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Overtime - Episode #458: Evangelicals, Facebook, Cultural Suicide

2018-04-28 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Ronan Farrow, Ross Douthat, Ian Bremmer, Ana Marie Cox, and John Podhoretz answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 04/27/18)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO making real time Lansdale behalf of the band and myself we thank you, okay, Ross. What do you think of evangelicos who give Trump a mulligan for his behavior? That is otherwise condemned I don't think you're not on, and I dont think well of them. I mean that's generous right, but you don't have right. I don't have no. I mean I think there are two even jellicoe styles, their sort of a kind of there's an event. Jericho style. That says we all knew he was a bad guy. We were just voting form because he wasn't Hilary and we needed basically like a tough guy, a bodyguard could we lost the culture wars and that I can work right and that yeah and that that I can at least understand. But then there is the other style. That's like you know. Tromp peace, like you know, he's like King David King David, had a lot
why have we seen has just sort of if you were, but don't you read out, made out how important Jerusalem is in that? Well, that's a wretched. I really believe that a lot of revenge telecles believe that Jesus he's coming back many them in there time because he's gonna wanna meet them. He's gonna wanna meet you to his character, but I'll be happy debate of finally do the trick. Bringing about one thing well meant that actual guard or so do you think the conviction of bill caused. We will lead to more celebrity trials, so every trolls, meaning little girl Do you know what really important about these cases, because we case and the whatever is going on in the
what investigation of HARM Weinstein's is that we really do need to make a clear division. As Roman said earlier, in the show between the fact that there are people who have committed serious felonious offences and shut, it should taken in front. Not only is quite a public area with the court of LAW as opposed to people whose behavior is disreputable, but not illegal and part of the problem in the early part of the me too. Movement, I think, was that there was a blending of the two One thing which no after you here and discuss speaker for lady, I left home Lebanon's, don't talk over the lady. I think those people who have committed in a criminal offence is definitely should be treated to criminal court and note that the only place you get due process, although other like screaming and yelling about whoever got didn't you process, Univalve, Frank and didn't it due process that Lauer didn't you do pro
mark more cowper due process there, no due process using and job remark- Halprin. Unfortunately, yes, I remember really really well good. Reporting can lead to criminal proceedings that at times he had not the reporters, but it can happen in tandem in that, when I would just say in the instead reporting one thing that was really important about the cause, be president, is in a world in which most men could never envision. Taking this risk speaking out against a powerful guy and actually being heard, saying, hey look at these women who came forward against Bill Cosby, even though they were smeared, they were covered. Their stories were sort a kind of heard. That was a hugely important precedent to tell them about. I think we err on the side of listening to what may not believe all women. That's not a thing. No one says that, but listening to women letting
and speak in finding out if they're telling the truth using reporting to find out more, I mean that's what I'm afraid the way you like glum there I'll frank and you in the same sentence with metal, our and somebody else just by market, often cause it just. I just don't think more culprit. Frank and urged the same guy. I really don't go to them as they lost their job, which is a bad thing, but it's not like a lifetime tragedy like I've lost lots of jobs. Quite frankly, I think, really bring tragedy for the Democratic Party to lose a leader like that. I asked you like, what's notably dominant way by the democratic parties this zone over theirs and Amazon artists like the right thing to do. I'm a constituent enough about Frank and I voted for outgoing and by didn't know these things about him. If he were, I still don't know those things. I know what a few people said you know. There's
You know, as I think I said, there's a picture alone was enough for me to reconsider my vote for the picture. Was just really that you can't get by the picture that the one we're doing that I know what I can't get Really I got that's that somebody should loses seven job for the for taking that actually lose assented job here that we should hold those people, the higher account, but here The comedian time, please to adjust its apartheid threat this a really electing Trump certainly has to make all this so much more raw. So much stronger, but when the person who is in the highest office has obviously not only gotten away with all the stuff of the course with light, but also clearly treats women as objects as ornaments its horrifying to watch, and I think that that's one of the reasons why people have just gotten.
Incredibly angry in rightful backlash can I just say one of the most common things I hear from survivors of sexual violence when they hear debates like this, which are smart debates and very fair, and all of that this, or vice versa. The people with the actual, stories get lost because we have headline after nine about these men and we're not list to the the women and sometimes men as well, who actually in the mistreatment focus the com. Safe and there have been reports of sexual assaults most bit. Most victims of sexual violence aren't famous and the people that commit those acts aren't famous and its input is. Those are the people that we really need be paying attention to its rampant service industry its rampant. You know in restaurant industry in a hotel industry, and this is something that I am glad we sort of transition from me too, to the times up movement. In a matter of fact, I kind of one to start using that more that the times for ever
one and a half minutes to Burma. The entire you wrote, the entire business model of Facebook undermines liberal democracy. How can we stop that model? I think it's almost impossible to stop that model, because it is for me the deafening this topic is that citizens get their information about the world as determined by the world's largest advertising companies. And I mean as much at an interesting way to put it I'm on it, the world's largest advertising companies. Right and- and I mean I think, as put forward Mark Zuckerberg Said- we had no idea that this was going to happen. I actually believe him. I think he had no idea because even want to look into it because hit
He was talking his book, which is I've, got a model. We need to build money, fiduciary responsibility, that's what's gonna be, but it is very clear that if all the things that we talked about that are ripping a part of the fabric of liberal democracy, nothing is doing it faster than technology every day. That's behind fake news, that's behind sort of us versus them. That's behind everything that makes us not want to have civic nationalism and common values and there's nothing. That makes me believe we're moving away from that. But you don't want. I mean I I've I've read part of your book and I think I agree with it generally, but I think one of the strengths of your book is that it's not just about sort of meat. I think there is a tendency for people who are sort of associated with the establishment in the west to want to pin everything on Facebook and fake news and social media and so on when the reality is that
You know the reason people believe conspiracy theories and fake news and all the rest is that the people running the west. You know the globalist too, to use to use your language have had a really terrible track record over the last fifteen years, and I mean the biggest threat to liberal democracy in certain ways is the fact that we had the Iraq war, a global financial crisis, as you know, a sort of totally terribly design Euro zone that led to all sorts of economic problems that were totally foreseeable, but none of the people paid to foresee them for item and so on, and I mean in that sense. I think this. The strongest part of your argument is about the people in charge.
The principle of our living. I really appreciate that, and obviously I agree with that, but I think the thing that everyone should bind airport I know, but I think the thing than my book- the thing that everyone's everyone there saying the thing that's really been turned on its head is the twenty five years when we started the injured it was all about on the internet. No one knows if you're a dog right empowering like Tunisia, Egypt, at those things how important. Now everyone knows your dog on the internet- I do it doesn't imposed by relocating laughing around now we went from this ludicrous techno optimism where this was going to liberate everybody and save civilization, and now it's storing civilization, and we never went through the period in which its like it's got good parts and it's got bad parts, and maybe we can emphasise the good things downgrade the bad things I mean I can get a wish. Steven pinker here was to make too much to make the case that he makes that. Actually we look at the bad part of it, but look at, for example, how many people have been lifted out of extreme poverty.
Probably a lot earlier globalism in the last twenty thirty years, how many a billion a billion clean out of poverty and driver happened before in the history of mankind. Mri optimistic in terms of the global most macro view. It's a pretty good time to be alive, anchored in the world and radio that labour that transaction. Unless violence I mean, but that but the Astrid worse in the United States, we have our life expectancy going down here, and quality is growing here, and life expectancy at between the recesses which is why you certainly are opening were bad time. So the element that what's coming is supposed United States is increasingly China, a country that is rotarian that uses technology top down and much poor right and, as a consequence, I am much more concerned about it,
led by that- and I am not aware that happens- we're this rating our capacity to go to tell them to hurry. So that's what versatile and all in saying is only if we found the state department and worse I'd, say it's reversible, admittedly with versatile, this monitoring by the but for this year, but first of all the more will do it all but you're getting at the last question. How would you stop the west from committing what you call cultural suicide? Well, firstly, should buy balloons brought losses for real works, and I have books out of print bill. Has a knife old hold true you that Israel's live for books that are so they re? No one reads: books anymore: I'm quickly! Eleven, a buyer bucks! That's ok, ok, but I was It is right that part of it is that we do
hell ourself, we don't tell her so in the west, that we are inheritors of patrimony that we have a wonderful, great, liberal tradition, we will all we do. Is we most elites, and most of the public discussion is about everything, that's wrong. It's important to highlight. Things that are wrong, so they can be changed, but we have no cultural background I'm too about, is the fact that we live in it time of extraordinary growth and extraordinary opportunity- and you know China Is- is a Dane. And a threat. China also is a country that has no ideological hold on anybody. You can't preach. It's got nothing to preach, it's just a different man. I can't breathe. And I can and I can't breathe, and what good is like gagging America purity problem in the next ten years with like three hundred and fifty million people meeting, You know what a relief and there is no money for it, and so I think, if we think more positively
I am sounds like a little details, a name. I would say that all true, except that I just think the environmental iceberg is watch melting and that's what's gonna get us Can I say that we have every Friday night watch him any more information, not guaranteed.
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