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#163 Candidate One


The story of an election in America where everything went wrong -- bribery, hacking, ballot-stuffing. And the 17 year old kid who tried to save the day.

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Twenty twenty is not a great year for people who want to believe that our democracy is still operating at one hundred percent functionality. Whether its Kentucky closing down ninety five percent, their point places read for the primaries or was content, refusing to let people melon ballots during a pandemic or russian interference in the last election. It just feels like elections themselves, have become waymore broken and this week We have a story about american action where everything went wrong as interference outright Marie, a runaway populist who nobody seems able to control? This was where the real question was whether, when it was over, people would even still believe in the idea of free elections at all the urgent. I am out, of course, as the twenty nineteen student body election at Berkeley High School,
firstly, I as you probably gas, was this intensely left he published in downtown, but they have no work out than my his glance. Nowadays, hundreds of students walked out of class at Berkeley High school. Today, these kids are supercharged they're ready to change the world without worrying about twitter right now, we're doing what they do, capital and men now. While most of them are not actually old enough to vote. They take all that political fervor Why it to their own democratic system, their election for student body president? While the twenty regulation was very under cover of international press corps, it actually does seriously it feels like. If you look at it, you can see all the bugs and other
yours of american democracy, our political reporter, Damietta Marconi, has the story. The prickly highschool election sorts of an event that, if you ve ever seen a movie about fiscal actions, will be completely familiar to you. The election connection thank you candidates for showing up to tenth annual election convention. This is tradition, unlike Europe recognise over. He just got the election committee, so In our legs, little dark, junkie, little theater and where, like the seats squeak when you sit in them,
And basically ever like goes up one by one and does like a one minute speech and then the answer a few like questions from the audience, those ritual all parliamentary candidates. You tell me about your two dozen maintain an unprecedented number of students were running for burglary high school office, some like seventy candidates. So today you hear beer from representatives for class positions as well as for school, wide positions. The teacher who overseas didn't government names Mister B and it also stage the student who is in charge of the election. I'm somebody pass. The MIKE overthrew the commissioner of Elections, Robert sturdy. Thank you, Mr Viii. Robert Azra Stern, the elections, commissioner, he's seventeen years old, zips long, curly, hair the baseball hotline. First thing is: you will notice your schedules on the cover of the booklet, a lot of five men at recess, Mr Brian, I, like your mean principle in middle school, have cancelled recess. There will be no recess. You may take a break during other last presidency
I believe you aren't. You hear this young man, his joyfully cancelling recess, first classmates, nothing about him which suggest that he would actually be a key figure in all of the scandals to come. Hello, hello, oh hi, Eridu and get the forthcoming talked Robin Ezra is almost a year ago. So I guess I think the first thing I'm just curious about his lake. Why? What Berkeley High is like? Was it like a typical high school, where there are like different groups and camps and stuff like that by all indications it reasonably normal high school with? more political activists, Slash tension going on, but Europe looking to the e number one worst person to ask about the highest. I am a bit of a recluse, I'm not in time early tuned in that you now The social housing I'm going, you distant
well, who are in the school of would be revolutionaries. Robert Azra was something else entirely when had run become elections, commissioner, he simply ran like a technocrat. Just wanted to make things more efficient, even is very convention that were in before our eyes. His tenure edited centrally than the sick Bay Long Party pizza, there's costumes all this of that in our resolution, unnecessary pageantry. My platform was: let's not have that party anymore, or at least, let's not make it so intense. I am entirely public gathering. Detract from school instructional time. It annoys me mister,
without further ado. Let's have the candidates up here for support possible. So, at the convention that day, Robert Recourse is running a very tight ship he's on the stage is not all the presidential candidates Linda behind them, one by one is calling them to the polio. I need with Rachel Albert and I'm running, to be asked the president, because I believe that students of the power to make meaningful change Rachel sort of TIM Kane finger like very well I loaned favourable, but not a candid whose defining the race I'm a raven advocate for breaking hasty or example. This year I worked with principles way to bring free menstrual products to Brittany had bought. The candidates have forty five seconds to speak, and not a second, more at its June has participated in a wide range of activities.
We have, if we go over Robert was tactic. Is this just a promptly shouting? Thank you ever better Europe, you part to rally day was the next who candidates and convention woke up to the podium together. There are black sports coats. Looking like interns on a senator it'll. Give me I'm data on early next year, Flexi Indonesia. They set up into one a m practising their synchronized introduction, their main campaign promises.
Supplies in over homeless students, but they have a laundry list of other items, also like the work involved in making sure that gender neutral bathrooms farm unlocked and clean the narrative fighters in the end building boy. That's making sure that teachers can take away our excellent read it in exchange for acting in keeping dimensional audits, but we stop, while also ensuring our restroom smell fresh instead of data, the girl he loved. This whole thing was really nuver she's, the only bucks didn't onstage and she's, surrounded by people who were more or less strange. Mr that's because burglary, high its huge school, that's good up into all these smaller many schools and from talking to students it seems pretty segregated the kids we heard from so far. There are mostly white and during the honors and be focused programmes.
Asia, that she's from school is geared more towards medicine in public health and is a lot more diverse. Almost no one ever runs british programme, but when she saw the election announcement Pierre excited ass. I think I've never done anything like this, but I started to become more interested in politics sounds like I think I should run, but it's not only like I'm doing it. For me I was kind of doing it, because I have seen a lot of african american people in general like apply for these positions, and I was thinking- maybe if I do it better, start something and other people want to do it as a candidate dishes, the progressive insurgent who's trying to break in from the outside, but he's running me someone with way more experience of the beach s political machine. So she s like see who has been instant politics and choosing diapers, basically, sixth grade. I was
like a house of representatives and middle school, then seventh grade I was an ambassador. I was on the city of burglaries, use Commish Eighth grade. I was an ambassador eighth grade class president Freshmen class leadership, sophomore president involved in using government with the wine sector, and then it was my second year on the national student leadership born. I am on the board of directors, fur generation, citizen and I pulled leave that isn't it Lex. He comes from the current elites and government kids, but she is a very different for most of them, you know, Berkeley High, isn't only made up of the lake rich kids from the hills during medicine. I was homeless because I got evicted. From my apartment in fifth grade right at the beginning of time Where was my mom, so My friends and I worked on spending awareness about homelessness out our school and work
with showing that there are low income students and that you know we are even low income students and we were China. You know make sure that we're not like swept under the rug. That was the platform likes. You wouldn't resident data for vice president and in a world where elections are completely fair and the best candidate wins Dijon likes your silence like their principled, passionate you're. The best ideas And after that, first beach. It's like putting even happened, and I are anything but why don't you want to strong determined leadership is the voice of the student body, and I didn't even expect people to hear in peace,
we'll just started life like it. It gave me a competence booze. It was just a really good feeling, knowing that other people kind of believed in me, but if data and likes you were gonna win, you'd have to be an extremely strong Canada, the chemicals that that was a completely different pep partition uses. Shobo report his whole campaign was, can be about entertainment and distraction. His strategy was clear even on that first day at the convention, Rachel one or the other presidential candidates was there on stage with him. I remember Zog had his eye. It was, I, like somebody said it with water, and I soon was used like sitting on the stage with this like vodka bottle like next to him and
Egg, just like drinking out of it like civilisation is actually. I was mostly annoyed because I think of the audience is planning to do that and magnanimity speech which, like any more interesting, I guess filling out of them, but the glass bottle is the subject of a lot of debate. Was it a vodka bottle with water and it was it a bottle that just look like a vodka bottle, in any case a soldier and when exacts turn to give a speech. Doesn't get about him. He doesn't bother using a make, which is why we do have the audio he's in a black, but I'm sure he's got his craft hair and ease commanding the states like this is tat. Acts talk, it does the kids that rally day this huge party that Berkeley Highschool throws every year in his administration they're going to do that every single month data cannot believe it. My facial expressions we're just like like one at that moment. I wasn't thinking
So, as a candidate I was, I was thinking of myself ass, a student, and I was thinking if I were down there. What I want to vote for the thing was that vocs class glance Reggie actually her kind of an appeal to it like you could read it as authentic. Almost like a shenanigans were saying. We all know that there is nothing more phony than a high school election and entering Likud grown up. I being honest about that. After three years of speeches, the candidates are done and Robert calls the convention to a close, a thank you. That's about all. We have time for a round of applause for which is wherever it as we should have disappeared from the story, because election commissioners are like baseball in Paris when everything goes right, nobody notices them now, He asked them their origin story. Tell me about why you start getting involved in election stuff. Oh I just like elections as someone on this campus is gonna run election. Why can it be me who now reads about them on Wikipedia in their spare time?
the origin story. A Robert, as was clear, starts when he was merely a sophomore whose two dozen sixteen and he just watch the Clinton View Trump Showdown election me found very. Serving after the choice, external action, I just sort of anything grew disillusion. Does the right word, but I distrust withdrew I went through my twitter at anyone who started up political stuff, political staff. I just muted downside, cedar tweets. My twitter is about sports and jokes. I dont need to subject myself to the day. To day new cycle. I think it's it's very rates, you're mental health really quickly. His Canada had lost and Lawson and election. That was itself a total compromised mess and aftermath. He avoided politics, but he threw himself even deeper into his obsession with elections themselves. Their minutiae other run into countries a few short years later as elections, commissioner, he would get a chance to build the perfect one new, build it at Berkeley High School. What were the things you wanted to do differ
We are better eyes quite a lot of things. Actually It's you switch the elections to reign choice. Voting are familiar with in you know Choice voting is exactly what it sounds like, whereas that are voting for one. Candidate evil for and minus one candidates of the race has any candidates. You rank your brother this, and there is now rhythm that determines whose the winner based on everyone's preferences, rank choice. Voting is not the only modern election innovation that Robert I can't help, but rhapsodize about there are many more and be just was gonna get all of them, which is how into doesn't eighteen Berkeley. Highschool election went entirely online number of voting in the classroom. Months to the teachers passed out since would be Both Google form they can access from their student emails. I would much rather
and to be able to vote on their phones, students be able to vote in class with computers, true accessibility, he conflicts american elections, but it could fix his high schools. That was the plan anyway. Now with the convention over two weeks until voting bicycle politicians begin their campaign in earnest every election that there have been held as being a sort of battle between two imaginations on one side does the prisoner designs election, but to think of every way, politicians of ever try to break the rules. It is made all the new chief and then does the politicians imagine ways the ecosystem looking for whatever advanced they can find an infant win least little that domestic politics itself has a way of chicken loose. Whatever rules you turned up around it, but despite his academic loader nature, Robert S head certainly tried his best at a matching all the ways his system could be compromised. The rules he read more comprehensive. You send them to me think like something you'd get it.
The empty lots of fine preying on everything from coming financed. Nigger campaigning to the distribution of edible materials, photon, predatory, just means candy and a whole section on posters. Posters displayed on school property should not exceed three feet in height or eight feet in length posters. We play some Bolton wards only or in classrooms or class doors, with the explicit verbal approval of the teacher writing on My board constitutes a poster posters. It's not be intentionally place next to that of candidates for the same office. Without the explicit verbal approval of the candidates are urging posters muscle, place during school hours. If that sounds like a lot of rules around hang posters, it is but the reason he's done. That is because, in a high school election posters are, like tv, adds radio ads and Facebook at all rolled into one there, the place where the candidates can get their messages and with so many candidates in the race, the poster worth gotten tense
Look I completely out of control like just like into people taking it way too seriously, like thousands of like posters of like the taxi, you go back like all over the hallways everything the have nots Cal Gabriel, IRAN's Instagram account it's basically like the schools, gossip column, Ireland, relaxes team made on posters in like like five different languages and Billy
they get it through. Google translate so they haven't dozens trainees and I speak needs on since I've taken like manner to seven years and like it is completely incorrect, like like, like as a sleek while, like I don't even think, you're helping is often described. The thing was that, while Gabriel may not have been impressed by insufficiently that Mandarin Gabriel was completely unimportant, use a junior and the junior votes were busy locked upon. They won because at one moralist voted for their friends. That group is predictable S. California, Mississippi, if made silverware explaining the parameters of the burglary, has go election. He almost certainly observe that there is only one real group of on a site. It's a pencil, they knew Berkeley, Highschool swing, voters, those are the freshmen, though the prize target each can it lives or dies besought, whether they can win. The hearts of these kids were to night, have bigger click,
I heard rumors of a candidate that stupid so low as to offer bribes to infection votes about somewhat Evie. Another one of the candidates do remember people giving out candy. That was me. I was the candidate who exactly cave that can would indeed accidentally you get accidentally, give out candy again at what the x, I just had some starboard and it was like this fair and it was a kind of a meet the candidates thing during lunch. I think I think I gave out since star Bursts- and I remember explicitly said, Alice STAR Right- ok, so I gave out some start
I remember, though, explicitly saying that this is not a campaign bribe, I'm just giving this to you to the people that would, I would give them to you, which obviously has a bribe, but also I didn't. I only thing I gave it up like five people max or sugar beets bribery fabric of a deal, but soberly people were also starting to ask questions about possible campaign financed violations. Can you imagine, spending fifty dollars on stress balls, with your name on it to hand out two kids to get them to vote. I don't know how much I was like wow. This is like super competitive. I wonder who's gonna win as much else like this is too stupid and was an unusual though it was unusual wasted. Robert as rules on this, were clear, your campaigns or not, and more than two hundred dollars a law All donations and expenditures to and from all relevant parties shall be kept and made available to the commission or of elections. But
Middle Robert hazards. Election was nation. Like these campaign, the sick orgy of political party favors, they monogram pencils, pamphlets. There is a bubble machine, silly putty. How are they doing that? but I assume that we spend so much money on our things and I think in total, I'd probably spent about like twenty dollars on our entire campaign, oh, sir, is that we made everything that we may. We probably got from the dollar tree from my job, where you were. I work at the wine CIA Teen Centre. It's like right across the street from Berkeley High. Meanwhile zag the populace candidate is doing exactly what you would expect him to do. So parties and inviting underclass you post, like after the party on his leg, instigated like pictures of people at the party like holding up, a poster is essentially in a big little video montage on, and I mean it was. It was brought
I mean everyone is talking about him. Ass data- that's out again seems like some of the other students were running more traditionally highschool campaigns like we're gonna, you know, have more fun and hearty party. Did you hit some point, the campaign we are like God like baby? We should be doing that. He now you have told yourself to a different standard if you're running Fairylike, Sb President and vice president to data and a lot of scimitar Berkeley High School, it's like tat in care about much other than winning. You won't hear from second the story, but I thought you people whose at actually that's not true at all. One of them was his friend cannon. So exact, and I talked for months about what he was going to run for now. He he realised that he could probably just run for s be present, because at that point he was so well known and so well liked, and he had all the experience and just yet
early? Having known him, I know that the SB presidency is very much a popularity contacts and his popularity was very much urge through being dedicated to certain pauses. I mean we were activists together outside of school for different climate groups and yet dedicated a lot of his time toward furthering academic opportunities for his fellow students that he decided that his platform would be bringing about free S. Eighty and eighty tutor.
And because he had this delusion that people like him, he decided to throw monthly parties on top of that which did not go over so well. But I do think that of all the campaigns is, acts was not terribly dirty at all. By the last week of campaigning, things were getting kind of ugly digital me that you get this text message from our friend. It was a picture of her and legacies poster in a urinal he'd been peed on. It, took an emotional on us like there was a time when I was crying because I was like people hate me. I should have never run for this position like their penal. My posters and I never wanted this- did you her theory about who is doing it at first? I was thinking about other candidates, and I was trying to tell it feels like like see. Trust me. The candidates around we doing this to us for like revenge or something I don't know why they would need revenge, but they're, probably just like mad about something. She said: No none other candidates would do so.
Thing that we should say we shouldn't just assume and like was you like? We are ready. Against them and we are doing a decent job. The auctions commissioner, Robert Ezra, he actually from those parts stayed out of all of us which for surprise me like this, was his election. Afterall barometers were told me that it was important step along this, yet remain objective. The market to know him. The more I can't understand, is kind of logic, as particularly rapid Ezra is illogical. Decayed also that he keep an extreme level of distance from the candidates, who are remind you, risk classmates. What were the different personalities our running? So at the time there were a lot of races going on and I'm gonna get my weeds of any single one. So I don't know probably not the best storyteller for this, and I can point to someone who wise, but totally just tell me like what
who do you remember as being like the big candidates, are the big foreigners? Sir, So I don't really know how to answer that question. There were definitely being front runners, but I'm not really in tune with the school social saying or whether they can. I grew people would vote for. I do have returns in front of me. I can definitely tell you one. I guess I'm just curious, like putting aside everything In writing. I am dislike, who do you remember running like which can it stuck in your brain. If any of them I did not really. I was really I'm trying to detach myself from erase my job was to assess the rays qualitatively. On Monday, the two weeks of campaigning closed and Robert Ezra declared voting open. The students would have a whole week to cast their vote now. Finally, is innovation? The online voting system thing he actually cared about, but have its moment
to shine. The Google form was open and you could go into your email and vote. You can have a crumbling supplied you in class and about you could put on your phone. Home whatever, and everything was mostly fine for life for days until Thursday night Robert users in his bedroom- and you can see the votes coming, it gets a tip from the teacher had been helping him oversee election. Mr Viii, who says something weird, is going out of the ballot number for this candidate- that Robert as recalls candid one candidate, one who has for all this time in running, a solid, the second place very popular front runner, all of them in first place now and then very quickly. We saw why sure red flags? Oh all, all the votes for Canada, one or coming in a row what's your Canada, one are coming in alphabetical order, all for Canada, one are also voting for their running made in there
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mobile. Welcome back show Robert Ezra, the elections, commissioner, but High school, has just realized that somebody has hacked into his voting system. Mr Nichols candidate one shot and believe that the election is not over yet is one day left a voting and Robert Ezra needs to figure out what to do. We first. Basically we try to make a list of people of interest and number one person of interest. Of course, is gonna, be the candidate right, of course There is also some very complicated relationship dynamics between them and some other people who, as other people around the less you oh you're, suspecting the people that They are maybe in an argument with theirs and they like that, their social circle yeah the next morning he goes to the schools. Eighty expert, also known as his computer science teacher, and asked him to look at the back into the Google voting form. Can you find anything like an ip address?
We don't get a smoke, Government all you are in is that the votes being cast from Apple computer smartphone, that's not a tablet. It's not a windows computer, not the people, have those. It is an apple computer, great narrows down to like every other kid I broke my high school. So now Robert Ezra has a decision to make. There's six were left in voting. The regional thing to do would be to just pull the plug reader, the entire election, or he could set an elaborate trap, find, and personally observe them promptly entering votes into their computer, in which case the voting must be allowed to continue. If you tell say a mob leader that you're The process of investigating their speak, easy, you're speaking, is not gonna, be there. So we actually did stand by and let fraud happen we
we relied on that? We? It was very important for us that fraud keep happening here is Robert as restricted, so he can see the boats coming in in real time and so he's going to take his list of suspects as we watch each of them try to get the student in the act of committing the election fraud school gives Robert Azurettes blessing on his investigation, he's working on with a teacher even minimal conference for him, but he turns into a worm we're came schedules for basically everyone will that we thought we had Some minor reason to do this and what I actually did his eye just walked down the always he's looking for suspects visiting their classrooms. Casually strolling by the door, trying to just look through the window, because it was very to me that people not catch on that score things going on with me. Some cases, walk spider, JOR like four five times. If he sees a suspect, he takes notes in their activities
they have access to devices, Are you working on something that looks like elation rigging, nothing suspicious? He crosses them off the list. Is there. Nothing lasts figure out where they are already on campus, if they're on campus try to observe them. And we didn't have any doubt blind, so that was a little bit harder than it should have been. What mean that boy, Yes, yes, sorry. My joke sometimes scrape up on people like that. Like you, you're saying you didn't have a place where he could just like see the entire campus, Now changing the effect at this point, it's after lunch, Robert Ezra has three hours left in a school day and he's looking for the main person on this list candidate, one who turns out to be at the college and Career Centre, which like a study hall, he walks in and there's candidate one in the back of the room to friends who Robert recalls suspect to and suspect three
I sit down at a computer. I potential workin schoolwork What I'm actually doing is looking at candidate one and writing emails to Mr B of describing exactly what he's doing and what the people around him are doing. This email was sent at one hundred and sixteen p dot m I come in. Robert Ezra manages to rope in the school assistant who runs the centre contains married, so neither both observing suspects and it's like Robert Answer- is finally at the scene of the crime prevail. So close began almost east. It certainly her snatches of suspicious conversation suspicious because it sounds like people trying to use June emails to no Google for, namely the form that Robber Ezra, has created candidate, one talking to suspect three way you get an email, I quote, Are you sure, because I just failed to type in I got in but like unintelligible, that's in brackets from Mary Makes me a note
Does she heard Canada? One say I'm going died? Trying whites very period all rings and went for packing up their bags, getting ready for class but Kennedy at one stage. Seated only once on the computer and as Robert Ezra watches two more fraudulent votes come in yet another fraudulent vote. If God, candidate one, can anyone as you may have suspected his neck? Mister B, the teacher whose working with Robert Ezra shows up and picks up Zack along with some of those suspected of helping him and take them all to the prince unless we get parked in the principal's office before she's in that adds We have to set in that room. With me mystery and can have one for a while. But what was the conversation? happening that room.
As our silence when the principal finally comes in fact denies everything Robert Ezra has all his evidence and hand. It was came over deal Scandal would end up being a big enough deal that district level administrators got involved. Teachers and parents couldn't talk to me on the record, for this story was a lot of anxiety, because these are kids after all, and adults understandably wanted to protect their privacy. I do know that the administration major, that there are consequences for Zack and the two friends would help him, but the details were kept strictly confidential, which disappointed Robert Ezra, who felt like if nobody knew what the punishment was for election tampering. How could you determine anyone from doing it again story? And while he wouldn't talk to me, I did ask his friend came in when he sat you down to tell you everything that happened was the story. He told you that he invested a lot of time and campaigning on the freshman and the year before we had voted on paper ballot
in class, so everyone had gotten the chance to last year. The ballots were online. Voting was not done in class, so a lot of people didn't vote and didn't know they got to vote, didn't think to vote, especially the freshmen, who had no experience voting. What's the weather, which is where is a cat spent most of his time campaign it we understand this freshmen thing about better, so it sounds like you're saying that there is something structurally built into this, that buzz unfair, that, but I don't understand, Colored suppression away. You know, republican administrations uses odor idealized to suppress it outright. Me freshmen class, with simply not aware of how to the dismissed their first be Hs election and in previous years. Been done on paper ballots in classes. So when I first voted, my second period teacher passed out of balance in class and spent twenty minutes filling out. Those balance,
but for doing it online, it was not mandated that opinion. In class. So a lot of the freshman class could not have their voices heard because they had no idea how to vote. This was very new to them to one the results. Started to come in as they come in over the course of a week, and he had access to them and he saw that he wasn't winning a friend of his had offered previously to half the election for him.
And when he saw that the freshmen work voting, which is where he spent most of his time, he said: ok, do it so essentially Zack had felt that the only reason he was losing was because the election was from his perspective, rigged against him, and so my cheating, he was actually making it more fair. And on top of that, there is a huge obvious vulnerability that may cheating very easy. The weight of the heck worked. It was almost disappointingly simple. The students voted using their school emails and the way that the students emails or set up the default password was Berkeley and then there's June eighteen members analysing just never to use their past.
A friend of his had access to the schools are the student schedules because she was in charge of a lot of student activities, and I have myself right next to me. Actually, the school. I think foolishly places the student ideas right on a student schedule, that's how they did it Unfortunately, he got caught, and that was that people did work extremely hard to win like legacy and Asia. I know how much this meant to them. What do you think
I mean the idea of him stealing the election from them in this way, that does film productions every I dont know Lexington days very well, but it's hard to say they would have one had a freshman boat. When did you finally learn the? U S is honesty and those like cheesy story, but later on in the week they are sent out Emil's and I dont want to open it around anyone. Like I'm one of those people. I will not open a college emissions decision around anyone or anything like that. So I took the bathroom pass and I went to the battering, but as at one, openness and a close, adding so I like walked outside for a bit, and I read the results in. I saw Lex his name at the top and I think we're gonna like someone and scroll down, and I saw my name
of legal migration. I won a text it. Let's see I was like. Oh my gosh. Did you see the results in before she could even respond? I was like I can. I can stay in places like us like for funding, and I saw the camp is green and I was just about to run into the camp a screen, but, as I got out there I saw, let's see like she was standing outside on the camp is green and we had never even plan to meet up and we just ran and hugged each other and we started crying, and it is just that an emotional moment after the election result renounced Rabanus had one last job to do right. His report, a comprehensive review of the investigation document comes up with is seven pages single space, a full accounting of his methods, footnotes, figures and graphs. Its titled report on fraudulent voting in the two dozen eighty two doesn't
may be just ass, be elections the day he was done. He delivered into the jacket School newspaper. Here's. How even remember said I was on the jacket at the time and we were obviously like. This is our biggest story of the year, and so we then things on a Tuesday or something comes in with this big pocket. He just why then it's dead, silent. Everyone already knows, Heaven knows what it's about to be. He walks up to toward entered and chief just dropped on the table and says here's the Miller report. Turns around and unjustly news, and it was like amaze, those usually the best moment. If I go experience, it was just dead silence and then everyone's ran to go and see This report provides a satisfactory answers. Student concerns about the election that is now clear that, despite this, the election is being conducted with a high degree of baroness. It is important briefly? I students, no there's the election was conducted in a fair and equitable, where the people
considering reading any election of the future. Now they will be caught, it has been in It needs to be an honor deserves your commission of elections. I stirring ass commissioner of elections, once the store of the election got out. Local news was all over at that election happened to one of the most notable high schools in the Bay area. Some say the intense pressure to get into college may have been the reason that student cheated the boat John D, eighty cents, YO teamed up with Robert Azra Stern, a student serving as the commissioner of elections was it nice to see yourself? Oh no! No! I I resent it that I do not like being a public figure. I would have preferred that, the only people who knew that I did this were colleges expected employers did you feel proud afterwards yeah, I mean I sort of feel proud now, but
Was a lot of conflict around me grappling with exactly my role, as is now the high school, my The scenario is that I would just you walk in the crowded we would pay attention, may call me out, say hey good job. I dont To be congratulated for my work. Do my work- that's very of you very Robert Malaria. Sign now to other name, It was the beginning of the data and like see administration there homeless. In supply centre was successfully funded campaign promise kept last month as graduation was on my because of cover nineteen. Sixteen twenty twenty is resilience powerful and inspiring. The good news is that all the kids are gonna colleges, their excited about budgets, Mcgill Dish,
you Davis Lex, he's going Sacramento state. There is no doubt in my mind. The arts ass will make significant change in this world. Ice was already story, though small too, that this little league version of digital world that for four years they took completely seriously, there's nothing more embarrassing than the stuff you used to take seriously. But, to be honest, I don't think they should be progressed. Ambition feel proud and a grown up world people are so tired of complaining about the rules being broken. That often they just give up on carrying have definitely been guilty about. By didn't happen oblige us, for once there is a fight where the most popular loudest or most powerful person, dentist automatically get their way in the end, the rule book, actually one which fills praising right now. As for the personal care, the most about the rule book, Robert Ezra he's been at the University of Chicago for a year now,.
Amerika S. What he's been up to the University of Chicago elections and Rules Committee, a five person committee- that this one does the same thing I did at Berkeley high except more efficiently. How does the board, compared by school version of it they better better codified precedents and are not flying blind, so they have paid and pages and pages of, major precedent what to do rules, whereas I had maybe three pages and my intuition. We just got faster at the university with running off on an election cycle and there are some people on the elections in Rules Committee who have just have been there for it. And there is in this light institutional memory of like oh yeah. Years ago. There were these
it is you like wire charge, the elections Committee and like trying to catch them in the after being biased, which they were not. Basically, I have this this law this world history of the past six, seventy years of University of Chicago elections, something crazy happens every single time I mean there are thousands, if not millions, of high schools in the country. How often Things like this happen, scandalous, slash crazy slash. Take s friend happen when people are vying for Meda power? Is any part of you looking forward to the two other things that come up really, why same reason I wanna be, commissioner of elections, is not that you long
their peoples. Lives destroyed in a spectacular like burst job Even for me, is The probe of elections and running them in prison Jason roles in the boring stuff that you love yeah. driving out of our getting is a producer virtue. reviled stood by me. Give out and out old men are chose Bruce this week by surely Germany, Denmark, Hetty Anatoly just a young manual Georgie endless away our executive producers, TIM Howard or senior producer, is Viennan we're mixed pirate one backtracking by Michel.
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