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Episode #405 (Originally aired 09/30/16) - Bill’s guests are Sean Penn, Sarah Silverman, Peter Hamby, Steve Moore and Angela Rye.

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time.
Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to know tat I may be losing the guide. All I could say distort the show is welcome to another week of yes. This is
really happening either of you saw what happened this morning, but Donald Trump, a seventeen year old Man and father of five. When ape shit on twitter between, twenty and five thirty. In the morning sludge shaming, missed universe. Nineteen. Ninety six as the trooper remember, however, is an from two thousand, and who do you want answering the White House? Verona three. I am someone who's not already enraged and hissing getting out of myself. What let me go back to the beginning. America used to be a country
no, not that far, let's go back to Monday night. Did you see the debate a killer? It made her case for being present that she has the experience and the temperament to be the commander in Chief Donald Trump, made his case I hate rosy dharmu, but she started it. Is this really happening Trump interrupted? Fifty one times at one point she had to say Mommy's talking, he actually had a meltdown Donald Trump Harry Meltdown about what a great temper
do you have. It was like watching someone carb, I'm not a psycho into their process. It anymore and even though all the ball say that here we won the debate now we one you want and if we didn't win totally, not his fault, the moderator asked the wrong question did a bad microphone. The whole system is rig. She had the questions were forehand. This done was, in my eyes, a cold war of even Ryan locked. It was like stop with the bullshit about being widely little bitch,
I don't know Hilary got a big bump after the debate and from look like you did a big before the debate on hearing I dont know for a fact. I hope it's not true. Lotta people is saying it lot of people are saying it. That's all. I know I hope it's not true what you know he was sniffing alive. It was either that or regional Ergic two facts. Now I think it may be the case. Donald Trump was born with the silver spoon in his nose. Well, I only say that, because there many came out absolutely manner the first half that were charging like a rabbit, weasel, sniffling, cottonmouth
drinking rambling, like the guy. You can't get out of your apartment, most telling Thirty minutes in crashed. Did you notice, ironically, the guy you ones to build the war, a war which, which was actually the best part of the whole night, because he went Hilary on stamina, stamina, she was Bruce, bring the in just getting warmed up after he was that Airbus, forgetting the lyrics, do, are you lonesome tonight which brings me back to
You have heard what I was starting with yes, so he went after this damn thing, so she said you know what this is, about what you are talking about with women for years looks, and he said and night she said you called Miss unit. First. Ninety ninety six, Miss piggy. Ok, that was Monday what is Friday morning and this nincompoop is still obsessed with that. He was tweeting all night about missing one thousand nine hundred and ninety six shoes disgusting imploring people to check out her sex tape. Yes, Donald Trump
and your party nominee, who wants to be the president of the United States, is urging the american public to check out a sex. Take that doesn't exist from a venezuelan reality show Republicans out there. Thank you so much for this. Thank you. So much you must be so fucking proud. Your candidate finally takes a concrete position on something and it's no fat chicks, and this is our Trump treats pageant contested. Imagine our retreats poor millennia. She knows
six words and two of them are cupcake bad handy year on year anonymously, your and my good friends error, Silberman back adverse therapy is an Oscar winning actor while on our show some act, your allotted, they would say the best actor of his generation in age. The new audio book by first I'm, author, Pappy Pariah, called Bob Honey who just do stuff it's available for free, can't be that
They said, audible, dot com. He always runs toward the fire Sean Ten, let's get right. So what people are thinking? Why are you blogging someone else's book? Well, this is a book, the key to me in a kind of mysterious way. It was somebody had met on time and nobody knew a lot right areas thing seriously, though I admit once in nineteen. Seventy nine and who had through a longer story had the address of my mother and then some time. Early may this year I got a manuscript and connected to some lawyers in the Cayman Islands and so on and so forth, and I read this book that he wanted. I think I was the only
current quote, celebrity he'd ever met, and so after reading the book he thought of this guy, he met nineteen. Seventy who again realized had become was the guy he met after I stood become you prolific, sir, in a sense he can get this book called well, I guess This was the idea, and so I read, and what I was reading was in essence the book I would have written. If I was writing a book, just fell like. Finally, somebody but you're, a great writer. You could write a book. Oh I couldn't write this book. This is this. Is the book What is it is a memoir is in a novel. He calls a memoir word my suspicion. Is that much of what's in it might be true, but expose highly illegal activities on his part, and so he's
made it a fiction, icy, Romano Clay, exactly ok, so why did it movies so much? Well, here's the thing! You know what I was watching, your model on which its it to you Do you were standing right? There is not a drawing its, but they are, but I couldn't do that you could have issued at the end of the year. But now it was you so often at this time, when ones watching the news you just feel like the reporter or the Pandit should not be continuing to speak, but actually running to pull the fire alarm and an end to what the hell is happening here so this book
by the time I got to the end of it. I realized that almost everything that his his character, bub, honey is doing, and believing and and and the thought process was in sync but what I thought, but I was only I was hearing it on the news. I was hearing it from a character who is clearly a sociopath, and I thought what, when this sociopaths or are making more sense? anything we're seeing and in mainstream news media, it's time to worry about that here them out and he'll it well, that could be a different. You're drunk. I mean, there's a sociopath, he's kind of a character in the book, but that's a twelve year old Socio. So again we're undecided the mature sociopaths, ok, so
I read it also. I mean I was fascinated by adverse: will it short, which I love? You know I do I mean who has time anymore. Books are slow and long it is. This beautifully written and and it's sort of a favor dream, I'm not sure I got all of it You know you're right, he is a guy who seems to be it in intelligence agency or it was at some point. He kills people. So you know he's is is, as you say, maybe associate, but he has a moral code. Oh yes, I think, the clear moral code. What does that? How would you describe that while in and he
He has a clear moral code that has to do with something that we have always had trouble with in terms of morality, which is the principle of trash tree on trial. But I've wedding treat first to what you treat first and also. I think that, what's also a unique about the character is that, for example, he talks about words being is lethal, is a gun, but nobody needs background checks. The words he talks about? Not having that understanding that today, if we true, we want to see less gun violence, then some legitimate controls, maybe in place, but he's not you're in the greater advertising environment of people genuinely want to stop seeing gun violence is a kind of exploration of the chaotic part of what
happening in a culture where now we're seeing people who I mean that, for example, the Trump voters in and quite clearly one of the characters in the book is, is Donald Trump. The jam voters, I think, in the Pappy Pariah scheme of it or in his character, bub this game is. Those voters are one on one of two categories: they are either the highly uninformed and you can use a less polite word for some of them deplorable and I think it was and we are also looking at a country- people who are truly fittingly willing to dismiss their love for there. Children to engage in a kind of but political temper, tantrum and two hundred and two- you know, as he says in the book. Look at me, I'm a pisser on a tree.
Ouch goes the human heart, and so I think that we're in that time Now- and I read that need to read this book and also the title got me Bob honey who just do stuff, because that's what it's about he just do stuff and- and you do stuff you do a lot of stuff. I mean I said in your injure, you run toward the fire. You know you always do you go where it seems like its most dangerous, I mean I could read a list of countries that you ve gone to and not, an engine unto dark country katrina- you went there, we saw you in the robot. You went to Haiti, the Cuban you went to Venezuela ran Erech. What's wrong, why. Why do you always run toward the danger? Is it an adrenaline thing? John? I think we kick.
On Bill moral Loan to tell us the truth, and I got nowhere else to go so you know when I need a break from you, I go and find out. There is not going to get. It had not come on whether you know me, I'm not, I don't. I don't have that kind of courage and many of you have hundreds of courage. It's just a verbal courage. Well, I think it's also. I have a certain inability who focus unless I have a kind of cup cultural reference with my own experience there, and once again I can read the book about it. Once I've been there and seen it, I have a tough time doing river. Ok, so this book you we're talking about you're gonna, be doing a reading. A black were yet not right. What is that? LOS Angeles County, Museum of Modern ART August now, it's GOSH October, to my place, I can only take one more bucket
month. At this point, I give her baby. I love you. My chance had amuse where he has good Walk America. What a perfect idle for those of Peter unhappy- I Peter, I don't say it and political commentator and ceo of impacts strategies Angela Rye, is black. Women is one of our long time: friends, IRAN, those penalties, Trump economic adviser on CO, author of fuelling freedom, exposing the mad warrant, Energy STAR,
more back with this case. There is no overtime tonight, because I am actually onstage the Mirage and biggest how second, unhappily tonight, at ten o clock you going on a problem. That is, if not the drums so I mentioned There is only a month. Let I'm about to lose seriously. I just have one question for you stay because I know you're a term supporters. Have you lost your goddamn mind? What tell me is brave enough to be here in the lines and but seriously, what did you think when you today, when you are what time you get up in the morning early, I wasn't so I know I didn't see you wouldn't have was doing between three twenty five thirty, when people should be sleeping
I'm sleeping at that our and he is just saying check out these sex tape. You really think this person should be the priority United States, I'd I'm what Austria you pause? I am frustrated because we have such huge problems in this country. Right now and look you look the debate on Monday. I mean it from look. Trump got off track and a lot of things, but when I think everybody agree when it came to the economy, he killed Hilary right. I mean hell, restrained and about what we want to cut taxes. If she wants to raise zero people have taken. You know I really really this will we had not even rich people agree rang working Party does not control is not the kind of the wretched, the classic candidate, the working class. That's, where is getting that all european standards in mining me? No, no wait. Trump is killing it with small donors.
Let's get back again, Heller is doing killing here he should have been better than any Republican ever did a better than him. A really should have been raising money online a year ago, because who would be rolling in dough now? What's really interesting ideas in your opinion on this, he is almost to the left of Bernie Sanders on trade or the way he talks about he's completely redefine republican economic dogma, its remarkable and it's it's had a deep appeal. Especially in places like Ohio, where he's cutting into where is lead in counties, especially Northeast Ohio, that brow Obama one by thirty point, since it is not. The nineties, though, was at like applauding Bill Clinton and what he was doing with their country, because he said in the nineties that he will be aware is six that I will show you my me, the candidate for the working class, but that's because their disease
It was certainly not. How are they say they are worst recovery, not from a desire to be an american boy. Is one point: I know what I know it was waiting for someone like me: ok, wait a second recover. Actually, this suddenly, the top twenty percent have me. Gains and moves. I must stop you again. I hear this all the time from trumpeted bade from other Republicans, heard this fucking moron Larry COD Low one, That's right and I'm sure is really everyone I so fuckin idiot tonight is gonna. I know I say that too much, but it's true so you're in it
on this kind of way. To show me the way I was just Romany, still real, as in so real remains border Pennsylvania. Latvia just talked about only just goes there pick up about com, you can talk to voters or misinformed financial situation. We re I've gotta facts from this synthesis of Euro. Ok,. Before this, very big news happily weeks ago. It destroyed a lot of talking points that Republicans have had for years, like all the wealth owing to the top percent the middle classes, stuck in twenty fifteen middle, Ass incomes had their fastest increase ever recorded The median family got a three thousand dollar raise the highest in come growth was among the poorest. Ten percent poverty had its steepest decline since one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight in twenty fifteen. Both the poor and the middle class made
greater gains percentage wise, then the rich Larry, cud low, said folks are not happy. They wanted. And the one thing that has been tried. We had the Obama stimulus package, we had all the interest, just bending it didn't work, it didn't work.
We have forty million people in poverty today. Well with the average american bill you tomorrow, we make things perker clarity million people in poverty is not making window playing your plan with forty million people may already, and the average american work over the last ten years. Since two thousand seven has not appearing you're goin to do they don't want to raise their wages either they'll, say dollar equally Lana willing and want to cut out like this point must be really really showcases nights. The Monday night debate and I met Hillary Clinton, but you go and is being very clear with you. I have something to say and I need you to lonely talk when you're Canada was asked whether or not he wanted to raise the minimum wage initially said. No, there you want a slight increase. If you want to talk about a waiver, is the minimum of yours is limited and way of life? The new not going to, let me didn't really middle class, where we let it be a great. Conversely, all support independently and always let let her get. Our finnish river is popular.
No, no, no! No, no finish your thought and then that Only point that I'm raising here is your candidate has deceived his voter based. He often really Oh, let s watch down from on Monday, and this is what he did. He interrupted Hilary twenty nine times. I think give interrupted me. Fifty three very simple heed this aegis base because their angry they need someone to blame minorities in ITALY. This guy who's been sued angel times alone. Just in federal court has been so because he's taken advantage of the very people who is that he's setting out to help small business owners who he said
then do their job. He allowed the servers and end the goods to be provided. They didn't do their jobs. He know that they were going to see him and would run out of money. He takes advantage of the people who are in his basis under the diary with fascinates me is that the republican establishment, she journal, readers, the green. I shade class of the Republican Party in Washington, which has always been obsessed with managing the debt and policy. You know in Pendant, analyse, have said that trumps tax cuts would drive up the debt significant, We hire fine. Who is your policy again? Senators, you're gonna lecture me on the debt when double and when Barack Obama doubled the debt in eight years. My return in the gallery here later these protests in Burma
go bomber raised the debt by more money than every President Priority Washington. Half an inch of loans by Republic is. The writing of down must ensure that, of course, because they are ready to the worrying about how he should be the hero of big business, the top one hundred fortune, five hundred companies, none of them will endorse Why aren't these leaders back in him he's giving them a giant tax cut? You know why, because they know these a crash. The economy, because it in the bud in our boys are cloud. Thirty know he's a crook. He doesn't pay. Is bills he's gonna default on the debt? If he was elected in November, the economy would crush before he took office. We saw a large companies who are associated with trumps brands and pageants run screaming from him during the primaries one too.
The business community chamber, commerce class they value stability and tromp is deeply unpredict Well at least you hurry hurry, wants to invest in infrastructure. Look you can you can buy a robots, raising tax plans with business leaders reality tackling poverty? We must create a heart. We are twenty eight hundred billion dollars on infrastructure. We still got the worst infrastructure. What happened all about want immigration reform spending. They all roads and bridges. All I'm I'm answering bills question which is in a chamber of commerce community. The centrist bid This class valley those things right away. I know what happened to that money, because I live on the street where it was fixed, Ok, so we are partly responsible for the horse. There are still. There is so little wording. We miss had sent all that money. Here is the point I would make to you. Of course, big business is per Hillary Clinton, big business,
Henry big labour rhythm of the reversal, interest groups and Washington Upper Hillary Clinton. Another course they are because Donald Trump is women's role of any age. Macy's doesn't even want anything to do with the Trump tie like ass, the funny part so that we can have any good will left with fortune went out and lonely ass. You think how many jobs as Hillary Clinton, who created she was not a point. She knows no you're playing right. She she's been in power normally right. You're right, you were, she has been days, will politician. He went up to supranational, eddies Reagan. You're like fairly. She has been a professional politician, Donald Trawlers, that businessman we need them in the way we are rushing to show for him, then you may well. How did we get built? You got rid of politics. Ok, I ve. No doubt trunk Gub Gub rich by creating businesses. Hilary Bill Clinton got rich off upon thy rich by filling for small businesses I made every year they also real. He also steals from his own charity, then
but when the foundation common global by God are you have to say that double hulls, stealing from it, is just not play this guy? This stupid is talking point media fools bore, but there's something shady about the Clinton foundation. Ain't gonna live among those posts, but a Haiti. Eighty eight percent of what they take on those grounds that you're gonna be around the modalities, no pay for play, Billiards Gmos ever paid they it's like that. I know that, but we are in this election. You know who else supported the clink validation down on. You gave your money back. He didn't. I need you to thought he is. He has not even in a dime to his own click trauma foundational. You gave them since two thousand and two thousand and eight, and then he gives money. People give the money to the Trump and Asian. He writes a check,
people say what's wrong: Donald Trump, it's not for a man he's taken their money to buy. It bore himself the reason why people won't do business with him in his aim reason why they went to bed. I want to do business in Russia, it shady you don't know. What's going to happen That's not. How would you like? This is truly the Napoleon Prime, but it's interesting that five, that I count so far. Very conservative newspapers who have not Gordon endorsed a Democrat for a long time. The Arizona Republic, since one thousand eight hundred and ninety six Cincinnati Enquirer one thousand nine hundred and sixteen morning, news, nineteen, forty, the Houston Chronicle, the India Go Union driven, never support the demo. They are doing.
Maggie's USA today has never endorse they still known, but they said don't vote for this one right. And then magazines rolling stone. The advocate wired have come out for Hilary Rolling stone. Who would have ever thought that? But here, but just shuddered This shows that the whole time there are some lesser known magazines that have come out for Donald Trump. Would you like this, for example, for Donald Trump Car and why they say Mr Trombones lots of guards analyzes ask what's not to lie unpopular sign is we're done they re. You can make up practically anything about climate change, and this should head will. Retweeted is the obvious choice
an official Leonardo. They say you don't think there's money bitches at the dogs. American sociopath. Their endorsement rage. While we can sense or process normal human emotion Sunday, about this from family. Just feels good, skipper
We hardly understand your drugs, because if we don't he'll have as deporting modern mail order bride magazine, I say we ve done business with this man and the Czech clears. This magazine translates as highlights for child labours and they say we support the Orange American.
Whose name we saw on the next Ferret fancy magazine says: does it make him one of us, but what is most certainly does right will be a very at the failure of failure in New Orleans on our job. Sixteen, so that the Energy Grand in LAS Vegas Torbert twenty four hours. There is over many workers to playing Vegas the energy- and I am so proud matting, yet there tonight, but I am very proud of you come on. We worked with laid by the rules you too
we had an ex fully with the dry brush. Before my shower, I mean it was like we're on the, but it was you who you Mew bullied me into a basketball, cordoned ruler gulags, fully with the dry brush before in the shower. Another was due to do you plan to come out here with no I've done it all. I don't know it just says. I saw you and I remember because I think of you every time I do it. Let's talk politics here, you're very brave the movie: that's right, isn't rebirth, yeah, so neutral zone One example is the product of a long tradition of pointing at other people in accusing them of doing what you're doing and lets you know here, Europe. Where did you?
You know that ever since the Pandit? Now it's a good thing: Everything's. You read that the democratic and pension anew pointed at Bernie. People have said you're being ridiculous right. But it was wonderful such threats, but what is it a deal where the crown heavily now that you ve been anointed as someone? Gonna leaders in our political thinking, yeah collar, Now I don't know I mean I there's no one more Bernie than me: I'm royal inspired every day by Bernie Sanders.
People will change the world are almost never the president's Tito. So we don't have time for four years we have room for ever. Is that so bad to settle for will actually put the president is someone who judges the world? Yes, but we remember and throughout history that have changed our world are almost never the precedent that completely not true bearing the very reason. Recent we're blatant proof is because that it is true that the allies in your line of thinking valuing their hang some of those people change world, but Martin Luther King didn't send troops into the cells to make sure that the blow People who go to college- I let you are President Kennedy did because
the present outside our borders. Aid needs an ally and offer such were. That's why I don't understand these Bernier bust people. You know, I don't know what their long game is. I don't know what they're perfect dream scenario is I learned, we are asking- or am I being up tooth, knew you SAM was that it would be good to have an hour. I am not going to talk to them, because what are you? Twenty, eight, twenty, nine and you're, almost a thousand big funny, Jos, Euro Millennium, and one with stamina, let me read that the poles here on Clinton, eighteen, thirty, four people Clinton, thirty, one percent trump, twenty six, Gary Job, twenty nine percent Gary Johnson area John said. Every John lesson is a fucking.
Like a loser, nice guy. What he's another in my basket of blocking it I bought it and I believe you did in two thousand for Ralph Nator, but this is not a thousand times. I write it wasn't an idiot, but he also wasn't aware it was in one vote, our content. I admitted it was a mistake: ok would go regions can I show you a little. We put all montage Mary and we thought he was a cool guy. You know he smokes part was he's not making part look. Good partner is called, is cool. Does it make you know what also cool reading there's a little bit of Garry Johnson for those thinking of voting for him, Aleppo and what is a leper level.
Knowing that there's a city in between The two forces whose your favorite foreign later my favorite anybody could any leader I'm having a bring my name and I need I sent back on how they freely and by the way for the people, twenty nine percent. Eighteen, thirty, four, who I assume a lot of them- were Bernie people right. Ok, here, some Minimum wage pilloried with Bernie Gary Johnson believes in no minimum wage teepee be he's forth. And Halloween Bernier against its citizens, united all the money. Wasn't biologic control once none of that financial regulation, universal health care, even rupees for appealing Obamacare free colleges against that he's for nothing that you fuckin plea
it's not even like VE, no one's even misinforming them about him. Like worry, are would like with your friend. You know it's like people. Yeah no answer What you are saying was exactly right. People vote because totally misinformed, and that is a real thing. You know there's something called Breck Set, but people voted. Totally against their rest rugs and pray Are you how governments give me what we really talking about? They promise had huge times on the sides of buses. That said, you know three twenty five million dollars for the EU that we could be going to our health care than intention on Sunday and no intend Arians breakers. That was voted through then people
going when breakfast is after they voted in Gary John Paul show. My neck, when that goes crazy. When I have passed, you know you know, I would hope that a large export aid, like the guy is very Johnson, is clearly unfit to be present boat. Exasperates me about Gary Johnson, not doing these things and the collective exists duration about it is that neither does Donald Trump and the bright
is that people should be giving quizzes, maybe five countries and NATO right. What's he ever seen Hamas and Hezbollah? How does a bill become a law on Syria but those civilized hungered away the profits and you re not knowing lings their sick, who doesn't know all Vienna against people who do book learning? Yes, you know like somebody who knows how to create job you're, just saying don't have an I'm John, in fact them themselves form of white nine already bill. You know it's not when you come to see you when you can also rise out of the workforce when you can't people who are present to us because of bombing is real unemployed. This constant Cumberland, while in the democratic residue that, when a democratic powers that we don't count, the stats from the we have arrived for orders in going about addressing the number of people drop out of the workforce, the bang. You know it out. You know where that is a bigger than to argue. That point here is a bigger problem here. Candidate also counts students who are in high school and who are incorrect.
A new count them and in- and you say, black people that employment is a fifty one percent. Lies we also in school. So that's another problem. Look look involved black Americans, the biggest definable from underground bomb of any good, and that even if we block Americans are doing well today, Keller Altitude Exhibit honey. America is going well and what I'm not gonna allow you ought to continue to do is to make it seem like out my door. There is done I immediately I'm not you say I want
at the door and I can't read your Canada carried out the door again affords like you're just not going to do it like. We do have a challenges in our community where what are they doing and one of the Democrats, Dumper Gloody, argued no jobs out you got normal. Economic growth was feels Laplace response. I am going to respond as everyone equally well. So what It's no use very clearly- and I say this all the time- and hopefully this will bless your life and change it
a guy, partisan problem. This is about what democratic did I do? Will they not public in Europe with public funds have done this psychiatrists congratulate run for Turkey sixty years you got three thousand better. Let me get you know why blaring? Where did the guns come from and if so final doesn't happen? First call us more than you do cities hands again behind its round on the plate. With already learned with this, I didn't want to show to turn into one variable screaming in your body sets out with my vote. I started rewritten where we are
I am starting fabricated, that's ok! But let's go to the point of false equivalency, because I think that is a very relevant to what you're talking about, and I have one more fucking idiot I wanna get. I tweeted he's a fucking idiot. Any is carbon capture neck, I'm for yeah, but not for the same rip up. Ok is he is he's a fucking idiot, I'm for his protest, taking the knee, but here when he says on race Hilary who was called black teens or black kid super predators, and you have Donald Trump, whose openly racist. This is the false equivalency. He says both are proven liars and it almost seems like to try to debate whose less racist, ok they're, not both proven liars politico, has put a fact that has met Ganis.
Ok, she lies less than most politicians. He lies more than anyone they ve ever seen and they're, not racist scam. Donald Trump is a racist, Hillary Clinton works or whole for the opposite, he'll Kay the. What You ve been a public servant for almost three decades. He is not a proverb: anywise comes your professional politicians. Don't you re at the game? Screwed up, there's country we ve got a pretty little proletarian, have created a situation. What are you on the street where we? no good jobs in this country? I was down crying. Down. Oh yeah sure I know and tell them that go to Chicago. You pick the one place,
and it's all getting an array of ten percent lash. It's not gonna rivalry with some members out. Unless you're trying to horn in someone's territories do people. Why does he began? I think he gazed. My name is really one of the greatest businesses and even more than anything is I've tried, Nationalist, UK isn't being present. I mean the presence of Crete. There should be economic growth, growing presence about more than ratings settings. I do not need to say I'm Runnin Parliament, in other words, that the borders are out of control, but it is all campaign hangs on this myth.
Things are so desperate in this country, which they are not bad, that we need this joint asshole come like the magnificent seven and save the town, but we're not death. We're out of LA sounds: let's get out of I have lost loved ones every week in it or to places like nor the council. Vanion gardener, these trade or more, and I always really noting in those primarily zero sacking. There are people who are in the rust bell out there is. There is a sense of economic stagnation. However, it is a solidarity that, in the MID West outside of New York and allay that everything is just a wasteland Ohio has a hominid but be modern economy with it with investors.
In solar and technology older, and he got up and went out from the shale gas revolution that tell that's a governor case. We want to gain by listening to trumpet all these Republicans that America is a place where there is always a virus. So a lot of organised narrowly- and I are very basin for not only are they misinformed where the racist, their xenophobia me unhappy. African Americans are still very much more than that, but that's a good winning lessons for the democratic people are swelled. They're saying we are saying that you have every year than borders better in the vat rate of terrible to say there were only one last night and I need you to be my hey man. Why? I need you to? Let me finish by due to Harry my point, and not only are they misinformed there? Our voters who are angry in many instances where human beings are acting, I read them binding, they were angry and then
that I think at the end of the day, you have a situation where people need someone to blame. There are folks nor can who have shown the blame Barack Obama, because he's not a? U S, citizen their folks in your camp. We have chosen to blame black people because we're takers, Paul Ryan, yea apologize war, but their supporters They believe that that is the problem
Animal de Neuralgia, my facebook friends, have to stop posting this picture of Michelle Obama. Hugging large works like a lion made friends with opponent, she's, not hugging and biggest she likes them. She smell gin on his breath again and if you stopping them from dancing, ok, this one addresses the point. We were just discussing about neural? If you're this dumb arrogant and answer explanation from President Obama and we never got one in doing what does he have to explain? Why, sport just show its birth certificate, I have mine in Homer my Safety party. It show it now
then you can? and to have a dog because it smarter than you and that's not how this whole master patent thing is imposing were, or maybe I'm confused and the dog rescued you from a box behind this euro that twenty one year old, australian man who was just bitten by a poisonous spider on his penis for this time this year. We told that there are easier ways to get people to suck it again. You know Obama must admit, that this little look doesn't say. I have deep respect for native american culture traditions. It says. Yes,
publicans. Now I am just fucking was if neural Parisian must stop thinking there so enlightened. Now, the Paris has approved the clothing free zone within it city limits here in Amerika, hundreds of cities already have clothing. Free zones, they're called Walmart, and finally, new role and this one's for Trump voters. If you think you hate the establishment, now wait until he wins and the Trump surrogates the basket of inexplicable He sends out every day to speak, for him become the establishment until Steve, Cortez and Katrina Pearson and Christian stay in Amargosa trundling down the corridors of power bumping into the walls were thinking of giving. These
people the reins of power- I wouldn't put them on the bus without asking the driver to make sure they don't miss their stopped. So in examining all of Donald Trump Surrogates very helpful. To remember the trump actually once said this speed around unsuccessful people, because everybody will respect. You do understand that well, as explained Ready Giuliani, Rudy Juilliard inflames American never had a problem with terror attacks until Obama came along. Really, you can't even think of what I'll give you a hint Rudy. You make your living off of it.
Donald Trump also once said. Sometimes people come into my office. No look great sound great dress, beautifully. Everything is great. The eye than they turn out to be morons, explains his sons. Oda Inclusive, I mean Trump Senior in the White House- is bad enough. Without these two american site goes putting plastic over the furniture? So they can act, murder, prostitutes while discussing film column and how about the non professionals? Have you seen pastor Mark Burns, these the pastor, who gave the benediction at the Republican? I'm not saying, is a total charlatan, it's possible that the free
island of holy available from his website can cure this, and if You can always use it as righteous lube, but he just seem to have lied about everything again the Bio? That's on your website claims at you, you earned. Bachelor science degree? did you make that going actually just alone go as we would open up this first one I say we were off the record. I didn't digital, so that the interviewer says I didn't agree. This was off the record and he says yet, but I didn't write.
What do you think we're him Secretary of state, maybe ass? Another familiar face on CNN for the drum campaign is Margo Goody Areas, a leader of trumps, Hispanic Advisory council and quite as spokesman for his deep sea, is he once said my culture is very dominant culture? causing problems. If you don't do something about it, you're gonna have attacked our drugs every gorner ok, first of all, would that be such a bad thing. You mean when I'm drunk enough the wander around now, I'm looking for a drug addressed argument for Hilary I've heard, but beyond that Djibouti areas is a real estate, scam artist, whose filed for bankruptcy. Fourteen times he's not, Latino for Trump utility.
Drug, then there's little cayley MAC in any kind of an culture. Without the empathy and another young woman, defending Trump campaign spokesmen, someone's crazy ex girlfriend. Sorry, I mean Katrina person who wears was made out of bullets. From nation. Al, don't tread on the collection and one defended it by tweeting. Maybe I'll wear a foetus next time about about trumps. Proper was muslim ban. She said you know, I saw what their Muslim
in twenty twelve, she tweeted perfect Obama's dad born in Africa, Mitt Romney dad born in Mexico. Any pure breeds left here breeds. Where do you study or fucking points by the light from a burning cross. She also blames Obama for launching the war in Afghanistan. No was four years before the because even in the Senate and has set up nuclear weapons. What good is having them if you're, not gonna, use em. If this were the four thousand dollar pyramid: I'd, say things a mental patient. So what do you think ambassador? The? U N for her? but I have to say that of all the surrogates my favorite has to be Mr Michael Cohen. Just just take a look at him. Inaction on CNN
but you guys are down and major there would says is most of them all of them so I just told you. I answered your question which pulse all, well, bled, sir, and he's a lawyer in fact he's the head lawyer at the Trump organism: So we know he's awfully busy with lawsuits like the one trump filed against me in twenty thirteen. Remember that lawsuit, ok, allow but people remember it as a defamation defamation that it wasn't He was sewing me to collect five minutes.
Dollars, because I offered that to him if he could prove that his mother didn't in fact fuck. And so he went into court. This happened.
He went into a court and produce Tis birth certificates as if it was going to say or Rank Tang. Yes, I made joggled trouble produces birth certificate, tonight's fox wasn't gonna get our german one. Second at the palace and all they know about sex. I want to thank Peter Amby Annual Arise, the more serviceable Joam you everything we have been fighting. I want to make a move from each other and each be oh dont. Com,
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