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#171 Account Suspended


The President is no longer allowed to Tweet. PJ and Alex sit down with their boss to explain what that means, how it happened, and what might happen next. Plus -- an upset listener berates our climate reporter.

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forgive my reply off and he gave up- and I know it's my fellow Alex Goldman tired Peter your guy. now, things are really fucked up. Do I just feel like the state of the world externally is permeating my every thought and, like I try to retreat into things that make me feel calm both safe and nothing's working. Oh, you mean hey alligator at not having yes. Strangely reading, twitter is not giving me this sense of calm and it usually does our slumber. You are also here, I am also curious how you're doing and our hedge, so basically
We had this moment where we reserve we're outside we're talking and it fell ache with everything It happened with the rights of the capital. It may be nice to do and explain her to you about how the internet was responding to everything that happens, the capital, so that we brought you out and on driver or anything that was Friday afternoon by even like Friday evening. It felt like just so much has happened that the thing we recorded instead of feeling five days old, it fell ten years old raw, and so we actually wanted to come back, scrap what we had and now that it's Monday, just sort of like talk about what has happened since Friday, because it feels like there's enough there. Just talk about that sounds great at my question is like your listeners, never win
known about the Friday thing. If we, if you just hadn't, just told him about it right now like what. Why are we just like pretend like we're just do it? You know that when my plan album that Martin squarely Ernst like two million dollars, there's only one of them that visit the two million I haven't, got it, how we organise that have arisen laws. Yes, yes, the data vehicle sector, yet we nobody will ever here yet known, eliminate we're gonna. Presently, Vinyl Romania make it an underdeveloped, Are you sure you want to deprive people of the like that might have been the best episode you guys ever? Did you know our renewed successes, rainy, our best interests professionally, and I feel like you're trying to sabotage us here no no, I haven't China, like repetitive, precludes the prize uneven. Got me in any way?
king. I guess we're doing anyone yet again. Get ok, so days, money a jack about literally what has happened since the weekend. So I would say: half an hour of revenge. Recording, ok, Donald Trump was banned from twitter, rack, hitch, others that raids, basically, it launched. A series of domino effect. There were both, I think, a lot of things that happen because of that were very funny and also very interesting. I get it from it. Sort of fell ache if if the internet in general and twitter in particular, has felt like a really bad tv show that I don't know why I still watch it. This was sort of one of those episodes where you like. This is why I watch it because sometimes stuff, like this happens, So what happened? I don't know anything about eating pay any attention. Now I mean, I know that you know he was banned his ears were the basic guidelines and renewing a band, and then he got banned from everything, including shopping
as I shall cite running, I get her yes it does that mean he can't sell challenge coins, because every time I think, like Donald Trump, anything that is Donald Trump merchandise related. It's like the Donald Trump COIN. Mental and gold, slide into memorabilia of himself and then I know that everybody was the parlour and then parlor also caught in trouble. Although exactly know the nature of the trouble you didn't want to shove. It you her we're happy. Not. He has a baby's understanding. That's when I would say day. That's that's a very.
Unkind way to talk like that, I am. I would never insult someone I must ask about, but anyway, yes, I get so let me give you. Let me just go on the details, because this is a story where community has a very interesting yeah. Ok, so Friday, Twitter announces that they suspended down from permanently. They did it. They they had opposed by the rationale for it and it was, it was interesting, has the sight of his most recent tweet, which was he served, vaguely intimated that the movement wasn't down and more stuff was going to happen, which you didn't never interpret as a call for violence, but it was sort of interesting because relative to the many thinks he's done, it was kind of table sakes. Why were actually his last tweet was that he wasn't going to be attending the inauguration which Twitter, since we Take you saying you're not going to be at the inauguration to be like
it's open season go ahead and attack guiding events, I didn't read that we'd. That way, I read that is just like typical sore loser stuff, that's what I read it ass to yet they saw that as an implicit call for people to go fuck it up again wow, so the tweets they cited were. The seven hundred fifty million great american patriots who voted for me, America first and make Amerika great again he's regulatory, mercenary, we'll have a giant voice lying in the future. It will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form, and then shortly after said, he was going to the integration which, just relative to every other thing, he's done. It's like gmail small potatoes. If you were gonna ban trump from Twitter over one of his tweets, which tweet would you please They choose as North Korea with nuclear war. He was like he was like I've got it. What did he say? Trump, North Korea, nuclear word,
the north korean leader Kim Jong. I understand that the nuclear button is on his desk. Our time will someone from his depleted and flood starved regime. Please inform him that I too have nuclear button and it is much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works. Well. That was fine. This isn't, but I think that they said that I think was real was that there were already there is already on twitter- calls circulating for another riot around the integration, and so they were like this post as equals. You're dead, Joe anyway, everybody assumed was that, because it presents addicted to social
yeah and doesn't have greater control and doesn't have rules here. Demille just are trying to tweet from somebody else's account rate, which is exactly what happened right. At first thing, he does is there's like an app protests account which belongs to whoever the current present he's our three or four that he's like, as I've been several times where's the coordinated with the demographic left silence me will not be silenced hers about free speech ball, but they immediately the streets, hunger and then try to do the exact same message from the at team. Trump account, which was like the campaign account same thing. They delay between statesmen of the account and then his did, director this guy named Gary Kogi tweeted at Danske Aviano, whose trumps twitter guy? Hey? U s news my login. If you want and have like a patient at present, I don't know he was joking or incompetent, but they ban has again as well. my favorite tweet about it was theirs, is oriented Grundy fan whose mom had taken away her internet and she was
meeting from like a variety of paramount here cell phone and she thought how to put twitter on an old Nintendo D ass mister, newer, damaging game. Why should we from that? She had DS taken away. She then Vera, how tweet from their families smart if you like, better though there is a reality, there's like diatribe in five minutes and there was a retreat of her to redesign of this agenda tweet. I am tired of my friend what the heck my mom confiscated all merely trials against them for my algae, smart, refrigerator, It's the fact- and I think you might have refrigerated it- could have been house. It's entered, Rio and its in that region. Things. I am not going to learn more about, because I would have liked enjoyment and model. You live in a world where a teenager figured out how to treat for average. Yes, so
Ok, so then enable just like the feeling, which is what you missed out on, was like it felt if just one in the most like physiologist, like really like there are so many people, even people who support Trump warlike like one of the things I ve worse, as I wish you wouldn't tweet people have worked in. A white has been like. I wish they would derive, is Frederick out, like everybody felt, jubilation of like the tweets are gonna come anymore. One of my favorite tweets, honestly as firm on account that I really honestly dislike. Is this guy Jeff T drink who responds to every Trump tweet being like you, sir, are going to be cancelled? Users are terrible, so he's one of those areas like one of those guys and then Donald Trump got banned in his his tweet was
Guess I'll go read a book. There are people whose lives online have been permanently warped. Around him have a career is out of respect his swedes, I wouldn't argue the two worst of all. The users were the cries and seen brothers. They were these beef Caky, identical twins brothers. You just said the dumbest stuff and responsive return. Tweet twitter ban them after saying that they bought followers and account interactions, but then a new account popped up those MRS Cresson scene and that account posted a video of the twins, celebrating trembling. Twitter twitter is permanently banks round. nice high five twitter from being Oh, my god. They they go in
yeah refrigerator. They bought a glass of excessive glasses and champagne bottle over which they ve crudely taped of pieces of printer paper. That says Twitter Trump Ban, Champagne, don't you therefore, I know champagne intuition painfully there's a real live like some, how they did happen, something they are so by to their like total egg. There rep breaths it from other retreats wow. Ok, I was the vibe, but it will also felt the other thing that felt weird about. It is like in a way that I think people knew, but I had understood the extent of it fell
every cause we ve been so condition to be like we know everything he's feeling all the time. It's like this bully. He runs right now screaming, and everyone knows how Donald Trump tools will now be able to tweet and link the feeling of not hearing him yell about it, but knowing he was mad about it felt kind of ominous and dreadful read so so then. The next thing that happened, which I think you saw, is like every single platform for decides. Like ok, forget he's working too. So is Facebook, Twitter, Google Snapshot Instagram job of I switch Youtube, Tik Tok without the use and pendril origin sure he didn't use. There's a very nice, like hipster Filmer View website called Letter Box in Iraq, Donald Trump Campos, his flannel. I think the thing it probably wounded him. The most is that the PDA said they were, they weren't any use one of his golf courses for like I've pda contest. While there is be like a big champions I dont know
anything about gulfs, I'm gonna call it a championship. Please don't make me the big championship of game was gonna, be at one of his one of his course. in twenty twenty two and they would like rescinded, that it's not gonna be at go out anymore Some like grandparent, timeout, highschool mixer that you gotta Hutch down in the hockey goal. Matt Labour is going to come out here and, yes, you know you guys is hardly worth all mankind as a call for, of course, yeah. That's what business guys do they go golfing inches, it's like it! It's like I dont like sports, and then you Edward, talking like just walking my dead at a mid life crisis during which he got a cycle and started golfing, and then my tenure. Answer and listening aim time, starting listening to world music, like almost exclusively
a guy he fully was like Paul Simon, Album. That's just slightly unusual in that crisis. It just like he picked a bunch of different, mid life crisis from different shelves that don't necessarily match each other. I quit but many years later, I think he still he keeps his love for motorcycles, even though he does not have one. I don't think that ever died, but he's like I don't know what I was doing with budgets anyway, so domino carver, dammit One is like because of the riots and because Trump did like one aims,
Sorry video and then immediately started tweeting like angrily. Every tat company was finalized. Ok enough enough, we're not gonna. Do this non, although probably an awareness that democratic coming to power. So then what happens is that all these other conservatives start paying up and they're, not like no one saying at the time as bad, the DOW trumps been kicked off of anything, but what they are saying is that, well, they are not getting. Kicked off. Platforms, therefore, accounts are being attacked, so Lake might pomp Hale had this tree or whose like this is, how you create an echo chamber and he had a list of a bunch of different Republican Twitter account. They had lost a lot of ours, so he lost thirty. Six thousand cannon Mccarthy lost forty one thousand Tom caught must fit but what was going on and what people quickly pointed out was that twitter had also banned pretty much as many current accounts as they could find.
and so the reason these guys we're losing flowers is because they have big q and on followings anything they were actually advertising by complaining about them. Without a lot of their falling is lunatics right through to the vote, and so they they banned the entire there too there trying to basically ban the queue and on conspiracy right yeah, if one Friday, when we were talking, they just banned from the big accounts like the big hubs. But now, if you search q and on or if you search the Huron hashtags very little comes up, it's mostly people making fun of the idea of it, and the very few accounts are countered like a hundred twenty hours. Whenever I think it's really, they have just DM scrubbed it. Oh it's crazy cause. It's like all the stuff did. They said they just couldn't do like all these companies. For four years,
there's an like today's it just different. They are two very different, a meter. Obviously, but I know what happened, which was the insurrection by the president of the capital, but like what, but you do do people know like what was the momently how? How how did this happen? How did it happen here? I've spoken to people at Facebook and Twitter. And they don't really know more than we do about why these decisions were made now I do know that Internally. There has been a lot of criticism about the way this stuff has been handled and, in spite of many calls to change things now. Much has changed because out of me, I think these companies are loath to ban people and hate being seen a sensors read, but last week a lot of these places finally felt emboldened to do something because there's really never been
straight or line between like violent rhetoric online and violent action in the world, so yeah exactly so the next day the Heavens How much you about parlor kiss! I know there's! seven of talk about like how Twitter was actually sort of lake throttling conservatives and sort of lake shadow banning yeah, then somebody somebody start parlor, which was sort of coins, which was like the true platform for free speech, where nothing, nothing would be banned and there would be no basically rules. Essentially, yes, it is when you there's two websites that are trying to do this. One is called gap which is just like, then not see one. It's just Rowley
it's that far and then there's parlor, which a sort of its a mix of outright racist, hardworking, nine. But then it's also the people who were like you cancel hundreds gone too far. I like big tat, ran gush over, but even a conservative made noise about using it. Nobody does because twitter so big and they want the biggest audience they won't be performed. Read after this yeah there's this mass exodus, where people go to both parlour and gab, mainly parlor, both websites meekly crash cousin actually put for traffic. This stuff there was having an parlor or the wagon was its own kind of hilarious. There's like what's Marjorie tell her Green, whose they keep on Congresswoman, like she just fully believes she was like big pack of silencing me- things aren't going to be safe for long. I don't know what the verb is on parlor. It's not tweeted me, but like post, your phone number and email address. So I can contact you if stuff goes bad witch in all of her. Followers are just doxxing themselves across the thread.
Oh my god. Maybe it is like highly paranoid, but confused people trying to organise very quickly and then yes, what happens with parlor is first apple said you guys you can have a social network without any moderation. You have a day to get a moderation force. In effect, because again, we people are using parlor to organise violence so a day later, Apple in Google, both boot parlor out of their store, and then I don't know of an example of this happening before slick
every internet service. You use an ear. He saw a picture that they have a basement with all these servers that are making the thing work. What actually is usually having his allotted sites just rent, those servers from Amazon, its Red Amazon, web services and Amazon web services was like when I can host parlor. You have done a while wow, yes, so like the two places where Q and on people move like sort of that, the flank that is sticking with Trump. Basically, that wants its own place to post. They wanted to be parlor, but in this moment at least parlor, so dysfunctional they actually have as our it ain't. How no home on internet rate, so, as you rightly expect, contributes nothing the super. While this was like the am the common resource reaction on Fox NEWS, TAT, the fact that there is not much
Did Social network parlor has been taken out of apples appstore until it has moderation? Let's bring on Chechnya, Piero host of justice for TAT. Turning good morning judge good morning, cousin What's your reaction to that parlor shut down well look. They gave us a taste of this pre election when they suppress the Hunter Biden story and now that they want what we are seeing is a kind of censorship that is akin to a crystal mock where they decide what we can communicate about. She's a gruesome and Brian committed look down in a way like a sign of shame I mean the thing that you have loathing with a real subtle thing: there is that Janine Pierrot says this is a king
a kind of crystal knock like if you're gonna fuckin invoke one of the most horrific native of ethnic violence in history. Try to get the fuckin name right, like I'm levitating, with rage, watching it It is interesting that, like you're you're, focusing on the mist pronunciation as I think they have for me, it's it is very appropriate that it's just familiar just it's like icing on a shit. Yes, it's turd icing ownership cake, but that's been the general vibe has been like. I think people on the right are like a coupled takes away from where guerrillas but beat there that the reaction is like. The great censoring has begun rate,
oh yeah, and on top of parlor, like losing its server and being kicked off the app store it as this entirely different self inflicted problem that its dealing with, which is basically a got hacked in like a major way. So when you post a a picture or a video to Twitter or Instagram, two things happen. One is that it scrubbs it of all them better data about when it was taken. Where was taken, what kind of divide- And when I uploaded it gives it a random filename so that you can't just make you can't just look sequential we can see like ok, well, this bliss filename ones B. I wonder what file one hundred and sixty one is it one hundred and sixty two? You can't just make those replacements to look at every file. That's ever been posted to to Twitter or Instagram
Right, parlor did neither of those things. So an enterprising hacker whose name is donk envy, was like guys I just figured out they sequentially. You can just look at the their subsequently. I'm Loading everything now so it was a big one. If you just want idyllic parlor outcomes, lies slash images and is downward, the images, but it's not just that like when you delete a tweet it now. Hunger shows up on the website, but it still in their database sequentially so every day. Tweet was still there too, so they downloaded every tweet every image. Every video, including all the videos, ends and images that people desperate. deleted after they realize the gravity of the thing they were doing at the capitol, like all the planning staff, although
I was inside the cap. It all look how cool I am stuff right. So now, there's more than fifty terabytes of every tweet both deleted and not deleted every image and every video just waiting for the government. First, and just just like you know, average Mose too good to pore over also, I should say, I was calling them tweets. I guess there call what do they call them so Parlez Parlez, I think, really yeah. I think they're called parlours and I you're supposed to pronounce Marilla had parlay, but come on another I'm not an interesting anyway. Okay, so I mean, I think, parlor lesson interest you don't you think of I mean I often think of Twitter is like a dumb website anyway could make, but it it's like they ve spent a long time, building a big platform that works and protect people's privacy and doesn't crash most of the time and, unlike I think, it's hard to build that stuff for real overnight is easy
say: you're, building at and re some money and goes in cloud, but I think- really doing. It is a much higher project. I have to say I m of two minds about this particular moment. me, too, how you feel I guess I just have to say that the idea Jack, Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. Being the people who decide who stays up and who goes down doesnt sit very well me makes me feel pretty who capture poor, read it just them such a massive amount of power to like strip people of the ability to communicate. Yeah there's been people like seen, Avanti that the russian opposition leader, who Boon died, trying to kill. He said he didn't like this. Our Merkel said she didn't like it and I totally get why people are coming. in saying that, but on the other hand I am right We are glad that they finally took this step. I think that is long overdue, that they should have banned a lot of these accounts, because it's been obvious step
Eddie much everybody watching that, like radicalization through legal social media, is a real thing. And you know removing all these current accounts from places like Twitter. It's not just like symbolism, ceremony would you can actually have an effect? You know like there have been examples of people who behaved badly enough. They kicked off the platform and in the parish like without without having attention and oxygen, they went away like Miley apples. He he says that he's like millions of dollars and yet he is he's been reduced. To is having people pay him to fly to meet him for dinner. He auctioned off his giant gaudy thrown chair on Ebay, like when people when people like him lose the ability to access as an audience these starve russian. They do actually go away rate, so I don't miss Milo Anonymous Q Non accounts but
it doesn't fit with the rest. My police be like it's good that the tech companies are backing. Speech like it feels like this is this is this is a thing that will have effects that are bigger than this moment there. I guess. The way I feel is it's easy. May violence arrives were saying that like getting kicked out where censorship, because, obviously tourists- not the government, the company things what they want, but I get wakening came out with her- is a huge deal like Twitter hasn't moderated anyone meaningfully for years because they wanted to be the biggest website. They want to be a monopoly and they're pretty close to being a monopoly for what they do, and so now, if you're not on there, it is being silenced and where the trail and so parlor has not body rules, there can kick off. The internet doesn't bother me, but what I want to happen out of this is people to build more websites that can have their own rules that can have the viewpoints they want or dont want on them, so that losing our accounting one would say, isn't touch me Bialik, that's what I'm hoping what,
So in this moment, but do you feel hopeful, as it seems like there's some reasons to feel hopeful? no tell me what's interesting is like I felt good, is really nice to wake up and Q and on be off of twitter you're not going to be able to find that felt really good. They would be different if they done an earlier those people on their beliefs to exist there, but I I don't owe this sounds dire. I feel hopeful that something is changing. I gave you a hopeful that I'm not seeing these are the right decisions. I dont know brims like now. You know the thing that all these measures aim was impossible. They did overnight now we're gonna find out what the world is like after that, and I'm gonna find out that world like this one sucks
I'm laughing, but I'm not because they were not because I'm happy, In the meantime, we have. We have a power that the Bressani I still doesn't work for the first time. That is crazy, you're, crazy, he's not responsible
do that he can only be president after the break out schoolbooks potent rage.
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are already using like up to crush their goals. Save one day, every week. Guaranteed click up is free forever sign up today I click up dot com, Flash Spotify. Our open yeah you're not in trouble yet so we are lost the said we published a sigh of impotent rage, which was about you're, the emotionally depressed speaking hawks cotton. and how you struggle with that that the feeling of climate apocalypse and higher solution for that was to ride out upon our anthem, the song whipped the Sun Webbed radio areas. IRAN's dream. It, oh yes, available. Spotify, was about how I should go. Gabby
into it, but we did hear from one listener who was upset with the segment echo that lessons are boss without considering the carpenter efforts, Alexander. But where would you like to say. the meat you can't deny it whipped. Amy whatever the sun behind I, the music, what it is Zactly the the stance that that I find most enraging. There's this lake I'm at nihilism that just wrong? I think it just makes people feel like there is no there's, no hope and there's no future and am and gay. I guess I guess that.
Feel that I feel like I know I know I know you feel that that's fine, but it's not true, and so you shouldn't be telling people that trunk feels that the election was stolen from him. It's not true, and so we should be telling people that cause. You do have a platform and lots of people listen to you. There is this, like all, is lost so fuck. It mentality- which I think is that think is incredibly damaging and especially from people who actually people. I hate to say this, but respects no admire and follow parlour, reason that Alex Wennberg might have a problem with it. While you listeners may know him as an old man is confused about the internet he's also, the host of a new gimlet show called
they ve planet with the premise of the show is that, rather than climate change, feeling like homework, two worlds collectively decided not to do like There's a story going on right now about the things you are doing, to make things better things that people can do to make things better and to perhaps felt like your ignoring now work down just trying to moderate here am I yes, he is, I'm just saying this is this: is part of the problem. Leg: I've been working for a year and a half on a climate show this co host named doctor. Elizabeth, Johnson and she's like she's, a marine biologist who studied coral reefs. That was her sort of area of study in coral reefs are like basically being a going to disappear because of climate change. That's one of the things that's like real and as pie baked in, and there might not be much we can do about that
And of all the people who would be like, I'm gonna, throw my hands, you know here. It is this thing that, like she loves and that she does on a day to day basis and that she has likes devoted her life to doing, is gonna disappear because of climate change, and She did not go to the basement and write like up post punk anthem. My hand instead was like to try to like actually sort of do some things that and learn about it and try to become a person who talks to people about this stuff and like actually focus on what we can do she. so until I was ass, though she does this. She does a whole bunch of things and then and then I met her and we started this pact s together. We ve hired this team of like the incredible environmental reporters like we have this woman, repair Louis who was. It was an amazing climber report at the New York Times. Rachel lol whose, like a climber, reported from public radio. We have this like incredibly knowledgeable team of people and like Edward and we're like, instead of just like
diving into the lake doomsday of it were just talking about like what should we do it's here? It's happening. What are we do and like the minute. You start talking about what you should do, it's actually sort of exciting. Do you want to tell Alex about some interesting may not have heard on how to save a planet that give me your reflected in his heart. The single most exciting thing is that renewable energy is now as cheap or cheaper than fossil.
Energy and solar in particular, is now being called the cheapest electricity and in history. So like there's, all these like market forces now that our like speeding the transition. So this gigantic huge blocker there was the oil industry that had that was the incredibly powerful and had the super cheap supervision energy source, their rapidly losing their power. How rapidly M talkin pretty rapidly leg? Exxon was one of the most powerful, most profitable companies in history. You know just like a little over ten years ago, and it was just recently kicked off of the exchange that it was on it still. A publicly trade accompanied, but it got kicked out
the DOW Jones, which is like just a list of the thirty biggest companies, because it was a big enough anymore, there's just so many other good things that come out of that. Like all the thing you know like how that unites was to eat fish because mercury yeah, you know where the mercury comes from fossil coal plants. It comes from coal plants at all from coal plants, so like once, you start getting rid of coal plants. You can eat fish again and a gentlewoman diet has even play repeated tat, even if it were to come into play and the biggest car company- and children are the most viable car company in the world at your car company, yeah run by unkindness Slick Chris.
Each. What caused the accident like seriously of very few flood individual? It's it's one of my favorites about a future that we put this guy perfected. The electric car and then he D, spends all his time on twitter, picking fights for no reason. Britain hooker his letter, all. That stuff is very exciting but like every fuckin paper, the comes says we're gonna missed the mark on, like the two degrees Celsius that we have. Eight years are blessed effects and and she's gonna get real bad in the next hundred years. No shit is gonna get bad. There is no question about it like we have changed the climate that actually happening for sure, and a lot of people are worried about that. But like there's a huge wide range
like how bad it gets. Water words mad max, isn't isn't is not baked in like alarm is fine. I believe there is a crisis, but this this whole universe, dislike essay by Jonathan friends, and that this reminded me of words is sort of like everything is so bleak. We should just give up. You literally live sort are. Basically the argument was a sort of like let's not do anything model and leg, and I think that attitude of just sort of like it's too depressing. There's nothing to do, but right, good adolescents, good songs, Watson, punk ballads about it is leg. I think it's the proper, a big part of the problem. Okay, so are you saying that the way that
Express myself is not valid God, it's terribly one time, I'm just saying. I don't know, I'm just saying leg when you do things like that, you're actually hurting the thing that you actually want to help. To me, one of the biggest threats to like actually getting to where we need to go as a world is the way we feel about it. I honestly and if we feel like there's nothing to be done and it's hopeless and the fossil fuel companies always win anyway lake at something about that a self fulfilling its scary. But it's not like hopeless. I tell you what the animals and, in the end,
You're serious and I've got become a climate optimist. I'll read us our song about, however, is wrong. The wolf at the door recycling yeah diving are dismantled the puppies in your lab. I mean the wolves the door. You are wrong about that and will set the door, but I've got my musket there's other wolf metabolic mitigation, tragedies that we have at our disposal. Both mitigation tragedy is actually adding a much better sine die right itself, really does it sounds like a man, I mean I kind of mitigation strategies regardless now how's is gonna, write an apology song to the Congo to guy. If it works now, I feel like there's a lot riding on our seas and how does it by which people can was endorsed by do you think outward? Next time our government is a story, can come back and criticise a medic I really enjoyed.
No, but you know if you ever feel this way about anything, but I do will be. Reply always goes to buy Pga vote. A manual Georgie me Alex Goldman, shows produced by If you put him in any way, abandon Damietta Marquis, an awful Jessica, young and least away our executive, pretty is TIM Howard. We were mixed by require our Turn is Novato, terror are show respect checked by Michel Harris. This is our last week with us, after fact, checking or show for many years. Michel thinking. so much for saving our butts. So many times we are going to miss you terribly congratulations on your new gig. Are things by the mysterious break. Master cylinder special thanks this week to rusty, Foster Matt Labour is this illness of the woods in winter You can listen to our show and Spotify or ever you get your pipe guests thanks so much
They will see in a couple weeks. Tab was cobra cause. First, ever diet soda hasn't made much money for decades, but still Coke kept tab. Ally's Coca COLA decided that they didn't want to poke the dragon Dragon TAT. intensely loyal fans. It's like liquid gold, when I don't have my tabs, I'm just not as happy of a person on the journal, how fans kept tab alive until recently was the journal on Spotify or where every than your pride casts a mysterious and deadly pig virus, appeasing Cuba out of nowhere, and we found in Borneo some say this virus was planted, poisoning pig unconscionable and that the CIA
I did it. I was stunned. These agencies are our control, so did the CIA duet release of virus? to Cuba listen to science. Based is to find out that science v S France, but if I'm already get you pods.
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