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Episode #398 (Originally aired 07/22/16) - Bill’s guests are Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, America Ferrera, Ian Bremmer, Ana Marie Cox and Jack Kingston.

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Welcome to each party from the HBO making real time you should ask.
Thank you very much like you so great to be back here. You boats great to be back. I love you too. Thank you straight to be back here in our normal times Lot Roddy night, our normal studio. We were covering the convention, the last two nights. If you're watching the convention last night, you probably watching now from
your panic room. If you see see Donald Trump Speech, if that's been presented darker would be shocked by the police. It made me mister project for the wider remarks of Rudy Giuliani of Use that word violence. A dozen times, murdering half a dozen times- and that was just the part about TED, grew rob and another another plagiarism scandal no turns out Trump stole his two from a saw movie rightly rumours. Will we and partly from Glenn back having a breakdown put those together and if you didn't see it to recap?
Ok, it's morning in America, where the walls are streaked with blood or we're shining study on a hill, which is where we will make our last stand against the zombies, Ices and illegal immigrants are coming to kill us all. Unfortunately, there is no one to say this, because Hilary wiped out the police, with her email, so that's pretty much the state of things out there and who can save us who, who who is there? One man? Look? Oh, that's right, Donald Trump, that's right! In fact, we have it with a picture of his new campaign posts. We have had thirty years to get used to Donald Trump Ego. Even I was not ready when he started to tick off every awful
thing that's going on in the world and then said the words I alone can fix. It move aubergines there's a new Savior in town. I only need only Donald Trump can stop Mexicans from raping us than setting our corpses on fire. Really I can't even get the valet part four guys to stop changing the radio station. I I don't know no Donald Drug said that crime and violence that afflicts our nation will soon come to an end genius twenty twenty seven deem safely, will be restored, a fucking things. These Batman he's gonna, restore safety, bankers, crime at end, violence and then he's gonna capture or.
Papa Joe it's gonna really work out loud now. As to the question of how these going to do all this. Do not questions odd zero specifics with the slightest hint of how he's gonna fix anything, nothing even James Bond, the lens when they tie you up tell you there plan a little. That's Donald Trump, you know he's a do or a talker. Any politician can talk about unemployment. He actually showed us God bail.
And of luckily for him his daughter, a bunker. You saw that lets. You came on reform to soften its image. He said her father was color blind and gender neutral. Well that x wages with makeup now. What about policy? But I do have news An hour ago we found out Hilary has picked. Him came as her vice presidential candidate, exactly the only man who could possibly match the raw animal magnetism of migrants. No actually jump gain a more choice. A lot of experience helps or when Virginia and most importantly, knows how to
that up any mail server. Ok, you got a great shout grammar idea and a little later, restricting with a lovely, intelligent America Ferrara, but first up he as the co author of the field of fight, we can win the global war against radical Islam and its allies, who spoke of the Jews, the convention on Monday plays Welcome General Michael D Flynn because you're a genuine based much worse than this, think We agree on some things, but I saw you at the convention. It's good to see. You smiling because you gave a pretty rough speech. There were when people started to say, lock her up Hilary, you encourage that you don't really think killer deserves to be locked, yeah, that's a slogan of frustration
that's what it is, it area slogan of fresh eyes now that I've bedsheets we find out where these things are there just ass region, but I mean you know when it comes to reckless. I hear that said about Hilary, let it seems to me the Donald Trump, really, if you're, if what you worried about is reckless, you think he's more reckless you. I think that my my experiences with Donald Trump has been great and honesty. I have been in with him for probably a little bit less than a year now with went when I first met him. You know what I mean I just met with them. You advise identity Isley. I bet it via you how about a year ago when he says the animals I see on tv, these dark buy you a try, not drag urban so but about either
stand our military men and you have impeccable credentials. You have served during country honourably bravely. We thank you for that. I understand what the attraction is with Donald Trump. He said he was gonna, give money to veterans groups any didn't. It was a scam. He said John Kane wasn't a war euro. No, he is when I first met Donald Trump. The first time I met him. I went up to his office in New York and I download them. I said first question I said: are you serious and we? about an hour and a half conversation at that point in time and he was great and
the one thing that I walked away from their with was this is a guy who could do far more things than in dive into the political cesspool that we have right now and frankly, he he has taken on an unbelievable task to try to really fix things from from the perspective of what our governments in open. Don't I don't see the specifics of mean, I think, he's promising something he can deliver he's going to end, islands. I mean: let's talk about what happened in Munich to their horrible terrorist activity. Again we don't have all the information I just saw before agreeing on here. It was apparently a german person who also had is an array of the german passport, Neeoka very interesting right now it could. It could be anyone, it's probably islamic terrorists. I mean you and I agree on something that the administration, the current illustration, doesn't do, which is put islamic terrorism in its own category and he's all kinds of bad shit in the world. I think we agree is long. Neck. Terrorism deserves its own cat.
One of the things that I've been argument is that in for many years inside the government now is the idea that is Islam, and radical Islam is that this is a political ideology. People argue that it's a religion. This is political ideology basket its mass itself behind religion and mean when you really look at it in one, the things that I talk about, one one reason why religion is awful: it justifies tenant in this case in this case, as in this case are taught you you're right what you're talking about this particular one, because there is a disease inside of this, but this is Lompoc body, it's like cancer and it has metastasized and and if they don't fix it, we're gonna have bigger problem. Somebody we're gonna have seriously and wrong. You know I've taken a lot of Boeing from liberals years on this issue is brave, but you know when I saw at the convention.
The when Trump mentioned algae, BT, Q, algae b to write. What does the council think people even understand? What you mean is what questionable and I did it. I don't think, that's you didn't. We don't gotTa Groening. I kind of question myself here they when I got up and made us algae BT queue of whether or not I put sport is coming about well, but it's a zombie. That's a serious thing. I think that that's it so important that he said that and he recognised that
in talking about Orlando and the attack on Orlando, because this culture of radical Islamism absolutely hates that sort aspect of life in and we can't have? But here's my peers is my point. I think every country in the world has a tea party. Will you- and I would disagree about that? What did he brought a is? I would say that the most conservative- let's that's charitable, I think they're knuckle draggers, but ok, and certainly in that hall, the other t test of the tea Party types, I don't drink bloody! Ok! I do you wouldn't like the kind of like a more blood thirsty, less empathetic group of people who can find in the world and even they went from said he would protect algae BT people, and these are a lot of Christians who think gaze ASEAN cheered. We should protect Ebay,
This does not happen in a lot of parts of the muslim world. The idea that you would protect gay people hear that not an overwhelming that is the difference between our cultures. At its important here, Firstly, the recognised the different sites seriously? You know one of the things that we when we started to really capture members of all. Tied in Iraq in the two thousand and four two thousand and five timeframe, we were captured a lot of their media that they had in some of their media fact, most of it about eighty percent. I read about this in the book had had all kinds of pornography and in these guys are about is as sadistic and sick, as you can imagine, when you our thinking about them screaming about their religion, court
quote their religion or this crazy ideology, yet what they do to women, what they do to two boys and girls on the heart of its adjust, its secondary, that's. Why, from and from my perspective, what I like to do as I like that I actually would prefer that we capture these guys and expose their failures and mean have expose them to the world stage. The more We know we go after him with with some of the lousy strategy that we have right now and kill these guys. I mean we need to get em expose them to the world. To let them argue. You know how many to all of us to say, here's why we think we're we're better than you are. This is a religion of every little, but here's where we differ Donald Trump proposal for this to ban all Muslims. Are you on the board with that? yeah he's, not saying battle Muslims now he's not he's not saying they really now is my most recent varies talk malaysian offer
First of all, what we did is we have to figure it out for a while. We figured it out your first as history. This president, for our current president, wants to bring a hundred thousand refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, rack into our country now again, not with them? Unless we're talking about my men, women and children are different and its demand that draw the problem. Made solar, so now go till now. So now what we After do those, we have to figure out one where they're coming from what you know. What's their background, we have to make sure we understood who these people are? Who these guys are matter, I've been matters, a lot matters a lot to me. Last week, it only covered in oil. I'm asking that went into from Afghanistan went into Germany took an ax on edge on a train and acts. Seventeen people, four of those people were a mother and father
There's an error to children going out on a holiday, and here he is hit them with an ax. So it means that this is an afghan rests, do they came in there now vetting. There was nobody talks about extreme that all they don't really know vetting in the world. That will tell you that this person who's going to do that. So I waited we having on the country of all Muslims or you live with some of this. Some people, but I dont think in America we'd have to worry about that, and we have this guy and their score on their radar screen. Name have him on the risk radar screen, so I mean I think, that we have to just do a better job of bringing these people. I'm not gonna sit here.
Today that we have we haven't. We were a nation of immigrants come on, so I just think that we have to do a better job. We definitely we have to be more cleared the american public about what radical Islamist is. What that means, and one of the reasons why I wrote this book was because our current government, our president and the president of a couple of weeks ago, lesson a couple weeks ago said: what difference? Does it make? What we call this thing? I mean it makes all the difference in the world and when he says that all that does is it confuses the american public,
confusion. Is that all of us here who don't understand it? Ok? Well, thank you. I'm glad you're ready for her. I convince him about over the years the president of the arrays, your girl, back, where this is even bremmer. I am senior political correspondent for MTV Newsome columnist for New York Times
gesine Oughta Mary Cox back with a lot of my old favourite guess, the former republic, a representative from Georgia, Jack Kingston back over here, I M just going to be here, don't forget, we got our democratic national convention covered starting next Wednesday. That's right next week were also on Wednesday and Thursday, so join us, but that no overtime tonight, because I have to get the biggest do we showed in it that's going to happen at our rights for the Trump campaign is Munich. Attack today had to be good news, I'm not saying they were rooting for it. I'm just saying last night he gave a speech about the world's coming aboard everything so violent. This I've been saying this for a long time. This is how Trump gets elected area terrorism. It scares people what should be the democratic response to this well
the democratic response. This means you have to: u have to acknowledge how horrible tests is yet to acknowledge that that it is a problem, but you know this agrees that it's right I mean, but you, but I think the only thing that Hilary we really need to do in the run up here is actually just be the adult in the room and be the non chaos candidate mean right now. Donald Trump is the candidate of chaos like he is depicting a world around us. This is hoping and scary. No he's museum, sobers guns, gonna, stop rival, he's a kick candidate. That will stop the chaos but he's that he he grew. He brings up an image of a world in chaos, and actually we are not a world and chaos. I mean the number Hughes time of violence in the streets last night. There are
less than eight thousand people in the in United States killed my home. You know that people dormant you'd have even when they see I tv is this shit. Like almost every week the world has more chaotic aimlessly motherly more like our inequality in the United States, and there was a lot more people that feel like they have no alternative, but to vote for something that is completely different. That's why we saw bricks it frankly. That's why we're seeing all of the rise of populism across Europe and its? Why wishing the increase of terrorism, the Europeans are getting at a lot worse than the Americans are, but if you really want to respond in the top of the General Flynn just now last night I was there to Trump was saying we're not now it's not from muslim countries, but we're not going to accept any anyone coming over from countries are able to handle a terrorist problem solver. Apparently that now means Germany Journey home. We re now well there people who were compromise. I really think that truck critics too much in the word Smith and on their think the reality, is it. What he's talking about is your view on the trump truth I am on the
I'm trying to outdo while I'm surprised well Originally I wasn't but he's our nominee and I do think there is a degree of chaos in the world that has been caused by the Secretary of State who advocate you can solve this cast, but he is reckless. I mean you're talking about black and I'm going to think about this minute. Think about this. Here's what happens when you have a terrorist attack, whether in Paris or San Bernardino, our knees or wherever is always Democrats. We need calm. We need to call for calm, and then we need to find out more about it in a week goes by, and you know how many of these com times, that we have tat theres, no com, it's it's my more terror. It is because ISIS wasn't there. An Hillary Clinton became Secretary of state aid under her worse by word. They just deliver ouch jacks a lot more like when they re a little audio. This is the need to check
was. What last week as one every week- and I learned to keep in mind, but never move on a world yeah. That's right, he's the guy who started. That's right before a bomb and along with the other night, God George Bush, but to say, except that one day the way this way this is. I want to make this point here. Hilary responding to these and then I wanna play Donald Trump. Responding is thoroughly to show you the political response and reminds very definitely inter tragically there we have to stand with our allies and not abandon them, and we need to strengthen our alliances, including with NATO, where's trump. We're we're if you look at it, this is war coming from all different blogs and likely is war and we're dealing without with people without uniforms.
Yeah. That's how you lose. The electron thinks that it gets hurt response we have to him it's war and now, as then, it oh is obsolete and that we should not be continued to support an organisation that is instead for purpose in the world. Hillary Clinton perspective is this: is the institution we have? We have to display leadership, we ve committed to our allies and we have to be with them. Those two world views are radically different from each other. Now I may agree with one you may agree with the other. What interests me is trumpet clearly is playing into a large populous waving. Thirty saying why we do here about the reality of what is a vote is definitely don't like. The idea of Americans continue to pay for lots of stuff outside the country that America first place, for. Right- and I don't like the way they either- I don't think we should have NATO does remedy Hitler got em. Maybe they didn't really savers brain? You know we we don't really need, but but but I think, a minute, if you think about Hilary
it is always the same speech we got to sit with our allies. Will who is my Secretary of state, who has been in the? Why ask? Why? Is this not come together, NATO does not deal with terrorism does not end there. And that's why they need the goat, Gus outcome and revise things. There was an attack in Cologne, Germany, many attacks in Cologne and a few other cities on New year's eve and came out last week that it was way broader than we thought and the german federal police said there is a connection between the emergence of this phenomenon and the rapid migration of twenty fifteen. So it's easy to say, as Lama phobia, it's easy to say: oh you're, being xenophobic erases, but I think the people
over the world who have facing this deserve a little better than that. I mean there is a clash of cultures here. There is a reason why those attacks happened because we do not have the same values as some of these people coming over from the Middle EAST that's just the truth, but just about women, Then why liberals in this country don't get behind that their there are one of the key planks of liberalism. Is women? Should I treated equally, which is right? I ride rather live here that in the Middle EAST, but they have to, but we have to argue that I guess the debate is whether or not you think that the ideology is on the phone back. If I'm ideology, this anti women antigay ideology can withstand. Suppose you're too, the liberty, the United States, like I dont, think it can like. I think our liberty are argument for liberty and our argument for rights wins when people are exposed to it winds when people live in a free society. So I think being spoke. Who is due to the wonderful you know, culture we had here most. I would argue
That is why we still each is most most now. It often are not committee terrorism, most mother, you know what it winds and a dozen. At the same time. That's just goes on with terrorists. They they enjoy America, but they also feel kind of guilty, but remit process when you're talking about Syria is one of the oldest civilizations in the entire world and Not like will suddenly they need American they these countries, many of whom have devolve backwards because of the instability of the Middle EAST and ices has appeared because their need. What bill your right? They were there out different forms, but now their regret in their more organised than ever and open your borders without Filterin. Well, who actually come in and who isn't that's an irresponsible policy let's because
come into the United States or Canada there over well mainly coming to Europe and even more so, to Turkey in the Middle EAST, and the fact is that those countries tat they are not disposed to integrate. The United States does a better job overtime, actually bringing these people into the fabric of society. Employ. This is like France and in Belgium there living in slums, they're, not integrating, and, furthermore the police can't get inside those groups. They can't figure out who's a potential radical and as a consequence and yelling at me. I live in Minneapolis were actually is a few. It's one of the places where you get some syrian refugees and you know who's hosting those people, evangelical Christians and their host in Muslims in Amerika, and I don't think that's where the problem is not a billion and a half in the world. Now I was in Munich and I think Vienna, but five years ago and stressing in Vienna you'd see a lot in the summer anyway. A lot of nine, a billion and a half in the world. Right now I was in Munich and I think Vienna about five years ago and in Vienna you'd see
God, in the summer anyway, a lot of muslim women working on the street in the full black ensemble just covered head to toe, which I think is sick to begin with, and don't tell me, that's their culture, that's fucking! back to cover a woman like that, and I am really get on data I mean I may I have a trouble legacy winging its statement about where each individual covering the new knowledge. We limits not a tourism, and it is not a choice it sick well. But if it's hey rain wash. But you know you know women. I did have a choice in Afghanistan in the nineteen seventeen nineteen eighties and went out of the Taliban down they they impose. My point is due to see all these women with the total black thing on, and then you see me viennese, woman and Sundry S, because
you know it's it's a majority of the people in the burghers if, if, if the, if there were fifty one percent of the population, if Muslims or fifty one percent of the population, you think the person in the sun dress would be allowed to wear that, because my problem with Islam is that the moderates don't win, we had the arab spring, they didn't win. They didn't. When we accept with our help. There is lots of late years arriving at the Tokyo. That's that's horrible, but that's not what exists. There are fifty one percent of population like those people, the workers, the art world,
but if we realise that everyone else that owing to happen, you know, if you look at, cannot tomorrow, but actually look at Bangladesh, you look. It ended Asia. These are islamic countries that they do not have that kind of repression that is growing in the middle longer dash the killing bloggers left and right now. Are you kidding that? Certainly they don't you have is long comes indifferent manifestation DS, radical Islam, but but but immigrants historically, one of the things that help really integrate. These people in the United States is that we actually needed the labour right and increasingly, that is an open question in Germany. You think they need the laboring. Yet the people come from. Syria, don't have the education with automation, a high and all the rest and the sitting there are noting that there is still no space. It becomes. A severe is a civil war going on in this culture. We should stand with the people who want to live in the twenty first century, not the ones who want to live in
the seventh ok. So as long as I'm going is I'm shooting on religion. Let me just say: I think the Republican Party has a massive Savior complex, because we're Donald Trump was saying last night: only people who are very real, just, would fall for that that I alone can handle all the problems, because I am it sounded like Jesus was coming back to earth yet this is the year the Cheetah Jesus theory, the circus, Peanut Messiah Ouch began, but I actually mean for one thing I mean: have you met a Unitarian like? I don't think they would. There are not very disposed to authoritarian regimes. Mademoiselle like. I actually also think. The main problem with that theory is that he that that implies some kind of spiritual component, his appeal and there's, not one nor I mean here here, even people who believe in magical thinking, people who don't apply critical thinking as religious
but I don T think any immediate problem for only religious Americans giving their that only really more yes, Villa I remember when you believe in a savior, then it's, I think you ought to go on about the coordination of Brok, a bomb in Denver Stadia the coronation. Yes, when he has ended in the power and accept that has nominated of the party, Yes, we can, I thought, Ball football stadium if he had his ass. I compliment never set eyes on writing solve this. If you did your Edward, it would explode thinking what a man saying I alone can fairly say what he was saying is lit the systematic. What I said is this, and big government have step that again,
Middle class guy I gotta go, will able Romilly antithesis Obama's. Indeed, I believe that we all share somewhere. I, u can build. That is exactly the opposite of I'm your only hope about, but I dont think that the trumpets fundamentally appealing to the religious, I think, the or even magical thinking I think, he's fundamentally appealing to the people who think that there is no option. In Washington, right or among seals or among the media or among any politicians for them. It's very similar to the bricks of conversation in Europe, its Palestinians, with the rock it's not gonna, come up with anything happens, I'm gonna fix. It is when he gonna hear rid of the bomb really resolutely rooted in like personal safety and the immediate environment like it or not, about any kind of spiritual or value based and ain't. No analysis of, what's going on, is just completely just hope. In view of the world based on purge presenting your buncher bullshit, answering I'm the antidote to this bullshit we just go,
exactly I mean some of the life of things like pillory is gonna is for the repeal of the second of these two flat out. Why it doesn't bother you when they just lie like that, when what what Democratic ever come out for the repeal of this The amendment will or a number of them in Congress who second- and I ever heard that I very happy I got there when they say the Democrats there, eighty dare not atheist, I'm an eighth yet This is what you actually worry. The races worries happened into. He says that the trade agreements or broken this is the same appeal. Bernie Sanders had right, says that the war in the Middle EAST was a mistake. Hillary Clinton embrace the war in the east. He says there and funding mound campaign. I cannot be bought and sold. Hillary Clinton is bought and sold when the Clinton. They should receive a millions annulling the diet. While she was secretary of state, our identity,
should bother every, but it's so does jail cell on a movie about you're gonna like this, because we have been having some fun with this twenty five things you don't know about me. Hilary did this in a magazine in April, so we ve done a bunch of the other candidates and we thought we would circle back, because this is where big we come up to twenty five more things. You don't know about me. Very glutton, things like my secret service name, is not crack it takes. It is, Seventy two hours, debased Montana spontaneous like a lot of reminded girls when I was in college. I briefly experimented with heterosexuality come on Amazon.
The humor, I am a bumper sticker. That says my other car is whatever you do. I'm surprised that nobody has noticed that I've switch from PAN suits spacesuit, Iver, really funny story, but the time bill mistook. That's us in my purse for Lou people who claim I killed them foster have no proof do they when I am with your jack? What I like and political skills I make for with an insane cargo that makes you want to blow your head. My nicknames for my boobs, our Goldman Sachs
I want to spend more time with my grandchildren, but they can't afford my speaking thing actors. You started NBC, superstores, charting and second season coverage. One second Amerika for our great pleasure to meet you. Ok. American know. You are a very good for Hilary Glitt arrogant. I know what a supporter is, but I'm not sure what a circuit is well. I am a supporter and I just travel country into different cities and endless talk about why I support Hilary and you were with her from the beginning of a new not long ago. I was for this going this guy in our jewellery on your ear. You this your girl, yeah. I was out campaigning in two thousand and eight as well, so you watch the republican convention, I sure national
Are you sure I listened, and I could only take it in like small in the same way ass words, but would you care to offer a rebuttal to the people of the convention? Who who said that she should be locked up? how much time do you want but I came away with was first and foremost a stomach ache, because it makes me physically ill. It does It makes me sick to think about the lies there. Applauding you getting lies ya, think you lie His lies lies lies lies a lot lies and Anne Frank and one issue that I care deeply about, because I happen to be latino. American is immigration and it could not have been more wrong. He's just wrong he's wrong about the fact that immigrants are criminals were in fact, because there,
such things as facts. In fact, criminal of criminal. Sorry, he's got you now. It's illegal immigrants are like immigrants, undocumented or documented, are less likely to commit crimes who robs perfectly literally knows because they don't wanna fuck with police, everybody else, an ally drives like a maniac. I met a one, big area truck with a lawnmower. Never It is true that stereotyping now, maybe maybe somebody they arrive in Arizona who doesn't play her music, because if she plays it, loud and she's an American documented she's like if they pull me over? I will go crazy and they will shoot me. I don't play my music. We're thing Yes, exact area Siberia, but he was wrong
Criminals- and he was wrong about about the economy- I mean ok, here's the thing Donald Trump is is getting zero percent of the black witches. Really hard to do to get zero to get a hundred per cent of people? Malaria happens when you don't write disavowed the clubs clan right, he's getting big in Pennsylvania. No higher is getting zero percent and is nearing their nationally, but not so with the hispanic thought I would think they would aid and even more who were these hispanic people who were for drug or here's? The thing, I think, is that Latino Americans are Americans, which people don't want to believe, but we are Americans aromas end. We, my name and I have a pen, occasionally forgot your nose, you for letting me
Americans are Americans and, and they care about the same things that all Americans care about. So, of course, there's going to be a portion of the latino american population. That is angry and Seas and Donald Trump, a channel for that anger and an end. But but by no means is there even close to equanimity or a mature. Birdy of Latinos, who are out there for term, not we mention the nation and wondering just automated there's any good, the good to meet you at mind, boggling road, but the Good NEWS is that in California we ve seen record registration among Latinos and in
Instead, I see the Democrats Knocker the Republican. Yes, I see that they never bernie. People are showing open in Philadelphia next week, and I was wondering what your message is: you mean never Hilary, never I'm sages, they never Bernie Bernier Blah, storing vernier, but people are showing Vernier buzzed people right. They are showing up until the what? What is your message to the burning folks, who can't seem to get on board You know, there's only two choices on the menu. That's what I say to them. Do you really want to eat boys environment? I think that its reckless. I think that there is a political reality and one of these two people is gonna, be the next president of the United States most likely and to sit around and not make a joint effort. Is
to make a choice. You are making a choice by sitting around and not getting on board, and not only registering, I mean I'm sure guarantee supporters are registered, devote, but it's not enough anymore for us to be registered and show up our selves. We need to register our friends. Our families are communities and an you know. It's hilarious that every election every presidential election two months before the election everybody's like we turn out the minority well you're too little too late like every year, is an election year and- and you can't just show up to communities that are under resourced and under educated about civics, and that there is there is an active campaign against photo right. That's right, it's hard to vote in America. Yeah I mean we don't have it like. A lot of countries do on the weekends right they ain't, always making it harder. Of course we did. Our public
right I mean outside they win elections. They say they give you more credit. The new apparently give your own people you kid. What thirty days in advance and most guides and simply now begins here, is on the bad guys. Like you, I'm on the bell, I can promise you it I'll tell you this, but I will be glad to talk to any of your friends. Are you and abandoned and explain to them? Brutality, easy? It is you guys. Are you doing this because a story in Morocco, accounting in Arizona they they reduced after the Supreme Court ruling of getting the voting rights acts? right? I reply the wrong. No, no, they reduced.
Only by placing rain four hundred just sixty here. That's why they were lines I ve been a higher they readings on early voting and our higher they. Maybe they don't want bid. Why are you you guys can give your people more credit they can get to the past? This is an oracle, can say, sunshine and- and I want to go- there- are trying to get out and I guess voter from their voting rights acts and seventeen states that preserve and protect the rights of the minorities. Absolutely not just in seventeen states but in other counties and sit our light Chicago. I really wanted to speak to this because I think that these are this is the lie in the lack of new wants that confuses people, because it promotes the lie that Latinos and people
You don't show up because they are lazy and they don't care. That is a lie- waves, job that they have to take a day off to travel twenty miles to get to the nearest government office, and I know, there's lots of vat on bananas. You I've been on the ballot before I represented a rural area to do with that, because I know this is not your little they're everywhere in the country this absently, but there is, it is very, that's not pretend entry is high. God send the reason the brutes ended up, leaving Europe the biggest own goal I ever shot in the history. A developed country is because people under twenty four didn't show up. Like thirty four percent of the bother,
they didn't write he, especially while sitting around I'll, come in this country, people don't and I've a dam, and that is easily and outcome we can see and thereby enabling aspire. George, this is really important, is lowering Marilla election right rather gonna, like the first be no president or the last president. A period where he made me round and on his way to the nursery rail rather than you are, we need as limiting the grid, because we ve been assuming that we are ready for the first female prison or we really is, I think, you'd better, be thought after Obama got elected. We owe you know. That's over America's come around were black Reza. We didn't realize that a half the country was emailing each other
returned with him with a watermelon in his hand. I am wondering whether America is still at this late date when eighty countries of elected a woman later bill can or let us say that I just find that to be a really boring question. Are we ready nice to have you want to show you re? Not we re all you're gonna, just don't care about sex anymore. Ok, Barbara! Let me show you a little video to maybe load my case Roger rails. We found out this week stepping down from knows his active role, harassment. We are. The first showed obtain this video. It is. We found video of Roger rails, doing what he did play showed. Various with Megyn Kelly at various with Dana Lash. Your fox news and- and I think we have something with Gretchen Carlson There- is that okay,
Excuse me, but it is a real question and I think your question is not. Are we ready for female president? Is it will electing a female president like in sexism which Breast cancer is, did you I mean I M going to show all the signs that goal to rebuild night, and you know I always say eighty thousand color. These signs that what had locker, but I didn't say that even I rise. I dealers and signs that said like that that had that use that word. That's a good all entrepreneur out on the street ass America they're out there that there is a lot of ugliness out. I mean it is targeted and, I repeat, my guess: is this level rhetoric everything's broke it then that would you guys were the one sided Donald Trump wonders everything's broke, I mean: do you really think the Republican Party damages straight at you think the Republican Party is printing teachers. It says Hilary Benn,
Well, that's when we know that many people know the law. We are relying on an actual Republicans buying those tee shirts. Do I mean the republic? Let me night at the repair spending republican money in voting Republican. You going. I love them the right to do that. You are seeing every question whittling luggage to answer. The question is like: is there a strain of bigotry running through the Republican Party, and I think I'm gonna tell you that they having been on the floor of this convention and seeing people literally foaming literally men, are linger later on when I had better on the back of my neck from the guy, something to be fair eyes, a leaflet where were you dismiss the whole, where I got thirty minutes left for the permanent TIM came? Who is this guy? Why did you bring
What is he bring, is going to help or hurt the dull candidate just got dollar and my our brand he's a guy who are pro trade hate. She disliked the Bernie Sanders people in the face he supports offshoot shore drilling he has worked. He is supported. Repeal of the the death acts- maybe he is now from the exciting and how the local level, how do they want to do people to have the words like doll and not exciting, MIKE we're not electing prom king and right king right running, the governments are getting lingo bomb, but ass the seven year time Hilary lie the way you can read her emails or thirty. Three, there is what is legal, you they're not a race and what they reveal is one. Who does the work?
of government are now she's warring is good reverend right. If we let our uniting via that Israel. Would you agree one of the great appeals of Donald Trump is that he's not bought about where we have to remember the owners and the republican primary was up sixty percent in the Democrat primaries it was down to where do you think that having to find him appeal, did you William Ali would did I haven't you, Don't worry when I'm not here as a celebrity I'm here as a person who has a lot to lose in this election year. I did not know how to buy and sell a presidency more than Donald Trump. His daughters. Vodka is on the stage a couple hours afterwards, she's in or out its online, and she says here is how you can buy it through Macy's. I'm going to make a few bucks on oh by the way, is not made in America and if you'd, that's, not commercial.
What is I ride, and this whole idea that you know Donald Trump doesn't have any corporate backing. He got to. Billion dollars of free media. That's corporate back more that wasn't the choice of damage wrought. That was the media, while the USA, but but I mean he's done everything out, he is exciting and I would disagree. Goober has changed transportation. In my opinion, you need goober in politics to change the washing and they passage way over economic, this right right, just like Facebook, economic disorder.
Indeed we disruptor Impala, your logic, change network is that you are presenting, as you can hear, you order her she's Barton. I don't ever Samothrace thing like also I've waited I would love to, but we have to move on and I were the Naval Goldman Sachs, the reference that lizards, ok, it's time for neural money, new roles, experts, experts and optical illusion thrust. Tell me why when two women say the exact same words, some people see a gold woman and a white dress and others here black woman in a blue rural now been held. The visuals in Hugo Colorado have worn people that their water contains high levels of th I have to tell residents one thing: how the hell
we're gonna get that gets out of the poor girl just because Donald Trump mention gay people. Last thing doesn't Mimi really cares. In fact, I bet that until someone corrected him during rehearsal, he thought algae Bt Q was produced. Would you be neural now that build clause bees I disease and so baddies reported to be completely blind to look on the bright side. So your wife I love the Boeing into applause. The fuck you euro. Now that Japan is closing the last factory on earth it makes viziers we can stop calling sex tapes
sex tapes. I millennials have to stop pretending that vinyl is the only way to listen to music and start. Pretending that we address is the only way to watch a movie or the warmth, the gap subtle grades in town, I'm Tellin, you brought you haven't seen crocodile Dundee until you have seen and finally neural now is there. A publican convention is finally over those of you thoroughly disgusted by what you witnessed have to look on the bright side winner, lose Donald Trump will probably be the last fifties guy to run for president.
Frankly, that is something to be thankful for, because, because fifties guys guys like Trumbo, actually say that these guy, we know what they mean. I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. When I come home and dinners not ready, I go the roof. The fifties like stake gives keeps a bottle of scotch in his desk and he thinks and educated women should be locked up. I don't he does you now bill curtain really mailed it when he said if you thought something good came out in the sixties, you're, probably a Democrat, and if you thought the sixties were bad you're, probably a republican and its insights, like
then I'm gonna make him a great first lady, but that tension between fifty and sixty people is what still drives our politics today. It's true, you would think the fifties were great or the sixties were great or you weren't even born yet new thing screw you old, farts, I'm Rosamond Young like Bernie Sanders, not a six. These people like me, the fifties are kind of like America's Highschool yearbook picture with each passing year. They just get more and more embarrassing, but not too Donald Trump. He was born exactly nine months after the end of world war. Two he could have been conceived on this day when America was on top
the world and the young Trump family was, by all accounts very happy. When trunk was a kid, Eisenhower was always president dinner made by mom is always on the table and the closest thing to an ethnic guy was fancy. People are a product of the time they grow up in its white Trump still, whereas pompadour it one, that's lost the will to live. If Europe fifties Guy evil, when you try to join the modern world, it's useless. Look at my
african American often is not that they really want to, because for Trump and his fans. What was so great about the fifties was the white men didn't have to really dry complains about ring systems, but the fifties was the ultimate ring system. For example, basketball team looked like this trump was ten when L disbursed on the scene and while other people had made music like that, before only eldest said the insight to do it well being white in the fifties, everybody knew their place Dayton. Their lame lesbians were called roommates and gay men were called priests
on a resume. A man could lift sexual harassment under special skills. A tank of gas cost a nickel and on a starry night you could drive up to make mega point in your big gas guzzling american car and get a hand. Job from a girl, and nobody ever asked you to check your privilege. You didn't have to check it. Was there all right? So when republicans talk about restoring America making a great again taking their country back, this is where they want to take it back to nineteen. Fifty nine when life was still in black and white before the sixties. Came along and ruined everything with color tromp, never fully adapted to color. That's. Why he's orange
like the first colored tvs. His end. Knob is a little off. And he and all the fifties guys like him, hold a deep resentment for those troublemakers and outside agitators who came along in the sixties and messed everything up by pointing out that the fifties weren't that great, if you were black or gay or
which is why little Richard was always screaming. I shall be the democratic dimension again bremmer regards decades in America. Her seven journal, Michael J, when I give out, tell me when he said that we are having fatty night watchman removed the nation love and each be oh dot, com
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