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Overtime - Episode #345 (Originally aired 3/6/15)

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Overtime - Episode #345 (Originally aired 3/6/15)
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Welcome to each year from each be meeting, we ll time right we're back on David actor I, but can we expect the president to accomplish in his last year's well now, almost months in office? Yes, I think he's going to move forward on climate change, huge huge initiative I think that is going to work on these issues that go to middle class security, which is in his you, I think in most people's you, the biggest, issue about how you build an economy in which people can act, we work and get ahead and we need to work on climate change that it had a snowball in and the other. Yes politely that refutes all the science. Yes, he had a snowball in his hand I had a I had a reporter say to me: why is it working- and this is at the bottom of the Embassy Wall Street Journal Pole, ragged, young grander, I'm thinking I'm going to tell her from the
at the end of this. Hey Ray had worked on this point, but the NBC Wall Street Journal Poll was right. I mean that's well said What can you tell us about the book you're working on about Eric, Garner Eric Honour, the New York man, who was choked by the police for selling the cigarettes yeah? No, I mean it's all the same issues we were talking about before I'm in Europe. Garner case was, I think, really examples everything that's wrong with community policing in this country and its it's a fascinating. I worry about reason why people hate each other in this country and its someone has been here working. Ok generally, what would it public and healthcare bill look like while there is no different options out there right now. I would encourage you point out a heritage, dot org, where I work. If you won't see a whole host of plans, but everyone, the fur,
things that we can do is especially this court case goes away, that it could, which means a lot of people that currently have healthcare that can no longer mobility. Subsidies are gonna, need health care, and I think states need to be taking action right now, not waiting for the Supreme Court to come down to say, look, we're gonna do two things. We make sure that these people are taking care of me can either go back to plans if they had before they lost or that we can create plants it basically or not, is expensive because we don't have to have all the mandates of on the pair require which makes a lot of plants expensive and third, I think states ought to compete, not compete, but people who live
What's a California wants to mandate? I don't know here transplants in support of health care, what you say they do that's why in California, Pisa deserted? Through those honest, I tried it is not necessarily here, because some people might tourism that is going to make him if right and if its mandated, but let's say that somebody in Arizona says look we're gonna have a plan is much more narrowly focused. It is really covers a very basic things: beers, aeroplanes can region, people, California, or by a power plant in Arizona. People there is on ought to be able to buy health plain in Massachusetts. They should have more choice and I think, if we're looking for freedom in choice in health care and giving people options, that's a good way to go to overdue fervour. Sir Twenty, we ve cut the uninsured done by twenty five percent.
So people can go back to their plants. These people didn't have plans, that's like any aid, how they had the emergency room. That's applying this, but now, but most of them have an idea, but we have eight point: four million or eight point: five million bug signed up and the changes they like September last year about sex a half million thing at seven point: four million those folks ticket private insurance, throw Medicaid America is on top of the eight hundred and forty five, it's a great deal. If you have nothing before isn't it, getting people just because you did somebody Medicaid court is oh now you have health care if you and your doctors are taking Medicaid, which is it problem is. There is certainly a lot of what we are honoured areas. Then you have a card to king it into the doktor and good health care. I agree. It's a mess,
This is why we should just have a single bear system, like every other, the murder of a permanent russian opposition leader this week spark any international response against Putin will personally, is not terribly I live in Russia for ten years he was really was really not terribly relevant. Modern Russian that's ok. I just didn't like it better than you think potent did it.
Here well, government was seen leaving the crime. Was writing a bare missing of no? No doubt in your mind that well it's a hundred yards from the Kremlin and you know who else is going to do it more denies hit on that bridge? Rednecks, the Kremlin address pretty there's not that many other subjects, An israeli investigations have answer ass. You say I have answers and you think it was just because he could do he wasn't, even really that much of a threat or people here and united since they over there the over think it necessary. What really wasn't in his best interests efficiently. Just left him alive optics are bad of leaving him alive. They think about the objects of that may just like thing I and really worrying things really concerned about optics. We tend to think. Like everybody thinks like us.
But I mean Putin, is a european problem. Isn't it I mean A bad is a bad actor also realise day. There's lots of them. Do we have to get in. Everywhere. Why can't people clean up their own neighborhoods? Why kid? many of the war whoop. So what would it important is not sponsoring tat? tourism over here when you can kind of make the case against ISIS that way that they might sponsored terrorism here, but pollutants Doing that's. What are we give a shit about Crimea? It's not our problem near the Russians currently see NATO's incursion into that partial or other, as is clearly in, and you know, an intrusion yeah? They feel that they were promised during the eighties that NATO disintegrate when the Soviet Union collapsed right. They take that's a very seriously nation that they see it as aggressive on our part, not important support.
Generally. What do you make of the challenges to Speaker banner from his own party? Will there be a coup I think the biggest challenge already occurred when, rather than the run and let you know he won overwhelmingly, but I think people forget that the fact that it, twenty son forgot with exact Toto was, did he had as many as he did vote against. Some was. It was a big statement, but look I think that the challenge for bangers gonna be in which Mcconnell over the next two years when you have a president who doesn't want availing DE president. Quite frankly, why don't like a lot of its policies and grant lives politics? I do admire he's willing to put the pedal to the metal and pushes much of his agenda through as it possibly can and does agenda. Well I mean what it has been brought. His agenda is, is always kind of counter to. The tea party agenda seems like there's a pattern of the president's waned, push hasn't as something brought to his agenda and do whatever it takes to get it through, some of which, I think, is a constitutional at times, but nothing. Plus he's going to push it John
Vainer and Mitch. Nepal have not shown at this point that their willing to do the same on their side and I think the next two years I think, republicans better big. Turned about there being tonight. How about you they haven't sixteen getting being so to squander with whose there that the disposing on who's running knacks, while the president still being present you're. What I think is there, the Other caught the car they wanted to run the Congress now running the Congress and the tail lagging the dog right. I don't know what to do and then right. Thank you thank you in advance. We will see you all next week or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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