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#154 The Real Enemy, Part 3


The conclusion of our story — Emmanuel and Sruthi go down to Alabama as tensions in the party reach a boiling point.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen on sport, fi or wherever you get your pot. from give up this file and he gave up and this is part three. The conclusion of our story, the real enemy- if you haven't heard part one and two, you should go back otherwise We are not going to get a sense, so here's area, At the same time, the Republicans arguing to campaign for the twenty twenty elections Democrats in Alabama
are fighting each other during an internal battle for control. The party on one side, Senator Doug Jones, who believes that the only way Democrats can be the Republicans is with new leadership on the other Jared who believes that if Doug Jones gets his way, it'll be a future for our Burma. That looks like the past a democratic party whereby people are taking marching orders from white people. So, as you pick our story, backup amino has two Alabama see who will win this fight a man I'll take it from here. I live in Alabama in early October and with my produces trophy, hello, hello, hello. We are rolling. The driver beyond a half and burning into Montgomery web. Basically, this whole story has taken place replying in TAT, Montgomery, greener,
This is the home of the alibi. My democratic party and I ve been to reach home since nineteen sixties, and whenever I talked to read on the phone he would do this thing web would be talking about something very rooted in the present and immediately you take that thing, as are talking about in the past- and I am ashamed to say that my reaction of this was the sort of like ok, I get it like. I know my history, but it's one thing to you? An old man took about Dixie Crap, hiding behind every corner and is something completely different to be driving down sixty five on your way to Montgomery and see a giant confederate flag like I'm doing the biggest flag. I've ever seen for anything anywhere thinks he's out Montgomery Gunnery, but a really went. Anyone like those policies, bus stop it's a stone's throw away from our hotel. We drive, we see the church weight, one street where it is by mistake.
We see the very same capital. Building wedge old Wallace declared segregation forever. We decided to visit the Alabama Democratic Party headquarters because for weeks, I've been trying to get in touch with Nancy early as in her ear males they bounce back. So I tried calling her again and again is not available now boxes, for I cannot accept any message to think. Ok, let's just go to her office. That was you. That was it turn it slow. Your daddy was describing were quite clear by permanent out of time, let her we pull up to a party building and it just looks completely out of place like that. Is beautiful building, but it's a lot like the White House because next to it,
the buildings like the capital and then like this tiny sad little Brown Box, and the only reason we even know in the right place if the chips, why wouldn't sign out front is that it is not the time it's two p m in the afternoon. The work day and nobody's here but binds drawn the lights, are off as a sign in the window a temporary out of office. You may leave a message. Somebody will return him. Why? Don't you call this number? I naturally ivory Nancy Wally's, mailbox levels is for the knowledge that any messages at this time so I couldn't financing, but I knew what she had to be doing at the moment, which is that somewhere, Joanna allies were putting together a battle plan, because we were just who, days away from the sd, see meaning Doug Jones goal. Just two
play away from the meeting where Doug, Johnson and allies hope to change vaginal. Read rule the part of the the Bible give Joe HE source of power, his majority, and so two days later, went about meeting wondering if Nancy and Joe my show up in person remaining takes place in a big dram hotel born we get there, and there are dozens of people moving about this talking and I'm standing there waiting for the meeting to stop. I start to do is being that and you as a black man and a large majority white spaces. Farmers markets cast a rapid concerts but broken based podcast company, where I work which is that when I walk into a room, I'm always counting I'm trying to see how many other back people are there. I do that in this room most Smith, economic May delays like white people, A kind of looks like like an old presbyterian church like ten minutes before us is the fact that I see so few black faces in this room means
but John Reed and his allies have decided to skip it. Doug Jones has not been able to gain any combat, but one that Democrat I do see if Chris England is an ally of Dog Jones and when I dont know it Chris will be the new pact Fox, the new nominee for parties, Ankara's, how you I ask him how he feels about how white this meaning is. Don't you like Jerry and on the waiver of framing it bear like. Oh, what what's happening to Morrow is like a white meaning. I'm a tightening next week is a black man I don't know I guess I'm looking around like, I see some black people out of the it, but when you look, this room. What do you say? Democrats, support is supposed to look like lacking and widen young and old minutes. This is suppose supposed to work on Chris England.
Long serving black member in the Alabama State House is very good at diplomacy and today, with Nancy Absent Chris has taken place. He's temple Sheriff of a day he's the one running, the meaning and watching up on the podium. I think to myself if it is an addition to prove that he's better a job and Nancy Quizzes. Eighty onstage plus he's qualified is well liked, a dozen herpes back either a few weeks from now when Greece Fifthly, announces his candidacy. Your immediately erode typifies the support member. She was The package as well today, TAT
supporters of inner room, but is actually absent, which is probably the best, because the way Greece is running this meeting is the exact opposite of every country heard from democracy by Skype. Vision he's practically sprinting for the agenda, which is acting as if nothing weight is happening as if Nancy Joe, don't exist. He presented by laws that will strip to read of of his power and without discussion all debate. Russia's Ventre though Ok
trivia and I are looking at each other confused. I wait but meetings over it's been eight minutes. I think that if Jos first big mistake by was given the DMZ a reason to comes out about the second one just happened right not like here in this room, you could have sent his allies. Both Chris down to stop all of this, but he told them to stay away from the meeting, but it was a fake kissing than you, MR agenda, meaning, but as soon as he does, somebody makes a dramatic entrance emotions a black woman. Wang big hoop hearings are full dress and wedge heels strains up to them. Like he's late cause, she's, always late. It's Dimitrios Dmitri point out the obvious by crossing.
Bad pretending that Joe and Nancy like having a meeting into one week's time is a vote. We did today even gonna account opposed to that. I'm not opposed to that listing. Do things as as, as the word of God says, in order So I know I'm going to win this battle, what we ve done here today, boot or. Who knows all the last speaker today to arrange yesterday and financial rules authorized us doing today, so everything is about Chris and other. The consummate politician is dozing Behalf Demetrius question here and it's a question that
but every one in the room has one week from now, Nancy and Joe are going to have their own meeting. I'm just gonna all of us. It's a tough question and a few minutes later with ends demeaning about really having incidents Did you know? Alabama angry has two separate time zones. Aren't you found this out when I half an hour late lifestyles, half an hour, we d like a really what an interview have Randy Kelly Stone Share Red man. Also the vote. She had an empty worthy Fisher Jargon, I wanted to know about Rennie's anxieties going into this battle like what it was just troops for thinking about it
maybe not, but what is this place? Is a church, eczema, pastor, I'll call caused. Many gives me a told. His office and parliamentary shows B is war. You know of wool photos, Yoni Embassy in a pizza parlor or like a politicians office? That's me incorrect sky king here as students for Miss King cost s right great thousand their social projects. Rather, you everybody, that's just a Jackson. Jested Jackson was one who employers meaning. About in in politics, along with doktor e, don't you read, ranks highly on Randy's wall of heroes. They go back more than thirty years. He's, always been just a calm, safe differentiated leader is a person. Is professional, their steel. He knows the wheels and a man as a political,
yes, he's, really big K outsmarted. We say that They cannot small, and what do you mean whether use the black, both they can control the white both is useless. Open up some black person that they can control. There are man, Heaven diversely long. They can be in George. As far as Randy's concern Joe Red is the one has been protecting black the grants from being turned into water, boys and water girls for Doug Jones and over the Joneses before him and the jury read rule. It is mainly on defence, so these new bylaws Dr Jones is pushing for once it would dilute the turbid rule. Run is extremely suspicious of them. Even the parts that on their face, seemed completely inoffensive. What's the thing you have circle, here, the thing that should be new diversity, gulls. What so? What's the problem that were at bay? They parted need to be working towards diversity goes, and if I am all for diversity, why not just take Doug Jones?
plan. Then, like eight is like you, don't have a problem with those changes the journals get out. I guess ways offering doesn't seem to be It doesn't seem like it would dilute black power. Lies want to understand the caribbean details, but I'm not voted. No in laying the dirt Jones and Tom Piraeus has come. Even if those bylaws were did the same thing that you'll buy be allowed to get mean a heaven. You wouldn't loafer, I wouldn't for any they came up with it. Not too Randy. You know it's not just white people who signed all navies bylaws this black people to back people actually help right. These and Randy was the cycle, those that people are just doing. The bidding of white people like Doug Jones White People, Randy says who want to take the party back to the days of the old south.
They get the government out Gov Emma gotta see how to operate in a few look at their facebook posed. A get some low group you will see all is has still to it that they have on these boats, but Facebook why was on this story over and over again. I am conversations way why people would tell me Rita Randy by making this fight about race- and this is not about rice coming closer Doug Jones asked me: have you talked to back people on our side, and you know I did took two black people on their side and even then people who are staunch Dogtown supporters who want to change with Jerry WAR. They told me but in the Alabama Democratic Party there are places where they don't feel. Welcome and one of those places is closed. Facebook group veracity see members. I talked a woman named Monica Riley, whose intergroup Monica Young Seed Bank Cheetah Doug, Joan supporter. He then she seen white people.
That group wonder how it is Jerry get so many black people, the meanings Cinemas questions like what the hell did. You do send cabs to the projects to pick up any one with a pulse one time he saw a white Democrat asking a black Democrat, what it would take photographer eyes now to get the backbone I don T mean to say you know that people are not a monolith and this woman, just when oftener see wait. France is the black we need they'll want anybody to like they are being hurt. You saying that, and I quote war I heard day the reason I swear to God: S takes the dac reads, whereas he pays their bills and take them to the doctors of white birds that, where the reason the Alzheimer politics are down the drain, that bread for domestic reasons but problems in the state. Now you have those same people were once again.
It would seem like their concerned with how you feel and as soon as I get upset the true colours pop out, it show, ladies and gentlemen, Monica Room Missus bitterly the definition of a dictograph. So yet reality is, when Randy talks about there being white people in his own party, who are only interested in black people. They can control is not wrong. Like those white people do exist and some of them a dog Jones Supporters and Randy, please have a those people getting rid of Nancy Joe and him that's just a beginning with just the tip of the iceberg. They want their but jar to blast. They see only State democratic Executive Committee go as far as I am all fight to make sure that black steel have their revolution.
And become a win all fight to keep black representation, almost black box, a fault bleared and dive. While right, the vote would be turned over a great debutante over in their graves because they died for total. You doctor haven't had to see you we. If we work is move as we do is because we walk across the carpet, pay with blue we ve had to fight for it. Then we got a life form and we still in a fight right now give you like. I hope that you will accept I know, look at win and all the time now go we near refined, but the main thing is fighting violence during fight in a good fight. But like what, if you could win without fighting, were actually is no way in what I find it renders a fighter but who is in his blood,
he's, not worried about the fight between the Jones and Jerry, destroying the Democratic Party to Randy. His side is the Democratic Party and if they lose, the Democratic Party will cease to exist. So October, twelve, the day of Nancy Ngos as Deasey, meaning the mean, takes place in a shrine asshole and I have no idea what was trying as holders, but there were giant gold statues of sphinxes outside inside your way more like people than the last meeting room is packed sitting that I see Nancy ineffectual. The first time he's on the podium, gabbling hand, wringing losses on law and justice.
Get away from her sitting down nearby is Joe Red, Joe reach sure. Maybe five eight bold and he has like this semi permanent skeptical expression on his face. Dodges isn't now, but his allies are because what they know is that Nancy passes these new bylaws. They will basically be two different democratic parties in Alabama and if that happens, but is never which parties the wheel one. That decision could be made. Alabama Secretary of State, a Republican so Nancy's to move with the agenda, we are now Nancy Strategy to be straightforward enough, but any of it meeting didn't happen and right off the bat. The meaning is a brutal. Jones is Eliza, yelling he's ignoring of course,
motor will not be recognized, who we get to when we get to dismiss. It will be recognized. The meeting three hours I ve ever the podium, knew the entire time. She's relentless pauses our own set of bylaws, one that don't touch the general rule with the backing of Joe reads allies and then just ends the mean even as people screaming bloody murder and just like that, the meetings over, The thing that time, if I was so afraid of, has come to pass. There were two sets of bylaws two parties essentially the feeling in the room
at the moment after somebody drop something very old and expensive on the floor and it shatters people filter out, and then I see Nancy pretty much alone. For the first time all day, she finally sits down an aside from a couple of people. She- and I are the only people left in the room when I I'm working on this story, the biggest question at hand was why Nancy of all the people in the wild Jerry could have chosen to be friends with and to go to war. For why her I wanted to know, but despite dozens of emails, constant phone calls and had no luck getting hold of her and now He she was the person of whom all of its fighting and started right in front of me. So I go up and introduce myself I know Josie. I ask you to say that to me ever see. Thank you. Thank you. I do you have time. You'll do have like
represent our chat about all of this idea about along the longer you talk to me. The long I can say is gonna grab a new set of batteries and cause has been going all day and I'll be right back in mice. I'm going to get my batteries out. I drop one and, as I pick it off the ground, I seen as his feet I super swollen and bruised and she's resting away a sort of multi If, as I am to be journalism Gaza, I finally got a Nancy worthy for an interview, I don't feel good about. The fact that the only reason I've got Nancy Worley, if that she literally
move away from me. So, Oscar, listen: how about we just meet tomorrow, night related services, that this is the Democratic Party Office headquarters nice, the inside of a party of is, is pretty messy like the stacks of what looked to be pretty important papers just on every possible surface, so Nancy it I care about a little space where sit down and start talking and then her phone rings. That's my cell phone. I bet you, my voice. Mail is full, so that's good. I noticed the rank or the other boys bills will always say now understand that is done. Intention we began with an dungeon. Well, then you don't have to get a new messages of people dealing. To do one more thing right, I got. My calendar is full
law public officials and my group, many of them have ignored Michael's, but now is the first one ever dislike come right out and admit it took me a tea, but in some ways it is an open book. Ninety tells me about her life. How, in the but in some ways it is an open book. Ninety tells me about her life, how in the eighties, she got involved in the teachers union when she made one of the most. Wouldn't friendships. I was very long and eighty three eighty forward and I ran for the presidency about yea and worn and doktor aid was always very helpful. He'd come in and sit down and talk to me and we'd have a great conversation and I felt like I got to know him really whale, and I found him to be Just one of the most gracious generous can people I've ever met before we talked a job at all kinds of fairies who I showed pick Nancy, like maybe Joad forty was easier to control.
All that some time ago they made a pact to unite and take powerful themselves, but financing the Foundation of Adventure with Joe wasn't political. I've read it with Joe was a real one, a friendship I started away, so many friendships do is more and despicable acts of kindness access Is that still make Nancy really emotional? I remember an incident Alice actually coming to an eight year. Or maybe now this was before. I was president in eighty three, eighty four I was driving down the interstate. I had a flat tire. I had no earthly idea how to fix their flatter. I finally got out of my car and started waving it people passing them interesting. So they know that I need some help and after I had stood out there for what seemed like eternity I vehicle pulled over and it was not raid and- and he wanted to.
How you could help me he didn't even realize who I was until he got out of the car and walked back to it. Oh he just pulled over because he saw over because he saw somebody in need of help and he's that kind of person is. He always comes to your rescue when he can not injure remain friends and use later, Joe, also to run for by show of a party she held that job for a while. Until we they have phone rang, it was a party. I got a call on a Friday afternoon, I was driving south to the beach and the executive director said Mark is going to resign as of Monday, and it's all yours
and I don't even have a key to the building. I mean you know I was like shot beyond words. We did was decimated ever wanted. You want to punish, never even thought rather than had, even though your vice, I guess, because this party was so trenched in long term, male chairs, that I'd never considered the possibility of being chair may now. I just I didn't think it would happen it. Maybe in my lifetime, Nancy said that when she took the job she found out at the party was hundreds of thousands of those in debt and she decided to spend the next six years trying to pay it down. She did that
only way you could think of which was a dramatically cut down services like the little the alibi. Madame regrets used to do all of that went away. Nancy Gulf that for that, but she fought most people understood what she was doing, what she had to do, which is why in twenty eighteen, when newly elected, though Jones comes to see her essentially to ask, if I were, the nation Nancy just thinks he's therefore social visit. Really thought. He'd come by justice, almost a courtesy call light while I'm in Montgomery. So I probably should stop by the party outfits right. So he starts his conversation about. You know how great great wonderful I am and and then he wanders off into how he knows my health is very bad, and I listen to this for a while and I'm thinking wonder where he got that information from, and I finally said Doug, I don't know who's told you that I'm ill, but unless you know some
My doctor is not tell me, I don't think I'm Ale Massey had dug Jones and see someone who thinks he knows how to do a job better than she does. She doesn't believe. Even stands what it is. She does all day made in particular because through the years you ve been the bosses, you ve been the leaders in every institution as a result of that you tend to believe that your role should be a big towel, salary of authority and power, but not so much the grunt and groan work. I mean there have been times here at this party office that I've had to scrub the toilets. You know, because we don't have a custodian who comes in once a week, but I dont think Doug would be at all interested in doing any of that many gauss. Don't you think it's probably time, then you would like to
wash your hands of this job while you're ahead. You know I have one and and and you're ahead now, but you need to think seriously about leaving and little does Doug Jones know. But when you say something to me Worley like you better leave or else Hale would phrase, I refer, I'd walk out on something would resolve yes, Hale could phrase I were before I would leave off. I spoke to Nancy. I took the dog Jones. I wanted to give him a chance to respond, and I read now seize common stand. Bourbon time say of his party office for I've had to scrub the toilets. We don't have a custodian who comes in once a week, but I dont think dog would be at all interested in doing any of that no she's.
She's right, but here's the difference yes of scrub toilets before ok have done it. The difference is she's had to do that, because she couldn't raise any damn money to hire somebody to do it, We had no functioning party, it amend, I don't know if you ever went over to that office. But if you looked around that office there were stacks of papers just papers in papers. You you go through. There were things on her Ask that were certified mailings to her that were on open that were dated in twenty thirteen were twenty thirteen yeah I mean it was absurd. The condition of that office- and it was because we couldn't raise money- to man the offices and do the things and to bring that office the twentieth century, much less the twenty first century. When Nancy said about how would rise over before she stopped finding Doug Jones, she meant it
in a way that follow she and Joe fight with everything. I've got one of a for republic and Secretary of state to way in which Democratic Party not abandoned as the real one Nancy and Joe Follow lawsuit. They suit of Jones aside, try to prevent them from holding an election Nancy scrambles to pay a chinese fees before greasing and has a chance to get a hold of the parties bank account. Unfortunately, Nancy tells Joe about this plan buys whilst diving, a young Democrat, Doug Jones Ally, not Jones, goes ahead with the election for political life. The Alabama Democratic Party is chosen new leadership today. Democrats voted state representative Chris Angle to replace Nancy Warley as Party stress England, but that guy who'd been temporary. I have a dog Jones, meaning he becomes a new chair. Nancy lose opposition, Randy does too
Bite is even as good as team moves into the Democratic Party office. Nancy continues to show up for work. They all just crammed into the same space until one day now. Get frustrated. He tells every one in the room that they have to leave us we'll get a gun. J D claims. He was half joking Christianity blocks anyway and to make things worse for Nancy, the republican Secretary of state publicly acknowledge is Chris England, as the new leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Red, Nancy. Worthies rain is effectively over. So what does this brave new world? Look like won't? For starters, it's nothing like the Dixie Grant Nightmare Ledger read and write like a bunch of people join the party
the day was England is elected. This group of people is genuinely diverse, like their white people, eligibility Q, people Latinos. Most importantly, there are tons of young black people and in the months ahead we ll turn their attention to the real enemy. You know the Republicans, but big challenges like but obstacle to be making Alabama is gerrymandering and is actually a bite. My Democrats have one once before, but this time it looks like vote into battle. Without the people who never wore the best Joe read, the fighter has been sidelined, decreasing the one party chance he held a press conference and he was asked in it whether he had anything to say to Nancy worthy. The answer that Chris gave, I think, sums up the parties message, de jure Red Avenue Democrats message to the old.
Five words. Thank you for your service Emmanuel. Judging he's crucify shout. It requires me he gave out our common reproduced by Fourthly, the dominating the abandoned Damietta Mercury and Folly Jessica. Male Georgie, our executive producers, him Howard, we're makes this week by requiring Catherine Anderson backtracking by Michel. Harris are Internet Rachel. Cone, earthy music is voting, shares break Mr Santer,
this again is absurd by break master cylinder, Luke Williams and Marianna Ramada special thanks as we kill and harm on car Mc Clure, rarely Davidson Brian Lyman, Emily Rosiak, Janae, Pierre and John O'Leary, Matt, however, is a holiday party were known, says anything weird you find our show in spite of eye or every get your party ass, they for opening was he in January.
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