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Episode #406 (Originally aired 10/07/16)

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Episode #406 (Originally aired 10/07/16) - Bill’s guests are Al Franken, Armando Perez a.k.a. Pitbull, James Carville, Mark Cuban and Johann Hari.

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late, real time with
Thank you very much. I know why you're excited in California in your dry to dry. You know to our friends in Florida
the saw coast of America. We wish you the best look looks like we dodge the bullet a little bit with that storm. However, with Donald Trump talking about women it has been upgraded to a category five shitstorm I mean every week. I say that this is really happening. It came out today they got a table. You see, this is from two thousand and five I think, and its trump talking to Billy Bush. You know such a serious guy, Billy Bush of access. How are they don't know their magazine? That's one station you're a fucking idiot and Trump as you know, I'm automatically attracted the beautiful I just start kiss I don't even weight.
When you restore you could do anything. You grab them by the pussy. This is what he says: grab them by the pussy. Sounds like what Hilary did to him: first debate really have the guy who's running for residents as grab them by the boy even build caused me today was like juice least, I'm thoughtful enough to the in there. I cannot wait until the Sunday morning. Talk shows to see what the Trump surrogates are going to then they look. George people are tired of Washington. Politicians will grow,
The voters by the Post, Donald Trump and MIKE Beds, are making sexual assault great again- and this is a weak we're only just a few days ago. Donald Trump out on this dump accused Hillary Clinton, with no evidence of cheating on Bill Donald Trump, the only person is ever being able to stay loyal to is Vladimir Putin. What guys my pants, Jellicoe Catholic, quite a boy boy scout values person a guy. You said for thousands of years of marriage has served as the glue that holds families in societies together MIKE when Donald Trump Hugs, your wife,
non glue. I mean no wonder at the vice presidential debate. Did you see the debate by? They were the Republicans that it was a game changer gains. And your channel changer Jesus right through good ten Kane looks like the dad who enters the door on Halloween night and he's wearing a costume. Do and my head to look like the albino assassin in the divinity anyway, my pants, interesting guy, that the whole debate Bristol MIKE Bench denies evolution, denies climate change and now
as the existence of Donald Trump. His whole strategy was to pretend we live in an age where a videotape has yet to be embedded. Tim Kane would quote Donald Trump Verbatim about Mexicans, about Muslims, about Putin, about using nukes and My parents would say Trump user Donald Trump. I know a forest god I don't know, I don't think I know it Donald Trump and by the way, if I did, he would never say those danger gloating, even if we did exist, which he doesn't like pence has a bumper sticker. Now it just says:
its plus one and, of course right after the debate. You know Donald Trump studies, it might turn student incredible job and I'm getting a lot of credit. I'm getting a lot of credit. I mean. Is there anything? This kind will not take credit for when the sun comes up. The sun we said this about the sun his the sun, unbelievable the sun. When this sun comes up every day and people are worried about the sun We gotta find what's going on, but this I said it would come up and it did until auto credit for that I made the sun came out.
So actually you know there is an actual scandal that happened this week. Not that there is in every week would Donald Trump card at the beginning of the week. Found out in nineteen. Ninety five Donald Trump filed a tax return. Nine hundred and six ten million dollar loss probably hasn't paid taxes in eighteen years. Donald Trump say I used to tax laws brilliantly. Will they found Donald Trump account? He said Donald Trump didn't understand that scout. He didn't do anything but signed his name to it. So if you're keeping score he's a huge business failure which he exploded by cheating and then bragged about it with a lie.
Somewhere somewhere in the showers it things in Bernie made off his going. Should I should run for president didn't pay taxes for eighteen years. I've got an accounting question. How is this election close? Oh, that's right, fucking idiot. I try not to say that every week and yet it seems to be so after about fucking Idiot vote and speaking of fucking idiot. The next debate on Sunday is a town hall format. The questions will come from
decided voters for FUCK's sake. They ve been running for over a year they ve been famous both of these people. For thirty years. I've been understood. It about Santa Claus and Dracula, I know both of you work at night, which one such blood for you. No one people don't fuck around with this election don't fuck around. I know Hilary is in your favorite, a lotta. You please don't forget
Johnson or do some shit like that. As we know the name, the lap of the city at the heart of the syrian wardrobes, going on for five years, couldn't name any foreign leader this week he was to name the leader of North Korea, said I'm not gonna. Do it Gary Johnson, I think, should not be my president. He should be my we dealer hurry are here and you always breaking with Mr Worldwide himself pitfall this guy used to live. My ass on satellite live and politically correct when he was, then he went on to other things. That's right!
the senator or outbreak in very young there, Gary Johnson, didn't The name of the presence of Mexico ran. He was the governor New Mexico right. It's Jerry Brown, the governor of California, not knowing the city where people go to gamble las Vegas. Ok, have anyone out. It is so good to see you telling jokes agenda when you have been on the show in a very long time, as you had down for a very good reason, you undertake a humor hiatus. You are known, as there has ever been a comedian right.
Elected to the Senate, brought you. You were breaking new ground and you have to prove to people. Yet, as you were serious before you could go back to being funny, but now you can go back to be funny. Could you not being funny is, like not being an asshole sleep. Thank you got that it's a nice thing. Anyone said your acids. Well, Oh, I I really enjoy this job and I really enjoy making a difference, and in my two thousand and eight election, which is very close. What that used against me was stuff I had said in comedy, and they put it through a machine The d him riser so Rob did of all its continuity, etc. Dehumanizing, and then you now
They came to the Senate and I wanted to make sure that people Minnesota specially, but also my collar and then sent it, knew that I was there to be a workhorse and not a show horse and in many ways I use Hilary as a model, not not that she had been did that funny. She was funny, but that way, but that she had come here and say monsieur she had again some of the same issues that re republican colleagues or maybe a suspicious of her democratic colleagues, might thought TAT. She was going to take their camera time, but show she did was to was a workforce, and I had the same thing because I had come from common re about the camera time and the Republicans. I use a lot of my career to heap, scorn and
you're on Republicans. So what my republican colleagues soon learn that I was there at the hearings as prepared rise there early I stay late. I knew my stuff and they also got. You are no man, time Markka Rubio you showed up a new new shit. Ok but that they actually got to know me and set and then got to know like. Oh, I see you, the commission could use funny right and I laughed aloud right. So I went out of a world across party lines when one we can find common ground, and I stand my ground when I have to write an you do it well and, and speaking of heaping scorn, you know two thousand and three: you had your book lying liars and the lies. They
lies in lying wires, who tell them yet again and the great love and put the output the focus where it should be on the lies in the liars, but I mean: can you imagine where we ve come with lying? Now I mean someone like Donald Trump has broken ground in a way that I never thought I mean he sometimes within the same sentence. He lied. About lying the sitting is one when I did that those President Bush w- and it was kind of quaint to point out that things are wiser distortions and is is just change in a post, trump era and brands of line and and politicians don't seem to pay a penalty.
For insulting your intelligence, Ally's lying about lying, a line for the sake of lying. You don't pay the price, for that, in fact, is just the opposite. We seem to be a very pro lie: society right now run and well. It is people, don't know anything. What many this supporters say when people dont know anything politicians can say anything, but I also thank backing. I think they like it, because it day it takes the reality that they think it's boring. The boring political work reality and makes a fun it's like taking, if, like a movie out of a true story, but sleep, basing our am
so yeah, so I think the public has become decidedly prob ly a minute to it must be very hard to you mention working across. There must be very hard in the atmosphere, and we have seen I mean just in the time you been there, they will vote on the Supreme Court of Justice, a mean something like an aggressor at an unprecedented things like Zeke Virus, something like that used to be very non partisan, there's a killer mosquito. Let's do something about right. Can't vote on that is there. Is there any hope to ending this kind of stalemate?
yes, I like to think that, first of all, I am obviously hope the Hilary Winds guy. I shall put that. I love you. I am sorry that there were killed time where the applause I'm sorry but an end, and I hope we do have a democratic scented. Don't you know? I know you like that But here's the thing and then- and I think we get a new Supreme Court Justice and Citizens, United, was decided five four, and I would like to think that we can work
first that- and this is what's been so pernicious about citizens. United is it I see a lot of my republican colleagues who fear getting primary on the right and, for example, on climate change, which you terror, tremendous about nigh. Do they will not acknowledge the existence of clay, change. Is man made because we are afraid that in their state they can only lose on the right and that the Pope Brothers can dump immediately?
ten million dollars on them to be primary by someone who's pro fossil fuel. So if citizens United goes away a little, a lot of that fear goes away. I think from my report last time I saw you I mention this in private. I'm gonna ask you again. I said I have an idea about citizens, United, because Congress people spent an inordinate amount of time begging for money. What if they made a law? That said, okay, we can overturn that you can get money, but the politician themselves can do it. If somebody in your office has to do it, you can never legally get on the phone with someone. Wouldn't that be a good law. Wouldn't they all vote for it, because I don't really want to do it well. Actually, we can literally asked for this is a united, my ass, not the money. We asked for what you ve done hours and hours asking for money. You ve done it with me.
What is it with you, you Gimme says and United Money by their good I'll get a distinction. Is any campaign? Fine right would like to see public financing of game, We do what sort of that that would like to say, and I do you're right. I spend a time it. What happens is when I call you for money, We just end up talking here. This is a big waste of you not wasted.
Give me my, but the knocker on chasing a scream now and paper bag Johann hurry back where there is an entrepreneur and an actual billion, supporting Hillary Clinton for President good move. Mark you democratic strategies in order of war scale right, there's still wrong. The Democrats case for twenty six, the Problem WAR room James.
Our vote against the Spanish Equestriennes recognizable times have been answered after the show on you, too low right every week I say: when are we going to reach the bottom with Donald Trump? Obviously this was not the weak you around when the Republicans we're staying. What do we tell the children I remember that? Well, what are we tell the children about I grab pussy would have worked.
There is, then it did you watch my pension and debated. Are you so religious authorities, without speaking in tongue, say about to kick the reporters out? He said nothing, but what we're gonna stop goes from getting married, but would you know maybe too good thing? Is they won't be Graeuben people there? Yet he said a gay people applied for marriage license. They should be arrested. Not he says that people who get abortions should have to have a funeral. Or the fetus rises in July, a lonely I feel you have recently. People who are using the eulogy day. People we want trade, HIV should have to be required to go to courses that would cure the Medina. Sexuality is seriously extreme person
Who is defending the guy says you can grab anyone's pussy you on an and he's the one on the ticket. Who is same? That's what people water put at the top of the ticket? That's crazy! Well, I understand now no Donald Trump was supposed to have a rally tomorrow with Paul Ryan right and now he has been DIS, invited right and it's. This just happened before we went on and it's gonna be my pants and Paul right. Well, when the top of the ticket is invited to his own rally is finally toxic. Donald Trump is finally talk to you and I are marking I got into discussion before US I think he's gonna quit right here. Right now he's not going to go because his basket of deplorable right, and if the baskets
They'll stick out without having now we the problem that guy's completely unaware. We had so many moments when it looked like. He was exactly the count on the particulars of british person, a few personal conscience about this, because the brakes debate you look at two things are happening all over the world right now trees acting to South home in Insane Ways Britain will be permanently poorer, weaker and should here because it breaks it this week in Colombia they body to reject a peace, deal ended a fifty year old and the second thing that's happening is people online to opinion posters about it? They sang they weren't boyfriend than the going into the polling station in their voting for it. I think we should be working on this. Should the trumpet, backed by France back from this, and that he will win and many one watching this one's of that happening, I think, is the most likely scenario. If anyone wants to stop acting, I will never forgive myself and maybe more
People should be signing up now to volunteer. Maybe this will help people. This is the guy. Remember here said both. Nobody knows the Bible better than me, and this way is that nobody respects women more than mere. Ok, I mean nor the generals really knows what does do with this. Here's what he said we found out today was talking to Billy Bush. I moved on her and I failed. You start a married woman, I'll admit it. I did try and fucker. She was married life, That's your move and I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shop. A taste what you have to buy. The whole dialogue is never jewelry furniture to buy that's crazy, that's great resistance. Getting things
a good opportunity to reassess something's. We already knew about Donald Trump, for example, when it got divorced in nineteen, eighty, nine, his wife Yvonne. It said that he raped her right. This is just a fact that she gave a sworn deposition. We should be looking to David as events there were ever get peace this weekend hopping to post Joel going through the evidence about well, if you will grab, Women's vagina, without being invited. Tax tactics accept that, as I see it, the better, let me just say for people who may be watching in thinking all celebrities act. This way we don't we don't. I've been single. My whole life. I've never treated woman anywhere near like this, always with the utmost respect. I'm sure you have to question the ok.
So. I asked Mr Football the same question, even though these are people, I'm sure he was always a total gentlemen. Lemming I mean: let's go to the thing that was going to be a giant scandal before this, which is the fact that at the beginning that we found out of the ninety ninety five he ninety nine hundred and sixteen million dollar laws, you're a billion right, an actual billion aerial. Do they teach losing a billion dollars a year in built by that? That's crazy. So, first of all, when you look at their tax return, it shows he didn't have a billion dollars in cash right. You can walk backwards from the moderate attacks and interest that here and in all again. So first that means, if you didn't, have it hidden habits, illusory
to borrow it. So not only did he lose it, but he lost somebody else's money. I mean well, that's not of another fuck you, doing that is all remember how we lost it. Hey lasted bankrupt and three casinos That's a rigged deal. You knocked kapogo! No, no! No, that's not how we did it y know. He actually know he actually took the loan. We got from somebody else, for we don't know what saw those loans because he had personal guarantees, sold them to the to the shareholders of those casinos. So not only did he fucked the people, you borrowed the nine hundred fifteen billion dollars from he then fuck, the casino shareholders, who are little guys, who are just trying to own a stock and makes them so we got double the fun you think through. These reveals a kind of thing. Systemic problem, as well as the recent he's an idiot, does definitely text, but the reason you can do this is how we have a tax code that was written by law,
yes, but no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No, that we get that. I'm not! I don't know, that's definitely Jehoiada announcing like that. No written for rich people. I know you're not on evil than we do now, but it's not like that are not defending them at all, but let me just say: I've taken on net opera losses forward right. I've used that opportunity, but let me tell you where I did it. I made an investment in companies that just didn't work out and get rid of being able to carry forward a net operating loss, you're going to have people who would have taken chances that might not take those risks and so lost. Some of my companies don't work, I'm like Donald Trump I have to have more than Hundred that are created more than three hundred millionaires have created a ton of job, so there is a value to it, but the way they did it for the for the real estate, but that part was on the fact that his Giuliani and Chris Christie,
His gurgles Gary daughters were issues renewal, we're all over tv saying he's a genius. I find that so interesting because in twenty twelve, when Mitt Romney was running- and it was all about the takers- the p the lid on pay any income tax, evil takers, when you know painting of tax your genius, they switched that found in four years is pretty amazing, and if you want to know that and doing experiments that take any one of total trumps businesses and take away all the things that everyone in this audience paper tax, so you cannot bitch collected he carnivore. Nothing can make an effort on roads. Nobody wants for public school, the military he wants programme holding when collaborated a second, you can't do it without a tax base and he hasn't contributed a damned penny too. Sir made up by attacking agree more in period,
really, I said his daughter, one form. The sun refused and may run began crash. Chris Davies, some kind of a robot for trot and indeed this is the tall collapse and around is the guy. Not a robot didn't make em up, in item five years with the term campaign said on the tax issue, Mr Drop is a highly skilled businessmen. Doubtful no That's a fiduciary responsibility to his family, his businesses employs this is the same. Every corporation same argument: they used when they poison a river or move a factory overseas. Please might drop, we did it for our family. We did it for our stockholders. We have to act like a sociopath, because we have stopped Eldred endemic truckers, we're going around the country for a year
talking about how far do assholes you move jobs overseas. Can't Ford make the same argument what about them, but we gotta food feed our families. We got divorced, holders right before actually run into company trying to make money. Adding jobs created are products actually, but now they involve based on and they do things dollars, but but but their disobey fan afford, because our drive afford our foreign. Fifty that They said they were actually add in America, now we get. You actually call this done. You especially lobby argument when he says well, I'm the guy to fix this design, the one you were, the systems like where Austria, but what do we say a male cos? to be put in charge of the rape squanders while I do use Charles Manson Homesick geared is very, very good, but usually
People who are good at businesslike Warren Buffett? I've never heard him lose money when we invest in something like worries investing in railroads, and then you read a week later, the railroads are doing well. Here's what you need to know about just not a good business! Honourable here, oh here's. How you know right. Has there been any body whose come forth and said Donald Trump was of great men towards me? I learn so much. Help me build. My business has been anybody if you're right. What's it say that what has been anybody? You have come forward and said you know what I invested and Donald Business, and I made so much money has been anybody who came foreigners said Donald Trump invested to my business. Any help me make. No right are you, we took this stiff me he's such a line.
What everything so speaking of Donald Trump and hopefully next year we won't anymore. You know we started a segment on the show a couple years ago called I dont know it for a fact. It always does. Things were like. I can't really prove it. I just know it through, and I realise this is all this Donald Rumsfeld campaign, but we claim this for so we're going to do it one more time this year. Would you like to hear for example over a fact that Jack always have better g that Rudy Julia for a fact that when these pastors lay their hands on trumped there we're thinking? Can you please to us?
I just know it over the guys who died up gagged and Rob Kimber dodgy and actually brought the guy egg for Conway. Just now. I don't know for a fact that after an orgasm TIM came says, okey dokey, I don't know for a fact that after an orgasm, my pen says- or I just I don't know- for a fact- that doctors offices pick the employee with the thickest acts about into the waiting room and announce the next page it. I don't know for a fact that Gary Johnson has Gary send tattooed on his arm
in case, you can't name himself. I just know it through the fact that my Aubert drivers name isn't really cabin. I just I don't know for a fact that drums talk. Goble is thirty percent spit. I just know it's true all right. He is a Grammy award winning musician who started charter schools in the state of Miami. His name is Armando Christian Perez.
Did you see him ass? No one ever did that on our show, and everyone probably sure you're. Very little right is actually it is called Gb General principle. General principle does right and I'm gonna call your Amanda writer, you switching to their name like the rock gave up that no is Dwayne. No, not at all, but you can call me a man, I don't know. There's your cup a man would say you know that you're some cool, unless it it's like gin and by seventy years but less Nemo fanciers. I think we have a lot in common. We see.
Let me tell you when you're gonna be here when they say I'm a big fan now area of real time and also a big fan of vice turn everything that you guys got going on? I'm always trying to keep myself informed. What's going on absolutely and you do and I think what else we have in common, I used to be a drug dealer, What it's, a kind of a gateway show business. Well, let me tell you: Jesse was a lot of great people were drugs? I think it's called. You know it's but knew more cuban. Here it's called entrepreneurship. We have Duke you, frontier, took humans and anything is its funding, because now they do all the drugs except the commercial tells you what it can do to you and then everything is gonna do bad to you, which is about a minute and a half of the commercial I'm going well. Imagine that in is ok. Here's this copiousness crack is gonna, get you.
For five minutes is conflict of your whole family obedient community initiative will do is amazing, nodded is doing, is approved, God bless you this is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs and think it and ass. You re, go watch, you say just say yesterday. That's We all know she said yes, nor that, but your last laughter is infection credible, so listen
You are mister worldwide. That is true, and you say that in your record of international love, which I let you have some great record and proceeded thinking- Gimme everything great regular- you don't give everything going. None of the Mediterranean. I know I'm not too good genomes, letting them again LULU, but but You say you know you ve been all over the world and you say if you like, I go to these places. I can't pronounced the name and better if I could do that for you, that's what I know these places name any place in the world. I can tell you about: where have you been that was confusing? Do you may not a places to be honest with not a bit? Why do you remember the Miller carriage anomalies like for you, animals like pins, trying to figure out if you really want to be with you move on from that?
Zog, about somebody closer to home, because you hear your heart must be with Florida right now: you're home state. There is a luckily they seem to have not been getting. The brunt of the flood is the poor people in Haiti. Did that would happen yeah, but Florida kind of an interesting place for Cubans because for years, what yeah biggest for years a mean they were pretty solely in the republican column, because when all that- and I'm things are changing, your generation, I think, is moving away from that. Is that true absent? the truth. The way I look at it also is that I think that when you look at, we happened to Elian Gonzalez in the late, 90s and general came through. She smashed it up and snatched up snatched up. Elian Gonzalez,
during the Clinton administration. Al Gore running against Bush, and you see that guy's, if you ever seen the best robbery and in his to United States of America, the tutor presidential election. They were very lonely. So when you look at at networks that we're running off news at all well got Al Gore is on the present United States neurons, they remain in the mind and not have suddenly slick all. I think we need to re counties ballots while ended up, and they can. Economy. Benin might mean mean in Miami threatened real land and mister through before July, baby you're ignore what is known. I think that here
my browser. That worldwide is the only way you can grab was a year, but I know that I was going to say like I was before the public may mr you're probably backstage, but now is what celebrities don't act that way than always before right but you are always a gentleman. I know- and I know you say- you're single bilingual erected a mangle always and you have children. Young men have children, and now you're gonna tell me I'm I'm more far from a celebrity, I think than anyone here. Yes, we were in the public eye, but am I feel like I'm more of a hard working on some? There are hard working. Celebrity total celebrity your pet bono, but the thing is, I think, the things we
nobody in this day and age that they lived through different means mean personal lives through social media. On live to sell my soul, I would say I live more to send out a message guys, I'm a prime example would lose the focus to work hard to. I'm here to motivate why? So you guys that they have no right to say that what is really look at me, like everybody, looking for instant gratification, illegal for short, Crystal Lookin, for like this magic bullet and does it just doesn't exist right and that's what these celebrities trying to do in this world Trump talk about. Ok, I do is grabber Pussycat celebrity, I'm guessing was it bore shit and even if you got some pussy, you Polly came quick. I've got a bad image of before tonight, but I may get a put build, my
so there are very misunderstood. I M a right is why you did that name man's misunderstood there. I guess and stood there. You have a very nice like you used to want to upset you. Did you dont want sweets, one theirs, it's a virus log. We don't understand we're losing money. When that happened to you, you have I to do such a nice guy, but if I turn this, what you'd fragmented the death, Let me get some more this gentleman and I tell you right now. I don't want to see it. One thing I love about you and I got to turn this back to the panel. You have your new album going to be called global warming.
Nor am I bowed climate change and the old was called global warming globalization. That's awesome that somebody in your position is is bringing light to that. I remember way back. You may remember this Marvin Gaye member him member the song mercy mercy, mostly ecology, nineteen. Seventy this guy was on that's brilliant stuff. I commend you for doing that. Thank you now, what's going on in Florida? Ok, listen to this. The people who run Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection who run that part of the state are not allowed to mention. Global warming are not allowed to mention climate change. This came down Governor Rick's got denies is coming from Hamburg. Who else could it come from? This? Is the state probably most in the path of global warming. As we see today, the storm is bad because the ocean is warmer. This is obviously tied to climate change.
There is no doubt about it anymore, and these people in this state the state most in and we should be worried about this- are denying it is just what it's funny you say eggs. I will tell you that I was watching every go, call a real time now that the pit will show What look we'll talk as if I was watching him having the conversation in its money had they would not want to see exactly about things exaggerate about things that we're going on, but you see it's a catastrophic category for Monday. Maintaining two Andrew hid in order. This is the honey that year ever recorded in scheme and then there's gotta keep next year did not any more. I gonna send its only going to get out of the fifteen month in a row warm hearted month ever. I think it is very important. What will you do?
you know, I've been so many places in the world order. One thing we keep doing as we keep saying: oh when we weren't likely worries, I think, about your children and grandchildren, I'm starting fuck that worry about yourself right. I've been to so many people Bangladesh, for example, lowest line country in the world. They are moving p, two men, their migrating over to India, which I've seen that are going on in Russia, land LAW and Alex Gown said the government is making a hurricane up. The gun trials of kilometers Why said it was migrated rating retaining its outright. I want to reiterate our call increase falling over we're, not reasons I have just you with a momentary Teresa with a month ago before the election. I've had it just about up to here. I am zero tolerance for false equivalency anymore.
And people who are don't know about Pillar Rica's are enables Michaelis here's. What Hilary said about climate change, climate changes the most consequential urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face as a nation and a world Agraea hundred fifteen EU. Here's. What Donald Trump said. It's a hoax, the Chinese or do the same people live video games. You know anything about this, isn't it I wanted outside I mean you, don't have to be a genius just to open the door all its partners, but let's go but this is not big toe snowball, subtle, but another guy Guy Burton one point: six billion down the point Then you gotta know about and say well the way we have no, but get there telling you now. If not, it's not just prompted said. There's a hoax is a horse inputs.
About big worry, I think as well. So this could be a lot of people who I think I have been more sympathy than you have legitimate criticism of Hillary Clinton and thinking about voting green because they live in safe states, and I think it's really worth warning that that there is a real risk in this election. That Donald Trump could win the popular vote, but leaves the Electoral college like how God did right. If he doesn't, he won't do. I will do is identified. I spoke about wasn't anything like on aid and everybody will devise supporters sixty five percent and say the election will be regularly loses by the way. But a rigged election is the governor of Florida, Rick's. God said today because a lot of people in power in this date, the deadline for registering a vote is a couple of days. Hands he's not going to advance because its course Republicans only sheet to win elections should be able to register right up to the day of the US one day and what I said about the shock doctrine that badly radiate disasters to advance their urgent,
right, but but women together a whole Gary Johnson. Thank you know this guy, I don't know anybody, he smoked. Why don't we need? I know a lot of times James, I'm just I'm not saying you're gonna get the pitiful in my car later, but it is a fact that it is well to out about. It is a fact, no jacket. If I may, you would have to go to the first day that it was your course to know that some people you know, that's not take it in your bride, really should give more long years. Why cited? Where is it there? It I'm not say to Turkey I'm just very at Saint John donors to say that in California the moment there are bound to have a historic vote with legalised kind of
which will really resonant across the world. If they do that, and it's really important I will not go out with you sail yet alive. Technical Gary Jonathan is a joke. Big huge go. Ok, I won't, Let's say one more thing about this hurricane: their FEMA right. You don't FEMA anymore back in two thousand and five, it was a big deal because they fucked it up because George Where's. Your pointed is college roommate her somebody, the recent known here about anymore. It's good Democrats appoint people who do the job that way. The guy guy guy, who was bushes, claim a guy went ahead. Five archangel Varden in two thousand for he was put in Diane because it just like you, What who bring? That is a professional disaster that right and that's like, good idea, then run the arabian harsher uninvited
Why you don't you dont, when it went ahead to floods in bad rose to a totally competent, unbelievably competent enough? That's what you want a framework directive would be like Dunbar is Mary Matlin, independent, I'll marry managed speak Paramount that cheese and independent, I think what is a fact that she obtained for registration to libertarian dodgy it's been twenty five years, but you're slowly winning the battle. Conservatives there weren t shirts say things like bend over here comes there's a bend over America. This is gonna hurt and bend over here comes uncle, Mamma had this year, professional
our desire to be Emily penitent granted by a powerful blackmail. As for the guys that, where the bend over here comes declaration or whatever. You're. All now that Playboy has eliminated pictures of naked women, and this month features are fully clothes, muslim, woman wearing a job. They must be condemned, undulated for finally giving readers what they walk. I get day average times as an adolescent, leafing through Playboy, I'd say to myself. This is This is very good, but you know it would make it even better: more clothing and religion
overturn Neural, Jane Island, the Georgia Grade School teacher who was fired after posting on Facebook, that Michelle Obama is a quote guerrilla, who needs and make over needs to buy a mirror, I'm sure they sell them at the ninety nine sensitive where she bought that dress hacksaw she used to cut her hair. I know its not nice, to make fun of someone's looks I'm just trying to teach Jane Eyre. Nonetheless, besides she's really
several of you in the market for a motorcycle with saddlebags windscreen aside car a trunk and a trailer fly car doesn't say easy rider. It says, homeless, border neural, chuckle, Bell doesn't need. Make over to honour its mexican heritage. I don't go to tackle Bell for ambient like go baby. That's the only place I can get a kilometer for a dollar and finally, new role in the next debate. When Donald Trump starts going on about everything in this country is a total disaster. Hilary
lean into the MIKE and say Raw got, always run scammed guidelines or into the air. Donald drugs campaign is built, of course, on many fallacies, but the one we really need to debunk is that America is in such a desperate place. Then a wild card like Trump, is worth the risk. Trump fans talk like a live in a western town where the ban details are so attic control. Only a maverick gunslingers can save them with no tax go faster. We in the west covered in man's really worthwhile.
So I don't need your pretty wait. Wait. I may need your british, but I give Donald Trump supporters a little credit. They no reason asshole. It is hard to hide they just don't care Del admit. Yes, he's dangerous and thin skinned and unhinged and clinically insane and go maniac a compulsive liar, a charlatan impulse, control of Greece fire. What we have to take the rest, because America is hanging by a thread. How do we know What is Donald Trump told me? The situation is worse than it has ever been before the generals have been reduced to rubble. Our country is going to. Our infrastructure is going down. African Americans, Hispanics
living in hell. You walk down the street. You get shot the american dream. Is dead say: I mean one of the popular means on the right. These days, I'm not kidding is that this election is they're, calling it the flight. Ninety three election as in the plane on nine eleven that crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers rush, the cockpit, in other words, things have gotten so bad. It's time to rush America's cockpit has creator of the metaphor put it, you may not make it into the cockpit. But if you don't try death is certain really president's Hilary equals certain death.
What do they think she's gonna do poor led in the water supply away? That was the Republicans in Michigan feathers that view and then there's the facts. Remember them go old school. Aren't they, but they tell us, the country is actually in pretty good shape, violent crime at its lowest since one thousand nine hundred and seventy the military, better funded ever trumps says our health care is a horror show, but more Americans have insurance than ever. Fewer are smoking. Cancer is down. Team pregnancy is down alcohol abuse
down somehow Dick Cheney is still alive. Eight years ago we were losing eight hundred thousand jobs. In months now we ve added forty million the stock market when from under seven thousand to over eight. Team. Consumer sentiment is as high as it was in the eighties under Saint Reagan. The account, me today is actually better than the one Mitt Romney promised in twenty twelve, when he said he would get unemployment under six trump says you have greater, however, that will tell you the unemployment rate is thirty. Thirty two know every economist knows it's five, because they get their numbers from the Bureau of Labour statistic
not from the Department of ARM airing Mitt Romney, we're running on this economy. The people with the make Amerika great hats would have reelect Romney's dickers on their rascals gooders, but the president's isn't a white man within our next to his name, so its flight. Ninety three, you know I've read so much crap about how Trump voters are hurting and we should respect their anger and their pain. It's a myth that the media swallowed hole. The average trump primary voter make seventy two thousand a year, no more likely to be heard by immigration or trade or to be out of work. Donald Trump doesn't really have solutions.
And its supporters. Dont really have problems. The only thing poor about them is their judgment there hysterics and they think President Tupac spent eight years. My eight years, turning the american dream into nightmare on black street and hilarious, Miller is gonna finish the job. The reason why Trump is so popular with a certain type of voter is because their kindred spirits, these white men sitting at the end of the bar nursing, a gene,
atomic as their dick doesn't work any and life didn't pan out the way they wanted to. They sit there cramping about how the system's rigged against them in America is not winning anymore and we're getting worked around where everybody, China, Mexico and women Black to absorb advantages over white people at the convent Trump said. I am your voice for once he wasn't lying. He is your voice because
euro. Why me told me when he said that we are having a united watch? Any movement is not going to each be oh dont com,
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