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#134 The Year of the Wallop


New Year! Alex Goldman’s audacious plan to get punched in the face, plus special guest Jason Mantzoukas returns for a very Azkaban Yes Yes No.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen on sport. FI or wherever you get your podcast from gimlet reply. All Mps able and I'm out of here before We saw the show gee I wanted I have no idea first of all to new year. Ok, welcome! Thank you. You made it do you remember your nears resolution was last year. I don't. Where did I say something on the radio not that I have a car like. I know, you're, not holding me to some crazy stand. You are never any them AMS again. Now I don't remember one of us. I had a lot of evidence is here: do you have an ears resolution that
I'm not like our resolution guy, but at the same time I feel like that's a cop out because every year and like ok isn't a resolution. I'm just gonna do this independent of new year's, because I don't want any pressure to be put on myself. So I first spur step. I Ireland, a home before making any Jane. No, I just don't want to be led in with expectation that, like I'm going to transform as a human being, you want it to be buoyant with anticipation that you won't sir, what God, sir. Oh, I get it yeah I joined a boxing Jim because I want to start boxer. And why? How come just one it does one in a situation where this goes on messed up wholesale. Sarah, my wife, I apologize for saying this in advance because it is probably too frequently here. Ok, I really want to know what it feels like to get an actor.
But you will be fully like night like in the movies I wanna be cared You know like if you ever seen those crazy videos of ST fights, we're like one guy staffing to another guy in the other guy, just just like caught them, just clacks him, and then he immediately turns into a statue and just fall straight over what kind of raising bodily like. Why is your body doing that? I want to know. I think it's possible. The game in the face? Any being I got is not going to answer the question of what happened to your body when you knocked out, because if you like, what's gonna happen, is you're gonna feel panic and pain and then nothing and then you'll, just these parents of? Was it like to wake up really disoriented and in pain I mean to be fair. I also want to get into better shape. The classes are brutal man how much, how much of this call made how much do this is Colin B. How much do I want to get well after taxes? How much do I want to get in shape?
say sixty forty getting in shape. To be honest! Ok, that's better! Do you have any use resolution I've been trying to find one I've been trying to anyone. I think I have one ok limit, my feuds, that's what are you like a field looking for Mccoy Wit, I haven't had filled trying not electronically, what kind of feuds you have. I think a lot of small feuds- and I beg fewer, but I'm percent many small feuds without without disclosing the names of the people. You are feuding with out on you. I don't care. Are eight women tell me? What am I neighbours about what I didn't say hello to him for a while cause? I just didn't want to like. I just didn't, feel like whatever and he's a kind drunk sometimes and he started getting.
Really aggressive about me saying hello said I didn't want to say hello even more like I believe I have, as I owe you say, hello to me, is it called nodded. I dont say hello out of this situation, but then I said, although to him, and now we're having totally nice conversations as if, like the super aggressive, they never happened or discriminate me all the time. Re waited diffuse a feud, but then I've got another feud with this guy who has lake, I think, he's a guess: state assemblyman wherever, but he parks illegally outside the coffee shop. All the time We're fine area safe and I glanced at him. I do know is a state assembly because he's got like a special license plate. I think I'll dashboard, I'm like. Why are you advertising you're being a jerk so hurrying to defuse the amount of using have you? I won't have you and
if they dont hoisting eyes of NGO nicer says, is that delivery guy for the Chinese who place has its thing? Where we're in this battle of I am. I promptly come to the door when the door Bell rings or my cell phone rings and he's got this thing where he started. Trying to call me lake he's like a couple blocks away. Yes,
I'm standing outside like in a robe fees, very cold, freely, your dad off yet and then, and then he gets there and he's like trying to make me come down to the car, and I noticed not like super sympathetic fraternity like this service. It is three percent did not do he couldn't have job but dude. I use Hitler food wagons. There's some messing with me yeah, I don't know. If I'm letting go of any of these feuds, I think the thing I wanna do is be more efficient in my feuds and figure out who I'm feuding with and not viewed with anybody else. I think that's a noble goal, but I feel, like I was talking to my dad this weekend in some how you came really here and I was like I'd hate to be on PJ's bedside because he's like a cunning person who never let anything. Ah he's like a person who I feel like you have, I feel, like you, have the cork board, with the red with the red tape.
In connecting stuff machinations for, like everyone whose ever Rongji like you are definitely indexing. I don't doubt you haven't enemies list. Oh, you know you have em is us considering, as if you haven't enemies list and somebody else give us a vice Billig. The recent haven't enemies, lest it tells you who did not care about like an enemy list. Isn't so get super along get enemies less you keep it short and then, when some doesn't about Europe, are there may amuse us now I dont care. This is the most in saying they were heard. There's a person, my enemies who's been there since second grade. He brought me up. I ran away crying into what I thought was the men's room. It wasn't. It was a ladies room and then he stood outside ladies room yelling and making me until I came. I lays room also crying and then I got taller than him. Let me tell you a story: TAT Boat, about enemies, holding grudges, feuds, aha used to have a roommate. Its name is Jimmy.
Buddha. He actually was born Jamie Green. His parents were together, but we're not married Vienna's moms name every material. This or if, yes, then they got it. If you like, a Bible story, reacted, save reverends begat from so he was born. Jamie green pairs got married, Jason ingenious Buddha Begat. He is like nineteen sitting at a Dennys with some friends three in the morning. The sky walks often goes here. You Jamie Green. He says yeah I used to be. The guy pulls his arm back and punches him as hard as he can in the face. All I'm no discussion while apt and genius who are you? What are you doing and the guys like you pushed me off the swings in the third grade. Ass any walked away. Yes, is that you Peter Kind of origin, I feel, like I've, tried myself admiral
It's ok, you get wallet obvious continue to be the same person for one more year sounds great, ok! Coming up. I know we have a special yesterday is now let's go. The other way for this episode is broad. You buy better for it, a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes better, for it looks at how stakes have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars. I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck, took some flyers business cards and Later I had a business and in aid our role breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place that you wanted to try the word
Do you want to be able to tell your friends about you, wanna, be able to feel like you're, making a difference, you'll hear how they work their way through their mistakes and came out better for it. The non Spotify or wherever you get your pockets. Welcome once again to you just note the signal on the show, where normally our boss, Alex Bloomberg, comes to us with stuff from the internet. He doesn't understand. We try to explain it to him, but this week we have a big Hollywood starch, men's. Yeah! That's right, yeah! I guess bloomers too much of a coward twenty nineteen to come on the yes, yes knows, so I get the call I'm here I'm ready to rock gentlemen? Incredibly professional of you, I wish we could expect the same from our bad guys. Here in Hollywood, California Mere step away from the walk of fishing grounds? Chinese theatre?
the Hollywood sign. It is resplendent. I don't feel much more glamorous has now, and I know already it does right I imagine the entertainment tonight theme I mean a tuxedo Alex's wearing one of his duties as wave yours data. Actually wearing a honey Jesse. Now, Jason, there's literally an eye a heart New York such are the like a tourist where or like a kidnapper who is changing a bloody clothes and who need something to wear butts. Abstained, yes kidnapped, whereas there are staying. Next to the hard I ate, a dose of relaunch like we ate do so for lunch in Europe's in your white sweatshirt, it's a black sweatshirt, so you ve got your say. Our guy, aided dose of relent, is not like, therefore, to anything that does not get spot check without a spoon
not for a dose like a dose is very, should be very easily Eden without like without you could here's the thing you have. What, Levin children blame it on one of them just be like you know it's hard when you ve got four Jeanne, kids runnin around I mean I do that, but that doesn't hold water for Pga he's just like he's here. He thinks that the very fact that my close have state all over them means that I should probably change them up and I don't like I've got you any kids to change my clothes. Here's the deal both of you are right he's right. You should change your thoughts. The aimed clothes when you're at work especially be possible. It's possible that at some point one of those Danes is like your children shit. Yes, it very path of like how likely is it turn on your sleeve and your coming to work like doo, Doo, doo doo. All I think it the dose and I had a dose of our line,
those that lie very moment. Twenty percent chance. You guys are, You can literally a disaster that is currently going through it. It show is like a falling apart. You're lucky, I'm here I now they need showed together right. Third official host of reply, all Jason Man's Yucas here with a yes, yes, no coming from Twitter, that's right! I'm running the goddamn segment. Now we also gave you access to Alex's twitter account because you normally use twitter. I guess I'm not on social media still not on social media, ok, so what have you got for us today? Ok, here we go from twitter dot com
it is a tweet from the person is Twitter, handle twitter name, I'm not sure how you what it is is hold on. I've lost the piece of paper the thing up up up at such an attack. I had yap ok, so this this comes to us from Twitter. These this this to twitter name is please at me for access to my powerful brain and then it is at Chris Caesar. And the sea and the sea are both capitalized and then the tweet is ha comma didn't realize, Chuck, see Johnson went to Ugh warts just goes to show you there's a little magic in all of Us
right. So why Pga vote? Do you understand a street? Mostly I care Jason to cast you understand this treat them as someone who do didn't go to Hogwarts, I went Bobo, Tom, the all female magic school is out of place. Yes really! Yes, yes, I mean, I didn't, go to Durham string, guys not all night dark magic, we're tightened like a real hot, we're talking to like a Harry Potter, efficiency I've literally can't tell if these are like very good, fake Harry Potter, MRS I know these are real Harry Potter specifics. What you guys don't know is that I am an enormous Harry Potter, fan Emily and end you're wondering that doesn't make any sense, because you are a forty six year old child was man is in
I'm here to say it is uncomfortable how much I know about Harry Potter. How did you get into it? I got into it. I would do every year I would come up pilot season, in LOS Angeles, too. I lived in New York and come to LOS Angeles for additions when it's like the busy season of the year for tv shows and on those drives. I started listening to audio books and I started listen to the Harry Potter books. Go there like twenty six hours, long so perfect. When then, In years subsequent I found them so comforting. That I will repeatedly now real. I just have re listened to entire series of audio books. Again, oh wow, you are committed very into it in a way that is, I find so satisfying in my life, but also so hoofs hose sad and we? I will frequently find myself in its super in depth.
Technical conversations about Harry Potter, lore with my friends, children like what kind of what kind of endeavour conversation. Oh it like a usually starts with. They don't think I know much about Harry Potter. Then we get into a debate about Harry Potter, then it becomes trivia contest and then comes, I shame them and then we get them all cause. I will decimate kids on had just don't fuck with me and then and then we bond over it and then it just becomes like the thing I want to talk about with them, the most because they get excited about it. I M excited about it. Then I abduct those children live happily ever after in a Subaru back with plates from Europe Well, I'm very excited about this particular. Yes, yes, no, then, because it deals directly with Harry Potter, lore, great girl. It's good
get into him. Ok, we'll say dive outgoing dear dear Dunedin street. Yes, I understand, struck Haiti shrank better. You are too thank you. Ok, so we weren't yes Harry Potter, yes, but maybe not the rest of the tweet yeah. Yes, because I don't know chuck see Johnson is, and I don't know it could be like. Could be like the Harry Potter fan character. Ok, so here's some two, so so I'm seeing so he tweets this January. Fourth, somebody tweets in back. I thought he went to troll warts. Okay, so that makes me think Chuck see. Johnson is a troll. Then the guy goes. He went the school? Where you put me on the floor? let me ask you now, I'm gonna, ask you guys this. Do you know what this person is referring to do
Yes, we refers to yes, yes, okay, so one part of this tweet definitely has to do with Harry Potter, but with even this tweet is an entire separate, wholly unrelated drama that I will get to. But let's start with Harry Potter, part. First, so being a huge Harry Potter fan Jason, you probably know that J K rolling is kind of notorious for, like once, all the books came out basically saying things after the fact about carriers that were never reveal the bucks yes every year. She apologises for certain characters, deaths she read, on certain characters, story, lines or adds adds further information to a lot of a lot of the characters that you might know and love right. So do you follow that stuff, because internet, but its Harry Potter, silly which p j yeah
Yes be J. I was in my thirty's when these books started coming out. Yes, I was an adult: do you have a water, more login killing. Where are you about your future to find out what my patrone is. Is I'm not telling you have to be in my presence when I think of it, happy and scream expect up and asked and then immediately burst into tears, because it reminds me of the scene in the books which Harry rescues, Z, as from the demand door. That guy. I thought why Father, but it was a mistake. This is really overwhelming for me, because I've never read any of them really needed we're, not friends anymore. You ve, never read them No they're really go into the audio books, listen to the audio books, hurried out of taking a hundred and fifty hours. Only so I know the proposal
I know is. I know that a few weeks ago, J hearing did like a weird update to have our mythology, so wasn't on J K rulings. Twitter is actually on the potter more twitter, and I no that was at the time but like when I found out after reading people. Retreating in commenting on it is that, furthermore, is like the online universe of Harry Potter, stuff, like it's like a website in its guidelines. Jake rolling rights on it and does like you there's like extended lore about the series on their right. So on January forth, the potter more twitter account tweeted, the following information: Jason Hogwarts didn't always have bathrooms before adopt
muddle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, which is an wizards, simply relieved themselves, wherever they stood and vanished the evidence. Hashtag national, trivia, day gap this this has been something that's been discussed in the past. That I think, is patently ludicrous and if it gets at a thing where people really start to pick a part, the this world. Looking for like oh yeah, why? If magic exists, why do they have muddle plumbing like? Why would they need that must end there? This is the It's so upset him to me that that the magical world, the wizard in world rather has either shitting on the floor as an option or like plumbing or like fire, general muddle plumbing those are the only options to getting. Of your own waste out there just feeling a magical toilet correct
you shit in a toilet and the toilet vanishes, the turns or whatever, but the idea that they're putting forth is wizards wizards. You are fucking with our like. Oh you know what I've got a drop it do. You know what I'm gonna do school here in my office and then wave my want over it and send it elsewhere, then that all why are we just to save the poop from your but great question, or straight out of your body yeah. I do a lot of those questions. My question was like: did they do it in a way that was discreet or if they were like walking down the hall? Did they just like lift up their wizard in robes and crap, and then you should away? These are people who have figured it. There are magical ways: to do things that are so insanely complicated, Voldemort is able to blip his soul into seven distinct pieces
in order to remain immortal- and you are telling me that up until recently these, their fuckers were sitting on the floor and then just vanishing. It you're telling me that more often than not, somebody would just turn the bed and then be like zip. That's up here. We won t so expected. Poop drone Gummy get it here, but then why? What I as like, I'm not devoted like Harry Potter, our can a person is like. Why are they even commenting on this? What I think is going on is in Harry Potter in the chamber of secrets, which I guess is with the second book rages in Yes, of course. Yes, it's the one where the chamber, I'm so mad at you, it's the one where the chamber of secrets is opened again: Laddie lose the Basle risk that stood in that area. That slithering hid inside of Hogwarts, it's a giant snake
getting around through the pipes? Boy spoiler alert for this book because I'm like full blown spoiling it, but a huge portion of it takes place in a girl's bathroom with a dead girls ghost named moaning Myrdal, so this tweet on the potter more account about how wizards make their proved disappear. It is actually referencing an article that J K, rolling wrote on the bottom or website a few years ago, and I can read from it too. You gimme just a second okay, and I quote when first created the chamber was access to a concealed trap door and a series of magical tunnels. However, when Hogwarts plumbing became more elaborate in the eighteenth century, parental parents ethical. This was a rare instance of wizards copying muzzles because hit Michael's Michael muddles. This is a rare instance of wizards copying muddles because he fair toe affair toe hitherto
Hitherto, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. I said I'm having a happening to God. What's happened, Alex for real, are you ok, you can't our words you're wearing operator royalties, Irene sweats, like you like, I knew what it meant. I knew it I just I just read: it oh, my god. I never hear anything that is before you joy fails it. I guess so embarrassed right now, man, I wish burgers. Here I met at the fire to Let me try it again: you're not gonna to this was a rare and sense of wizards carrying muddles because his affair, They simply relieved themselves wherever they stood and vanished the evidence the entrance to the chamber was threatened. Being look, I'm afraid she's just moving on from that. Just like that calls for emphasis
the disease, the entrance, no, that's an aside. The entrance to the chamber was threatened being located on the site of a proposed bathroom, so I think that they were trying to justify the existence of a bathroom in the Harry Potter universe that would have been built on top of a mystical chamber. So we're all clear on the floor, regular and of nerve, hoping, I guess so. She just she has an arbitrarily arbitrary habit of just updating
answers to questions no one had and its undoubted making it worse in the process right well, I mean to say some examples where, like like she said shortly after the last book came out using oh by the way, never mentioned in the books, double doors gay. She just does yes, but I get that more. Actually, like I get being like hey, I keep thinking about these characters I made up, and I want to tell you something that will be interesting if you think about some other things, that I've learned that she said that she included after the book. Is someone asked her about the religions of the people there and she's like they were? They were like? Are there any jewish people at Hogwarts issues? I guess, but no wicked I mean this is a faint, a series of wonderfully written wonderfully structured series of children's fantasy novels? Guess what I don't need to know? Where do they Pooh, though how many Jews What what? What are we doing so so?
The original tweet, if we go back to its s, heart, didn't realize, check, see Johnson went to Hogwarts, ok, so whose Chuck see Johnson, that's what I don't know, My presumption, based on the previous thing that I read was that he's some sort of internet troll. That is correct, Chuck see Johnson. Is this classic outright? Guy he's like very fringy and like super conservative and kind of a troll and like a bomb thrower he's not he calls himself a reporter, but really I wouldn't call him a rapporteur is the rapporteur for a very reputable website like that Roger report? Oh it's way more, reputable than that he has his own website. While he used to have his own whence it, it was called, got only dot com cool, but he said it offers this wanna be journalist. If you really want to be taken seriously, he would you like to be. He was on milk making. Ellie Show and stuff use on Fox and he tried to set in
up. Is this really serious journalist, but one of the things that he decided to focus on was women who had come forward, saying they been harassed or assaulted, and he took it upon himself to prove that they were lying. Oh well, yeah, it was pretty gross. So, for example, there With this woman, she was a reporter. Her name is Michel fields, and she said she was assaulted by coiling dusky who worked for Trump. I remember that yeah, you grabbed her really hard or something like in front of people write like any bruised and so Chuck Johnson Rachel. All these articles, which are like Michel Fields, is a liar here. The reasons I think she's a liar. She lied about their. She went about that she's, a totally fake victim, blah blah blah blah blah, and then he happens to see her out on the street. Children.
Then yeah Chuck Johnson sees her on the street with her fiance thinkers. Actually video this whole unjust. Second, I'm gonna find em you sent in great depth. That's Chuck Johnson in the red, hair and beard yet say. Look I just Describe him a little before the listeners, he has kind of like a baby face and, like this very thick red beard, he's wearing a make Amerika great again, and there's a lot of other make Amerika. We takes. They had off interesting move this year, as you can see, he's like walking super, ass. His came remained behind him in a couple that he's like hustling up to rate there, that is Michel Fields and her fiance and like right. Is he's about to confront her Michel fields? Fiancee turned around and look blocks him. Oh boy has any ceiling in this video Michel fields, fiance. Consider
some stranger is just like come up and cost of them is being relatively calm and chuck asses Freaking out, like you assaulted me, you assaulted me and if you actually look at the report that the title of the video, the video is Jamie Wednesday which is the name of her fiance assaults. Charles see, Johnson, like he's not being a journalist, is just being a troll he's trying to good people into be intellect doing something that will make them look bad. But like the thing that he's most well known for- and this is where we're gonna get back to the tweet- is. Do you remember a few years ago there is article and rolling stone was about eight in a legit and very brutal assault at a fraternity and Virginia at the University of Virginia? Yes right and it was it turned out. Been like like pieces of it were either made up or fabricated or something so the principal character. In that rolling stone story. Was this one? by pseudonym, the collar Jackie. In the story,
said she'd been assaulted and it turned out that the account wasn't verified for the by the journalist and it wasn't prep properly fact check and they ended up having to retract it right. Yes, Chuck Johnson I'm bit basically tweeted, I'm giving jack into later tonight to tell the truth, and then I'm gonna start revealing everything about her past oh yeah, and then he named a person and use their picture and it was the wrong person. Oh wow, awhile yeah, so in response, journalists are naturally doing stories about the guy who got the wrong person and there like who is Chuck Johnson. Where did it come from their reaching out to people who knew him like people who went to college with him? And at that point it's like December of twenty fourteen Chuck Johnson posts on his face.
Book page an open letter to his former colleague classmates. That said, I received a number of emails, tweets and phone calls from from you, and I want to make something clear, some things clear about me and you now so he's like hey everybody from college. I want to say something: yes, so further down? He says now that I have some measure of notoriety in success. I dont know you phone calls or responses your condescending concern. For me. Please know that most of these emails will be deleted or archives. Some will be openly mocked, others may be retweeted or written about in future, things, and so he says some of you have talked to the press about me and pretended we were close. We were not, but you ve got. Decided to trade on relationships we never had in the hope of seeing your name in the press. This is pathetic. Here is what you may not do. You may not accuse me of racism sex, some blah blah ash. Without asking me for my point of view. First, I may or may not choose to give it to you. I must not interested in your pop psychological explanations about what's wrong with me.
The truth of the matter. Is them the happiest? I've ever been doing the work. I love doing a very busy on that project. What an angry lonely sounding person right. So he goes on and on and the there the reporter. I'm dead, spin, ronin, email, him just to say hey. Did you actually write this? I want to confirm before I put it in the story. They have a back and forth and then unprompted Chuck tax incentive, one line email. It says Oh and the comments about me. That's been reporter, yes, we'll get it says, oh the comments about me sitting on the floor were made up: Woe and then the debts been reporters s sure enough on Facebook and it s not just to be like in one hundred acres of clear and not as a question about the floor, I was gonna say had that been reported now
Oh while and then the debts been reporters. They sure enough on Facebook post their cryptic comments from friends and former classmates about some mysterious fluctuating incident, but are you familiar Jason? the concept of the Streisand effect. You know that is, I'm not sure I do so I'm I'm a no one. This. I think what about you Peter? I do so many years ago, Barbara Streisand got upset about a image that was taken of her mansion. Wait. I do know this insane. You know that I'm gonna take him out of the internet and because of that, it became much more widely seen right, so Chuck Johnson, saying like by the way the flourishing stuff. Not true. That's all anyone wanting to talk about also its
just like the floor, shiting a fact like when someone says they poop somewhere, that they weren't supposed to people get real curious. So like not even a week after this article comes out, Gawker does a follow up article where they asked a bunch of people, went to college with him about the floor, pooping incident and they get a bunch of people talk about the rumor one person, quote hilariously, he graduated being best known for pooping on me. I think I'm remembering his right seventh floor, stark adorn. I'm sad this idiots getting any attention at all, but I this guy becomes famous for the same reasons. He wasn't college his public pooping problems and white, where, where their context, yeah do ever find out why he did Maybe it was a hilarious prank, timid, Most feels like an urban legend like no one ever pretty. Any evidence that he did it. But it's weird! It's not like it's a weird thing to just make
can totally imagine being like hey. You know that obnoxious, guy who's, like whose constantly bragging and he's like blustery like Chuck Johnson from the writing that I have read it, doesn't seem like a particularly pleasant guy. I can imagine people saying like when it be funny if we said he put on the floor re or even could have done that college if he was a jerk, then right, but also we could have picked up. I don't know, maybe he had the flu and he couldn't get to the bathroom and he fell down and he pooped on the floor. I like the idea of everyone living, but then it would have an answer about how you got his pants. It would have been better who does Like many of you learn to pull his pants, then yeah. I can't wait to get in touch with the. This is something you guys should do get in touch with the college, see if a complaint was wild or call the people on Facebook.
Let's go to India, Alex figure it out. So, in June of the that that that articles written in December of twenty fourteen in June of twenty fifteen Chuck Johnson sues Gawker for sixty six million we have over two point: sixty seven million down. I dont know why that number was was reached. I read because of this year because of this, and did he win? It got rejected by the judge, but then there the whole big hole. Co hung low, gassing, am so for anybody who does not know Gawker posted a in excess of sex tape of whole comin in Hokosa, ensued and bankrupted the company or were really happened, was data post about Peter TEAL, whose like attacked billionaire, whose gay, where they said he was gay and he hated them, and then he would fund lawsuits
anybody, not anybody, but a bunch of people who want to see them and all going. One was one, but then after that internet like he was bankrolling other people's. While you. As he bankrolled a number of people, so so during the bankruptcy of Gawker Chuck Johnson basically said. Like I mean it, I'm going to see you again and got a settlement from them really and the article that I was reading you about whether he put on the floor was taken down will only, but since the internet is forever, I was reading and offer the internet archive and em. If you want, you can find it there because, like basically whoever ended up with like the distressed property that was gorgeous like we don't want to fight this basically Gawker sort of was was bought,
at like this fire sale price, and there were a bunch of people who, like availed themselves of this opportunity there, this guy named Shiva Outer. I who says that he invented renounce who's out of it as it s used every one that says he didn't. He got a settlement and he had an article taken down. Chuck Johnson got articles taken down so like they're, all these articles that now now. If I ever actually go to where it is like a holiday where every person who cruises newspapers guy got money and got their thing, got there, the article taken down and since this whole floor proving story reached its end, like truck Johnson, was sort of personality and the right wing media sphere for a while, but he got kicked off a twitter. He tried to start. His only crowd funding site that didn't work out. He shut down his new site. This fall he's kind of like disappeared. Well, there is so much to this treaty that I was thinking I was just going to. An opportunity to talk about Harry Potter, so Jason? Do you think that you now
now that you know this, this the components of the sweet. Could you go back and explain it for us I think I could hold on the media. Let me just reopen it again, amendments again, openers growl of paper. We can cut this leaking out finding it here we go. Ok, I think I can answer this. Ok. So once again, this is from please at me for access to my powerful brain, a K. A at Chris Caesar ha didn't, realize, Chuck see Johnson went to Hogwarts just goes to show you there's a little magic in all of us, and so this tweet is essentially combining the story about Chuck, see Johns internet trolls, provocateur type of person who at one point had Some sort of scandal go on in which he either did or didn't admits to
sitting on the floor at his college. He says he didn't he sued, he settled he may money off of it. It is a combination of that story, be apocryphal or not, and its intersection with the recently divulged or popular ized information. The Jake, a ruling has been made known as made known, which is in the wizard world prior to adopting muddle plumbing. Wizards, would shit freely wherever they wanted and then use magic to vanish. Those two thirds violate them
Those terms is the name of a heavy metal band that I'm working with and then is pretty great anyway. So I think that gets to me. So this person is basically same Chuck sees Johnson must have gone to Hogwarts because that's the school, where its appropriate, to put on the floor. We were yeah. I said yes and the slender man and us, and also the slender men know, is not involved in this when uncle Jason, is why what's it such a pleasure to have you on, even though your talking about the poor grime, it's on my sweatshirt, I just the Alex Alex a whole in a garbage. Did it and we are so your where it like a pie, Joe in your eyes and represented Alex's head you fucking month there, I'm, like so deaf
to end. This won't go right now, I'm just be having left so I'm feeling so abused. But hitherto this european fine right are adjacent thanks, so much man on. Thank you guys. I will talk to you soon. Men's. You guess currently stars in the long dumb road, which is a movie those available on all streaming services, and he is the co host of the. How did this get made by cast
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