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Episode #407 (Originally aired 10/14/16)

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Episode #407 (Originally aired 10/14/16) - Bill’s guests are Ann Coulter, Bernie Sanders, Bob Kerrey, Andrew Sullivan and Rebecca Traister.

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO Realtime ill luck, Please leave limited time. You're, gonna big show this to save time.
Who here has not been groped by Donald Trump. This, Dr Weir, I wish I could say how many women it is we're making accusations, but I've been refresh my server in ten minutes. My phone is blown up. It's a Samson, that's different things! People don't like about Hillary Clinton, but when she rubs you, the wrong way is just an expression. Apparently Donald drop is a little hands, This is how we are going to great cost among the glue a pair of tiny orange hands to my tits, I'm guys from them. I think it's gotta be a ribbon, of course, some of these accusations of infidelity happen when he was married to Maloney, which is very sad at Lahti. A poor sweet girl. She has locked yourself in
packing great and come out. That's so sad, but see them. Four Donald Trump with all these accusers is that there is a corroborating witness, Donald Trump, you know it was only a week ago right, it seems like nears. There was just one week ago with this news broke Friday. We loved it we're Donald Tromp was on Billy Bushes Party bus saying, I better use tick tax. In the case, I start kissing her girl. They
Looking at I dont way, he said when you're a star, you can do anything engraved their policy and now he's outrage that women have come forward. How dare you claim? I did the things I claim. I do I mean at the debates and they did you see the debates. Are they ok, Anderson Cooper was asking that he said when he tells people thirty grabs woman's pussies. It's really true. I'm not really a rapist. I just say that when I want people to like me come on
People who are you gonna, believe may or made some Republicans earn a bitter disarray about. This is a lot of finger pointed going on people listening, I told you. We should have gone with Bill Cosby, but most of them are sticking with Donald Trump. Why?
Has the voters are sticking with Donald Trump, the republican base out there? This is not a deal. Breaker g o p now stands for grab our pussy about our dicks coming grabbed x. To that part of the republican platform. Also, can I walk up to my pants cup? Is balls? Stick my hand of his shirt and play with this nipples? Is that part of the platform like the estate tax? We believe in the right of every America to feel up strangers and also school vouchers? You know this, and this is not even the worst of it because, in my opinion, by his own admission, Donald Trump said with the collaboration of a lot of people, but with the team Miss USA, the team Missy Way say: Paget used to walk in unannounced
to the girls dressing room if, as if models need another reason of Roma and there's audio of Trump telling Howard Stern, that troubled teens probably are great in bed There's a news article about him talking to a fourteen year, old girl and saint just think. In a couple of years I've been dating you and she shot. Back at a couple years, I'll be voting for Hilary and then again with corroboration from actual videotape Donald Trump. On an escalator a ten year old girl. By any says I'll, be dating her. This apparently his line republic your nominee for president has a pick up line four under age, girls
I brought the proceedings to a whole, but what is it? from say about all this ridiculous. I would never cheat on my daughter. He says it was all on this dump. Yesterday AIDS and HIV Matter. This is a giant conspiracy, a sinister global power structure. You know who's in on everybody, the media, the banks, the Clinton Foundation, Carlos Slam. We said that the whole deal going on we're going to figure it out. I always figure things out. Yes, ok, shy, like. I could see him interim tower right now. You know with one of those walls with a new state
stories and the head shots drawing lines between them with a red marker. Ok, I'm an asshole women hate, assholes women can vote, it doesn't carry their letter, released breaking with the one and only Bernie Sanders. Her no book is inch. This is, figures, but no book is improperly dressed. Deplorable
awesome, look remember what we say now be nice. When they go alone, we go high eyes greeting her eyes. How long have we been doing this for twenty three years right sterner than ninety three was one line in I'm. I'm an early practising law was ninety eight or nine is dollar ninety way with the miniskirt. That's all I get so how's that pain. Golan fan tat sick thanks for asking here only there not that confidence in the media that is going to be this. Fifty state landslide Verde luria. They wouldn't be pulling out all these ridiculous charges. Three weeks before the election, we're ok
Mary passed me Rivet route, you think that Jordan is around with a guess. What do you think the same thing about the bill cause we charges now there everybody had heard about that for years I mean look, you know perfectly well, and this isn't what we're talking about ochre, because it's stupid birds, but look. With with somebody like building in his introduction to the moon, the american people was for him and his wife to go on after the Superbowl and lie to the american people in everybody knew about four years same thing with bill. Cosby you heard about for years. You knew about of years. As you well know, we were a wealthy man. You are celebrity. I mean this is like believing something in divorce records, wealthy men. Are going to attract a lot of lawsuits is working with a lot of women. This has never happened until every week or anything worthy election gimme, a break them lets them. Let's, just because He said she said I happen to believe them, but ok, let's just stick to what he said.
Get to the waves were. That is why am I a little? Let me ask it or just get me we're. No one is voting for Donald Trump because of his character or personality win, never wore. It was all the opposition with, and this is coming on, so that we can talk about. The issues are just what I really want to talk. We will. Let me ask one question them. Ok, if there was a tape, Obama. Could you say this is not a big thing, even what he said again we're just what he said about I put Certain my mouth, I mean a tick tech plug. First He becomes thing about it. Ok, wealthy men can do anything out of the manager of you are aware that we are not starting conditions rules and not seriously Genk with a rich man, and then celebrity remember might have ever heard that before bail. I remember the only thing I remember a grammar- and I bet you do also of Catholic, covering the that this objective tents were. He's nothing if I were
He sang I when saying I do this. Let me read the quote: when you're a starring, I better using land use, do anything I just case, I start kissing here, I just art kissing them. Don't even weight and when you restore they, let you do it. Ok, here's! My one question: if you why it, I could just leave, means Ipod Tuileries. My question is: if a tape of Obama had come out point during his presidency and where he said, hey, Fruity, Gimme, a I'm thinking about kissing a woman, I've never met. Would there be anything outcry on the right, or would you just like gone by the board, knew what it said. That's locker room talk. I would not believe
probably anything from a hot might, a wedge from the hotline Tiber or care about these charges. If it's right before an election, I mean everybody. So I've read your about this book. I really want to talk about the reason we supported from the reason there is a civil war, I will say that everyone in television has set a horrible things on hot, like that. You wouldn't want to get out there like this, no their different things by view for no matter how different you are lots. People have said totally. American things are three people we ve heard the hot my type tapes, wrong, billow, Riley, Laura Angry HAM and Donald Trump, their hot, my tapes on everybody, it's humiliating for everybody in this is all out war for Trump and wise. It all out war on drugs, because absolutely right. It is the the american people against the EU and a party of both a demo that's a lie party that I never saw until tromp came along, they won't open borders, as Hilary said in her heart, like tape,
borders that will crush the wages of not only the working class but the middle class it the trade deals to so many jobs at haven't already been Southron Ex ago and send him to Asia, because in the endless war that your candidate once announced, what Russia A right that is our trump you win. You ve ever entered micro. I had said that would have been no big deal. You were against tv, be it would be no big deal if he were the only candidate who wanted to build wall. It would be no big deal if you were the only candidate who wanted extreme vetting for you know immigrants whose religion teaches them to kill us, as opposed to a quadrupling that. Are you going to defend that bill MAR? Let me ask you: let us go back to the immigrants we're bringing in whose religion teaches them to kill off so that they slaughter fifty
people are gay night Club in Orlando. Do you think we should be giving them an extra look as your candidate wants to quadruple the the immigration of. Obviously, this is really intentions them they want to. Let me ask you about this New York Times peace, because you were the star, but it was a couple of weeks ago you and You really work and an immediate would talk. About how the fact that, when Donald Trump made his announcement speech, there was couple of lines in their about immigration, but he had read your book, the one plugged on this very Magnuson fuck. Well, certainly was to him yeah I mean I did not realise until I read that article. How much in once you have had on Donald Trump. You still think he's gonna win, think it's more likely than not, but that gives a big chance for her anywhere. I mean We thought it was about ninety percent chance. He wins a nomination about sixty percent chance, you ones actual no election day because,
team. I mean he really is he's issues once people won't, you love the most. You said he could perform abortions in the White House as long as he keeps that immigration policy, but the wall he stopped talking about the war relays well he s invention and either debate. Not on his website anymore, and this is my own- they move. There has not been one question about immigration. This is He is right about the media. They do want to turn this into everything about his personal baggage. I got news for you. We knew we had personal baggage. We knew he was a while road, but he's the only one who will do anything about the working lessons country and by the way. As I also said on that show pushing Adios America,
who did I say was the tough as democratic room to run against Bernie Sanders, because he to hang on you're, not gonna like me, but you should like me, because we agree on the wall on this dump of low wage workers on the country. Don't agree on the wall. Well, you shadowing burning, for I want you to invite beyond the pale ass his position never heard. I would like to build the wall. He did only implored, directs open borders, no, that the wall, retail, open, open borders, that's a coat brothers policy. He is right. Donald Trump is right: what do the cope brothers good luck and George Soros agree on. Open borders, teepee pay, the EU already against. I know I know you think that the world is coming to an end. If you
now it is and not have shrunk where'd you would you steal it? If you could, would you steal this election would visit that bad, but you'd? Do you justifies dealing. We don't steal actions. Your party does what, if you, but if you could, would you is it? Is it s diary worth doing? But when I wouldn't like it, when you have known about your ally, was David Duke versus Hilary good, I what its position on tv and open but, of course not gimme a break. Would you won't even do to stop tromp busy that different give me a break things. I think even Duke exhibits the idea of yours every four years. You can use them as a bogeyman and ask not looked around no. No, it does not talk to Belgium how to speak at the convention. Hilary has the terrorists father who shot up the Orlando nightclub sitting behind or a rally. Can we
her disavow you, you know what that ok, There's another terrorist father, the one who had the chicken stand said to the the eye? My son is a terrorist. That's a patriot! much more than Donald Trump card. Is taxpayers money that is being spent? There are thousands of investigations to follow muslim immigrants. They are in all fifty states, Alaska and Hawaii. Instead of spent. We, that is money that should be spent on our own poor people on our own working class on our own. Plants and ends and building the wall to help the american people. Why are we bringing in people who are so expensive? You want keep going with this mass breweries, bringing in New Orleans humanitarian support, Post, nine, eleven and therefore Lanai limitations. Now when you were here before you said the fact that
The deportation land is letting ice. Do its job. Ok, But you said there not really twelve million elite, another unwarlike Yosemite thirty. Forty Fifty we don't know so did deport thirty million canopy expense.
Nobody here already thing: once you have the wall, guess who doesn't have to collect unemployment, insurance go home and sleep get injured on the job, a wall just sits there night and day without any work bill. I got it. I got his eyes done their job or already paying ice are an colder. Booker's trump is great. Can we go K is in New York magazine, contributing under their insult. Describe recovering blogger, Andrews Sullivan is over the author of all the single Ladys now and paper bag, Rebecca traced, her work, combating farmer you Senator governor of the basket Bob carry over here. Is your questions with the nice everytime dismantling after the show on Youtube a programme?
I don't know why this happened, but we're off next week dumpy. So this pointed terrible timing anyway. So there's a debate, I will live tweeted, that's the best. I can do ok, so first talk about Michelle Obama speech was, I thought, an amazing speech. A lot of people are already talking about. I feel like I was getting about. We go high, but I feel like we go high. Has the potential to become something of a meme in this culture and really changes? It gets more canadian. Almost you know where we always choose knives apology. We wouldn't be better as we get high what we get and it was so personal. I mean she said. Last week we saw this candidate bragging about sexually assaulted women and I can't assaulting women. I can't believe I'm saying that I can't
for President bragging about it. I can't stop thinking about it. You talked about the sinking feeling a woman gets when she walked down the street guy uses vulgar words about your body when somebody stands to close stairs too long, the feeling of terror violation. Many where I felt when someone has grab them or force them. I feel like what were at this late date. Finally recognising something that really has been out there long time, what's going on every day and then what Trump, MRS but Trump, MRS, is it men have still a lot of power over women on the street. There groping there their bottom in the subway. It's going on right now and trot those letters
and he misses that that men have a lot of power over women. They use their power in an appropriate way. Biggest see participate. Women here is, if he flew, if he flew commercial on tee essay and had those guys reaches hands up and grab his balls, he'd probably understand what's going on. I think I think it's not just trump whom, MRS, how frequent this is and how communists isn't. One of the reasons that Michelle Obama speech yesterday with such a crucial public service. Is it voice to this experience that every woman I know has had this week right. Even the Hilary supporting women who should be saying all look. The Republicans are falling apart, trumps, attire fire, the women I know have been traumatized by this week. Millions of women have been traumatized recalling their own instances, whether its being groped touched rubbed up against assaulted, just having people say: Lou, demeaning, degrading things to them. This week has been horrifying for women. All across the country and what machine Obama did yesterday was
give voice to that and she'd. She added something to it too, because so much The attention Donald Trump has been out there saying terrible things about Mexicans about African Americans for whole season talking about the it gain of of the Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alisha Machado, and then everybody turned on him when he started going after white women, and so the experience of white women. Being degraded had suddenly been the turning point for so many pundit. So many people neighbour in the Republican Party finally said enough and Michelle Obama, who is not a white one woman, giving voice to her experience her purse. Active reminding us that this is something that has suffered by not just white soap stars, but but kinds of women women whose bodies are far more vulnerable extra vulnerable to obey and degradation and who and who have a harder, I'm turning to the police to the criminal justice system to the medical establishment for help and Michelle Obama universal eyes. This experience in a way that I think that more than Donald Trump American men are learning about
common. This is what an everyday occurrences for all kinds of women What would I do and then you have no way of absolutely no no stake in spite of July. The police college at present a jug about what I do right, it kind of a maiden. This is the first woman running for president, which we ve soon forgotten right. It's not been a big Christmas will when they get behind her as a pioneer. This is something about that we don't, and yet the this article. Are you people do? I I've always editor for no good. Well, no I'm not saying no good reason Let me say right now, go bad as someone who was never like these people. The Clinton's have also Suppose them who still does not want to withdraw any
citizens criticisms about them. I am passionately in favour of being likely present if the only adult thing to do I just wanted to say it Eddie any libertarians out there, anyway has roughly my politics. This is not. The time to express your libertarian is now. This is a time to stop this monster from destroying our political, so Michel Obama's husband, it's prominence it there and he made his way yesterday. That was pretty amazing. He said he blamed the Republicans in general, which I think is awesome. I've tried
do that many times I don't quite have the forum he does so. I was glad to see him getting out. These says that been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years. Saying I wasn't born here, calling me the anti grace this was just politics. He said I love this line. He said they stood by while this happened and Donald as is prone to do he didn't. The building himself, he just left his name on it and took credit, for they can get rid of Donald Trump, but can they get rid of Trump ISM now, because in as Obama, says their party is built on it and there's this sense that Donald Trump is such an outsize terrible candidate. That he's like some guy who Hilary one at raffle that it's like some Corky quirky coincidence that she's got this guy. But but the fact is, republican voters who knew they were facing Hillary Clinton who hate Morocco, Burma, who
Jack to the people who vote for Democrats, people of color and women select a candidate who embody is the racism and sexism that are the very forces that kept people of color and women disenfranchised for centuries and away from the White House until now, David Motive, I know for a number of transporters along medal of honor recipients have endorsed on Trump and my appeal to them. They should we as outbreak they're, the ones actually we're gonna, have someday defend you. If your woman in the street, you want something to defend you, it's which one of them there once I have become in it. That's too much. This is unlock? They know it's not locker room talk, they know, found the way you talk in the lock the coat wood. Five, the kick out the chain really talk that way. They know. If this is sexual assault Senate appeal, leads to beat it they're mine, I think of it the present within right politically, but the appeal
I now needs to be all those eyes out there who are supporting Donald Trump, who know that what he said and the ways behaving is wrong, but you're from Nebraska. Yes, I am ok Look at the electoral MA I see states. The trump apparently cannot possibly lose. I mean there that look at the pink are likely were obligation, the red, are You know like it. He said I could shoot someone in the middle of ever fifth avenue and they wouldn't leave me the people of Idaho Wyoming. Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia Kentucky. I know there are public and mostly but their human rights these are human beings, they are what the fuck does. In this country to have been a human being supersede being a republic because his what's happened. Because Trump, yes, he is a combination of a lot of water, but he's dying
up to eleven and he's really gifted at what he's doing and what Daddy's, taken it just from this hostility to actually organ. He is right now that the entire system is illegitimate, that this elect it is going to be fixed. He's telling us that right now that Hilary, her self is the is the beneficiary of it criminal system in which the FBI is complicit in letting her get away with this alleged crime when she should be in jail road. These. These attitudes and views that have I been uttered at this level in american history. This is an attack upon the entire system is upon our liberal democracy rights, and that is what he is doing and so the blooming the way a small. Well, yes, with no. What about the other conservatives are proliferating race, as well as simple the fact that we have a free society that freedom, the press has an important role to play. Did you can treat us political act as if they were equals, Roman, something you have to dominate or have a crisis.
Of your own psyche. Look I live, I'm having those costs. Because you have a Clinton's, but I've had my share of criticism gone their direction, I'm his passions. You are bought me to having her be elected, but that there are really good people that are supporting Trump and what here's the problem they watched the elites Hannah at this for years. They really yeah, you can square that sort. Yes, I can be a good practically. It's not a serpent cask where a circle circles a circle. You know you are giving it ideology, but really can you be a glass or since? If, yes, yeah well, that's it sexting! You can't! You can't reach them. If you begin by saying that their monster he began by saying it they're trying, but they have do this and you know you know the basket doesn't fit. If you will this year did Laura Bull yard, I mean, if you haven't, of our beliefs, you're deplorable others have any deport that the liberals who were deplorable shipment theres many
I don't think I'm way, but look at me, I don't know about the issues are obviously also propelling this and these its have failed. Leads failed with Iraq WAR, which the massive faintly no one took responsibility or accountability for that they they failed. The two thousand eight crash, no one took responsibility for that. It is true that mass Immigration is not properly controlled, is driving down people's wages. It's true that when people out there thinking about an impotent What's the show they feel they being marked contest
the two and ridicule in a way that does not help us move forward. What a great sideways you are about to do now: you're, probably not bringing back last glance Nokia. So we go high thing. You know I was looking on. The internet and people are wearing tee shirts to trump rallies that are just discussed I wish filigree had married a J Trump that bitch she's, a cunt lovely vote for Trump, and I do
think we should go high and I'm gonna start next week, but until then we're gonna go lower, but do you know what form had it coming? So we made up some tee shirts, then he should have to look at since their t, shirts and, as you know, ending the seas and pretty soon we thought we'd fire, the middle ground, gonna blow them back and now find each other for them. Ok and then when you get them after the show. I'm going to take a group picture with everybody who has but okay, so here is some of the t shirts that Donald Trump should have to look at.
Orange, is the new fundraiser votes from let go of night, because the more I just took a massive drug, vague jets, real boobs. I tried to grab dropped by the previous, but I couldn't vying show us where retards doom Mexican right, we are still in jobs from american Rapers drumsticks, Dane I'm with her Breeze Delia Rubies and, of course we couldn't leave out. Why do you come on? Fool seems as raised so hard to get good help. Now a days I read hold that this one says front is nice, but I'm still said: look at that people have real is so personal. You must feel that right, dear Missus on the campaign drew.
The real question you didn't listen would I have preferred not to have the time to be with you tonight to be campaigning, ran over this country running for president. The answer is yes, I worked. So what? What are you doing these days? Well, wrote a book really and right here and now on the West Coast in order to see and help the people of California pass propositions sixty one so that we can begin to take on the pharmaceutical industry or ripping off the american people. Every single point, sixty one says, is that the state agencies in California should not pay anything more for prescription drugs than the Veterans Administration, which pays the lowest prices in the country and is, really the key to get.
Single pair anytime in this country. I mean they tried single player in your state of romance and it couldn't work because until you cap, how much gouges can charge the pharmaceutical companies in the hospitals we're going to have more epee pens, more martens, rallies. Well, look the drugs industry, and I have to say this, one out of five people now who, when they got a prescription from doktor, they can afford to buy their prescription grated prices is so high you got elderly people and per month they cut little the pills in half because they can afford the medicine. People are dying in this country and they getting sick because they can what the medicine and these guys on the pharmaceutical industry. In my humble opinion, crooks they made top five, the top five companies last year bill made a billion dollars in profit, see
whose Reagan enormous compensation packages, and yet people can afford the medicines they need. That's not the way these are. What we have to do is cap, how much people should charge right. I mean that I mean that what would happen, It was what every other major country and with rang out, is the prices and what we have now the pharmaceutical industry has fourteen hundred lobbyists in watching good these e bay of, the billion dollars or three billion dollars since nineteen. Eighty eight just on lobbying, eight just have enormous power. They own the political parties and what we have got to who is the american people say enough, is enough I'm going to control your prices, devotion back in the ninety nine. These I took a bus load of women from the later, Vermont from Montreal Canada. The wider research
the boy prescription drugs for breast cancer. Back then they paid one tenth price that they pay. Your in the United States for breast cancer. Saying we pay the highest prices in the world for our medicine. We got to deal with those that, don't you think that Capping the prices may hurt innovation and new drug humming. That's what the shit right it is bullshit. I spent far more to give you an example: innovation, there's a burning, as I understand it, a hunch million dollars right here. California, to beat this proposition hundred million dollars. Last year the sea of the top ten companies made over three hundred million dollars. They make fifty billion dollars and profit they spent a lot. More in marketing and advertising than they do in research to Book
hey. Finally, finally, a ceo was let go the held up head of Wells Fargo again without any severance. I don't know how he's going to eat he's going to have to live on the hundred millions of dollars that he made shooting people You think that whole Wells Fargo thing, because that was a direct result of the consumer Financial Protection Bureau what you're a big supporter of, and, if that bureau, exist How would the market have ever corrected that? It wouldn't look? I have said this money I think the evidence is overwhelming veteran clearly not just wells Spargo? If you look at every major financial institution in this country. They have all all have to pay huge settlements or fines because of illegal behaviour. Happened to personally believe that the business model of Wall Street is fraud
and occasionally they get caught most of the time- and that takes us this year is the Democratic national platform, where you have their Denmark national plump form its democratic start org, we form very hard to put together the most progressive platform in the history of a. European politics, which, among other things, breaks up the large financial institutions. We Islam his glass legal moves us their Healthcare and Hillary Clinton is running on this. That's the platform of the convention that nominated are only fifty five percent of you Our voters say they will vote for him. I dont believe that's equitable, really that neither the numbers are much higher. At the end of the day. The vast majority of the people who supported me we'll take a hard look. Look. What media tries to do, I think, is make this into a personality contest. In that case, you have two personalities. Frankly, who are not terribly popular:
If you look at the issues which candidate wants the reins, the minimum wage to a living wage rats. Hillary Clinton would and that it believes that climate change is a hoax, that's Donald Trump! What candidate wants to give hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars and tax breaks for the top two tenths of one percent. That's Donald Trump, which that it wants to rebuild our public infrastructure. That's Hillary Clinton, who wants gone. The pharmaceutical industry is strong on those proposals. So I would just ask people get beyond the personality issue. Take a hard look at which candidate is better for the middle class and working families of this country, and I think the answer is no clear it is. Hillary Clinton nobody's ready when they ask you this and everybody this. How come? I showed that map for what? What did the Democrats have to do too?
inward, I'm in everybody's looking at how bad the Republicans our right now, but I think it also behooves Democrats to say- What are we doing so wrong and it's not for all. Therefore, some people can be reached, but what are we doing so wrong that when we run a can that, then, when the Republicans run a candidate who if you made him in a lab. You could not have come up with a worse candidate and we still panic rye lose twenty brigand states. How about the Democrats acknowledge? There's a difference between legal and illegal immigration would not be great Dante, Those first days in the democratic convention, you'll be very hard put to figure out whether we're talking about all image, regardless of distinction. Look. This is I for a border war, however ridiculous trumpet the design have a real fur, border to have legal control of immigration is an absolutely important essential point of being a country and its
for are Democrats shown themselves to be utterly indifferent to that in their rhetoric and in the way that they are trying to get votes for materials. I think is very unfortunate. That's why a lot of people are really matter them. There was a mad democrats. Do not operate one look. I think why and they do enforcement First LOS, beyond that issue. That's one issue: the real issue is that this country is moving toward an oligarchy. Formal society, where we have Handful of billion is not only controlling Wall Street or the pharmaceutical industry but also now, as a result of this disastrous citizens, United Supreme Court decisions, they are. Buying the United States government Fourthly, this this audience and rhetoric is fuelling trump you're up you'll entreaties doing right now you are going to hold brothers spending and their friends billion is spent hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars
Pennsylvania in New Hampshire in Ohio in every battleground slate. That's not rhetoric that in reality, if you had your rhetoric about them buying my senior that's, these is, to my mind, to extreme they trying to it once the election. Yes, but when you say that buying it, nobody knows what what are you lead you to mining the entire process, the way trumpets and about the idea that all its art dealer generalizing? No it what it doing the same but you have a corrupt campaign finance system and that we have over. How did Barack Obama when two terms? Ok, because he was a foreign away better candidate was here. We do not know if I'm running against you, ok an ice Ten times more money than you do you're better candidate, but I am most of the time not every time,
most of the time. I will you saying that I dont have big my maid all where he s room adjoining. Look, I do think and bent and Bernie you view. On the bottom shine daylight on this thing, the Democrats had gotten out of touch working people afraid trade on technology migration, the Gipsy all these things are going to be good for you and we surround or ourselves and big money people who are making contributions that we listen to the elite, think tanks, indeed the rock and all the time and we lost them, two significant for actual America beat. I agree that the money in politics is a huge problem and I agree with so much of what you say Senator Sanders. But I am not sure that if we took if we change campaign an answer rules that it would convince the people who are shouting hang her in the streets at Trump rallies to vote democratic rights, four Hillary Clinton or for definitely an unreachable. I don't know what the percentages but certain
it shouldn't be as much as it is? Our main democrats lost elections where they only want one state in my lifetime Mcgovern, I think only one one state, I think, and eighty four, the Democrats only one arches data packets. So obviously the country can do that. The country can go this candid and and by the way, Mcgovern and Monday, I weren't crazy people. This vile nincompoop is going to win fifteen to twenty seven. What have about this? What if the Republicans came up with a Donald Trump? All this? in policy issues, but who wasn't a crazy person? what if he wasn't mean and nasty and groping what would happen, then Somebody came along with a nice raggedy smile on his face and was for banning all Muslims and building a wall and friends with Putin and give Luke's to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the nonsense. Don't you think we're likely to see that we should be an eight years. Donald Trump again. This is part of. What's happened,
when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton start to attach them to his party. He is not an he's, not an outlier, augmented, better version of him he's gonna come along and channel the same kinds of anger. That's what I will come back. Racketeer factor of the portion of the Democrats, a very difficult time, if all we are talking about, is raising taxes and spending more money, but just think it's that may get around a boost in this audience? But it does. I'm gonna win you. Those states that you put up on the border due to talk about it. When you talk about raising taxes, the person is on whom I don't? U raising the tax. I dont disagree, but I do think we should be raising taxes billion as dealing with income and wealth inequality and be proud that if it works Bernie, if I dont disagree with the I dont like a man who disagree with your tax policy, I think it needs to be progressing. But if that's all, we ve got it
is when Latin America people both for make. As I support a general expansion of the federal got. What about my daughter? Can anyone getting that? That's all they it isn't all they have, but it's what they hear when I was that he is. If you talk about this, is This is going to be good for the middle class. If you have have immigration to have him trade, you have to talk about me. We can have self driving cars and put three and a half. Truck drivers out of work and snap of a finger. What are democrats talking about that? Nothing right and if we don't, if we don't talk about, were how are we going to create those jobs where those jobs coming? In addition to making certain attacks is a progressive. In addition to make certain that our trade policies are fair note, we don't have that kind of a policy. Going to be very difficult to windows, independence, also culture. Here right. It's what we're talking about people who feel as if these elites are not talking about them as if their that fellow citizens is this great Cultural Gulf emerging and part of that is also bill not to not have pick a fight with you, but when, people ridicule people's religious faith routinely
they don't anti respect the fact that people may different than other may have a different view of the universe and want to live their lives in a certain way they feel pushed to? The more in a way they can't listen to these message. But there's no way we have had this discussion before there is no way to talk about religion, frankly
honestly without ridiculing it, because it's so fuckin stuff? So I can both be true to what I do, which is european and, like you I. I can then pretend that a virgin birth is something I can do. I bet only, I totally get it bill. I respect your person and I'm just saying it right, helping the Democrats reach people when they talk. It's it's airy alienating poplars. Thank you. Everybody! It's time for new rule neural. Instead of recalling the galaxy, no seven, because it catches fire Samsung should just add a subject that says it's a phone and a lighter narrow people as AIDS. A hopes that Americans are being stopped by creepy lurking clowns have to admit.
Let us see Sundays debate narrow the people are you're, not gonna like this one, the people or participate in the Ultra orthodox atonement, ritual of copper route, where swing alive chicken over your head with three times and red Bible passages, while someone else holds a baby, have What we in the eye and tell me, there's not some point in the ceremony where you're thinking what the we do not want to hear anything about the whites being a superior race until one white person that a wedding learns. The words to Earth Windin fire September
You ve been forty years to get this forty years, words been played it every white people, wedding birthday, convention reunion, office Party, Christmas Party, real estate seminars and hunting accident memorial, and here is what your uncle Doug retain. Do you remember
three words in forty years: that's why we don't want any more neural, pedophiles and hippies must decide once and for all who gets to drive, windowless bans. I see one of these in my neighborhood. I don't know whether to call the gobs or score we and erode. Finally, I mean I'm finally neural. Somebody has to be why America just made this guide so famous. This is. Can bone one of the undecided voters who asked a question at last Sunday debate and since then has become a folk era. Why
Why? Because, after fifteen months of this campaign, he still too stupid to pick a lorry over president pussy grammar? For me, the great sadness of this election is knowing that even if Trump doesn't become president, we live in a country where half the people think you should be now. I would really like to ask Mr Ken bone or any undecided voter these last fifteen months rolled along. There was no breaking point for you: Trump saying he would kill the children of terrorist withdrawn strikes physically, throwing Twelve million Mexicans banning all Muslims, giving saudi arabian nukes running Scam University veterans at a charity. Money not paying taxes. Picking Putin is favorite leader not being able to lead, go the feud for a whole week
but the beauty queen the impression the handicapped, nothing. Last November, when Trump was losing an eye what he said in Iowa too, wins how stupid the people of Ireland, and now he's leaving an hour, so I guess he got his answer. That's how to Florida is a climate. I haven't stayed full of old people and they elected us.
When there are climate change denier who, when he was a business man oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in history and its not just Republicans I presented Bernie supporters, have switched allegiance to waver intrinsic was dummy name Gary Johnson, policy positions are almost formerly the exact opposite of burning and who, when pressed to name a foreign country, said brand joline when Does the earth go around the sun? or the sun around the earth. A full quarter of American said the sun revolves around the earth and they revolves around NASCAR
Americans. No, they live in the greatest country, but thirty, five percent can't name one branch of government, only thirty, Ex percent can name all three awful Eighty per cent thing right: Madonna's t those noodles college giddy. Seven years ago I was on CNN and said: I didn't think Sarah Palin ever be president, but quote I wouldn't put Anything pass this stupid country when we went to a break, and when we came back Wolf Blitzer said this people are already complaining that you're calling the United States is stupid country and giving you a chance to clarify. I don't need to clarify: it is
I do not like Donald Trump when I predicted it didn't people giving me a lot of rhetoric blowing the world is something that could actually happen. If you don't think so you haven't seen enough movies movies, always foresee the future. Flip phones in STAR Trek touch in minority report I pads. Two thousand and one a space odyssey black press. Hence before Obama spectacular. Terrorist attacks on american soil before nine eleven network
nineteen seventy six predicted Fox news and reality tv and blade runner showed up future LOS Angeles, where life is bleak, overcrowded and dehumanizing, and that's just on the four or five and, of course, for us. Gump came out in nineteen ninety four years before we elected George W Bush and what scenario scenario has Hollywood What is Hollywood been envisioning lately, making a serious earth after an Apocalypse hunger games divergent,
mad max Leaver, vendetta, maize, runner, matrix interstellar, the postman. The book of the road even little, Wally and how did earth reach? This point: these movies, always because we to ourselves in the day the earth stood still can't Reeves plays an alien send to earth to exterminate and kind because stupid so fish humans are destroying a perfectly good planet. He gets stuck out of it, but it's not like you didn't have a point. In half of these movies. It starts with after humanity destroyed itself in the great war. What was left of government I did Schuman passions needed be controlled controlled by Kay Winslet and divergent Julie, more in hunger, games, Jody
stern, Elysium till this winter snow, Purser Merrill Streep in the giver, who says quote when p we'll have the freedom to choose. They choose wrong. I know that Ex heard the bad guy, but did you watch the republican primaries think I'm with Marilyn this one between letting these people decide things or a comb? Tech granting bossed lady in a pan, suit I'll. Take the lady in the paths
all right. That's a shower off next week, back on the 28th I'll, be at Madison Square Garden November. Fifth, at the Palace Theater Albany November. Sixth, I want to thank Andrew Sullivan, Rebecca Traister Bob Kerrey Bernie Sanders. Anncoulter join us now for overtime. I need to thank you cards for more information log on to HBO dot com
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