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Overtime - Episode #505: Katie Porter, Heidi Heitkamp, Michael Smerconish, Eric Klinenberg, Kevin Williamson

2019-08-24 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 8/23/19)

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him TAT Katy, given the pay disparity between workers and see you don't take any breaks here with us, should should we have a maximum wage, a minimum wage and that's been suggested at the earth. We suggested a maximum way, yes limit, like you know, a hundred percent tax after, if you make ten million or whatever, without. What I'm asking somebody social I'm this is somebody asked this question and I think we should have a maximum I dont. Well. I think that what we should do is have empowered people in this country, shareholders, workers, investors and we should allow our capitalist economy to actually check the wages of seals that will work. I worked in this country, so should we have as a practical matter maximum wage our wages to high? Should the guy of five zero have got not much worse?
You should Jamie Diamond, beginning paid to say he's you think about it. No, but to say: there's gonna be some animal maximum wages, imperfect ratio? That's that's a recipe for messing with what's but works in capitalism for all these years. By primary. I went by by them like ten billion in the nineteen. Fifty is the top rate was seventy percent. Would you supported top rate of seventy percent on sound was higher, they ve got eyes what living wears a ninety. It's absolutely some lowered it. So that same their eyes. Now that saying You make a lot of money. What is your duty to contribute to the collective good and and its substantial? You should have the more you make the boy who should pay we are all images Tata Progressive on the upper trampling over something like the rest of us are sewn together. In the last forty years, the typical ceo pay was grown up. Nine hundred and fortys outrageous atypical workers pay has gone up.
Twelve percent totalling billions. We totally need to change something with a thing that we need to change. Isn't some magical number, some artificial formula that we're gonna set on one c o should be paid, but we need to do is have investor protection rules have shareholders be empowered, have workers being getting paid a reasonable wage compared to a ceo? And this is this- is the recipe it's not some magic formula that we're gonna, just fine, there's, no perfectly proportional number out there, the biggest company in the world. We don't want that sitting in a look like five years from now, I'm curious. What do you think needs to be done to make sure oldish more powerful? Do you think they are just not rhetorical question you think they're in a position to manage their learning. I get. One of the problems is, that is that the vast majority of Americans,
shareholders so every time trump tweets about the stock market, any he thinks it's a joke that the stock markets falling and so the reality is most Americans don't have any retirement savings at all. Most people are not invested in the stock market, and so we don't have the average American having a say as an investor, because the average American isn't an investor because they can't pay for their apartment and they can't pay for their health care and they can't pay for their child care. So, for instance, you they. They should be able to take some of the money they pay. Social security and put into a private retirement founder now. So how are we going? How do you want in courage? More Americans become shareholders, because I want to pay them. Their future and for their children. You think, go and burst into stock market, not by bass. Boats have you met Americans I'm going to go through the world, their savings with wrath, nine passports or ass well
that may not have nobody is able to have in the world, but its very uneven. Forty two percent of the people like minimum wage, decent, the people I keep asking. How do you live? They doubt your lives are very hard right. I'd like to see what tax, because we ve had a class war in this country from forty years and overcome this has won and it's time for the rest of the country to fight back I've, no problem, we say we should just the tax system and redistribute wealth and get those who are earning the most contributing the most back into, the system that has made the wealthy, but that's different than saying we should have some kind of price, Catherine without ok, then manages sunfish government currently headed by Donaldson disruption to capitalism. Other is a normal system of healthy system of taxation, which we need to create this country and waiting to start treating earned income. The same is under and income so people who just sit on their ass and collect dollars. They are taxed Adam,
All right, then, I will actually go to work every day and translating there's gonna know from was I am highly wasn't all I was gonna get right got about work, no Eric. What what do you think about a sand or sixteen trillion dollar climate change plan which would mobilise society at a level not seen since world war? Two I mean it's, it's a huge amount of money, but let's start asking seriously how we're going to pay for the mess we're inheriting, if we don't do anything like a green new deal, because if we don't pay for a green new deal We are toast we're we're we're viscera, aiding the conditions of life. So so it's it sounds. It sounds outrageous, but we need an emergency plan because we are in a climate emergency if you're not seeing it in Brazil. This week I dont know what evidence is and unto my by the Amazon Fund were putting
number on the screen? Ok, what can we expect from this weekend's G7 summit? Great things exactly he's gonna, be one guess how do power right because people they don't like you, You know, as they don't know what the picture. When people don't like him, he pulse wrote tat. You are young, mark a lottery Trump it's? It's, not it's embarrassing! It's not like it's ridiculous and it's dangerous the receiving everything. That's going shouldn't even go. I don't know he doesn't want to be there. When I read I can be left tonight. You ve left like twenty minutes ago. I thought there was a red. I wasn't even gonna go when we came out here tonight to start your show. I was convinced that once we better able than you can even make the trip right express it causes is spirit, Animal Putin,
Isn't there and that's you know he is big issue is. Why is important here? You always want to be with somebody who loves you exactly. Are you gotta think one reason we're getting to this crazy trade war in tariff situation of today's, because he wants to go to the G7 meeting in flux his muscles a little bit. The guys is he's so insecurity I was so fragile. He wants something to stand up. I can open and that's a crazy thing, that our enemy is in the hands and I think that president she can out chicken him in this game. Because the Chinese are not opening envelopes. Looking for one case, she's job seekers, Pretty is a lot stronger than trumps. We might not be one of the twenty Democrats, it might be. The chinese president ultimately bring them down. Read the around by the way he persuaded today are great. American companies are hereby ordered to immediate,
they start looking for an alternative to China, socialism. What would they have said if Socialist Obama had our great american companies are ordered? I hereby thereby year by year how to get the here right, like a dwarf scroll. Thank you very much everybody I told you ever since we have been watching for more information, not on each bio dot, com.
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