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Overtime - Episode #465: Political Alliances, Gun Laws, Mental Health

2018-06-23 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Colion Noir, Michael Pollan, Josh Barro, Michael Smerconish, and Neera Tanden answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 06/22/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO, making real time their adjourned, and what are the Democrats be being doing better, be doing to attract disaffected republicans who are fleeing the GEO pee wee catching them in the neck? In my view, this is that you're right that that country is facing an existential threat right now and we have to make allowances wherever, and so I think we should welcome them. I think we have to recognise that Accountability is only an account from voters were firm, yeah yeah, I gotta talk to each other. We can share this country, we gotta start talking in and making inroads. We can
just then agree. I think they recognise that democracy, the mistaken walkin them with open arms broken but see black nightmares Corleone. Is there anything that could happen? That would make you say: okay, we need strict requirements and gone laws
You think, because it's amazing how everything always goes too. We need stricter gun laws in response to everything with respect to firearms. I think that needs to be a more holistic, looking approach to it, because if we take into account the way things were before we, we have Morgan laws now than we did before the jet supposedly Bristow dream, because we can't get rid of their sell weapons and there are states there are states that have actually deregulated than lies. Nevertheless, ten fifteen years are you, you say, twenty to thirty years ago, less from mad, or you know, I'd say in the ninety nine days whenever we had an assault weapons Van, and that was actually it was ended, and that was important and in the south they passed a bunch of things to undue restrictions on godlike stand. Your group like stand around that others do nearer. The important role
well, for one reason: I'm in this two distinct six on black people standing their ground against white people versus the reverse does not come out well for black people. Now from the ethical solution, for I should forfeit my right, don't know now that website that specific law stand your ground in inner. If I'm scared, I get to shoot you the way. I interpret stand your grain and that's really how it saying that only three percent of land and when it's a white person shooting a black person that that is forgiven alive.
More than the reverse, if that is the case right in a net predicated on risks in terms of disproportionate effect of danger, grandma right, then, of course, that a criminal justice issue rather than they are something needs to be done about that. But the idea that, if somebody is threatening my life, I shouldn't have to be forced to retreat to a wall. Before I decide to defend my life, if a threatening it no yeah, I mean that's, that's always been aligning people loosens danger ran, has changed, so you are inherently against the idea of concepts danger ground used it s always been plucked. Now. I think
danger round as it is, is basically makes it so that it's easier to kill somebody, and I object to that. We had a rule which is ordered here. Life has to be that the normal world before stand around with your life, had to be threatened and withstand around its like anything, let you perceive as a threat that the browser, or as some radical doubts, Whistler Bruce Logan than the protocol on the subject of standard wrote. What good would it not be? The standard is inherently objective in self defence will, because my understanding of those danger ground from objective standard is, I have to be not forced to have my back against the wall. If my like this.
To defend my life right. So I don't think there s a requirement. I'm going under there s question about standing my ground here like a file, and you see a future where the government sponsors care for mental health. What would it take to get there where we have a real mental health crisis in this country? One of the reasons people are interested in psychedelic, then it is area in love. With the gun crisis, I mean that, yes, we often yeah it's a debate is the guns or is it and its ends? Well, you have. Those I'd rate is up, but twenty percent. In the last few years the aggression is up. Eighteen percent, since two thousand five addiction is rampant and and mental health care in this country has very few tools is really broken. If you compare mental health care to any other branch of medicine, oncology, cardiology, infectious disease, they ball accomplished important things they ve, they reduce suffering, they prolong lifespan. You can't say that mental health- that's true, commander, mean
A hundred years ago, the Kennedys we're Lebizen amazing their doors because that's how they do the hundred years ago, everyone over the line, Chemico quicksighted hundred mission. I think you means every the less I mean last few decades right there are good, but haven't they come up with things that we never depressing
I was on a member, even something like MIKE Wallace talking about. They didn't have anti depressants when he was nervous, I'm that ain't, alas, less not connect to have Elsie's today than there were asking today. Definitely mine eyes. You, though, just poor something in the test tube and make it better brain. Well, it's not that easy, but they didn't have that option at all now have two years, but the anti depressants we have actually many people don't like taking them. Their effectiveness fades overtime, there very hard to get off so the suicide and they call suicide. Yes. Yet if there's a suicide blamed on L S day, that's a huge story right, but it's kind of routine. It can. I just say that our problems are not a constant, I'm, not a luddite when I say this, but I think the technology has completely up ended mental health in this country and we're gonna. We all love who, where we want to order a car, I'm gonna go to open table and and
at dinner reservation, but so many of our kids are now shotguns, devoid of personal interaction and instead creating identities did just really disconnection. That's at the root of depression and Dixon obsession of his own. So damn phones will the visit. It actually well, that's another dick specks, yet another form terrible addicts. Yes, ok, metal pictures on picture anyway cc, aside rates have increased, and next elder man, rural communities, people I mean that we it's not universal. This is the problem in a majority of gun, doubts in the: U S or suicide, and they and the research is much clearer on gun, control and gone gone ownership rights and suicide than with homicide. A scene of the crime rate effects are unclear. The suicide rate effects are very clear if there are fewer guns out there.
People attempt suicide as much, but they dont succeed is often because its absolutely not her. That's yes. I know that it is actually very pleasing to change LEO anyway. Don't shut it down with it. If there was a direct correlation between the number of guns that were available and suicides, we would be leading the world into was there also. Colleagues we are also may perhaps this act are increasing and we need you to fewer fewer suicides among blackened hispanic people than among white nation people, independent of of gun ownership. So we have demographic advantages. We should have an even bigger advantage over their advanced countries and suicide rates than we do and also we do have most guns, but there are there in the hands of fewer people, in other words, the people who, like guns, have any guns. There was a guy, less we'd, better go with five hundred and fifty three gun that picture of that that this guy
arsenal. Oh my god, this is what they found in this guy's how's, my ears that low many gonna say later years a bit about this time. It is not what I was once more. I think the discussion is. We have to understand something right, so I get it right, you're, not a gun person. Why you're worried about a person like that, basically killing a lotta having Billy easily live on how to better, because I only ask you as well are getting wouldn't flattered by one person. Children are being slaughtered for billions of euro. In tribute to your inherently tribute in a negative character to firearms outright right, yes, chores Latin, so I at their and fire So that's why ass the same sanctions, which you're not advocating banning
powers of limiting people's access to vehicle? You can't take what I mean. The number of people who are murdered by guns is much higher than the people murdered by cars will be ready ever pay code, but would blow intentionally, but intention not murder is still warble, though someone to die in a car accident. For somebody do we really cannot say that this is why this is why we're never knew no disrespect either of you were never going to get anywhere on this issue. The best we can hope for is a better integration of data, because I'm sick and tired of reading the newspaper, the following while there was this warning sign, and this agency knew this in this new? This right left handed a right that at all, but the, but also the one last point I want to make with respect to using the number of guns at their refilling. Some type of way is, I look at guns, differently been you'd yen, and there was a point in time.
I looked at it. There was a long time we looked at it. Probably the thing we you did right ahead, but as an organic progression of iron ownership, as one can have. I was against that unlike on, but I want to arrange one time and a shotgun in that change. For me it's so now I can see. I can see a myriad of reasons for wizened own, a firearm, Weatherby Recreation sports collecting. So important also want to see that those number of guns up there on my mind, doesn't automatically go to. Oh, my god. It's horrible nets! Back! I totally here what you're saying I guess. What I'm saying here is what you are trying to do is say that progress as liberals, whatever want to ban guns. No one saying ban your guy, we're saying, regulate them so
People with mental illness have background checks, a variety of things about certain types of guns. No one is saying you can't have a gun, and I know the energy always wants to say before I think that they are simply paying for my safety and the protection of children and other public people. You should. We should have regulations like background checks on every single god. How would you enforced suggest living suggested solution at least have something that's enforceable where it is in force, as well as an internal issue, then we're gonna. Do them prerogative know that discussions of bills, the energy fight, will then have to meet the two ME mansion bell. Support that bell. Would you support that my question and that's the point that I would
in force. What did I lose? Gonna? Throw open the more of this go on and are ready to begin who can evade abroad? I gotta go. I want to make a move, venetian Nonaligned, each bio dot com.
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