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Episode #394 (Originally aired 07/01/16) - Bill’s guests are Gary Johnson, Jim Gaffigan, Barbara Lee, Ari Melber, Louise Mensch.

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I thank you. I know why you're happy at the fourth of July. We know you got a big long, wait, you're, not happy about that. It's a! U dont want these data days leading up to the fourth. Would people are getting ready? Communities are planning the parades and moms or heading to the market. Some winners. Rednecks are saying.
Why did their fingers in other? This is an extra special year to celebrate not being part of England breaks it that we brought. You didn't Seventeen, seventy six loving where they are having their troubles over there were that they are having regressive I didn't make up it's not our I'm sorry, that's that's what they're calling it about the the vote to leave, and also I love this. It makes me feel better as a dumb American there. They are too. You know, after the vote, to leave the top Google searches in the. U K after the vote were what does it mean to
the EU and what is the EU and which countries are in the EU. This is like drinking everything in your garage and then googling. What's in pain. What did you see what the people in Scotland, where tweeting back to Donald Trump when it was over there, is over there? What had happened in a currency was all forward and they didn't like that. The scottish people went by and that they called him. I love this a cock lad and also a to paid fuck trumpet. I I'm not. I don't know, I don't know what a toupee Fucktrump it is, but I think it's
Irish for wine a little bit? Oh, yes, I've always wanted to lead a mob buddy. As you know we had got. I cannot keep up with the amount of terrorist attacks we had one today and then getting at the weekend. Istanbul- and you know what prompts reaction to that As he said, I, like water boarding a lot a lot. I will commit the best war crimes, crimes than me. Nobody that I will tell you.
What were for finding out about that? The attackers there in Istanbul they were from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and is Becca stand and at this is complicated for Hillary, because all those places of pi however speeches and it's complicated for Trump, because they provide him with wives. So well speaking about it, was announced today that Bologna, a trump will be speaking at the convention. The republican dimension possibly be as no one else, will Republicans ramping up their big dimension there about one little problem: no one wants to go and no one wants to speak. You know who trump is down to asking? Is none of the politicians want to do it he's trying to get coach MIKE Ditka?
number of the bears and Coach Bobby night that yeah a your european behalf beyond old white guys. So even the hookers include Are there like this? This is not going well. They're, they're, they're, so desperate their offering what they're calling a Trump special. Four hundred dollars any position. You want don't make you a great deal tromp says that he was ass, asked by who, which has broken convention, but ok, he was asked big every night, but he said no, because quote I dont want to people who think I'm grandstanding
it would be so one like you want to be able to think I'm a modest man. It's like when Hitler said. I want to make the Nuremberg rallies all about me. So it's gonna be Malawi and you know who else is being at the convention for the Republicans trumps. Kids are going to speak their own from kids, beautiful poised, vodka and the two. Sums dick headline. Fuck based on an Thurston should begged the third like those like those kids. I know I did well, but I don't like it.
On the other side, no Hilary started out with a good week. The Benghazi committee after two years finally came back with their report. They couldn't find anything new to make up about her She had some trouble at the airport with her baggage and when I say her baggage, I mean her husband S. What happened attorney general regulations at the airport in Phoenix was part of a national tour to promote community policing and Bill Clinton was at the airport because that's near RO the Strip clubs and
hunt and saw the attorney general's plain across the tarmac. So he bordered her plain to talk, as one does will jump off our planes onto the tarmac to say hello to friends on other planes right. So now it's a big. Scandal, because attorney general lines, of course, is the person deciding whether to indict Hillary Clinton for the ongoing email investigation so of all the planes to pop onto This was the wrong one for bill now. Bill says that the conversation with the attorney General lunch was very innocent. It was just about grand kids and the weather and neither will exist. If Trump is elected, attorney general, let you do what you want done just here to talk about. The grand kids will all be dead.
Pillory? Doesn't when, but don't whatever you want The attorney General Lenz said she regrets very much the private encounter with the Clinton and Monica laments. He said, your girlfriend at least these digging up the whole areas: Jim gaff again. The first of these is the former republican government or to Mexico, who is now the twenty sixteen libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson great to see you like to see you pay well now I see your name a lot lately, because you are the third person in the race. Now you have to admit part of the reason why there is so much talk about you. Is they don't, like the other two completely agree, but you'll? Take it right. Well,
but bill world and myself are the only third party candidates that are going beyond the ballot and all fifty states there is a justified or you will be on all fifty states or rank is less come. I read it wasn't up to fifty, but nor does not, but so far I have yes far ahead of two thousand. While we are on the ballot and forty eight and your pulling at about ten percent. But if you get fifteen percent in the polls, then you in the debates and that'll change the game right right, and it's really key right now, just to be in these poles were not in all these poles and the polls that wherein is always after Clinton and Trump and then as an afterthought Johnson. They posted a pole here a couple of days ago, where Clinton Trump and then another candidate got twelve percent, not even naming my name. So it's a rigged. It is a regrettable, but they ve never gonna trumpet. It is the way it says that it, but now I'm in your report,
Can governor of New Mexico, blue state republican government house, not when you were there, you know it was very blue that two to one blue them, but you're, not blue. Well, what's the common Asian, when you're a republican republican governor and William Wild was a republic in their right mind, I'm making is that you guys, or I don't know if you have changed so much to me- you just you guys- are republican classic No Trump is republican, crazy or whatever I mean this is this is another thing: is this is twenty five years ago you wouldn't even be thinking about running is a libertarian. You would be a mainstream Republican will always having been a libertarian by philosophy, I mean recognise identifying myself as libertarian. Really you could argue, I got to serve as a Republican, but
serve as a libertarian. Under in on the sheep's clothing of being Republican, I read the libertarian website a main it's like. Well, we want less governmental, we're gonna cut taxes, no, like we already have a party that says that it's the Republicans. What's the big deal France well being fiscally conservative and socially really don't give a damn as long as you don't force, that on me, so people being able to make choices in their own lives women's right to choose the marriage equality, but we ve Donald Trump being the candidate. It seems to me that is kind of where the Republican Party is gone. Fiscally Well, I don't know where they are: fiscal acres, these against redress, but certainly on the social front, Donald Trump, three wives. Marine doubt, asked him about abortion? Anyone interesting question what your next one, they don't seem to
care. The evangelist goes like I mean he is not the old school Republican. Well, when he talked about abortion and when he saw Should a woman be punished and he said yes, a woman should be punished and then a couple of hours later change that to say that the doctor should be punished, I got many differences with the dollar, from starting with immigration, I mean when they started type when these started talking about going after. Eleven million undocumented workers- that's just liberation, but building an answer, not just libertarians here that we all saying people feel that I think so. I think those same people are actually libertarian it's just that they don't know but a lot of pain, but unfortunately, unfortunately, a lot of people who were not saying aren't liberty. I saw your convention, I mean the vision of government is somewhere between Colonial Williamsburg and land,
Their economic theory is like mad max takes your gas and you die that there's some crazy people in your party, got boots and they're, saying things that I dont think are really out of the mainstream like five year old shouldn't get to buy her. When I learned it, then I support tundra. Ivory licences, as as the competency to drive a car, there was also one issue about blind people getting drivers licences. Those not writing or it. I dont think I dont think crazy is unique to libertarian party. I think you go to them. Republican convincingly some crazy and you go to that democratic convention. You're gonna see some crazy their true but somewhere along the way, libertarian. I don't know libertarian
did make me they're nominee along with bill. Well, I know you are definitely the top of the same, and the boy got the right so that they want to abolish a lot of stuff. What do you want to abolish? They don't like any, uncontrolled laws that, unlike the FED the gold standard, do they want to bring back a means, and I may not be an end in those camps as much, but I do believe that government is too big. It tries to accomplish too much by doing that. They tax, they took take money away from me taxes and that's money. I could be spending on my own. How much would you cut defence to me? That's where the rubber reach them meets the road on will ideally you'd, set a target to reduce the spending when it comes to defence, but hey. The key word is defence. Not often said we need to stop with these, but how much I mean it's like
we feel the Pentagon itself says that we should reduce bases in the United States by twenty percent. That hasn't happened because Congress, men and women stand up for those bases in their states and that's why that doesn't happen. But, yes, we couldn't. We can but spend expenditures very unevenly gimme. A number I mean where we probably spend a trillion when you add in the nukes in the wars in the stuff we put off the books. Well, I think you could target twenty percent and that wouldn't be the end of the world while saner than I thought I was. I was hoping you'd say fifty out there, so that an that's target, I'm looking to be elected, prison United States, since this is going to have to be something that will continue that you know you have not small part in what eight weeks
well River, with illegal annexation of marijuana, marijuana products so edibles I had edibles about eight weeks, my view- and I think this is proven- that even though you do enjoy marijuana when you're in office. You won't because in the three M call it's a twenty four seven job right and actually running for president is a twenty four regime. So so, what's that like not not hi. What's the sacrifices you biology, sides will make what I wanna be careful. On Israel, I don't drink, but I dont begrudge anybody having a drink in the evening to take the edge off. I don't begrudge anybody having sought to take the edge off lots of presidents were completely Nixon when he was going through Watergate, Lou
people being to make their own choices and, in the particular case of just speaking, for myself, road like. Why are they really is? No seven? Really you right into the debates that would, We rejoice underbelly, but also cheap, like legal doors, one in
and we see our remembers, weathers good. I airy free service can for Britain's parliament. It is now the editor of the news website. He'd St Louis men, Shiloh ease the nine term democratic. U S! Congress, someone from California thirteenth represented a barber, lay ok, so we have an actual person from the UK with this beacon and make me tell them so you John told the truth that use them british year baby. I'm ok! I was mentioning regrets that people have some regrets it over. There Bernie Sanders commenting on it to let this week he spoke. He wrote in the New York Times he said. Workers in Britain
turn their backs on the European Union and a globalized economy that is failing them, and that is not just a british. He said. Increase global economy is failing people everywhere, we'll burn it couldn't be more wrong, if I may say, and I'm gonna, disability and obey here. There is no regrets that in Britain we are celebrating our independence day, all the pulses. That said this in the establishment. They also said that we were going to vote to remain in the EU and they got it completely wrong line. People are completely wrong number of irregularities entirely of favouring. We have really enthusiastic about the future of humanity tangle rather than a little bit more competitive. Philip was stolen
pick up the stocks went down. The stocks went right up again, but is globe? Is globalization failing everybody, because extreme poverty in the nineties was forty percent around the world? And now it's ten percent, its top question for liberals, because sometimes things help poor people overseas and are not so good for the working class here in Amerika and we have to decide who do we look the most people are Americans. What's the fourth of July, what your answer People around the world and globalization is creating havoc on people, not only here in Amerika, But what about tax that I just ran extreme poverty down thirty percent when you, but when you're looking at extreme poverty, you're looking at what going from one dollar an hour to two dollars, an hour quality gap, but the quality of life
pathways into the middle class. If your salary darn hungering, like that of your seller, a dog at, would you like a lady, isn't, I think, very, is absolutely correct. Coming globalization and our trade policies have been have formatted what we are seeing around the world now in terms of income inequality both in Britain for a trade war. I think he's factually wrong to be honest with you breaks. It was actually about free trade outside of the European Union with the rest of the world. To give you one example, the European Union puts tariffs on sugar in chocolate imported from third world countries. In order to favour France sets protectionism. That's tariffs. I hear tromp told me about protectionism. Bernie Sanders talking about protectionism, and I can tell the different, I think, one of the big problems of drugs at those it was so.
For the poor in Britain and there's no evidence. This is gonna, help them they're much. You had bus ad, saying we're. Gonna put this money into health care, an intriguing idea, but, as you know, the advocates, then the day after the votes that we weren't serious about that now they didn't say that They did not say that at all, are they going to ban is absolutely out of the healthcare system in that area and a hundred million we're gonna put into the health care system and the odds were absolutely true and again, you know we have had the major league saying work. It shouldn't do this and the fact is it wasn't conservatives that took us out of the European Union. It was working people way voted to leave the EU, the North of England. In their light undressed asking him, it seems like people on both sides of the pond and in both parties are looking at global trade as the root of all evil. I mean Donald Trump this week talking about how Bernie Sanders. I don't agree with him on a lot of things is a horrible socialists, but somehow economically, I agree with them exactly which would make me not a socialist.
Many many of our problem when you are looking at here in Amerika you're lookin at inequality. Yes, our trade policies have created this huge gap, but also you have to look at the Bush. You're, a tax cuts, these wars that have been fought off budget trillions of dollars. You have to look at the subprime crisis, I mean you know. We have other many many factors that have created which to any duality, there's one. I just think that they are selling Alai. This lie that the jobs can come back, the jobs are not going to ever come back. You know how we know is the factories have come. Without the workers is doing the job, robots, robots people always gonna be employed is not one time
employment and other life of employment will yes, but not as much because robots do the jobs people used to do, and it's a lie to tell people that that's going to that, we can bring your job back and why do we want the kind of jobs they ve been China that drug jumping up the ropes and buildings over there? I don't know, I think free trade has been proven to help the poorest in the world there all getting. This meant not rich, moving out of dire poverty, and rightly less dire poverty That has got to be a good thing, so what you ve got now, as the tumor agrees, exactly got two extremes: bottom trawling. Why you for works? It because breaks? It is an anti globalization like you're saying not at all breaks. It is pro global trade and pro free trade is the job of look. What's happened in this country. I think all of the world, but mostly in this country, is that we're consumer society we're not a manufacturing society anymore and those kind of job service jobs, pay less than manufacturing jobs.
Isn't that politicians job to figure out how to pay more to people in service, not work without a job, but I really have done. We have provided tax incentives, tax credits for outsourcing of jobs, for companies to take our jobs offshore. We ve created an environment now and economic environment worthily eels are making megabucks. Ceo compensation is off the scale we ve done so much to give the incentive for companies to take jobs offshore. Where we have to do is d, you know bring em back home.
And make sure we create the type of jobs that if this country, you got your story and you're stuck that's right. It's true. I ask you how much of the bricks of vote was about immigration? A lot of it was about immigration, but that's because, under this crazy system we had to penalize everybody, it did not come from the European Union and if you came from EU opinion, you could come in no questions off. That was the law and basically we were adding a small city every year and it was people felt it was too much and they were not being listened to and when you do not listen to the people and politicians do not listen to the people. Things like breaks it, a going
happen. What about the islamic immigration issue a well that really wasn't a pot of breaks out because come will concur rose. I saw the poster the people that the politicians put up. They put up a poster road people stream. It wasn't even into England, but they showed syrian refugee streaming into Europe, so it obviously with something they thought would affect the vote. Eventually. The way that angle and buckle has invited people into into Europe. Now she didn't mean it, but essentially the EU has become a giant human traffickers and people are dying trying to get to Europe because of a misguided, well intentioned mistake by Angela Merkel and yes, that was an issue but overall
People are just worried about the jobs they weren't about the pressure on wages. They are worried about untrammelled immigration where there was no, then I worry about what were worried about over here, because I mean we buy woke up today, and I saw the news from Bangladesh: another horrible terrorist attack beginning of the week. We saw it in Istanbul, Turkey. I just think it's telling this is a call for the for the Brits breaks it, but it's telling that so many the advocates can't get there extra aid about what the pitch was. If this pro trade agreement is now aunt, I trade, I don't know what the pictures and ass for the migration? This was a huge, huge issue there as it is in all of Europe, and there is a question of what you do the refugee crisis, but I think, if there's anything in common as a question in Europe as the United States about how do we do immigration, but people who say that you're gonna end immigration as we know it aren't living in reality absolutely and we are not anti immigration. Whether there is a huge immigration issue here, we pass comprehensive immigration reform me there and I think
Donald Trump is pumping up the same sentiment and we have to just really that's funny. I'm sure Donald Trump would not recognize what happened this week, because he keep saying what. If I was president, I would you know what does he say would do something to ices area here. Anyone fix in five minutes wouldn't take long, because he's got a man we ve, got a magic wand and only the wildest dreams will really torture. We didn't as well that, but we did close today to ices is weak. I mean they were fleeing solution and we smell.
It reminded me a lot of of the highway of death in the ninety ninety one Gulf WAR. I mean this is what it looked like and I guess that's part of the answer, but for anyone who thinks that that is not going to cause more attacks like in Istanbul and Brussels and Paris, and send Bernardino and Orlando and today in Bangladesh, I'm not saying we shouldn't do that. I'm just saying this is the enduring dilemma of the war on terror. When you do that, when you smoke them on the ground, then where did they go? I mean what is what is, I says, becoming its becoming our tied up because we're taking away their caliphate and they don't care if the caliphate takes another ten years or fifty year under their working on a completely different clock than we are fairly they'll. Just goaded does just out of this kind of terror, but you know what went. I think everyone agrees that we have to disable and dismantle ices, but we also have to remember we have to have a copy and
of strategy in Congress is missing in action. We need to have a debate on the costs and consequences of our involvement in this new fronting and have a debate and a vote and really let the american people know what is at stake and what we have to do. I mean that's x and Bangladesh, where the attack worse, they ve been having a problem for a number of years. Now, especially in the last couple of years, were you really don't want to be a secular blogger? someone will come up behind you miss it is motorcycle and cut your head off for the machete had is truly tragic. What at what has happened in Bangladesh and worse, and that this is now becoming kind? It's almost become a normal would become inured to a new Iraq. A new horror every other week, and the thing that drives me crazy about the situation is that we do the same thing over and over again, and we expect a different result and one thing I would like to see
The United States is a real change of policy towards Saudi Arabia, because that regime is, to my mind they are ISIS. With an embassy and Al Qaeda came out of Saudi Arabia. Isis came out of Saudi Arabia, these extremist groups that mainly were harvest. This particular sector only comes out of Saudi Arabia and kills me to see the prime Minister of Great Britain and the present the United States Boeing, the head too. To a place where women cannot drive. Women can vote have rights, but it is hardly not just in Saudi Arabia. You realize you have a Saudi re out of all
The work in the Royal Saudi Arabia is the worst thing about the fact that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, when the bloggers secular bloggers, just blogging what they thought were being killed. She said they have no right to speak against any religion. Shameful shameful appeasement. Great shameful that while a british people, ok so changing the subject here, you know it's the summer when the moon, please come out and unfortunately, our movies are dumb all your life is to be used raised with just the summer movies, but first I was just comic book Bobby's. You know Batman and Superman and Aunt man an end lantern man in all man. I don't watch and and we went to video games, the Mary, oh brothers, in the mortal combat in the work craft and the angry birds. Look at this this week treacherous the movie
I'm not like this is not a joke that stupid computer game from the ninety nine. These is a movie and it's worse than that any product with name recognition to look at this. Just in timber lake is coming out with the movie. I'm not kidding were he's a dashboard, troll, no job so some of them always coming out. Hollywood critics believe a current coffee meagre we'll be. There will be the first kitchen appliance with crossover over drawing up a gourd, Rama Lauren Rebecca Crazy, the movie made tags new front load, washer is going to be a big star.
With the League of extraordinary gentle cycles, functional a pink urinal cake. Is it normal that's funny, but when its played by Jonah Hill, you will love. Please tell me it's raining. This one actually do want to see a box of Trojan pleasure. Your pact premium condoms, overcomes speech, impediment in The silence of the Lamb skins is fire asking you to how Hollywood works once just in temper legs nag departed. The dashboard draw. Other actors wanted up up a one up amount, but Chino set to play a tree shaped car air freshener.
Incentive attacks is the rock in rock paper scissors daring to veto. Allied your wooden Tom cruise are snap Cracklin pop in rice, Krispies, the movie. This whole trend is adding control. Even body parts can have a movie made about them coming Joe Battery is the little man in the boat in Johnny Click. Ladies and gentlemen, it is out of control all right, let's bring out of jail and he has a comedian on the creator and star of tv land. The Jim Gaffigan
jumped Africa to see how many things very they pay for your blue. We seek no labour. So what look. I know you're nervous about coming on the show, because you and I are so different, but I gotta tell you dont, be nervous. I love diversity. I look beyond the guy is friend within Walter, that's right so now, but we were different, but I think I'll write so I'm I'm clean. I married. I have five a kid. I'm catholic,
we both like prostitutes. Will I don't obviously your married. You do but Jim you like prostitutes. I I I like women. I dont like I say anyway, lodged by wife, walking watching and on one. What is easier, I doubt riotous, but it is so funny that you and I sort of like cancel each other out on planet earth. Right I mean we, its funding, that people can, I think, you're a terrific comedian. Thank you. How can to people
you. Think I'm a turbo committee- and I do not have equal realise- is that comedians were were weirdo so like you might have actually like if care a top. What's here, we will of course, we downward derives directly? It's like comedians word. Just these rather strange b we are and the fact that I married Ito, even any comedian when they get married, there's always the other comedians like really you're gonna. Do that ITALY, human that secondary living like its immediate and then the Catholic now that's all You know I was raised Catholic. I was raised Catholic to look. I lived across from a catholic church for fifteen years. Never went in it. I was agnostic, and but it comes down to I like to think that I'm such a horrible person. I need to believe that there's
something that will forgive me, we got a view. Honey. I was just about to say I'm here. This is a view, I am very Johnson gonna get down after the because, because of that I hate to see you in an hour. Anybody in that that state. I dont understand that thing that people do that they have to like sort of take upon themselves. More burden than life gives you anyway, why people are always apologizing to God. God I'd forgotten, I dont dad. I did have shooting thing antiquaries. You may be exactly the way I am, but it's not your fault. Look I I get the the the constructive. What you're saying what I'm saying that faith. Is this incredible leap that, like I can't
take your late. I can't defend, but it's something who I am and if I, if I it would be lying if I would be in authentic. If I said I didn't believe. No, no and I have many friends were of people of faith and I love them equally and a new. You walk the walk I really admire that. I mean, like you opened for the Pope. I now Thank you. So I just want to know when you open, the Pope was coming on whispered in his ear shit ground The irony is this: like I didn't even I open for the Pope Mobile I opened for the car I hear I did said and then sister sledge performed and then Pope Moby, ok immediately by the way that was not the only time as its ability and open before a car with every the what state of error and I opened for Kyle Bushes NASCAR. It wasn't Kyle Bush,
I did. Fifty amendments wheeled out is par, lay open for automobiles. I once open for Niels laughed Grimm's top that ok. So what? What about the fact, though, that American Catholics they love the pub yeah, but they don't really doing he tells them to do. I mean there's watched her there's pulling on this American Catholics. Overwhelmingly get divorced masturbate at the same premarital sex have anal sex all these things that are
The first is Aberdeen sex before now, she's grit is now go here. I mean look it's you know. I am a catholic American and its currently being cut Span like the cubs- are doing well this year, but any comes fan is just like. Well, you know it's not going to work, great right, and so what I am euro. I you know, because I had to adjust it s because I live most of my peers. Are atheists and most my adult life housing, big mouth, but you know I am catholic, but then again I'm an american and and look the Americans participate in slavery. Genocide, a lot of horrible things, and I'm still- and I believe in Denmark
percent democracies done whore visit effect of your vote your face. Now I don't know if you'd vote for somebody, even if they were in a person who youth was a good religious person. No, no, I don't. I wouldn't matter whether they believed in anything we have our this election for Donald, non least version of the worrying figures is unconvinced. I've never met someone who supports Donald Trump. It's like I've never met them. Women. Do you support the interim? and the thing is, is like. I know people around Europe grows, but you know the thing is is like. I am from India from a red state. I you know, I travel across the country constantly I don't know I mean, I see him on the nose, but I dont run into people that are going to vote for well, but that's a little bit of living in a bubble. I mean. What do you do know, foreign after the show, you probably just go to your hotel room,
married. You don't do shit, I get out. I mean a lot at stake. I think you don't. We have nothing in common, nothing income, but were falling in love with their immense can vary. So let me ask about Bill Clinton Bunch you in the morning when what is going on with Bill Clinton, I mean they re saves the big dog I'm a big dogs fart. This isn't a real scandal that if there are currently no it's not it's a meeting on a playing which, as you described in my life, was dumb but the issue in having the government. Investigate itself is always whether it's gonna be fair. Not that issue existed before the stupid meeting. It exists after this stupid, meaning it would exist if there was no stew, meeting can star was a runaway political, special prosecutor. People may remember that it didn't matter
but met with the house. Republicans or not so this has become one of those Washington things where everyone wants to make it about the meeting and not the point Mohammed sounds like MSNBC boiler area, like the secretary general, will know. As a lawyer, I will tell you as a lawyer: there is no guidance. There is no conflict of interest around interaction, indeed an attorney has open investigations to the FBI of multiple members of Congress, going when no one Europe interact, because they know each other's yo sounding today, like she's gonna quit, but they are not about time general politics not returning to their homes and has a lot of integrity. She was very forthright- and she said very early- has she said before she's gonna go and make decisions based on what the FBI recommends, that nothing has changed and in fact she said that they had seen me. You know she would not do that again in terms does mean X, eggs or horrible, and we gotta remember: there's been a seven million dollar investigation around been Gaza costs. The text
mayors seven million make out when you talk about what this meeting? What am I doing behind it? It acknowledges the Republicans are trying to do. The president comes to try to get on your play. He did put her in a tight spot. He was dumb that doesnt, but her ethics. If the present one to get on your plane, that's a tough call right about saying on the attorney general, I'm looking into your wife, I'm about to indict or or not get off. My plane, like listen to me and you spend thirty minutes, that's a long time to reach talking about your grandchildren and now, by the way he screwed Hilary big. He don't I'll, be there. Did that because now, when it comes to her desk now, she's like under us,
because I don't like she never would have been before, because they were near sighted peanuts- it doesn't make any the less. They talked in private for half an hour. Not would not only the political conflict exist if they never met, in other words, the real question, which I think is a fair question. Your point in any legal angry like this is: do you have some one of the top who's gonna be impartial or not her impartiality as a member of an administration that might want Democrats to win already inquest? in the meeting of the moment her brain origin eyes or the flatheads shells goin, to make the decision based on the recommendations that came from the FBI. Bill said that she was North Rhine and outrage online. Do for me because you have all eyes, are on the right moving on momentum. Ok! So less! That's right! That was so please this week. I don't know why it happened, but the Supreme Court like took a hip till two cases. Right right I mean women,
This is a very important all taxes, you, kids, you can't keep digging around abortion rights with your stupid ruses to get women do not come to your clinics. Are closing clinics like there and then also safe from abusers, Texas. Republicans basically said: okay, we get it. Abortion is legal under the law, we'll just close all the clinics and say it's for women's health. This was a big gamble and they lost really big this week, because this supreme- including a republican appointee. On the majority said, that's a lie, and now you have the strongest pro choice, president, twenty five years, and it's going to probably shut down those kind of laws in other states. So it's up big developed, but but this tactic water tactic. Conservatives have,
as for years against people who want abortion rights, which is due to nibble a death by a thousand cut to mean this law in Texas basically said: well, you care what we're not against abortion. What word we're trying to protect the women the whole always have to be eight feet wide and then the doctors have to have admitted. Privileges. What does the liberals did that with guns, recent guns or legal? But you know what you have to have a Navy seal marksman on the property. Whenever you sell, overturned girl verses way, they haven't been able to do that so you're right, they ve been nibble in a way. This court decision was a major decision for women and women's health, but we also have to look at the expanding access to abortion rights for low income, women, which means getting rid of the height of men with which, in the seventies, was put on so low income. Women could not have access to abortion, so we have to increase access to abortion rights and comprehend
Health services were women, and this is a good sign that we were trying to increase access. Dominant role needs to hire you to give him a tutorial on staying on massive support, but I really want alike and technique would bear in mind that you now I work on these recently that man was really the right wing or women in different countries I'll, ask the question is George will know some people probably don't know who George will is, but he's been there. He is yes, mouse face why now you know what I say. That is easy. We mean it was very kind to me once, but you know what the truth is he's not my fan and our boys been his thin and agree with a lot of what he says. These brilliant writer. I have read him every time he writes for like thirty five years. He and I admire this too,
quit the Republican Party. This that you as a conservative. I understand why George will do what he didn't. He didn't quit the Republican Party over Donald Trump. He quitted over Speak Ryan and no no no hold on bill on big quit over speak. Ryan, endorsing Donald twisted this us no longer my partner. That's right! It was well why, as because the David Speaker, Ryan, actually went out and endorse this man who was made racist comments as its shameful as a concept environmental Roget border year. I am ashamed. We're like Rumford, close, seek a man says. Ok, these things, you're saying about the judge. Curio are racist, but hey. I endorse you, anyway at the moment you quit on the GEO P. Frankly, even before that George will was talking about leaving the party was told anybody with months ago.
But he was not going to vote for four Donald Trump and invite Republicans duty to like tellers Clinton address suck it up. Yeah he's totally right, Republicans, Hilary and again really it's Donald Trump is what he is. He is what he is. He knew what he is when you boy men, a shameful thing is watching the policy of Lincoln. The policy of Harriet Tubman. Allow this man. Ok, that's all right. I think a little out of it was ever the broader you hurry. You can. I welcome we, we gotta put a gun like it, but yet I'm is ran out down the tribe. What they do when I was a year is a key priority. The broad moves you now we burn talent, the president. You lie the phone stamp
president everything they got, what they ass. We are over noting raising public you're talking about the Party Harriet Tubman, the house. No publicans right now are trying to pass legislation to prevent Harriet Tubman for being put, on currency that you raise its founder of the Democratic Party off the bill and put a gun toasting Republican on a kind of party that we were back. I mean Donald Trump is bad that were data Ditka won't even take. It will go to my good. Thank you present time for neural now that a new study finds that butter not only doesn't because our disease, but actually prevents diabetes,
researchers have to put on a pamphlet called, we have no clue eat what you want with especial addition for the southern states. Gold, as you were neurons no one is really sure of Caitlin Jenner still has her balls. Sports illustrated, must be more careful with the titles of their cover stories. Euro. Us magazine must tell Pope branches and pulled bennydeck who wore at best
men, someone's gonna, sell these guys a leaves room for the holy ghost girls that making food tastes like other food. Have you ever said. I wish these budgets. Tasted like southern biscuits and gravy, has ways gotta chip for you. It's like they strangled Paula data and stop there and the bad guys got there. Why not cheese the tastes like root beer or guacamole that tastes like that first girl. You ever loved call me old fashioned when I bite into a burrito. I wanted to taste like what it's supposed to taste like coal. Why
Moreover, role. Finally trying to respect Indians properly residents have to stop putting on that head dress. It doesn't say I respect America's first nations. It says I slept with the village, Obama, look ridiculous than Coolidge look ridiculous. It did are, and Nixon and of course, Trump It is about
Finally, new rule, if Republicans, if republicans are going to keep calling states laboratories of democracy, they have to start looking at the results from the lab. California raise taxes on the wealthy a lot and our economy is booming. We just passed France and India to become all by our selves, the world's sixth largest economy, soon to be fair, fighting one, whereas states like Kansas and Louisiana that went back to the old trickle down theory of cut. Access on the rich and I'll always do the right thing, our financial catastrophes
Results from the lab are in. Our mice are thriving. Yours are dead now they say the definition of insanity is drawing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, but I'm beginning to think that's actually the definition of being concerned because, because it's not like we haven't, tried trickled down before many times. It's not new, despite the fact that when he took office, Kansas Governor SAM Brown back said we ve got a different way and it works, and by works he meant it works. The night shift. Adele talker, Yes, somehow, for the millions of time, when rich folks got a big tax cuts, they pocketed it and now Kansas is in recession with a huge deficit. The band can
this has more money down in Louisiana Bobby kindled tried the same stupid thing that Brown back did and big surprise. The same result: a billion dollars surplus, became they two billion dollar deficit and now everything's getting caught. Because, apparently, when you taken less money, you have less money to spend crazy. I guess you alright richer the less cash you have unless you're Donald Trump, ok, so, let's travel west to the laboratory called California which not that long ago was being called and economic basket case on manageable. They said a failed state, but this is when we had either Republican led legit
lectures or a republican governor who turned out to be such a disaster. Even his made said. I can't believe I fuck that and and here's the part where the experiment becomes Crystal clear, because after Arnold left office we eliminated what scientists would call variables in this case the Republicans Democrats from governor on down control every office and voting body in this state. So we can really study what happens when liberal policies are dried unimpeded and the only thing I have to say to Republicans about
is scoreboard. Bitches Republicans claimed cap and trade would drive up utility bills, but our electricity tab is now among the cheapest in the country, and I ought to know because I use a lotta juice in my, basement to grow my orchids, my origins, California, California, gave illegal immigrants, drivers, licences and college tuition and conservative instead encouraging immigrants like that would destroy the economy, but it didn't immigrants just take jobs.
Africans, don't wanna do like raising their children from maybe maybe we are being invaded by Latinos donations, but it's not making us weaker. It's making us we did all this stuff. Conservatives warned us would make things even worse, but the sky didn't fall, unemployment did and growth shot up to over four percent and twenty six billion dollar deficit became an eleven billion dollars surplus for around today, whatever that is,
and that is mostly because we horror of horrors raise taxes on the Rich Fox NEWS. We were in saying that the rich would flee the state. I mean what does Laguna Beach have for wealthy people that they can find Roscoe folks. If states are laboratories of democracy, why are we wasting time replicating failed experiments? I thought the idea behind sciences that you try something and if it doesn't work you try something else. You run these experiments, so you can see which ones work and the ones that do a replicated to other states and the ones that don't are.
Central Florida next week will be back on the 15th I'll, be at the uptown in Kansas City August. Seventh, the ovens in Charlotte August, ninth in the Ryman in Nashville August 20th. I wanted that caramel by Louise Mensch, Louise Men's Barbara Lee, Jim Gaffigan and Gary Johnson join us for overtime on Youtube and thank you. I told him episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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