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Overtime - Episode #438: Iran Deal, Trump Insults, GOP Tax Plan

2017-09-23 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – former Rep. Barney Frank, Martin Short, Rick Wilson, Catherine Rampell, and Bob Costas – answer viewer questions after the show.

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time. Ok requests do think, trouble face republican challenger and twenty twenty great grandchildren. No lies I think that all these guys will look at it and they will watch the the horrid out there and they will have fox and bright Bart new kingdom. Twenty four seven and they will then every single one of them will walk away from it. Nobody serious this point: what does the panel
think about the Trump administrations plan to replace their travel ban with more specific restrictions. That means what are the more specific you know the exhibit countries he was gonna added illegal named report that it is a victory, will trump rip up the around deal and what happened at this is enough. This thing where he goes. Made my decision, but have not delegate until the next week's exactly it's like weeds summoned up? I will tell you right February: May in November: that's really now. This is what you tell me where he asked him.
Yeah, but that would be such a terrible thing. If we rip up the right, I mean it's bad enough, the Paris thing, but that wasn't even a binding. That was an old shoe you. It's also not gonna help when negotiating with north tragedy. That is, if we lose our credibility, that we can actually abide by any diplomatic agreement. Why are they. Forget it you Goodwin, but not as equipment that is coming Kim Jong, don't bother signing it. It will make us it'll have lower, but about changing is at ease so the chickening I'm doing it by one thing that strikes me is how middle you'd gotten done in his speech value which about all that he's done, and what striking energy he had gotten done? There has not affected his people, I've, usually his role and its what people want he's the insult or in chief trees regularly, something everybody that his people think have mistreated them and after regional level,
leaving, but very little change in the world with Korea worthy wine with the Middle EAST, and I with you on each gonna, maybe she ended but in the end, he's not gonna turn isn't always amazing. How even the people he's insulted seem to forget about it. In a couple of networking about were Merrill fridge still pissed off build a chaplain structure. Where is not a republican and he's called him a lightweight and insulted em up and down and out sharks, utilised, humor just Britannia on Doc a couple days ago, not right smart train and act as a politician, and he knows that he can roll Trump by going in the opposite. If you really are a magnificent golden idle and hygienic, why aren't you going to one point, five billion? I do. I think what one of these committed Trump humor Pelosi deal is very good news for the Democrats in two thousand and thirteen the house
Republicans were counting on demonizing Anthropology, John Ashraf. We're doing preliminary whenever a policy which can be very hard for republic is now to say. Oh, you do you're gonna go watch in vote with Nancy Bulgaria and the answer is yes, like Donald Trump TAT, he has been utilised policy given that wanted their weapon and one reason why Jack off lost that race was because and defend Nancy Policy, which is the disease of the dogs, are going to demand and stand up in earlier years. Nancy politically, so very genuine me at all, but I understand that, but I do think the more important point next time he's not going be able to weapon he's not going to be able to attack.
Then we are protecting. People are forgotten by no. They won't know this to be the, which is an interesting thing, because I, for example, cannot watch Fox. I have many many democratic friends who watch to learn and to understand the others, and I can't do it in the reverse- is that people are never going to watch, but no doubt and little over three they'll see the edge of Trump being nice to energy policy, and I believe it will substantially diminish the ability of a republican candidate to benefit from from two scrolling a Democrat. By associating with Catherine, What can we expect from a republican tax reform plan? Aren't you glad you
I write a lot about tat you could buy back, I couldn't drinking, I write a lot about tax and do the do well. First of all, the knocker to be tax reform, it's gonna be tax cuts and there is a big difference. One is you know about closing loopholes in and making sure that its paid for and and the other one is just about big give away to the rich, and, if anything, that's what will see. The problem is that there are of these works are good. My boy. The trump is not that different example likely a nerd that rewards robot. It's not as easy as just cutting taxes across the board, because there are a lot of these like bells and whistles and how the Senate works. That makes it actually very difficult to not have a paint for tax cuts. So that's really gonna be the challenges is fitting the puzzle, pieces together and every single thing you would need to do to pay, for it is really unpopular.
Right. I mean to take away the mortgage deduction. Is that ever going to happen in a moment or stay alcohol or that ordinary, like the border adjustment tax, which nobody even remembers any more, but that was supposed to be a big windfall. There were a lot of things that were supposed to help pay for this, including actually repealing Obamacare part of the reason why they ve been so gung HO about repealing Obamacare is because that includes tax increases in it and if you bongo all of that with the Obamacare repeal, rather than in the suburbs of the matter is not putting us into the red now no doubts we make it a little money. Is that you know that it was a redistribution of income. Why accused him of that? He should have said yeah fuck yeah. Actually that's exactly what we're doing before taking money from people who will never method and giving it to poor people who desperately needed consumer care right Bob. What we
thoughts on Gmail Hill, the S p and host to criticise Trump onto a wretched called a May white supremacist yeah, I dont, know Gmail Hill. I hear good things about her, but my thought is this. She has approach, every night on ESPN. She has a platform rage. What she did was an elegant whether you more or less agree with it or not? It's an elegant. It's not a good way to make a point, you not being on Twitter going back and forth with people on twitter longer it was ever invented. George Bernard Shaw said: do not wrestle with a pig you get dirty and the pig enjoys it if you're a bullet face name if Europe whole face name. Why do you want to be engaged with some dope on on Twitter, because he said something and you come back in him and back and forth back what she should go on her own. My my image he's the president and she wasn't responding to him what she called him it's over now I understand, but she should. If he wants to make a point, she should go on
Braun Programme and make a full some textbooks and wants point of view of that programme. Is that listen he's got allowances like I don't I don't agree with that principle. Her programme is only yes be ended to sports, yet would be completely out of place for her. Did you notice rate, not really talk about understanding are getting it back next year. Our next topic is admettre. Fronts is, thank. You is Trump white supremacist that but but twitter is the appropriate that she's, a human being cheated citizen. Why can t say her? I just hate this idea
Nobody can say anything without somebody wanting them to go away because they don't I'm with you a hundred more on that. I just think that she could have chosen a better way to make up and we are not always available to accusing someone of of treating Trump in elegantly. It's like a silly about the three studio I always like. Champ, never united, Ladys hurried to migration should, as very dear cousin how it was merely a hundred cousin, babe, Frank. We shift wife, my father, learn something every ship they wouldn t mind my second cousin stubby gay sets. No I'm
egg wouldn't I have set a bigger, nay. My second cousin was jewels, and I mean to say, is the burning? What do you make him thrones efforts at bipartisan J about with Giacometti? What do you think about that? Actually, I begged reflection fact. He doesn't mind if the democratic go where might even like that. I'd be visionary we can only about himself and his ego accomplishments without substance from thing about immediately talks about it comes out again on healthcare, but every version of the healthcare bill has been different than ever the version, there is no consistency. Twenty programme on, ok, just we're gonna, beat those guys. I think, he's getting frustrated that he's getting some tarnish because The Republicans inability to over and I think what he's done with Chuck and helps them
and I think he has in mind that I couldn't, I could say in searching parties and his followers go outlining what gave no, I write exactly he. No, I don't want you want dependent on one point. I want to put it right. I do want to be blamed for the Republicans and I think But the thing is it: ok, when I believe he's, among other things, Maisie you're, not cash, and he had to deal agree. With tumor and provoke. She meant no has said about the debt limit being re, no has about seeking or for a couple we rise. It means you don't have to spend it Christmas with all that I just overly was thinking that far ahead, I think he's just sick of talking about it but will have become for putting this is one that should be done, but the two, if someone did say to him, you're gonna, help democratic. When I began to the backward movement I wouldn't be so big then I'll one in twenty twenty as the victim of all these bad paper- and I don't think he's from this planet-
and I dont think someone is when I think about it. He never sleeps, never sleeps. He only eats hamburgers well done right steak and he never ever gets a cold Here we have ever seen the long hours at a very during the debates we had like that really heavy breathing here that, like we know living like in a steady solely through the normal feel stress, amish, stretch, eater gangway top campaign, the manage getting further and further me clean one should clean that which is entitled to claim that he has left. He is the fattest President how a tale- yes, I have to say now, have the butter the door frames of the overall, but I don't know I'm not making that, I think is, I think, is its biggest problem. Is that, unlike his life in New York, he can't get laid
I think what he lived in New York. You know he had a sex life that he enjoyed, not with Maloney. Of course, that's the wife. What what do you know you left in the morning mulatto behold, but not a clock? Okay, we know he s apartments. He s house, you gotta go anywhere with anybody, hookers regions being whatever the fuck. You can't do that in the White House. I think that, more than anything I do that noise is gonna, get your book. Ok Clinton proved. That was very. He didn't get away with it in the White House and he had to do with the trunk each brought in the mail one you know about and how it's true, I think that's that's drugs biggest frustration, but we'll talk about that together that I thank you very much. I told you ever since we haven't had a night watchman Commission not mind each be oh dot com,
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