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Overtime - Episode #367 (Originally aired 10/9/15)

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Overtime - Episode #367 (Originally aired 10/9/15)
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Welcome to each year podcast from the HBO late real time and the questions. Andrew, what are you working on now that you, ve retired, from blogging? I guess I'm working on a book on Christianity. Four against show. Just a little joke. Patrick, would you ever consider running for public office again well with the four kids southern and under that won't even be an option for another fifteen years or so why you can't run with kids in them Well, maybe you can, but they won't ever when I know who you are so I prefer to around how many did Uncle Bobby her. That's a good point, but
He had a double vigour. We learned from experience, I think, is a good thing to wait around I'd, love politics, but I think I could still run away down the law on good relations, with all your room, siblings and cousins and everybody. Since the book I got a big family ate some better than others has house Thanksgiving gonna, be we might after Miss that one secretary, what would you say to republican presidential candidates who say that the first thing that would do and by the way? everything is always day one, but these assholes everything day one is do they need any other time than the whole administer a day one? They would rip up the arraign nuclear deal unilaterally. I'd say the first thing they should figure out is how
to deal with all of our allies who we're gonna, who want to leave the fold in and leave us the worst, but worst of all worlds will have no deal, will have a big nuclear programme by sanctions, will probably a road and then we're stuck here and make them ass. It such a no brainer because The alternative is sanctions, but the sanctions are not an alternative, because the other countries will go along with that. I don't infant. In fact, people forget that the? U N sanctions will put in place specifically to bring ran to the table. Well, it's happened as though the idea that I am going to somehow stick with, as is pretty pretty hard to form Netanyahu was so against this deal.
Busy, nobody could have a stronger interest in keeping a nuke from IRAN he's a smart man. He must know this is the best way to do. That is one of the following fact and testimony he gave in Congress quite a few years ago. He identified exactly that point that the nuclear weapon was the existential threat. He was talking about Iraq at the time incorrectly, but which also, but around the. I think, if you actually listen to a lot of that critiques now of the agreement is not about dream it it's about what the agreement is not right and what around his neck and exactly at another. I made the point that so just about rather one deal it's not about making around perfect right answered the the the deal is right now that we have to work with our Gulf allies with Israel to continue to push back really hard on all the other things we dont like butter ransom. Failure in our support for terrorist see what really think it has something to do with the fact that in the early
it is. Israel did attack a nuclear facility in Iraq and did not get out, and maybe they think well, we did at once. We could do it again well tonight you know I sat at the witness table between Secretary Carter and Germany, the joint chiefs at that time. I Marty Dempsey. They were asked the question and they said okay, but about the military option, and the answer was now because the programme back to three years- that's great set the programme back two or three years. Have it grow back with greater hardening against future attacks? Have the programme build up, have no verification, verses, fifteen years of rolling programme back
verification forever. It's kind of like a. Why choose between these two options and international support the obvious and an international support exactly and brothers. So I just it's, you know the fact is from where we are. Nobody has put to put forward a credible plan b, and this gets as fifteen years of roll back of the programme, plus verification and international support verification, certainly forever. International support for long too, would have been good if we had been able to keep those sanctions, because the reason they came to the tunnel is that they knew that they were craning. We have kept. The sanctions are, first of all their own there's a lot of confusion. The only sanctions relieved are those specifically on nuclear, not sanctions. I support of terrorism and other issues number one number two
The EU and sanctions on weapons and on missiles was pointed out by some of our partners were supposed to go away when they came to the table. We have extended those for five years, and eight years Effectively, not to mention that there remain lots of other sanctions in place on things like, but let me say that the financial relief we gave them as part of the unfreezing of their assets basically gave them an atm machine to fuel terrorism through
the mental away? Well, given that to them, and they will give what if they honour the deal and if they get rid of their nuclear programme, then we basically unfreezing what was their money and, if I may add on fact, when this programme, some time ago, one of your guests talked about the hundred and fifty billion dollars being freed up will first of all that's a fiction already. It's it's a lot of money, but its closer to fifty than one fifty. Secondly, the they have. It is it's hard to argue that the actions that we very much dislike, art they resource limited. You know all this all kinds of so called asymmetric activities right, so, furthermore, they have got a half a trillion dollar hole to dig out of,
We never say that none of these funds will go to support the revolutionary garden and send some some some additional military support, but we also firmly believe that almost all of this is gonna. Go. I've been to start digging out of a homes to meet people in politics, especially conservatives used to understand the concept. Well, the best of all we don't live in the best of all possible worlds. We can just take the best of things that are also bad, that there are no Great answer is only the least Jenny answer. That's real politic, that's that's Metternich, that's Henry Kissinger and other ancient Germans. Its Bismarck. That's why they understood right that our remind allow us style awful option is what you do and its also. If I may say it's also, if you go back to one or Reagan, he a lot of pressure to negotiate the master bargain rabies
issues of jewish immigration. There were issues a proxy wars, but he chose to negotiate an arms control agreement and accomplish something and that in fact, and lead to lots of other things down the road. This there's a certain analogy at least Inclusive great to get this pseudo off the table. It was the one issue to the opposition in IRAN. The people who were gone down in the streets agreed with the regime it with the nuclear programme. What having the right to enrich with something that united all And the people are really didn't want this to happen where the revolutionary Guards Ryan, if we had it was a wedge open along the Rhine, alleviate something smart and now that, even though I you know, I think one has to be very. You know very doubtful of certainly not optimistic, but one can hope that we ve given opening for the people in IRAN who read IRAN should really be our ally. IRAN is unnatural. Oh, I could reach absolutely and
they are amazing people, one of the one is it. Great civilizations and mankind. They love this country's. Many of them, so many them young and I saw that in the Green revolution, and I just felt yeah. You re absolutely right bill about the least worst, but is also something quite hopeful here. Yes, there currently first time a glimmer of some kind of The only country that really could help the Middle EAST ashes. Whether we support that the Andrews like whether we actually do what we did. You know, as we did before, and support democracy. There that'll be a big, I wonder what they can do it on their own, so Marie, are you, are women get any closer to having at all? So I dont men, don't men definitely don't have at all either. But I don't I don't like this either. I don't like the frame, I'm not talking about having at all I'm talking about a quality which is a much better way of thinking about it and yeah we're getting closer to us.
Ali Baba got away to go. I have to say Patrick listening to you and hearing you say you know: you're not gonna run for Congress. Does you actually want to see your kids and be with them, while their young that's moving closer to equality, so I think we're getting better but if ever I certainly think Ultra could not preclude people from being in Congress rose to be very few people in Congress Why can't you? You know we have a job and also have job you can. If you have somebody else at home, willing to take care of them, but what he sang is he wants to be there too. We stop going to rely on his wife to take care of them, and my point is that's great: if more people, said. You know why you have kids you're gonna focus on you. Then you're gonna work do, of course you're gonna work, but you know that's a perfectly well
intimate reason to say I'm going to defer a big job until my kids are grown, certainly not accurate or deficit, not just to say I want to spend time people that you can watch them grow up because they moments gonna go you're, not gonna. Give him about most people oversee, don't have the resources to parents. This thing, that's the way, he's question. They're, both working. That's not the point, because only allow Rob Thomas, do support in order to boycott digital streaming services like Spotify, I don't see unseen use in it. You know I mean I think it is, Point you're gonna be on one side of what's going to happen like that this day, the music industry, especially the victim. The another kind of the antiquated I the evidence is really shit, but the state of music is really fascinating right now the ability to have the thing to have the closeness and if you have access to your favorite artists and music and all kinds of- and we can like there's a while ago and yet three different ways- each behaviour it wherever I don't get this this
Did you do pay for, and I think that you know there's there's our there now, there's artists out there now that that are getting money through publishing getting fans becomes even play that witten through the three traditional ways that used to get music? If, if they did play when that radio station, I didn't see you on mutual interests. You tv. There really talented artists, they never could have a career and now that there is a way for fans of music to go, find them on their own to go wrong. From their house, do not make any money on Spotify. Nobody. Just money really record labels are making money from Spotify, and I think you know I am sure that I get a good one, eighth of a set of every time they buy my son. You don't get you don't get anywhere near that from Spotify get anywhere near, not an eighth of assent, that's also happily, and if you're, a writer country at this point. In time I mean the the industry that I grew up into its doesn't exist, ran the the number of young people who can actually on a living. Writing or reporting is that's small, an and- and The all the pressure downward is is
continuing on writers, ability to simply live and pay their bills. After twenty years, like I was looking at something to come in here, I built a fan basic for me. I'm area I do as you do that, and I went on a good time. I want people to come, see me play live. I want people to come like follow me with the home game on care if it, thereby music gonna, give their steel amendment. That's easy for you to say, because you came up at a time when many digital asking about me the question Well I mean you know you're gonna, think about the younger generation, and we may I under I understand- and I think that right now that it's it's a lot harder for somebody even Weena Windows stands, can find them. It's a lot harder than to really turn that into into a business. I got one last question is not from here it's for me. It is play off time. Probably as we speak right now, the metric kicking Ass
against the Dodgers boy, I'm sure they are, but there was another baseball story element as you. This cc sabathier you familiar he's a Yankee pitcher and on the eve of the play of the pinkies, were limited, but this happened before there were eliminated theses about these said I gotta go to rehab and I thought and everybody said, o hero. What a great thing great, I'm so proud of them, and I thought really kind of selfish couldn't wait a month, playoff time and his industry makes we're like you know, I didn't even know we had a problem. I mean it's it's! It's a good laugh because that's what we do to understand this, but the fact is I mean it could have been life or death. We don't know because we weren't in his shoes and the body
line is very one man we I one more month well tell that to us. Kids. We have no idea what the night before what what was going on in his what? If what? If there was a vote for Obamacare and you're in the Congress and you're the deciding and it was happening the next day and you'd have to stay in Congress. Another few weeks would you go now, I'm out gotta go take Irma Rehab thing. Such a rehab. With joy came out. There are reared waiting, a baseball game to that and you say if I were a Yankee Span and thank God, I'm not I'm ready I expect to see where they might see. But but you know everybody knows, life is more important than a game. Ok, thank you
much! Everybody. Thank you not only represents a real every Friday night watch him any time each be for more information. Log onto HBO, DOT, com.
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