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Overtime - Episode #503: Terry McAuliffe, Richard Engel, Tom Nichols, Catherine Rampell, Anthony Scaramucci

2019-08-10 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 8/9/19)

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Welcome to each year pipe from each. The only real time arrived here are the questions from the people in their underwear, Anthony which democratic presidential candidate should Trump fear the most so unpardonable. Governor Mccall of I would be going younger. Would somebody like Centre Harris or mere people to Jack, and I think that that car? rest again say lesson show, go out there and speak to the people that from one last time don't call the poor, bore white nationalist, go out there and understand what there what's wrong with their economic situation and boy. Let me take up, then that would be very powerful if is determined it might be an always do better when they go with somebody below the age of fifty or higher Obama. John Kennedy Bill Clinton back in the nineties, Ogilvy may go for. Some
Catherine, what's your reaction to better saying what the fuck to the press in regard to their coverage of trans racism? I think that was a perfectly valid. Fonts frankly, I mean, like I said that I think that was in response to the question. Do you think Trump is a white supremacist for a white nationalist or something like that and Beto said they like? Yes, obviously- and it's not just because of stuff, he said this week and it's not just because he refused to rent to black 10in
The seventies there was also him saying at the central Central Park: five should be executed and in still refusing to back down from that birth or, as you know, Muslim ban all that other stuff long history of Richard Angle, why is Trump harsh on China, except when it comes to the pro democracy protests in Hong Kong, narrow limits for its very troubling? I think he doesn't bother he's made it quite clear that human rights groups, when they or and protestors when they come out on
treats that's not a priority for him, and I think he respects people who have power and use power and the reason I'm worried about. What's going on Hong Kong, there is a very high cost to failure, so these people come out on the streets if they don't succeed and don't succeed in establishing the rights and the laws that their their pushing for. They could play a very, very high price, like Tiananmen Square like agenda. This workshop praised the chinese response. Contaminants, where. As you may recall is not hard to get on your side if you'd just says quite handsome governor Terry, as someone who turned red state blue, do you think Democrats of Aerial shot a Texas in twenty twenty? Yes, I do
I think that would you go to the polls today. Amy bullets in the big issue is who has the best chance of defeating Trump right now it's by right. Now the boy data can change. We get six months to go before the primary start, but today Biden Porno highly beats trump by eight points in Ohio He wins Georgia. He wins North Carolina and he wins Texas today against our trump. So We got a great opportunity at long time. It's got trapped, going to continue to do the insanity that he does every single day he can't get over. Forty two percent he's alienated boast of America. He's got his base and I'm just shop these. I'm not doing all these things against Eliza coming so squad. I guess you. There are all these NEO Nazis and white supremacy under rocks that word motivated and twenty sixteen in they're going to come out and Only twenty, he is actually needed, college educated women. They walked sound. We have it,
the job. Why don't you just deadwood Hilary did last time when she said deplorable, it sounded. People like you, call now how judge everyone voters oranmore Nazis under Rock Yang, it's a big black, but that is not what it sounds like. You have been so bad. I know, but every person who voted for tromp is not a NEO Nazi under Iraq nobody's we struck. Why is he doing us? I'm trying to spur new base form? No, nobody whose each I do when I attach large economies guy at more grad infested. I was gonna drive. Yet these women were born in this country trump bad out of you good see. Why only watch Brian Williams, ok Tom! Your book is called the death of expertise is the solution, while in thirty seconds Tom out, as I think the problem is people, the problem with the death of expertise is that it again it's written in narcissism. It's not the people
mean more education that we may not just his. Everyone know everybody. I weren't knows not. They only narcissism this country- that is true, everyone does it to each other. People will walk up to you know you and your staff committee have some thoughts on timing. No extra right out in our area of governor here's, here's what you should do about the budget do that because it feels empowering in it makes them feel important, and I think we're just going to have to wait for the bubble to burst where we we have to start listening to each other because we're heading for disaster, and I think it could be that recession or a war either three things. I worry about our pandemic, a recession or war name, one of those things it. People are gonna, start listening to doctors, economists and generals again, except to plan devils advocate. We had a great recession and what happened? It will stop trusting economists right there, a lot of economists to don't focus on financial markets, but sought in and who, in fact, Things were quite worried about. You know: I'm not rebuild structure
the economy they stopped rapidly backpedal lists. Yankee CBS Bank worry about an oak. Well, maybe I don't know people ever had a good idea in their minds about economist one related to begin right. Little emulous people- you hang out, but I'm sorry about the regular rank and file. I think they blamed banksters. What have you got a lot of low back against expertise, economic exploitation, brittle because these the bankers were experts and they told me I could afford it. No, the bankers and expert the same way that Alexis salesman is Alexis expert who says you can afford this car right. That's the debts differ. From an economist saying you know, running up your household debt to massive levels on a house. You know that you shouldn't bought in the first pillar, is about idea, those guys don't know there was a lot of push back against the FED for it also to it bad made mistakes by the federal mailed, our asses out the experts minister here and I think, TAT pointed out his books book is great, but would happen was the
experts, establishment pot, all some economists and we're going off a cliff and where we're relating like Babo and got away if society of as experts again lower middle class people, middle class, people feel that the establishment of missions abandoned them and that's why. You ve had there, sir, but politicians. Experts are not the same. People of this is the other problem. Is it ain't eyes or to a senator? That's why they feel that when I was a senior adviser to you ass to a? U S, senator sometimes he took my advice. Sometimes she threw me out of his office the idea that, while the elite I mean look in the sent me and the senator. I was the expert he was the only he got to vote. I was just the guy came me. Your people advise you all day governor right, yet you know in the end its during a serious decision. It loses senator your very late, John Heinz Pennsylvania, our good man catch up, guy can't touch of guy the catch. A tramp ran on drain the swamp, which I think most people man,
read of the oil palm greasing executives and lobbyists in the corrupt officials and and all of those other people who were getting rich off of government and instead, what it has turned out to mean is: let's pardon, Rob Bulgaria, which encourage all of the scientists, which is exactly what Trump either has said. He is consider doing or is actually do piece you going to do about purging the experts. That is a huge issue. That's going on right now federal government. Basically, the Republicans of decided that anybody who knows stuff has the yes, that's exactly what's happening help they'll come here and join our thank you very much. Buddy Joam, you antecedents of real every Friday night watchman for more information, not on each bio dot com.
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