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Overtime - Episode #460: Polarized Politics, Border Control and Leaders in Environmentalism

2018-05-12 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Rep. Duncan Hunter, Ethan Hawke, Robert Reich, and Michael Render (aka Killer Mike) answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 05/11/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time it's an ark. The greatest generation is given society. So much has Hollywood seen its own greatest generation year. What do you mean what that means in the great like no. Never. Duncan Hunter. We know the Democrats are guilty of identity politics. What responsibilities should the left take for? Why politics are so polarized today? I think when we found out so the Democrats had control of Congress for like fifty years and ninety four Newt Gingrich into that. I think one everybody figured out that anybody could win any election? That's what created that the massive polarity too we have now where we have to. Besides in areas. I can win any election right. Well, anybody can, but you must admit that the Republicans cheap more no
Don't have to admit that only way voter suppression of you don't think, there's What or suppression and about in California, with illegal immigrants being? sure to vote and has been studied, and it's not through the instrument will trumps There were three million illegal votes Yeah she's numbers right, but I think that that is how it it's a lower number is not that is it up to a million. I don't know. I don't know the number, but are not analogy. We know it's about his one of its one. I've seen it happen, hysteria about the border just out there I mean I, I live in San Diego honour order and they do registry legal average devoting our elections? Thinking of the border Democrats, speaking at the border, Nora, let me ask them ass a question about the Baltic. As we didn't get.
We didn't get to this issue this. This weaken this is your ear. District is right on the border, as you say, Jeff sessions announced this week. We are having a very new policy and it doesn't look to me very american, and that is splitting up families at the border and for family of mexican people are coming trying to get across the border. We're going to send the kid off in one direction and the mother to jail and put the baby in Baby detention centre. Splitting up. Families is wrong. That rests not does not arguing against at the moment at which a great I'm gonna get boot and one second. We should really the whole family of the parents or here illegally, yet you don't separate the family use the whole family back and if they want the kid to stay with a guardian
But here, like someone, that's already here in this country until the rate a ten years old, they can do why, but I would just a family up. I would send everybody back and say apply. Let everybody owing to waste policy is just too to be as big a prick as we can to send. The message you try to get to this country will split your family up. Then. Maybe maybe I'm glad you admit that? Ok, how can I just ask congressmen what about refugees? What about people actually are fleeing dangerous from stances? Don't we haven't tradition, demand on opening our bilateral I've been working for five or six years to try to get. People are translators and I ran against and Syria rename replace it have helped with the? U S military times, another their families, to move to India and Pakistan, but you're not too gay people in Afghanistan. We women trying to get them refugee status in the? U S and that's hard to do. You still
that are not over here, yet that our overseas, who should be here so that something that we should do as Americans? But remember this is not about Mexico. It's about people from the entire world wanting to do a better place than us, not wanting them to bring the same problems at their fleeing from with them here and there were signs fires that they want to country ruled by law. That's what makes us safe! That's what I want here, the US and certainly met people from other countries who say I do not want the shit that I fled coming back I threw that veil off when I got here, don't make me where it here. Ethan Heart. What are the key social differences? You notice between the United States and Canada, as someone who lives in both countries would agree question you knew what is different solutions.
The APOLLO did you know you coming to show like this, and you wonder what you gonna get hit with. You know, that's so interesting, and because I do I have a place in Nova Scotia that we spend settlers and I have for a long time what it thinks. It's amazing there's you, you know what you would call rural people, lobsterman fishermen Hunt, hunters Euro, guys who, without mystics this boy, that mistakes in the people. There are environmental issues in their extremely educated in in protecting their environment and it really because it's their living- and I make it really easy everyone you have to recycle. They have a bag for compost, stay of a bag for plastic. They have a bag for the four different things and you have to do it or you get a phone.
So you can go to a hunting shack and if you know a hoot nanny at four in the morning paper play in their smoking part there drinking in their put new recycling where it belongs. As you know, they re they organise. They make it really easy to do the right thing, and that is- is really excited. Ok, reveller care about Denmark. Well, don't get him starting on observation is not environmentalists, but that's what people who want like. I do all kinds of things Our contribution as I want the wild land to be beautiful, I want dear all over so I can shoot them and eat them. Plenty more for everybody else, rule them in the environmental movement, gray, hunters and fishermen s country, and they are the ones who should be leading us the cause. And if an look, if you, if you eat what you shoot, that's no different than someone who goes to the supermarket
that hypocrisy fact. Why doesn't have antibiotic senators exact Roy Jonah right we're going to do a better job of wooden trash cans? It bus stops in this country the shock of my we read that we don't make it easy cycle and think what a lot of us think that boat you'd know go. What do you think that you know the Teddy Roosevelt isn't great model of a republican leader and ecology, and why isn't the republican administration take that more seriously like how are they ok, what Scott Prude is doing because the history, the greatest public, and protect your right to hunt in making that more available? I just feel like that is a place where you can really to show the deployment of the interior that maybe she'll hedge former congressmen Navy seals now, the head of the interior. He is doing that. He's he's a conservationists. Those groups like Safari Club international. They they try to bring more elephants around, try to bring more dear there in introducing antelope back into San Diego. In a way
next year, I want one whatever their environment like one thousand years it about Scott, wouldn't want. How can you not about preventing the point about EPA? Do you think he should resign? No, yes I'll come. How could you not think that This is our educational environment stuff. So over institutionalized that they're all all the expenses
Everybody- and this is it's gettin ready young one of those give up mean they I'm just going to add just like. I do not agree with this guy and anything, but he hides z right. They win a language because they are not forget. There was the only thing I say we. I am that's very attractive to people and democratic need to learn. That's your tutor resolutely and this has gone more environmental question, the honor of ISA, but this week the CDC says diseases borne by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes noblest of Mosquitos in California. When the great things about it. Now I see mosquitoes out of control, and these carry really horrible diseases that they don't have a clue how to fix, and you go camping or even in the years to come, just staying at home. You can. This can be more prevalent. This is because of global warming, because wit, winters are shorter, that there's more environmentally friendly to these bugs for longer time. It's gonna bite you in the ass literally the.
Air. Is you know it's not something that rich people can coordinate? That's what I dont get about. Why republicans why the cold brothers are not environmentalist can't have their own air until you can't get away from this shit, it's get everybody. You gotta using bottled, a revival, diagonal thing, more ticks, and yes, I am, let's have global warming, the article in the New York Times you talked about this, didn't mention global warming. Once it wasn't, the workload change wasn't use. The word temperature was used, went on in this house. But one of the main rearrest, because these, what not telling a bill, I promise you it wasn't. There is a people flying now from other places and the ease of access in travel and in in the world being flatter. That is what it has really level. Are you not pigeon flatter now for the one big elephant in this room that we're not talking about his money in politics,
and I thought I might have a good answer- that Iraq is not immune, but Republicans really have have led the way big money. Air think the Republican Party has been much to corporate eyes, but now there but wait you close the walls. We wait. You close. We we used to be the party of not free trade, of fair trade, of mere trade. What trumps do now, which I did I did we do it on state on tariffs on now goes have set aside. I think what he's doing that's kind of it. I do get richer radio or get big money on politics like it. Just go back to the operations cared donate Regular millionaire shouldn't be a little run against guys. Like me, that's
Mccain used. That was his big thing, but can we really in July it all? That was the vast, the one billion. Then they got it all right. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Tell me representative. We watch the movie Phoenician nonaligned each be.
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