lot of folks out there. They feel left behind a field spat upon they filled neglected. They feel cheated. I mean that we look at wages. You look at in. Come you look it I've assume it is. I mean they. If for a lot of, Americans is all because they gather reeling all. Is you you cannot separate, but the individual characteristics out that easily glass houses that's bullshit our guest not opposed to this is that this is only if this is yes. Donald Trump is a horrible ass clown, but he raises a good point. Ok look all! I can give you bill is at the beginning of this campaign cycle. There was the focus group that was done in you probably saw Paul.
The New Hampshire and you had a working mom of two kids single mother right and they ask her about Donald Trump and what was her response he's? One of us he's just like me So you have to try to figure and that's a legitimate ass from a white female in her thirties, with two kids in New Hampshire. Not a reassuring want, but I'm just then it is actually a Meda. These, just like me, is tweeting bullshit it ray and the more nobility that's attempt you're not taking time to try to figure ok. So what is it that you are seeing here from him? That makes you think that an understanding that different Sudan voting for someone who wants to deport eleven million people who wants to ban All Muslims who is for torture, whose for birth terrorism only answer. How do you answer bill? How do you answer the pull that they came out during the middle? The primary the question was asked: is Islam compatible with the values of America? How many Americans they hoped that question,
in in the negative, I'm the one who answers that question on this? In the end, with fifty six percent of American said, Islam was not compatible with America, it is the same persons. Donald Trump is saying he's one of us, so you ve got you ve got a few The answer is not of a ban on muslim communities who honoured Mohammed Ali when he passed away out of earning an icon, and he wasn't american icon Anti american model are you going to say, I was what does that have to do with the liability of Muslims in the world, because it's bizarre and stupid to try to ban every Messiah agree America's insane, but it's not really. His point was also not wrong. I mean here. A lot of talk today about xenophobia, and is it really phobia if you have something to be afraid of fifty two percent of british Muslims thing being gay? Should illegal here the kind. What percentage of american Republicans believe that we support them?
I think it should be a legal sure. Not now I dont come on my poor father. Now I can stop it. Stop it at present, in writing, EL the aid until a few years. There certainly is a hard right wing in this country, but they have no power. It's a lot different. What what do you really think? If, if America had muslim eyes, ghettos, Muslims, that's not the right word radicalized Those are Muslims like London and Brussels and in Paris, where a woman who would walk down the street in a short skirt would be hassled because it was Anti Islamic. What what it would Americans do happened in this way. We we will not put up that we're pluralistic society. We have Muslims here and there
I really don't know not only in France Integrated here very wonderfully, they really are going rate about. The important thing is that there are significant evidence that when Muslims immigration, United States, they assimilate better in this country. That way better than that, and that's a good thing- and I didn't miss that and a lot of the fear of foreigners coming here is that we have this. If that, when they move to, the United States is going to be a horrible disaster and everything's gonna be ghetto eyes, and that is that we have been successfully at emulating immigrants for could we all agree on this, because even the people, even the people who fight beyond this issue, usually agree. Islam needs a reformation We all agree is a great s needs it like, like, like we like, the christian world had an orderly and hundreds of fifty whenever it was ok and enlightenment reformation. What is mostly stopping. That is that I agree there are a lot more moderate Muslims in the world,
they are afraid to speak out because of our guy lint intimidation or not as that's, ok and every time somebody says Islamophobia, it gives the people who are intimidating cover not go on every time we bash Muslims as an entire religion. It empowers the fanatics, not the moderates, because in the
what other Americans patriotic wishes nature the fanatics highways from power themselves? I mean that we are therefore, if we're gonna say you can't mention there, so you can't say their useful to radical Islamic me look or going to react everything. Bill Clinton didn't ninety ninety sex, because that ends up an ice as propaganda. I just think it's Likud Philly to say: oh, this is helpful to radical muslim boogie and say that the resolution employment, because an important when and where that really has to begin, is within the muslim community itself. You talk to a lot of folks and bill. You you touched on it. There is an inherent fear because they don't want to be the target they don't want to have their families are subjected to that kind of aggression within the community, so they stay silent. So what my argument is, how can we all help them
elevate the argument within the community and defeating Donald Trump that what we are glad we're? That's that's what he is doing here, how many similarities to feeding the idea that we're going to block the muzzle blunt, but at the same time, though it out, we also need to be reality based and understand that the United States has a different immigration situation. Europe will only you carried their ants plan and I go. Europe has a problem. Therefore, America's problem light your hair on fire right. Silly, ok, all right! Let me go to something lighter we noticed year at real time that, and it sort of a proposed, a discussion that the internet does not just radicalized would be terrorist. It radicalizing everybody. There is something about social media, they pay me
people incredible assholes in a way they never would be in person. Look at this too. This is somebody during the NBA finals, tweeting staff, curries three year old book here, all family. That's so typical! That's that out! That's not an outlier on the internet and just to show that this could have to anybody. We notice that three months ago the cable or elves gotta twitter account and like hears Ernie. First. We do. I call this a cell, fear and Althea see it's I wanted. Take these funds drives, which one of these is a hash tat. It was also innocent. Three weeks later, look at some of the tweets from this guy in charms once something really magically delicious you make bastard. I pull a man, try using the door sometime ass, all at Paul phrases
please, my big dumb gets me pussy, can't you? Girls got outside my tree, I'll cut a bitch, our companies in an arm and a leg, but they're gonna cost crystal think what ingredients or cookies love hashtag? I jerk off on them. Explain this world until the EU is one of the good ones in Atlanta Cell Mass gotta he's supposed to be told funders you look like a sea monkey had a cracked baby.
Plunging groundwater. I get the feeling you handle more nuts than I do. How the inner slogan should be. Nobody doesn't licks airily little Debbie knows what I'm talking about at little Debbie. Stop using that all border. Fifty two years old bids deal with how much more we ve. Actually before we give our vote, we get stories. I love a guest who does yes, because I have to say this because I have moved unit is ending. I get
all these questions about influence in everything, and I always thought that you never got your due process for starting late night political talk and making very true now, but I wouldn't know what to do and I don't get the problems are still being the best anyway. Here you hear about breaks it Larry. I won't breaks in Britain, Rex, at every Warner brothers, even brothers brings you know what I think most Americans don't know what the
breaks down. They don't wear until a few years and now the chance they look like you ve rights, it really does give regulate. Well, it's also eurocentric. I was getting talking to my young half aspect friend there, the other. Yes, I thought I was saying. I don't really know myself american history, like a should, because when I was in school and were roughly the same age generation ranging racing. Ok, your mid fifties. Fifty four year old, Larry down, don't try to make a difference like no crack. The different lagging does crack it just cracks more slowly. No one is confusing as Jane Pitman Meciar and black in the history of crack is not a plan being sink into the black drafting of animal welfare. I was gonna, do it when I was its really very eurocentric there s the history. They taught us today when you did the correspondence dinner which will talk about them.
You were very eloquent at the end, and you said you, the president. You know when I was growing up people wouldn't even imagine a black man being a quarter back, that's true was making now I know I can remember that gives absolute controversy. So what did you do that cross? Your mind is a kid. Like I remember in school, the only time Africa came up is when Vasco Da Gama sailed around when someone avoiding and what is this paper like uneven and even as badly, but we ve had a difficult relationship with Africa. Even we tried to get afro centric dead, didn't last too long as like. I think, of Africa. Think, hot and brothers who speak French Annabelle using gods, blame green things that might eat me right. Everything was was eurocentric. I guess you could say mean that your education bedroom I've always thought there. That's not fair
a kind of that's the world, the jury and we don't even think about it as being very than they were in a completely different world and how we view everything dried. You know, and so there is a different context for everything in a bomb has been a game changer in a lot of that too We had an example that I notice when, during your ears, Europe routine at the correspondence than the two things that you are poking him with. Yes, we're not closing get my turn and drones drawn strikes. Now, do you think he's really wrong about those issues are? Was at Jimmy? Had no intention of causing get left behind us about? I disagree strongly. I don't think so or hunger is. That was Congress who didn't you
when he was running. He ran to the left of Hillary Clinton. Like the home vote thing Hilary had to vote for the work. He had no choice and I thought you should only have a bill because she was a freshman senator think about those she's, a freshman senator from New York, where the World Trade Center event happened. Sure it's a year after what supposed to do? You know you have a no vote in that situation and and they're gonna say: the woman. Wouldn't get proposal forget it was not a vote to go to war was a vote to give Bush a badge and a gun unless idiot fired, we do not share for go all crazy here, but about Obama's varies he ran to the left to hilly. He didn't have to vote on the war and- and I think, get low was one of those positions, and people may disagree with me. But I think when you become president, you getting these shit. I can't go get my what the fuck was open to new. Let's grab I about the dry
because I noticed last week after the Orlando Shooting Shooting Donald trumps, made his comments, and then Obama came back and said. You know Donald Trump rhetoric, This is what stirring up the radical muslims- and I thought maybe the drone strikes too maybe a little more drones dryads than words you have not that I am against drone strikes necessarily, but let's get real about, what's really making people mad notes. True, I mean no you're, absolutely right, it's it's. Definitely it's definitely problematic in if you're on the left and you ve been so about that. That's something that I can understand, because you talk about due process and just indiscriminate killing and how many innocent people who aren't even engaged in war and all at once,
there's a bomb next or are we in a war which milliner I mean that's crazy and, as you say, sure, if you're killing people who deserve to be killed? I guess who determines that? I don't know. We just have to take all this on trust in you know our government Had a good record naughty issue. There's no greater is he hasn't had a good record with the in that trusted. Oh, you know that, no matter what you do in this life, Larry you cure cancer or you could be the space tourist who goes to Mars. Your obituary will say: Dududu call President the inward. I think I mean when I called him a nigger there were a little white people always say right so buyers. Remorse, no, absolutely due to its biggest people, made a controversy over. I loved it, but
no, you have to own it as a comedian. You right over everything that you too, and that was a special moment. You know that was that was like a black private moment in front of way. You saw his his non verbal communication, which immediately did this heating oil there's. No, he had your back and look at Michel. She have different locations. You saw his his non verbal communication, which immediately did this here. I there's no. No. He had your back with you to look at Michel. She have different locations. Does that's what we always look was not the accident now why? At dinner, diversity issues, she was very good. Ok, Jack, o man. So let's get to that other big issue that happened this week with the sit in that they Democrats did do have a gun Larry. I do not. I do not have a gun,
one cause I've got up, and I thought it was a typical of the paralysis and our government that Louis Gomer got up there at one of my journey was screaming radical Islam, Radical Islam, to the people who are trying. Pass a bill to stop radical Islam because but they were talking about, was no fly no by people on the no fly list. Don't get the biogas you shouldn't make fun of the mentally challenged and Louis is Maybe he's a force prices in my state attacks in Sis II system, fool in an idiot but with they're trying to do is pretty common sense that we have this terror watch lists view on that list should be able, by gun pretty simple, but it doesn't get down airplane Jean Louis was on the no fly list for guys say you know it's very problematic when the government starts making lives in says no mother fucker, you can't do this. You can't do that. That's very
now that I'm languages I bought a sex toy fifteen years ago. I still get to catalogue very likely, giving remember it's really easy to each other about the no fly list. When your name sounds like your character and the Brady Bunch, when the reality Arab Americans for Muslims revise from South Asia getting on the no fly list. First, you might not. We may not not only you show that their rights and secular legitimize these secret lists as a way of doing why, but we're Psmith, I think I'm just not simple, is like it does anyone I think we can make the list more transparent. We can give people more redress, but we can't just sit here and let somebody was on a terrorist watches. Buyer gonna go in your letter like launched a lot about how I saw David Cameron today. You know I'm up two in the morning when this all happens. What's this whole speech
Well, I lost the vote. I graciously leave office. Take their system works so beautifully. We can't even get a vote on something that ninety percent of Americans agree on and can get about our system sucks. Really. So a constitution needs a page one real voted a when they voted on the bill in the past. That sucks do it. Does that doesn't reflect the people would here and if they get a job here is watch lists in a no fly, were mediators in earnest watch lists and we're talking? No fly, there are several different list that the basic YO conflates, maybe united, disaggregate them and look I'm different is not perfect, is not, but nothing in life is, I mean we should think about it at this point, when you do have initial there's still is a ninety ten issue in this country when it comes to gods, even even Arden gun owners. What the Congress to do something to begin to turn the conversation around
and you have four bills in the Senate that went down. You don't have anything in the house in the country looks at this, and this goes back to the beginning of our conversation and you wonder why people are pissed off and you wonder why people, are looking at leadership in going to Hell with you, because you can't even deal with the basics when you have twenty school kids die in sin. Who can that was a turning point for me on this issue. Dont crime, you really don't sit on the deaf. Or the Congress now for five years later sing, We shall overcome women Chicago just a four years ago, five around sixty young black men and women were killed, and there was not
one song for then it will not with a not one protest for them. So don't start is concerned about the true. There are actually were many protests nodded our cognitive worm. No, but there there are many protests and there were many tears grab religious weren't covered in the new life. But all that is true, but the problem is not. I don't blame address, I'm a professional Democrat. I don't blame the republic, I don't blame and all right. I blame the american people. I Hoboken Passive Brady Bill the next election we lost fifty six, how seats and by one analysis no. Tina them were only because of gun control. Ok, nineteen people lost their careers, two possibilities give you how many lost their seats after standing hook way, zero, the Republicans when a landslide, after they killed personal bombers, sandy hook, gun control bill. That's a volume Eric and people for both these clowns
and again I want to ask the president because of the gun issue, Al Gore and two thousand is washed. His home stated Tennessee. He he did. That was probably because of guns, but let me this question about guns. Does it really matter if we are banning certain guns, because I see that the liberals they talk about gun now, not a gun expert, but I see a lot of people talking about guns who don't know shit about guns. I know little, but it's like when the pulp talks about giant a map. When the conservatives stop listening like I know, a lot of them think that are fifteen air stands for all rifle. It doesn't and it's not an assault rifle its not an automatic weapon. Those are illegal. There are a lot of weapons.
Not even talking about banning that, basically do the same thing as an eight hour fifteen, because you have to squeeze each round its, not sweet that's what they hadn't in Paris by the what yeah, those guns at no one's talking about making illegal. That basically, would do the same thing as the rifle. It's just longer, not to mention those of the guns or used in the voting attack sharing of time or, as is the largest mass shooting until the Orlando shooting haven't. It's very easy. To put up pictures of a Europe of teens and say: look at this guy, it's scary! It's ugly! No one should be allowed to have this killing machine, but the reality is that their use to commit just a teensy, tiny fraction of gun and also mass shootings, the washing of posters and twenty fifteen thirty, and deaths for a man, mass shootings. Now, of course, we should say any depth, as do many blah blah, but let's get real allotted. This is a little bit Elise Lee. And a little bit racist behaviour, starting to say it's like when
shootings happen to white people in nice place, I think it really. That's like me. That's the only way that sound when I guess I think you should focus on the purchasers more in the weapons. Let's have a lock and I'm a lifelong hunter, and I love it shoot and have a rifle range: olive guns, very programme, but when you folks That's what I'm going to hit guns at the hands of felons keeping the man at the hands of people who are on a reasonably constructed, tourists watch list domestic abusers that when we ass, the Brady Building an hour. I said: oh all, life. What guys like me, who are hunters, could never get a gun where we can but two point: six million felons have been stopped from buying a gun because the Brady Build Nap What about my only wants to expand a little bit and expand the backers just a little bit and animal rights
just screamer like were taken way, though, that amendment is a lot of gestation. We should absolutely get, and I can't even get a vote. But but you know I gotta say when I hear someone from me suppose it Anti Gun Party say what you just. That's when I stopped listening when it starts from the demo, That's with well I'm a strong supporter of the second amendment, likening I like guns, I dont like killing people with them. Well, I think we have done so designed to kill something right. It s there and I don't want to scare the cable that you can put a gun and stone unless you have gun, but I think we need to take the glorification of guns out of the hands of the american psyche, our ally sovereignty, and they ask a political question. Before we run out of time I made last week, I was ready to pronounce Donald Trump pretty much over see. Now is basically tied with they re in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We just cannot kill this month there now
time. I think this monster is terminated to be fair. The polls that show them tied in Ohio in Pennsylvania from Canopy ACT, which is not a great pollster We had a very bad record during the, but I know it is likely to be wondering. Why is even close to be has been all money he's broke, she's buying all the advertising she's got old. Organization got all that people. These can be how to come out comics this club. I want to make that question to our Clinton supporter friend. Here's to wipe she's not doing here swipe first off Trump, has consolidated the right in power and a few other wonders. If you look at the pulling he's although the right here we're still has to consolidate the left Bernie still out there, he still he's not really running, but that's a job is lowering burn you going to work on that. She has to consolidate the left to get her base together, but in these swing states
in in the rust belt states, Ohio and Pennsylvania, you talked about in some of the others across that that Midwest, you have a disproportionately high number of high school educated white people, Gabe that's his face, and so in places where they're higher he's going to do better he's getting killed in floor the queen of the actual, because it's a more diverse state, but he had this people think this thing is over nuts are today right here and I have only got it in the shopping part. Only three eyes in the bag is hot. Look out look at if we just put ten point: five million today independently. Look at it sent on really on other occasions. I mean I'm this is you asked ITALY about Donald Trump and money and you did the you know a million dollars, one point: three million in his account as as at the end of May, forty two in her account Donald Trump is looking at. This has gone CASA. Let me get this. I've spent fifty five million dollars over the last year. I bested sixteen
republicans right now, the nominee and I've had the worst possible six weeks, Amy public in any candid in the history of this crime or had- and the latest pole has me down by seven right, where's their problem for me exactly. The problem for us thank you panel, the right time for new. Just once an olympic Mass God shouldn't make, we wonder if my we'd has been spiked with Angel dust the Rio Olympics Vinci, Essen timers. I call them flashed back and bad drip, although last time in London then where's, look at these. Do you have to go?
back to Montreal and seventy six defined a mask that wasn't Garrick is who doesn't love a big airy, Beaver Neural. Now that America has flown its flags that half staff more than time in our history, let's change our policy to always keep our legs staff and only raise them when something awesome happens like Bieber falling at all everyone must join me in congratulating Taylor, Swift and Tom had on their newfound romantic and what's it We are all now that Charlie Sheen has joined Bristol Pale and celebrities advocating for safe sex about. We find a condom advocate whose actually used one.
Neural! We don't need to see Donald Trump tax returns. We need to unseat this picture of him and his daughter Here's how you know your poses to creepy if it makes a tyrant, vomit and finally neural. Since President Obama is constantly being accused of going on an apology to, or did you just go on, one for two reasons. It will drive Republicans nuts especial if he wears the turbine. And more to a world that has been trembling, offer the prospect of us electing Donald Trump. It would be a great way to send the message. America we're back on our meds
so through the president, is coming to the last six months of this term, which you, after seven and a half years in office, must seem like those final few months of high school. Remember when you got Senor right, is one of those rare intervals in life when, but I always wanted to meet up with the hell not and as President that means doing some things as for fun. Now that it's the end, like I don't know legalised pot What we answer on the nickel invite Rupaul did take a transgender leak in the rose garden. Then I meant, legalised pot.
Or at least move it to the schedule, move it off the schedule, one drug list and move it onto the you can buy it at Costco Drug list or something really crazy and come on this and then, as your final lagged, go on that apology, world tour, why not? Our government has already apologized internally for Indians, and assign to victims of japanese internment and the Tuskegee experiments and, of course, with the slave trade that horrible period when it is legal to trade, a black man for another black man without a first round
choice. Give the white people permission to land, doesn't residents were slaveholders and Thomas Jefferson wasn't just holding them Oh America did some bad shed for much of our history. America acted like a nasty drunk it's true, and now we should do what a tells recovering drugs. They should do make a list of people you heard and go around.
I apologise to them, because drugs get drunk and do drunk ass things we're Jerry Junior got so high. He fell asleep in the wrong house, no gifts and called a cop sugar. Brittany Spear shaved her head, if it has all remember, start in Baywatch terrible stuff. But going around, but going around in apologizing does help so isn't time. America was at least as enlightened as Remember my name is Earl. Well, my
in this same and first on. My apology list is the non sorry. Vietnam, America wanted to fight communism in the sixtys, but fighting it over here might have made a mess. So we used your country, sorry, sorry, Mexico, for taking half your country each s, because we could and a big sorry to Iraq are eternal. Drunken booty call when we invaded you knew it wasn't really you we were mad at. We were pretty badly hooked on oil at the time and it made us do some crazy things:
I'm sorry to all the countries where we toppled the government and installed some stooge Guatemala. The Congo ran the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, not to mention all the places where we supported dictators, because well we were afraid of her own feelings. And stolen. I wish there was some way we could make it up to you. Is there someone we can bomb? No, no! No! What am I saying bombing densely all does look trumps campaign. That's the last die Gas, but the old America, America's inner ass, all the screaming man baby, but we're not that guy anymore, we elected a thoughtful black president's and now a woman we ve come a long way. If you don't believe me just remember this l b
used to shit with the door open. Burma has to go outside justice. Mouth summary signed a new year's Eve ablaze on New year's knighted, allowing our sector, and now I want to thank ball. Magala Betsy wardrobe, like ghostly Larry, well just got our time. Are you to tell me everything we have been fighting? I watch him any more commission not mind each be oh dont com.
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