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Overtime – Episode #599: Chloe Maxmin, Paul Begala, Michele Tafoya

2022-05-07 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 5/06/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency real time with Bill Maher the questions? Okay for the panel, while some Republicans are public in their disdain for Trump, others argue he's still an influential kingmaker. What do you think World J D Vance right? He just got a one in Ohio, he's going to be the republican nominee for Congress, he's the hillbilly elegy elegy guy okay, but that was his book anyway, Trump adores him. It was supposed to be a test ride of Trump's kingmaker power. So is that a test of his game, absolutely stunning victory for Trump? I mean it. Vance was not doing very well. He had kept those republican primary voters, especially in Ohio. They love.
and Vance had called trump. You compare him to heroin, compare him to Hitler compared to cancer other than that he loved the guy before when Trump was first running, and now all of a sudden, they literally asked him if he would change your mind, he said because Trump was so tough on corruption, I swear to God and he didn't even laugh. So it's a pretty is it shows you that this is Trump's party and will seek the nomination and will win it he's going to be the republican nominee Democrats together, right, you're, really convinced and one hundred percent. Oh me, too, I've been saying it before the first one
the first one has to consider this election. The man who gives up things gracefully look at his hair. The way he is going is definitely. The number is definitely going to run and they can't deny him that try to deny him that nomination- I you know, listen. I guess I'm I'm wacky, but I like to think that somebody else can steal that nomination. I don't know how in the hell would I can't I mean the one they talk about is dissenters. I mean is, is I guess strategy? Is I'm Trump without
Being this crazy man with the clown make up, but they want the crazy man with the climate of I mean he's he's the star. I mean it. You know you're, just not gonna unto him until he you can break up with a nurse assist that hey breaks up with you yeah. Maybe he will maybe he will. We will break up thinking years what ill decide only like Marilla them to spend my time with his family. You know no nauseous assess turned the camera off and anything like it. Life doesn't change when it becomes presentation, work. remains like to go back to that grind of freeing up at eleven a m he can get at eleven a m he was up at six. Is we know from the tree and come down to eleven? What's he doing? Is air
then he's winning winning winning. He did not like not winning and he's going to do it again in these. I would if I had to bet my own money. I would bet he's going to win what if he had to bet your own life since life since you dont value lively, I said no, I said life is not necessarily brushes, especially wouldn't hasn't started you ve, been vocal in your support for american made products, had lawmakers better, promote an environment for business to manufacture their products here,
then make better shit? Well, daft, but you know what I do think there is room in in the tax code. In look, we gave it away to China, we just yet we'll pay dirt for dirt, and then there you go and now we're stuck with all these. You know these delays and receiving things and all of that barges stuck out in long beach. California. I just think that we have the capability not only to make things here, but
but maybe not make things in countries where there's slavery and genocide. The slavery anywhere in China is slavery everywhere in China, because if you've got some industries relying on slave labor, then everything kind of walls to that level. You're that's going to be an interesting moment when the people go to Walmart and they can't buy things from China since about ninety. Eight percent of what's in Walmart is from China and that's why there's those products are so cheap. So that's going to make your people very pop. Well, listen! I do think there are other countries. You can do business with that aren't killing their own. I do but really what percentage of what's in Walmart is from China. Ninety eight percent you're right. Okay, we were to happen bill
Happen bill. We allow that to happen. We gave up all that manufacturing to other places have because they make a pair of genes for nine dollars. Nine dollar dollar is because they don't pay their people to this, but the people of Japan there we want so I shaved of our own Slayer interesting set of doors that, if you're going to be honest, yeah, I'm start the discussion to the people. You are convincing to do this by saying you're going to be paying a lot more for everything you've ever bought well and therefore, maybe you don't have nine hundred pairs of jeans in your closet and you only have eight hundred and ninety nine,
the way to the people who have three pair of jeans in their outlook. I I understand that go ahead. What's the federal government buy stuff, not just consumers and our president has said: I'm going to buy American I'm going to make sure that the federal government bicep that people go to Walmart they buy whatever they want. They're free citizens, but the government spending american taxpayers money because of Biden is now going to have to buy stuff made in America, which means some of those manufacturers are going to have to onshore, can take a long time right, but that's a good place to start. I don't want to take away consumer choice to buy something, but the federal government buys by the way every single weapon by law must be made in America. We don't outsource to China. China could make it cheaper. We don't know
China could make a cheaper, we don't allow it because it affects our national security. I'd like to see the expanded beyond just weaponry, and I think I used my Mexicans are coming here to take our jobs and then we find out that you know Americans, don't do those jobs, white people, don't do yard work in this country. the job that you wouldn't do anyway. John Mccain said it. I dunno know I do my own yard work. So what we don't pick fruit? No, I do not pick fruit right, but I'm hispanic so I'd fit right in so I'd fit right, going to get canceled or cancel the. Why? But I'm sure someone
this is the wrong. They make sense. Your power, you passed a new green deal. I mean a green new deal for main with support from the efficacy of the first time the union ever endorsed a green new deal. How did you do that and staring with relationship so much like what we are talking about before the bell came out of my conversations with constituents. I rarely heard my folks talk about climate change, but we talked about ice fishing every winter and having enough rain for our farms in the summer and having good sustainable jobs in rural places. So from day one I worked with the unions and we created a piece of legislation that was really geared towards
really embrace the show if it doesn't affect you directly, and you have much more immediate concerns that something that people say. Oh that's, a rich man's concern. I mean the climate crisis does impact rural folks directly. We just have different language for talking about it and especially when it comes to job opportunity and economic growth in rural places. We desperately need more of that, especially for young folks, and that's really what the bill was targeted at folks and that's really what the bill was targeted at local time ago. Thank you very much. I told me last night, real time every Friday night watch him any time for more information log onto each dot com,
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