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#156 The Cure for Everything


PJ and Alex open up the hotline again to tackle listener problems and mysteries, no job too weird. This time – a Waze vortex, a tribunal for HawtNugz, and a powerful mystery cure that could topple the world into dystopia.


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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each so print Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes, they ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen unspent, Fi or wherever you get your podcast this episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams, plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more. Try Osanna for free visit, asano dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dot com. Get this reply or mediaeval and I'm electrical Alex yeah?
from time to time. There's a thing we do in the show where we open up the reply, I'll hotline, wheat mostly like questions from others that are technical nature, sometimes a circumstance past that the weird better honestly, the way to the better and we put out the cock of weeks ago. We had some great cause, we're going for you. Let's do it yeah,
hello, allow what they had to this man in San and I'm here with my friend cake and then at Cavan, Bennett, yeah yeah. There were no its, not weird what what does all have one problem or three different problem yet well, would you have we all have one? Can a shared dilemma? Ok! Well, what is it
ok so I'm last week I got like a weird message, but like a friend on Facebook, we will grow what about the messengers intrinsically we'll? What does it say while every just like a quick question, I'm having like a phone problem? There's not too many people online to act? Sorry and it was laid. Do you mind if I like? Send you a quick taxed at them? Use screenshot their conversations? I can have the number from it. Does she mean no, like that, like code number that, like a confirmation number to get into like
like a website, shirts ochreous you with the eyes that way, unlike because I'm not like you were happy outweigh ok, sir I'm home. So I saw him. I thought you would like, with your number real quick make under my broken bones and man, and then those who sent me the tax and the nice. We decided the like code myself back there and then the software patents and though they appear weird, but anyway, I think much of it and then about like a week after I first got their national it weird methods. I I without with my friend and I got a instagram message, but my other friend being a K. I think your facebook account got hacked love like what would have happened to, or basically a bunch of people on my friend blessed we're getting messages like this when I was a little like blue the same method exactly so what
I would like to call a home what the heck I posted like an instant story. Being like hey, like don't, replied any messages like I'm back, getting hath right now and off the report, my count, but they went and deleted it on the ground. Has its connectivity of these work but is often acted, the room is leaving it's not about the ruinous endangered supposin bright. Exactly I'm my friends who outweigh Kate, who is here now she like methods, the are group tat on pay, something like Haider applied, any messages that transcend she think half right now and the person who is on my account father method and left the group immediately like like unfriended. All the people who make group is ever k which yeah
and then I kept getting like I'm like with your call me into his life. He was a very sound like you, but I gave her my number and like we like the kind of cabling messaging, the hacker through her account and like the replies it they're sending us would like? Oh, don't worry about it like she'll get her her account back in twenty four hours. I'm not doing anything malicious like you, don't have to worry about it and that in itself is the restrictions that are like, and this request
The gamma Gaviria imposed anything like it in morally wrong now count I've got exactly. They seem like they're, just trying to like sweet as many account is possible, but like why. I have a guess: Iverson strong theory for you, based on something a heavenly this weekend, which is like I've been trying to scare me. So I've been trying to get rid of this broken treadmill on Craigslist. What everyone treasure cells, aircars us is the same thing. South Africa is. This is the same thing which is like, I said what I think is a super low price and, like I wouldn't know, lower offers, and then people low bombing and I get mad and then give it away for free out of anger. Mark yeah really. So Did that like a whole thing happen and find as this and is gonna put it out with free, saying many roads of undeclared so curve debt.
And this guy had a mail me and was like hey. I'm I'm really interested like new semi, your phone number to discuss as like listen man. I was he with you. You still want to pay for it as a union to pay for it. It's outside my house, you can go, get it and he was like a white really like to call to discuss this I I can change your mind. If I can change listen, you deserve some money yet an end so you like, you, might keep em your front. I, as I know, and I ended up- and there was this person was trying to scare me, but I don't know how
I mean like clearly this person one. I remember I tremble, so I search online and I found the thing about how basically in the hunt to get people's phone numbers to plug ins like Robo call databases there now scammers shoe trawl, Craigs List, just getting email addresses, postpone numbers, puss names or even just like working phone numbers, and so the whole scam agree this just get my phone number. My guess is that the person whose working through your account once there I am- they have the names of all your friends. In the latter case, they have their email addresses their phone numbers, like my guess, is they're going to make us spam databases being as possible should be better by getting asked that said, many lake phone number and I was talking about it all went one where it had like ass and make a lot of effort, but the fact that something is willing to engage like multiple emails with me just to get one phone number
amazing, oh yeah, definitely does make sense because every account they cracked up how he getting like me. I know honey, Facebook, friends, you have money like family like twelve hundred yeah, so that's like a twelve hundred person database that probably worth some time. Ok car. I write well think so much and I think, and I thought I was going to make pewter again. This is Alex MPG, whose s well, This is from Chicago has again it's gone all right. I have a question of technical in nature. If we are going to go to sleep, my name new away, so
This is really weird super weird, but so I'm pretty sure I might have figured out the cure. Two bombing was like here last worker, so basically it's I am then at whether your profession, I'm actually a software engineer. I work at it. The tech company so not like follicle genetic- just now I did take some signs classes in college and there is some sense behind ITALY from Biochemistry added it. Sir, just tell me this.
How you found this well, I suppose. So basically you know my dad is it then balding for a while twin brother who identifiers, eternal thing, eternal, so yeah, so you know there's a chance that he has a much stronger, balding being done it on his allotted weird stuff about how bobbing works. Anyway, I well ok with you, There is one thing that I have to say that that kind of makes this sort of interesting honour, weird, which any deaf ears about. Is it sort of like a limited supply of this thing? The thing that is the is this all white:
bet? None of this is no bed ambitious, as it did the mysterious like act, serum that might cure bodiced. There's a limited survive it on earth. Yes, there is? I feel like I've hurrying on marine rain. This sounds like Doktor Jacqueline, MR hide. Have you ever read it the guy accident? We create easier and turn them into an animal, and then he can't figure out a cure wig. I thought I'd turn him in Mr High, yet MR hides kind of like an animal man he's like and at first he's like I love it, I'm gonna take. Why are there so many takes a morning? I don't know I'm turning into a permanent way to actually No, I do not really know. What is this? What is the servants who have you seen approach because it says a lot can be traced back so that anyone ha but there's these jet I rightly raises no
what is going on? What is needed tell us, what's your view very coil of ass, a meteorite eagle eye, so here's a problem not only have you the market. No, no! That's not what I'm concerned, because if it comes out then it is almost by nature and have the limit I mean the thing is, I think there might be ways the sort of increase the supply a little bit, but the thing I'm concerned is that if it comes out, then only like wealthier people off and they will be sort of like you'll live in ITALY's Toby aware are the poor people are barred. Another rich people have like luscious lashes ice of hair. I can't hear you in any thing is, if not lake related to hear like it, It has a lot of ramifications for like health and why not
it now to give you a letter that it's the things if I'd say what it is that it you know it is already moon rocks. What is ahead of the founding fathers matters are pretty plentiful supply, Yentl ever answered calendar make their hair all along and shiny is also very soon. Thing in a similar way. Are you have you gotta? Have I've gotta, give us something or we need to end the phone call. You make me crazy over here Tell us something. If I let you go
but I can't we gotta go because I dont know what we can do to help you here today is very curious. Why do you think this miss misery? Substance cures bought this? Oh because I'm sort of in testing it I myself, but how do you know that stopping you from going bothers you just idle involve yes, I mean I could be like a crack quietly. I could be completely wrong like this could be some I understand they put. The thing is I've noticed like very, very suspect, so differently, but I feel I can't be chalked up like you are starting to lose your hearing that stop you're, losing your hair and did your hair grow back, oh yeah, and if anything is lake I can in obviously genetics different between fraternal twins, bet.
My brother has progressed way more and I have certain: why don't you give him some your style yeah? Don't you get that? Would he would be a good way to test? I think the thing is it's kind of freak. And that's why I hesitate to say we would mean it's kind of freaky. It's got. It sounded like the very strange: it's not that it's it's, what is it It is almost mad at I'm. Gonna, be this room with an I'm out email, you guys, player yeah sides, there So that's! Ok! This is a very strange Fogel very curious budget. Is an email
but I still don't know exactly what you're calling into question is. Oh, it's just like that. The question is: how will you deal with that, though exert this? This scarce had still been problem because if it comes out, then you know like it's almost like a philosophical question like, What do you do it? Would you rather not? Is there that the missed the miseries others that marrying I care about? Is it something as you for in other ways, they get it something that if There is a run on like I don't know if it's fire extinguisher juice There's a run on fires. They introduce other houses or burn, or is it just some random thing is a thing that is its it's a food. Actually, it's everything you'd, like any other plants, sure, Sir,
gonna play earth to those who can be grown or made yes, so you know that it's probably can be increased and supply I mean, is it still by nature of what it is like its limited by? If more than anything more than even what it is, I am dying to know just like how do you play no. No. How did you discover their is finite resource and. Like you're, like a mere that add up, so I again, I could be. Insane absolutely wrong leg. I do consider myself a smart person. I want to get us, gives a courier rubbing, corn on your head now, you wrote anything in your head. There's no grubbing substances anywhere, but so it's just. I had food you eat.
And it makes you hear grow back it just doesn't do just that. It like it makes you feel it. Really, I do feel like we're being kind. Some live, usually I'll. Try. I thought I'd fear. There is no God. If, as is its economy, conning myself to be, it could be an insane personally. But here's Michael here's, my response to your can, turn if you feel like an emotional like if you feel emotionally like you, can't handle the idea that only millionaires are billionaires, are gonna, be able to support by your baldness care, give some to your brother first of all. If he wants and then you know share it with your friends, but also who cares the disturbing aware, some people are bought their view of hair,
exactly where we live in everyone's fine. Not only that, but the disturbing aware, like rich people, get amazing things that poor people down also earnings using hair like like there's libraries, you we're going baldness, suddenly they're, not going bald lake like it of all the problems of the world, and there are many and even all the kinds of technology that may be shouldn't, be invented, but are being invented. This kind of your leg, not that big a deal for the amount of accidents giving is its swordfish, its total, so that the thing is if it goes beyond inherently, I think here is suited to sycamore,
girl for health and unknown people disagree that I got male pattern bonus normal in our says: you're alive change, how's your physical while being changed since you start eating mystery go my so I used to like feel like really tired and furtively depressed throughout the day, just like this lake. I just want to lay in bed and like not do anything, but this serve like it's almost like remove. This thing now is the shroud of depression. I wouldn't call so like crippling pressure. That is the sort of like yeah hi guys I've had ever depression. I know that it's just like everything's gonna hard to do its bit. Lama, meat. Your highness kind depression. Let me know if but seriously, as a balding guy who's is very, very impressed. I really love a bite of whenever you grab it
Ok up again touches you guys and through either you're not going to do. I don't. I don't know that you are, but can you send usually set it to Alex truly he's? I mean we're both going through depressive episodes is worse than my right now and the management of their and if there's a miracle cure, would you want to hear about you care? It's not like it I've kind of made peace with, but if someone like all your hair will come back and it won't look weird like hair plugs, I'd be like yoga. So if this I guess his bite brought, you enjoy, may arrive for free. I The least we can do is give me my damn rack areas out as otherwise you're just telling him that mystery do exist. Yeah you're telling me them here is Argot like Wash Kyle holding public cream core and beyond. This is indeed some coffee grants today see of that it may
Sorry, I just want you have you have full had a hair, I do, but there are different types of bombing Gosh schreyer, you, why are you in so much pain, because I think part of it is just that I could be insane railway coming totally wrong if you're right, I mean you're insane. It just means that you're over a strap leading a coincidence that something is being insane. You know the other possibility for what's going on with you, though Harold Isley short term. Our can be a function of anxiety as possible use, is going through a depressed, anxious moment he started eating at
your food and had a placebo site, which was real the book, the pussy. By raising our real answer, your stress went down into your hair, came back you who is it the hair of other men? No button is no help. Because you ve other people's hair and then suddenly on your hair. I think people tried anyway Senator Alex he really needs. It is gone through thing, hard time, the hairstyle less important than the depression. From being honest, yeah, yeah I'll tell you what I think, maybe maybe I can talk to Alex and private. I think Pga. Might
judge nor the editor of the sea. He possessed. Why well think he's. Ok, thanks man good like thank you thank you guys takes the lead excise them go and buy. I swear to God before his observer, we're going to find out what that is. As for the rest, we takes more fostering listeners. This sort of reply all is brought you myspace everyone that make something especially on unit
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hell? I high, whose us my name is David High, David and I live in Massachusetts. He's got. This thing has been following me, four years, which is that I have to drive and traffic in order to get home from some about. I work in the birds and detailed long commute until I always have some kind about finding up open, usually go away, and when I get close to home, I'm like ten minutes away from home. They always tell me the wrong way like he met their death a year, nine minutes from home. You should go straight now, I'm like I should not go straight. I take a right
and then it recalculating goes you're, no five minutes from home like how can you just get this wrong over and over and over again at its always the same kind of wrong yeah? It always does happen always at the intersection of massive en route. Sixty okay, so I know one possibility, which is that I'd heard a story about how I think the New York Times report on this lake ways, Google MAPS one of these path, apps pad, you know, figured out through the magic of the algorithm that people could shave like four minutes, author commute bag office highway at this one point and came to a local road and the problem with this? in that even those like mathematically true is: there was destroying life for the people who actually depended on local road and because their ads for sending so many people on that route, the route with a longer working in it, which is creating Panama.
I wonder if your local road is one of those roads. I wondered your neighbours have been like US ways: keep of us as off Google maps that view it's gonna hate Bank, while you guys are often daylight when flights hi. This is Alex in Fiji, who we speaking to my God, whose my name's Hetty live up. That is hidden hi daddy has sadly you're, making up your name a little bit. I've just been trying to get the region's eleven. It is greatly welcome, expecting that seems like twenty merrymen. So what would your russian law makers we kind of has to do with my name? Actually, ok,
locked out of my facebook for like five years now, have you ever read: they change their policy on. Real names, like we argued, has to be on your birth certificate or whatever Zactly. So I promise you my name is Teddy, although that's not my wife gone aimed at, and I've tried big like I, I even sent them a picture of my id, and I was like I don't care to put my legal name. They like at one point had me get three people to confirm who I was I couldn't do that and it didn't work and I like he made them a bunch of things. I try to get really like indignant and call them chance. Phobic I've just been I've been having been Honneur, which was mainly women for a long time, and I think at that point in time on Facebook is like, d, J name which was hot dogs, were unanimously Teddy, was higher lugs
how many lives is my nickname and, as is when they feel like name, was way. What was the ETA Malagigi of hot nags isn't server and everything that lake? Since I was a kid, I had spelled Honneur fanatically because you boys call me Hannah and I spelled it each a w. An You g h when I got this radio show, it is gonna happen because of how I saw the harder it is became hot dogs, and I'm people told they called me lugs for years when cod is nuggets like we'd, know eggs. I ran right now, just because of high honour by it does why I couldn't introduce myself that way and like when I have but always like. Well, that's it you we're name and I'm just like yeah my parents are stoner is like that so funny these. Everyone in Santa Cruz is just prepared to believe it, Moreover, there are like an everyday of our childhood.
Ever been to Santa Cruz. Does an awesome name us? I can get there when they ve learned about whether we bought a bitter really hard to get real. Like you now honey, what's my name anyway, then yeah like I don't need access to my basic saw exists and I just want to delete it at some way. One of my good friends died and I really wanted to go on there like child that angle and every guy views has I work and they will not work now what happens when you try to log in sad? Unfortunately, he won't be able to access your account well aware. Reviewing these additional documents, we wondered use submit those documents five years ago
for FUCK's. Ok, how days was area do very are net taking care of hell out Teddy obvious I've learned I've learned things about. What's going on with your, I will not always I basically a bad news for you, an explanation for why do you want? no more about the reason things are bad idea. All is always leaven abandon, so I tartars journal named Casey Newton S, crazy pay case its future heidelberger. He doesn't newsletter called the interface and rights for the verge and he just covers the hell out
They spoke as I guess. What what is going on here lake is anything like inner is piled at their working traverse. The late now now nothing now, no one has been working through a queue for five years. There is no way that is true Most of these companies really do not intervene in cases like this until it becomes a pr scary. Like you like, basely their department, is to help desk. He said he gets an agony Soon I rather like a thing he's verified on Twitter, so he's like conflict messages from people her dislike asking him. Like here got locked on Facebook Head Oratorians room, can you help me.
And the massive thing is like they are. Actually they are making the right and logical choice because their appealing to somebody who, theoretically like Facebook with care about and whether they dont generally care about people home, so he basely. What he said, which was really interesting, was that lake away to think about Facebook is their sort of they're, like a tech company that has accidently stumbled into being a government and the way the right things right now is sort of lake Mark Zuckerberg serve like a king and there's catholic of a gentry class of lake. Slightly important, like journalist I people who they pay attention to, but like otherwise it's a pretty under democratic government and like the worst example, this he'd seen what
you think I cover vehicle time. I dont any get mad. This was the one that actually mean if you're crazy a couple years ago, eater Zuckerberg himself or his is in a corporate risk. People said you know, use you sent a lot of messages on Facebook MESSENGER, and we think that there is a risk associated with you having all of these messages out of the world as we were going to do, is we're going to unilaterally delete every message you ve ever since that is older than I don't have six months or something like that and so instantly people around the world who had message with Mark Zuckerberg, went Tickle opened up their Zuckerberg tat window and what they saw was a one sided conversation, because Facebook had deleted all Mark Zuckerberg messages and none of their unfair right. So it's like Zuckerberg, understood the value of privacy and disappearing messages for himself and presumably for other people, but ultimately
we gave himself that privilege have done them. So the one thing case. He told me that was like surprising and was not just like more details about the disturbing you suspect that you have already had like if you think facebook as a country that is like slow discovering government. He said that this year there using something there actually looks kind of like the beginning of democracy. Sort of I don't know if you ve read much about the Facebook Oversight Board now so Facebook. Some time this year is going to launch what is effectively a supreme court for content moderation that is going to be independent from Facebook sufficed because funding it they're going to appoint the first border
first but then they're not going to have any say initially if your content was removed, and you believed that it was done in error, then you can appeal to this board and if they choose to hear your case from what will presumably be thousands, that court will issue a binding ruling and at Facebook will either have to continue to they were down, were lit or put it back up and Facebook is also going to be LE. Take policy questions to the board Basically, like you know, should we allow this particular thing or not that so crazy? It's like watching it! It's like watching us
Eighty happen over again: faster company yeah yeah completely. This seems like the this seems like trying to get the liquor Cuban eternal pardner. Something like it seems just about is likely. Is that I think, is a preamble chance here, as I felt I should you save. Obviously, what Facebook says about all this publicly is that they do have working fair process, isn't just for security, but my experience, measly trifler cases on this area. There is one other thing. I was curious about: women, dimension. Was that the reason a reason you want you back in your account was there is like stuff involving a yours who had died. I just had a lot of others of him on their that don't exist anywhere else. I have an idea: yeah. Ok, facebook. Has this thing where they let you download?
your information we can just download all the data you voluntarily uploaded? So I'm looking at it. It's as if you don't have a facebook account but believe Facebook may have information about you. You can contact us to get a copy. Of your information, so it might be the same evening out as I'd be included. An information yards everything HU. I will govern China, especially good idea yeah. So maybe you can get some help that way Not ok, but not your fault. It's also acknowledge their like it's a sleigh face like Facebook. If your listing didn't touch seamen locked in his account, if we have that kind of Calabria, if we have that kind of cloud also picture systems that doesn't depend on Alex Goldman being considered famous and I looked at his account if we have that kind of Calabria. If we have that kind of cloud also picture systems that doesn't depend on Alex Golden being considered vehemence.
About what. Ok, all right! Let us know if this works lesson. I have you heard from them. I this is out mpg, allow whose us this this is dealers, I'm wearing, offer I'm trying Fran Ally Court, while what you're? What's your tangles workroom, I don't I don't know. This is like a big question asked by,
Why is up with ads for mobile games like the one I play its homesteads? What's a whole homes, scapes is just like matching dimension, which is the game that I play you you play basically like candy, crush Thou game, and then you get to furnish your house right yeah. It's a fact. I found Alexandria Alex Ouses. I can just his face. Just wants to tire matching! Imagine for about thirty minutes. I amount like level twenty five hundred I've been playing it for over a year. You haven't thinking really a year and a half now and I'm in fact. Why is how are they didn't like yeah? I've never played homes gave so I was a different, so HANS keeps its equal, the garden skates and then I think not to mention it.
Lay off brand yeah by I've. Noticed lake. I remember when it started, but I remember seeing adds where you had to select items to complete actions will be like the kitchens on fire like. I know exactly in particular that we Ivan things. That's how I got to download matching that's for what for me into downloading matching convention. Please described so it it'll be a scenario like other backed up is flooding in the bathroom and a bunch of items will come up at the bottom. It'll be like a fire stinguished her and a ranch, and I a bucket to select what is the best thing to use for tax the leaky pop up ads yeah, I playing a I'm playing like a mobile game again, a pop up bad for a game where you have to like, where there's like a puzzle where you have to fix a household appliance called matching to mansion
I download matching dimension and the game that I get is complete. Different than the one I use it on that Adler, hypnotic lyricist, I've found a compelling, comes an adjunct. Imagine what why did this work on you supper. Is it just be drawing the only possible, but maybe not patiently? I bet it sounds like. The puzzle is like what you do used to put out the fire baseball. Bat water, like I don't know if you're gonna be building or about the Andes like why? Where did these outcomes I agree, and why are they allowed to keep on happen? My guess is that the mechanics of matching dimension, or, what's the other one called landscape Holmes. Games are a little bit confusing to give somebody tease. Therefore, but they're, not it's just candy cried weird. I dont know I'll get why you don't just make that the videogame yeah, it's really weird on his way through the videogame outlay. Yeah me too, I hope, you're able to get help your day
in a crappy phone games me around. Well, here's the worst part. Just last week I found the diner dash released again like this, where you fix up the town by completing the DAS, by which time or agree addicted. Oh it have you really going to dash I'm dislike biology, Someone be introduced through a new story, drag that thereby evil. They ended up exactly like rubbing his hands together, ready for as their addiction Eileen gaining yeah yeah Taylor. Thank you future. Thank you. I hope you find something now we can figure out by. Gotta say I'm not like a coca cola. Man like I'll drink, Arcy COLA, but I didn't realize those playing the off directive
I tell her. This is Alex also Peter and Peter, so I have answers for you believe it or not. O unexcited hear it. I thought I found a reporter name, just Yo Ho, who is a staff raider? It man double prizes jes! Yes, this is just as this Alex's is how you doing. I'm gather you- and I told you about the fake adds that you got and that I got she was like. Oh yeah, that's a thing that companies doing for awhile while, yes, that is absolutely not a new strategy there basically using a as targeted advertising for a specific type of player who they identified as their power players the people who spend in those times when the most money and enact purchases- and so they just throw in whatever they know, will appeals have that specific type of player,
and what these companies have realized is that these power play our way more interested in the faint game that they ve advertised in these adds than the one that they have actually made, and I was like ok well. Why don't they just make that game that well, because that would be a lot more money re like that wage costs. That would actually cost money to make a whole new game with a whole new game system and a whole new game loop that you know works that takes years in using use development, but it's pretty simple to just make like an animation that looks like a new game, get people to download it and then like most like me by the time they hit level twenty five there like hot, and on top of that, I kept playing well past the point at which I would assure snapped, because I think will enable just have an unlocked that level, yet that soon fury
I would ask that we thought that they would be many game that one point or another exactly how glad I'm not allowed it was, like I say: ok, so I have to finish decorating this room and then I'll have to solve these problems are naturally not a problem, but I just decorated the foyer, maybe I'll have to go to the bathroom fix that went on, but it may be that we, like you, think well, this is disappointing and I really want
I think that I really want someone to make this other game. I bet you that the guy who they may do that he's, like he's, only cover the dude who want to make like a great art, felony estimate crap. I bet you their eyes. Nature we can see is made that came in is not literally said. Ah, we must find him. Minister. Thank you guys. I might have a great day you to try to lie fallow.
Who is this? I am Isaac and I'm calling from probably the coolest place, anyone's gonna call from today where, where I met a skiff somewhere in New York City, not just give it a small boat and no escape its intelligence. Community speak for a secret look. Why? What are you in the intelligence community? Or are you just using intelligence community speak? Are you how to say this to us on a broad cast the imo to save a few I this is. I'm not going to tell you where I am, but I'm alive incitement skiff. So what why are you had a skiff? I am a nine eleven family member here watching the Hearings- fur Doktor James Mitchell, whose Doktor James He was one of the torture doctors. What does he on trial for he's not on trial he's testifying to witness the heart of the collegiate rehired verses. U S!
oh yeah. This is just a free trial hearing, so this is the guy who is simply planned, nine eleven and their basic trying to figure out whether he was tortured in a legal way that makes them not sorted The government has admitted that Catherine was waterborne at one hundred and eighty three times while yet, which is there's two schools of thought, the more conservative. We should a tortured and school of thought that he was waterborne at five times, but be more progressive died for the hundred eighty three times. If that's the number of Times water was actually poured on him. Where do you follow that I, think I'm on two hundred and eighty three side of that. I do not think that these people should have been tortured. I think it was avoidable anyway. I also ok I'll. Let me go, let me go back. I say that with the awareness
many of the other family members to I've spoken to do believe that torture is a part of war and that it was not avoidable and that these are the people who you know, kills our family members, but even Doktor Mitchell? Will you just testified that that type of thinking is very dangerous and he's the guy who they were using as part of their justification? two waterborne in the first place, he was the one doing the water boarding. Oh, he was doing the actual water warning and what was he the one? I I had learned this morning, where some aids had like that they were administering water boarding and that they had wanted to stop lately that wasn't yes, and it seems like one If I do yesterday at the room you're in what is a skiff look like like, whose in there are their snacks like what Either we knows there they're they're, they're, not facts. There.
Wind line outside right now, I'm a penny next will parking lot actually, but inside there, no windows and it sort of London it, looks a lot like a high school feeder. The seats are made of metal, and they have these like red. They have little putting on them and it's like kind of growth because it looks really old. So I'm like by putting my coat down and like using my code is a barrier their projecting the closed circuit tv onto them. While there are flags of all fifty states in all five branches of the armed forces, well, because it is based on in New York are yeah. It's I'm in the city somewhere I'll say that as you you s family in nine, eleven yeah, how how rare I was for I'm twenty two years old, wet happy. I was
I lost my uncle? He was a port authority lawyer. We were very fortunate. We we managed to find his body the whole, the whole body he was in a service, elevator in the north tower with a bunch of fire fighters and the general consensus is that the elevator was going up not down. What does that mean? though he was going back into the tower that make sure that our hair ways all the people who worked with got out and our people what's. The vibe is not where it I wish I was gonna use but like without now. What's the mood are people watching this like the talking to each other? Is it like a movie at though, because I'm a freak have notes on all the weird classified shit that they're talking about I'm When I go in there, I'm a little bit holding court almost because they just like, translate everything basically as though they use a lot of strange,
Ology like five o five hearing, which is of a rule about the military commission. I have OECD anxiety, which is a bad combination when it comes to like doing things and broad strokes, I'm with you He D, Amato, everything. I know it's great yeah. We also do you have a tangle support question. This is fast and you have to have one, but I'm just curious Ok, so I had no idea what the light was open for. I just got a text from my friend who dead the hotlines open just call, I said: ok, ok, we bits of getting back to the thing. You actually initially told us about that. Doctor Mitchell's testimony like what has he said about the torture programme, ram, though Doktor Mitchell has been very intricate and his wording for he said that there there were many meetings he had with care, SAM Collegiate behind that were not interrogations. Interrogate
and specifically meaning questioning sessions where they could have waterborne at him, but did or did not. Ok. Whereas a maintenance visits were wherein he would just go in there and talk to him and just like hang out so he would. He would shop one time in water, border trim and the next time you just like, hang out yeah or he would ask him like how he is link as he was an interrogator, but he was also the psychologist in charge of the mental wellbeing of these guys. Does it just seems we that you in that who told you in the new that he now yes, that's mentioned in the SSC. I torture report is that it some very strange dichotomy Do you ever feel like it being so encyclopaedic on this stuff? Do you ever feel like it makes it harder free you to move on with your life. Now, for this in particular, it is very disturbing, but I'm kind of defence to it so
to remember value, to remind myself very often that, like talking about torture, is not a good first date topic, for example, Has there been a bomb you ve had? I did. I had a first day a couple of months ago, where I did talk about torture and how much I hate John you and I did not get a second day. That's injuries of all. Yeah. No, I would agree, whereas have yet to learn not to talk about it, because it's out messed up my boy It is the way I process anxiety when unstressed out is I'll talk about. It are all Bogle eyes that I'm stressed out and that this is not just that about here, and you know if it's just like You know there's this girl and it she's. Not texting me back then, like in my friends, is super open to that cuz. That's a very relatable issue, but if it's like you know, I just spent eight hours listening to James Mitchell, explain in incredible detail: how to wall a person
to build a wall in wall and to lake with your friends they'll be like. I can't listen to you talk about one more torture technique for like two more hours like it's just too much for them they can now. I don't blame them at all like this is why have a therapist is just like? I don't blame for not like wanting to listen. We talk about how upset I am by torture. Why intricately Wayne like the correct angle on how to waterborne person yeah, but to me purse really as long as I am mindful of that like this was the biggest Is it a problem? I actually had more problems when I tried to keep us spreadsheet of mechanical more information. Having like a really bad, I would like mental, not quite him oh breakdown, but I had a. I wanted to a deep depression for one about that and I ended up believing it about mechanical keyboards. Yes, I am deeply mechanical keyboards. I have the fourth all time most posts on key cactus,
Mechanical keyboard born that now read it. I think today, we have seaboard good for you. I thought you'd be more than others. That I feel like he proudly motives that years, mechanical keyboard is pretty sub par relative to the ones that he's into its recourse. Where'd you get them and only wish you said it not me, a pepper are eight will listen. This has been a real odyssey thing, thanks so much for Collyer who baggage on and have a good bye bye. So one footnote, while your fascicles absurd, we found out that actually it turns out. While Isaac thought he was calling us from a skiff. It was not the skiff. There was an undisclosed military location.
I did so call. You asked me to draw up a legal document saying that we wouldn't disclose the whenever this sacred thing is, and I sent to you- I am curious. Would it be ok me to invite piano gayer here now are pda? Is here oh happy to pay their way an area any closer to the the secret of the mystery. Do so so again. The whole thing is it that really wants us to put in the episode in.
We any closer to the the secret of the mystery. Do so so again thing is it that really one just to put in the episode in email address by which people who might be interested can contact him put in that just say: have your interesting contacting them? three goose scientist he hasn't new address. That seems find me. Europe with that not agree with it. I didn't want to make any decisions in a room by myself. Dad yet racial yeah, adding mound arabic or this I mean I am Kuwait and Exchange we get the secret of the mystery go get the cigar like now sure I can tell you, my guess is: might might never at my biggest this or that it is
Jessica young router. She was, she believed she was like stem cells, ok either. That was pretty smart and my other guess is that it is a say this some kind of sexual fluid produced by now. Oh my god. I wonder what. Why is that? Where I said it's free, don't for your brother and there's some science, I gotta think of me that she's, so it's not that now! It's not that! So what is it? What is the mystery? Go there they! Basically, It's in my heart, I only there's ever gonna be like I believe, Will we all live this ellipses forever in my heart, the longer you too
the longer we are kept from the answer. Ok, it's basically it's it's! What I think that in our lifetimes are in a couple years like this will come out like it's not like you really my lifetime, it can be a couple years. Three, you telling you know it could be within this. Our area in your life here about the here right now. It also give you could probably wrong. Ok, ok, I think it's whites of what of what. What did you decide to do that? That's crazy thing! Equally,
improbable as every improbable. Guess that we add, how did you get it? Yes, oh yeah, definitely and how gross isn T eat it seems they can be really growth. I have to say you you described it as freaky and, like I don't know, I I have to I have to confess but like the thought of doing this military coups levy, let me let me to tell you, but the thing is like is actually quite. Hasty. It doesn't sound too hasty mix it with potatoes and you dont like feel the mass dinner like thinking of knowing what it is
That's the deal! How long when I need you to her, for I would think that you could do it for like two weeks. I don t exactly know to ride like I'm. I again is out of my house. What are you gonna do us? You know I would try it really way. Barrier the! I would try this, I'm I'm having a heart, like I think that I'm probably going to like cry trying to choke this shit down it. Have you any measures which are the misery? You also need to think not straight up. Just like two weeks have met, you got, everything can be fantastic. Yes, I'm gonna tell you exactly what you're gonna eat the two weeks. That's fine he's going food and I'll be his food baby.
Where did all this is aware? Ok, so you yugoslav to ease the other four thousand food baby one more thing do you have before and after pictures of your head, hair, yeah, that's! The thing is, I am still like leaves and hair. I'm not getting wisely. I said I only said is not getting it regularly, he's not getting the mystery do with frequency and, like I said, you have to go and purchase carpet bag. I don't have to spend every four or five days in other, like kind of an ideal.
To go to the police. I find you, George, forming Disease, George forming grand leg. That's why I get it. That's why I desperately called you guys without vague. I need help lake.
I need you need more. Do you know you need funds so that MR you can become cheaper so that it so managed so much more poignant that you feel you found the curing. You can't get access to it and realise that you can't depressing to the honest, thank you for revealing the girl that he redressing. I thank you for trusting us. We're not gonna. Let you down there. Thank you, but there is one other thing that you guys build. Do, yes, do you have any mail dress you I share the bush, it just made it make sure ok yeah, so they can emerge help with the cure gmail.
I come that wasn't taken, no call her, ok! Well now I can't believe it answered allocating this stuff. I'm excited I'm not transgress. The figures ideally like I would also be to partake that's the thing. Get your own stash, but a lot of other either told you the secret of the mystery greedy gonna. Tell you what I'll be in touch with you.
Figures on the now. Ok, there are eight take him. Yet reply. I was hosted by Pga vote in me, Alex Goldman reproduced by
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