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#116 Trust the Process


This week, we meet a dominatrix who dominates computers, instead of just people. Plus, the story of a man who hatches a plot to destroy a beloved NBA team, using the best advantage he has — the fact that he’s their general manager.

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so Alex. Yes, you ve been mostly outside this week, yeah it has as well so but we did something. That was all of unusual, which is normally when somebody makes a mistake in one of their stories in there's. Like a correction, It's a reporter shop to handle it. Obviously, yes, but you ve been out, so there is sort of an error in absurd one hundred fifteen, the Bitcoin Hunter. Where you try to have somebody find their lost big There is a mistaken episode which we ve been fixing without you. What what well? First of all, I feel like I mean the principal's office, I feel
people are here to get punished somehow and second of all what was a mistake. So so I'm just gonna play you the part of your episode that has the mistaken it right now. Ok, you had found this Bitcoin Hunter nervous, explaining how the guy was gonna, help even Jeremy lives in San Francisco, but I had him remote into my computer, so we could take a look at your hard drive, then try train final aspect going. It's called it. You finally found someone a new person or remote into your computer. Like a remote into my computer fetish areas to resume its eggs, you see it like who remote access, so the premise of the joke was added that that thing does actually exists in other things are remote into my computer fetishist. I lake
This is going also so far. This doesn't feel like a mistake I made. Both things are true, so it turns out there are such that remote didn't my computer vanishes. What should he spoke to dominatrix named mistress Harley and I'm just gonna fight for you? Oh, my guy isn't so overwhelm. So I think all you need now is that Mr Harley says it the first time she encountered this finnish his few years ago, and she just like going about her normal life as an arm. Dominatrix. I was doing kind of your typical products sessions which we look like Skype sessions. You know where you're dominating someone be a cam and people started to ask me if I could domini their computers are, that is that the words they use like Donnay, my computer, got dominate my computer
take over my computer, lock down my computer, install parental controls on my computer. These were the kind of requests I was starting to get to take about control of people's devices, In order to Domini them in a media SAM context, so when you first started doing this and the first time somebody asked you to like ok like dominate my computer legal, what did you think? I thought it was the most? same thing in the World Lake. So my background is computers and I t I worked in the game industry for many years and I have a masters and library, science and information technology might like science while ok. Yes, yes, though, having fallen from a technical background to me, it felt like being in a tea person. Again words like this system thinks that my
parental control, softwares malware, and now I have to disable your antivirus with you and I, like you, have them do Avenger tech support things, shoots events absolutely so the actual active taking over computer, I think, is really boring. But then, once you have someone under your control like for me. That's when the fun part begins. I have made people like install nest, cameras in their house, so I can watch them twenty four slash. Seven, I put a keylogger is on their computer, so I can get all of their path than Logan's for everyone to banking info mission, I get their email, I get all their contact. You know I'll transfer files to myself and I'll tell them that hey. I oh. I found your tax return. I'm just gonna. Take that oh here's, your Reza may I'll just take a copy of that as well and then the more fear that they have. I call this, like the fear, boner a bigger this its owner,
like then the more exciting all of this is that now did their thinking about, like oh, my God, MR sourly knows where I work and she's got my mom's phone number and if I don't do what she says, that things are going, really really bad and dumb a kind of puts them in to that state where their super obedience super submissive. I guess I'm wondering like like what kind of personal be into this and why, like is in a really powerful person or river sack savvy person like why? What person as may I want my computer, be to be taken over. I do think tech savvy people find it intriguing, but ultimately, I really think its people who crave this real life domination, but from a distance. So a lot of my submissive. They ve never even spoken to me on the phone like your speaking time right now. They ve never met in person,
at best they ve seen pictures and videos of me, but what they really want. You know they don't want to have a phone sex, dominatrix relationship where they call and I'm like amateur make you do stuff, and then you hang up the phone and now you're fantasy is over. This is literally the translation of your fantasy into reality, because now I can see your facebook, I can see your linkedin, I can see you there are no secrets and really really its experience without ever having to shake my hand. Ah, unlike what is your day, look like I wake up whenever I wake up so usually between ten a m to noon, I check my emails, use please sitting in my emails when I wake up his two to three hundred dollars that people have owed me in it. They know they owe me this money, and so they pay me, and so, when I wake up there is this money is sitting there waiting for me, and so I think, ok, that's nice, and then I make a cup of tea and I have
my husband is a homemaker, so he makes me all my meals and stuff, so he makes me breakfast in kind to say. Of course, he makes you reckless. Of course he makes our environment. After I check my emails. I turn on my phone lines, and so my submissive can call me it's a minimum of five dollars, a minute to speak to me on the phone, although heading on where you live, like I have a lot of slaves in Germany and miles you come on now. That is amazing. In Germany, a wider lives I have lived and eat I have slaves in Germany. I got slaves, Oliver America, in the? U K o my god guys in the Middle EAST in places that are sexual repress today, love me and they love computer, take over because it's like this real way. They can interact with dominatrix, aha, so, let's say Mohammed living in Kuwait. He finds out
website- any- sends me an email and says Mister Charlie. I love the idea of being controlled by a strong, powerful woman. Can I book a computer session with you and then I would say yes, looking a computer session is a hundred dollars go to my website, mistress Harley dot com pay me and then we will set up a time for the session if it's not immediate and then he would give whatever remote desktop, sharing softer he's using. He would give me the login information for that. We will discuss limits. You know if he says look, you can do anything you want, but do not email life like. Ok, I won't email, your wife and then once we start it's like anybody S M play session. Where now we have negotiated No, I'm not going to be polite anymore, and now I'm going to do whatever I want within the realms of what we discussed the guy I'm thinking of him particular who is Muhammad from Kuwait. He likes to be
supposed, and so, when I go on his computer, I open up his camera on his computer and start taking pictures and videos of him. Then I start posting those pictures and videos to my twitter, where I have like fifty thousand followers or I might post them on my loose. Her hull of shame on my website, and then you know now his computers locked down an he's exposed- and this is all very exe to him. So when you say he's excited like I was showing it, oh, I mean usually there's little text chat in the corner where he is Oh my god. What are you doing in my hand? Me? Like? Oh I'm, you didn't say I couldn't go on your facebook. So now I'm in your facebook- and now I see all your friends and now I see where you work and oh I got this is so this is so you're so powerful year. This is so exciting. They'll say.
Me and I'm like yeah. Of course, I'm very powerful. I own all your shit. Now you know it's just like ransom where except the ransom. Where is consumption? These people ask for it and its legal rights. Well there's nothing illegal about inviting someone to install software on your computer in them. Doing that I like in it too, like if I broke into your house and stole your television, that's a crime But if you open the door- and you tell me to come, take your tv, there is no crime yeah and I'm just curious. If there's cases like were you feel sorry for the person or something happens it may feel. I owe this is like not good or healthy in this particular situation.
We have always said if, like if I receive child porn or something on someone's computer, I would immediately inform the police YAP, as there are definitely those cases where I think people are unstable. I feel the most sorry for people with obvious gender. This more fear who do not have the kind of therapeutic help that they might need normal murdered turban, that one of the common requests of computer control is for feminism decision. If I take over your computer, I can force you to feminist yourself to be more like a girl and that of a boy, but then or us like these things do have real life consequences and I have definitely had some submissive, like kind of get all the way. To a point where they are starting to talk about fully transitioning into being a woman, and then they really freak out and an you know, get really upset and start talking about veto hurting themselves are
you're, just not knowing what to do, and I always at that point I always tell them look. I am dominatrix, I'm not a mental health professional, know you accurate therapists throughout these ceilings, and I have I have spent a lot of clients to therapy. So these relationships especially long terms ones, they do turn into real relationships, and, unlike what do you get out of it? I mean, besides lake, being paid to As much as I got paid to go to an office spare, you know I E. I were completely autonomous and independent life. I sleep when I want, I dont have a boss. I make men, support my lifestyle and now have these slave machines that have to pay me all the time you have a good life Harley. No, I really do I don't hate to brag. Obviously,
mistress. Hardly according to your twitter bio, she is a model producer seo, dominatrix financial, Don tacked on authorised expert and bad pitch. After the break. A man hatches applauds history. Love it and using the best advantage he has he's there entered. This episode is brought to bear I better for it a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes better for it
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Like the word is used to, we used to have fortunately destroyed at before before that doddering old man, whose confused by air- and I decided that instead, this was a sports talk, radio broadcasts and that rather yes, yes, now we're going to something called sport. Sport sports, where you got us with sport, sweet that you don't think, will understand and then Bully s about it.
Bali. No, I I think that what would actually is going on here is that I have a tweet that I think, is one of the most delightful sports internet related stories to come along in a long time, and I am- and I'm very excited share with you. Ok, so the tweet is it's a person in jaw and beat him and beat. Is that right, Joel envied? Yet around bead and he's tweeted trust the process hashtag, he died for our sins and then he's embedded another to eat, but the first answer just three is nine thousand two hundred retreats Joel also has one point: two million followers weight. Can I just stopped before we go further? Do do either of you know who joy and beat is now no now, ok, I get is famous for commentator or after words, actors
This is already better than it does not contain an age. I should note that the head Of Joe Elam Beads, twitter feed just says: thou process we heard yes, ok and then, if it, the embedded tweet is by a guy named SAM Hanky and he sang. I love it when a plan comes together and then he's referencing an article about sports illustrated which, as wide as sports, illustrated predict the asterisk when the twenty seventeen worlds, hers in twenty fourteen and that tweet has seven thousand one hundred forty nine retreats right. What is this alleys Goldman? Do the honors industry? No, I am z Ro per cent comprehending this veto about. You understand this tweet. I do not Alex Bloomberg. Do you understand this tweet? Yes, where rivers? Yes, yes, no! Everyone
he's right. No, no! Yes, where none! Oh! Yes! I have a beautiful tailed unfold for you. Ok, really doing! asked us, though I met a bring on a guest into the hell it inner sanctum of yes. Yes, no art the gas. The gas is a guy named Jean Denby, whose Adam here he runs the cuts which blog and whose the could switch podcast, and I want him to be here because he is relevant expertise is he part of the process is a part of the process. We are all part of the process as a whole Color hygiene, Hygiene- Jean: how are you I'm good things? I've never again! So I brought you because I felt like I can explain the sweet, but I do not feel the tweet in my bones. The way you feel you may have, man, it's been a long emotional journey
when you have no about like that, with envy works, what we set out of their own, and I know that I know that we stand behind a line. You can get a three point shot, but within that lighted to two points ok, so is not exist. You dont know that it does so. I think, to begin to understand this. I feel that we have to go back a ways. Yes, I think we may have to go all the way back to nineteen. Eighty, three: the story: the streets are to nineteen eighty, three: what every enterprise even further recommend, if you really want, went but actually grab romances earnestly nineteen, eighty three so in nineteen, eighty three, that was the last year that the Philadelphia seventy six there is one that
been ship in the NBA up. I was, I was two years old. I don't even remember it happening, but it was a big deal items. Hopefully, I grow bubble miles away from whence exceeds the play bagman, so my family, like full adores excess fans. The six, although, like this story, teen right of east, you know they were. There was a little stretch in their early arts and with their very good links on Iverson, but for the most part they ve been like. You know, Qana trash and enter as a fan. After the Irish in years in those like sort of that wasteland era of the six areas like what was it like to be a fan around that time? So the thing you have to understand- and this will make the rest of us makes sense- is that the kind of workplace to be as MBA team is mediocre, not bad, but mediocre, because.
You might be good enough to make a play off, and then you win the right to get your ass kicked by some without a team and applause ran, which are not so bad that you get over the high drafts, its a pic of really good player. So the way it works is is literally a lottery. If you're, the record is really bad. You have more ball, then the lottery to win the number one picking the draft, and so an economic jane. If it would be a huge like so like Cleveland Right, was like a horrible horrible team. They are the number one pick they pick Lebron James and they became a finals contender. So this relates to something that I understand which is like if you as a reply, Mario Like the neither driving like random items- and you can attack the other razors wealth and first place, it's like bananas, banana fuels and an last place gets the purple. Shell he'd seek the heat seeking shell, so it's almost better him exactly like the apron place than fifth place absolute, and so this
after the IRA's an era where, basically the infant place, they had. The banana peel or the heating Reza Right, though, in the early teens, the higher this guy named same hanky, he was and is like assistant, Gm General manager for the Houston Rockets, and he's is weird kind of like socially mallet that dude who thinks it was evident, where's guy and he's basically like we're going to strip this team for parts. Have you ever seen money ball yeah? I read it so them he bought like the whole thing about, like we're baseball, got the advanced stats in all these clients and geek, stirred command into baseball and serve like looking it people in realising that the way they been choosing players was wrong and there are different ways of building teams. That same thing is happening in basketball around the timing and SAM Hanky was one of these guys re examine any his ideas. Basically, what if we make the successes as bad as can
we'll be possible right. What if we get all of the red cells, as it were right for several years and. It wasn't him he's a really bad communicator lucky famously during this ten year, with the successes did not have a lot of press conferences. So he's, spoken is weird and dine sort of like sterile business week and he was hung about you know it's a process and you have the trusted. He never actually such ass. The processes oughta became a thing that became associate it with them. But he would say this any any, basically made it so the team had only like two or three passable mba players on six is wrong and he would do these things where he would Tipp trade away like pretty good player like who had good careers and he would trigger them for like he was reading them for nothing, but like yeah sinking deeper than that, like you wasn't concerning wig,
players any player who did anything functional when a basketball, hypothetical anybody like if someone did something that possibly inhibited the chance that you will lose dialogue aimed at possibly ape like marginally, more likely that you're gonna Vasco game basically interrupting the process that were also to be trusted, and what was that like? For you be a fan? I come from a best. Family, so sometimes it go to Philly and my mom, and I will go to the game right and we went to this game and aeroplanes Munich sons and it was like in the sort of beginning part of the process, as it were, in the arena, must have been like public a third full, but it did not feel that for me to hear the players, how can we really when I was a major grandma like a child or yea, because here am I talking about empty,
like the real four minutes of likes reasonably competitive, eskimo leg, was examined several dozen leather and then it is like to turn into this. It is not even like, like asking that are funded, wages like like the slow attrition Lamy, and I got it wasn't like ever getting that he was planes over them, destroying than others images I playing it has to be in the lead, was getting bigger and bigger It sense so depressing to be a member of that team. It's like your on the bad news bears, but the EU band together and succeed. You just kind of are deliberately rep If you would a band together and shouted exceed, the different offers would have actively trying to give economic gotta get rid of it. There will be no banded together on this. Damn! That's not why you're here, it was a man. It was like there's a weird black hole where the team should have been the absolute bottom of it was twenty thousand and fifteen sixteen. When they one ten out of eighty two games they played with
I think ties the worse rigour ever. I think in this moment at we would did you as a as a seventy six van trust. The process I was the most deeply anti hanky person like on Sixers. Twitter is, amongst others,. Controlling what, if the draft coming up is full of like a mark or like mediocre prospects right. What, if you draftsman, really high, who gets injured? Can we still have like get really lucky but so like when they do? Finally like cash in their graphics, like what happens like do they get lucky? Also, a bunch of weird things happened, so this kid from Cameroon and enjoy be you didn't you didn't speak English six or seven years ago, medium play basketball, six or seven years ago.
But he's like some pizza unease. Sixteen in another place bottom and it brings the states, he goes universal canvas. He plays incredibly well, like he's a prodigy, he learns English really quickly. He blossoms and the six was, I think, have the third picking the draft. I think I hear because ain't right as it should be said because, because the process right, but indeed gets injured, three false and number three in a year, the six have anthropic in after him and at the time he was a longshot ray. I mean he was like he might never play in admitting. That was really a thing that was on the table pressed for two years. Remember he never actually set foot in the court and drafted Ben Timmins. This austrian kid who turned out to be very good, but he was injured too, and so he didn't play is worse here as other taking sort of. I think it was mostly
do you live, and also so this year he was an hour star and he's gonna wanna data. Now, as you did, she wasn't. What me before he's like a like massively hilarious, do like again did not speak English, six or seven years ago, but now I just like one of the funniest interviews and lead, but he's he's also incredibly so What happened jaw and came back any place first, MBA gains and he was my backing amazing, you will an unbelievable, I mean he was like he's this massive human being. Who is fluid and agile? can block shots and can dunk in case you, threes, amazingly suddenly put him in the lineup and the six. It was with this sort of like hodgepodge, roster start winning gains that they just start winning an almost overnight, like, I think his first game back
There was a sell out, but like almost overnight, the sixes became a big draw again because they were competitive, they weren't winning all those gains was suddenly like they were in games and they were fund the wash because he would dump somebody in talks. It he's hilarious like he's like if you, if you give it a developments. What are you hilarious, like he s, run on a date which is not an down, so she was like you know. Even all star right Do you even also so this year he was an hour star and he's gonna wanna data? Now, as you did, she wasn't. What me before he's like is like massively hilarious do like again did not speak English. Seven years ago. But now I just like one of the funniest interviews and lead, but he's he's also incredibly socially media savvy and just really he's just like a sort of understands the whole thing, and so he nicknamed himself
the process you wait really so when he comes out of a war, Sammy when it went. Of starting to get announced this. You know Joe well web browser He's like completely like down the mantle. This is the guy who is a cornerstone potentially, generational talent, right. The success will be in a few years like a championship contending teams along these days healthy because he is that good same here. He could not have dreamt up join, be so we're leaving out one we're leaving. One key part of the of the story which is that same had you got fired up up up up up up up up up before or after reading slit instead on their guard, so he drew. He drank the joy indeed, but he did not as low enough have not made it also the court,
go get fired year for of tango, verifying they leg in energy. The league, I mean, like you, gotta understand the NBA thought that this was a bad idea It is not in their best interest for fourteen and one of its major markets to actively embrace being a shitty is possible for as long as possible right. And so the league basically sort again the front office and same hanky was thrown out on the street on the way out he wrote this screen is where's right, TED talk. He infamous infamous. I think it's their gene. Pages long and I'd depending on where you ask it was these, like us, really smart like like screen about thinking outside the box or which is like you know, corporate both it, and if we were to ask Eugene at all, it was deadly corporate board.
I would also just like it's also so annoying that the guy who wrote that thirteen page letter, the smug sort of like yours like sort of way right right, leg is so it's like. He does principle do like guys, use com, he's kind of indicated, and I hate that same thinking. Right by at that opening that away game. There was a handy see every Tom Jones said the lad to suit of Rio. You just had his chair trust the browser
growing. So I think we are ready to come back to this tweet ray. I feel ready to do you want me to do if you do, you want to go for it, ok, so the tweet in question is a tweet from Joel. Indeed, that's US trust. The process hashtag he died for our sins in it is a quote: quote: tweeting a tweet from SAM Hanky. That says I love it. When a plan comes together and it is a link to a sports illustrated article called whited sports illustrated predicted Astros win in twenty two, two thousand and seventeen world Series in twenty fourteen. What this tweet means is the Philadelphia 76ers who have not won a championship since one thousand nine hundred and eighty three hired a is he a coach or manager
gentlemen, I hired a general manager named SAM Hanky, who was very much a client and decided to employ something, he called the process, which was centrally he would try and put together the worst impossible in order to get the best draft picks in the hopes that he could. Get a couple of amazing players and win the championship. This went on for a couple years until he was fired by the organization, but He managed to get too great players, Joel envied and what's the other guy's name Ben Simmons bends Yeah who, even though they had injuries if their first two years, are now playing and are incredibly good, Joel. Indeed, himself has given himself the nickname the process, because he's such a great player and the end result of this court on court process
and so in the tweet. The joy and biggest quoting SAM Hanky is talking about another sports team. The Houston asked rose, who also went from being very bad, very good assuming using a similar process type plan and he's referencing them. As like a sub tweet of the Philadelphia. These sectors basically saying this is what happens when you trust the process enjoy Lamby, to saying yes, trust the process hashtag, he died for our sins, the he being SAM Hanky and him dying for our sins means that he got fired from the seventy six years so that they could make this incredible new line up. Did I get it? That's right, that's what a good right I work for exports
words sports sport, but rather this one. They scare. Thank you so much energy. There's an aging Jean Denby, these the co host of embryos, excellent codes, which car gas and the lead logger on the codes which blocked reviled, hosted by me, PDA vote and ask all men are shows Bruce by with him in any fear, banning domino Kitty and killing Roberts more protection. How this from Crystal Rebel. Are editors, him Howard and Sarah Harrison Factual, combined shall Harris are in turn is having grant special thanks to live alone, now, who's and Princess Clia and growing
relations to our senior preserve the abandoned, who just had twins Mina meal fear I was being the centre of attention and has gotten sleep so definitely take time to tweak and grow patients. I shall send you a long handwritten back. We're makes pirate Kwan our theme song, so mysterious, burgomaster, cylinder, Matt Labour is candy. You never heard from some other country. You visit our every piled up my mouth and you buy more episodes of the show, Spotify or Apple pie, gas. Wherever you us thanks rosing will soon a couple weeks,
from a number of amendments. I told you my strategy, those are
private projects.
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