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Overtime – Episode #597: Caitlin Flanagan, Mary Katharine Ham

2022-04-23 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 4/22/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency and real time with bill. Maher the questions, the room- now, that's the guy you know, but how do you know? They're are the same age, but you remember that specific job as the best one. It is the best one to tell him what it is you're at Karnak. You want to be at the picnic sis boom bah. What does that sound
I have an explosion, shake your head. You repeated that the one the era, the questions one. What do you think? Why do you think Biden is polling so poorly with female voters, the same group who are instrumental to his win and twenty twenty I've read that too that his numbers are way down among females? Well, I think college educated women have moved a little bit toward him, but did I mention the schools were closed for a year that it was a problem for a lot of mobs and those moms got real. dont want? Do you mind if I do a very personal experience with getting that raising the way? I was like
You think, that's what I think. It's all save inflation. I think people moms or in the supermarket and they're gone down the aisle and go, and while the chicken is twenty five dollars or whenever a chicken Man beside bluebirds only with those Spic undistorted is Amber heard. I hear it is available at the that is some nasty shit I mean: do you have thoughts on that? Do you like who do you think one of them is lying more than the other I had assumed. The poop was his so when it was
Lou my mind, is further Johnny Depp open the bird to fit the high profile that was being established and when she just jump down there, that, while I do, he specified that the dogs who were blamed for the proof yet had hard, but there are little teacup dogs is like? That was not from the dark. I think that is the best evidence yet very valid org. Yes, I think I think that should be. Saturday, the by the administration has been referring to gas price increases as potent price hikes. Do you think this is a fair characterization, whether it's the inflation issue? Think it's worth a try? Yeah people just have something to do that, but people's memories go back further than the past two months right and they know that,
prices we're going up before that- and I have just said this tape all agree to do my letter thou eleven now I think that a lot of eyes opened up, I think, about teachers and goods because it was like. Oh maybe the teacher isn't the problem. Maybe my kid is a little ass anything. Fifty four percent of Americans dont think Biden is tough enough on Putin. How do you think Trump would have handled the current situation? Interesting question? How do you think drug would? I beg you
love letter, the very strong, very strong leader he taking strong, strong measures in Ukraine. It's interesting, I mean cause. We never really can tell with Trump, because, as I've pointed out many times, he's stupid and he's crazy, like we had crazy and we've had stupid, stupid and he's crazy, and I think he would say he would say what you said: some version of kissing ass. but then he'd also like you to do some drone shot on somebody and be like look at that. The right there's this was his way: Bro. Okay. Alright. Thank you very much Nobody! I had only representative, we, my every Friday night watching. For more information log onto to h, b dot com
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