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#148 Bedbugs and Aliens


This week, Yes Yes No returns with a raid on Area 51, and the very worst name you can call a New York Times writer.

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no, the segment on the show where our boss, Alex Bloomberg, comes to us with something from the internet that he doesn't understand in the hopes that we explain it to him ass a low, so I have whatever the tweet and it is a treat from eight where Username Casey, Johnston and retreats. As this, it says area fifty one, but for going to bread, Stevens House and calling him a bed bug. Ok, I'm a hundred per cent on this one hundred percent on this one. Any party may, since you were yes so.
I know about the bread, Stevens bedbug thing. How much you know about bread, Stevenson, bedbugs another bread, Stevens is a conservative opinion right or for the New York Times. Yes and there he writes. He read things that a lot of you would get really annoyed about. Yeah he's written about like the era era wrong with a red heavings climate changes over hyped. He thinks that the The dynamic of campus sexual assault is an imaginary problem. Is a guy if this really happening women, which is not go to college colleges, which is a belief that somebody can have yeah yeah, so so so error and other gotten a fight with the marine. Somehow there was a bedbug puffed, the term bed,
I'm glad I was like scare from it. I wouldn't get it, however, that this I'm Conrad. Ok, so fill me in tat. You tolerate wellbred Stevens. So in August the institution for which you are in your times got a bedbug infestation like actual advice where the building, ok, which people, however, in separate separate Zimmer, be black yeah Bethought, though guidebooks Oda, and we will not have any because bedbugs are super growth and the New York Times a super fancy and the idea of lake. You know these dignified elegant journalists like scratching at their like three pursuits together, bedbugs out, like people just enjoyed it for a day, side note we had bedbugs once nightmare, you you had them in your house. We had them in our house. You d like take everything: rapid and plastic like even when you try to you, may get them. They just run up into the walls and so they're. Just like they're they're, crafty yeah, I moved to New York and my friend was like you can just take my furniture. As a cool, wiser box bring have knife cuts in it a valued bedbugs, but I didn't he had
I version you're gonna, be there to give way everything I owned, like some weird monk so near it, however, and in this professor name, Dave Carve, who just like socio browser draconian recognize me with like a big falling on minor. Whenever associate professor Dave CARP Associate Browser Dave, CARP, wanders onto twitter, he sees everybody making jokes. He knows that bedbugs or funny, and the people only bread, Stevens any tweets. The bedbugs are a metaphor. The bedbugs are bred Stephen right that this whole thing and at the time he had worked like six thousand flowers, nine of them thought it was funny enough to favorite right. It's like an airline favorites. Yes, just like everyone else,
like shooting out dad? Do I've done that you like this will be good and then he do it. New doesn't jacket so I'd. So when you mentioned some on twitter and you can add them and then they see it and it's like a weird thing: you did your insult them in your reply, you to say any more at them: users from us it s, sort of like the twitter etiquette. That's what Attica, if you're just like, if you, if you want to be polite, you don't generally. If generally, if you wanna tell a joke about bread, Stevens to your friends, you say breaths, even his name and you dont at him see don't I was his about trying to like start but you're, just like twitter battle, you're, just talking about you just like trying to talk to your pals about like gush bet, drat breadth even did this other. Did this other thing that I have had enough and the rules really the rules by which relied have the society right all of these rules is concerned. Rigging. Those roses deserves our goes. If you ve got your right to search your own name in quotes on twitter to see what people who are not trying to die.
You're saying about you. The problem is, if somebody says something to you and you name, search if you're gonna start a fight over the things we really bad, because the first thing you're doing is it adding that you name search. It's like when I was doing my out of control vanity ritual right. I found this thing and the fact that hurt my feelings. Yeah Epidaurians look at a vitally needed to knock a rare and it gets it. S got so press evens again prove that he named search but he's not added in the sweet and he sees it. He sees the tweet and then he send an email to professor carp and Professor carbs boss that provost of driving you Hersey and says:
I do not regard someone just point out. We were. Let me call me a bedbug and often amazed rather things possibly decent people prepared to say about other people, people they ve never met on Twitter. I think you said a new standard fertile outward. You got her right then, as I have been Ivy League, you didn't like every time I refresh there's like something worse yet I would welcome the opportunity for you to come to my home, made my wife and kids Tartarus reformation and call me a bed bugged, my face which, like shore, the really I really enjoyed the dramatic greeting yeah he's funny, is that you
I wrote that email with the same feeling that professor corporate the tweet, which is like ha ha, I got em gotta yeah and I think this is actually sort of bread. Stevens is M o like a while back there's a story where some young journalists wrote Brett Stevens, Rudy Mail, but the way Stevens responded was to say you know basely I've a lot of friends in this town like if you want to apply for a job. If you want to try to get some sort of journalism award like you, should be careful, but this time when perceive as others the pressure takes, the email and posted to Twitter. Oh, he screenshots the email. Yeah just gets the originals. We had nine favorites after discos out the result we
It's four point. Eight thousand react immediately so that Europeans, as a very emotional announcement that he's leaving Twitter forever, because the discourse is to talk sake and then he pops up the next morning on television like he goes on. I was embassy to talk about this twitter fight, so I want to show you this, like nine o clock in the morning serious news man on tv in a suit untie soberly talk. About how somebody called him a bit bug, but I have to ask you cause. There's lots of us about this. You deactivated your twitter account after a controversy Involved, someone calling you name. Would you like to comment on that? I'm gonna be careful with my words. I know these are going to be examined carefully. So let me just go back a little bit, so I him personal email. I didn't go to Twitter. I wrote make a a personal comment, which I think was was was varies civil saying that I didn't appreciate that I would welcome him to come to my home in New York me meet with my family and see
would call me a bed bedbug to my face, because a lot of things people say on social media aren't the things that really prepared say in one on one interactions. I also copied his province on the note, and people are upset about this. I want to be clear. I had no one mention whatsoever to get him in any kind of professional trouble, but it is the case. New York Times and other institutions that people should be aware, Managers should be aware of the way in which their people, their professors, are. Journalists interact with the rest of the world that certainly the cow isn't trying to get him in any trouble. But is one of this measure to be aware of what he was also just like. These are arguments that were made when professor carp went on and pr to give a cat her interview happy about the trees. Were you ever heard of a bad, please support for, and pr and the following message: come from the region is a digital products agency that partners with business
repel gradually doesn't use Yahoo doesn't get. I revenue through innovation, learn how big it can help. You We have only had a big is vague it with little class. This neck story may offer little I'm I'm just gonna skipped the part where the professor explains exactly why he thinks Steventon Female was messed up. The key here again is him deciding to see my provost, which you discuss, dynamism BC, any said that he wasn't trying to get me in trouble. He just wanted my bosses to know what I was saying. Ceasing provost means that he's not actually inviting me over to his house he's not actually calling for civility. He is trying to use his station in life to make clear to me at a lower station in life that I'm not supposed to make jokes about him. When I, like others, is he just as a very good job of explaining
actually the subjects of the email there. It's, why are you don't mess with like a digital politics, professor? If you're gonna ask somebody far away, like he's very arrogantly, what's going on one of the seven thousand reasons why you shouldn't? Isn't that right? The next thing that happens. The story is my favorite part story. So three days later pretend you're Justine normal near time sooner. You open our beds action and you see that New York Times Ipad columnist, Bread Stevens, has written a huge peace just about the Holocaust and there's a massive picture of nazi propaganda. Minister, Joseph Garboils, anxious paragraph ever pair of just sort of Primmer on the Holocaust which threat nice forever, but you re an heroic. Why? Why, on this random August day, are we talking about this and eleven paragraphs in theirs revealed? That only makes sense to you if you have followed this drama which, as he has its cage, read the part in question in the political
said the turn human beings into categories classes and races also turn them into runs in section garbage anti seventies. Is exactly the same steel housing him are reclaiming forty three getting our devices matter of ideologies matter of cleanliness. Watching worse, Jewish ghetto burn that you're a polish, and I said I was overheard saying the bedbugs are on fire. The Germans are doing a great so he's comparing that bread services to the Holocaust in saying that professors, tweet it s a medic, because everyone on earth knows that bedbugs our code for jewish people, and that Is the rhetoric that dehumanizing people and allows for genocide is brescians jewish? He is jewish red tape. These essentially accusing of Anti Semitism is also jewish right which, like I don't know what bread services hub leaves lake. In his original Emily either some sort of reference to him believe this Anti semitic,
before us or area in the air and at some point out how and she'd have reacted in how strange, as was from to do, there is no reference to him, seeing as Anti semitic once he started to kind of get just like me, the public opinion battle this you're, this peace and like music in any event it about whatever you want like that. Those are the rules, but like just the final irony of this except backlit. Remember this is bread Stevens his whole brand is that We need to be more free speech. Liberals are voted by everything he wants to be that guy, but he also wants to get real bad about being called bedbug, and you just can't do both of those things you can't be like. You regard liberals and an act and act in a way that is like completely complete over the top. Yes, yes
because I'm homeopathic right, she don't talk about or if you want or why I as a whole second part of the sweet, so so that the Red Stevens part so area fifty one, but for going to bread, Stevens House and calling him a bedbug, so yeah so Does that mean that budgets? Are you familiar with area fifty one I have there? There are fifty one. What can you tell me about it area? Fifty One is the place after a great start. Anyway, it's an area this fifty other areas. They at the place where I think people believe
that aliens, the were conspiracy theory. I believe that the? U S military is hiding the shit that their hiding, ok right, airy. Fifty one is north of LAS Vegas and in his aid AIR Force Base, where allegedly aliens are being kept in experimented on by the? U S, government Roca and They are either dead or from common may little from count. Bianca gushing. I don't you guys I've ever seen merely in our topsy I've seen a lot of do you know about it. It's a video of authority It's like a grainy video, it's getting out of here about science you guys are laughing, but I got me on it. What was it was. Paper about whether it was real in the paper was about if it was faked, how they would affect it.
Like a crazy, I ain't, everyone, science about leg is video words like it's like. Grainy and lake serve undercover early at an undercover shot, and it's supposed to be them like doing autopsy on the alien body you really need of willing imagination to get rid of the classic pre eminent classic are got it. To area fifty one like there were rumors in the fifties and sixties, and there was like there UFO sightings in the desert yeah, but the person who really popularize area fifty one of the concept with a guy named Bob Lazar, okay in like the 80s, so I'm sure he's well known in the UFO community, because he's been talking about this for decades and this fringy documentary came out last year. That's all about how he supposedly uncovered spacecraft and technology at area. Fifty one. Let me show you the trailer.
The little started in north blush global scientist has worked and grow. Like said to beware, top secret weapon systems have been tested over the years. He has his identity zeal, they. So what's going so slick, so so the story of Bob was our. Is he not hired a facility near area, fifty one, this political groom lake. This is this is his version of events, and he says it's job was: he was contracted by the government to reverse engineer like captured, weaponry and
craft. Elevating alien ship dropped, a laser, you figure out how worse we can build our own were initially. It was like russian ok aircraft and then one day they are like. Oh, we got this other ship. You should take a look at and they brought him into a room with a spacecraft that he cause. What does he caught the sport model? Extra terrestrial, so their names like cars. The gap is as a what ended his illustrious career, reverse engineering, alien space. Cars what he you know, he decided to become whistleblowers and he starts in this documentary and everyone hates it. It is an absolutely uncritical. Look at him requires no authentication of any of the information that he says. It's just like him telling his story and it's all treated as fact them.
So the documentary comes out, it is largely ignored. One person who does not ignore it happens to be one of the most popular broadcasters in world. Joe Rogan people love jargon. Yet people do left Euro Yom and Joe Rogan like really into flying saucer stuff- and I think you're Rogan actually can sometimes be a pretty tough in reviewer, but, like he really softball this key like allow Is he won't you so much show that he has very very deferential to our man. Bobo's are, and the result is that tons of people who never would have seen the documentary about him go and watches documentary and are like talking about area fifty one again. The other thing that happened is that one of the things that they went you create. The band started a nonprofit designating two proving that AIDS or real got hold of what he said were like under the Navy videos of unidentified vying objects which turned out to be real, and the Navy confirmed
actually kind of grouping. Yeah, pretty cool but basically like ufos, were in the public consciousness this summer, because all the stuff and so like that is what is the sort of set up for the tweet that you need to know about right and what happened next is there's this kid, his name's Mattie Roberts, and he heard that Joe Rogan by was our interview and just like you,
Peace in the middle and Lighted board he's in college he's, like I'm gonna, make a joke facebook page largely for myself. For my friends whenever that is called storm area, fifty one they can't stop. All of us like it's like absurdest flash browsers, but I don't go there. You don't go so he makes a joke. Facebook page called storm area, fifty one they can't stop all of us and it says we will all need up in rural Nevada and coordinate our parties. If we Neruda run, we can be faster than their bullets within a real relent, see them aliens.
Our new route, you don't know it in a router on his don't don't now. I am. I expected you not to Alex so Neruda isn't anime about an inch training and just like the show has like such a complicated myths that I can't even begin to a good. That's for me, but I think a lot of people like it so I can say, is bad your very big animal tests, but in Neruda the most talented of an in ninja. So so they do this particular run where they sort of cock their bodies forward, and they put her firms out behind them. I'm gonna, there's no room in here to do go for it, but the article, I don't think I don't reckon the studio like getting it, yet he did not actually move but, like let the gravity of their they let the gravity of their bodies. You're living like that. Woman on the front, the rolls Royce kind of,
put their arms, had actually run. Do the running part, our guide, this area called out. Will you gotta move so like some runway now, someone has gotten up is standing at his revving himself tat. He would never do to arrive in the studio. You take your I'm going to hurt you, you're gonna run written generate I'll, be right there in the like five at length on our studio, but the important thing about the Neruda run. Isn't it you can dodge projectiles what is our are waiting for it and put your hand up ass if its enemy logic, it's just read by us. The idea is, if they, if you know run you can do
The boy so everyone's gonna reader run into areas if you aren't like here is a here's. One from yesterday it says area fifty one's gonna get ready, Hell, yeah boy, Neruda runners, where you at and it's a gift of peace, a bunch of people Neruda running on a beach. This you're really Neruda running yeah is anything but you do in real life. Yes, I mean it's like it's like outage, not like if they're trying to win a race, but like it's a thing, it's definitely like a thing that people who, as a joke or around friends. You know I mean he had just so much world out. There now feel happy like them on a beach about people inanimate yet another one that says tomorrow's the day Godspeed you majestic warriors and its link you to render an economic giant alien that shackled and there's like all these people, Neruda run and somehow the power of it just looks. Independence day, one in low earners Accident Remix of town road, oh yeah, don't you worry? I got that all taken care for you, what you know little nausea
yeah? You know old town, it's a great song, so he drops this. Video in the video is a depiction of the radar area. Fifty one he's me: like a fantasy of how the Neruda run on area. Fifty one would perfectly liberate. They think an advertisement for doing this stupid thing right and evil as acts who is like the person, best of manipulating internet right now and show him doing is also just take me. Man, like me, minded even further. Read it and young thug Mason, Ramsay, Billy, re Cyrus and count to three swearing, Neruda outfit here. I'll put it on just give him a second to collect So so this video and opens with, like I like a panning shot of the front
area and its flying in american flagrant an alien instead of stars, and there's like a sleeping guard and it pains to his cell phone and its text from little does acts that says you come and for your bra. So military roles in they get all primed for I'm kind of attack. They're all sweating bullets and Wilmas acts. In fact, Mason Ramsay and Billy re Cyrus show up on horses and behind them are, is like a herd of people Neruda running in an Keanu Reeves just cause just giving a head a little bit. Then they finally get and area fifty one and there a bunch of aliens giving them like suit of cars, hovering motorcycles in chains metallic horse and they ran away into the center
you ain't gonna thing. Did he? Ah my way more so by the time that the little as Ex video is released. This like Facebook, page that Mary Robert made as a joke for himself has million sounds of people on it, saying yes, we're going to go to area fifty one and we're going to storm it and find deal in technology, and so, in addition to feel funny very funny, like authorities are kind of work, that's on actually gonna happen and fella who organised it. He kind of freaked out a little bit because he was like, oh my god. What have I done I didn't know, anymore right has started a thing that could actually cause people harm. So he D I did. He was going to do like I'm, a music festival that were train, move the crowd from area fifty one toward this, like music festival, verging on which he was calling alien stock. How old is he he's in colleges like twenty one? Thus such a twenty one year old? It is also the identity,
and people say aliens and you're gonna get a negotiated, the music toxic so storm area, fifty one they can't stop us all was scheduled for Friday September twentieth Day is fridays at overdrive? That's right! Woe so did it happen well, as you might imagine, millions of people did not show up yet to area fifty one and last night at about through about three in the morning congenial Ellefsen couple dozen people showed up at the front of area. Fifty
two separate means combined bedbug one in an era, fifty one when we're getting bedbug when first it professor called near times the calmness, Brett Stevens, but Siemens then made a big deal out of this said this was akin to an anti semitic slur from the Holocaust and actually wrote the professor and email in which he see seed, the professors boss, the provost and told him in the email. This is the worst thing of urgent internet, and why did you come to my house and common bedbug to my face? Yes, that's that, but part right, the area fifty one part in the last year area. Fifty one has become this really big thing on the internet, because there is a document that came out about a UFO conspiracy, tourists and a kid this young man to joke on line saying like ha ha ha. Wouldn't it be fun if we all went to area fifty one and did some they got an rude or run into area. Fifty one and rescue the aliens and was sort of a joke
but to my face. Yes, that's that by part right, the area fifty one part in the last year area. Fifty one has become this really big thing on the internet, because there was a documentary. They came out about a UFO conspiracy theories and a kid this young man made joke when line saying that car wouldn't it be funny. If we all went to area fifty one and did some they got a Neruda router run into
Fifty one and rescue the aliens and it was sort of a joke, but then, as sometimes things happen with jokes, actually, people showed up at every fifty one demanding to see the aliens ok. So that's the air, if, if you in part- and so the jug of the sweet is the writer is imagining that a group of people are taking the area, fifty one treatment and applying it to the breadth, Stevens invitation to come to his house and comma bedbug. I think worry us our very much her yes, yes, yes, that's amazing! That was one where it would like. Actually, once I got the full story- and I read it again- it was a hundred two hundred fifty times more driver. It's like you need the three glasses retaliated three glasses in as and when they had a moment ago
They died donkey suggesting you deserve your check. Just forty minutes. Forty minutes vaccination and it's a get you coming up after the break mobile. This episode is brought to you by better for it.
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I can see that another yeah I everybody on the shows us about me. I'm always turn a sneak like dance music in to reply all episodes if he were here like a crazy tat now that just before the break, no, that was me yes and the thing about mobile, it's it's a game must show its sat in the world of hip hop they managed to do this thing with their podcast, which is like. Merging of music and story in a way that I just really love to listen. While walking round- and I just wanna tat- I hoping we could play the first half of the second episode for people and doing is doing
Set up, all you need to know is that the entire season seem to have mobile is a bow to live crew, which is this Miami based group that essentially set the stage for hip hop in the south. You should also know that it's a ban, that for better or for worse, introduced, really ranches sex crimes into hip, hop and that's part of what this whole seasons about, but for this club it means Definitely doubtless my kids go. I've got bases, is hey part from the south from a land of they'd guarantee, and his aids known for extremely, like upbeat, dance, rhythm and boots. If you to make a sort of not generic, but if you had to make a common face, be with your mouth, what would be sound like bump bump bump
oh I do I do is I based under the gun baby from the Bahamas, is like that in being denied the directive being debated, that party rhythm is properly rhythm. Caribbean plenty with amazement and make a funk, and so that's what you were doing garbage cans or industrial school lunch role of its festival, beep sounds like a pieties egg, The sound of my army is a sound of a city surrounded by islands. The basically about in part of health issues, Jamaica and my name is Cuba for regions individually is because we did what we are so will we The school behaviors ages editor we're due value Try to take over eighty million
in his old. They will give way to my enemies will in Jamaica they said she and it was like we all went to school together over the years people come from all these place to live in Miami when they came, they brought their beats with them and those beats. They became the backbone of Miami base. The way I would describe Miami Base is guys Joms comedy a regular base, an calypso with a temple. Goin about a hundred and twenty two hundred and thirty brings a minute. Aid away man, eight nine days- On the other hand, from his cab do as some high hat?
a nice and snare snap of pop, Finally, in green thing, never really sets me. Far from everything else, deep booming base, face. I love, they say, that's good, that's good This is not really Miami Bass Base unless it knocks heart, beats game. Inside your brain or past your brain inside here, solar, whatever is in there and just makes you talk and want to funk out have fun. A lot of people consider two live crew, throw the d to be the first true bass record with rappers delight: what's the hip hop
the DE, was the Miami base. When a group drop that single and eighty six, the captured the sound of my army and put it away but outside of three or five, hardly anyone, it hurt, basing or the to live group. That was all about the change, because the two, I've cruel gonna, going to take this new, sound and add something of their own lives, so outrage and so dirty that they permanently change the hip, hop landscape and Luke Campbell, the king of the pack Jim, he was gonna, take the six loss of new sound and he was gonna, sell it to the world on Brandon, Jenkins, and on this episode of Mobile paper gets
nasty, when throw the d started to pop off the two live crew, were a duo. It was MR mix on the decks, crafting the beats and producing the records, and it was fresh kid ice in the mic, spitting, rhymes, to mix figured that the bank would be even better if they added an additional m c, and he knew just the right person marquise from the tools crew, day colonies, old school, early basin, triple energy at a rap game. Official Physico Indra, you off
follow me on Instagram Brother Marquise had to live through our one word mark Demetrius on Facebook. Furthermore, keys I met Mr Mix Outing only a few years earlier. They hit it off and mixed or Marquise then ever needed. Another wrapper hated him up a kind of marketable, not bad? again, I bank, in bright with Marquise, on board the two of crews. Lineup was complete. So the object of this shit and moved across the country to the place where their music was hot weather, Ma Am Luke Campbell had made the crew a hidden patch him, and now he had offered to manage the group. He told them that once they got to Miami he'd have get them a record. Do you also told me set them up with the place to live up to Europe?
Asia was. We were living at his girlfriend house that he was shack and not with mobs house, while the mob, the daughter, looks, live with her head and convince them to allow me Marquise Ankara's to live there, the house until he could get an apartment for we was therefore a month, One of the most surprising things about the story is that none of the architects of the Miami base Sound were actually from Miami. They were all outsiders, but soon, as I got there, they were ready to dive in they wanted to make music that sounded and felt like their new home hat towns. Time. You know the whole atmosphere, yes it. This is a party in and sexy Nora me dad.
Shaken yes and sex shortly, moving to my aiming to group start to work on a Sancho moves, something it would take all the things they were seeing in hearing in doing in Miami and stir them into a thumping base track. First, the drumming. Mr Mixed Brown, that ETA Highschool Football game see my sea is renowned for its high school, marching dance, their big their loud and their citing the watch that inspires stomachs. What are the high schools down near? A breakdown in their drug lie routine and they would say, moves they're going to sell gonna drop solemn day who so mixed attached and it became the foundation for the song or something,
whoo hoo, but they needed something else to really make it path. Since the early days when he was spinning an air force, Barracks MR makes it been playing around with the idea of using samples from x rated comedy wreck. Shit like this. You know they got a new douche nice out. In have made out of our air live, be again. Tankard colonel said this chicken that makes your pussy tie and fry and leg in design from comedians, like will want page richer prior, were incredibly rocky mixed figured that sort of stuff would play well with the Miami crowd, see
sexual lies in the market was alluded. I can put those parts and pieces in and it would be funny Abby Raw and all that stuff based on how those people's acting in Miami this does it. While you were crazy, Dounia Florida may become a see that those records real life night mix was listening to escape by Lawanda Pages Skillet Library and that's where he found the perfect sample for moves something did you know that will drop your draw them over? Your legs are wide So that's what do the regular directed so makes had to be here? now. The song you lyrics, that was where Marquise NICE came in as soon as they heard the song they knew their rhymes. How did he dared?
And they swung for the fences. Wanna tell you, although I always down, let's go to the ball, you could somebody in the dominant just do what I wish they don't. Let me watch backside like doth. Do we can do it did not move the way most something was made. There was pretty much to have crews formula did find a sample or something that inspired them mixed with crafted and then I isomer keys, will lay down their vocals in mind. English language for words that IRAN with Dick and it was easy rhymes that made the two live crew stand out these days. We take it for granted that sex plays a big part in hip hop. We all know. Ky is my neck. My back we've all seen Nelly swipe your credit card down a dangerous ass crack in the tip drill, video, the back in the late 80s when two live crew were starting out. This stuff felt really new mix Marquis and I swear the flag,
There's board flying the freak flag and we'd. Only wrappers out here talking talking, really really crazy. When it comes to sex yeah, nobody else is doing it. What they did was due way of fully uncensored. This is Jacob tell Jacobs a journalist it might have started the episode explaining Miami vase. They started talking about fucking. And they did so with no remorse why they put it out there all the way, cuz, that's normal. That's what real people doing real life. The two live crew had their product booming bass in endless rhymes about screwing.
But now they need to get their music out there and that's where the camel comes in, looked like what he was hearing and thought. I would appeal to a much bigger audience in just the kids, the action he was ready to shoot this shit into the stratosphere after the break new camel poos. All this thing in the World sex self, That is our previous model. If you want hear there s a story, you listen to season week by week on whatever partners for use or if you are a spot, if I had, the whole season is available right now,. While those who buy me give out Grouse Goldman reproduced by
in any event, in Damietta Mark Hetty, Anatoly Jessica, young and manual Jerky, our executive producers TIM, our were mixed: Pirate Kwan fact, shaken by Michel. Errors are internal, Emily Rationing, special thanks, we too like referring We have new logo, my nose, the lesson of you like it. If you don't just send us now, it's IRA glass at this American might not come our theme I used by mysterious progress, cylinder and our add music is by build buildings. Matt Library is twenty bucks in your pocket, in Georgia and Spotify wherever you get your part, gas thanks reasoning was a couple weeks.
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