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Episode #402 (Originally aired 08/05/16) - Bill’s guests are Julian Assange, Jeff Ross, Rob Reiner, Rick Santorum and Tara Setmayer.

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night, real time looks like you're right here. We are a lie right against when the Olympics are distorting the opening ceremony. That's pretty exciting right. They say they took everybody's broke away
at least according to the autopsy I try. I had no idea there was that you think is synchronize dysentery. This is quite right in all of which there are big there. I wear submit west alike, but liquor. Dimension, as we are taking a month off after today. Show. Thank you very much. I would the same advice to the drum campaign. I dont be noticed this week the rump campaign exploded like
math lab and it's not even really a campaign anymore. It's more like a jack S, don't it's a shopping, cart powered by a roman candle up a guy's. As close as I can really, I mean Donald Trump. We would do this for a year now, but this was really the week of. Where do I begin the feud with Mr Com and the gold star families. He said the election is rig, He said women who are sexually harassed should find another job. He said he saw a video of money going to a random doesn't exist, someone gave him a purple heart and he took it and said I always wanted one. This is a lot easier. Couldn't stop feuding with the press with his own party with
fire marshals and a baby, and today, a hot might columns going moms apple pie to go fuck himself through a baby out page one of the politicians, Hamburg babies born I to baby he through a baby out of one of his rallies, which is terrifying because it means that Trump supporters breed the guy. I almost feel sorry for it is vice president, my pants before
panty. Has this I'm toughening this out. Look like he smuggling. Something you June is ass means. All of this is just such unprecedented uncharted waters. The president, our President Obama, was asked about and he said, but no presence ever said in a campaign. But it's true he's unfit to be president, which made trump furious ease. And how can you say that about a guy who's got the purple heart to no one surprise sort of drums? No, Paul numbers are finally thinking it turns out in the general election, unlike the republican primary, you need
readers anyone can when a popularity cadets when the other Joyce's TED grooves. It's like a view thoroughly to pets at the pound. When you went to adopt any one was an eel. You know you got the orange her God would become the republican establishment. What's left of this is in total panic mode. They are trying desperately to find some way to close the hole in the can
at its head. Were the stupid comes out, but it's not easy to do. They do have a plan. It involves cutting the fuel line to his plane and there are also talking about an intervention and intervention, but the idea that you didn't get a guy to change everything he has ever said done or believed in a day more way. Mitt Romney did it, but of all the nothing is that went on this week. My favorite was when Donald Trump posted a picture of himself areas,
on his plane, all alone, aiding Kentucky Fried Chicken and overweight seventy year old man eating a deep ride, bucket of salt and fat or, like it said, on the Obama poster hope. Right here in these rigging, with those master general himself Jeff Ross, but first we editor in Chief Wikileaks, who comes to us from the Ecuador and Embassy in London Julian Assange, Julian Grendel, guys, hey how you doing Julian right to see you again. I know, there's gonna be a bit of a delay like in your life.
You're back in the nose of course, because Wiki leaks released thousands and thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee right before that democratic convention and knew of course in the past, have released lots. Documents from governments, but people question whether this was fair game, because the Democratic National Committee is not a government, its private and some of the donors had their social security numbers and credit card numbers released. These this is fair game well at people's definitely- good fun, fair game. Where we didn't. We did this. Thing to send two norm: coalmines campaigning republican Senator backing thousand nine, the turkish political Party, a page awake, a NEO Nazi Party
here in the UK a few years ago. I remember the name of irritating potty british national party. So now I think It's I'm super happy with how that's gone. We ve had for people in the day and see resign? If he wasn't Schulz the head, the chief financial officer, the communications Dracula was brander, etc, and that shows a kind of instant accountability. Perhaps not proper political accountability for a really quite concerted efforts through the chain of command. Have the decency to make sure Bernie Sanders didn't win, including by pumping out back there. Well, I don't know, that's really true. I mean I read those emails, there was no. Smoking. I do know that it will but it's true of communications directed Louis Moran Vacations, Director Louisbourg
and are you has resigned just three days ago, instructed his star an instruction nodded discussion instruction to pump out quite in it attributable manner. Statements and an article saying that Bernie Sanders supporters were engaged acts of violence. So this is the day and see demon hiding in a covert manner through its chain of command to the press, and it's it's faded press contacts, a Democrat tying a Democrat. I was conducting violent when you have the trump at the same allegations against the Trump campaign. They live by a watering down the critique against the drum campaign and, of course, picking up. Why have we seen anything pact from the drum campaign I mean today? We know these came from Russia and we,
I know that you do not like Hillary Clinton at all, as does not Vladimir Putin looks like you are working with a bad actor? Russia to put you through, on the scale and sickly fuck, with the one person who stands in the way of us being ruled by Donald Trump, nothing. Why, but we do a little search for now. Files and- and I do not William mare gave a Clinton affiliated entities million dollars. Now, that's it it's a William Mare in, allay where that at the time when he came a perhaps you would like to comment- is that you
Yeah. I don't have to look in your files to find that Jillian II, I gave Obama one million dollars. I made it public eye. The whole point of it was to make it public so that p, Twenty twelve would understand that the game had moved to the million dollar level after our citizens, United ruling. I wasn't trying to hide it. I was trying to publicize it. I don't know what the point is: Is there another million dollars going to pillory? equivalent Fatima right now. I can give a million dollars every time somebody runs for prizes. I could understand two thousand and twelve are not changed for about that, but I. Let's that's tackle these criticisms, we, not publish full credit card numbers about donors has the last word digits.
Just like you, seven eleven receipt, it's very important bird tracking. Money laundering and there are serious allegations of money laundering and if you see, violations at other relates oh materials, material the way release a pristine, when really good. At this, the ten year perfect record, having never got it wrong in relation to the integrity of what there's no allegation even even from them. He wasn't in short, or any of these people are that any of the materials are completely valid and true what there is is a conflation between our publications he lit and an extensive variety of hacks of Dnc and frankly other organizations over the last two years, possibly by state actors that wouldn't be at all surprising, but also a number of others.
Dna clapper, the hidden. All? U S! Intelligence agencies- James Copper, said last Friday at that The media was hybrid ventilating. They couldn't make it tribulation, let alone as motivation, and even that was just about the hacks there's not about the material. Will it, but we know the source of the material right Everyone knows the source of a re established Is that correct The sources but Louis Miranda, Osman, shorts, etc, etc. I know I know you have defended atheists. Included in their by the discussion. Who is Miranda is a plot. A plot to frame Bernie Sanders as being an atheist, whether or not as being jewish vigilance that it wasn't a plot. Somebody mentioned it and no they do anything about it
let's move on to the other part we want and what we don't know where the people do anything about. It are not. What we know was a discussion. Ok, you buy me down, weakens upright underground with separate a little bit of other case that I mentioned before way. Louis Miranda gave an instruction to starve camp out like propaganda against pennies and rights Why don't you wanted to hack into Donald Trump tax returns? well, we're working on it. I mean it's, etc. The biggest Edward Snowden criticized you. I mean his tweet was democratization. Democratize information is never been more vital and Wikileaks has helped, and by the way I would agree with that. I am all for you getting the Nobel Prize, which you of phenomena
for a six times work under there with the nomination, but he said, but their hostility to have. But there delity to even modest curious, is a mistake. Does he have a point? I mean, I think you and Edward Snowden or lump together a lot, but it seems What his thing is is about privacy and what The thing is about is transparency and private. Internet transparency are kind of at loggerheads. Are they not. They are a little bit a little bit. That's true, I suppose, well, He doesn't really no definition of duration, so creation is censorship of the ruling political parties, cash flows.
I have to make a little bit of a complaint here. Although I shouldn't really go there, you know Edward Snowden hasn't published anything and three. If he did one thing, it was a very important thing. It was in fact sewing wasn't that I and this organization saved his ass by rescuing him from Hong Kong, getting him asylum, making twenty three asylum applications and setting up his defence beyond the current foundation with China, the up today. So, ok, I know Edward is trying to get a pardon in the end of the presidency and so he's is playing the game? I understand he's in a very serious situation. If you look at Chelsea Manning One of my allege also sentenced to thirty five years in prison. Hillary Clinton spokespersons resigned because he was also being tortured, a formal finding by the U N, I
I end by weight in the United States and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump said that he would executing Hillary Clinton said accosted. She would aggressively prosecute so are you have really from perspective I wish you were trying to protect that sources. You have really to very bad presidential candidates. Well, We could go all night arguing about that, but we don't have time. I would just say in response to what you said about Mr Snowden. I know you can get into everybody's computer. I dont know if you can get into Edward Snowden mind, but nevertheless, your brother, you seem like here and a better state of mind and the last time I talk to you and I hope you get out soon.
Thank you very much. You know like having a director and so many great movies. We all love that have tested stand. The test of time is new film l, B, J premiers at the Randal Film Festival in September, Rob Reiner, she's, a CNN political commentator, informer communications directive, a representative data, Rebecca Terror set Myers former two terms from Pennsylvania and former republican candidate. For president. We call on the brave Christian coming on our show our friend Rick's enter. I don't forget to finish your questions for tonight's overtime. Some connection them on Youtube,
ok, so I have mixed feelings about going on break, while Donald Trump is still rampaging across the landscape. I feel like I should be here to report on it, but I have the last year and it's it's gotten a little too easy to make fun of them. I mean when male men are making Trump joke, I'm like yeah, I will go on vacation, but this week was something we've never really seen before. I know politicians have gotten elected from jail. This might be the first one to collected from the looney Bin and he took in eighty two million dollars in small all donors Think he's doing to politics would be
stock and blooming producers at a Broadway purposely trying to have a flop, so we can build the investors. Absolutely I've said from the beginning. I don't think you really wants the way he's been like trying to lose and, like I keep winning these people. But if it's astonishing and look at the last ten days ago, how could any serious candidate for the presidency behave this way? It's it's gonna, go it's! It's it's easy to behave that way when your mentally ill humor saying you know you were saying all these people. There are a lot of euro. Very, very expert professionals are coming out and talking about I'm not joking about that that there is a mental illness there and it's not like he's trying to lose. He can't.
Themselves. This is what he does so true. While I would, I would agree that he has shown that he can't help and soften in in the personal attacks. But let's, not miss the point. The Donald Trump has suck struck a nerve this country, not not dissimilar to what happened at breakfast in the UK? There are a lot. People out in this country who feel like the establishment. The Democrats. Applicant pox on both their houses. Are in the end the game for those their bodies and friends and and and with it, with its trade or whether its immigration, whether its tax policy, whether to everybody, taking care of their their bodies and in law Swath Bernie, tapped it on the democratic side Donald did on the republic inside and their pissed off, you know what they want. They want a big change and let me tell you Hillary Clinton, isn't a big change: she's she's, a zero change and tromp, if he can
It would be good if we could start beard mentally ill feeling mental, but he can't you see that our red, I warn you, wouldn't have today. What have you today? You name, under. What do you want? A cookie will also be taken of the dairy queen. I think he deserves he deserves and had a boyfriend today, glad you got it. Acting other on all the endorsement. Haven't we lower writers are really come. He lives he deserved. This is your country to you. Really mean this. I mean I know you have so you're a. I did. Ok, I like proud of that endorsement I guess the answer is: do I like some of the things that thou job has been doing? Absolutely? Not. I don't
things like something advent can I see, is focused. We violate immigration of trade on on thing, amateur or he's not full of well he's focused on heat mining out. These focused on anyone who criticized the reason why we could never have Donald Trump repression is that he was insulted last Thursday night by muslim men at the convention and dominated the new cycle ever since Number one. Priority is getting back it anyway, who were slighted him in any way it so easy. Mike morale who used to run the CIA said today in the new year times that he can't be the president big. What
I said because the reason I M is radically me of it- was appointed by Turkey's democratic operative in that respect, that we look all these more work for a democratic present. He's gonna go out. Very waiters. Leave, learn from public public in them through a donor gate endemic damages our, but our style is forty years under you know. This is a lot of understate, understand all those things I can tell you is that the american public? just like we saw when all of the experts all of the people and the conservative party, all of the folks in the Labour Party. Don't you know that it's gotta be a disaster. If we do this and they said sorry, we are tired of being treated like we don't exist and Donald Trump throughout the course this campaign. I'm not saying the live two weeks last two weeks of map into good weeks, but the course of his campaign. He has in that vein, and if you can it back when lives. That's my point is that become an embarrassment I mean you can
I've been to that without behaving like a petulant child all the time. This is for the president, shall this is real life and everything that Donald Trump says and does not affect, not only in the? U S but globally, and we look at this one he's making things up about. You know, videos and he's going after weeks of Euro American European workers are their ethnicity. These are irresponsible or that they are not alone. She's telling lies like another presidential candidate, Hilary Benn unknown away. That's, but that Madrid lie like that. You just say that what we have said that we want to talk about the incident was now one email. What I've gotten listed, as was not listed ass, glad to find a little tiny see. That's your James call me said you know I nobody could amuse. I'm tired doesn't make it through figuring. Make really does make is that the hundred eighty ongoing name out of able on my pc, revolver dishonest for one thing, doesn't make it worse than those to be better than that not make excuses for the other side. I go flawed. Candidates in the you know what that's bullshit
its highly that that that idea, that it's up to push that its employees, Donald Trump, completely sees things that never happened We completely lies because he just makes things up in his head. He said the NFL saw him a letter dated second wreck. You, may just say that I had. He said the NFL sent him a letter about the debates. The NFL said. We never send him a letter, that's indifferent level of kind of lying just make. He said that Putin use the inward about Obama, no one has seen this anywhere. He just makes things up. Reminds me of me of a character. I saw a movie ones. Show that clip I believe virtually everything I read. I think that is what makes me more selective and someone who doesn't believe anything.
Why did I believe, virtually everything I read Donald Trump seems to believe virtually everything he ear I hearing that can't be someone who we allow in the oval office. Europe public private. It roused conservative, who is horrified at embarrassed by what the conservative party has allowed. What do we stand for this? is what we are now allowing to become. Are you know our representation he's not the standard bearer? I mean senator. You were up new or conservative, and you stood next Donald Trump at an event that, where he used veterans, political points because he threw a temperate tantrum over Megan Kelly and I thought to myself why? What are we doing compromising our integrity like this for
on artists who gets off on getting adulation from people and uses are better and the Board Donald Trump was doing a fundraiser for veterinary raised several million dollars that four months, the European all I all I can tell you is what someone does a fundraiser veterans of I'm in town. I'm gonna show up period, so I don't know, I don't apologize, rioting and I'm sure in representing an and call if we put on recent anybody valid stunt, that's going on, but wait a second thought. It was a stunt. Let me Then why didn't you call me entirely was readily with some hours by. Come on, how would I get the? What I think is an even more basic issue, which is it's not really tromp you're right, I mean, I said on a show about a week ago. Maybe one of our convention shows that, yes, when the Republican Party Pick Donald Trump is denominate, they handcuff them.
To a dead hooker, but the dead worker is not really trump. It's the voters. It's the republican voters. There deal with him? That's the problem Then you have a problem: importantly wasn't repose. On our being able to is a bunch of I act. Free, racist redneck. The base of the republic is that we can put the other side and say that the base of the democratic parties, a bunch of left wing, anarchists that are run around as they do at Bergamo Cracks- are honouring girls ring. If you want to criticise, it possible to transfer about the other side want democratic, an anarchist.
I'm saying that the left wing progressive side of the other of the democratic majority that our home, the ones that are out there talking about bring down the system who need our own, although lower elemental, Bernie Sanders how you don't married, who knows why get into the thinking of one single democratic representative? So what does it matter? Yesterday were kooks out there with every strong Bernie Sanders, almost be developing a stupid that full equivalency item the right not to be unfair, that their number show that, even even after these last two weeks down is winning among independent. So please when it among independence, those aren't what
look at attic and secondly, we have often these are Jimbo only organise zones. These one percent of the Republican, both so he's got a long way to go to solidify is based- and I agree with you- he's gotta get its act together and he's gotta. Today is a good day. He doesn't have anything, but a you mentioned something very important. You said there's a lot of anger out there and there is there's a lot of anger up there, because people feel that they have been left behind. It was anger on the burning side. There is a big difference in bill pointed it out. You do. See racist and NEO Nazis and again heads the
Bernie Sanders rally all these three giving ended that I know it personally. I was another, though not ridiculous. I've received death threats day. He hasn't liked overnight Goodnight authorities on that's the main body of islands, and I imagine what on earth I've been doing about twenty years and never gonna Democratic Republic and have been doing that dog whistle for years and now with a dog megaphone mega, saw the Douglas s real progress in the race politics. On the other side, not all that's happened with our own eye or happen. Everybody, because I have to remind the audience together. These nets comedy show that this is our last show before September. Sixteen and what we'd crucially do when we're off for a little while is to give the future headlines because their people
to me all the time. It's a bill. I get all my news from years. And in case you do here that this way you will be caught up until September. Sixteen to hear some of the future headlines begin expect, while we're away, for example, Trump
Its individual twitter war would make a wish dental patient, hacks trumps twitter account. No one notices that are going to Roger Ales Nines victim was built caused these twenty fourth Texas level. How celebrates today's or that gun back risk? Christie excellently breaks for world accidentally Trump announces Burke. First, this Brezhnev Rita, kill John Mccain Pain. I still support Torres, disappointed. Cuba, full of poor people, tell us live dumps, Ladys for news guy for
tromp, slams. Anne Frank is loser. I like Jews, who didn't get first zinc. A baby born a new S, has Trump unfit repressive. Jesus returns, Gettin Twitter, Warwick Trump. I like messiahs, you don't get person this hollow rather reeling lies is we'd, after forgetting they already legalise Bernie Sanders releases. First, Headlong Babylon bankers aim shared cyberattack job rush, Aloha jam. We say that if we were to Hawaii together, the up and funding up strictly business are right. So I saw your new show. It's amazing. I have to say you are the only person, but it is a new roast. The cops you're, the Ouse Master. You did it with prisoners doing with Cubs, I just had to say you're the only person who could ever pull this
you really are and what I love about it is this a great arc to this. When you first go, there cops hate, you yeah, it won't work. One thing you say now and you win them over and go on right along as you meet them. You get to know them, and you I mean left with a feeling of I liked the cops more than I did before. I started to watch this, but then Sometimes when you go on the street and you see the people yeah, you know the minorities in the re unities they don't take. The cops are good and I'm like today, just fuck with the cops today just full you, I don't think I'm a good judge of character, and I asked many many police forces, big city police force. Everybody had been talking about the cops and America. Nobody been talking to him, so I thought what do they live while they laugh at my jokes, were they kill me a little bit of both. Maybe right, I wanted to know what it's like to be a cop
right now. I wouldn't want to put a uniform on considering what's been happening in Dallas and other places It's scary, so I wanted, feel by good humanize them in some way, people having protests all over the country and it broke my heart to see cops, being discussed but like most, why people, I didn't, know a lot about how deep the problem war between clubs in the community? So I went to these black lives matter rally. I went to a police officers funeral. To understand that this is a national urgency pupil were bleeding on both sides and both sides have a great point and end the cops. I notice in this special say we hate bed yeah more than anybody right, but you never. See them when was the last time we ever saw a cop stand up against another cop, no matter what the bad cop did right. You see what in about while sitting at its very, I don't think so, because the police
Evans in Boston. There hasn't been a norm, person shot and killed. The Boston Cobb since Drum Roll. Ninety, ninety one- this is cool police, and this is why this this is why the police force stepped up. I believe, but Pooh Unarmed, people word. I o Reilly cops last year. This definitely problems and it's sad about insuperable. It's really said: what's happened, but you gotta, think about every day when a police officer leaves in the morning his wife and kids have no idea is even coming home that night. Ok, just when I fall asleep, it is girlfriends house, and, I must say, a menu. Did that jargon is in this body. They loved you. I mean it's not like. They don't have a son didn't like all my joke sitting, like my opening joke,
so this is forever perform for a roomful of Youtube celebrities before stairs bad apples. Yes, there is obviously right arms, but to hate all cops. What some colleagues have done. Wrong is also prejudice right. Absolutely, that's like hating all transgender people, because Caitlin General beat Union Olympics in eighteen, seventy one so So let me give you an idea, that means we should support the police and obviously, probably most of them are good, but Let me give you my my first few beef that I have with the cops one we always hear from them, and I heard it in a special day our job as the toughest job in the world, and we get somebody disrespect. I think, actually you,
went with them. Maybe you'll see this. You can verify this most people, it's the opposite. I think cops get a level of respect. The rest of us, could only dream of mostly. I know any time I've talked to a cop. Yes, sir. No sir yeah, you know I got how so by the cops recently in my own neighborhood. They didn't recognize them. I didn't know these guys in the six precinct in New York and they were kind of Dixon there you go and then right a minute later, somebody with a kind of a jerk to them. So I think it all is sort of neurotic level is high. Everybody's man at the content, I think of people for the human eyes. The cops a little bit realise that maybe they should, look at these people as human beings. Also, both sides look at each other as human beings and maybe start talking to each other, because nobody seems to be talking to each other. If the ban
minds on both sides sat down. Maybe it's maybe they'll be some sort of you know. Yes, we do need that and it would be great if you're the guy, to bring that about. Let's do it comecon. Can we put this out there I'll bring the donut what you meant? A lot adona jobs which of course, you're only made one don't choke, but at best on a joke over what was Thompson donor. You know, or your heard this before in theory, if I am not so much because it looks like they ve been shot, and they were very largely, which is really great odds, especially electronically doughnuts. Why is that is right with a calm? She had to cut deep, didn't like our human rights, but you know we also hear this about the cops. You said there that you know you have to be psychiatrist. You have to be a social worker, yet a soldier and a soldier to you. That's all true. We ask them
much of them, but Firstly, we don't even ask them to be in shape. Listening? What other job like that? Can you do fat, it's a scam a job every day today. I wouldn't want to put that you, ok you're sitting Doc Jeff and there are stats on this like the most dangerous. Jobs in America, it doesnt cracked, the top ten, I'm not saying that to do too distant police, it's just the truth. Electricians Fishermen, don't I shot in the back? You know it's not a little rest level for Cobb's their drinking too much to do. Birth rate. The guys I met were really stressed that they were good guys. But yes, there worried- and we appreciate that, but I did volunteer for sure. You know They make sixty thousand dollars a year. I think I have the thing topsoil appreciate. I think top should be on commission like a bit like if they catch a child, molesters occasionally be to keep demand.
The candy wants to bring people together. I think of storing the dawn Rickles story. Let's talk about some other issues. Let's get into what Donald Trump said about sexual, what you like it This is the thing I did what I said this on the show a few months ago. I said Republicans the best thing you can do for yourselves is: have him loose? can you imagine as bad as the years as a candidate what you are going to have to do if mused resident that you're gonna have to answer for every stooped? thing he does in the next four years. There's no shame in punting,
when you have failed to look like. I have a great deal fence. That's what you do you plan? I don't think we can afford upon them in an annex it looked to me. It comes down to the United States to as if it is only if it's not It's not Hilary is. The problem is who she's gonna put on the Supreme Court's this debate, and such a statement. Just just hear me out on this one: You have on the United States Supreme Court for Justice, who's who believe the Supreme Court is meaning, the constitution is meaningless, does it does worth the paper? It's prenticed right now. I don't know I'm talking about if you can just as briar. Just as a lawyer says, the constitution is what we say. It is an offence ugly Gore hold on is, if, if but that's not, the constitution has words and they have meaning, and we have
as this is on that court who don't believe the meaning of those words anymore it whatever they want. An international tries to everybody's. I know you can't and- and the lack of the matter is tat- will appoint a fifth one of those and probably replace two older justice is vice bosom, because the restitution of Zanu already picked a justice merit, darling, he's the one already hatch wanted. It will send out of old to all republic all of us. We're being already when jarred evermore? Now he wasn't absolutely not accept. Most adapt can tell you I was there. I was in the sand, and I know that is not acceptable. That recovery is a free when it does it think our argument is a specious one, because we too ten. It is my understanding that it is because Donald Trump can't be trusted to do anything. He says, he's gonna do. If he's in the view of the hormonal balance out
put a list out and he said everything its inflexible yours. You know I mean he flipped blocks on things, though, moves to save, which is more port in that and keep the Senate, because that's a fire wall, the Senate confirms so Donald Trump gets in their democratic Senate. He could but then say well, I need the Democrats like me, I'm gonna put up somebody else. Theirs thing to scale back down from his loyal to conservative values and he doesn't even know how many articles are the costs in order to put in my country the conservative visit as nominee for vice president number, one a number two he did list I think to overthrow. People who are solid conservatives on the court and that to me is a pretty impressive ever it's not. Why does he areas listed on its horizontal dramas concerning, as he doesn't use word? You are a little soldier, but it made come back to haunt you because demands this week of all these things were done. My Donald Trump lot of them are funny. It's twenty one, a guy says nuclear weapons. Why don't we use them
no seriously as a patriot, you would want to put a guy in the White House who says nuclear weapons Why are they which more danger we pay was more day or dangerous? The New York that's more thing. Please tell my day with our day our lindorm thing of all dangerous than is presently bomb is actually put pursuing a policy saying that they will not use a nuclear weapon unless it's a retaliation for another new every arrested and has no. No, no no present is ever said that horse, no doubt bill you're wrong, and this would check your fact. No prison ever said that? Because what if they use chemical weapon, what is the use a biological web? The president has actually, and you have his people saying what the prisons it is absolute dangerous. You got all of our allies in a panic, because the present
Is there any more so now? Look at us not binding way? Whatever Obama said it was completely in line with the history of bread, Murchen praise, I wasn't since the nuclear reactors. The order is our emphasis on one before you would have mentioned many Obama by any means, but at least he knew what the nuclear triad is right. Unlike Donald Trump, what no idea, No, I don't think that out around outlets. That's is the guy. You difficulties. If you're gonna get this arm from the South Washington, I gave you a little additions or not that mentally ill. I go back to that later. I mention this last issue. I was about to bring up, which is sexual harassment, because Donald Trump was asked what a bunker would do.
And by the way a bunker may be our last hope to save the planet. Yeah rarely she's the only one who can talk to Donald Trump, Libya, his cabinet in his cabinet, Jack, authoritarian, defend, yes, studies, building right now, he has a competitive thing with his sons, like all asshole fathers do so Did you really listens to douche bag fuck face and Thurston ship bag? Third, but a bunker you're out there. The world is hanging on you anyway, what would have on could do if she were sexually harassed. He said I would like to think she would find another career. Or find another company- if that was the case, that's right when a guy at the office grab your ass, the person who needs to find another job is you
No I've actually has actually happened today. At a Christmas, I was U one million below that happened to me, one of the receptionist, who was a guy? Actually slap me on the earth at Christmas Party had a couple too many with ease, and he didn't get fired. I mean I didn't freak out Eu Data, but it opinions into two have Donald Trump or any anyone with the lasting trumps. They will get another job. Well, that's what we're he doesn't marriages. Why does get enough Why not try, and this is a guy who praise Roger Ales after we found out that for twenty years he's been laughing. Women is a good guide, a way help those women in the EU
come on Euro wreck, your all Europe, very Euro, right wing, Evangel Uncle Christian Guy. How can you sit there and listen to a guy who talks about the Catholic? I'm not even Jellicoe Christian, religious guy, you meet a guy like you are preferable and there's a guy. I was raised gap exuberant one thing. I know they liked being mortars. That's why you're here s, rights under the martyrs was seated at zero. That's what you're gettin big points, the big guy for dinner. Let him off the hook and lasting damage from my name is a simple statement. Gmos that are you ve got a problem with women dummy we're listening to any put about sexual harassment coming from Donald Trump, who calls women pigs and you know, goes
on on Howard Stern and says that Vietnam was that getting it s, eating cereal, personal Vietnam. I mean come on his eyes, no credibility, credibility! I liked market. Really. But Romeo said the Donald from should not get near, the nuclear did and then said, endorsed him. I was very disappointed and call them out on that. Every single person sorted I'd rob were here is not to know that I have been one of the loyal soldiers that has said that war, again character and integrity matter, and when you have politician
Let's say one thing on one side and then, when its political expediency, something else you get Donald Trump Time for new rules are not the Russians go to the Olympics. Further cheating, but maybe the drugs in their bloodstream will kill the mosquito Gilbert. Now that sky Diver Luke Eggins has shown you can plummet twenty five thousand feet with no parachute and landed a hundred foot by hundred foot net. He asked
explain to his wife. Why is unable to get his underpants and hamper neural the jet, the vietnamese airline that has seen sale sore after addressing its flight attendants and the Guineas ass, to go all the way and rename itself me so horny here? These are already airlines will head for the clouds, while you make it rain
Neuro the japanese programme on go fans who claim they can make their programme on eggs at faster by rubbing vibrator on their phone have to admit it doesn't work and be your life is, and turning out the way, your whole euro, the owners of this soon to open, Fellatio CAFE in Geneva, where for sixty dollars patrons, can get fellatio and a coffee have to explain. What's the point of it
yeah me and trust me. One ass: would you like fellatio? No man has ever said not until I've had my and finally neural from now until election day, everything else every issue, every fight every cause has to take a back seat to defeating he's like an infection, you don't fool around. We all have our issues that are important to us, and so to lead by example, let me say that I will take I own close to the heart tat cause pot legalization
off the table. I knew no me. I have seen in my urine motives You know that. But if someone, if someone told me that pushing for pot might cost Hilary Ohio until November Rave, I'm just going to shut the fuck up, I know liberals are feeling pretty good about Hilary chances this week. But history has taught us the Democrats are pretty. Blowing elections and rob chickens are masters and winning elections, with solutions in search of a problem and the problem there. Imagining lately is that the transgendered or sex fiends, pretending to be true Gendered, Rome, America's restrooms in drag. Looking for a chance to watch people pay
Ok, here's what we can't do, this election, get tricked into symbolic fights about college campuses, pet peeves Hitler If someone asks you of Christmas is unfair to the desert to the disabled. The reindeer laugh at Rudolf knows. Say I don't care, I know we're liberals and there's an infinite list of ideas for making the world better by making it less like Doug Dinas. But there is no room for boutique issues in an Armageddon election and look I'm I'm on the side of people being where they want. It's an inalienable right. I believe it was Patrick Henry who once said nobody beach. The with
and I am not suggesting that we throw the transgendered under the bus or discount their struggle. It can't be Z, finding pantyhose when you're six four, but this is exactly the kind of culture were issued that roused a certain type of voter out of their trail. On election day as we speak and culture is finishing, a new book called urination. Liberals are giving it to America in the camp. Let's not die on this hill because I've seen this movie before and the tooth. As an election, Al Gore distance himself a very successful Clinton administration, because the republican made. It seem like every time Monica Blue Clinton. He was holding your hair
and then there was two thousand for when George W Bush got caught invading the wrong country. So change the issued a gay marriage because this before a gay marriage was popular, even in two thousand eight Obama was still saying this. I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now I say that because he meant it. No, he just wanted the distraction off. People to make sure a method didn't wind up folks to most people, elections or about jobs in college and terrorism, not social issues and the people who led on social issues aren't in Washington anyway. There here in Hollywood,
this trend, gender thing. Let us handle like we did with gay rights, would you very few cared about until Hollywood put gay people in every single tv show until America not only came to accept gays, they begin to wonder if anyone in high school wasn't gay, we hit him with Glee and Ellen and will and grace and queer eye for the straight guy and pretty soon being gay was just of our modern family, We have. We have a long history of mainstreaming non traditional family Spunky Brewster
look Linda an old man for some reason, and we didn't ask- and we didn't saying, with major Nelson who kept his girlfriend energy. This is what we are good at and we have already begun to do, which were the transgendered with the danish girl and doubtless buyers club entrance parent and, of course, there's Caitlin Jenner. Who was already showed Americans that a transgendered person could be just like them
deluded knitwear who supports Donald Trump. My first time I have been fighting, I watch him any more information on com.
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