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Just for fun, a guy and his friends record a Christmas song in his Living room. More than three years later, he walks into a grocery store and hears that song playing. Alex investigates. 

Listen to Brian Dean's version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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This episode is brought to you by the hit Showtime series billions starring any Word winners. Paul Gm Adi indeed, me louis- don't miss the new season of billions now streaming only on Showtime Harry ready. This PDA credo before we start the show second episode of our new spin off project, the scary cat Russia is out now it is our whole. Then an avowed horror fan forcing me. He gave out a horse Gary had to watch a series of increasing scare. You horror, movies in hopes are eventually going to pay for him watch get out of here. It's been a lot of fun. We ve had some great gosain episode come out every other week if you're interested Ewing hear them early on Tuesdays on Spotify or everywhere else on Fridays? Here's this!
from gimlet this reply, I am Alex Gold and I'm together hi Peter hey. What are we doing here This week we have a super export and it's not your average super export. I feel like normal, As you were, export someone comes here to the problem We triangulate a solution, maybe were not always perfect, but we usually figure out pretty well. What's going on this one, much more confounding, because the more I worked on it. Like the less certain I became of the answer, and I basically come- the other side But leaving too
contradictory things simultaneously, which is absolutely painful for my very linear brain, which is incapable of act, abstraction of any kind, ok So my hope is, if I tell you the story, you might be able to help me come, closer to understanding where the truth lies. Ok, I can promise that I, like in sight, fully find the truth, but I'm excited to have evasive, Ivan Pinion. Think of this less as a secret export more as a philosophical journey. On the nature of truth, I do You are aware, like Professor Jack, you treat as actually think you're minded technique has actually thinking in the tradition of the classic philosophers heard where Togo and when others rings a hike use that they were on their years ago with the story so
heard from listening. Brian dean, who got in touch with us just after Christmas, he lives in Savannah Georgia. He works for good stream, the company that makes the airplanes Hebron. Can you make a good? How are you in story actually starts a few years ago when Brien got a new piano strangely excited about having this piano and to celebrate that I had a couple friends who were no play the sex phone and the drums and base and have recording equipment. I said, let's do a Christmas album just through the joy of having a piano. So we recorded a Christmas album and Maya Living room message, a wholesome friend activity. I know right. That was back in twenty sixteen and key uploaded to Youtube he burned. We'll copies for family and friends, and he basically forgot about it and then this past Christmas break
driving back from a family visits to Chicago when daughter has to pee. So they stop in making Georgia, which is about three hours from the house and a Kroger, because- and I didn't realize this bob like the grocery stores, the best placed gonna bathroom cause no one's ever in the bathrooms lover. Fighting Mercer start bathroom, so they get out of the car hustle into the grocery store and sort of MID way down the aisle. He stops and looks up. I was in the like frozen food department, an airplane Christmas music, this December, thirty. First he stands there. He staring at the speaker above him, because it's playing a version of we wish you a merry Christmas with a piano part. The fields are very familiar. The first thought that went through my mind was Oh, I thought I made up that piano lick on. We wish you a merry Christmas, but I must have stolen it or heard it from somewhere cause here it is. Playing and then, as I listened a little more. Oh my god,
I didn't steal this like this is me. Brian is convinced that the version that he heard a Kroger, the exact one that he made in his living room. That's it's going through your mind when you hear yourself on the speakers at the broker, I mean just complete disbelief just shock absolute shock, but by that point I have made it to Thee bathroom, so there was literally another guy in there and I couldn't contained myself. You know in broke Bathroom Medikit, one on one of them. And I got to say something. This is crazy, but I did this in my living room. So funny. I think he actually set Like that's, that's cool man. How can this possibly happen at one I'd be playing there too? I'd literally be there to hear it. It was. It was a bizarre experience.
He is hearing his own version of. We wish you a merry Christmas in a Kroger yeah, but he didn't publish it or sell it to Kroger corporate anything like that. No, okay, did you want to hear it here we go. The other thing you should now is that this is view numbers thirty seven of the sun, and you too, and at least five of those views are ass, yet looking at it in preparation for this kind of Jesse version, yet he's jazzy rascal, I was wondering how you're doing right now as it was his, but I feel like it is actually distinct enough to recognize that the grocery store is either pirating. Is music off of Youtube or one of his friends stole the music and sold it to the grocery store.
I have no idea, but right after you use the bathroom, he rushed over to the customer service task and was like what's going on here and they were friendly, but just cut it came whether you know leaned over and yelled to someone else. What? How do we play music and they said Elsie, like, I had music and I kind of a kind of got the feeling these people are not sure. If I'm going to push this with them, what I wanted to be. Is that ninety nine percent of time they just use like some paid for in a legitimate music This is a one time that this one time Kroger just heard cover just heard this and they love it. So much to hear needed to hear it in this form I used to do. You know the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums now I'm steamroller like a Prague Rock Christmas stuff, and is it that sounds bad. It is so much worse than you can pass and I used it. I owe you
the work at a convenience store where they played. The man I'm steamroller Christmas, album from Like November two January and was the worst I wonder, how he venture were deployed like this one cassette tape. Then I swear to God We had monster mash and attack the killer. Tomato is both good songs, the first two thousand times. So he asked me to answer two questions. The first one obviously is like how did the song get there, and the second was like if this song is being piped into Kroger's all over the kind he should get some money. Are they do any money and how much their deadly do somebody? You can just take people's music and play it right, so that was my mission so, the first and most obvious thing that I wanted to look into whether that Brion said
only place on the internet. He put the song was on Youtube, but he's just one for members of the ban that recorded it. So one of those people could have you know, published it somewhere or given it to someone who worked at the making Kroger? So I wanted to like touch her those band mates, and I got in touch with this guy John, who played Qatar deeply based on it. Can you think of any reason. Why would be there and only attributed to someone implacable taste, but you are like sending a day we're like secretly uploading this, despite, if I or sent, at the very outset arrives or anything I have it, I have a cd tower that I can dump, and I think I made about fifty copies gave me at six right all I said, but I don't know that I gave it anybody Lisbon Megan and then it was John transact hijack. Yes, this is Alex Golden Haider and he was like now wasn't me.
I did not pass it on to anyone in fact aid. It was a couple years old. What's going on, I had almost forgotten that we're done the project appears. So there is one last possibility which is gaining Miguel, who played comes on the track, but he didn't even remember ever according it in the first place, so pretty sure it wasn't him who leaked to Kroger right. Ok, So it Brian and is banned? Maids didn't know how the song ended up the Kroger, like maybe the people that work at that Kroger might have some idea, so I decided to give them a call requirement yeah. We call the floral department, because our belief is that it wouldn't be so busy and they would have a moment to talk. Oh god, do. You know where the music that that is played, The speakers are Kroger comes from our now. I do not I mean I'm a seaman, they have their own radio station. They use. I mean I'm really
the man. She treasure me to the customer service task at her store, and they really I have no idea where the music comes from its pipeline in from somewhere. So I was like well, it's probably piped infinitely Kroger corporate. So I decided to call the National Kroger customer service line and they were also like. We have no idea what I'm not sure if they get it up and are not heard, they suffer their music, I'm not really sure about it. He didn't know the answer. I started so in a to people at Kroger, corporate and in the mean I was just calling Kroger employees like all across the country. Try to get a sense of how music in the store, even works. Loaded, just like you, wouldn't be support for some broken played, like grabbed the ox court and plug in their Iphone. There's really no way to do that, though, unless you're using be like this, inner com? My new pick up the phone.
And like likely, it's kind of like rolled a music tat place all the time in the store yeah. So there is no way for me to a job like this station. I can adjust the volume and that's it also be J. If you really want a piece of acquiring play, just ask him about the Christmas music. Like you, you think of the worst give ever heard. That guy like? Can you give me some examples, have been panic? Why did every thought it wasn't? It wasn't like the song, you know and listen to it, the bad covered version by someone you ve never It has one woman said at one time she was in the store and she heard five different versions of Dingle bells back to back. Oh, can you imagine? It's so painful, yes, design a room for like jazzy improvisation and that's either. Now you can really make it around. Although it was a total longshot. But while I have him on the phone I played them, brain song is easily recognized. It
familiar to you know very well get a player the holidays, but does not the about my mind, but then there's just one woman who were Data Kroger in Colorado. Does this ring well to Europe, the Alpine Delaware, get out of here. You ve heard it yeah. They waited with last year, Aquiver. Ah that's amazing. How do you know that it was this one had you know it was this one specifically is the person who recorded this gonna hear about providing about to be mean, I mean ok, the bow are just like. You may agree and knowing and loud over the speakers pain and make them go strategy. I mean they always would hurt my head in the morning when I came in, I heard it
but you're surely varied that before I bury her. I had this number for you no way I could sing it along in my head did it tat the dead and we get it very well. Thank you, so remember she's in Colorado by Brian's Kroger's in Georgia. That blows my assumptions Why? Because my assumption was this: was a local Cromer going Rogue They mean that there is no way that a Youtube song and make it onto the official sort of corporate branded. Here's your city of Christmas music by last, I know, but then I got an email back from Kroger and I was like Finally, I'm gonna get an answer for this and they were like sorry we actually don't. Make the playlists in our stores, weed out source that to another company and its this company called in store audio network. They really went for a descriptive name. I mean yes, it is
I feel like their slogan, could be like does what it says on the tin. Yes, they are a company that makes playlists or pipes music in not just a Kroger, but they ve worked with yes Wegg Men's Walgreens. It seems like a lot of pharmacies and grocery doors and also you know like when you're in the store you here that the thing over the over the speaker, that's like this, we A special on Turkey, Bores Head Turkey, only three, ninety nine! You know this thing's failure. Additional for that job, a yes, I did. I thank giving a get it. Thank you. They also record those put them in a random intervals, so understand I became very curious about this company because why would they go to the fiftieth page of Youtube? Searches? I'm looking for a version of we wish you a merry Christmas. Why not. He is one of the millions of Christmas songs that I already here every year. That's true like whether it's a mistake or a conspiracy
this weird thing that remains so weird is that obscurity of it so actually developed kind of a theory around this, which is I emailed the ceo of in store network, and he got back to me. But then, when I explained when I was writing to him about like a song that mysteriously ended up on the corner playlist, he basically boasted me. I tried looking up at him a couple times no response, and so I started think to myself like me maybe the obscurity The song is the point like if I were like a big music company, like trying to save money on royalties, and I wanted get a song that I didn't have to pay out, for I would go for some super obscure song. I found with thirty views on Youtube breakers, uniting it caught like you, seems like a Frank Sinatra Christmas. I will find you in three silent. Yes, so I continued to dig I actually got in touch with someone who worked at the installer audio network years ago. Ok Andrews thing
and they didn't want to have a record of conversation with me, but they were willing to talk and based on what they told me. The idea that in store, I d or network, might have taken stuff off of you to actually started to make a little bit sense. What they said was building Christmas. Music playlists is like its own special nightmare. Is incredibly hard. One of the hardest hurts the job. Why? Because it just a much smaller pool of music to work with and the employees are constantly complaining about the songs. I'm sorry, sir, like I'm sure it's hard, and I wouldn't want to do it of all the things that there are too many songs about Christmas Christmas pretty covered. I don't know man that's the case, then. Why do I hear? Where do I? simply having a wonderful Christmas time, six hundred times every Christmas season. You actually that's true that That is your arguments likes a hundred and fifty songs, maybe in
yours too many and there's not enough. So I act. The Former install audio networking play like ok, would you guys just download stuff off of Youtube and they were like guitar? we imagine them getting music from you to really ha ha, would not think that yeah, and they were like listen again. I worth almost ten years ago, their profit, is different now, but at the time I was there we could totally. I can only imagine it so I'm like ok? Well, that's how a suspicious and I'm starting like maybe in story or network is like, can a sketchy, but then we have this breakthrough, which is that we find out for the last five years. Or audio network has been partnering with a different company called ever song, and ever song are the p were actually responsible for picking the music for Kroger. Wait the one thing introduced, must be doing there not doing know what they're doing as the ads like like fresh romaine. Let us down
Twenty nine now in the grocery I'll ever requires two separate companies too. They have completely different jobs here. How did it go? Ever produce audio and that at the current. I'm going out facts. You draw your own. Italy is its already surprising to me and, like everything, the world's more how we gave it in an idiot meetings. It is an issue. This is hard, but it's like it's like. Oh probably, the grocery store has somebody who job is to make the tongs owner does actually whole nother industry and other company, and actually they dont fully handle it. There's another Vinnie that, as the do like the ads harder like everything, is just like a weird little yet everything's a weird little. I agree with you and I'm sure it's like complicated and hard in ways that can picture, but I have no idea. Authors are besides Christmas, not just the thing that you need to know
is that install your network used to do the stuff, but now they outsource endeavours on. So reach out every song and they were like we're happy to talk It's just that were really busy right now cause we're doing such a change orders, and I was like what the fuck is a change order. Oh! I ever thoroughly change go ahead! Is it like there's all these songs on these playlists that are suddenly inappropriate because of current violence? That is exactly and they were apparently trying to deal with those songs for like a couple weeks and then finally, the cofounder reaches out and he's like. Ok, I can talk Where are you right now in South Carolina outlook? yeah. I actually they're coming around to go check on show. Goodness? Is our family member? Ok, everything's, ok, but we just up the This time you don't take any chances? Are we know how to get it such a weird, scary time? This is Brian Callanan from ever son I'm! So
but there are two brains in this story now and part of that he's in that they ve been so busy lately and Maybe you wouldn't have guessed this from the conversations that I had with Kroger employees, but like the amount of thought and I'm that ever saw puts into the playlists that you hear the grocery store is bonkers. Currently the meeting that we plan cursory stories isn't very somber to begin with, rang out scientifically enough. If you want to get out for a moment, eyes, that's that's what I'm here for it. We measured the beach per minute of what we thought a shopping cart pace was we usually try to keep insiders parameters, and in that you know the sons of you so in other words you're not getting a song that to faster too slow as special need of the songs that you're playing is the b is the tempo at which peoples footfalls go so their kind in step with the music that right, you don't want to get caught about a cadence with the rhythm shopping, if you will
in a generally within that within that range you're dealing with songs which are mostly kind of uplifting. They begin with, however, the another some stuff lyrically, or just even by illusion that you might you know that we're cognizant of in the way we look at it is headed, Those songs can wait. What are the songs that are like it's called again diseases yeah! It's coming off on your friends like what are the he wasn't specific about, but, like I don't know, Doktor Doc, blooded hot blooded check the and I wouldn't want to hear that hot blooded, hot blooded, and see fever of a hundred and three rocky pneumonia. The buggy woogie flew, there's a Rosa, you don't know, that's on now, Hoddan die only the you know you do ok, yeah bitter hit Larry now. So you remember that
We spoke to a former employees of the installer audio network on background who told me that, like the common, was so desperate for Christmas music that the idea that they would go to Youtube and grab ran song was like not insane to them I am from ever song- did actually confer The first part of that theory, which is slammed every holiday season, but also he told me that the seas and just keeps getting longer. I remember a study that we read that with casting a number Christmas autocrat. Tuscany appetite Papa back, an appetite for for the very sorry that we talk about the most familiar Christmas songs and what came back with people get out sixty to seventy percent and in that range of people in the survey we're saying it can't started, we enough, but above a splash rush, but it did so. People will say one thing, I think and say words
the tribunal, Christmas, music, Adrian, but deep down inside they like here in a little Christmas music and in October apparently soup. People like to hear the songs around October, like how early do you have to start about Christmas season programming like what tat, when are you doing in July, that the whole process it it's like? Wait we mobilise for war. Look around August here wow. So I was, I feel like. I was on the right track and I asked ever Song Brian Hake. Please musician, Brian's. We wish you a merry Christmas and when I did ever saw brain was like oh yeah. I recognise that he recognized yes, I believe that was part of our Christmas MAX that we put together. I want to. I want to say that that farm was probably use within the last two years ago. He said that he was pretty company
that he'd heard this before, because they listen to their holiday playlist in the office over the holidays. They eat their own dog food yeah. Basically, that's like how Matt Weaver was like wanted and one this argument, but was like we should have in the bathrooms gimlet. We should have not premium but free Spotify, because we should have the spirits of us in the because bs listeners listen ads which was like the most I don't. They have ever disagreed, philosophically with Matt harder than that decision, and every time I go bathroom makes me mad, but it's its eddying Thursday mentality. Do you wanna go to into a gardener, big fight with matter about that? you did or yeah really are lay. I thought I was crazy vertical and I got about a big fight within, whereas basically like I don't stay where you doing this you're, making this a less pleasant place to work. Why're you do that, though I vow and he was like in Israel.
It was like you yelling. It means making this a less pleasant place to work, and likewise, probably right and first of all, this is on slack. So I'm not yelling at you. I'm talking to you, you, A very you have like you when you're yelling over taxed it's very IDA, yelling slack voice, but I thought that I could move him in any direction, but he is so certain that this is a great thing that he's doing the worst is spy now runs ads for a reply all sometimes oh, yes, I get to be pooping and hear my own voice. It rules it's like a night from such that at anyway they like? This is including brandy in song, so I asked brain from ever song how they get their hands on it How would it ever song end up with
programming, a song like that. I think about it. I guess I would say I would ask you, commissioner, if they applauded the song to maybe the city baby. We have deals with a number of smaller company. I dont think that he did. He told me that the only place he really put it up as Youtube is that a thing were song or install radio network. Will for sons on Youtube. If that was the right, I don't. I don't believe that we ve ever just gone to Youtube. Now I would, I would say that I did they have any cities made this I think they burned their own cities like they actually just had a tat like one of those seedy burning. Where's on their computers and is burned it that way? Yet that's interesting. I mean I have to go. Look what I can tell you by the way that we work it would have to come through an aggregator yahoo. Two percent of our music comes from
aggregator, so reign was basically like these aggregator that we work with have just massive massive music libraries, and so it would be stupidly labour Hence it for them to go hunting for new Christmas, always on Youtube that weren't, even in the format that they need them to be into play in the store in a week, it easier for us to be provided with a file that an out and out and what they call a codec impression technology that you're ready. Go into the world of industry that yeah, that a town when this, when I I Had this first conversation with him, but he said: look I'm going to go back to our office, I'm your check in our database and then I'll be able to tell you exactly how we got the song. So this first interviews on a Friday and he told me to call him back on Monday, and at this point I am super stoked, because I'm like we're
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convergence of we wish you a merry Christmas in our database and brine. Dean's is not among them. What yeah? It was really weird. Friday. He was like I recognise the song and on Monday, whose I gotta know. I guess I made a mistake because, if not there and I'm trying to think of possible reasons why they would happen, and he said that, like one of the possibilities is maybe it is in our database is just not coming up in my searches. Is there the possibility that something happened within our system? Something rogue happened, somebody uploader song and they got the artist the song tied all and sundry other things wrong in America, entry church if there is a whole cascading series of errors that would have to happen the kind of put a phantom song in there and get all the data wrong
and then just to have ripped off of Youtube in the first place, which is something that we don't do. The chances are that happening colleague accommodating a comet over your house registered upper are getting in getting attacked my ship Anna Grizzly bear the same day like out not impossible when I consider that it is impossible, but I'm really I'd read my brain. I think it would be possible, so what's the other possibility well he also said like. Maybe it was never in our database at all. Maybe someone at a Kroger hacked into their there system and work was playing it off a cd now. What that's why I need. You said that was as bad as likely as a bare attack. If you're gonna hack into your corporate. I, like this ability to rate problem, These, according to horrific admitted that happen if you're gonna leg hack into like, like when you huh,
I've read every time had a retail job where it was like canned music and somebody like I get their music on it. Wasn't a play like more seasonal, head figure was to play music that humans light list. I am so tired of this dean. Martin stand. Heard. What I really wanted to hack into a human resources from the EU to players, you merry Christmas, Everson Brain had like one last theory about what might have happened, which, at the time I found very convincing, which is then he just like
Imagine yourself in brine dean shoes right at the moment he walked into Kroger you're in a grocery store busy com year was a lot of people with a lot of noise in your hearing, bits and pieces, maybe especially over the store speakers which sometimes the Boston. You now is a challenging environment. If he gets paid the put money on it, I would say yes, it was probably a case of asylum being heard and restore its difficult for me to say that our unique music myself and difficult the fake. As you know, if you ask me a question, I would one part of Europe. They want, or maybe a little bit annoyed, that you would ask the question in the first place, so he sang inside your clients mistake. Yet when he saying is like your inner circumstance where its loud we, its distracting. You like it's possible to miss here. Your song, unlike sure it's possible that ever Brain is lying to me and, like I can't see their database and I have no idea whether is telling the truth, but like what's more likely, is it
more likely that ever song, when you Youtube found aims if we wish you a merry Christmas, like twenty five use ripped, it invites nation of copyright law put it on playlist to play and Kroger's all over the country, and then indeed just happened to walk into one as it was playing, or is it more likely that he just misheard the song, like people this sounds all the time. Also ever Brian told us that there is a version of we wish you a merry Christmas in their system that does sound alive, like Brian Dean's, and he thinks that that is the likely Halprin I dont know dude, I still have a hard time. Imagining that a musician would not recognise a song they recorded. I mean if it was an instrumental cover, it would make some sense to me, but there as one thing that was nagging at me, which is like, do you remember how I talk to all of brains, ban mates, yeah? One of them
this Kazakh I asked him directly like do you think that brain just could have misheard his own song and act? Like honestly, Brian has one of the best ears anybody that I've ever met his ear is uncanny. I can't amount in that he would be wrong. Brian, like is the first their sends me clips of rage seen from star wars next to the emperor's theme, to show how others, how there other, similar and predicted the end of the latest. Movie at least a little bit better. Only on the musical themes from the first hours, I guess he Lydia the soundtrack and and business on the recurring musical motifs came up with spoilers for the move. Yeah, what a lunatic so I just wanted to test Brazier like- was he actually as good as that to us
now. What you need to know about brain is that beyond just our worse he's like India, film scores in general, okay, so first I called up musician, Brian and told him whatever song brain had told me that Couldn't find a song in the database and at first he was like really questioning himself. Do you think, I'm crazy? I'm starting to think I'm crazy and maybe all the mean a piano, version with some drums and a base of we wish you a merry Christmas. Maybe sound some meant we aren't sure. If you're crazy and we want to find out hope. So we have come up with a game that lasts how good you are at recognising music, o chief and it will help us understand why think that it was your sign that you heard in the store says since No, that you are John Williams, fan incense Zack specific. We mentioned Europe,
to pick out star wars, music, I going to play some star wars or not star wars, music, for you tell me if, if it, if it is from star wars and we're not here we go, this is track number one star wars or not star. Wars I didn't think that was star. Wars sounded more classical than you are right. That was from now Gustaf host. That was the planet's that's the Mars. You go number two star wars announced hours, I'm nervous
I'm sorry, that's hook rate as well are at this is number three: Jim that's definitely Williams, but I was the little Harry Potter there, and that is platform. Nine and three quarters from the hare. Andreae excellent work are act. Track number
That's definitely sunlight sense, original trilogy I'd say so. I would call the breakdown after the beginning of the imperial March yeah. That's what that, as yet here, YO number five, I mean I'm getting more than in the energy owns there. I don't mind, recognise that India Hooker raiders, then raiders, I mean certain pointed gesture just felt like she even bother finishing this test is just ok
It's a fuller, but I'm gonna go no one star wars and element that is correct. Yeah! That's he got a number. Seven should be very proud, yourselves number, eight racked and nine, I'm going. No, you are correct and number ten here we go, let's star wars, stuffing rate Wilkes, ok, that your ten for ten Jesus, yet he is incredibly good at identifying these efforts are worse so like ok, that's great, but we wanted to be able to create a test that would be like a simulation of that moment where he was in the Kroger. He looks up and he hears the song. What I'd like to do? As I just said, to a sort of put your mind, the grocery store get to the background to the grocery store going. There's ten speakers you walk in
your daughter s or under the bathroom and suddenly here this song Is that your son, no king? What about this one? Kay so J. The next song is the version that brain from ever song thought that he met a mistaken ass, his own is this your son, no car is this year yeah
Are you sure this isn't it Brian Dean aced this test, yeah and by the end of it? He was like. You know what I'm convinced I did hear my song in the grocery store and, honestly, I'm pretty convinced that he heard a too. I see why this is hard basically. What we are left with is two things that I believe are true, but both can't beach is impossible for both things to be true, which is that you both believe that. You believe that musician Brian walked into a cover supermarket and heard a sigh he almost privately recorded for himself by the speakers, and you also believe that court
right Brian, who is the burden, is responsible for literally every song that plays over the supermarket speakers and covers that he did not steal. Mission Brian sign that EU that use musician Brian saw yeah, I mean still, it is possible that corporate brain is lying to you like, even if not sailing, oh he's like a secret music, the if, but he got it has made a mistake, and he does not want to admit that our podcast. I guess but like if he ever got caught. It would look so much worse than just saying like. Oh, it was an oversight. It ended up on our playlist here. Some money like it just doesn't make any sense to me right. How do you feel about you, not one who is like famous for your love of em security or uncertainty? Oh I'm, too we find it really now, I'm not I'm busy. I can't stand this Do you
have you heard of negative capability? No, but it sounds like a dunk. Are you trying to Duncan me? I'm not right. I'm trying I've just here to help you trying to tell me that I have negative capability in solving this problem. Have you ever heard of negative capability while you embody it what's happening? the ability of remembering memory, this right is like a thing. You know, John keeps the poet. Yes, he called a negative capability and he had this theory that the the the inferior poets and the inferior writers they were like too They wanted lake. They were too in love with like certainty, unlike their own perspective and lakes, things one way and that to be like a really great artist you needed
the ability to simultaneously believe things that were contradictory without feeling the need to reconcile them that that was like what made Shakespeare so garden. That's what made all the great as great as they were like he thought that was like basically the responsibility of appeal. It was to possess negative capability. Okay, so now you're dumping on me by saying that I'll never be a great poet for what it's worth? Even though I am frustrated with this outcome, both of the riots and found a way to fix it ever song, Brian actually offered to add branding song to their Christmas playlist for next year.
And inside these latter. Do you think about it? Then he said if Kroger need some under report, ten more Christmas songs for their playlist what Reply always has to buy Pga vote in me. Alex Goldman shows produced this week, she gave him in any way abandoned damianus, Arkady, Anatoly just a young Emmanuel, Georgie and least away our executive. Sure is TIM Howard. We were mixed by required. Fact, tracking by Michel Harris Additional Musical.
Action by Marie Romano special thanks this week to Peter Brainer, Tiara guy Michael Happy, Danny Turner, Ghana, Kilvey Castelli, Garcia, Jason, Woodbury, Aaron Dalton. Tyler Wilcox. Our theme song is by the mysterious break master cylinder that labour is still very nice, even though you turn the ads, often about her, you can we know our show one Spotify or wherever you get your podcast thanks for listening. Was he soon let's be real. Is the perfect time to go back in time, but the stories of hip hop, crazies parties, nasty, espies, flies fashion.
Invest versus, like that's an all time, underrated unbelievable, be in maybe I'm a sick, sick man, but that is the part of the game that I love. It's like a chef kids coming at you from mobile, the mobile mixtapes catch new app, every Wednesday following listen for free on Spotify. This is hip hop to me
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