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Overtime – Episode #600: Ian Bremmer, Jane Harman

2022-05-14 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 5/13/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the H b, o latency and real time with bill, Maher ok, what do you think is the main culprit driving inflation? You think the by administration is equipped to solve it Stop the ban their dinner at tapis. What do you think that the main regarding
Of all, obviously, too much money, we trillions of dollars means that we can't deny that part an aisle and suddenly the all of this supply chain stops and at the same time, everyone wants to buy that's extraordinary. It's unprecedented and staggering gets you thirty year, inflation highs, but on top of that, the Russians invade Ukraine and China, locking down and China locking down. What's up with that, we forgot connecting covered. That's why they're likened gown and a lot of this, the spending and the pent up demand where we didn't we'll cover it that way what we well, we didn't handle it the way. China does no fuckin hope, not the Euro ambassador to China in the first woman on the moon. What. I mean to people, don't know I mean
I used the sitting of twenty five million people where you are locked in your apartment. I mean these often kill your pats its it. I've never seen anything like this, and I don't know I don't know why they think they could possibly work. You can't control a virus completely like you just can't. I don't think it is working and I think to Jean up the public against the government. You think is where the problem is that there are draconian lockdown worked really well when the disease was not so transmissible and now it's much more transmissible and their vaccines don't work with tools to license american european taxes. We have them and most virulent. You know, I mean bill gates and you read his quote this week, who just got out of it. You just got covered him and he said well. We didn't realize it first that it was mostly disease of the elderly, a relatively love,
insanity raid and more like the flu. Oh, you mean the things a lot of people were saying at the beginning and they recalled crazy things that would have been taken off of twitter at the time by the way, right, no question there, you go with twitter yeah. Damn we should put that into the regulars. The lawmakers are doing it not to remedy the baby formula shortage by launching an oversight, investigation really into baby formula. Is it? Is it a conspiracy to deny when it was a mean oversight, a baby for me now I just this kind of stuff right is not a conspiracy is well it's a lot of concentration of power and a few companies and its supply chain. What would you do about that? Try to get tat? Apparently, all the major companies, some major, ok, Burke, husseini companies was always nano monopoly. Well nobody's
it's not it's, not twenty companies and a three or four and their time to welcome the sub is moot yeah, the very often not twenty companies. Very often only two or three companies selling the airlines. You know I mean if you're most routes, there's sometimes there's only one carrier. This was the worst crisis of our lifetimes, what baby for the worst crisis of my life, the enemy, you think that's not going to lead to massive dislocation. When suddenly people didn't have money, they couldn't work. Suddenly, everyone spending it at the same time, yeah you're going to have problems are using that's where the baby formula problem coming. I think it's a big part of it absolutely, and yet, during covert people did not make babies. They thought oh locked inside they're, going to make lots of babies like during a blackout. No,
more like I'm sick you earlier, weeks. Earlier this, the Biden we used the phrase ultra mega multiple times in a speech about inflation? Do you think this is an effective messaging strategy, Ultra Mega yacht, as if he was saying it as a pejorative right? He was saying the ultra mega, but mega memes make America great again. If I could see how it wouldn't be a grave? I thought it was a premium brand like that four bucks and fifteen cents, a gallon magazine, is going to work better than the sounds like a condom. Ultra magazines or condoms
you should get a big red had the tears merger make Russia great again and that one is trying to do in some misguided way. Trump Putin, prudent. Yes, of course, every country wants to make their country great. Well, I mean he's making it less great. Were now I mean Trump, that's not even comes regional, raise, make a murdered read again, clearing used it and Reagan used it. You know it's it's an it's an ib! I liked it has make America great again again, right by the Friday night, I'll watch them anytime via London for more information log onto H, B, o dot com.
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