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Episode #403 (Originally aired 09/16/16) - Bill’s guests are Kellyanne Conway, Kerry Washington, Adam Gopnik, Margaret Hoover and Ralph Reed.


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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time, ill luck,
more seriously, we ve been off her five weeks. This is what I missed: the love of the good people of Amerika IRAN, the heartland but I data when I left Hilary had a big led. One
What happened there? We specify obliquely evaporated the convention. Bounds is God they say the race is tightening. My asshole was tight like this, and I know, I said this from the beginning
be complacent, be very afraid, I'm very worried. I saw a bumper sticker the other day and somebody's cards at on deplorable, and I vote Jesus Christ. I thought Hilary had this in the bag. All she had to do was not fall off. The sidewalk utterly drum to build a wall help rebuild a ramp, but she was back on the guy. Can't keep that old girl down idea. She was back on the campaign trail. Yesterday she came out North Carolina rally to James grounds. I feel good
the songs you really should use. Is that one from dream, Girls- and I am telling you I'm not going again- will you know now that health is the big issue at the gibbet trump you saw. This went on. Doktor asked this week remember when tromp, like six months ago, everybody made fun room because he released a one page letter from a quack. Doktor. Ok will now seriously went on doktor eyes. One letter from this aim: quack, not there, the ardor. The deal baby idea I mean, is that not the most it gives us thing you ever it's, like my doctor, says I'm great I'd like a second opinion, while he says my dick
big to add, and I love this right wing conspiracy, nuts, and there are plenty of those out there think that hill, they never really recovered from the pneumonia. That's a body devil, they say, that's a double! You know what. Even if that were true, I'm fine with it. I would happily vote for the body double over the tangerine nightmare. Any my slogan is ready for body double. Ready for Hitler anyway, the matter we're onto the next, what already, but but it's funny losing a body double as if you could keep that
we're in America cannot keep anything a secret in America anywhere. You can't even keep what you want to be secret. Did you see Colin Powell had his emails hacked this week? Oh, my god boy did he go after Trump? and we shouldn't be reading it, but we did said
was a national disgrace that he was an international pariah said he was a racist and, of course, Trump fired back. He said I am not a racist and user are no longer one of the good ones, kid that drugs, what a lovely family did you see you see what Don Junior said yesterday for place Trump, as I call him douche bag man for Craig learn a little bed. That's the father, Goose Rev! One fact raises the sun and the other side is Thurston, should begged the third and among is Marilyn monster. That's the fact that the family, but but John Down Junior, says the media. I saw in the tank for the Democrats that whatever they do is ok, but if the republic gives it the same thing, they would be quote warming up the gas chambers. Now look:
Liberals raw livestock talking how it now is not just an idiot but warming up the gas Is this an expression? People use this routine fellows. I gotta get me another wife about ten minutes. Lay Jeez warming up again, but the Big news today, I'm bearing the lead here, is the Trump officially announced that Obama was born in America. Like that's up to him to pronounce your paper seem to be an order, Mr Obama. Your family may stay inside the wall
So if you are keeping score Obama born in Amerika from supporters born yesterday, you know he's been fanning the flames of this birth tourism for five years yesterday causes today called the press conference in his new hotel in Washington. All the press, of course, go there to see what he's gonna be announcement about birth tourism, giving thirty minute infomercial, but it's stupid new hotel at the very end, these, as President Barack Obama was born in the United States period, might drop, and then he followed that, with a heartfelt apology,
What will meditation on american racism I'm kidding? He blamed on the hill biggest even when he had mixing lies. Yes did tell another giant why he says Hilary in her case, pain, started Bertha wisdom in two thousand and eight, which is something contradict only by newspapers, television, twitter, eyes, ears and smell Hilary started birthday risen? Oh yes, I think we all Remember that I think it was right. After Hilary casinos went bankrupt tat, she was still married, we're gonna at that but screwing around and Marlowe maples anyway. I I guess now that he has done that. I have to be the bigger man and also admit the traumas, father
Was it really all look at the picture who the fuck am I doing a lot of three dollars say we got a great shout Margaret over Rob, raided Adam Gap Nigger here and a little babies. Biggie with Carry Washington is back with a fee. Is president and c of the polling, company and campaign manager, for you know who Mr Donald Trump, we thank everybody, here. Kelly and Conway is joining us by satellite. I have colleagues first well, I have to thank you. You have been doing our show for over twenty years. You are one of our regional blonde conservatives, along with an culture who still a friend of mine, to the consternation of many, but you did not
up on us now that you have become Donald Trump campaign manager. You stuck it out, and I thank you for being here, I'm having a guy, and I must have. I had mixed emotions. First of all, you are enabling pure evil, but alarm Bell. Unlike so proud of you mean you started here, you're, just a child's Dar our show, and now you are perhaps the most Important person in the world because you seem to be the only person who's been able to tame Donald Trump. Many have tried but only you were able to pull that sort out of the stone. How did you do it. I don't see it that way. I think he I look. I walk in the trunk tower every data they campaign and I'm quickly reminded that Donald Trump did very well for himself long before I arrived
like every leader, needs the right environment, the right players around them for them to be them and he's out there showcasing his generosity is, I think, his great sense of humour his law. The countries involved and you know they'll all gone there is good at what jobs as are also good. Silver clemmed that you but plain my new now liquor. Often Jersey knows what that means. My luck, I just want to tell you one thing that you and I have been talking for over two decades- knowledge real pleasure in a privilege. Thank you for calling me your friend and forgive me a platform with all those swing. Voters in your audience tonight, you're! No, no I mean there are. There are ok good workers, noting then we have a much bigger audience than all. The other stupid shows that the other politicians do and speaking of polish
I feel that I know I know Donald Trump, because our view is drawing to reach those suburban people. That's our audience, and some of them are on the events and that's why I heard today. Donald Trump encourage you to do this. You don't. I wanted to tell you that He said to say hello: when he heard I was invited, you say is true: he did when any mileage sooner preying on you. You know resumed. We once again have echo well as soon as a judge sort. Of course, he laughed and threw it out of court.
Adele is not laughing, though I got to tell you he's not laughing. I've been to these rallies. I've been to these fairs. This guy has really created a movement and people feel like they're part of it, and I want to tell you you- and I have been talking for two decades about the problem with politicians. Besides an outsider and just dropped her, I change maker, he's not running for the reason many people run in politics, which is it's my turn. Next in line, I went money fame status power. He we had all of that and he and his family making tremendous sacrifices just to do this, and when I travel around with him people don't stop bilbil and say I like John the apprentice or I want your autograph. They say we need jobs in this in the state or, please save our contrary. No, you don't yeah, but that's what people say. We have to respect people who are there watching tonight. Well, I don't have to respect all the people.
I go, and I don't know I don't have to respect all the people in the pillory was right when she called a lot of his supporters deplorable, because a lot of what I believe is the answer, but I mean, but I'm glad we saw her true feelings for once. He doesn't really given by the way she said deplorable just about twelve hours after her campaigns then she's going to become more uplifting an aspiration. Also, the voters can see within her heart amidst all the cacophony, a noise and what has she done over centuries the negative negative negative. The democratic party I grew up in was always very uplifting and aspirational. They elevated and elected people like J, F K and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton her messages, antitrust. She doesn't have a positive message
You are running against Donald Trump. Your message you'd be a date drug to invite away. At least she stick to the facts in her and I'm message, Donald Trump has said Hilary will repeal of the second amendment is your understanding of what she has said in the past. He said he what she wants to release all violent crime. Those from jail she wants to release. All of them is that when you ve heard her say she wants to repeal the second amended and released violent criminals, she is actually said that she does like the Heller decision, which was a Supreme court decision that held that individuals have a private, to bear arms under the second amendment she's pretty hostile to that. She actually has been very critical of President Obama because she think he has gone far enough on been borders and he's been he's deported many people in this country. So look Bell. You in one hour show you cover more issues and more substance and she covers in a month. She doesn't talk about issue.
When's, the last time she gave a speech on taxes on the middle class on education and health care. She just doesn't do it. I don't have time to go through all of his wise. We only have an hour, but let's just a divided for the moment between the scary and the false. Now, let's, let's start with the scary, pillory said at the end of her convention speech you, you can't trust a guy who can be debated with a tweet with nuclear weapons. Ok, just in the last couple of weeks. What he has said is a rainy and sailors have made have seen gestures at our boats, so we should blow them out of the water and that The Chinese didn't provide the proper red carpet when Obama landed there, he would turn the plane around. Isn't she right Is he really a man who has the temper and honestly Kelly and twenty years of friendship?
is it really the person who see the person to be in the oval office? Yes, and by the way he is occupying series real estate in her head. I mean who's been losing in the poles, who seems very rattled and not re nimble offered her script these days, as you said, in your monologue, what the heck happened. You said a little bit differently, but our clean it out what the heck happened. I mean she had she had in the bag. Every story was look at the polls. The races overlook at the polls, the races over. So let's do look at the polls now, four or five weeks later, where winning in some of these swing says that Mitt Romney lost where she was way ahead because she thought she would just it would just be a complete. Blow out that she just had to bide her time. Sit on her lead, wait out the clock. She tried to do that against Bernie Sanders. He wants money to say she tried to do against Barack Obama in two thousand and eight and he walked here and he wanted, and so I think
I think we're gonna win bell. You knowing you feel it. I think you're getting nervous alarm getting nervous, but it's not because Trump is good. It's because people are stupid. That's why I tell you why I'm getting nervous and I'll do it with a Donald Trump pulled from the ordered the deal he said, I played a people's fantasies. People want to build, that something is the biggest and the greatest and most spectacular, I call it truthful hyperbole. I call it lying. Here are some lies. I never I don't know anything about David. Do utter lie flat may I put an eye are best friends. He never met him. He got away. From the NFL, which was prude, never happened. He gave money to the veterans when he didn't I was against the Iraq war when he plainly it's on tape said he was not
How do you answer to the fact that this man just says whatever he wants at the moment in the moment to get whatever point he wants across, regardless of the facts that change cherry picking, certain things he said and on the Iraq war, the timeline is very clear will hold on. He was on Howard, stern radio show is a private citizen and stern asked him. So how should we invade Iraq? What do you think any sit? I guess so Hillary Clinton proudly went down into the well of the United States Senate. Has her wrote in favour of the Iraq war and, by the way, she's been a hawk for many years? The Wall Street Journal wrote about again this week. That she's always been an intervention. Is so the Democrats made. Like that. I know you're stuck with a lemon here with fifty three days to go and we're surging, and I'm sorry for that, because she has never been somebody who recapture the momentum. We saw her fall apart and two thousand eight. We saw Bernie Sanders when twenty two states and millions of voters just a couple of months ago bill we see,
Harry Johnson and, in fact, Jill Stein, taking votes away from her she's just been she's floundering. Forty two, forty four percent. The question is: why, in the answer is very by a majority of Americans think that she doesn't tell the truth. She's, not honest, are trustworthy in a majority dont quite like her, where, if she does when she will make history we're not because of their gender, only but you're not forever elected president, then a majority the Americans fell was dishonest and untrustworthy. Ok, but you're you're hurt him. You know her campaign manager, you're Donald Trump skimping on offer. Female president, but not that when I am, I am going to tell her, but also I mean you know in the past, you work for people like Nude, Gingrich, Fred Thomson, Jack I agree with a lot of what they say, but they are all serious. My pants, I was trying to keep,
that out of it, but these are all serious people you'd see a difference between them and Donald Trump. I mean you have many children I mean. Are you ok, with what your children gonna be asking you about supporting a man enabling a man who did things like make fun of the handicapped and said became much more here underwritten. What's endorse it, John Mccain and Donald Trump have endorsed each other in the way they support each other in the races this year, so but that in its butler I have no problem saying to my children that I want that, should it be better for them, and I already know what Hillary Clinton is going to do. She says it well. I have yet to look at a website to know for God's sakes using and talk about the issues and that
don't like I know I can support somebody lies for living. I'm not going to be a large our lives. As you just said, you can't afford somebody. You lies reliving when I read this way ahead. Convey observes the democratic Blue, while, whereas the electoral map wait wait a second she's, the one I six six percent of American saying she's, not honest and she's, not trustworthy. She has earned with that, but I wouldn't want you to leave. That's not what is in law deleted. The email think she hasn't fell the truth about her health condition. They know, then she doesn't tell the true that where are they? thirty three thousand in wearing. Seventeen thousand goes back into line. Look my love, my less growth. If drove you guys win, look really. I threw that camera and tell me how you will not actually be more nervous, then, if Hilary one eye
not anymore nervous. If everyone, I think now, I'm with an eye witness tens of millions of people in this country bill who have joined the trot movement have said you are last hope, because she will tax and regulation called ices, our quote: determine enemies in her convention speech are determined enemies like we're playing a soccer game again, so there are sound, bridge murderers who have killed thirty, three thousand people them in their predecessors, just in the last thirteen years. Eighty percent in the last three years- but I will say this you're here,
It's probably got now that you and I share a birthday galleries, funding and Alteration Gallagher. Racial, my guest male mar, will see you there. Please keep me out of one time a bay. That's all I got. I gotta get hurt like enraging board. Guttered candidates is their rights and for the New Yorker magazine out, I'm gonna make as back where there is presently american unity on CNN contributor, our friend Margaret over back, where those same, however, is the chairman of the faith and Freedom Coalition mile job around. Don't forget your questions for tonight's over time, so you can answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, so I think we have a fairly diverse primal. We have two Republicans one who is a Trump person one. It was a republican, but will not go for job right, cracked right and to same people heading on getting what you know. I I want to ask you first, let me ask you the people who are Republicans but would vote for true, but new road for military right, I've inside of other negative
well, I do not know what I mean, there's only two people who could possibly when it gets that I might not voting for companies. I recognize it. Hilary would be president. I can live with that. I can look. I've been what what is it? What does the other tourism to these new proudly carry a Republican? Maybe I ever idea you are the new order of granite ladder, rain and out of the republican present president. Recently in the dream, is your view: Fine Donald Trump, so odious so dangerous that you can't votre fit. It seems like you would have to now. I live in New York. I might on principle of Africa nothin I might on for you know, but that's a vote. I others this actually yeah. Why set of four trump in New York, because I don't know, I don't think so. I M ready automatically objectively
the vote for tramp, in other words in his either when you have a moment of absolute national emergency, and you refuse to take the reasonable side, and you insist instead, that your tribal loyalties is such that instead, you going to tell you're not going to line up with only reasonable alternative divergent an hour. I actually what we need. More votes are ok forgot era when we ask the question because I see this Kentucky governor meant Bevan. You know him we're off like your type we'll be ran against Mitch, Mcconnell to his right? Ok and I'm reading this quote from him because it just blows my mind how divided this country is in. We just can't even see the same reality. This is Governor Asia, governor of Kentucky, that's a state, You said somebody asked me yesterday: do you think it's possible if Hillary Clinton were to win the election? That will be able
survive that we ever be able to recover as a nation. I think that, but not wait about Hillary Clinton. This is exactly what I and millions of people are saying about? Donald Trump, could we ever survive so many waiting? He goes on to say we, yes, we could survive Hillary Clinton, it would be possible, but the price blood will be shared it, maybe those this room, I have nine children. It breaks my heart, you think it might be their blood needed to redeem and reclaim America walk me. Through how Hillary Clinton centrist. Hillary Clinton is this much of a threat and how people get their mind to display silk bill. Only in Hollywood is Hilary, a centrist, but rarely that yeah really they tell me tell me why she's all existential growled for transitioning from Obamacare to single pair
No, no, no, wait! A second wait. A second most single payer public option, ok same not no saying for inciting up look at all this, so they did a miser is she's. She's also said that she will take a bomb as amnesty, which was exactly Unconstitutional amnesty and double down on it, so she's, not in the middle of this, would make a member. It also violates where we have. You shall have some odd drilling gaze, the first candidate of either a political party since Roby Way to call for killing the height amendment, which was a by partisan compromise after Roby Way to say: look abortion,
maybe the law of the land, but taxpayers should not be required again arise aside sums for she's the first candidate of either party, but losing her husband, even Barack Obama. I'm ok he's not the threats. Only nineteen, after actually out of the mainstream, is different than we have to die. Ok, that's rare and build. That's not fair! That's what he's! That's not fair and its usual has contacted by reporter. After he made that comment. He was refer, bring to military sacrifice, and I am the son of A.
Fuck sake, I just read it, but this is certainly the article where he was called by Louisville Career Journal reporter any said I was referring to military sacrifice. Tonight's rather excuse now. This is what those on all the time somebody says, and this is what Trump is inserted into the american body Politic in an incredibly pathological when somebody says something that is clearly violence. Clearly, a threat of violence is clearly directed that way and then, when it gets out there, then suddenly it's a nod and let's turn in its turn around Adam, and we all know what that is. At least, let me finish my speech. He quoted Jefferson, who talked about the tree of life,
they have watered with the national quota generous than you are always calling for via secessionist Coyote Jefferson in eighteen. Sixty jet deal that big violent. What he was here as bad as from what we have here is that you can compare Thomas Jefferson and Donald Trump. Then you have to have the island and angrily now cited Jefferson in the remarks and that, where right onto our arbour, who are arguing about a guy who Mitch Mcconnell cause a pathological liar rotate. So this is just like one hour we're going Mitch. Mcconnell called sedimentary later clause map in the Kentucky that Africa Francais Pathological, lacks what you say about cocaine for priority is on the fringe of its I'm looking, but so here think the argument tat we can add a few more democrats have that that the energy sector is actually a family member families are voting for Trump I'm from play over country. They literally family. Just send me the same thing. The country is going to be unrecognizable. We won't be able to get it back in the channel trump lanes and that's how,
really Republicans believe- and I know you used a giant only I've Hillary Clinton with both sides thing what might happen to think that if Hillary Clinton, the argonauts. Let's be honest, I mean the same people, at least on the right who say they are people who believe in constitutional conservatism. They believe in checks and balances, they believe in the wisdom of the founders, and they believe that both the government was set up in order to prevent anybody who has to radical impulses to be able to take over. I believe in our country, and I believe in our voters, and I do not believe that our country will be able the same Ami individual, who is in the executive branch for four years, and that goes against. You have Donald Trump as well, I think, weakens into a does. It mean that either of them won't have awful policy, but we can sustain it as we do so you would start a war if around this, the finger
I do think it is a little concerned about its a little different than the public option, which are the same thing is singularly. I can only become the same thing. I agree. I agree with Margaret a hundred percent that the system that our framers put together was resilient enough to endure two world wars: hurries depression, the simply have never before Hungary added. I believe me. Let me just finished Adam. I believe that that system Of checks and balances and of separation of powers of Congress checking the our presidency of a free press of an enlightened
engage citizen we can overcome. We have never before wrangle window. He had never been Ireland about Hilary. We have never before Ralph had an candidate of a major political party who is an avowed enemy of all those things whose, on the record, as opposing all of the things you said yourself, american democracy won't survive. If Donald Trump, my knowledge is. History tells me Ralph that when an when a radical authoritarian takes power in a country that the result is never your answer is yes, America won't survive. I think that american democracy will be in greater danger than has been since eighteen, sixty five Donald Trump, we're like crazy, I am answering, Questions- can be a chance. I think that american democracy, all of us who believe in american democracy and in constitutional conservatism, will struggle, will struggle to save
Erica from Donald Trump, but I believe that no one can deny that Donald Trump is a classic example of someone who has contempt for all of the tripod that keeps our constitution or a country together. He has contempt for the true he s, contempt for the legitimacy of the elected government, and he has contempt for anyone who he regards as an outsider rose is things that are strangers contemporary anyone who doesn't kisses guess it's puts it more. Simply. That's why you love is toy, loves vat are important because Putin said he liked Donald Trump, so anybody like starting from a great guy well, I mean I would just say that, for somebody who lived for Watergate and and saw use of power and destruction of evidence and suborning of perjury and a true constitutional crisis. We survive that, and, if we survive that weakens they provide.
Where we going nowhere, that's a good point wrath, but because we get your next with light was it will have enough faith and aren't gonna shit. Regional rock reconnecting with all of its loss was surrounded by people who are deeply committed to the american system of constitutional government, and Donald Trump is not know what what Nix whenever it was. He fired. Everybody in the Justice Department right Irish special prosecutor are key, show any respect for the constitution or the rules are living. Men have been all over. His bad is the worst present in american history. I dont have. I met a consoling thought. That's it wasn't. The worst Andrew Johnson was the worst ok for over time. Ever since we can ever since hilarious collapse, health has been on the forefront of the voters minds of the cannon. It's a! U saw, Doktor OZ had drunk I think I think It was the wrong Oscars Trump. Doesn't it
doktor need your brain, but anyway drunk as I mentioned, Imala give my one. Pager Mccain released twelve hundred twelve hundred pages, so
There is way way more in Donald Trump medical history. Luckily, Russia is not the only place that has hackers. We have em right here at real time. We got a hold of the medical. Would you like to hear some of these are just some of the highlights when, for example, as a newborn, Donald Trump battled metal, poison, romaine silver spoon left in his mouth, it do. Thousands injured is back lifting Maloney shipping ring as a patient. He reports hearing things and then repeating them. As fact here in nineteen into a doctor's surgically removed a baby bird from his hair trumps medical records- we have it says page
lists is blood pressure, as best ever over. Unbelievable suffers from a rare condition. Hemorrhoids interesting he's never experienced a seizure, a machine the ones ordered by bankruptcy. Court doesn't that's. It says the patient is overweight, but not obese and possesses the only known cases of hate handles Oh stool sample.
Presents as unremarkable, although, although you can't believe the shit that comes out of his mouth star, they re scandal and we know that it is both actors and producer of the age. We will be confirmation. Carry washing are you are you are with China? I am not again you're not too far along. Is that because I noticed, but your hide in return. I did on the show, but life there's no hope for the ride. So excited tat is very exciting. Does it does its focus the mind you think on what's going on with the nation, when you know that little a little child abusers will be dealing with the repercussions of whoever becomes browser you I mean, I think you know I've always been a fairly political per cent and mostly not because I'm in the public eye
but because I'm an american anything, we have a right and a responsibility to participate in our democracy, so having a child, might open up my mind to the issues like this ridiculous maternity leave that to public them just recently, oh yes, nerve! You didn't catch this week, probably because a colleague I mean she's, good or daughter with us, and I think it's important that we not be distracted by these very smart, very articulate, beautiful women who work in the trunk campaigners who are a lot smarter than the candidate. I think Romania should be not because they will not have their finger on the body. He well a cheap, but you ride Kelly and his daughter and got him this week to reach out to women with a maternity and childcare plan, which I guess we'll be necessaries. He's gonna deport all the nanny. But why do you say it's ridiculous? I mean, I think, there's been a lot of talk about being insulting to women, but I think it's actually insulting to family.
Until workers, because there's no paternity leave. There's no family leave for Hillary Clinton. These issues. These policies are not about women's policy. This is about economic policy, because we understand in this country that if families are able to take care of each other, we do better, as a nation I choose Canada over the guy who brag about having never change the guy for early, never tasted. I think that's crazy, but also that there is no way to pay for it in his plan. Now, really it's logistically right. It's enough about fraud, which they all say, women, I wanna papers. We know a year ago he talked about these, how these childcare plans that his company had trumpet tears interim kids that respects with these great plans for people who worked for him, they did a little digging cause. He talked about the cocktails that the kitty cocktails and colouring books in the slides. They did research that wasn't for his workers.
That was for people who are guests at his fancy hotels, and he didn't apparently understand the distinction. Well he doesn't give us our cars we're like. If we have tat care, we don't know about it. Doesn't it doesnt have money to his on charity? It's the Trump foundation. He hasn't put a diamond since two thousand and eight and any gives money to other charities from his chin ascii, but to give him our money to give to generic right. They think it's remember. It's not ok. I certainly do not want to be shooting under control just kidding they democratic Lenny Marcia. But let's talk about our girl because there is a real enthusiasm gap. I read it today. It was a very scary numbers and nor I have them, but something like Millennials
the millennium you're, on the edge of the millennium share my agent. One only say I think you're gonna upper end. It is you and she dipped something lacking pregnant found the right now what she's she's weighed down with the millennials? They have fallen off the wagon, not doing there's a big enthusiasm gap with black and his spanish. What I don't count. Well, I'm glad I'm doing as I think you can. I understand what you're saying I think, there's a bigger problem, which is that, right now we are in a political climate, where we are being led by the media, no offense to for the loudest candidate and the meanest. The bullying candidate in the playground, and that we are voting based on culture personality cult of celebrity. Rather than voting and our best interest. I think
really look at policy. Voting for Trans is voting against our best interest as Americans, as workers as people of color, as women voting not voting is voting against ourselves. So voting for top is voting against our selves. Not voting is running. Is our selves and I think in this election voting for third party candidate is voting against shouting out what she doesn't have policy. She doesn't address the issues that are important to us, but I think that's because they know, these again is coming from the bully in the playground? If you do the research, the policy is there, we can again Kellynch really good at what she does real playing a levy, a pope. I know spin when I see it she's great. What really I'm? In the very first speech she gave after announcing your candidacy was about criminal justice reform. So when people of color, when young people out there saying she's not doing enough for us, we have to do the work to dig
media is not spoil feeding us the information. We need our guy right. Here's why I have no faith in the outcome. I saw Trump was in Flint Michigan this week, and I saw this woman that they interviewed, and the rapporteur said Donald Trump came here: do you think he means it is going to help? You know they said book, but Hilary came your months ago and the woman said, That's when all the media was here. Maybe she was just trying to climb onto that. So I feel bad for these people. When, but on the other hand, if you don't want your kids poisoned right, maybe do a little research, because one hand you have a guy has never been. The flint never showed the least bit of concern care empathy for anything about poor people. Their communities only cares about the rich and the yachts self interest and his own self interest, and then this other person who has developed if her life, Turkey is just like this versus the guy from the party who did that problem to begin with. Who wants to allow
beneath the EPA who wants to cut regulations and cut taxes on the rich, and you can't figure out who devote for another, I one hundred percent, and when we talk about our there may be things that you. You particularly agree with that some point like I know a lot of people of color and Millennials Tugela her position on criminal justice reform and the Super predator stuff in I hear that and I understand it. I would rather vote for the candidate who was willing to address mistakes. Address issues. Take responsibility, be account will be a part of a change solution rather than the candidate who chooses to continue to perpetuate fear and hate in the present and the home is that this is a big problem. I have with levels cleaning up a little spot over here when there's a giant pilot shit on the other side of the room. But let me ask you about this,
because we got onto the subject a little bit column, Capron, Agnes you're, married to an Ex NFL play. I am responsible for the gap, and this has been a big controversy in America. He asked the backup quarterback for the San Francisco forty Niners. He will not stand for the national anthem as a protest against police. Brutality. Now it is spreading. You see there. Somebody else is doing it. I think about a dozen guys, like I said I have found, even in other words in soccer and other rights to by going from people thing. This is horrible because he is somehow offending America and people have died, will actually what people died and forty
was for his right to do that. That's exactly as either way supporter, I obviously don't agree completely onto percent with everything the company is saying, but I think it's really important that because of speaking first person that, because I'm in the public eye, I do not give up my rights as an American, I'm an american citizen, and just because I may work for the studio system or work four eggs,
what's league doesn't mean I'm a slave on a plantation I still get to have my right, although you prize lighter exactly when I put that away. So I get to express my rights and I get tat to speak my mind. I also think it's really important that we remember that a lot of these athletes or people like civil rights activist that we now canonize and and call heroes and male K, Mohammed Ali, who was the transcended raise these- are people that at that time, at that time there was very different language being used to describe their beliefs and their actions calling Capron. It may be one of those future heroes and if we don't give him the room to talk about these issues that need to be addressed, we are not fulfilling their obligations as the democracy, that is, we. The people address, girl, republican scan and for the National Roma are stand for the national anthem and I put my hand over the my heart, because I thought you were never the victim of police brutality. Now I was not.
I believe that this is. I think this is the greatest nation on earth, and I think that, while this has been an imperfect nation that is committed, grievous NASH, sense, but if it's impair floating slavery and racism by the way, I still think that people from all over the world throughout history and now come here to be free and These countries are really addressing the question, though, that it does address the question. It says what I would do: ok, obviously I support his right to do it. Well, I think he has the right under the first amendment. I don't agree with him, but obviously he has right to make good for you, but I think that, because we have a right to disagree here at that table because we live in this great measure. That's that's. What makes America Grady
and it is only to be great again. I don't agree with virtually anything. You say, but I defend your right to have a show and right rather, but it also bothers me that that you know it seems like the right wing defines what patriotism is and then, if you do something different, you're, not patriot- and you know what I dont like about sport events like the big celebration of militarism, the fly oversight
jets and all that bullshit I'm trying to just watch again. I don't wanna be reminded of all that and by the way, those jets. Most of them are not needed. That son about defence. That's about defence contractors! It actually makes us weaker, not stronger, so why should we leave it out escort altogether? I think I think you need to lighten honestly. I I've been to those events, and I will I'll never forget being at the two thousand and one world Series game, seven between the Arizona diamond acts and the New York Yankees. This was long after September. Eleven right in the end, be one bomber flew right over the stadium that we were celebrating America. We were so we were honouring bill them.
What Terry men and women who have been des I went there lie on the latter, always every single day. I will weaken be always cherished the moment when Ralph Red told me to lighten what is another thing that the police unit in Santa Clara, which is where the forty nine least practice threatened to walk off the job. They said what, did was creating a hostile work environment now they did for work, the only people who didn't wear the rams.
What does that worthy? Where we are in America with the police are threatening to not sure what they do? Is they work for us? Don't they do? We have to all agree that all of them do their jobs perfectly before they show up what a punch you ve over sensitive babies, heritage and saying, as the welfare of their new times, had an editorial, nay by Bill Breton, who is a very well known and very well respected, leader and community policing employees reforms across the country. He was here in LOS Angeles, isn't me or twice where he's retiring today after railing time, starting in Boston, I mean that this. These are horrible exceptions. I think too, for the most part, which is it is of the pollution hiding place here and by there were the national like doing like we get bettering
every generation right like. Let's not forget that right, like work better better at closer to fulfilling the ideal of the declaration declaration, Malta, we New and announce its extra July. I you and by the way, the national one endorse Trump today so if you want a really men fences with the majority community, will you remember the land? They re always moving things. We ve seen all year where the pictures of the Dallas police with the black lives matters protesters before those horrible killings, rather lined up with them so pertaining to protecting, owing that have a right to protest that importing there are like to protest healing in truth telling in coming together and not in shutting it down. In saying I won't protagonist in the most salient point is as offended as they were. They showed up and they did their job. I, for one will delay. There are hundreds of thousands of men and men who make up the thin blue line that separate us. We are the greatest.
Kill. We are other, why we all agree in our family all agree when lots of other people are are not when their jobs they get up every day and they put their Ralph here's my last, where Europe I have to go to new room now that Wells Fargo has been caught secretly, creating fake accounts to defraud customers out of millions they may want to make their. Well go, look less like a couple abandoned, skipping town would everybody's euro about it. We know that the protesters dancing with the stars who attack Ryan Lucky did it because he a barrister, Americans
Tell me why they ran right by wrecked airy fairy ones and the same job as George W Bush and stood out. Is that dumb one? He once let a stadium rally to pray for rain what you might get any, but at least they can swim. Written Rick vary, but this veto on over his head euro? You have to admit that Florence is Ed and ran guard Boulier, who have been married for thirty two years and coordinating their outfits every day are just adorable
the only thing that doesn't matches that end carries a wild and friend carries. A purse motion keeps ends ball neural. Anyone sending around that viral water birth, video going on about how beautiful it is also up to watch the video taken the next morning when the poor guy neural someone must tell Donald Trump be met with the wrong eyes. Already. Did this own? I did know doesnt needed doktor? He needs a brain. We did that you did that. Next still, sorry were a little rusty neural, whoever heart to whoever cropped this photo deserve.
The congressional medal of Honor, because my eyes, I've seen a lot of things where this is Donald Trump lovingly cap Bill Clinton scrotum, while Bill Pat on the back there. Carians are right. We need a third party and finally, new. Both candidates must sign a pledge that whoever loses the election in November, whether its Hilary or whether its orange, fair and the loser has to congratulate the winner and can see graciously why biggest civility, is nearly dead in this country, and we need to return to some basic level of by partisan decency and respect for our opponent. Otherwise we're gonna wind up being governed by those good for nothing assholes. On the other side,
You see if there's one words now you may not think something as simple as congratulating your opponent should rise to the level of a campaign issue, but if you want to know why country is so tense and our government doesn't work its biggest society functions on some basic rules of conduct, and they're all going away? It's why filibustering has become not a rare principle protest, but the every day automatic cock blocking that defines government. Ten crews, filibustered obama- care for nearly a day by reading green eggs and am a book about how you might like something if you give it a chance, it's. Why Republicans, who claim to worship the constitution can now just
ignore their duty in filling a Supreme court vacancy and speaking of the Supreme Court, which used to day supremely out of partisan bickering. It's why Ruth Baker, this burg. Yes, even sweeps scholarly grandmotherly, Ruth Baker. Ginsburg talk trash about Trump this year like she was in a rap that men can bring out the worst in any one, but I have to tell you Donald Trump didn't create this swamp. He just rose from it Hilary Hilary are the first two candidates in memory not to call and congratulate each other after they won their respective races forever. That is what people do
even Al Gore called George W Bush after be lost, and he didn't even those in the Senate. Members use to refer to each other is my friend from the other side of the Isle. They didn't mean it literally, of course, no one actually thinks of ten crews is a friend when you say it anyway: it's get a marriage occasionally to keep things functional. Tat. Tell little lies like your more handsome, bald or I'm dying to hear about your day, or I love it you only blow me on my birthday it makes its special
politics. We ve forgotten how to do that lie not blowing. We ve got it didn't break down when we decided it was ok to say that the president was the kenyan spy baby. It didn't help me Their did when someone shouted out new lie state of the union and its only gotten worse, a republican senator this year called Obama a drug dealer. The governor of main left, a voice message, One of these political opponents calling him a socialist cocksucker, even within the party they do it. Alan Grayson Stay democratic primary in Florida last month. Refuse to endorse the guy, you beat him and then called him a republican coma,
call a guy a traitor. I keep saying that this election is a referendum on decency. It's a chance to redeem. The gutter and punish people who want to live there. But right now we are rewarding them. The guy you said you lie the next day: donation, and poured into the coffers, because now in America, when you act like an asshole you're a hero. This is what parliament looks like on a bad day in the Ukraine and here's. The turkish parliament and one in South Korea and the one in Nepal.
yeah, we laugh at it, but that is where we're headed, because the real and actually disease that threatening our election. Isn't pneumonia, it's a total lack of class. This is supposed to be a democracy, not a bum fight. Let's leave the I gouging to the pageant moms and the air pulling to the Italians. Just a little decency for old time's sake, so the neighbors don't think we're trash, because we haven't
that war yet and the Mexicans can hear everything we can to get our job we're twenty second Madison Square Garden November. I want to thank God Margaret over Robbery, Gary Washington and Kelly anytime. I beg you have told me that if we want to make a move from each other and each bio dot, com
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