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#110 The Antifa Supersoldier Spectacular


The return of YYN: The horrifying specter of November 4th and a very disturbing ice cream recipe.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each So Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen unspent. Fi or wherever you get your podcast. from Yemen is required and he gave out and I'm out will welcome again to yes. Yes, no, the segment on our show where our boss Alex Bloomberg, who you know aging out of being with it and hip, comes to us and says really get what's going on this thing on the internet, and then we explain it to him. I ask: how do you feel it my characterisation of you, as was mean or incorrect,
neither do I. Sadly it was mean incorrect. So do you have something worse, but you are it's. Here's a tweet from somebody named rich low tech, he hunger at Richard Character and it says and teach us Super soldier update Alan Caps. My cumbersome MAC suit is too large to fit through the door to Arby's no comprehension, pigeon,
the other. They got three hundred thirty seven legs and forty seven redwoods. Now I do not understand the street Alex Bloomberg. Do you understand the street I'd? Stick the street Alex common to understand the street I do I do is going on are as follows. You, my friend, are so you guys know an antivirus rain. I do I do but I got it. I can use little refresher. Actually, how much do you understand and deeper? I know that they are obvious it fascists. Yes, like again and again, in fact: Anti yeah, that's what the anti stands for anti first basic
we ain't loose coalition of groups around the country that tend to show up at protests wearing or black? Sometimes holding shields often covering their faces with masks or bandanas, and the thing that sets them apart from most protesters is that some of them are willing to be violent. So their belief is like we're. Not gonna like just margins stuff like were to fight fascism, you have to be willing to hold ass, should fight the valet. Should people punch knotty thing if I go political move in with a yes, yes, we should punch nazis and because anti fur is willing to be violent protests and because they dress in like this menacing outfit to certain parts of the right wing. They become the buggy man for any and every bad thing that happens in the world like when the shooting in Texas happened this month there there are people on like a sort of not bright bar, but like
external edge, unlike gamer gaiety, like all right internet were like the shearers antifraud designed heave apply like they're kind of like constantly it's like. One of the main issues that there sure is always about a shop at their door, got it gotta. Ok, ok, let's get so. I know I didn't you you're. You now we're down through the world order, so this sweet as a reference to something that has sort of spun out over the course of the past couple months. There's this group of Leftwingers, that's called, refuse fascism and run by this guy named Bob of HIV, and I have not heard of either of those things so Bob Ache in was kind of well known in the seventies and eighties as like a political organizer. He is this communist guy. He publishes books
he does these really long lectures. He describes himself as a poetic revolutionary, but most people have no idea who he is, and he is definitely not part of anti fa. So on August, fifth, Bob aching and post this thing on his website. That says this nightmare must end. The Trump pence regime must go and basically he says he wants to take to the streets in cities across the: U S and continue protesting and tell the truth Administration is removed from power. Like he's coins right and this massive protests he called for probably would have come and gone and no one would have noticed it. But if caught the eye of this conservative you to burn named Jordan pelts, he posted this Youtube, video that was called anti. Hasta go here. You can take a look you're born and everyone he is not a police officer, but he'd dresses, like a police officer. I usually do
Like this, but there's been a number of things, and over the last seven days, he wears like the short a chest mounted walkie talkie that Comstock into and he's sitting in his not police car, but looks like a place. Car They have the divide. Our guardians associates is, and you got like a big star like a fake sheriffs are and like that
so we're clear. The star on his shirt is printed on a shared it on his shadow. I have that perception, and so Jordan's video is all about these November. Fourth protests, but Jordan's not describing a protest he's describing like an all out war and he's replaced. The name of Bob Evasions Group refuse fascism with Antigua and teeth next step on their website. They are calling for an open civil war that they will start here in the United States in November there on raising for weapons, training, ammunition supplies closes a massive rifle behind him. Yes and all the stuff like an armed insurrection like Bobby, he was not saying that absolutely not so. Jordan pelts makes this video in it starts taking off, and then this thing gets even bigger, because this Facebook group called our vets before elite
goals posted this, like distilled version of the pelts, video with a bunch of menacing music behind it, and they cut in scenes from violent anti from protest honestly earlier than an hour later, have never going to step up, and we have to say that I viewed three point one million times and then The fears around this uprising of ember forth are exacerbated when, in late September, some of the members of Bob of aliens Group refuse fascism. The original group right, I'm talking like maybe eight or nine people, go they black traffic on the lay freeway holding you know like when you're at the new internet, like a sporting event in people, hold individual letters to spell out something. There says November forth, it begins woe
so they shut down traffic they'll get arrested, but that is that it had another saying yes and then this argument, and he was trying to start a civil war. It starts to spread like Alex Jones, the Info wars guy. He picked it up and talks about how this violent group of people are now planning. Big revolution, Anti for plans, civil war to overthrow government and their handing out, gave forty chevrons shanks their planning there x on public officials police. Meanwhile, lefty twitter people they'll get wind of the fact that suddenly, the right wing in very scared that there's gonna be this huge uprisings and they. Think it's hilarious threaten their favorite thing to do. If somebody on the right is really scared or something is suggest like mess with them yet so they start making jokes about how ridiculous this thing is they treat stuff like? Do you remember the beginning the real world, the tv show it was like a November forth.
Millions of anti for super soldiers are going to stop being polite and stay out of it and the world. That really Meda and actual actually surprising impact. Was this twitter Guph, who goes by the name Cranky Nelson tweeted, can't wait for November forth when millions of antique a super soldiers will be head all white parents. Small business owners in the town square. By what happened is that people who thought that Antigua was actually going to have an uprising in November forth. They took these jokes very seriously, our really and another, pretty fringy right wing website this website called gateway. Pundit reported on these joke tweets as real as real? They were saying, left Wing Antigua threatens overthrow the government and they would have a bunch of these tweets where people were making goose. It's like
actual exaggerated fear and the In the end, the mock, exaggerated fear have like literally met and are fully overlapping. They totally are so like at while in their videos on Youtube of concerned armed citizens planning on how to defend against Anti Fa November forth is going. Are you ready? Are you ready for what's gonna happen on November? or go home, cleaner rifles load up, magazines, make sure your grab your water press, your medical supplies make sure everything Your war thus bring it out dioxide, honest I'm happy, I'm happy new we'd men on the farm, the great war or whatever for what seems like forever and obvious rating getting so as
this sort of anxiety continues. This starts sort of growing, more and more mainstream. Ok then the morning of November? Fourth, Fox NEWS does a piece on its own yeah. Oh my god, it's vocs in France, Antigua Apocalypse through have noticed anti via anti fascists. They're gonna be holding one of twenty protests being held across country. The group antifraud refuse ashes. Them is planning twenty rallies and twenty miles across the country. Dr President, Trump, and vice president, my pants drive,
from power using violence MIKE had does it at the giant. Cairo is antifraud plans to overthrow president. Why? What I think the other, through this crazy others, like Donald Trump, loves Foxen ride like he tweets about it all the time he seems to watch it most mornings, like he probably saw this story. Do you think The president of the United States thinks that this was really gonna happen. Yes, I do. He said after Charlottesville like something that people didn't totally lake dynamic economy. We, of course When I asked him take denounced the white supremacist he was like and yours I go there's baggage on both sides. He was talking about anti, like he actually clarified a company's later when he was doubling gunners comments, you like an teeth,
like that's heap. He lives in a new reality where lake there's a left wing militia, that's like organizing the overthrow of the state and where that tweet cranks tweet, which is sort of like we're coming to be had white people and small business owners Israel yeah so on the morning of November, for if all the twitter goose wake up and immediately start tweeting things like again up up up up we're going to meet down at so and so and start beheading white people. Would you say, unlike there were a lot of jokes to that effect, and so what ended up actually happening? Is that a lot of and so what ended of actually happening is that a lot of the armed papers from the Youtube Videos Day like went out, anticipating and Antigua civil war and, of course that's not what they found, because that didn't exist. What they found was like in a couple cities there
or some normal protests. People holding signs banging drums. Saying: hey, hey ho ho trumpet pensive got to go into all these armed people who are anticipating this violent Antigua uprising there take away was like well yeah. Of course, the reason that Anti, if it didn't show up, is because we scared them away. Ah, I had amateur, they marry recap heroin, I'd areas street again, rich low tax, gotta says Antipas. Super soldier update, calling my cumbersome Mexico is too large to fit through the door to Arby's. So I'm assuming exodus like us, a soldier suitor something it's id giant robot from enemy that you can run around in our school,
it's a great okay, so anyway, the street. I now know that the street is in response to the armed uprising by Anti FA on November forth. That many people believed was going to happen, but was actually never gonna happen because it was just the idea, like some random, whoever takes seriously, but then it got picked up and blown out of proportion, and this and he's response and his talking about that whole thing and he's an he imagines, a world in which there was an actual armed, rising, and he was one of the super soldiers and he sent an ups update that em. He couldn't come to the war because his neck suit got stuck at that of Arby's we're. Yes, yes, yes, we are coming up with them.
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Ok, so so this wouldn't is interesting, because it's got leg a lot of things that a sort of half no, but then there are there. All in the way of things like me,
together and in a way. I think if you like, you, know the words, but then, when you arrange the words he. I dont aware that, even though some of the words that are certain means- because you explain them to me on previous- yes, yes knows, but now the coming back and like new and confusing forms. Ok, three things are ready, yet are so here's the sweetest from Brian Feldman Quote Constable frozen milkshake ducked for being horny on main end quote is two thousand seven teens Quote Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo Buffalo end quote outgoing daughters had the studies. Yes, Pga vote dearest industry, mostly yes, Alex Bloomer Dearest industry. Now we're baggy. Yes, yes, now yeah we're back in the cultural vice familiar territory. Before we start, you guys know the Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. I dont that support. I dont know so Buffalo written nine times
with what three, with with three there are capitalized, is a grammatically correctly sentence using bunch of different uses of the word. Buffaloes would like Buffalo the animal eight times Buffalo the Animal Buffalo Link Buffalo to intimidate Buffalo the city in New York. If you read it right at this descendants, construction is like the first three. I should make sesame the next five you can always maiden bright eye. I mean there's more to it than that in its actually very complex, but the whole choke of it is that this is even though this looks like gibberish. This is an actual sentence.
Moving forwards. I understand sent him yes, my God Buffalo Buffalo animals. They call themselves buffer the animals called buffaloes from the city of Buffalo that the Buffalo Buffalo so that New York bison. Yes, so ok, so it's Buffalo Buffalo, which are Buffalo from the city of Buffalo that intimidate that the animals from the city of Buffalo Bully so that Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo Weight, my God with Buffalo Buffalo sets Animal of Buffalo from for both the basin from New York. I think we ve been here. Four thousand years in this just how the dangling out of his sentence weight but then, unlike the third buffaloes them
views but ok thirds, love low, is new, is again describing New York City. The New York State Buffalo got it, so they are it think of it. This. What you had to draw this for it to make set out is isolated by way of ours. Ok, so Buffalo from the city of of low swindle, buff, ok, so so from the city of Buffalo, Lingams literally keep doing Are actually but his little daughter, so I can't hold. I gave you the very good job, let's start with the first two o think of ours too, as their own independent thing? The first two are our buffalo from the city, a buffalo. I got that near if I say that is the well established. Second, three buffalo are second three, but the second three words Buffalo are therefore
two and then the second three February are the second three describe their own clause, which is so it's Buffalo Buffalo that Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo that Buffalo from the city of Buffalo Bully R r r buff allowing buffaloes from Buffalo to York. That's the last three I'm just gonna pretend I'm accessory me. So we can move on. I'm sorry that I wanted to know their sire I've. It doesn't make sense to me, ok, so what we oh, is that the Buffalo thing is a joke about words right and how the one word can mean a lot of things and you raise it over and over again. So, allegedly this this the sentence. That is just the word Buffalo eight times as an actual grammatically correct sentence about
basin from New York swindling other bison from New York. Now I understand because the first sentence in the sweet constable frozen milkshake docked for being horny on main seems like a bunch of words, but it also its meaning. I think that's what's going on here. Yes, but we still have always to go so I was just going through the first part, constable frozen milkshake ducked for being horny name? I know that you know some of these things. I don't milkshake ducked eyed and do I do
pressure on that milkshake ducked is is how is is is a term that means when the internet loves you for a second and then it turns out you. Yes, yes, ok much like the milkshake duck. Yes in the tweet, that originated the phrase milkshake duck. There is a premise that there's a cube doc them that drinks MO shakes, and then you find out that the milkshake duck as racist guessed right so existed, tweet or talking about referred to for lack of Edward, a scandal that erupted a couple weeks ago. Algae abusing frozen yes I have kids were actually my kids were ever watch loathing through because they're they're afraid of everything, so they kept hidden who Foodstuff Skippy, Fraser, Rosen scary up. What is it about yeah, there's, two princesses honour and Elsa and
there. They grew up in the castle together in the happy land, but then the parents coffin of wage and then they are a ship rex and they die, and then the one with the powers is like can't is allowed to hang out with the one without powers. Then, when she, when she. Finally, let's she runs away and then she, finally, let's loosened Europe, suffer glove. That's when she sings her excitement. Let it go down I don't know any then let it go the cold now, bothered me anyway. Is it like of aims
Dan now we're just not very impressive- is nothing a queen time. Ok, so so, basically, like the point, is the internet really likes frozen? The you're not really likes Elsa and it being the internet. There is like a lot of there's a lot of people taking Elsa and putting her in weird situations. So there's like a whole genera view to video that is, like adults, dressing up his Elsa and pretend to be pregnant. There's like Elsa pregnant with her husband, Spiderman stuff it just like. Once you had a certain level of entering into people's imaginations, like things start to happen, Elsa imagining Elsa pregnant, yes, like that's like the weird edge of it. There's in like the less weird version of it. There there's really popular Tumblr blog called Constable frozen ago, which
is made by this unknown person who loves frozen anxious good at these, like super meticulous, photo shops where they'll take characters and presently Elsa and put them into other movies, and things like that just like what, if also was everywhere and people go crazy for it, like tens of thousands of notes, which is tumors version just like likes or retreats, her never got it on divorce, like a bunch where there's like Elsa crossing over into different Disney franchises. There's a lot of lake frozen marijuana crossovers that this person, my daughter, was also afraid of that one just got to get with that when one true sail across the sea and shift the suit there's the lava so the justified, but that is reasonable but like, but she was so. She was literally doing the same thing, which is that we should use scaring enticed to turn it off, but then we would get it here. After a bit like no, no, and so then she was a sort of like lying like turning away and then not lay us turn off and not wanting to leave the room, and she was like in that state of late crying not wasted enough, but I know I know
the room for like a good half hour, and then she defeated the love months, and then she sang her song and then Samir was when the chief steward weaving understanding and further tv like singing with its great and using them to send that starved, isn't here, whatever whoever makes nothing yeah, ok, so consul frozen. Like does all these measured Simum have on a lot of em. Don't cages. Uk show you, one of them is like a serious that cause offers. So it's it's Elsa, getting off a big plane and waving at people and she's like so. It's like she's a computer generator ever, but this is like a real picture of a plane through a picture of okay, so I can frame.
Just get everybody. That is air and L. I wish this the land of which is the princess in the movie and she's right by Marines she's right about regions into the budget to send a big, staircase and then she's standing next to dodge and then she's at the she's in Congress, using it she's in Congress, standing in front of Joe Biden and John Baker, and then she shaking down trumped hand That is a good photoshop. Real is of angels freezing has, of course above everything his hand, and that's it that's. So it's Just like I don't letters and that had twenty, thousand notes- and I dont get it like- I don't actually get
what is good or bad or whatever, but it just like it would just imagine the world would wish Princess Elsa from errand. I was making a diplomatic visit, the United States, a mini, don't trump and the pain before Congress right. It's like they are the person he had. This person is like being John Malkovich Brain, but for like Elsa, and they represented only people. Love love it in that way that people of things on Tumblr wishes. I can never understand, what's going on, got it, but then this month, Ryan Roderick. Who does the internet explorer podcast? He he was like everybody. I've got to the bottom of like the weirdest strangest internet, mystery. I've ever found which, like for him, is a very large claimed to make while and he's like it's about constable frozen and like something that was under our noses all time. What so some of the constable frozen creations
all sightly adult so like the and the thing like unlocks it form is that there is one person prettier October, twenty seventh of this year, the life you will notice, because its yeah, it's reponse or from a movie tangled she's, tying up woman he's your hair I was like whenever and in the next scene of it is like reprisal rap to a table with her arms are strained and then off to the side. There's this prince and you could miss adverse but he's off his side, and he has like a boy gag, unless it's a bit soft focused. So it's not the first thing that your eyes are drawn to advocating that once you see you don't nazi ends,
when that happened, and people's out of all gag they surges, like going back and looking through old console frozen, pose an heroic ha there's like stuff underhand who's. That leg just seem too weird at the time, but in retrospect feels like significant and so Ryan's very like the way everybody it going back or what like them. The Lucy came of yours, like other colleagues I got masturbation, maybe I was meaningful, yeah yeah, so Ryan's theory is that this whole time console frozen has been like a hidden in plain sight for Fetish Bach. What kind of age so war is like the or for Ophelia, is a finnish. Were you sexual? Is the idea of people consuming other people, but it doesn't have to be like cannibalism like it. Can
that's the best, but I've ever, but it doesn't have to be cannibalism. Wasn't there sophomore it's more like, like it's usually furries or disasters, that cute things like a giant you from Latin and, like a small version of the gene from Latin, will be going into his mouth. But it's not like gnashing, teeth and like viscera, it's not like Hannibal Lecter like cutting off arms and no whiskey anti. It's like every time. There's a kids movie where somebody like goes into a guy Where are the school bus whose new body but sex to all sides, Do they like sexual? They know it's true they know that people are getting some sort of complicated pleasure out of it there's a lot of people, are like making tumblers. Unlike sharing for pictures, so once you know like Ryan? Is somebody who's like done a deep diver had sought for, and so she was like? Oh my god like look at some of these posts. Slake, ITALY's costs will furthermore yeah so there's like one, whereas like Elsa and her sister, and talking to
it often movie brave, has got red hair first panel. Their tiger then like merited disappears and she and her red Aragon and there, like Alcinous, are sharing red spaghetti, which looks like a lot like the missing persons, hair mariners, her marriages, hair or, like the others, is one very popular posters. This is called like a scream where Anna is also sister. Yes, Anna sees aloft that frozen, so man in libraries, like oh off soft, serve ice cream of quickly drinks, a glass of milk flies over on his head and then sort of spews soft survey scream from above her into her like smiling mouth below her interest. My open mouth smiling open, mouth and he's so he's becomes like that, the sort of it
a animated, Snowman Soft serve ice cream, dispensing machine that flies over your mouth them and spit it out, which is if the Irish, because he is feeding himself to her because he exams in aid of ice is drank drink milk will end. The fighting is like Tumblr is a place where people are often going to share their like weird sort of social values now these are people who, like, oh, my god, like actual fetish, is on the internet. Right, it's not like there's any link. This is gross even in there. Just like what you ve done. Is you gonna horny on main, which is when you tweet or tumblr just automatically assume that it was a woman alive people dead yeah at an, but it's a man he's outcry and his aims ginger. I think it sounds. I think it's so funny because they, the seventies that totally could have been a Bruce Springsteen Album horny, yeah, there's just like hit the eastern band, planks, virgin trumpets or whatever
ten ruse accent. We favour a link to porn or, like his internet, Korea, him dead, I'm comin home, that's territories going horny on men had it has constable frozen, responded to the controversy. Also, this other rapporteur, Brian Feldman, who is actually the guy who he does. He does select all their blog, the internet. By from your writing, because of the diverse like treated this tweet or yes, is knowing he tracked down the person behind Constable frozen. Who does the man which is interesting because everybody in the responses
on Tumblr just automatically assume that it was a woman alive people dead yeah at an, but it's a man he south Korean. His aims should ensure, and over a very hastily put together, Google translate assisted interview where Central said I hate for this is not for I do I do. I believe it really. It devilry fills pointy yeah. Definitely like something's going on here, like this, isn't just some big cultural misunderstanding. I mean there's like an image on this point that I won't open at work because it looks so much like it two girls, one cup with like chocolate, ice Cream and Elsa yeah, whatever type of mourning and main he was. There, definitely ordered every corner of the area, God feels as to whether hits leg leg really really out there were no manner deserve legos, divvy character. Grandma, exactly do you,
two were explained history back to us. Yes, I guess up. Let me just a guess: you hear the original tweet it's from at Ba Feldman Quote: cuts Frozen, not shake ducked for being horny on main end quote is two thousand seventeenth quote: Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo Buffalo end quote so that this the first praise constable of frozen milkshake deprivation. Her I mean refers to the owner of a tumbler who would create scenes with photoshopped Disney characters. Most mutually the the characters from frozen doing funny things, but then sort of like slightly pointy things, and so the owner of Constable Frozen got milkshake ducked, which means that First internet loves you, but then they turn on you. For me,
horny. I on main, which means tweeting outpouring from your regular account rather than from your secret account. That is correct and now you're gonna make him explained the Buffalo guiding now just do the easy part. Rather, that is seemingly nonsense. Sequence of words two thousand seven teens, this seemingly nonsense, sequence of words, Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo Buffalo were I saw no exact about apparently is there if you, you can grow matter we make it you can make it all make sense. If there's a basin from New York are eight, but so the Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Buffalo Buffalo they bully bison from New York, who also Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo outside, is perfect
but how that, whereas the who, just back but a basin from New York working here and who, as is done now, we're at yes nobler, yes basin from the city of Buffalo proper, now Buffalo number. Prevails, which by me Peter and our golden, if you haven't, illustrate a boar image of a cartoon Alex eating. A tiny hearts out please treated at our shows produced by Ricky TAN, any fear. Bannon Damietta carry our editors TIM Howard, husband, Taro, has a new called westerners. Employees is extremely good. The song you revelations he'll be glad. In turn is Anna boy very mixed. Pirate Kwan special thanks to you took a mar merit, K and Brian Feldman. Checking by Michel Harris. Our theme, music is by the mysterious break masters. Add music is by buildings. Matters his cookies, somebody brought the office you miss
website reviled limo. You buy more this is the show on Spotify Apple pie, gas wherever you Essen, thanks for listening with Susan. Good morning, shaving dream sequence: fighting corruption, should we had back. I haven't heard anything out there since the gunfire man, they shut up our piano John gauge would be so proud,
Our heads and four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence just getting do you think you can fix it? I think we can still play it. What is it sounds like some things rattling around in there, some kind of metal Box was, then the piano the whole time, the gunshots must have dislodged it under what's inside,
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