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#166 Country of Liars


Who is Q-Anon? PJ tells the surprising origin story of the Q scam, and the man who now seems to be in control of it.

Dale Beran (@DaleBeran) and Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd)

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From where I was revile. I'm Peter about two weeks ago I talked to Madame Frederick Brennan for the first time, hey has again, yes grown, so we had a little trouble cannot use warning. That's okay are you you're in LOS Angeles? Ah, yes, someone technically for another half hour it takes up three seconds of small talk with Frederick to understand his point of view, which is that the world is a shady place. The consolation you get is just being relentlessly candid about that. Wherein all area are then eyes. Nerve I've I've been to. I bet I never been event nice, nice knowledge to hear that's, why you never been there. Why? How come you're there and why
ok anyway, it's nice to meet you I didn't know what to expect from Frederick, because he's known for having done to really extreme but opposite things, He started the image. What a chap notorious internet cesspool defended for years, then Harry publicly repudiated, but he actually fought to get it taken off the internet. What do you do with it? like how do you like this is a thing. You spend time working on that you bill. How do you look back that now allow the strong enough- and Obviously, I think that those of us who are kind of at the beginning of internet history. We can call, it are going to make a lot of mistakes, and Leslie unbridled free speech does not work. It does not make a positive, kennedy- and I make sense of the word for it let each him when he was twenty two, but there. Can talking about it now, four years later,
that gives he's uncover to seek the idea of q and on a chance, infamous account I see is the unit troll pretends to be a highly placed covering leaguer, whose poster start a massive paranoid, occasionally violent move that if a chance is the biggest mistake for Ex ever made, tuna is like them, estates malevolent Idiot child and he wanted you stopped Frederick is saying that as the creator of age in the prison who originally wrote the code for the site, he can All sorts of clues pointy him to the identity of tuna. Frederick story is a journey through multiple circles of internet. How these are visa usually try to avoid having most people do but listen to Frederick. I realise that the problem with doing that, it means that the people who run those house remain much less accountable than they would otherwise so today, that's where we're going.
restoring certain two thousand thirteen at the time. In the world economy. Chan, Frederick, was a very broke young man living alone with a disability mining. Frederick Branding, I'm nineteen years old. I am a computer program or, and I live in Brooklyn New York, this from a twenty fourteen documentary. I had Ask your genesis, imperfect which is a bone condition. Its commonly known as bail bond disease. Frederick says by this point you started broken his bones. A hundred twenty times. Is it wheelchair looks very small younger than his age spend a lot of time. Do you now doing somewhat dangerous things like It's is not really safe for me because, about an hour Hannah Boiling water is about as big as I am certainly really care of one I'm cooking Spilett. I myself Frederick, do not like this document, if only the producers or just trying to God and how difficult his daily life was, how he had used a special tool to press the elevator buttons, how he struggled to open the front door of the building,
the only reason it agreed to do it because he says that the problem dimension. Is new imageboard I'll try to get them to include it in our peace and allows up as when I get it because they promised that they were when they didn't. You didn't even get one. Second, I was really now, but You just participating documentary to promote a chess grab. Yes, that's why? Yes, back and first, a whole going. Life was to make the best most popular image word had ever existed. After all, he spent half his life in these places. I thought to journalists a bran he's known Frederick for years he was one of the first insults deep into the EU. Kennedy. I didn't know that he ran so bored like the philosophy were doomed to be unfortunate trend for that, where this is, like were born in this way. We never gonna escape. That's the philosophy here found every available hell on the internet. Yeah I mean. That's the how a fortune where you kind of deal is called the black pearl nihilist pill, where you say
You know, I'm not even a conservative, not even a fascist, I'm just in dialogues, Frederick was very angry about the circumstances of his life. He was angry. Those mom who had the same vision, he'd had had chosen to have him in the first place, he's angry this pair its, but up, and he been much foster care system. Fortune was a place where he found people as angry. He was, but now he wanted a Chan, his website to surpass it and twenty fourteen he had the chance Fourchan Decisive, had never gamer gate. They shut down their board and the game at eight audience travels the chance looking for some unwilling to set up a new board for them. Most everybody turns him down, except Frederick, overnight H, Ngos, for maybe a hundred posts day to over ten thousand and our trafficking. So much so that Frederick actually can't afford to pay for the bandwidth and he announces. Unless we can step in to help his words can go down. It would win over like could not get alone. Are you ok,
They don't give lots of people in wheelchairs cell he would give along the edge anyway, then Yet this message subtle of changes life almost entirely for the worse, its remaining run, Watkins. H, M user base in the Philippines. He tells Frederick that He his father digging out his father and to channel The original chant Japan's biggest imageboard oversight, Frederick had always lived up to that was, resides on its trust in him, because I knew you know that Basically, very powerful Brandon in this space, Elena this communities, and I figured well if he's running to channel certain he can handle this site put verdict, did not now it's time Was it the creator of two general was claiming online in japanese language rhetoric, and I speak that this ban Jim auctions. Actually stone to jail from him
Jim and run wagons did not agree to be interviewed. For the story, so you will be hearing from them, but Jim Hawkins has disputed the characterisation that he stole to channel Of all the mistakes of Frederick had made It may be starting a Chan, trusting this father sundew, oh Jim, and run lichens. This is the one the plagues M, Frederick Greece to Jim, I can offer GMO host and eventually own a Chan. Frederick will run the site as his employer. Here's to come, Watkins agents will inspire mass shootings or more to essentially a compound for the paranoid political called of its most famous poster q and on the back, and sixteen offered new. With these two seemed like a saviours pussy, one additional thing. It actually are constantly on the scene that argument about him and he said, We live in the Philippines, nursing there's really cheap here, you no matter care in general is really cheap here they offered a higher and higher des because they know that they can,
hey somebody hundred two hundred dollars a month to stable. Are you not, I mean so late new that physical access to somebody like me was control. I serve a reason: Savior he's in the world today, I know that he is like a man may say Even in the world champion, operators can walk into than usual he fifty six years on former how to repairman for the? U S: Army, who move to the Philippines in two thousand one there. He ran and he technology are coming, which He says he claims hosted websites with photos of asian women in bikinis, which isn't true. It was important. There are few profiles at em they always or to hit the same lackey beats. The weird videos you post from self seeking, hems or unboxing expensive found pens. They usually mention pig farm. It's kind of frustrating because
start to feel like these eccentricities, throw a smoke screen, that's up to you from ever actually seeing what his motives are for in do much homework on Jim Harkin's. He takes a suffer Wikipedia and then he back to suit case and food itself seems to be in his new life daily pick you up at the airport. When the person you actually meet the less gender that earlier saw I flew to manoeuvre via Hong Kong and Jim Flu. From Manila to all got to pick me up. Hong Kong and then bring me to Managua. What was it like in person. Yeah I mean when I when I first met him. First time. I was this guy. Is really a stereotypical pornographer guy
everybody- I am the first that I am. He is like waddling up to me, Kane Smoking. The cigarette hitting on all the flight attendants in between going back from the airport to our game we stopped to eat something and he's hitting on the lady behind the counter. A gorgeous hate, beautiful, also limit, we don't even know what the hell you say you know, but I mean it was scrutiny they run Manila and there he meets gemlike into son, run the guy who too they message them and the two of them the wrong way better here. And it turns out, have the same, excitement and affinity for just learning out about image words. What did what he actually just like what it run like yeah back, then he's very good looking honestly he could be a model. His hair was very you know well kept. He just looked like the guy who would be in charge of the channel
so he does. I think I had him TAT guy yeah. There are countless countless hours, It has a job markets, but there is very little on its Enron. Do you see the same two photographs over an hour. Frederick said there is actually an internal rule. You saw that wrong did not ever want to be recorded and even just talking to him in person. He was cagey like basic, ex about a child were very hard to come by, so he just wouldn't talk about his youth with you. He wanted he would tell you outrageous lies that just sounded so dumb. Like you told me after high school, He went to become a monk and studied a monastery, and I never believe that Maybe that's very one day. And then there will be a story about being a playboy in China. The next both of them hence came across as a very unreliable narrators, but I was getting. What wanted Jim Watson had said but an apartment. Eleven. He had a health aid, he'd steady work
and for a couple years things were guide. Here's doubt the journalist Then he likes his life in the Philippines. He finds a wife gets little more religious and go to church provides a community Ella yeah and during the finally working over there for wagons. Realises the transfer talks. Thesis just put me I'll run teacher. I want nothing to do with HIV and he leaves atrium to Toronto April trains have seen. Frederick has quite a chance, he doesn't work there, he doesn't posts there, we still working for the work and family he's an for them. In the same slack anything at the time he tries to get your Moroccans to shut the sate down, but it doesnt work and starting become more clear to him what Jim Watkins actually wants out of each man. It's not money,
because this website continues to repulse advertisers is each is supposed to be a money making endeavouring to do they care if they run it and, alas, they dont care. Why they want out. An aging is power Cares runs out of laws as long as they are kind of get the same level of power in the West, that they ve managed. In Japan? That's what they want in twenty? Sixteen a chant went very hard on MCA and when Trump one Jim ARC and try to convince people that his sight had been apartment, he told Buzzfeed NEWS quote: I users of aid channel help get trumpet. Like did you got a million boy Dalkey, regional, on a good day, huge after Trump Wine, Jamaica and essentially try to get into the bright bird business. If it
that on each hand, he had this audience of Trump loving conspiracy there s. Why not build them their own new side. So we try to convey this far right. Conspiracy, news website called the cold water filled with stories about stuff, like the Clinton body, count trumps secret Warren. Pedophiles it's no surprise to find out that FBI agents have discovered evidence of the Clinton Foundation sending where transfers to Ghana affiliated to deter group ISIS in the vote. Jim lichens has hired local women from the Philippines to read scripts written by freelancers in others. Germans has cats himself as the broadcaster good morning, on June Journey, and this is hard. I don't know why he calls himself Jim turning in these, but he's in front of a bookcase wearing an ill, fitting sue. How about the Clinton foundation? Pay for play debacle the FBI actually deleted that when they
gave immunity to the AIDS of Clinton and agreed to this, RO. The laptops at the deletion took place on the Goldwater failed. It turned out the young internet trolls of age and now here conspiracy theories from the site. Fifty something you're old owner, Malay Goldwater just became a punch line, but would happen later, we commenced Frederick that everybody, including him, had. Dress, Gemlike hens and his ambitions you you see his power as almost like a dark twist internet version of Like Rupert Murdoch curling. Yet Accession but he's a river Murdoch, no one's ever heard of and when people write about aspects like always gives a weirdo he's. Weird guy, I hate when they do that, because it's like they miss the entire storing as easy to do. Focus on the wacky guy running aid cannot loss o the wacky this good and he looks silly he reads, hams and plays with his bans, but you know,
if you really peel back the layers of what this is as and where you wanted to go because in Japan you know the far right is ascendant and very powerful there. That's what he wants for the US to Frederick said that in the office gemlike into plot about this stuff withdrawn. I really thought sometimes that they were deluded when they went talk about like they're kind of stuff, allergies, to like there is a chance to seek power, because you know, I just never thought it could come true, like you, Q. Totally came out of left field and surprise me: you are secure and, on the whole reason product. My we're talking in the first place the most successful damaging, putting all hopes of this century, Frederick Bully,
The gym Watkins would see the rise you on a chance and then hijacked control the account for himself and the story of how they may have happened. It took us back to the scene of something I never thought I'd saying to the room where a bunch of liars and trolls had. First inventive q through more q, took his baby steps after the break the birth of a.
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I need to tell you a story about what things were like on age and during the very first days, if you bring back even poor. Frederick leaves Jim what are taken over the account how about this for a couple reasons. First, because the most compelling evidence for who started you. All of it lies in the mechanics of just how this message waterworks. Once you can read a chance, you can watch the queue, show and see all special facts. You can watch as stagehands accidently get shot. Sometimes the people behind these are going to mistakes, and so those mistakes are frankly very funny, but also because before I got this, I would have told you that some, like you and I was inevitable every year, just like the flu, some new conspiracy would sweeter America Bobby pedophiles were Hillary Clinton.
Why is the point of understand mechanics of something that's inevitable, but once you really get the story of you, you understand it evolves bunch of people who, while they are completely bumbling when it comes to telling lie the fairy savvy when it comes to spreading and knowing that people did this on her and how they did it. That view important me and with it goes beyond Watkins or anybody else. Okay, so beginning Chiunagon, sounded unremarkable. Who is just one more lie being told by an anonymous liar on a message board that was full of them. Frederick did not take it seriously. Yeah I mean so when I first heard about you. I just thought that it was a troll. Basically, and that it was just somebody having, alas, and kind of working people. You know what I mean and posting vague, Nostradamus like messages I didn't, take his theory we as I should have in the beginning. I don't think a lot of people
you know what I mean back then, lotta people on age and were actually already doing a similar stunt might argue that during still bran. He told me here No, I didn't want each and he wrote a book about it. The way he explained me back in twenty sixteen. This is a game that people on the boards replay together. One person would lark. They pretend to be some highly placed government official leaking secrets like one guy. That Thomas Jefferson has actually been a foreign spy and that while it true that he'd written the declaration of independence quote, he was brought into the process by can intelligence that knew he was a trader and we're working him all on. There is high level and on FBI and on CNN there was White House Insider and on what they all goofy aims, and they were all doing the existing or black. It's like they were. Having a costume party been sounds like in those early days. Everyone knew it was a costume party or now everyone knew any very few people, I think, were true. Believers In October, twenty seventeen, a user calling themselves give in on you
referring to their q level security clearance posted there first message: It was a response to a different bullshit message, someone else and posted were they claim that Hillary Clinton would be arrested following Monday, actually uniformed everybody for extradition had already. According to use post agency. Extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border Run passport we'll be fine, effective, ten thirty at twelve o one. I am not only that You also said that anyone who didn't leave him should locate a local national guards member and ask to see their deployment worse, because National Guard obviously had been tasked with bringing Clinton to justice. I thought you were gonna, make Rothschild he's an author who studies firstly, there is, and he says, the first Q drop appeared, you could tell the audience in the board was actually buying it, but within ten
fifteen posts- it was just like the mood in a room had already started to change, either started getting the ideas, Hillary Clinton being arrested and, like John protested, getting arrested and you, never quite clear, Astaire, just sort of like here's, a new game, we're gonna start playing it or if they really think yeah he's gone down you, never a hundred percent sure. What's real and what's a good in a place like this because you have no contacts and the difference between someone who is playing the character of jealous interviewer, verses, someone who, just like it being duped, there's only to tell right after a month on the site in November, two thousand, seventeen Q announces that fortune has been code infiltrated and in May the whole operation, totally become their permanent home. A chance. The wearing of it it's like fortune was where Q pilot at the show but age. Agent is were seized, one really starts and Annette
and keep us it exclusively on this. One suborn called CBS com before the storm owned by a middle aged man from Johannesburg named Paul Ferber. So The board on a day, and then I q actually then started posting their unlike the second or third of December of December, a cue completely seriously. He went on just, but this is from an interview he gave to another q believer. We had spectacular prediction. Whose bite you on the board He told us all sorts of things about how the world works. It was it was amazing, it was the most incredible intelligence leaking history. So who is Paul farmer this man, whose board was home to the greatest intelligence, legal history corn, Twitter Bio. His coat a journal, programmer obvious musician pilot teacher Luther by her christian medicine seller. The queue who lived on Paul Fervors Board was becoming a head he's. Gay a small following a believers, but there is a problem. Each was not designed for the government super spy. Most people
they didn't have usernames, they posted completely anonymously and if, like you wanted to post as yourself every time. The problem, cracking passwords on age and was notoriously easy to use force password! I can tell you because it was cracked was Matlock and once it was cracked Anybody could post this q on agent or on Fourchan Org in both places they'll brand, the journalist he told me about it even today, put in queue at Matlock and then, if I wanted to put a post For him it would appear exactly under Kyoto Trip, which I did to test. It was when, once you ve, also posted rescue. Yeah yeah, who hasn't really do it. What did you say? I made you got it. I dont like looking a fortune because it's full of greystocks away this pole, which is the fascist and then there s p, o the paper crap in Origami Borg.
I went to p o someone posted a nice piece of origami and I positive you, I said, looks good. I definitely one person who has been too much didn't you, well short know. You know who has an indulged. Alot of people indulged On agent, once you have a username and password, you can't change the password. So when Cuba, cracked, they had to make a new account, there was, all farmers job to verify that the person posting askew today was the same pursuit of imposing the day before you could do. That is because, as board owner, he had access to User Login information he's he scrambled into their ip addresses. We're. Nepal is a lot of work, but something even called to do. This has been like full time job for me, but it hasn't pay anything. I'm doing it for personal reasons, because I want to do the right thing and also because I've I've
research them, child trafficking and Rachel abuse and the elites for many years now. So we must, we started happening all year. You, you know you need involved here, because you have knowledge that can help the course puff. For a man who had been marinating and conspiracy theories since the ninety nineties. He seemed like an ideal super spread over Q nonsense, the world's most reduce disciple, had fallen in love with a perfect charlatan, an q actually love offer right back, he shouted him personally include drop three. Ninety three quote bored owners, but Paul Mars and other Patriots sincere thanks raw. You do your true heroes. There a day within the next few months that is scary, but safe personalize message finds its way to you on multiple platforms. Recognising your contributions. This robbers, eleven of Q, telling Paul farmer he's gonna to send own fruit basket programme has a slightly different take on this very cosy relationship.
Did you have theories are in thinks about who the actual person might have been assuming there was an original queue up its offer yeah. Oh, I think Ferber is most likely you, the original q. Frederick believes that the man running the original Q drops was Paul, Ferber himself poverty. Tonight this, and I will say this is the part of Frederick theory that he has the least amount of evidence, for there's a ring of disciples round early Hugh could have any or all of them Part of the reason I related is because it is extremely fun to imagine the pickle that Paul Ferber may have ended up in. If you ask you be as info he's telling one he started. Take off. Offer would have had a problem, his own ego, wanted to take credit, but he would have been able to because Q swiftly a secret government serious by not some aloof here in Johannesburg, and please at that explains why Paul says too costly emphasise how he really gets. Q
there's a Bruce Wayne Right arm got them time and how Batman waste asleep over at his house, the Man's didn't really like him very much because he was getting at the way my mother would put. It is too big for his branches, so he was post, Things like I serve at the failure of the president. I you know I serve the pleasure of Q, you know people were feeling jealous. Basically, yes, they were jealous, because here same at you was having private communication with Q and that he was filtering it basically out to them and one of the big things, especially in early Q. Was that it's a research movement and nobody is higher than anybody else so by farmers. But he was having private contact with Cuba, which might have been true. Nobody knows right. He was violating the spirit of their thing. Yes, so there's a guy Perception that Paul Ferber is using cue to promote himself and then progress on tv
Defending the republic from enemies, foreign and domestic, ok SAT Tv actually enforce, and not without Jones. This was their spin off show with a different hoster dinky peel the origin, but still December Friday. Seventeen there's Paul Ferber. And he's doing anything usually does, which is these acting as cues interpreter talmudically decoding Q drops on air like there's one mentions the Lord's prayer one break that down. Why do you think it's important? We were as we're going to break. You were kind of getting into that. Why was so important that he go into the Lord's prayer at the end of this yeah you're, absolutely right, but the questions from cue to make up God you referred, I mean it. I got them old prayer and yard. I didn't get it about. I dont like a cure, the Christian, maybe the Catholic, but then Paul explains a month,
later. The pope was made a completely mild tweet horns prayer and how it was translated from latin english law. This is to anyone with eyes to see the queue was beyond the legitimate, but here here the programme, an individual who had somehow by the knowledge of the night he put in a working Albano most closely guarded plate with oil budget, a budget that would very, very impressive. That would maybe tat, would be much better in a pre founded a feed you get, idea. Now is our Abu ok. So the hosts has another question for cues foremost global scholar He mentions snow white. Let's see, I don't know maybe twenty times in his posts. He also mentions the God fire three. What does that represent in these infringes the Godfather three, almost as many times as snow white, so
go ahead. What does that represent the baby? S lovely little cryptic clue, love to that an out and out trying to unravel now? Why is that? The aid to the computer, hammer and are opposed to the emigrant data fainter and no one independent war, the CIA. We believe their game, not confirmed. Do you believe that their computer infrastructure, but they used, came back to domestic violence? there is I making listen to. This is because actually this enforcement will have enormous consequences person for Paul Ferber for reasons we will get into later. But much more importantly, This is actually the moment the q is going to break out, and a much older, more mainstream audience. Which is not an accident. This was the explicit goal of Paul Fervors Indoors appearance to draw in the boomers on the show
this fellow disciple actually makes the pitch. There are a lot of people out there that just cannot work on. They just cannot function on the chance that these people can, but there are massive untapped resource themselves. They have all it's a connection side. I mean a lot of them, could be retired, intolerance or military there, so many people out there from older generations that are not involved and in this fight and the Good NEWS offer explains is that they made it. Super easy to get involved there older Americans come visit, the new user friendly queuing on they built, especially for them behind you in on a debate that we need to get it out. When he got up book, would you would you Why were going? Why are we talking to Youtube talking to him? Would you talk? to all the independent media when I thought it might be media we care about them. This course. Action and works. Here's conspiracy, theory researcher, MIKE Rothschild,
it crosses over and read it. It's like the fire break has been dropped and it's like this. This inferno has gone from contained two out in the real world and when it goes out into the real world it could really hurt. Somebody like this internet conspiracy wasn't ever geared towards that, especially the mean culture like people, who are older than like twenty five, and now I dont just answer the get that stuff, but its it does hey, look as big new audience of people who just really work. Group It is disturbing fact from fiction, that's what Q wants us to do is to dig find out information make it our own. Please keep faith and pretty soon these new mainstream few hours. They will spread the message themselves. They'll tell their friends there is the beginning of Q season two
In today's video I'm going to give you a brief overview of how to find posts by Q and the internet and a little bit about review uses a lot of previous see means. Hillary Clinton means that there is a lot of those going off no white whenever he saw you about Snowden Snow White in the seventh drawers Charlie, which are the sea. I s secret massive computer system, and I feel, like I mean I now leave. This has done a lot of times more likely that only shrine believe that part of it, but yet I just I don't think he's lying to us, whoever he trusts throw ones, and I never heard of before this whole world. I am one hundred percent behind Q he's working for the present working for our country. Theirs There have been going on since the assassination of J K
Who is the best thing that ever happened so remember. Remember this moment: people look at this as a story that they get to be part of not just a relentless drumbeat of the bad We're gonna do things to you and you can't do anything about it. Gets stay here and what happens next? it's like every every so often cliffhanger Thank you. It wasn't so horrible and, and Isolating and terrible for the people who believe in and it would be kind of. Interesting example of the twenty first century, storytelling from so twenty eighteen, he was growing popularity, but quietly non believers, weren't yet noticing, but Frederick says he knew one person who caught it very early, his boss, Jim organs. They Chan men with very recently dashed reams of running a right wing conspiracy, new site, of course, sheltered notice,
Jim was very interesting, you I know very interested had this private slap bang and it had all these different channels on it. I could see what he was saying, and I could see that he really understood how powerful you could be for him in that he told his son ran a year to make sure these people stay. You know and I'm sure that ran would understand what he meant by that you know That means You need to make sure you get leave right, right, corner Frederick exchange, it would have happened around the same time that Paul Ferber went on indoors further was seeking- is on sale in the open many of the users of his board and run was afraid that the queue people were going to leave had been. You know, ideas floated of acute and he to stop those out to be clear.
Frederick does not have screenshots of these private sighing conversations. All we have to go in here is Fredericks word, but we no what happened next because it happened out in the open on the morning. So remember how people were always breaking into the account clean review and then Paul farmer would have to sort out who is the real one I generally fats are weak. After endorse that happens again, so many logs and ask you and they post, which seems like a pretty normal drowned. Follow the money. Loop, capital markets, happy hunting big next week, you but Paul farmer I have sat in tears. As for quote, not kill queues, can trap is password, has been cracked, as I thought of my being, but then Q doubles down. Try, force anyone false did they get to board compromised and then he calls for backup quote
test code monkey please login and confirm I Dan Code Muggy is run Watkins. As each hand administrator he's the only person other than Paul Ferber. Who can look? Cues login info he's ever done it before, but he does it now. And he tells everybody Paul Ferber is wrong. This q is the real deal here's journalist, Alber EM and then the next year This is too says I'm leaving pop rivers born. I like it here anymore, run walking Help me set up a new board and you You and me to see you me. Oh my god, help me if you're Paul, and you did and then Q. It would hurt me So much for someone to take my invisible friend from me, Have my their friend tell everyone they didn't like me, any more yet pretty devastating
anything about it. Like you can't you carry like no, I laid up. This lie, whether pulse, where was q, whether he was just a very enthusiastic disciple. This is point where he loses Q forget, because now that he was left, Paul's board No longer has the ability to verify their identity. The the first to do that from now on is run markets, which is it Few is now under the control of the wagons family and what Frederick believe So without really means is a cue point said: Jim Watkins. I'm making a very specific claim. Basically, the way I put it it's a simple. Yes, Madame A take her he took to channel, he took a chance and now he's taken Q. It's a pattern with them. I have you look at their Wikipedia article into general: you'll see he appropriated pinned. We is all about it too, We have spent the last few months desperately campaigning to Wikipedia editors screaming from the rooftops on Twitter, trying to
people understand that Jim Watkins is nine. Jim not saying for sure that your Morgan's actually rights the post himself? What can never be proven is, He has actually logged on and posted acute dropped. That cannot be proven but it is known that he has control over the Gue cap and Frederick was the first to tell you he's not combined. Asked Ranger margins. Whole reason for telling the story is motivated by anger, Jim Lichens and, as far as I can tell a sense, your belief that the we more dangerous for the world than a hoax like you is a hoax like here that has Jim working in the driver's seat I thought you a number of journalists who cover q about this theory. Some of them think it's likely. Everyone agrees it's more than possible. And Frederick says if you just pay attention, accuse public post, you'll see but your points for the Balkans had the ability to grab the account. The first one obviously, is that moment were Paul farmer loses it run Watkins for his part, denies it
anything untoward happen that day Deborah, has deemed withdrawn at length, and he said that run made it abundantly clear that he just not interested in Q, not only Braun once you know that he remarked into just not an interesting person, he's not political hue, a simple guy running website, taking orders from his dad. In fact, he barely even works on the website he spends this time on his real passion profession. They translating chinese literature? No, Look it up. He does under a different name anyway. Del did ask ran about that moment where he anointed anew Q. And answer was very interesting. So at first run I can see oh yeah this moment with Paul Ferber and and the fact you well, you know I promise another journalist exclusive and with what are you talking about the things like that was a film crew, their fill me.
My events when this occurred and on what two percent sure I got it right. I chose the right you, but I can't talk details as I promised an exclusive to this other film crew, He taught me so he claimed there's a full documentary, film crew, just filming him moderating eight Chan into it. Eighteen, yes did. He was able to pay and hundreds of now no are you deny he said it was a small production sector. Signed a contract. They they pay and he's like no, no just a favor, he lies like a person who is used to people believing it's entirely possible him wrong in two thousand and one a film crew could show up, publish their exclusive footage during the run. Work did exactly what he said. He did but I know that there is a man has taught us to trying to fact check. These baroque lies
is made by people who were you talking to gullible audiences? You can in thinking that you're gonna really get to understand something and priests when you feel like. Oh, you just have a slightly more rarefied version of the disease that every half hour has Europe's obsessed with a bunch of bullshit, but the thing is, generally believed that, once you know that someone reliably doesn't tell the truth at that point You actually start to learn from their lies. They will give them of the way the things it. Just lie about it. Here, what I is important? It tells you how they want the world to see that after on workings, identifies a new Q cues right south changes noticeably more caps, lock fewer coherent sentences this q is one that will mass real power over already distressed people, and his post will compel them to do things grandchild the conspiracy researcher,
jus crimes started really before anybody was paying attention. This guy budgeted Hoover Damp, holding up a sign with she went on hashtags on a man in F B. I constitutes nine after blocking traffic on the Hoover, Damn bypass bridge, with an orange from joining the ongoing return. Apparently man wearing a guy with a damn. Damn resulted in an armed stand off with law enforcement. He had a sign that said, release the OECD report that was a month later. She was in a national news. After his followers swamp Trump, brilliant Florida, they wore certain signs and blazing with only the letter q. It was before the secret service to stop letting q, paraphernalia and a trump rallies, So it was just it was like everywhere. You think there are a lot of other key and supporters here. This rally problem now. This is a cue that some Republicans will run for office in support of that Eric from Poem Waking gestures of support towards
my his interviewed a lot of people whose families have been wrecked by this stuff, so any It's a lot of. I don't talk to my mom anymore. I don't touch me sister, my friend, one stop arresting me but it's also like deluge of death threats and actual crimes. This is the queue we all have to deal with, the one it doesn't seem to go. Jim Market is clearly revelling in being the man whose website this q lives on later when Congress subpoenas him over each in his fight, it is, He wearing a Cuban, he tells people, favorite drop like its scripture verse? the board, though, throughout all this time you now account, is still getting perpetually broken into. It. Wasn't and just hackers cracking the password there. Her courage, screw up and actually post their own password onto the board. He he distance that, instead of in the name feel that it's a special for good its history. With his passport m. Was it Did he changes in what way the virginal? Matlock goes this I go on now.
Up up up up up up up up up up up up up up to the end, after says, lock the nation, oh, and so in August, twenty eighteen, this highly trained, Matlock, loving super spy. Finally takes it. Of IRAN, Watkins innovation that will make cues account more secure. You now have a more secure trip code it'll be unhappy about the train visit, unlike the one that they been using, which would have let kill again, not just to a chance, but also to forge and any other image board. This one will we work on a chance. Q agrees next year, but Q and a chain are thriving? driving that is until Frederick Brennan renders the story by this point. Keyed fully quit
with work and family blue still living in the Philippines. And now, after a series of mass shootings by h, end users, who announced their plans on the board, for they happened, anymore, cheered on by board members philatelic even Jim and Round would have to see that the site has gone too far. You know I was to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I sat there and I you know watched intently to see what changes they were gonna make does not make sure the they do happen again and they completely blew it day. Handle it well. At all I mean you didn't even to greet the original Christchurch Yours threat. It got to them, maximum number of posts and fell off the board by itself and may try to call that a deletion that sounded deletion. The software did that It got to seven fifty pass the maximum song, which is crazy.
About Frederick aside, he was tired of asking Gemma consistent the site down into this. I'm he publicly. As for HIV taken offline and efforts at their word Security coming actually drops them, then protocols ever what else we speaking my offer them service and talks them out of british This whole campaign is just about each man, but he said So what happened? Next is what fully convinced him that the walk and family had taken over Q, A chant went down for three months and during thirty months, all the the community's because such a long time, you know Internet terms reminds us along ass time, no NEO nazis sitting around for three months. Thinking now I'll get a candle, My friends today may maybe tomorrow in all its aspects, guys. You know they are already using fortune again and he'll game guys they all that's, do the only people Currently you than that needed Jim
the Cuban on people, because, as long as I can was down, Q Non could not post and give them another pledged. Banking And there were a lot of people trying to do that when it was down a lot of people are posting unfortunate, saying I'm q? U and here's a drop, but nobody could believe them Does Cuba had blocked himself into a camp. Where the The person that good validate acute rob became king walk, which meant that it, Q was independent of the lock and family. The moment the site came back online. Obviously the first thing they would do is posed to back up some news. Where people can reach them since it wasn't it Each was even be around anymore. So far, twenty nineteen run work and is able to get a very ramshackle version of his sight to flickered life is high and eight coup. Now, in I've it'll go for an hour here there and then Emilio back down and when it is up
Rick is obsessive really over an already trying to get a single post through. I didn't get anything through, but you could that's how I know them out their party it just because I know since I It turns that is You have an admin, account your PA, so prioritized negligence. By the way, and they when nothing else for butter saw. I mean I know they took over curious because of that I know it. Here's Dale this is me, is one of the fishes moments in the whole said where one of the early things does his cue says I'm looking at your twitter and you're, saying you're gonna rotate the salt on the trip codes, which means that all of the trip codes my report, included, used to everything for put on, is gonna, be difficult.
So there's no way to verify you so to translate this run resetting everyone's logging on the site. He changing the locks. Even Q will lose his verification. Run twitter announcement about it and very conveniently Q is able to post on the runway and I'm insane basically how people know it's me and then run the merely responses like he says. Well go. We knew board, make your allies so keyboard and I will again personally their fire again and that's what you dust is happy. I asked Frederick unease like that's a piece of fear right like like that's wrong, saying I needed this technical thing right, like I can't brings they pick up without hitting the reset button on all the trip goods. But then there's chief beaten up so How can be with us run about some like? Isn't it weird wrong that you? Don't you to do this thing, and if you were just Donny
there would be no few forever but convenient out of the wilderness to appears on your side, one of the first people to post Ask you to help him verifies again again here, and and set yourself up on that website. Anything would choose one most popular users. I know so we're out of reach out they'll help often, but he felt So I thought I would help as decided the citizens. It really behind me. I know this is like a metaphor. The people used for things that are fake but IRAN, mind me of parents talking about Santa Claus like there's something can you I mean like it's just a thin veil laid over the lies. That's like night. It just has to be there, but it it doesn't have to conceal, so that is all of Fredericks evidence and well? Frederick does not have. The german and Red Wright the could be, then it could be working under them. It does.
Clear that at minimum q and answers at their pleasure given run work and have denied that they ve taken over Q, but the sprang to markets now that he is running a new super pack for she went on the people who want to sport, Q should only money to Jim said he can educate more american throughout this brave patriot to our he's, use the money to buy ads on echo. Meanwhile the fight between Jim Watkins and Frederick Brennan rages on. Earlier this year for Jim Watkins, senile on Twitter, BS, Frederick, think that's what and gems, passionate love of free speech. He made an exception in this case. He invites A criminal cyber labour LAW and Frederick according to Frederick, don't know that He would immediately go to jail and if it goes to jail, he dies. He goes for notorious talking chance in the no side,
knew about the cyber level thing I had put together because of his condition at yeah how how much even bigger a deal that is yeah. So you know RON told me what he could have paid bail and got it out, but I don't think you could. I think you couldn't have been in custody for three days that would have killed it. He had to leave ITALY within three days in the middle of the night. He said he barely escapes, like the authorities actually by checking for him, and he had let go to another turn and take a different flight. Wonder you so mad at this point very clear. Is he hates Van Eyes he alone separated from his wife banished from the country he wanted to live in? The place on the internet, the fuels kind of ok to him is Wikipedia he spent a lot of time. They're just trying to clean up one of the job market lies that he feels like you could do something about
This becomes an obsession. To be honest with you now I worked in the Wikipedia system to get it page under did. You know did you know that here? you can honour of fortune claims to Channel was stolen from him and and that was so much work to get that it took me like weeks and weeks of research in mostly in Japanese to right. There go to the level where it would get approved. To go on their homepage and why? Why is it important? Why did you want to get their record set straight on Wikipedia? You know I obviously you should never look at eight billion trust what there, but you know, the way that it was laid out with references that were there,
This kind of what convinced me a war but Jim Watkins person, stupid he's not optimistic. He knows what he's doing is like picking up one piece of litter, while an open garbage struck flies down the street drunkenly but you take your translations where you can find them things maybe shitty, but I was thinking but they are
provisos us by me believe out now sportsmen are shows proves this week by truth, even of naming dummy, Eimer Caddy and a fully Jessica Young, a manual Georgie and least Lang, her Senor Bruisers Visa ban in our executive bruisers him our we're makes by required that argument Michel Harris Additional means, oppression by Mario Modem, We could not have done this week story without the excellent reporting of Delbert ten years, a book about the history of image culture caught. It came from something awful check: it out, If I'm more by her conspiracy, theory, author and researcher, my grandchild on Twitter he's we're going. Talk about you and on and more special thanks, sweet to Brennan, claimer or themes? is by minister, is pregnant or Sounder Matt Labour is how to ensure its. Whether also are currently looking for spring and summer. Twenty twenty one in terms of decision is open now, good, our website.
Reply I'll show dot com to apply applications are, do act ever fat. If you have any questions asked Alice Goldman on Twitter, you listen to our Sean, Spotify or rubber. Get your progress thanks for us me into it. So she wanted the girl and the baby, and then my dad ok. What do you want? Those two large together two hours me seven or eight first time your heart was broken first time we don't forget that now that's where should we begin months, but it by a wherever you get your butt.
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