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Overtime - Episode #450: Mexican Elections, Religious Right, DACA

2018-02-17 | 🔗

Bill and his guests - Anna Deavere Smith, Fran Lebowitz, Salman Rushdie, and former Mexican President Vicente Fox – answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 02/16/18)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time, the film? Firstly, the words: would the world a better place if we didn't have social media? Yes, no expanding on or even media. Finally, social media, road, no you're, not you're, not you're, not put them or up with or who or what is, the greatest untapped resource for the children who are the subject of your love, love from not just people who are in their immediate surroundings, but people who might want to come out of that confined to their own home in and give some care.
Give some adult carrying shows that children need do best when there's an carrying a belt around then have to be their mother. There I mean I'm certainly not be authority number had kids and I raised my life, so I never have to talk or be around
John. Why aren't you say once on aeroplanes? You watch children on aeroplanes, there's! No! I avoid children and aeroplanes, but somebody once said to me the kid just need one: it doesn't have to be a real parent and it doesn't have to be two yet of one person who matter what you do to them. They won't leave in attracting Iraq's at them and exactly why I still be here to Morrow. Exactly right now is established. That's probably gonna grow up to be a good barrette right. Absolutely president, a fox are you concern. The Russia were metal in the mexican election were hustle with metal mexican election, so we do around game internally difficult took up clear, caught, transparent, reliable,
lectures and here is happening. The same was not only them, but it s also. The system, you are what the p r I party was at the party. Nano now know that that was no, not you, I'm saying that was there for a long time right. Yes, yes, Buddy Buddy, seventy one years, seventy one years and then you came along desert and what about two thousand and one about now now we are leading by democracy. Fortunately, is very great vetted system we have to be very careful that it space like that right. So that is its is really the winner fully recognised, Ok, so much as a writer? How worried are you about Trump attempting to curb freedom of expression? Well, worried, I'm not terrified yet, but but but I'm worried about you engaged worse yet I have been a bit threatened by professionals year.
It also shoulder a dull that, where I do think that trying to undermine people's belief in what their hearing from the news media is always the first step towards total It is totally if somebody is able to say don't believe them. I am the truth right, that's how you get a dictator or a God or God, fire. What will the religious right give trump another pass on his latest affair or that's a good question, because how much does it take now? He's got a porn star and playmate, while the wife is nursing, It just looks bad. What would Jesus do it? What would Jesus do? Well, I mean you're asking me:
I don't know if he would judge the sex part so much, but the lying part and the hurting of the feelings part that I think it would be a little harder and this could be grab here about abortion, that's what they have hair, so rode! That's all they got about your blog. It out that, as long as they got abortion illegal, which is about to happen, that's what they care about. Yes, they will be playing that card women when this goods desperate. I know you think he's not going to do about that term. I mean the Supreme Court with the most important things we import and that's why they voted and they don't care about the rest of growing up in there. Nathan, believing that they never heard of sex before and then I can hear about it now. But the thing there really really worried about is abortion, because I remember Barney Frank when saying the Republicans only care about human life from conception to birth. That
is. It is amazing that they're talking about abstinence only with this particular president trying to push abstinence only in the schools you'd, this man is released, godly least obstinate man. That was ever we'll rob border and the shooting, with what the shooting we ve lost with Rob quarter and the show we ve lost focused on Dhaka, where the expert expiration date on March. Fifth. Is there any hope for Resolution Dhaka well, over a million young kids be served, a solution that part of this nation, their extremely well prepared and talented. Any somebody does.
One mm here we would love to have them in Mexico, but I I have to recheck, but they are from this nation. They love this nation and they want to stay here and they deserve that happening in Nevertheless, one person one vote for the one now forty one. I tell me when he said that we are having had a united watch him. Any more information, not mind each be Oda
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