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#114 Apocalypse Soon


This week: Yes Yes No returns and takes us to the brink of apocalypse.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each so Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen unspent. Fi or wherever you get. Your pot casts hey ready. We are back twenty eighteen new year nearby, all fuddle bit of programming information of top there, some housekeeping so a question that we get a lot from listeners. The answers always different is when is next episode assured me out. My colleagues golden has the tour did help people Alex what is it. It is a website, and I know that I often build websites and then abandon them. I promise that I will continue to update this one. It's called reply Tat s why I you go to this website. It answers one question for you: it,
question is: is there a new reply all this week and this tool will probably come in handy basically, this spring short version of alone? alright, there's a bunch of very good. It changes happening the lives of people work on the show. Babies are being born, which means will be a little bit short staff, which means we will be publishing slightly less, like probably a couple times a month for bet, aright. Shut up. From Yemen is high on the agenda and I now scope welcome ones, And yes, yes, no! The segment on our show where our boss, Alex Bloomberg, comes to us with inscrutable nuggets from the internet, and we try to explain them to him. Yes, what have you got
Ok, here's what I got so I knew we were doing this and to call out too, like sort of collect, inscrutable, tweets, yeah and a lot more confusing stuff came back than than the normal like it seems to be. Ray particularly confusing time on the internet. Rain happen every day of my little occasional explosions in any indication and there's a bunch of different tweets that were a sort of like clustered around this confusing name and then there's a bunch of tweets that all seem to focus on this confusing me sister did notice like these sort of patterns, and then I get in this this tweet which seemed to touch on every single meme. That was that without their that's confusing I'm internet right now, so I think if we can decide for this, We understand the internet in its entirety. I learned it might take us there. Ok, ok, what's the treat its from it
No, Mr Ram got nine, but is the name of his twitter. Account is Jesus Uganda, knuckles, you gonna, knuckle, sounds bad and then there's a picture and the picture has it caption, the four horsemen of apocalypse and then there's a there's. A four square grid below and in the top left square is a tide pod with the word underneath it that says fam in the picture to the right of it is a picture of some sort of cartoon with a headband, the bird is red. That's as war and then in the lower left quadrant. This is a photograph of
a white guy with a funny hat on his head and some sort of shawl a as his hands to his mouth in a sort of a pensive work and the cap,
death and then in the lower right, Quadrant there's a picture of like sort of a cartoon wolf. Looking at an empty ball and a sort of a Mickey mouse, you kind of character also with an empty ball, and then the captain there is pestilence so for quadrants famine, war, death, pestilence that I have never been happier than listening to you describe the street. It did so funny, nothing, nothing makes sense, and also up over the top there's this text. I guess it's sort of like a real patois sort of dialect, brought as we will fights wars pretty queen and find a way and way is spelled w, h, e and Queen spells Q, w e e n. Ok, I think this is a most complicated tweet that you brought your yes, yes, now ain't you rightly giving if you can understand a sweet, it is like a kodaks for
nothing has happened on the internet and twenty eighteen. So far I got two weeks. I also think that probably the reason that's called the four horses of the apocalypse is that I think the pursue. May the street feels like once you understand and combine these four means you will sort of feel like we are approaching the end of the world such where you want to get you, but this is like dense. There's a lot here, I'm yes, I am prepared to settle in. Let's do the ritual. Ok, p J vote. Do you understand this tweet? I understand a lot of this week. I don't understand all this about the the white but the green hat, I know about the red bird. Ah, I about the tide, pods and the bears, and the white guy in agreement So I think we might be it about a hundred percent, but rather we have one yes Alex Bloomberg. Do you understand this? No! No. I understand no quadrant
Kay. So how do you want to start? So? I guess soak the first harbinger the end of the world, like the sign that culture is overrun with the apocalypse is nigh. Is this first image famine, so I bought so but you're familiar tied, pads right, like via the very concept of the very nature of them. Like the the lottery deterred. Yes, yes, title adds came out five years or so ago. They were very popular and one of the side effects of the existence of type odds is that kid's think they look like candy right. They do and want to eat them. You can't not look tied button and and think the first thing they goes had as like, gooey candy, those like anyone. I start asked eggs. The onion wrote an ad in the in my twenty fifty, and that was from the perspective of a three year old wanting to
and they re one earlier this year. That was tied, debut new sour apple detergent, Professor Africa. But what is the? Can you do that? Can you do the three old what to do, but I put the three other wanted it that I just I just let me see if I can find it. It's called so help me, God, I'm gonna eat one of those multicolor detergents. The first graph is anybody who knows me will tell you the same thing. I get what I want. Food being held my binkie, you name it. If I decided like it. Damn. Well, don't rest until I get in and from a very Second, I saw those blue register. Jihads come out of the shopping bag last week. I immediately knew they come hell or high water. I would eat when aggregate exactly ok, so you guys in the very fact that you have looked at those typepad, some thought yourself. I want eat those
you have touched on like a bizarre cultural happening that is happening right now. Suddenly the nascent desire by adults to eat tied PA, not three year olds there has like come to the fore in everybody's, essentially declaring their design or to eat them in what form like how? What do you mean? Well, ok, so here's a tree by person named Megan at littlest Wayne. It says me eating tied laundry detergent pods and then it's a gift of Oprah. Looking like she's eating something that she's delighted about eating. Okay, it has eight thousand retreats twenty five thousand likes. So it went from this thing. That was like purely conceptual and everybody. Joking about it too, like oh weird, disgusting, semi reality. What do you mean? People started posting photographs of them preparing tied pods on food
Ok, here's a picture of someone who has made a baked a pizza in the oven with a bunch of tied thrives on it. The finnish pizza is covered in like too Three, the turtle slime exerted Scots, they ducas when they cut the eternal Greenway Escargot and the pic and the captain to this tweet is tied parts of the best thing ever to go and pizza and there's a smiley face. That's drooling, it's so revolting. So I think one thing that I am now understanding is Typepad seem like the joke that everybody agrees on my side, Josephine's at a weapon by one group now actually pretty innocuous. It's like that
like the entire internet realized like. Oh you wanna. Do that too. I thought that was just me right it, but then a as is always the case. It gets kind of like the tail end of it gets weird and unpleasant ochres was that so you tubers, who specialise in the most cynical kind of entertainment, we're like? Oh we'll get a lot of hits if we actually eat these. We can you play that video yes hold onto the ceremony. Let me bring up A year ago, so it is a guy with blue hair sitting in front of a rainbow background going around working like eating high tides and Ivan. We never had a tide pod before, but they are so satisfying. There are squishy, they just fields seems really delighted. He is super into. Why type really came out here. We go
There are four it's awful to watch over her, so eating tied part has become a huge thing on Youtube and it when I was a joke, they really just when you let them burst in their mouths and they may be disgusted and spit them out. But you know, teenagers also started doing it just as a guph because they saw people doing it on Youtube and that led to some sort of hysterical. Media reporting around the country of teenagers are giving each other the Tide POD challenge, so it went from a joke about about idea due to people
ok about actually doing it to you to hers, actually like really kind of taking a bite out of it. I bought two teenagers also in on the joke, but like fully eating typos, because I think that a fine thing to do exactly and also some of them are ending up in the hospital because believe it or not. Laundry detergent is poison, so that is Typepad movie. I do the next quarter. I think I never would have, but we did it for those who through be ok so in the next square. The red bird with the caption war, which is this would mean. Ok, so you openly dabbling in virtual reality. I would have thought you, it is. Does this also you make it sound, like dear dabbling in drugs, feels like a drive like a baseline Erica from this guy. Who is really in virtual reality, and he taught me, namely Caviar rig Asea like the fallen headset, everything I
home? I leave this world that we live in together. I put on a headset I put on I'd like I enter full, like sensory deprivation thoroughly care. Those that are monitoring again and I go to a virtual world. Is it fun? It basely feels like early internet. Like you, goodies virtual space is a new dress up as a character, and you talk to people in assets like second life. It's like second life, but it feels like you're there, right and so there's, this new programme called the our chat where people have been hang out and there has been a lot of people who have been dressing up as this character. If you get a video game signing the Hedgehog here, So one of the characters that video game is AMOS Knuckles he's the one you thought was red bird is actually something called the Kinda Oda, and that goes for solar click. This he's, like a cool, tough, a kid now with big sneakers, but then what happened was at some point. Three just drew like out three d knuckles that was really fat.
Because I thought it was funny look so as if I'm not hearing any war does nowhere. Yet somebody else took this like fat knuckles character, and then they mapped it enviers. You could go into the arch at as this fat knuckle. Ok! For some reason, this took a jump where what is happening is that people are going to be our chat and then, like thirty cartoon fat knuckles, will mob somebody, and you start like yelling at them. It's called ugandan knuckles because they're saying things that are like a racist white american Peters version of what, like a ugandan person, would say so like I can show you a video of this happening. So these people, there's a garrison, alien and there's like a guy. Actually now it's been so overran, it's just these knuckles attacking the guy. You delete your new liquid
a person. Writing is trying to get away from the knuckles that are taking her boy, they make that's what they're they're making like clicking sound. Its super racist is ray, is every really stupid, like suburban white tenders version of what they think an african language sounds like basically, but like a couple weeks ago, icy can I got in a rabbit, hold the stuff because businesses they got cures but like. Why are these kid saying things are saying like you, God and actually felt weirdly specific and like a lot of the quotes they use? I take me here: we like it's, always the same thing and I was just wondering leg: was there an origin or reason for this? Yes, and the reason is so so. Weird, ok, so, like the origin of this mean actually starts in Uganda. Ok, there's a strengthened Isaac noble
and a few years ago he was like I want to make action movies like I wanna make american style action movies, but he's like very poor he's in the and you're gonna has no money. It is like two hundred dollar budget action movies, where just like everything is hack together, so two two hundred dollar two hundred dollars. So only yes, like non professional actors, I think they're shooting on videotape. All the special effects are like cobbled together, unlike two computers, that he has hope together got it, so his first movie is called who killed. Captain Alex tagline expect the unexpected war. It is delightful that would ensure the trailer actually ogre who killed captain hours, trailer okay. So this is how you make like a violent movie with no money round.
That should be the best of the best to very erected. Acting very thing lied. A very factory. He had had her going to very faint three building, I'm I'm about him. You know if you ve ever seen like King Kong, regional can create yeah. It looks like someone was like I've learned. Everything I know about special effects from that, but I'm just gonna do The computer from that. I didn't actually see ass yet, like Super crude suicide motion and the duties making these movies like he knows he is enjoying liking, that's kind of funny and really fine and no money, the lake make guns at alike, scrap metal
where they do their blood. Is they fill condoms with it was cow blood and then they would pop economy MP working sick from cow blood's. Now these like food die, but he's buildings on props, departmentalized, yeah, so people com like the tyranny of Uganda, he'd Amy's movies. And then what happened a few years ago is theirs. Is american dude named Alan, who like did like film, festivals or whatever, but was like on the fringes of stuff? He bought an engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend. He went to go. With her and instead she dumped him and then to cheer him up in front of us who were in an ngo, I think in Uganda. It was like hey. Let me see this thing and he showed him on his phone. The trailer you guys just saw and he's like. Okay, I'm heartbroken, I don't want to do with my life. I just got down. Run to me for my honeymoon for the wedding it I was gonna. Have he takes out money? He flies he caught the get out of here and finds the director and has moved into the sums, and they just like make these movies. Now
their work. I'm like child kung, FU movie, child kung fu. It's like I come from, we base our kids at five years old. I love as also for violence, like everybody dies everything there very enjoyable watch amazing, how so what's an, and so they have. This company dig their new year. They call it like what Hollywood, which is like named after the summer, thereby like her colleague, would basically like Nevada, MACE movies and, like Alan he's, been like helping NIB wanna make the films, but also lake promote them in the USA, like I gotta Kickstarter, and it's like in certain the internet there, like a known and cherished thing wow until now has kept
Alex a sort of viral it lake mashed with this weird fat, knuckles thing, and so there's people here who just like quoting the movie like the guy's Navy archer, so that when we heard the phrases in the media that you showed us, those are from moving from the movie and the work Hollywood guys. They know about me, because if you go to their twitter to constantly between the knuckles guys tweeting at them. So just like the whole thing is really weird wow. Yet, anyway, all of that, like you, got an action movies virtual reality, shenanigans minor, sonic, the hedge I characters in the context of this tweet, all that represent war, that the war box yeah, oh, and that also also explains the captain of the sweet which is sort of which is that the line brothers we will fight the worst for the queen and for
the weight that must be from the that from who killed Captain Alex at least I know that find away part has actually don't know about the queen. They managed made an ox its aeroplanes from those movies, but yeah. Ok, that is half of this up. So what do we do? We throw to break now we're halfway through, I feel they re coming up, have the for half of wonderfully coming up after the rig. The second do boxes of this quadrant of mystery This episode is brought to you by better for it a new podcast from eighty pig hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes,
better, for it looks at how mistakes have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his own, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck took some flyers business cards in a week later ahead of business and hr rule breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place that you are proud of the work that you do. You want to be able to tell your friends it that you want to be able to feel like you're, making a difference. You'll hear how they work their way through their mistakes and came out better for listen on Spotify wherever you get your pockets. Are there were halfway through
halfway through we have discriminatory, one tweet is the most complicated. This is definitely the most complicated tweet that we have ever deciphered. Yes, as this is the most cause, this tweet is itself sort of like a table of contents. Isn't it you will come to an undecipherable, but no one has read: ok, so God fair and we ve got war. Ok, I think death is actually experts ago Tucker. So death is, like a add, a white teenage holding his hands over his mouth. Looking pensive with. What's the hat, give he's got a green he's got an animal came on had on it's not illegal came upon. It looks like a programme on its deadbeat. It's the aliens from toys story, o Koyo that's their head, though his way and aliens from toys to her head again it together, but ok. So this is like this was actually yourselves. You bet, you didn't know the story up until now. These are usually with Paul brothers. Oh Logan Paul, yes, I have familiar with Logan,
What do you know about? Logan PA, ok, me fifty one year old. Why did married with children who as you know what I wanna let down my hair. I watched a dvd hard Topshop with my wife, Logan Poles on top shadow impulse, the upshot? So? What? Although okay so, is over people that don't know, and I don't How much do you know, but like Jake and Logan Paul are to american teenagers, who got famous very young on vine? I didn't know. Logan Paul is on top chef, Logan Paul with a guest on top chef, because he's got a huge instagram following got all his followers to shop to one of the top shelf events, so that a food truck event in Logan Paul like lead his hordes of followers to the food trick event Emily impression. I, as as like this person showing up in my world, for there was really an l fit cause he's like he's such a dude
he's gotta be blonde hair blonde hair, that's like completely moose, but in this crazy swiftly way, unlike talks again dude all the time, but like a really sincere completely- and I regret way, yeah he's like you, he's like a human golden retriever, but bites him and his brother Jake Paul, whose the same em they are actually also sorted. Geniuses lake I mean like they're, not famous you, but for anyone undertone They're like busily beetle, several famous needles level famous feel like that, like the crowds of teenagers that follow them, it only looks like you know the Beatles, a J stadium thing here. This is Logan Paul at just a mall in Dubai. Last year,
hit. They want do the biggest meeting greed ever so here s an unsafe and such like teeming whom Hague and he's not doing anything is not performing. He just stand up on stage and kind of ways it so funny he leg he so much more into it than the Beatles yeah. Now he wasn't like he loves it. Got that look them woody first locks up electors smirks at the camera. I just wanna leg. What do you want to do punches? Conquered These it yeah, so grownups hate him and his brother teens them anything there. Actually like, officially famous for it is they do these Youtube videos where they do stunts read it start out being like we're. Gonna set a couch on fire jump out of moving Harley jackass stuff. They make like millions of dollars a year
on these videos like just through you, too bad and through, like merchandise, they sound like this empire of spectacle and like the world of Q, guys on Youtube. You done things for attention. It's finally boy bans, there's a new flavour every week, red imagine if one is by Ben showed up in there. I know we want to stick around we're. Gonna figure had me this, like a sustainable business renewed boy ban that comes on their going beyond? play and like we're, gonna sell on merge and we're gonna have like an investment fund like these. They have longevity and places not don't throw in Germany, but the downside of it is because they've been going for so many years. They have to keep stopping themselves. So I can, let me show you Logan Paul's, two thousand and seventeen here's. What I did this year. Video This is going to show me, like other things, a bit Yazzi just like yes,
What did you use old? I bought. My first house were six point: five million dollars and movement. You boys in with me on a school bus and then turn it into a Kubes met a boy named. Why don't we I adopted them is my little brothers and directed a music video of theirs. They got thirty million view, then made a sign with them. They got a hundred and sixty nine million views that you made me. I don't got a nose. I want to point out that he's dressed up as a meal and then- and there has been a high school- you do what you do as I also made a song with designer, and then I went to the tallest building in the world. The birds believe name so there's looking Pa Vocational. So here the reason for the reason that Logan Paul Threesome using this painting
is because, like it's better painting the reasons we have the quadrant every treaty, the fainting, normally what happened. It'll do some kind of shocking and adults will freak out, but kids a love em and like it fine and he never really gets in trouble that sort of ended a few weeks ago when he decided to fly Japan and shoot like a fine, creepy video in what people I refer to as the suicide for us and Japan yeah. I heard this is like this forest in Japan, where, like it's like sort of known that people go there and that's a place where people go to commit suicide Yeah there's like there's like for some reason: there's no cell phone service there are, there is very little cell phone service and people written about it. He chose to go there because of the known thing was hoping to see I don't hear anything with the abbadie. I think it was more like this lobby creepy. Yet the atmosphere of a place where people have killed themselves will be great for my video, a measure you like a very short clip from
video that he ended up, shootings like they go and they immediately- and this is a surprise to them- they mealy encounter and actual corpse which they show they blur the face. But like they zoom in on the body and in this is them reacting. Sort o God is not like we can it's right, there is our lives on full. There's no going. I've seen just wearing a toy story: Alien save his top five raise things of every experienced. My life tat. One is the crisis there. Parents can resolve a village commentaries is. Are you having to circulate Zodiac literally crazies moment live on? Cyprus vary so much for margin, flag for democratization, rob so yeah. It's just a mass
It's really really really inappropriate yeah. Is it really is a person who is like does not have. He doesn't have the capacity in him to like grapple with this thing right, nor the good sense to not edit it and then posted on his Youtube, gentle and so, and also like all his viewers. How many of yours is year, millions and millions of to get another funny. Logan pulse stunt other sudden saw like a dead body, hang our forest yeah yeah yeah, and then it became this huge thing and how they can defensive apology and less defensive apology, and he is actually kind of disappeared from public view for a few weeks less defensive apology and he's actually kind of disappeared from public view for a few weeks, re sober, that's what so that followed him.
Death is Logan, Paul Owen Policy, like the one more harbinger of their coming apocalypse, look upon whose death got it right. We have marched our way through three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and I dont know what pestilences pestilences like I make complete and full no on it actually kind of plugs into two two Logan Paul little bit of his. What is pestilence pestilence. Do you know the word means. I know what the word means. I think actually yeah that I mentioned earlier. We do. I know that is Pestilences illness, rent, but the OECD, disease and pestilence, it'll epidemic disease, especially bubonic, plague of various, leaves a leg periodic aren't so so the pestle Israel, just to remind you, is too like sort of old Timey Disney looking possible bears. It is a in old cartoon from the thirties in its
the three little bears, but for some reason the three little bears in this cartoon are like sort of fresh off the boat italian stereotypes of high and all it is a five second clip of them coming in and seeing that their food has been eaten, and this is what happens, don't bother Africa but that's it, but people thought that was a very funny. It is very much an end started using it started using it as a way to like the southern funny about spaghetti. Yes, they started taking this very short animation. Clip That's funny phrase in it and started re mixing it in all of these different ways like there are a million different somebody touch my spigots on the internet. Now how many regions
original finger, it has a hundred and twelve thousand retreats. That's me there s a good thing about the internet and in the end I would posit that if it was somebody, somebody touch my spaghetti. No, like you, I got anywhere to have fun and literally they cut off the eye at a hundred. Doesn't do it so sure you are familiar with the fact that people really like making jokes about the smash mouth song all start doing about this no fuel. Just like me. They they like wait. What hey Buddy once told me, world was gonna. Ruin me: did you know you want to make that sharpest tool in this way? I think that now you're an get game on get paid. That's right right! So people do things like they have a tweet will where, though, just say in lower case some and then apple body. It is noted that is enough to put that tie in your head for three days anyway. So this is an example of what people have done with it.
Some weird so another another really good. One is theirs as I'm just let him let him take circuit and after a little while because it is a somebody this, He has even less context it. It's a song from one of the Kirby Video Games, corbies, just a video game character who is like a big purple ball and someone just made this using the music, for they was a big pink cloud pink cloud. That's what he is I've big pink ball is what it is.
Here is a scene from full metal jacket, your major, not not form anyway. That's it. It doesnt going where no NEO Nazi picks it. Nobody turns into a weapon, they heard somebody elsewhere. Now someone turns into do happen. They hurt somebody really. Ok, You may be familiar with another Youtube or goes by the name Pudica. I am GINO Purify. I do. I know a lot about he's the most popular Youtube or in the world right he's got popular rippling video games that he would watch and play on Youtube right. He also just just as I got addendum to low imposing p. I got trouble recently. First,
the and word and then they'll, just sort of like apologizing, like I'm sorry that you took me using the worst. Rachel's are in a bad way, kind of way right and then he'll show back up and when Logan Polygon trouble pity I was sure to try men and say like we'll people or people. Why are people not more mad at him when they were so mad at me or like? I would never do it. He did like he made sure to make this about him in a way was like watching an adult person did. I was very strange weirdly. I feel like what sort of going on is that I think pity pie is using Logan, Paul and Jake Paul to train rehabilitate his reputation by look how bad these people are. What that looks like is pretty pie, put a video criticising Logan Paul for putting the video up in the first place, criticized
what he thinks is a terrible apology, video and then Youtube comes in and actually takes puberty pies video down, and he says that it's because they think he was bullying Logan Paul. They said that it was boiling to criticise somebody for mockingly, taking a video with a dead person? Look moderation is an imperfect art thats just doing their best LAO okay. So, in response puny pie put up a video call you to touch them. I spigot was the video, it's him talking about how you tube took down as a video and how many was about that and have what it incredible double standard it is and what kind of favouritism they play with the pause and him just laughing the hysterically about how funny somebody touched my speech at the same time, kind of, let me see it most
so here curious. Take all these horrible things that happen. Sexual ask me murder. When someone show they give any more on, you know, you have to stand up and use your voice anyway, red Oh him doing this actually took this mean that was, I think, kind of niece and made it mass because, as video seven million views so far, there is in the summit. Has we got a big deal? Is because a youtube Who is angry because you get in trouble for criticising another Youtube or who was ashamed because he found a corpse and guide
held out for because that a clear from a nineteen twenties, dizzy movie haven't afloat into that process. Brain on that day. That's why we know this. Yes, and I would say the last bit of this story is since no one can ever be happy about anything. The guy who originally posted this. Somebody touch toucha. My Spaghet tweet responded to his own tweet. The word sang to pity pie, who hijacked may mean that isn't even funny odds through. You are a little bitch and I have no respect for you and I wish I couldn't have could have forgotten about four years ago. Like everyone else, you got the tiniest
platform in its two thousand and he took it shot. Yes, yes, you are Alex. I know that this is this. One is, is on a pretty epic scale, but I can you explain to us the street. Yes, I believe I can area this single tweet is sort of like an insect. The pity of a bunch of different means that are going around the internet has like put them altogether into this form for box quadrant, yet is sort of like if, if we disappear to Morrow the civilization that find us, gonna find this tweet like etched on to some stone wall. They're going by a bloody hand and every every panel and the sweet tells its own long long story. There is the story of the Tide pods, which has famine, because people loved pretend to eat them, and people loving to pretend to do something. I'm internet leads to agents and consequences. There is the story of
next panel, the kidnap, which is war which is in the house. It involves the ugandan filmmaker and the way, as is his work, has been employed in online gaming platforms. Ah then, there is the story of Logan Paul you tube star. Extraordinaire, who took it too far when he
the dead body in a forest in Japan and that's death and then vinyl Quadrant pestilence is, I executor with a history of pestilence. Actually, but it's basically, I think the ethic the heater doesn't know pestilences. I think I think that that yes Zodiac, but I think they think it means poverty anyway. It's like these three bears from this like nineteenth clip that has gone viral because of a disgrace. You two were trying to sort of lake, get back at the other guests, disgraced Youtube or from the previous quadrant yeah spigot spit. Somebody TAT Jim. I forget, I think I think we're yes. Yes, I feel like I've. I feel a globally brothers after this. When anything you need. He come to me.
Requires hosted by me Peter Vote and ask old man Russia's participation, depend on any be abandoned. Damietta mark, Hetty and Kalen robberies. More protection held this week from Christa Ripple are editors TIM Howard. Backtracking by Michel Harris are in turn is, having Glenn is our last week that are ongoing. Anna fully, and I, as a genius we ve, been very lucky get work with her higher her Anna falling special thanks, a sweet to tell our lorens we're mixed pirate Kwan. Our theme song is very mysterious, break MR cylinder matter is an unseasonably warm day you as our I ever piled up limo and even more so to the show on Spotify or Apple podcast. Reverie. Listen thanks for listening was the next week.
I want to further box down from us I and smash it, but the trees you're too thin and prickly negative something a little more deciduous programmes. I add area a vibrant, newer land, where we can make a new internet, a good internet for you and for me, and his pine cones and is bug, and this rock I just started You'd pictures of her nieces and nerve is good ones, but I, like those pint,
got a great deal for ninety percent off re bans. No thank you gone now rock three blog and interesting article about privilege thank Iraq, I'll try to do better. No, I don't want to tell you a break or three hundred counterfeit boner bills knows Ague buying gown go away. Blaze now he's expressing support for local sports team, The way in rock just both the funny guy video. I love that no bugs reposted Richard Spencer inside the raises shouldn't max now now noted, there's a website that lets you chat with thousands of women. For free, just click on the globe. It not now applying drown. Jesus Christ
Where are you going are, we sure, is Iraq. It has teeth hell.
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