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#146 Summer Hotline


This week, PJ and Alex open up the phone lines and try to solve your problems, big and small.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty in each episode, Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries and business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for listen on Spotify or wherever you get. Your pot casts. From emulate this reply, I am Alex Gold Unimpeachable, Alex, maybe remember the other day. We told people that, if they called in, we would help them with their tack and non tech problems. Big and small. I do remember that the time is now ok You re open, if our yes, I'm I'm ready, you said the words, but you didn't sound like you met them. I hesitated because I just feel like I feel like Mew. Really you there's a switch that
with a switch that flat when week when we turn on the phone lines, we are like going to analyze Alex's every word. He assented structure, everything he does. I am just buying asked me a ringing specific criticism and I'm going to pull out I'm going to tease out the things that make him most and secure, gonna, goodness familiar microphone to be recorded for perpetrated in perpetuity for ever and ever. I'm so sorry fill out. Why I want you to feel comfortable in Syria, but they won't come on anything you do for the next cost, which many next got for all time. If you don't want me to go into that you're, my friend, we get. Of course out, are you ready onto others riddles weird? Where do you have to it's like? What's gonna men, so so when I was in college and a girlfriend who is very nice to me?
that sounds nice, and sometimes she would do this thing where she would like. She would like gently correct if its slap me as a joke, Would you like me to do that now, but I feel like that's. What's about to happen, you feel gently caressed by Europe. Ever yes, I'm sorry diversity, I'm like a wounded animal is the worst aright Take a call. Hello. How are you have done good, whose us why I've got good? So what's your question I get so I'm listening. It is like its outing me. It's your arm is outing. You young farmers, out of it. So if you're going to go right now you like type in my address into Google MAPS, it dislike little alert advisory pops up in his
hey. Are you interested in algae BT trial? What I know is that weird: can you give us your address? We will leave it out. Ok, Three. Apartment a literally. Your apartment number get what a definite answer. If you add my apartment, a brain, ok, ok at this location, I'm out algae BT, travel, travel agency. What it had so this past summer I was talking with someone on scrapping we're talking for a few days and then, like you, would likely or NATO, the Hague Wonderful come opened my apartment and hang up in. I sent him my address, and
Few minutes go, buy it acceded, typing icon like pop up and go away, and he says he back this screen cap of Google maps to my house and there's this like little alert that popped up. That said, Are you interested in algae BT travel? Try this and then, like pointed to my apartment, and he uses lake civic one word. It was just wow and then blocked me immediately. Really. Why I don't want to, I think, the implication is that like ghoul had detected like this huge inflow of lake gay tourists into my apartment and like address like like put this giant scarlet letter on my apartment way. But what is there I mean this is an actual. Gay travel agency in her apartment or no? No, no, no! There's! No gay travel agency. In my apartment, I mean in your apartment building. No, no! No! It's like a regular apartment. Building and it's not like somebody's lake,
running a gay travel agency like out of their home and there's using your home address no, but I'm worried the Google things that I like such a slut. No are you sleeping would like more men than like your friends are a lot? No one like that. It's quiet anybody aware! I don't see what I people, but when you go home the Google Street, you can always happens to pass by the terrific there's, an employee. Google, whose just like I keep seeing this guy going home for I'm gonna, stick around and see what's happening, Let us now imagine I don't know the I'm just trying to rule out all possibilities here. This doesn't seem like a likely one. So, when you see as out in you like. Are you? Are you closeted? No, no! No, I think not so worried about the gate and worried about like this. What part, I think it's I mean I really
like my assumption, if you're like come on over I'm having a potluck, I looked up your address. I thought I'd like oh there's a travel agency in this building, like I wouldn't think, like. Clearly, what's going on, is this guy just really really sleeping around like that? You have something that is that's where people are going to jump to ok, so many flame like this is, I think, like those like the famous urban legend, is probably true about like this guy in DC, who like that with so many people that people started like going into him like someone like me, the location on the internet and unheard of like yeah right, so they will lake like on four square whenever they would just be like oh just like everyone else. I shopping at Johns House yeah exactly what they like chicken to John. We how? How is this story circulated? How did you hear do you remember? I heard it from like at least two differently gaze in New York, so you're fairer. Is that.
You have become like that. The guy you heard about it and urban legend or every like Google things that I have yet been any. I've had a boyfriend for a while, but I dont really sleep around a whole bunch, not that I couldn't a definite could but like a dog. What I wonder is if you have actually walked into an apartment, vague by someone who was targets by only to try to be carried out on the internet, you got me I'm wondering if you want apartment there was vacated by someone who ran a travel agency for day people. Also, if you click on the photos Google maps of your apartment. Theirs, Logo? It's like a rainbow peacetime itself on it. You know. I thought that this alert with lake something that Google popped up for, trying to help offer like gator, if I didn't really like an actual business oats actual business, okay, so out o interesting. So actually I found ok, I can help you this
who is you can solve this? I think when is that you can actually just go on Google MAPS and report nearer Google, literally flag, wrong address on Google maps. You could you did tell Google MAPS locations wrong. I think you'll probably get a response. The other thing I do, if that doesn't work is elected up and I'm out algae BT experiences that travel agents, supposedly, you run. It is a real business and they have a real website. It's I'm out experiences dot com, okay at least now, based in West Hollywood, so you could contact them as a contact on their website and be like hey. I think you used to run a travel agency out of my apartment, but it's sending people the wrong place. You should get in touch with Google, be like hey, 6S cuz, it's not helping them for you to have
local reputation, that signal business away. I would try Google first if I would give it a week and if that doesn't work, I would get in touch with the actual travel agency. I often think so much yeah thanks. That is a hilarious problem. Thank you for sharing good bye, bye. At either grant stop theater. I take her back. I just saw be they only You can be night meaner to me by being nice to me so much as animal hello, hello, hello. I notice how high volumes Greece high grace. What can we hope? You're? Ok, listen requested. Now I have a really bad.
I bet you know unattainable, you're, crazy time, a military now going Ireland drink a lot and I had the bad habit. When I m very drunk, I open tender Oda and I suddenly people these very strange messages like, for example, I think one I sent this weekend that you are beautiful one flower things like: let's ride our breaks into the sunset type: does we weren't you save, then type? stop. What is what it? What category are? Oh yeah, I don't know it's just like strange romance, unlike overly emotional sentiment. I suppose yet sounds catholic bushy. Yeah yeah yeah super mercy and is very like I don't know.
The EU and All- and I shouldn t call you a beautiful sunflower, probably ok. So how can we go my question, though recycling obviously going drakestail manager to think the tender, though there like obvious thing, but I was wondering if you thought that it would be possible to lake create something like perhaps like a bright lies there for Poland, for it when you open, an arab league you'd have to breathe Abrek wiser, and it feels like the house to exist, or if I know that people have built that for Google like that for Gmail, you can both do a thing I believe were. It doesn't want you email at certain hours, but also where you have to answer a series of difficult math problems too,
males. I don't have that thing. Actually success arts. Do it on your phone itself, though, because like iraq- and I found I do like- I think apple- wouldn't let somebody build like a breath, Eliza APP on top of their phone. What you could do, honestly is you can get one of those like pocket, breathlessness from sea vs or whatever, and make a choice leg I dont be opened. Hinder over BC. Whatever you do not do anything the act not only that, but have another option. This may seem a little more technical fallen, learn, element and then you can just let her wonted yeah just solve yearning thereof, roused skipping zones anxiety. I would also like of all the things you could be doing when you're drunk sending a fugitive complements the strangers on tender is not yet that doesn't seem like it's not bad. It's not that it's not it's. So this is what we are doing
I wake up in the morning. You see, I am not the only person drunk sleeping on tender late at night, no young out there. I certainly not I honestly, I feel, like the man went to gaining access to make you feel ass, anxious about like they did about people in the world. This is helping Europe. I would do it. Pga yeah Europe, four sunflower. You and I mean a lot, so you could be a very where they heard a sort of esagil and if there were a desk between us right now, I give you a huge hug, Oh, I didn't fire. This have a good day thanks so much for Thank you some time ago to buy hello,
hi dj now is actually I was I'm also here, and I don't blame you for requesting a different knows. What's going on, I totally, I totally understand, I'm a ruby tooth did what he ordered. I didn't rings by God. Chicken tenders with surprise, barbecue thoughts and honey mustard tat is in good order, so nervous you check up and then the waitress would calm and I'd be like On the phone with its Gaston shown even ass, quite a vast things are going down out. Ok, I just wanted to know if you knew about this fight over sub domain, that Ralph Nator waged in two thousand. I know what was the right: ok, he she get a campaign to try to get a furious with sub domains that were like consumer advocates of domains like dot, consumer dot, taxpayer, dot, shareholder and much famously dot, suck dot, sucks, yet dot shocks, silly Walmart, DOT, sacks Lake, Mcdonald's, dot sex. Yet
you propose that they should. I can should create a dot sucks foundation, which would be a independent organisation to make sure that got fucks with only used by people who actually wanted to talk about the corporation fucking huh we entered for people who don't know. I can't there the basically like the right Tori body that decides which top level means are gonna exist, so wait. So they would have like I internet right to that. Every single website would have like a mirror version of it? Were people just complained about the company, the reality that is agreed good idea, I agree. Cricket and who no, who shot him down, so I can't decided not to go with it, but here's the crazy thing when they did the release of all the major sub demands, like one thought, act wisely and thought and Y see in all the new one came out a few years ago. Dot shock made it through and
all the companies are just buying up their own. Dots are silly Mcdonald's, Darzac suggests owned by Mcdonald's, yet downloads that sucks forwards to the contact US page on Mcdonald's, a lost revolution we hold on one. Second, ok, yes,. Our home about sex is available when I couldn't do that to you to vote that sucks. Ah, I got both of em PDA, don't fuckin by my name, maybe projecting from other people buying he's not protecting me. Your head, you ever listen to show you. So we need right now is not protecting unaware young, but having that'll be chronicle and always Goldman Sachs. Our third there, three hundred twenty nine dollars- you don't do it
but they're in my there in my basket. If I want them, thank you so much. This is really helpful. Thank you so glad I enjoy your chicken tenders bye bye. Ah guide and I was trying to get to do and I just a fat fingered by computers to slow and happens. I won't be yourself: that's a job values, common God, zags high. The speech in Alex. About little bit, not great who's. This Do you guys out of school in unexciting, adapt our top already make up I'm calling from in India, and it is raining as lied about connection will, where you com, with your claim from India. But what like location? Are you going from Gaza
go on go on Melvin myself, I'm on a road transport a few months ago, a small beach in India. What are you doing? Angola? I was born the big family than anathema came down. The girl They have a contract and what's your name again, man, a Navy, white name. My actual limit model, which your question I came. I question will you. I dont have a license myself. Even in Melbourne where I live. Want to rent a car here and to do that reaches googled like a vague, like New South Wales, lightly shops. My image, uncomplicated winding up programme whereby the car we got killed off by the cops today and life those and I gave it to them- is mooted the picture.
It is go and I'd like it is not like a like a connected like gold. See. That makes sure that might get on get away. With this bar this issue, I have never heard someone making worse decisions than me. First of all, you are so lucky. Did you printed on lake dry? Firstly, synergy laminated or anything I reject I found a picture and undermine reminder if not even an actual photoshop. You know how in Snapchat you can pay pickled on top of images from ITALY. Gotta shall be to speak out on a Google images, though very definitely Obviously the thing I really appreciate about this as someone who indulges in this sort of planning. Other not to this extent, is like the ingenuity behind doing something so dumb like it's such a smart choice, but the answer your question: there's like an international driver's license: Davies Ivy people like white israeli people, gonna make fake drivers licences off of Snapchat that be crazy.
Am. I might speechless drive more care, We are your license, get a licence get a driver, but he's already driven to go on in a car. He has to drive back why's, he ate and drank Yokota. We got Angola, Oglala, yet don't drink of playing here. Just walk thinks there You got it. I can only urge you to have the level of curiosity where you're like. I really want to know how the international driver's license regulatory He works, but also I'm gonna make a driver's license. I snapchat I just I appreciate that human beings are. I take care of. Thanks a lot with pay. I think, like all thank you haven't I say when I buy hello, I who this got hello, hello. Did you take them?
somebody else GM itself it here, a lot of people. There have not noticed too few people I was I was. I was using my little brother on call You both on my phone and I look up up up. It's very nice of you to do that. Yeah. Just saying how can one question? Do you have a careful? We don't have internet right now And like I, we without me, it turns out. I don't know I'm just like the service or something I don't know. I can't really contact anyone because I don't know like our internet logging. Where are you? Are you
just that work. Yeah got. My question is related to the internet thing as actually, what should we do while we wait for that? The internet a well well, you eat, yeah were teenagers and we don't really know how to do anything without the internet. Buick ran person wrote the script for yes, I feel like you're, like really your keen propaganda, since you are totally doing Lee since you're, totally doing like the teenage the script of a teenager internet? Can I just? Can I just carry that to its logical conclusion? like a conclusion? Is like go outside? Oh yeah, that's true gods. I go out like go right. Your bike go to the park. Go skateboard is that were kids there. I believe, like right next to a highway, do check back here. What about games I have like
three games on my phone and like billions on my laptop. What about blood had aren't on computers or anything like that? Like I've, never felt this wave lay Like what about monopoly Have you got there boy I dont have a monopoly. Like I dont know what boardgame we have. How much time do you have to kill the wind, your parents ghetto and like to our ok they're? There might be things in your house that look like pieces of the internet- have been printed out and stable together, there'll be a picture on a screenshot. It's almost like twitter Buzz way longer do having those. I dont think anything look like twitter, but I do have been there. But is that what you're? If that's, what you did you read a book for two hours I could read about for two hours. The bastard Oh boy, I've got it draw
oh draw guessing printer paper draw if you know how to play exquisite, corpse, get idea? What is that? Ok? So the deal is exquisite corpses. You take a piece of paper and you folded into force. Gas and you draw like the feet of soviet of something, and then you pass at your brother and he will draw like the mid section of something and then perhaps about you and you draw the head and then you unfolded, and you get this like weird bizarre monster creature that you guys have made together. It's a fine
gay, that's really go! I mean now that I'm in the world of paper you can just start making paper airplanes. You could throw there's the farthest. I think you had it with its was a corpse colleagues with a Corsican by yes now yeah yeah, that's something a great idea! Thank you. I enjoy their us of your boring day. Thank you had gone by and by. I can't you remember that feeling boring some then Agnes, that agonizing feeling. Hello, Peter out, that's our lives easier. I don't think that's Alex of ass. Our me is Alex VAT being closer to future clear right. There Alex encouraging business sector. This dress Chris. What do you do when you need? For my? I wasn't necessarily going to ask the question. I wanted to answer a question, so
whenever does is for us only one. You enter early for copyright. Thank you guys have asked whether or not someone at the piano and Alex I had. This is a question, these areas are to everybody knows I kind of like a horrifying like accident, the empty sharp. That's like his first question before accepts treatment and whether data be daring Alex. Yet he needs to know that come on before he put it into his wedding, valet I'd only known referring six months when I married you tonight I shall give ear, invite you. Yes, I get my wedding. I do remember how I know you're now there are really important six month. What what is it? What were you but let me ask around I've met us so Why did you reverences? Where did you go What do you want to tell you whether they one question you been dying here, the answer to his happy shares in Alex. So I am an hour, why the real madame it Alex. Is, I also
a shower. That's rise, listen, you're, not alone, so many people have got an automaton, not war itself convert all over, but we suggest that could arise something because this has come up a few times, and I have also went out when you say you said in the shower icing on a bench: heresy: no, not astronomer, rhythmical, crisscross, applesauce, nicer to my legs out you just kind of lean forward or mean back in the back after all against the wall, the agony, Olaf. So what was the first oppressive episode? You have arise that this is how you wanted to bathe thrust out. It was kind of funny thought when I think about our origin stories is pretty much the same. It was right around middle school in high school time. I'd I dont like morning, so I wanted to kind of sleep a little bit more. I'm sorry that this happened to you. I'm really proud of you for standing up for what you believe in the face,
this kind of populist movement that has ever happened. You know what I'm saying something that one of the greatest it is definitely one of the greatest rising life. Yedo is just like a simple: have you can check out sunsets. Think sunsets are pretty San Francisco, compare desperate? There are many. Thank you. First, thank you for standing with me on this. All things will take in the cargo. Take a better things to do. Hello, this is our computer. I, this is how they live, actually got very quickly: re humdrum, I'm from Dallas Texas. Let me help you have been Instagram relate a christian church, so let me move to acquire
location, the little spent. Then, where are you right now, I'm in my office Santa Conference from thirty, so basically like so Sunday and I'm not out because family reason, blah blah and Instagram has a future where you can see the activity of the people that you're following so like when you like somebody's picture, it shows that we are little tomorrow. Tat things that people yeah following tat, and I was wondering if you knew of away for like hive, that, because I have a lot of work,
friends that are out and that you can. You know I wanna like their pictures, because I support them. The people by I'll put about like my family, could see that somehow, like specifically about my brother, my aunt on their than by my brother, savvy enough, my aunt not so much out achieving uses it, but you know, and you brother doesn't know that little fear. Yesterday, here in my heart? You know you need offending data. Yeah, you gonna have to get everything you have to have us in its to grant that your parents Jonesy, and then you just you rightly darnay on you like it near that's ridiculous. Its literate what everybody under the age of twenty five does and production. Yeah? Well, I don't do it end like people that don't even have a huge leg just because the incidents great but the problem is like you want to say different things to different people and they make some things public by the fall in that they have even like if you are really worried about protecting your privacy for now like you're following this could be something were somebody figures about. You know I mean yeah
I would just create a supper one for your friends and when you're ready made that may change, but I would keep it that building something you want to do is create a fenster yeah. I guess what I think it's just like. It's such a pay to have to go through and like recreate your contacts list, no yeah, but make the direction. Does your brother, using ceramic yeah, he's pretty active on it and you you're not a place where I come out to him now enough. That'll ever happen that stressful man, I'm sorry ass. You do that that well, it is what it is. I think you're in the finster market than the I think. That's the only way did I got some independent, It is kind of hollow it's kind of a way of like telling some people that you trust them. You know I mean have one can say: oh my god, you don't trust me.
About what no fair enough How hello, Hicks High possess, and this is Anna Hyaena- why printers are so back o money all had. I want you to know the ads I dont know. I dont know why it sort of like all technology is moving forward at about the same pace and an printers just got held back in eighth grade. Unlike never proceeded DNA mean yet, but I couldn't do that technical aid project I ve been working on for like premium and three printers consecutively broke
he was trying to get my grandmother to print it for me become everybody my family had their printer break. So I just I don't know why the like always happens by. They seem to break the most inopportune. Time like it feels like every other technology have come so far and printers are still just stopped in like two thousand five, and I wanted to know if there was like some big reason for that earth. It took some time thing their bad. I dont know we can try to find out. I call you after a pause, daunting I'll stay. I feel there has to be an answer thanks in an ominous we're goin, picking up tat I buy out whose s arm and has taken on waking up you. I think I have a few protects report. Who was do it so for the past couple years. This weird thing has been happening with my Spotify account. Can't gas should get you because I think we ve got a bunch of emails.
Ass are their songs in your most listen to playlists that you ve never listened to it, not your thoughts, it specifically them on asylum, jack the MILAN Soundtrack, always the more the soundtrack. A couple times I think, like the grateful dead, showed up. This happened so much that at the end of the year, when you get like your most listen to artists, I had this guy shop that I didn't recognize its the guy that scored Mona only in line and then stopped for a while. But I'm looking at my recently play right now and the more soundtrack is back in it. He. How do you think is going on? I have no idea, I feel, like my thought, if I had been hacked by aware childless, that's the Malta and maybe the grateful there. I'm curious. Do you use Spotify both on
desktop on your computer and on your phone K. Does anybody else ever have access to your computer or your phone like a child of this now. Do you know anyone who likes Disney soundtracks? Yes, I do, but they have their own verified Have you like gone to your parents house in logged into it, for any reason? No like at this point, I have changed my spot of my password so many times that I don't even know what it is about senator to somebody else recounted up. Again when you change your password. How do you go about doing it? I use safari for some reason and I just to be a very strong password generator We can look into this for you. I mean we now Our own rights modify we'll say, though, that I have looked into something that is very similar as issue. Export and I haven't been able to crack it, but people have been getting in touch with our saying. Like hey, I would look
My most recently played, and it would be stuff I've never heard of right, but in the other cases that I've gotten, it's always been stuff that I've never heard of him. Didn't sound like anything that any normal human beings would listen to there's a band. Various gimmick played over time, there's called tree. Relax trial and alacrity, r e r, eight AC, Kyoto and pre relax, I'm gonna here, Eureka, who is as workable businesslike, music. You like this is not like music. I, like it Cindy
It is simply, but this isn't music. It's, I think of you emphasised. There was a tracking the messages. I must stress you out likely to start putting it. Isn't that either massage me, ok ever inevitable action. What you dont like them now and the thing is like a you, Google tree real action. They have no presence online whatsoever, the new social media, no website no towards AIDS, no Facebook and my theory, is some guy banged out some terrible music on a keyboard and, like ten minutes, uploaded songs to Spotify and is now hacking people's account to get listens for those songs so that he can get money from the royalties Spotify pasty musicians and a court? to the tree relaxing page on Spotify, they ve had twenty one thousand listeners this month. Actually this is happening to me too, like all assume on my best of twenty seventeen. All this I never actually listened to. The one dangers
in common is like the one sign. I suppose they listen to has like hundreds of thousands of persons than every other. However, one thousand listens. What are some of the ban, able one called Le Sport and there had sung. Tell no one about tonight: imagine are getting out of this house. Is I promise you? I know, most of the silent Verve s arm feel in it it is our other lyrics, keep it going like the basis they have. A son called show your penis anymore, you ve turned up doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, soda hat anyway, the data is like if people are hacking into other people's accounts to just like rack up. What's downloads further obscure bands, vouchers, NBA, MILAN Leg,
the hackers yeah, but while it may only be doing that, that's the thing that doesn't make any sense what ok so another than they used to happen. There hasn't happened so much lately. Is that, like you used to pause, my spot all the time, and I was so annoying that Al Qaeda rat on TAT side, Hake, is its pausing, your Spotify. Usually what that means is that your spy vacant being played somewhere out. He can't you, the same Spotify account in two places at the same time, right that makes me wonder if it's a person near it feels like a person to me. Can you check? Ok, can you go? There's probably won't training are Yoda computer? computers. So if you, if you go into your account settings and search Spotify, often devices I'll show you every devices connected your Spotify
I wonder if it now you see anything, you don't recognize. You don't hear log in ok, it's hard to tell what do you say that you said I it it just as Iphone diminished for I fear there could be every Iphone Eve. How did it have you had four iphones overhang had Spotify yeah, it's totally possible. Do the earliest wanted from today sixteen but doesn't show any laptops or anything it just shows the Maghreb evolved with you haven't. I will try to remove all the basis now try that and see. If that helps does it like if you like it, I'm somebody's found a million years ago and forgot about it. Yeah I'll. Let you know if anything, changes now that I've taken off this all these online devices yeah that new one
In the meantime, we are going to dig into this achieving an answer for him. Ok, thanks! Let us now take measures right back to it. I just like do you want to hear? Show me european us? No, but. I cannot deny these guys. I say I gotta get whether they called LE sports. After the break, we get some answers.
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Walk back to shout out, we have got now. We ve got some answers, you and start Spotify question yeah, let's give christening I'll pay dressed in housing on regarding good odor get our aim. So I have updates, I bring news, a map when he got so, we were trying to think about someone. We should talk to about compromise. Spotify accounts early, how someone would get into them, and I decided to get in touch with his hacker that we had on the show before. Do you remember the Snapchat thief episode remind media really putting them on the spot. P early release out every single episode. That was somebody had a snapshot handle that stolen by hackers who, when, after people with specific hand
that they wanted because they were short or was an unusual, username yeah? I remember that that was the one where you like, when the chat room with a teenage accurate, only them with eventually apologize, we'll Kevin the hacker who actually ended up apologizing that episode. I got. For them to ask him about hacking into Spotify accounts. Hey man, you, their yellow hair, has again. It's been awhile. How are you going to talk to you yeah cabins There are a lot of compromise spot if I count floating around that our for sale and our very cheap. So in this case, Spotify there's like free versions of Spotify that have ads and then there's the the premium. Right, so I'm assuming that called in called and had a premium spotify and someone else bought the account for like a dollar or fifty sensor. However much they go for and then they just signed it they use it may senses by thy we get hacked by his first words like not a thing that you know really through your best.
Ass for that because, like the consequences of Rio and also if somebody stealing your Spotify, I guess you had noticed, because Sometimes it wouldn't play music surrounds it yeah, but a lot of times. You Wouldn'T- and I know that I didn't understand was trust in Utah What's that you change your password a bunch of times, and so I asked Kevin how it would be possible at someone could still be getting into your account. You have any idea why something like I would happen. No idea I mean, unless he's like getting fished over and over again, which I at which I doubt rain. I dont think you can brute force Spotify accounts. I think they get locked out now this is Anna. I'm a reporter on reply, all what is brute foreseen, Salva Brute, forcing is like getting every possible character from like one
six for example, though, hey a all the way to a one and it just like go down the line. It be millions of millions of lines, millions of combinations, bottom yeah, that's a lot of resources just to get into one guys account you, madam, I don't think that's the case at all. Firstly, and then I asked him about my theory right. My theory that there's someone out Whose like who is like uploading, bad music and using stolen by they got They get there like, plays weigh up yeah and he was like that's ridiculous. The royalties or likes super low, aren't they they would like need millions of plays till I get anything like worth it. You know. Yet they think you also need, like a like em this new counter? Whatever, like an official account to get the royalties and then to get that like to get paid out there like docks themselves- and I don't know how far so
and would go through all the fine just as occurs in my theory. Whenever I don't know how far someone would go, because if anything came back to them, they'd be kind of you know in trouble. Kevin didn't really know what could be happening with bands like tree reaction or with Christians. Particular unique problem with my grateful dead, and so I thought that if it's going to get an answer to this. I would have to go to Spotify directly so I went to my bosses, boss, and I was like hey. What is the deal with this? Can you help- and he got back to me and he put into the pr person and perverse and told me that my theory about people hacking accounts to pay. Songs to collect royalties. That actually has happened in the past really yeah, and I was like, oh my god, that's amazing. I feel so validated. That said, Don't our Disney, I dont, think Disney needs that kind of money or the dead or the grateful dead and.
As much as I hate to say this, because it feels like I'm accusing year something I've like it, has to be someone who has or has access to your account. Yet the one thing that I I beg you like other work yet is that thing that you told me to do which was log out of them off line devices yeah because there was like those may be like it was hard to tell, but there might have been like one extra thought out there. I wonder if the offline, They feel logout thing. Did it since you ve done that? Have you seen any grateful dead or marijuana appearing? You recently played nor the grateful that, during my heavy rotation, but I could just be because the calculate that, like all clear somewhere, rang Ivy League That is indeed the case one day, you're going to be hanging out with some friend who it has not occurred to you to wonder about and you're going to get in the car with them.
Our blessing and a lot of sound racking ability. It was you ok, but if, if the problem sex that feels good yeah check back with us, if the problem persists and also if our listeners think that I'm I'm I've got it totally wrong, I'd be openly, here what they think might be going on our at well, let us now and thanks so much for calling Tristan yeah thanks like that, if things were held me out yet issued a tiger. How about yeah heads be and Alex? I see there for example, the USA had out as on border, that is a choice.
Gonna answer view about why printers don't get better. I am so intrigue I haven't. I use completely fascinating, like I did not understand how complicated printers are like the entire world that goes on inside these stupid things. While so I call this reporter who I just been a long time trying to figure out the answer. This. Can you just introduce yourself sure, I'm Joshua Rossman and on their ideas, editor of New Yorker come so busy. Joshua got cures, others the same as you did, there's just one data's office while backward the printer got jammed, and you just think why yep. He said in his mind's eye. He saw like a super cut of every time had been standing in front of a gem printer, and so, if you want to find out what the deal is I went and dumb googled it and I went down sort of a Google scholar, rabbit hole and I that there's you know an entire engineering, sub field, sort of organs,
run jams, because it's not just printers that jam in all sorts of different things, Jim, so, like Cosette, tapes JAM and your guns jam, you know things like apple pickers jam, appetizers jam, Yeah, like just jamming, is a problem in general, so specifically in the world of printers therapy we just spend their whole lives obsessing over how to stop a printer from jamming, and he embedded with this like a leaf team of Anti jam experts at zero risk has Xerox. I guess it's like the cutting interest but I did not know he's, as one of the reasons that we still get. Twenty jams is that printers keep getting smaller and smaller, and so this whole process has to happen in a tighter and tighter space. The way that the printer works, the way that it negotiates all these twists and turns his with vacuum. Just blew my mind: it's fans and vacuum. That's what it hears the paper to the little conveyor belts pushes the sheets of paper around the turns
So that's why you know the sound printer makes that fan. That's why I essentially like a vacuum cleaner and its pulling the paper going into the right spot like flesh with the drum that then the donor you know is adhered to and then the donors fused too sheet of paper by like super high heat? So this is why, when the paper comes out of the printer, it's like Toasty, YAP, Anne and paper is made from trees and these organic fibers in a shrink. Hi heat, but then in other ways they expand. So he you might have paper that expands more in one dimension than another or it might curl, because paper is not uniform, like trees, known form. So it's an hour. Ethnic material, fundamentally in it's going through like the ringer. So every piece of paper is different event. What The tree came from even depends what part of the larger roll of paper they cut it out of. And every piece of paper, because different, it's gonna behave differently, as is getting pulled through all the different roars inside the printer polemic sense yet
other these. I would really surprised me is it even though it feels like printers jamming at the same rate or more after is better he's, had actually things are getting better. We just don't notice it. The jam re isn't really higher now than it was before and in fact its lower you print faster. You know if you could only print ten pages, a minute in in two thousand and one you know it did seemed like jams. Unless often, but now you can print you not like twenty five pages, a minute and then you're actually getting fewer jams, but you know the total volume, The printing, basically to keep going up in the speaker, happens and jams. I thought it's real. It's different limitation. I totally forgot that, like literally just had a flashback to being in like fifth grade and like watching a single sheet of paper print over the course of like four minutes, it's totally crazy When you learn other stuff, did it change how you like now, when you're in the office and the printer jams, do you feel the exact same frustration to the exact same paper cut? Do you like
miracle like. How do you out is out of the stranger relationship to printer dams? Will I gotta say I mean hasty with reporting the story, I mean I spent a lot of time watching slow MO video taken from inside printers rival. Like how they do this, and when you watched as those videos, it's like this, L of the printer changes in Europe in your mind, and it becomes a massive space with these huge object zooming around at some completely out of control, speed minutes, basically really interesting to kind of like Can there be like her? You know it was win. The paper was trying to make it around this. Like hairpins turn I didn't. I didn't clay, make it best therapies and air in a way printers? Now everything that stands in my mind for like incredible human achievements in this that this that used to be the size of a building or used to be dozens of feet. Long can now be compact and to me,
Ten always the current jam rate is like an extraordinary extraordinary. Make it smaller and smaller and faster without making it jam all the time. It's like totally nuts. That makes sense, because this is something that I talked about with my sister before and she's like he'll, like things from the internet, like aren't necessarily even meant to become things and physical space in the back that their able to at all it's kind of wild so do feel in any way less frustrated about paper jobs now yeah, I think so, lay some get like. I mean at least that works sometime. Is there anything else? You are wondering about how I think I'm gonna go thanks for your question thanks enter. Thank you so much. My answer have, of course, I'm on it here by
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