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Overtime – Episode #590: Brooke Jenkins, John Avlon, Katrina Vanden Heuvel

2022-02-19 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 2/18/22)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time the film to make this a little breeze. Gotta give to Us- and I can say John: how do you think today's mainstream media would treat Abraham Lincoln if he was our current president ivy? It's great question like his his media hated him. He was disrespected widely. I dont think you probably would have been elected right now. He told a lotta jokes that were deeply inappropriate. People got pissed half of them, but that was a tool right. He spoken parables. He was trying to reach people where they work. Ito Lincoln was a huge consumer of media. He was obsessed with newspapers, but he got a lot of grief and we forget that in it we forget how much Bianti people hated Lincoln at the time he did the difficult things.
And we could still learn how blood at all with the six four in in that year. That must almost right during a seven footer. Yet right anyway, anymore. So quite back to highlight two Hung: a lantern on rights without probably would have got him elected. Just don't don't don't they would go for. That's all you know it's weird I kept finding in my book. People kept on commenting when they met Lincoln. They kept he's the ugliest man. I ever met its terrible, but then, when he started speaking and telling stories and connecting with people emotionally something beautiful have ok well
How has the successful School Board recall bolstered the blue dean right then? I approve yes, should choose chastened chaser chaser booting that now that's or drama. That's the deal. Interpreters go. How has the hour ok. So how is the board recall affected? That is the question of what is, in my view, its given its we just passed. A scoreboard recall. We recall three members of the Board of Education in San Francisco and I think it's shown the prevailing of common sense and core values over radicalism. They were more worried about renaming schools, then making sure that the children returned back to in person learning, and so I think parents and residents of San Francisco of said, look the these. These radical extreme ideas are are not going to work for us anyway,
what the masks with the kids it's about time to check that having a five year old in school right now, I would like to see them go please vulnerable, and I mean to make these little children into into how we men else. Is what your bills to creating a generation of how we Mandela a blue, germ paranoid. Munchkins it just its is it? Is it we're dick? It's it's been like it's a huge chunk of their lives. I mean we ve got young kids I witnessed, especially when they are young. I mean that's the first thing they remember and it's gonna get imprinted on them and it's just a mean. Kids.
gross to begin with you gonna, let em being growth, then their journeys are not really need also to get germs in their body. Of course there are ones you can't get in your work get me they, Austria, when one of the reasons why back sees how you get tell the is you live in the world with you can't live in the world by getting rid of all germs or worse, allowing the horse nights investigation? Is we ve been take? Giving the vaccine debates are so incredibly done, because we ve been doing mandatory vaccines for public school kids forever for polio. This is not any difference, just what we need to deal with. Well, it could be different if that, if they are less vulnerable to it, that the kids are vulnerable to polio, they're, not that vulnerable to this one, that's been true from the beginning. Of course, any body can get
thing at any time, that's possible, but we always have to go by the numbers. Ok, moving on, I gotta know Katrina. You mention on twitter that you are in turn for Pierre Video Raw one of my face and guess what one american most favorite memories. I hope you have great memories. I do have one of them now I was, I was may soon now and I get well and the non, but no no I mean I was an internet than NASH at national and poor and they were nice. He was great and rendered the high school you together, and then we did a mock you'll like this. We did a mock issue of high,
times which is bearing somewhere. I want to find that when they are issued will guide our envoy page airlines. I mean- I said this many times, probably on the show and anywhere else to anybody will listen. Pga does not get the credit he deserves for establishing an entire brand of humor. He was more than just what he did when he edited that national ample national important became Saturday night live today. Ok, there's a whole way of doing comedy that really sprung guys like T J work and prominently. Pigeon hierarchy was one of my tell me less offensive with my having had united a watch him any time for more information. Not ninety HBO dot com
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