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#133 Reply All's 2018 Year End Extravaganza


In our final episode of the year, we revisit some stories, talk to old friends, and hear from the most remote places on the planet.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for listen on Spotify or wherever you get. Your pot casts this episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams, plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more. And try Osanna for free visit, asano dot com to get started. That's a ass! A dot com from gimlet require I gave up and I'm out what scope our common Pga wrote wire here.
The library called wacky Wednesday, which is written by doktor sues, but illustrated by someone else for some, an episode where we just kind of we check up on him. Stories, but we also give ourselves permission to kind of do whenever we want yeah. It's It serves no rules, kind of situations where key Wednesday wacky Wednesday, with wacky Wednesday Harvey brought home a book from the library called wacky Wednesday, which is written by doktor suits, but illustrated by someone else for some reason: okay and the premises like it's this Wednesday were everything goes crazy, but the person who illustrated it has no imagination to like the crazy thing. Is that there's a shoe on top of a building. That's why you and say that issue on a building its light or like there's a baby carriage but Green's growing out of it. It's like the least wacky stuff. You couldn't in its soul, searching things you would see after a bomb went off in a city, you'd see a tree growing.
Country wrapped around a baby easier like like it, be you like impaled on a train. There be a shoe on a house not to make it dark. But that's that's what wacky Wednesday sounds like. Well, you really have made ok. So what has happened and why you and say remember what else happens and whack you insane. I presume refuses Telstra on bucks, it'll be like there's like a taking off backwards it. Even crashing? Why are you trying to make this so grand? I'm? Not I'm just try it rose and try trying to understand. I my agent imaginable And going in rivers but taking off because they are but first, imagine a pathetic ready, but I'm ok. So this is kind of this. Is our this market and your lackey Wednesday episode
and there's someone here to help us revile producer Jessica, young? I guess I just gotta just go. What are you doing here so today I am going to trial each update that we're gonna be doing Jimmy. I give you an example that what this would someone like up next after Sir, what a list- your kids, is that when you do that, point you're you're figure in the air and smile like a toothpaste model has led to a reminder of the people who do the safety instructions on aeroplanes or the other day. I was walking down shopping for Christmas gifts, and then I saw the sky outside like trying to get people to lake. Do twenty dollar tattoos and he did it with like so much enthuse Adam and he had a hand in the air that I was like. That's how you do it debated at her to know. I thought about the people are getting twenty dollar tat in the fact that that do you know who is like so, like I don't know convincing,
You wanna be up here with the with the persuasive technique of a guy who can sell twenty dollar tattoo to a stranger and street. Yes, so far so good ever to get. You do want more, ok, first, first up episode, one when thirty, this now Jackie So your member David said the Snapchat thief. Yes, in that episode, a listener Men Lizzie got in touch with us because her snapchat account stolen her snapshot. Countless lizard, she's she's got come and get it back. Budgeting threaten right at this point. Did you think like Hacker knew everything about you. I definitely was lake feeling, weird, and I like remember like maybe two days later, I like go to this yoga studio. That's like two blocks from my house, an I remember feeling, like so nervous, walking back from yoga
this I consumed you, you just felt exposed everywhere, yeah and actually I also made my roommate sleep in my bed with me. And so I started trying to look into who is threatening her and whether she was actually at any risk, and I stumbled in sort of teenage hacker world right and so after we. That story. I was like. Oh I'm very nervous about these hackers who, like steel people's accounts and get really and get there info stealing my hudson getting my personal info. So what happened so, I immediately did a thing where I hopped in their discord, just to see what they were talking about if they were mad at you if they were mad or if they were like out to get me or whenever? Don't you think, maybe they wouldn't discuss it in a discordant on my god? They disgusted so much so there. There is like a variety of responses. They today, like the podcast.
Some of them did there is a lot of like? Can you can you believe how indeed is that a forty year old stopped us for two months and urged in our spinner discord, which they related to make air and not if there were a couple of people who are legitimately mad and what what what their dismay, because they felt exposed yeah this post was like you think we should shut him down and I was like uh, that's a little scary ia and then MAC, theme, one of the ringleaders, the hacker group I was watching, says the podcast guy. Now, why would we care and then MAX, It's like there's legitimate, nothing bad in the podcast like there's nothing bad about us. Like my. Would we go after him? That's really well adjusted yeah. I agree on a weird little cabal, but a couple weeks after the episode came out, I got an email from Michael Gazelle Security Experts security. Right from the episode yeah and he like hey. So I just wanted to let you know that you're social security. Number was bought on the internet and has helped
You possibly know that someone bought my social security number, giving an alert on it, so there that it's actually pre fascinating, there's a website with which I am not going to Europe has no one should ever go to it, but it's a place you can buy social security numbers and personal information about people from various leaks and and basically the way the site works, is All of this social security numbers are hidden and you have to search for names and pay for the name. It can be cheap as, like a dollar eighty to get someone as our social security, gas yeah, and once someone buys social security number? It appears on a public. List on that website, that anyone can see cried He has a bought crawling that list for my social security number and once it became public that mean someone bought it not great. Awesome- and I was thinking like what could they do with my social Security number Peggy Tafia Cities- for you there's no way
it could do worse than I ha, but I was thinking like you know. What can you do with with a security number, and I was The cap started, Duenna Chronic froze my credit, but they can. If they No, my phone number impersonate me to my phone company right so just to be safe. I told my phone company that No one can transfer a phone on my account unless they go into the store, and I hope that that works. I guess we'll see about that quickly essay after this episode, alot of people sent of people sent asking what they should do to be more secure online. Here too, see things you can do one get up, sword manager like last pass or dash leaned, sorry that we say that in every other but you really need one, that's why we do it and to download
I've called Google offend Gator, which is really just a much more secure way to do to factor authentication and getting a text sent to your phone. Also, just you know, don't bother hackers and now number one twenty seven and number one. Twenty eight, the crime issues, so your member cry machine. Without cry. Machine was about, about a gaining jack Maple, who essentially invented these sort of statistical analysis of crime in New York City and then about how his invention after he passed away totally b, He missed use as a way to make the Nypd look a lot better at stopping crime than it was yeah and we're trying to destroy it actually just understand Jack Maple like the guy. You built this unlike what he actually wanted, and so we spent a long time
seemed to these tape. Recordings of him. Talking to this journalist, Impress Mitchell and you just heroic Jack's weirdo crime brain like talking about stuff. How the way he figured out where to put detectives in the city was by studying Napoleon's military strategies. Rapporteur, we lack Nepali, react more right pocket, provided that that I think I'm crazy about what so, the guy interviewing Jack Tapes Chris Mitchell, the record of this house years ago. Heaven Jack actually became friends after that and he email me when the striking, that is to say to listening to the tapes again brought backlog of memories for em. It's it's funny, you the
the memory of him being much more simply than he comes because cuz, it's cuz, that is court such a good guy evenly in other mother fucking staff and the other taves. His was a surprise to make, as in our eyes have time but twenty years later, when not all disappeared, and he told his about he's, like Jacqueline, really charming and he could, like Sir, adapt his personality. The people random and like a good way. Any There is one time where arm. They were hanging out at house areas like many times, and we said maybe men dying or of a little bit and them and my daughter was better five came in and he immediately instead of reducing himself has got maple addressed himself as one Santa's elves see complete
he bought it finish our business in. A girl, I'm SAM, preserve, had left his Clark They call me like three months later from the cards, and I looked like my God, put it up and ice shelf? That's perfect! The reason I was site to tighter cress is because, like you but in the piece it was like Jack, create the system to track crime. For while really worked, and then eventually people started using the system and actually encourage cops, did not report crimes. They want to get in trouble and I want. I never knew like how aware Jack was before he died, that his system had gone off the rails and Chris email the efforts Raymond. Oh, I have the answer to that and I know it one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. We are already talking about that issue that the number be faked and I'm anything
You can tell from the original peace that Jack was furious but anything if it's unfair so do we. Had a plan that I was putting in place and I'm not sure how many cities he was able to do it. The would be people who would be undercover work going end boarding crimes acting out. The differently the idea that a crime had happened, and then that would mean let the people on top would be able to check to see if those crimes showed up. So there was an audio like you would like. You would have they pretend to be a victim power, pour it on and see what happened in the system. I think it was certainly part of his kind Sceptre Relentless follow up that he he knew this.
Couldn't just be put in place and that that will be at the people running. It had to always be try to make it better it. So he knew about the pitfall and he had a plan at least attire dressing in ages. I like that it was like, let's have a bunch of fake victims, report Faye crimes to catch cop, guaranteeing their jobs at that. Like a jack maple plan like the guys used to come to the gas station. I worked at to see if I would card for cigarettes exactly if the guys used to come in the gas station that used to work at sea of your card errors, jirga got no I was carded for cigarettes. What is a mere look? like an old person Am I always carded for cigarettes because other people at work we have had gotten busted and the deal eyes. Them boss, Mr Fox Pretty chill did love the kings, love public image, limited cool guy. Ah, he was like sorry man This take, it is yours, I'm not gonna deal with. Everything employ favour. The figure for the tickets are specifically written to the employees because they are the ones who actually commit commit. The
cigarette fraud, cigarette cigarette fraud, while the end, you never fell for it. No, as I just ten a blanket always show me your idee rule. Could they bought her freaked out? One guy fear a phone book at me. Why work midnight to eight and like people would show of drunken be like I want a pack of camels or whatever it may be, like any Desir idea in the prisons are gonna. Have my idee did ahead? I a heavy square in the face pretty funny to picture. Then I did the coolest thing I could think to do, which was dropped down Bulletproof, glass and lock the door to the cage, Amazon and start swearing at the raw back over? I felt really safe while that's my at it
hey guys, now as regards could, what are you doing here? so we reached the portion of the show called lightning round Yasmine relating rent We try to a lot of these real, fast and theirs, and its competition for no reason exactly so. Normally at that you guys competing against each other. The up this year's, I want to add some one and add producer, feel abandoned and she's going to represent, like the producers of reply, all meaning. Why me like she can give updates on any of the things that the producer worked on. Like anything, I worked on anything shrewdly who's out sick. This week, worked on anything Anna Jessica, ok, see, can also update what, or she won't. I hate this silence has ended I see here, is the real hosty go. I decide. She can do whatever she wants. I abandon high visibility is here with a bottle of what's Keith like a buyer.
It would be a lot of his close his eyes on her body it all. I would like to have a shot Before we do the various gap- humped, I'm stress this distress, for it makes me anxious. I think that some whisky would help may be there very unhealthy. Whatever all I wouldn't leave you while I am at your call. Why would I do ask myself I mean that's. What like a hot toddy is part of it. It is when you have an all time, high body, for it directly to make hold diet Snapple paying iconic. Here's, my enemy cheers. While this really makes a safely concert goes some girls, I dont disagree with tv already here Ok, I failed to things right now. Hammered a very nervous
but I also think that I could win This is a feeling, almost, moreover, belief, ok, was that, if a feeling in a belief you don't know feeling unbelief, can we strike that from the wreck fear is this year? Is this year version of like in can tactics before the man you're you're, like very pro wrestling, should target subject. I feel nervous I have a follow up question, which is where they were going to thought my belief, irony whether there really are promising a wedge. We like them answering question and answer, and what's the difference a friend an enemy for new and innovative energy. Familiar with again, are you guys, so the rules yeah yeah. Normally we have a minute fur, Lenny, random and add thirty seconds and we're gonna Yonah, just clockwise formation
Are you going to write to me? I mean it's almost like I was just going to say my backing up my renewables nice, it's Alex FEAR Peter, also remember that Agatha to everyone- and you have to listen to me- I don't know- I don't really want to take questions a minimum number of ok? Is everyone ready, yes, logo on remarks Alex reversed? Gets it go? Ok, so waging a pizza gate a guy who one of the people who is the founding people. Oh, my God, one of the people is first work is legs at Washington trip in their little person who bought pizza gave that com, which was used as a repository for all sorts of Peter Gay conspiracy theories, eventually denounced it and now uses it as a website to denounce. Can they conspiracy theory that took twenty seconds? Ok
who's in from the past, to updates up said the woman whose who s light yet an owl watcher, her dog Frankie, no pants, he died this year, but she bought a house. Ok for her dear oh, we re men from the cry machine episode. He had been up early. Promotion and see what your departments denying him he's got it out face, It is still not listening to you, no matter what you think, but there information some documents like this year, which show that they were collecting text message phone number information from people who have Android phones and they talking about how creepy it wasn't chose to do it anyway are falling guy. You better through these still orders everything from Amazon, but she heard this horrific report essay delivery, so she does three to five day delivery instead and she says she's still feel bad about it. Ok you're over that of the prophet about mexican actions.
The Pierre either really partied they finally selection overdue gathered. I want very criminals that Indian who ended up and die? I haven't used reflect the reality here. You know you're gonna be ago your guy, I now have a password manager, Alex had set the holding up for me and he is nose. Like might superpower where it and could give everything I bought a bunch of their going after we told people not to buy Bill Clinton. Those created by big when I lost my money. That locally from the episode about how his wife was appearing at ads, is no longer seeing his wife and adds after they said they would take down calibre. Who is going to launch a rocket tomorrow as I instead launch of rocket Mars, this fellow S, collar in cells, are still being really terrible. The Euro zone are a deaf match, Daddy Navy view fear we get to kill it. They're out the alleys wait. What did I do wrong ready, set
go. A council woman from an area called the San Juan cap. Astronomy in her farewell speech, said: God bless America. God bless Q got five sin. One cap astronomy, sweet, you Cyborg, like human aren't, you have better Scruby loophole, taste, a rat for some reason after having like cheerfully apologize for putting that suffer the internet, the roadstead. Now, if you're not in this round, now he has podcast so be so changed its name to the mad optimist. I saw them I would like to time from boy wonder: may that a making a making a my dog living the bite backlog cast up. She donated to buy bag, nonprofit thinking about doing more internet
Forget her aside, witches store on the upper West side that people were donating, their breast milk. To close, I have nothing but you're done well. Ok, so official standing still ask open the high you didn't like Like I got a little there's not going to be a poem with three spots, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I know what I mean There was much where were you to skip the bronze metal yeah there's just like one step, a high step and then, of course, that finance it court, so you're watching them get their metals, P day. I'd be happy to just gets over a pretty good job. Thank you.
And I thought of you. You get the second place like clearly yea. They live their knowledge and hear fee abandon yes, I'm gonna carry you. Are this year's two thousand a teen you're Extravaganza Gold Medalist I'm so happy the underclass video This episode is brought to you by better for it a new podcast from HTTP hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make me
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that basically made us at any website where people sell sex online can get it way more trouble than these two and according to people who supported this law, the reason they wanted to pass? It was because they were trying to stop pimps, like sex traffickers, people who are using the internet to force people to South Ex against their well like their big target, like the website that they particularly hated was this website called back? page, which is basically just like the Iraq. Encounters on Craigslist but turn into its own website read but like at the time we talked to a bunch of sex workers and peoples sex work and what they were saying is like this law is, gonna have really unintended consequences. Lake, all these people who have been using the internet to sell sex an actually protect themselves? A lot of us? You are just before us back onto the streets in there How absurd I Tarsus economist him Skype Cunningham, who told me about it. Do you think people organ die because of this law yap. I do actually. If they end up having to go back to the streets.
They end up having to work with clients that they were not able to check out before or screen in any way they you're gonna die. There's gonna, be violence, commit their Jimmy violence committed against them, they'll be no more black lists. We know more white lists, they'll be no references, It's even clear how the Mont, what the new markets gonna look like, but I can't imagine that any of the safety infrastructure is gonna, be there. So in eight months untreated that story- and I just want to see what had actually happened so I call this person in pig long. She worked the sex workers in San Francisco. I and the deputy director of Saint James Infirmary, where the and only in the nation that I'm aware of pure based occupy health and safety clinic for sex workers and their partners, so pigs had just on any. Had level in Cisco as soon as the law passed. They saw it like. They saw more than you they worked wrath were more trouble. I needed more help and she was
said the other thing that sex workers and secular advocates had predicted, which was that the law would actually empower sex traffickers. She said that they saw that almost immediately to So, for example, somebody who may be actually had gotten out of an abusive third part situations started out having a pimp. Or even if it wasn't a, but they didn't want apparent, taking a big cut of their money once they able to get online and get their own business off the ground. They were working for themselves in keeping all of it. Winds faster and faster happen. A lot of points I'm back out of the woodwork and we're like hey. You need me now. How are you going to find clients. How you gonna screen these clients he's going to protect Europe's suddenly these folks needed protection again when they had been doing just fine on their own. Previously, I guess we knew that this was gonna. The thing that, like rippled Annalisa from raise issues like interesting hearing always and actually did yeah on hunting, I can tell you I was because I was now
working with all these international activists and what I learned was what went back page closed. You know. Guess I kind of how does naive like old, well workers in the? U S are screwed, but no back put it was the nun when advertising venue for the entire world there was like a hundred and twenty countries where back page was the e number one plan It was massive so what we heard from a lot of people everywhere from like Malaysia, Australia to Africa, like South Africa, especially was their Uganda. Was there like this? same thing that we saw happening in the United States has happened, ripple effect like worldwide this the day backed his went down. Literally, I would say: probably millions of people's lives were dead. Many instantaneously like their ability to earn a really the other places, rippled outlets or, as a prize me, was that since fast assess the past, all the big platforms like Facebook
been posting on Fourchan and a chance for the past year, and their posts are super cryptic, but basically what they say is that a lot of very prominent politicians like the Obama, the Clinton's, are engaging in all of this in priceless as their personal sectioned I'd tumblr. Just a few weeks ago. They said they were based to a ban basically all adult content on their website, which, with Tom It is for like how light will be after the entire website. Next up episode, one twenty two vicuna code. So we have a segment on our so called yet has now in which are boss. Alex Bloomberg comes to us with things from the internet. He doesn't understand and we try. Explain them to him damn had some wild ones this year, so we brought outs Bloomberg
back into the studio, Alex hello, hello. We brought you here because there have been a variety of developments. From the yes, yes knows that we have not yet as those which became understandable than more things happen, and while you might think that you're, yes, I got no that dinner Return to central state of confusion got it. Do you remember queuing on Alex Bloomberg? I do remember Q and on he went on it is a person or persons and who have been posting on Fourchan and a chance for the past year and their posts are super cryptic, but Basically, what they say is that a lot of very poor, politicians like the Obama's Clinton's, are indeed doing it all of this. Insanely, corrupt behaviour and Donald is leading a clandestine campaign. Them all arrested right, so I spoke to will summer from the daily beasts who has done a lot of reporting about Q and on far a conspiracy theories,
and I just asked him like what has cuban posting and how have his followers been interpreted? It has anything that can predicted come true. Well, so a lot of his cue predictions are so incredibly vague and so they'll say you know like something bigs gonna happen next week and then you know mother will indeed someone or something will happen, and jewels agency, I told you, I mean the latest one I was saying was: he was pretty in a big red wave? in the mid terms and that didn't materialise, but then There was an earthquake in Alaska, and now the people are saying well, that was the wave he was talking about website. Sorry, you can predict earthquakes, Well, you know. So if you get a little into it, you know there's a lot of accusations that the deep state controls the weather and can cause earthquakes and stuff like that, and then we'll told me about this other thing that some coonan folks believe which adds an entire new dimension to this, which is really surprising, This summer, Q stop posting for awhile
and no one could figure out where he was or they were, whoever imposts. His cue people are worried that they'd been rendition renditions busted by the deep state whatever and in their place, someone popped up. And started posting similarly cryptic things. Let me read the first posed by the person. It says in nineteen o nine. We lost everything my father caught on first to the builder Bert Then he caught on the NASA he'd been Massa its, I think, as a typo, he demanded know who the graze wherein why they were here? I assume that means aliens. They killed him. I stood He declared the stage my own death, allied with the one person in this world who mine was honourable enough to trust and we begin building. The plan could quote, it is signed. Are the letter after Q good work ice? The photo attached to this is a photo of Donald Trump.
John F, Kennedy Junior, so their Saint John F K, Junior faked his own death because of the aliens Jonathan, any junior faked his own death, in the reason that he did. That is because He was going to get whacked by the deep state so that They could make way for Hillary Clinton, political aspirations and, is now during these messages online under the pseudonym are, that is a good twist yeah. I would never have thought that leg, the hero of the queue q and a conspiracy. Revolutionary band is John F Kennedy. Junior who still live didn't he died. He had a playground, Jenna Plein, currently ravish show people start in Q, iconography everywhere related to the candidates, for example, take a look at this. Overhead view of the eternal flame, the great site of J F K. I can already. I join these doing its inner circle, it it's a flame. So it's a cue.
The road is shaped into circle that a road leads into. It doesn't even look like a cue thou. It looks like, It looks like music note noted spent tell them that this Well then reply, I guess, can we Chad has sale. So I wouldn't need a little bit more proof, so you can find real things. Are they do look like Hughes they're, not even trying, so the other thing that have and related to Jeff Kay the other thing that happened related to J, F K, people start posting pictures from Trump rallies and saying take a look at the sky This guy has been showing up its trump rallies. No one can you your life you're gonna high by going to trump rallies this person this year Kay Junior person, Vincent fiasco. Fiscal! Here's a picture of him. We
this guy, that's brother, those are the same guy. No one has ever looked less happy Did you got long hair and has gradually reared? If you think that that doesn't look like him just wait until you see this picture of Vincent Friskers face superimposed over Jeff case face cod people. Never look less than Donald Trump looks more kid. You haven't seen so suddenly, a bunch of people in the queue conspiracy, Galaxy stir talking about him nonstop like making Youtube videos? The t, like is Vincent Frisco, actually JFK Junior. Here we need to wake up. That's That's not Vincent UNESCO or fiscal. That's JFK Junior! mind you it's been nineteen years since we last saw him, but also that's not underestimate the hair, the hat, the glasses, the beard, everything you make a posse,
It may be possible facial recognition who knows, and Vincent FIFA has been directly ass, like hey, are you actually JFK Junior and he hasn't either confirmed or denied it, but he Take pictures with Cuba Leavers all the time and this kind of become like this fringe hero, that's wild so Oh, I was like why went again touch of Vincent fiscal. Ok, I found it and with his name living in Pittsburgh, which is supposedly where he lives on linked in and I sent a linked in message. Said: hey I've been reading about this conspiracy theory and he got back to me. Hold me. I was in an interview, so I could pick up, but I'm pretty show that I got the wrong guy, because this is the voice. My leg
This is a person you linked in masses about theory about the occasion. Theory Yoda theory is a theory, means something that might be true. You actually said theory when it came to this bullshit fucking ridiculous story. Mean I can't believe you're wasting your time to email me, this shit, so I'll, give you this interview here with a voice mouth, a gay, any blockhead. They think that this is a fucking. True should be proper. English walked up so that people like me, who are intelligent severely intelligent, can live in a better society. Yeah, he said theory a gay and every piss me off. That's your fuckin interview whenever patent contact me again with some bullshit like it.
Next episode. Number one. Twenty six hours Jones Drama get it ok. We have another business here now revile preacher Anatoly Higgins, high Hannah If you remember, I came in to tell you about some drama that was going on in the pity you two community. Oh, I remember the air to community Youtube. You too, so I have us a small update you a you remember. I talked about this technique called a cut, crease yeah, there's a fantasy. Doing your eyes and yeah Uriens. I because you're, just literally explaining, like white the sum of why you loved view tube and it was like just like tutorials, I love you too costly drowned. I mean I want It honours Orioles, uncut creases because, like most time, I can look at a luck or lake someone's face and kind of problem.
My own, but lake, a Country'S- I didn't where to start. So I had to watch a lotta tutorials. There are so many on there. Guys. So today I created the super glam cut. Crease Omri make up look so first thing. I'm doing, of course, is priming my eyes I wanna be isn't that was taken into the trees that I'm just put in that all over making short pigment it I'll write. You guys. This is the finnish love. I hope you got into this fund. Jello cut Greece. I would talk lashes, bottom lashes speech or so after watching literally hours of these tutorials. I am happy to report that I learned how to do it Greece can gradually asset that. Thank you there's something like this distinctly rewarding about learning, something off the internet and then actually being able to do it very guy. Can I see a picture her? Those really good thank you losing. I was pursuing
subtle, like I don't know how to use it. Yeah it's his liquor. It like a dark line right where the fold of your eye and then and then it's a sort of like, gets the grid. Later out from their like us sunrise, I will congratulations on learning. Thenardier was difficult. Thank you. Thinking now. That's it would be very cool if we could all leave twenty eighteen being able to do a country's sir. I beg your. Do you want us to do countries? Are you guys up to the challenge? I thank Amerika grace yeah, ok, a shot, so I would like to give you all the weekend to write us to progress with your supplies. Watch the watch, the video I'm going judge. Yes, I think that we should all meet back here Monday morning,
and everybody can come in their countries. I see, as Monday seem some forty two a m: I'm gonna cut Creasy. My eyes yeah. See ok I feel so stressed. I'm taking the little brush guy and putting it in the thing that looks like a paint palette, which is the troll shadow powers. Billingsley fatal
when they try to cover graffiti uglier statutory yeah. I ever do it. Is hard really heard, the consumer. Nor do I wish to put a stop to this. I said Why Ok, I think that everything breathing.
Good morning Anna we are here both Peter and I are wearing sunglasses to obscure our makeup. Alex Bloomberg. Has his hat pulled down over his face? and we are ready to do our big reveal. How did it go so so high? hard really highways solely at its hard. It's like painting a painting on your face. I know aid Algarve urinary guy, then turn should ever amateur Mcgrath yeah Who are you Are you really so Alex Winberg kind of need
the winged. I why you, son I'll be out. On that point, I tried only three times there is not happening and then, like you, can close your eyes really quick. You kind of you got the conceit. Her leg, you really, you put it in the right place in cutting your crease event, a little bit of glitter on the lid and a little bit of definition in the crease hooker a looks. You know it looks pretty good, There was a study that it looks that I think it looks dead insane. But thank you. I want to say something before I take my glasses, which is that, like? I was really hoping to get the cool black line rate above my eye, and I had the like pencil that you're supposed to draw on with I like the idea of having a wing, though I want a wing. I will. Give it the I ways,
say I don't have a glasses on things what what what So I just and I d smear it on. I think that like actually went ended up having, as I just gotta understand it just kind of looks like kind of understated here that is kind of This data is its very subtle: really tried. I did this for a half an hour guys I was cake and stuff on there. You just see it like a subtle dark line, extend towards the Lake did your eyebrow Goldman, you look very subtle, it also kind of looks like you were mascara and a little bit of eyeliner and the need jumps in a pool. Ah you just
you got that you had make upon and then he went and how to re it had its first flash around. This is what I will say. I feel go where mascara every day that shit's easy to put on it. It makes me look or it makes my eyes pop. I would say Bloomberg is on the you like more dramatic, serving our work like Cleopatra night side of things which I think this idea had it, and so I think that's the record for the vigour. Hey, I didn't do a good job. I just gotta get going wrong and I kept up, can you close your eyes and look at me? Ok, so you ve guy, you ve got. I think you have them was glitter out of everyone, that's a good system of relative use. Eyeliner yeah and then I, which often put it back on you put it back on do the line. So don't you
Thank you guys. Yet, I am afraid, is only third place. First, ok, so I think John based on the assignment, which was a cut crease. I, with Lake over, like a dark shadow and then alight shadow? I think third places gonna have to go to you Alex Goldman, just because subtlety lake and our innovate self of itself, but a subtle. I wasn't trying to be son of the point broke off my pencil. I don't let loose Are you ok, I think if we're like, if were keeping with that criteria flake water, that no amendment of the Kite creed gotta have a lie that we have had to rely on. It has a clear, or can I see the point Bruegel reproach? You could say that we allow you had all the tools you just a bad job, I'm not gonna, lose or lament. This unhappy derives over metal. It's great, your masquers, burying its thank you and, firstly,.
The bureau, has it feel it feels it is ticket if you would like to see pictures of our beautiful make contact work. Employment are newsletter which is quickly he can subscribe to it at reptile that them out was over among our instrument, Episode. Eighty two hello veto back in tracing scene. We we decided to take phone calls for more research,
eight hours and one of the calls we got is towards the end is from this woman who she's really from India, which is living in Basle. Switzerland, there. Isn t call whiskers, you just had our first kiss, so I'm I'm twenty four and against a guy for the first time, like one two ago, me be congratulations, that's really exciting. I then it it's not like you did not like it. So now I'm wondering if for I like how do I know, I'm afraid I don't know that so that they never have talk to my dad, especially in optimal stones, about this. He has. He he hears way homophobic, so things are stream that home right now, because I feel it
cannot be honest about my stuff. You talk for a long time without really solving anything like TAT was her best friend, she'll want to. I too am, and just just one of the space, even like figure out if she bisexual. I was just very hard to solve that was two years ago. Hello how's it going good. I did not expect to talk to you guys travel well here we are yes, nice, to hear your voice. So it's been two years since we try ass. He had so. What happened since then a lot has happened since then. I give up things a lot of and I decided in maybe I cannot
the Eu Shade the way, but I can try creating more men and seeing how I like that, and some of them went okay and peace. I found out at least that it was just one day. A book is ignored. All have to be like that. That's a relief vicar. They find out he S. Should now that you ve just more people was your first kiss. The worst guess that you ve had. It is one of the less good ones and they were worse than that. One. And it was one of the less good ones. I think it's I, like men like to dominate kisses periods. Do everything works like all my guide, your whole talked about for some reason, you say
the mouth, and, let me just small, gave you didn't you ve had so little experience there, I could not say no to this and I thought maybe this is just how people did it again felt nor you can be more gentle about an about them, I mean, feel reasonably confident that I am by. But I am also reason- Billy confident that I've never act on that side of me rule yeah, because I gave a lot of talk to what you said. And I agree my relationship, my but my dad will never be that closed again, but I know it's.
Because I have like come to realize. I think I dont know over the two last do yours. I started to realize, like your ban, some people do and the like the mistakes to the end. Not everything has to match what do you think the soul and ass, I couldn't. I didn't, have the courage to talk to my dad about this directly, but I did talk to my sister about this and how did you take it? How did she react he did not react very well to the answer here. Can a battery action in the sense that it was more like? Ok, fine, even if you while bisexual. What do you do about it? cannot act on this because in other in our community,
Do people don't do this? Is her voice were basically like and just because you ve read about it? You know that you have more options and that's why you think like this, as if a so the from my own generation has reactions like this. What can I expect room older generations read about noise if that's fair, Those older generations can do progressive too, but I don't know it just I was very disappointed for a month or two because I felt like She should have understood that here and there He did not like ok, so the chances of convincing everyone about. This are very close to zero. I understand what you're saying do you feel at peace with the idea of this, like that? That this sort of- described in and like you
and it is important to you- and this is a sacrifice you willing to make. You feel ok about it now? Yes, yes, it's! Kay here, I know not what I'm sacrificing but more than getting to keep and return. So I gave it to you, and maybe Things are changed over time if you like. Sometimes I've like made peace with staff and then later been like that. Actually I'm good at it lay why, I'm somebody work. I have like a relation with my parents where there's lots of things they don't want me did like my mom, worries lot. This isn't the same scale of importance as your stuff, but she was like. It is very important to her that I never get a motorcycle just like a worry too much about wine, as required on upset my mom or of some Irish with my mom and then after a couple of decades of being, I was like a weight. I did you not tell me.
Whitworth our great and the other thing that was crazy about it was like sheep, visit me and she was like every time comes to visit. She starts messing with my apartment. Messing with she starts cleaning it and making it nicer. Until she was doing that, and he came out of like my closet, holding a motorcycle helmet prodigious, come out wishy she like fuming, she was the. She was surprised and curious, and I think I could be miss ruminants by think that I started to make up a story and then I was like, oh that, if the more cycle helmet for the motorcycle. I have they don't tell you about because you would freak out about it and how did she ideal? She wasn't not as bad as I thought, like. I think there's something about not that it always happens like this ah, but it was easier to be like I'm doing it. And I ve been doing it for a couple years and you now than it would have been. If
It is easier to get free in this than permission, inactive, I'm nothing. It's the same thing, but not me my strategy, maybe maybe I still need to do a bit more growing up, and by that I mean have you heard the aid can be like. I dont need permission and reduce their near the does. The sunlight fills a girl ass. If your things, I really you don't feel as much pain- is worsening before oh yeah, oh yeah, it's I dont know how to explain that. I just feel more said the end like. Does it help do you have in your professional? Life is also in flux than it starts to infect, everything yeah yeah yeah, and I was like at that point right there, then that this was. Also happening, but that is just finishing up my masters. It s like. I don't know what to do and everything thieves and read, and then I started my beard
and it's like notices Volk, I really enjoy, and I like doing it and I'm good at it, so The side of me is very happy, saw it in fact the rest and I'm like. Maybe it's ok. If I find my if I d my own time, you know finding the right person, it's fine totally right. You her talking to so much for talking, no talking to you for taking the time out to talk, we check in again and like a year, a fool us, hello, hello, H M, hey guys as a gun on great I'm TIM at him. Timmy early to introduce yourself to us. You added to show where I think
Maybe I guess what I am suggesting is that not everybody is listening. Has any idea who I am now everybody understands. There's a wizard of OZ lay behind the curtain pulling strings likeable marionette. High up up up up up up up so ugly anyway, I honor to actually have the honour to co entered. With you guys the last segment of our year end extravaganza and also, I feel like it dumb. No for personal reasons. It really speaks me this year, much more them I would have possibly ever imagined TIM jar like listener benefit, you wanna say we're not currently the same room. You wanna stay where you are right, so I mean I'm in Berlin. I got here first ten months ago, where I am is, is kind of
kind of funny. I never would have expected end up in this particular route. I work in a cork space in this old is called an opt out, which is like the german word for like old construction. So I show up at this base every day as Everybody else is getting ready to go home because Working on you know, New York, our your time, literally nobody here Then I go over to the back of the room where there is door with his giant metal bar across it and then I opened the door and it goes into this lake abandoned stairwell. A freeze, being abandoned stairwell and then right.
On the right, there's a little door that goes into what was once a water closet court toilet. It's like something I've you're, but when oh you're home yeah, but it's really. I actually really love it's really. I don't know Like tiny little secluded spaces had actually I get the moment I have to lake, I take a blanket, rapid around my lower half, because so fucking cold like open this door here. Well, it's totally dark low, dramatic there's just it just echoes down many floors yet anyway, and then I come here and then I like turn on my computer and I actually really enjoy this thinking about the idea that lake Here in this dark and cold little space, it feels like a little perch and that, like these, I like to think about,
the cables they are travelling like thousands of miles at the bottom of the ocean and how there is like billions of little sea creatures like running over these cables for us to connect to each other, and then you know make our stories. I don't know it's true. But it is true there, a gigantic undersea cables and they go right past giant monster that makes the big blue, the big blue. You know about the big loop now there are these What do people to the ocean oceanographer sure so they started hearing this thing from my cup of the ocean. That is way too deep, two way too deep to explore They started hearing the sound on using like whatever sufficient the techniques they used to collect sound from the ocean floor and they were like think it's an animal. We ve never heard anything like it.
It's insane lily leg it since it sounds like it's coming from something insanely big, how the big blue, because the site itself is a big blue yeah. It is Do you believe I heard like a rumbling? yeah. It sounds like three on a fish tank make sometimes that's wouldn't look so actually decided that this is probably not the sound of an undersea creature, but actually like ice sheet in way under the ocean, but I prefer to believe that it is a giant terrifying, see, creature, man, any
yeah, I'm in starting at all romantic about the then. No actually, I believe both of those things that both like the place for you work from in the place where the big blue emanates from our direct perfectly appropriate TED and obtain him right exactly so. That's like that less segment of the extravagance so recover. Ago, we put out The listeners are saying, lay K, send us your recordings, I'm your most like remote, unexpected be lonely places, or maybe it's actually just like a really kind of a personal place where you are and p bull sent us an insane number of recordings. Some of them are just stories then some of them are actual just sounds with no explanation, but that are in their own right, really, really just satisfying. So that's what I'm gonna play for. You guys go thanks: tempo horror, it
Here are and procedure, this is Chris Prairie from the middle of the cactus Eagle, alter Our foreign travel race deepen the heart of the Texas Hell country currently em. Of a ridge. The middle of this really rugged and beautiful terrain. About one thirty in the morning, there's very bright shining moon stars around not a cloud in the sky, but you gotta listen to what I am hearing here, all the bugs and to make a noise and hear my footsteps pretty much but I've been hearing last eighteen hours of sir
I am speaking to you from the epicenter of opium addiction amidst Central Ohio its. Dreary outside my day off, and I know that by two or three o clock I'll start having brains apps and tomorrow morning, my legs would become weak and tired, as I'm going up and down the stairs and I'll just
he'll exhausted and anointed everything like my bones are hungry and I just got married, and I have no idea how to talk to my wife about this, because it's so embarrassing and disappointing and lonely. That's where I met House feels really dangerous, I'm gonna footbridge my dog and were crossing the footbridge in here. Kind of scared right now, because its wooden and it feels it gets going to fall anyway. You ll be able to hear the roosters they get a ban, and here I can see like five of them by a river creek.
Hi guys, the Singapore Botanic Garden next to the lake or the winds, blowing
the bottom I'm calling from the bedroom of my apartment in Sacramento I am
here's, the girl was diagnosed with five, my algebra and It has some pretty much kept me confined to my room for the majority of the time and it can be extremely isolating, which is why I and two pod casts you feel a little bit less alone. So am I sitting on my bed with my two cats. And this is precisely the same of my bedroom. That's what I hear for most of the time so I'm sitting in a glass booth anymore.
The parking Lot state fair grounds in Minnesota, Saint Paul, but nobody has shown up for this event, and I've been sitting here for two hours, heat or start working in my boots. They still my coat on my nose so called. And leaves my booth I wonder if anyone will hear this classic some pages that place you're talking about We fought now physically a place called the muslim trial. For here
a wooden bridge faded planks. He mother here the birds. Some remoteness, try, a sort of the suburbs and leaning on the wooden I'm looking over the creek but the play some in his cause. I've just been running up and running every morning because I'm way up with this emptiness This loneliness this loss in my stomach, because three weeks ago. Now Some was downstairs is fifteen years, fifteen and stares pint fortnight, probably came upstairs and was a Saturday morning, and he said I'm feeling a bit dizzy. We looked into his eyes and his eyes were going all over the place and he says
to feel nominee was losing his balance and he sat on the catch and I held him more. My wife called the ambulance and we spent two weeks in, intensive care unit at the road children's hospital moment, and he, unconscious. Non life support. The two weeks of testing and everything like that. They identified that he's it wasn't really life support the tree, that would giving him was really just prolonging his death. Sunday that was removed. Am I, fifteen year old son died on the fourth of November, This is a very lonely place. It's a very difficult place
I've been referring to it as as the side down. My son call you loved loves. Two things, and this is It is exactly feels like that. It's the world, it's the same world, it's just remarkably different and it's remarkably Daca and it's a bit scary cuz. I don't know what happens next.
you say it feels little feet be talking, and his wife I'm pretty much on top of the world right now I can see mountains MILES and miles not at the end of the world, the actual gonna make it up. Those hills were pretty damn close. I am currently in Bali Mountains National Park, Ethiopia still for a little, searching for ethiopian Wolf, is an endangered species The reason feel an isolated,
currently riding a bicycle from Cairo, Egypt to Cape town. South Africa Before I left, I met a girl. I want to fall in love with him. Back in Canada that when I'm walking through the wilderness now work in order to for either of us, but hopefully she's a patient one hey guys, Maxim, guard duty right now, base in the middle of the desert in Israel. I serve the idea right now, around me, is a bunch of does mountains and a fence with barbed wire. Many boring here, but I find ways At the same, we listening to pod costs. Glacier be listening to the sound of a tv.
To make sure nobody's try to sneak into steel things it two thirty, M ends: South Africa and him speaking kinder Thirdly, because I don't want to wake up make of to sleeping next to me, I started testosterone six months ago and equally everything apart. It has been kit accept that It just takes me, last longer to fall asleep so before he got it.
Basically I fall asleep. First in carrying and now kind of gently they lie awake with my for a while- and I don't like those thoughts- I don't like it, and a feeling so learn and there's someone I next to me because when you wake up
thank you to everybody, says, recording rashly still taking him, so he finds out their places. Accordingly, you can email them to us at reply. I can let me a dot com subject, line on obtaining them. Thanks, rang out with us this year was he in twenty nineteen
Alex Anti J, I'm on a train in the south in India, Whiskers Chennai, nine, nine twenty
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