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Overtime - Episode #601: Mark Esper, Donna Brazile, Adam Corolla

2022-05-21 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 5/20/22)

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Welcome to an h b, o podcast from the h b, o latency and real time with bill Maher. The republicans have focused a lot of those, the g on school reform and parental rights. Are you a british organisers where the party appearance, which has been wildly popular husband? What should the Democrats' response be? What has it been widely popular? Is that a big it is, but civically related to dea and critical race theory, especially the dea
the diversity, equity and inclusion right, and you teach a course or do a a. What is it called when we do? I just we had it here, every corporation. Does it now yeah, so theory of enchantment is an anti racism training, but it's different from the kind of the Angelo model that pervasive in a lot of robin deangelo the author of white fragility. Yeah. Thank you, sorry and the difference between what she does and what we do is our anti racism train is fundamentally trying to teach people how to love, which is really difficult. We understand racism and supremacy is a kind of overcompensation for an inferiority complex.
That is really what it ultimately is, and if you want to challenge that, can you have to treat people how to be in right relationship with themselves and to accept the complexity of themselves so that they don't overcompensate by projecting the parts that they don't like about themselves? On the other hand, I just a general idea, as forcing people to take an ever gonna work and it's gonna backfire, because people or resent you for it and then they'll be more likely to adopt the views that approach it is that you're trying to name that's a mean honestly one when they make us do it. It's like. I could see having to do it. It's like you know like I had to do. I want
yeah. Okay, you made me go then they made you go to like a a meetings with a bullshit because, like I'm not an alcoholic, the arcade, you got me driving a little over the limit. Yeah right, I remember it was thirty years ago yeah I mean I had leopard shoes or the cop with the like. Why should I work when they made you go to a meeting and I would not say when people stood up and went, I'm an alcoholic, I'm not I'm not saying your fucking documented pledge, but I get that I had to pay a price, because I did like to make me the problem with. I mean I've also gone through multiple dui trainings and it feels like it's a product of a bureaucracy. It feels like it's being shoved down your throat, everyone sits, there politely doesn't really engage except in in in platitudes. I mean real dea training ought to be a a practice. You do every day with yourself in terms of trying
be a better human being, not something that you have to go through once a year to check a box for whatever corporation or working the I mean. I honestly just think your opponents are bullshit, and this has nothing to do with. Education is just a tool for them. They don't really care about education, they really care about parents if they cared, they would have voted with us to keep schools open to actually fund schools. That would actually greg. The main character. I couldn't vote for that. We had money in there so that way, kids can actually have free lunch program during the summers because they were your people couldn't go to school and center kids in either for or against that they want take care of kids and parents. Okay, where are you when it comes to child tax credit that illuminates sixty percent of child poverty? They don't give a.
No, they just care about kids and schools when it's a wedge issue like that. So now it's ctc now is due next year will be something else as long as it's a way for them to actually win but down the court. They don't care about. I'm sorry, no This is all this scene, the ten years that I've been least more than politics in arizona every year, public schools get caught by the public in their every That's not in that they don't care about those kids, then. So why did they give a hearty became the party, at least at the state levels of school closures, of being beholden to being beholden to unions and of not giving parents choices to get out of failing public school systems which they deserve, particularly underserved under
with minorities and that's a huge issue, and I think they haven't cared about minorities, moreover, and so it actually matters to them to win elections. This is where might the democratic party in the right direction? Democrats should adopt every opportunity to give parents more control over the education of their children. I think Democrats are just hard. What more? Could you tell me why it's called the conservative or liberal issue? We want to have our kids learning productively in school. Well actually seeing one another because they're not at risk of giving each other, but there's no way. There is no school closures,
Right now there's this idea that does matter school closure. The tabular there is no excuse for what's happening around are some teachers that are still sick and they don't have enough teachers. But this idea that there's massive school closure it's propaganda. It's not true, but what about this broader issue that bread is bringing up, which is the democrat refusal to endorse school choice, which parents from all walks of life from all political parties endorsed because they want to be able to influence the schools that their children go through, especially when they would not normally have access to that because of economic issues at right and access in general? Well, first of all, I think parents should always be involved and should have full access to the education for their kids. They should have control of the school boards. They should not be
You know you have a right to know what's happening in your school and you'd have a right to see what's happening there. When we talk about school choice, if it was actually a true choice, I would get that, but what we've seen in arizona that most of the time, the choice only ends up helping those people that are already helping themselves the richer, better off and find themselves in the better charter, schools and the same time they end up. Gutting the poor schools, the kids, the kids have and once in a while? Yes, you, we see some great stories and they'll bring a couple of latino, kids out and say: look they're really good at this prep school, but the rest of the time, the actual schools that are really training. Ninety percent of the kids, the minority, kids, the kids in very poor neighborhoods. They end up getting got it on the altar of school choice. So then, why don't we just expand access for kids? Who can't afford it to go to?
better quality schools that are that our local better than they are able to govern themselves set the rules are independent of of the union's is, if it is, if that's what the, if that's the choice that that they make and that's what I where I think democratic, just losing a huge opportunity to win. america! Well, I think this idea. That's my kids! Are you? Ok, ro populism celebrities do this time, but it only represents a real time. My every friday night watch him any time for more information on each be oh dot, com,
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