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#105 At World's End


Phia helps a listener track down a mythical, vanished video game.


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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each so Francesca, Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it, listen unspent. Fi or wherever you get your podcast from gimlet does it require I'm Alex. Tj Maxx during this year. With fear ban, hey guys, hey. What are you doing here? Well, ok, so, three months Oh, I got an email from one of our listeners and she was writing because she lost
thing on the internet and she really wanted help finding it hello there. Can you hear me? Yes, oh that's great. Her name is cress she's, twenty years old and she lives in Serbia and last year she graduated high school and she moved to Belgrade to start college and I've been lonely. These few months since I'm nuts from Belgrade, I'm from a small town called while you were I live alone and I'm just like removed from all my friends and family, so she's living alone in this big city and their these stretches like days by where she doesn't have a conversation with anyone at all here, and so she said,
Doing the thing you do when your lonely, she started reminiscing about times when she was really happy. Specifically, these summer ass, she spoke in our childhood with her best friend this girl. She was really really close, wet named catcher wholly of Blake across. For me, and I will just they climb over my fence, I'm just going to her yard and we should like living this huge like it's like the biggest philosophers ever inside us and we used to play inside the house. Like the second summit, So this would happen every somewhere like when Chris naming Chris was ten and eleven and then those years during one of those summaries. They discovered computer games, she had this old pc and we would just spent the entire day just playing flash games, for she was like the cheap, dumb sheep games are afraid and had a million outrun them. There's always like shoot a celebrity or plaguing Bob Ray
and there's this one flash games that Chris remembers playing that she says was the best game that they played its called bunny. How we first met funny how we first met. Yet that's what it's called, and this is what Chris wants my help. What she desperately want help finding this game? Let me tell you how she remembers: it's a world building game, supercool, graphics, you're, the Bunny king on this island and you hop around the island popping bubbles in finding ghost that all help you out, but you are trying to gain as many gems and coins as you possibly can to do that- you're, enslaving, other bunnies. You put them to work, either in lumber meals or like mining for gold. There's this- and I have mentioned this yet in the game. You're bunny and all you want is defined.
Someone who will love you, but the way you think you can get that is by acquiring like lots of money. Then you had your girlfriend or she wasn't the gulf and she was more like a person you were trying to marry like Mario and princess peach. Not really. She like the gold digger, and you Joe you had to provide for her She would marry you in the end. Weird, like you, had to a certain amount of money. In order for her to be your wife, yes, you need to buy her dress. Send by hurrying sent. You need to buy her love, but then, the middle of the game. This, like very grown up, complicated drama, starts tenfold where you meet this other female bunny, who you really like Chris remembered her
like us stripper and for some reason you know you're supposed to end up at the gold digger, but really want to be with the strapper. It just sounds like the person who made this game had a lot There have joined the agri. I went through something right right. Chris was totally curious about that. She was like what kind of person would make a game like this, but she also loved it and she found herself in her apartment and Belgrade just really missing that time. She had with culture playing bunny. How we first met. I'm missing that feeling of doubts with someone was, I feel the friend I had at that time doesn't exist anymore, like she grew options. Another person, yeah and software with lake compare hurdle.
Like from yourself, but I'm missing the twelve year old. She wants to go back to that feeling of just being with a really good friend, so she ghouls bunny how we first met finds it. She click on a link. It looks like it's loading and then nothing appears it's just it's dead and she goes to a couple. Other links on other sites, their dead to the whole things missing, just like obedient out. I couldn't understand what was happening and I got really frustrated. Chris has spent the last six months trying to find this game. She's gone on forms, she's, search through comments on
It is she found this like whole community of people who are like I'm looking for bunny how we first met to do you know where it is in all her searching. She hasn't found the game. She hasn't found the creator. She had a wall and that's when she came to me. So this is how I started. Let me just show you this thing really quickly over. This is a different video game. It's called triple town and we saw this when she was searching, and she noticed that this aren't like the cute little characters. Little animals looks so much like the animals and Bunny Crystal the company. No luck! I wrote the company and for some reason again email back that says: hey I wrote Bunny how he first with, but also a now
do you have a copy of a game for Chris? He said I can tell you where money is, but it's complicated and in order to explain that I have to tell you the story of how I created button. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Ok, oh my gosh, you some beautiful, oh wonderful! This is doing cook the creator of funny how we first met where my talk, You owe so I'm just add my home so I'm in Seattle, yeah there's a cat,
here who meals at me periodically Dan is sweet and patient and gentle like Target Dan, is kind of like talking to kindergarten teacher that doesn't sound like that's really the affect you get from working, forgetting that he designed right. I know, but talking again, what really surprised me actually was what the game meant to him. He was trying to express an idea that he'd been thinking a lot about, which is that our culture is so obsessed with money that it poisons our ability to find, or is there a reason that was on your brain at that time? At that point I just got married, and I was thinking about this lot yeah. I guess I d really understand what you are contemplating about relationships at that point of view, were planned a wedding night,
I don't want to one of the more crass commercial projects that is foisted upon people the culture this the shallow culture is always present. You know lake weddings, where people spend ten thousand dollars and flower is oiling diamond rings or even small things like having a by somebody else's ticket to the movie theater the idea that all of those things could prove that you actually love another person Dan was laid. I have a message I need to tell the world and its that that stuff is bullshit stood in the way of the world. That message is like it doesn't feel like this game. Is that, like that, doesn't joy became a crystal
Well, I know like her game was lake strippers in vodka drinking foxes end monsters that you had to explode so white? What it why these it was. It was you, I guess, you're just a kitten she misunderstood now. So the thing was the din didn't know how to make video games. He could do the art, but he didn't know how to code. So he would just or like all of his hopes and ideas into a blog that he had an m o one evening this email comes in and it is obviously written by someone who does intoxicated like the the words. Not quite connecting the wayward should in a sentence, and he says, in Australia and I've been drinking, and I would love to make a game with you and I, and I'm like at this point
You know what I have nothing to lose by saying yes to pretty much anyone I felt in the Australian. They start to figure out how this work Dan Does the art he sends it over and foster alien he'll coded bring it to life? and sometimes we not talk for a long time months on end and I would ask him what had happened and he had just disappear into the australian outback, too, yet he had a cabin out there, She sent some pictures and it wasn't really I've been so much is like some would that was sort of Venus structure them might provide shelter, it was it was. It was a great mystery to me all that I really new. Is that sometimes you Pure Online, and we would make things together. So I called the UN's part, and you got all of them and I got a hold of him. Are you
Melbourne. Are you in the countries in the country South Wales, at the moment, which is on its just the little town, a thirty people sort of in the back? This is the australian. He has a name, it's Andrei spearing and Andrei. He was an on board because of any big ideas about me tourism and love he just gotta be fun to make a little game about bunnies for me, but I think
I was gonna, get any huge date, meaning out of the game. Bunny we first met. I was an island with two girls about who probably went the best females in the world to day on the dicing, saying that our Citys are building this world like they create the island and they designed the Bunny king, and you know those little bunny said Chris out of his slaves- does were actually dance had just supposed to be worker pennies and eventually they get to the main characters of the game. This is where Dan is like mapping out his whole grand vision and they create two characters. One is this like gold digger, who represents all things materialism, and then he makes the other love interest. She's, the sole me she's, the cool pirate bunny,
and then just as were releasing the game Andrei who is a free spirit, as I was up late last night and I have made the most amazing thing ever and unlike what did you make he's like, I animated the pirate girl at doing a dance? Why did you put them in a game? I think I just thought they funny so stupid bunny during the strictest soap. That's why Chris remember stripper okay, so let me just show you.
This is now it's actually on Youtube, its towards the end of the game. You can pay the pirate bunny a boat load of jewels, aware. All, though, are no just a ton of jaws Now it's like Like other taken verbal vat crowd and like a closed up of the body, centrally dancing bikini with closing their bunnies behind her she's putting on Libya God is there a long life and it was over for young make up and then she eats arouse, that's it! That's it! That's it is that you
pay their bunny, a bunch of money, and then it where's like up, but then it where's its underwear and delighted orgy. You specifically want to see that you didn't get. I don't want to see everything you see. A closer registering she's actually deep, throwing Matt rocking. Ok, I retract everything. You said, here's what I can say here dad hated it well yeah. I imagine so this unholy marriage between these two guys managed reduces in credit. We bizarre game that, just like perfectly captivated crescents twelve year old mind. When they release the game. It was actually an incredible head, but. And said the reason why Chris and so many other people can't find that game today is because of what happened next in two thousand fourteen, the
company that was hosting the game online, so people can plant it went under and with it went the code for the game, the only person you still have, the code was actually Andre Dan didn't have a copy and the timing was terrible Right around that time, Andrei went on a walk about. The faded away into the into the Australian out back now so just kind of went away when he finally did message from Andre? It wasn't optimistic. It turned out the source code for the game was on a hard drive that had been ripped out computer and was in some back corner of one of these huts that he lived in and with that Andrea, just like disappears back into them out ass until six months ago, Wendy and that an envelope and man
There is a thumb drive in there and on that was the source code. So now I have the source code, you do. I do here's the catch. The code was ass, the game was unplayable, and maybe somebody could get the game to work again, but it would take an insane amount.
Time and effort highest is cress issue, so I called up this guy Chris Griffith on its just please, an expert on flash games worked in flash for ten years. So I guess, like the question is, would you be interested slash able to repair this game? Yeah, I would say, is probably either not very much work or a whole lot of work. It turns out. It was a whole lot of work. Andrea, had coded like weird Andrey specific ways
when I checked him with Chris Griffith after a few days you're only back, he said the work is like trying to repair part of a huge tapestry and pulling on one threat can break other parts of it unexpectedly, but after a month he gave me the news penniless back high cradle, Can you hear me? I fear has, can you hear me? Yes, you sangree couple weeks ago, Christian I jumped back on Skype. This was almost three months after we first talked and Chris was so excited, so you can just seven send me the link link here we go, did you get it.
Yes, so the green looks familiar. Yes, that's the exactly the same color! Oh, my god, my god, I hear it. I must add the ghost: have you been to Bandy Island before whom I guys over, so we can get, Oh god, oh! This is like a girl like this. Is I don't remember this sounds Chris was actually screen sharing with me as she was playing the game and
was really to cartilage, because she was moving around the island hopping to these different parts. Finding connections between islands and just rediscovering all these places that she and catching used to go and hear somebody house look at them the monies and you can either by what you owe because there's not enough what so, when there is not enough what they got down from its purchase, more words. Vengeance. Oh my god! This is. Really not many! There's things just believing one less. If you would like to play bunny how we first mad, we will be hosting the game on our website further, while next go check it out for now at reply, all dot lemme such bunny, be you and an eye revile dollar such bunny.
Go there and players after the break seals, assassins and late nineties boy bans This episode is brought to you by better for it a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes
better, for it looks at how mistakes have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his own, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars. I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck took some flyers business cards in a week later ahead of business and hr rule breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place that you are proud of the work that you do. You want to be able to tell your friends it that you want to be able to feel like you're, making a difference. You'll hear how they work their way through their mistakes and came out better for listen on Spotify wherever you get your pockets. Welcome back to the shop. Ok, so Alex fear So I thought I knew tat. Nobody ever seen about how like,
Like my memory, a flash games is neither they were like we're pretty minor of items. They were all really messed up like they were like violent and weird and kind of bad. I remember sort of awaiting them. For that reason, and and we were when they feel is we're gonna story. I sort of wonder about that. Like did I just play weird flash games. Is my experience universal and say look into it and turns out like the games. Those playing were super popular. They were as bad as I remember them, and they all basically came for the minus one. Kid a kid who grub twenty minutes away from me and indifferent Philly suburb, because Eames Tom, Oh, he runs new grounds. How do you No that when I was like a young punk, I used to hang out with this kid. I can remember his name, but he was like the only one of us, the head like a real job. New grounds really called him normal guy because he was the normal but he was like a normal guy compared to the rest of us, so fear. Just for the record.
Grounds, as I am not a place where or more guy word? New ground was basically in the EU like ninety. Ninety nine, if you went into any junior high computer lab some, kid would be playing a pop up flashing, that they should not have been playing at school to like quickly tab away from and that game was hosted on new grounds and it was where people go and play these games. Like hang out, my talk about these games is acute places like millions and millions of visitors, oh yeah, so want her say I called Tomfool Bob. I wanted to know why all sudden his games, bitter popular and also like, why did simulators disappear, How do you explain why that era, wise to somebody who hasn't, therefore it I'd say there was a fair fight like a punk rock aspect to it where its fell? very experimental and very unpredictable. You would literally like Shopton,
sounds everyday, not knowing what to expect, because someone could upload something and it could just push boundaries in terms of like the themes that that you ve never seen before, because there was no use censorship going on and Flash was the language that made this possible because Flash is simple, it was and it let you start from a picture like if you knew how to draw you can make an animation and then with flash. You could take that innovation and, like turn it into a game and so answered Tom got it about a world where it was almost like the dumb cartoons. He would it run in the back of the classroom. To crack is friends up. He could those online and let people play them. I guess nights united, So when I was senior in high school first popular by patient, Mavis Clock Club seal. Where you just picture, you click on a picture of a sealed, a club it Europe's get all bloody. I run down club as you like. I really. And then I made on that. I made a sandwich:
have. You came like a real cornerstone of the site in his early years worth of make games where you assassinate annoying celebrities. So it's like some of the same thing where you see them. You click on. The issue dynamic there had explode or whatever so, who is hand, burst, annoying celebrity, and I did like Hansen and Bob sag it and lean the Dicaprio. This is like I'm very specific era of lake. If you are a team boy which celebrities, where annoying to you here. The reason neurons got so huge that it wasn't just Tom's games, he's I'd. Let strangers submit their fight
Aims and then have people vote on their favorites soap club to see all that was Tom's fault, but then somebody else came over the idea for clubs, the seal, which was his game where you'd disguise yours of his zeal and then go out and skin human beings in retaliation, shrilly growth, and that was the sort of thing that is having on the time like you had a bunch of smart, weird people who were trying to top each other when it came to creating that. Darkest, most disturbing kinds of games that are like super super edgy and violent and, like things that you can play on on your home, video game, console her or seen on tv. Did you have moments where you cause you. You know you are like. Like when you're that age, you do provocative stuff and then later sometimes like a guy when it and that one would ever like, did you a moment ago, during that time, were you had second thoughts about anything that you'd made? I made the game pico school. We are familiar with that. I'm not familiar thou. Who is that
that was it was so this is. This is some things you just have to own up to you can escape in life. So after Columbine I made a game where you, you see you kind of rescued the school you weren't, they you want the shooter is it was it was a bunch of goth kids shot up the school in pico? You know basically saves the day, even though it was still pretty a tasteless. It was like an interesting thing to me because, like it, you see some reflections of yourself in that group of like you know you didn't like there's a lot of in your Sweden like there's bullies and there is need felt, misunderstood or whatever ever I never felt like I wanted to go shewed everybody, but I still you know come. I was at an end things study in you know our generation in and what what different gives we're going through is that what you're saying is like these, where
cause. I remember having that feeling to wear the kids who had done the stuff. They dancing really evil and a lot of what they cared about and thought about. Word things that I cared about and thought about lately I liked violent video games. I didn't want to look like somebody in real life, but it was a weird feeling to be like you just do it. The weird there I didn't. I remember just not knowing what to do with knows. It was interesting that made you think about like a fire, like? I was already through school, that happened, but it made me think like would I be you know what I've gotten suspended from high school for comfort for like drawing violent stuff, and you know liking If the UN and whatever like, without without, of course, I like they're, like backing down then on on kids. After that Tom took a lot of criticism in the years after Columbine, because what would happen is people would publish school shooting aims on new grounds and Tom very rarely do anything about it. Even if he thought like, I would not have made this game
when people would come to the site and they'd be they'd, be like edgier than I was theirs. I sat side that slake I dont want to kick them off the site, because I feel like they're. Like me, black people do like reach out like a lot of people when there are like a real low point? When you're when you're kind of in a dark place, you really do enjoy dark humor. I think a lot people understand that when people like some people it dont get dark humor, they don't realize that it can be really therapeutic other people that they are having colleague, dark feelings and stuff. They just feeling depressed or downer, anxious and done. Until eight hundred and thirty till I reach out to me that you know really like considered it like life, saving that this lake exist it for them because they just enjoyed the sight so much they're. So MS in the rest their life and then they would come to new grounds and be like they're happy place angel sake. You mean lot of people like that over the years that makes me feel like this is sort of like you know, is
crazy as it might look to some people. It is like performing like a public good in other ways, so it kind of made me feel like I like the stuff in his other people that, like the stuff to and and it's it's good that they can have a place instead of just feeling like in the outsiders and outcasts, all the time, so Tom CAT protecting his website from the many people who wanted to shut it down in twenty ten flash games face anatomy that they not defeat. One single person who just decided flash is over now without further dear, let's bring out the Steve, I think you are here to see Steve Jobs, so here is Steve Jobs, onstage, explaining that the Iphone didn't new mobile device that everyone is going.
You used to access. The internet will not support flash at all it different pieces of technology kind of go in cycles. They have their their springs and summers and autumn's, and then they go to the graveyard of technology, and so we try to pick things that are in their springs and if you choose, wisely. You can save yourself an enormous amount of work versus trying to do. Everything is essentially the parties homer. If you talk, they all uses Flash marijuana fuelled move. On four flash, but they ve never found something they love as much as flash, because it was a really unique way that an artist and a programmer could work together in the same development software, but the I feel ache That's a shame that it got singled out like that Tom. So makes me
games and said a lot of other people new grounds, but they don't make em in flash anymore. That's over as you are getting off the phone Tom mentioned, that is actually a dad now with kids of his own. I asked if you show them new grounds. He said yeah, but not the dark parts for now. If he be as gets a little sheltered, actually he hopes they dont back. He knows it broadly well,. Yeah violence has defied me. You devote our common shows Bruce this week, with the amendments. Eighty he abandoned domino mark and ask Mitchell TIM Howard are in turn, is Anatoly. We're makes by cable and ski and Halley shot. Our theme song is by mysterious break masters.
Special thanks that everybody else who missed bunny and fear especial thanks to China, the guy who resurrected money for us is Chris Griffith. His website is class extension dot com. If you want, the other games designed by Dan Cook. You can check out spry Fox and if you want to see involves, other games, gotta new grounds, people army bought him a tonnes of weird games matters, there is one last thought: ballgame at the end of the summer are web. Where you can sign for weekly weekly newsletter is reply all that, when our show is available on Spotify you trace out there. You also listen on podcast Google play. Where were you you still they throw thing? the next week
as you can, Oh there's another one, their monsters everywhere, sometimes feels like. I can't do anything the word around them
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