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#176 Twicarus


Today, the return of Super Tech Support: Alex discovers a Twitter account that breaks his brain.

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I wanted to invite. My colleagues feel abandoned on a journey with me: hello, forbidden hello, Alex Colon see. I actually asked you on the show today, because wine, you are cool and smart. Thank you. You ideal. As too. I dont think that you would disagree with me. If when I say that you are not like the most experienced twitter user now I went and tourists, and I thought it would be fun to have your own, because today I have a story that is very much about Twitter, KA yeah, I'm like I have no right to be on twitter. You know I am. I mean what everyone has a right to be
I have been urging that I don't know if I mean like by, if you have to tweet, to earn it yeah, you ever really earned it. It's like. I have a house that I have the keys do, but I never go inside her. So I think you know that for that, but I am, I gave very regular twitter user. I am a very I'm. A power user, I would say, are using a lot. Yes, there are times during the work day that were like is Alex tweeting right now on Alex Packaging. Are tweeting Glenn? I sound like I'm talking to a puppy when I win that when that's happening, I have like an idea. That's like that's like, you horns. I thought they were called trumpets or something, and I have to do it like. I suddenly have between it in a year or so. here today. I have a story for you about a twitter account than I've gotten extremely interested in because it somehow able to defy the rules of twitter, like it shouldn't be able to exist and
story, is a super tech support, a bow wow Japan did do. Do I m very excited, I'm gonna, be honest. You sound, little moorhouse. Oh, no! No! What is better than like just listening to you, tell a story and having to do any other work. Is that what you think this is? you know you don't have to do any of the lifting here. I've shown up. Tell me a story. I will enjoy it. Ok. Well, we got an email from a listener named in the email started. this one on MAC, your socks off, so I was immediately interlinked and it was about this range twitter account that he discovered, so I gave him a call. I am hello. How are you in is a student at Louisiana State University? What are you majoring in physics, astronomy, man, that's
that gives me my heart. Habitat leaves me hard palpitations I can. If I can be honest with you One time I cheated on a test in college was an astronomy cuz. I knew I was going to fail. If I didn't look at the paper of the person next to me, like I will. I will to astronomy. Now like this can be awesome. We learn about the atmosphere of other planet space travel and all it is like the math of pinpointing objects in like a universe that perpetually moving up. Here's the questioner. ass. The test I passed I did great on it is because it was like a so so you you wrote it yes, and I'm wondering if you can just tell me a little bit about like the your experience of finding the account that you contacted us about sure. Ok, so this account is a twitter account with absolutely no twitter handle
it shows the at like who is in front of every other twitter handle, but there's nothing after that, and there's no name. So you know like my username on Twitter is a gold mind, so the handle not they the like name that shows up playing on the display name, because my display name Alex Goldman. My user name is a golden at eight, month in this person's username is just at there's just and at their distant at its like the rest of it had famished right. Can you explain the we found it yeah, so the at a cow had
did one of its tweets and thereby also paid money them frontier for people to find it. Yeah, yeah and another twitter account. That is the sole purpose of taking screenshots, really weird, promoted, tweets and imposing that on Twitter had found that we and then in the thread under that somebody had linked one of the at accounts tweets and then from there. I found the account. I mean what crazy about this account with new username. Is that when in first emailed me about it, I tried to find it and I couldn't even access it on my computer, like in included a link in his
now and I kept trying to go to it, but you can't go to it because he doesn't like go to the next screening. Adult it'll just say like something went wrong and you can't go tweet. Is this true? Like could do it as somebody have the email at gmail dot com? I don't think so. How do you email that person? That's? The thing is like: how do you go to acts twitter account because for starters, you can search for them and like if I were to go to the url for my twitter account Its twitter dot com, slash a gold mine to Asia. Welcome you! Indeed, if you have no username, would you just go to twittered icon slash another? Oh, I see that energy straight to the main page like it just yes, this twitter account like breaks twitter, but exists on twitter, but it still exists. It forever, like an exclusive club. So if you know somebody to have access to the account, you can have access,
wise. You will not find this account, so the only way that someone could conceivably find this account is, if someone else links to raise actually basic there is no way to see this account just like operating in the wild on Twitter. You can't search it. You can't retweet it like that. only way you could stumble upon. The account is if someone, if someone you follow replies to the account for some reason, then it will show up in your timeline Venus Accounting has the feeling of like one of those special beautiful places that isn't on a map, and you ll find out about it because, like someone heard about it from someone who heard about it from someone, like in my case, I was only actually able to see this account when I took a link that even send me an email and opened it up on my phone, because for some reason it did not work on my computer
like our we're. Yes, for whatever reason it will not load on a lock on a laptop or desktop computer. So it's like a weird little portal glitch totally and to me this is like my dream: Twitter account. Why I mean, as you know, I use twitter a lot and I do know that, for and for whatever reason quite a few people follow me and read a length of tens of thousands of people follow. You pour out of my head. Is it more than that? Is that it does a hundred thousand people following a hundred something I mean, but the thing is like, always tweeting on the pretence that, like I'm connecting with the world and like and peoples very nice, but it just feels really empty yeah, and so sometimes I'm just like really embarrassed of the Mai need for that connection and, like my insistence on trying to get it saw just like delete all of my tweets and take twitter off my phone, but
I also have this constant compulsion to beyond twitter for, like the tiny drip, but validation that it gives me. So that's why this account would be perfect. For me, it's like simultaneously on twitter and not on Twitter. It's like hard to find it hard to retweet, like the idea of being this hard to find on Twitter feels really nice to me. That make sense to me, that's perfect said: is your theory that lake the complex like one of the original in place of twitter, like Jack, Dorsey or like I had no idea, because the thing is that if you could you finally make it to the account if you are deterred enough to actually make it to the account this
person part of the reason that it was so interested in. It is because whoever is tweeting or whatever is treating from his account the twitter very weird, like they're, just random things without context like aerodynamic milk or just tweeting. The word live stream, oh, like they almost they almost feel like they could be written by a computer or by their cause. They're. So weird, like one thing that this account did for awhile was just tweet Twitter, poles do not a total is Alex the way you talk. To me. It's like, I don't know anything about twitter, which is fair, but I do, I do know Instagram and everything you're saying I just go like Instagram guy, I'm not so do do stoop to paper We fair. I know nothing about Instagram, so I don't know that poles, I'm surprised you haven't done a pull at instrument, because the things you do an instagram just feel ache
Invading my instagram with your twitter thing, I've ever liked anything you postage instrument because I just feel like I'm not on Twitter, because I'm opting out of Lake Internet Alex, like I find your internet personality very confusing MA. I'm sorry! Ok, I, like I find your day to day, personality very enjoyable, ah, but but some other some other things that the interest and not I mean. What do you want me to say.
they're, both ok you're going anyway, the account tweets a bunch of poles, but instead of the options being actual choices like what's better ponies, our horses or whenever the options will be like sixty eight percent and thirty two percent, and then people can vote on those two percentages. So it's a really bizarre account. Sometimes it feels like it's just taking text from somewhere and like reconfiguring it into non sequiturs and treating it, but but then there are things that feeling of this is totally written by a real person link like like. Well, I mean the account puts a lot about soccer, specifically a soccer team in Scotland called Kilmarnock FC. It also retreats an account called the real world quite a bit and I found the account it belongs to a guy named Martin Lorry and
I'm guessing that that is the owner of the account of the known aim account. Have you tried contacting him in saying, like hey? What's up of your account yeah, so I tried doing that through just tweeting at him, but a lot of people do that. But then the account started following in which was really confusing the end, because besides him, this account only follows Elon Musk, and a Youtube her. That one point he followed me any only follows these. Aren't you I must say that it is really- here that I would be the third a my verified, so I reached out to him and said: hey, I'm very honoured! Thank you. Why are you following me? He had absolutely no idea and then he said like sorry to break it to you Gab our unfollow. You now cause. I don't really want follow you, then I tried ass, a more clarifying questions and I never really gotten dance
he's- he's a very mysterious guy really hard to get a hold of his mysterious. He doesn't see the interested at all in explaining. What's going on, I had sent him a GM, and I said, like all: this is podcast a blessing to four years, Alex Golden. I'm sure he's gonna want to talk to you. Do you want to talk to him, and I started that siege with hear me out and then about an hour later. He tweeted hear me out. And you have responded to my message now. I don't know what that means and then the account blocked him. So in just wants to know like what is this a can. Thank you for meeting with me. I'm really curious to know where you can find, and so I told him
do my best to figure it out and take care by guys. I so, of course the first thing I did was try tweeting at the nameless account like a will. You please do an interview with me, which didn't work at all. the account ever responded. So I looked up that guy Martin Weir Roy, who, I think, owns the account and I found I found an account of his on another website website, where he like settles tee shirts, that he designs. Okay and sergeant a message there and he did not reply and you know I was who is getting very frustrated, yeah
because I just wanted to know like how do you get this account? Can I get one of my own and they were stonewalling me, but there was a person who saw me tweeting at the known aim account asking for an interview. This kind in Austin Work test has thereby gaining ground folks jumped up the lazy done well, I've never had someone gives such an amazing sound tests before he lives in, glancing Michigan he works for like a hosting company, and what I do is I work on our internal systems to find ways to make you break in testing so that they don't break in the real world. That sounds kind of fun. I mean I'd like to have a job where I try and break stuff. All the time often said that coming
account. He was immediately and treat. This is the kind of thing that I would put a mystery found me and, like I would die in time, will drop everything else. It I'm getting answers, until he came to me- would like a level of comprehensive knowledge of the way twitter works beak of this account. That was like John Reed surprising to me. Here's the thing about that account with no username. Ok, listen, it isn't the only one when you say it, isn't the only one tell me a little more how many retarget while well at first, I found five or six, and then I started looking a little harder and
five or six went out to almost two thousand and why haven't been able to get audibly ideas for them. It's looking like that might be even closer to twenty thousand weight, so you are focused on one, but there are many yes, which was exciting to me, because Martens account poison getting back to me and I was like well if there's thousands of these, then maybe I could talk to someone else with one of these magic accounts, but if none of them have user names like how do you know, how do you do? and she ate like how do you know which one you reaching out to her leg, if you just like writing the same one over and over again, so when I go the twitter website, I'm gonna up an account by like might the username like a gold mine, Dorothy abandoned or whenever, but in addition to the user name twitter tracks each account by giving it a unique number, That's how you like change your username and still have all your old tweets
or in this case, how it's possible, have no username and still have a twitter account re like as it's a computer. That's following things is just thinks about things as numbers. It doesn't carry your Alex hold that right and so often was like very helpful because he knew how to look up twitter account by their unique numbers. Ratlin stick with care So we were looking at this massive excel spreadsheet of accounts with no username and I'm like reading off the unique number for each account to ask them to do the next one. Five, eight three and often has this account called a twitter developer account you can apply with twitter so that you can do serve like special searches on their data and he would look up the number that I read to him and then tell me it's almost certainly about it. Ok-
So yeah it's Otto tweeting news where they stuff and we were able to figure out that, like out of the thousands of accounts that exist with no usernames, only six of them had treated in twenty twenty one but they were all Botz just like tweeting, random links to articles or some other inane crap, with the exception of one account, which seem to be active and actually being used by human being, and that was one that even found. I think it's pretty amazing that the wine real is the one that you ve been looking for. Yeah, I know I mean, but all No one would ever noticed the ones that are real right, don't diminish the magic. And you know like I'm getting super frustrated and, like you know, we still have no they're, still no real information on how to contact the sky. Like he's not getting back to me,
so at the end of may we have this team meeting of everyone working on the story. It's me LISA Jessica, Hannah and TIM and warlike. Ok. What do we do? How do we get this guy and were I mean we're getting desperate? so we start entertaining our editor. Howard's, total bonehead ideas, the best kind absolutely or the other possibility is Alex figures out some sort of way to do a non creed, be valid anything related to the Kilmarnock Football Club, and then and that in lake email, can you like tweets valentine at him? I could, I M sure. And what we're throwing these ideas around Blake Ways to get this accounts owner. To reply to me, producer Jessica, young wife,. she she has this sudden realisation why this person is not replying. She was like Alex. Didn't you deactivate your twitter as a year,
I did, because I had actually deactivated my account at the beginning of April and so Jessica. Who knew that idea. Actually, my twitter account was like. Are you tweeting at them for what account or you tweeting at them from, and I was like, while an island and she was like. Are you training at them from the reply? I count and, as I know, she's like you tweeting at them from bands account, so I haven't and account for my band, we're just like five hundred followers. Doesn't it? you're my face on it. Well, ok, so you weren't tweeting! Oh what's your bans name your baby? I don't know if it were called slow funds. We who's the. We me and me it's me. I think I'm all slow fond slow funds as we are all for it shouldn't, be blackening, yearnest, slow, fine weather. What's on that, twitter account? How many tweets do you? Have it all just leg? Listen to this since sound it sounds like a fart
I mean a twitter account is cut. The twitter account is kind of like a combination of jokes that I tell music and just like total non sequiturs. Let me send you the tour. I got it. I wish he'd don't a leper, androids delight floating further from the future? I day by day, you're reading my tweets just ready now, because I think people, probably if you just every stroke and you only first started tweeting here in April. The only made this account a couple months ago right the guy who think understandably, was like what are you doing? Why are you treated that account. Ah,
Oh, you said you were likewise. If this were you really disappointed me, you sound so disappointed it feels like it. Yes, this is the kind of thing that lake is for us to get nobody. Nobody need, as we are about your tweeting, from an account with lots of people and instead you were doing from such a weird place, you're. So weird Alex so in our right then, and there I made the decision that, like the only way to solve this problem, would be that I tweet at the mystery account from my personal account. So I reactivated and it still had on my phone worse, but my timeline was totally blank because I deleted everything- and I was like hell-
we're gonna get this guy's attention. Could it still seems weird that I don't have anything on my out ray and then I was like well, this Martin Weir Roy person, who I feel like must run. This account is definitely a ship poster because he posts in dumb goofy stuff Alla time. Ok, so I immediately started tweeting normal staff, my normal
I start. My first wheat was any I've hardly even begun. Yet again, as your stuff goes, I like it and then Chewbacca Morlock spit Fraga, no well, ok and then immediately like within the hour. I was back into my worst attention seeking twitter behaviour like at one point. I quote: treated in an article from this website called be GR and that the articles about the tweet said your future sex robot could be hacked to programmes and programmes to murder. You and I tweeted- aren't even our current sex robot. No, I didn't know reaction, but you know I mean
spent the next several hours after that treat us like checking. May notifications to see other tweet was doing it didn't hurt. My reaction. Did people loved it really, but I mean it just following a total relapse into my old habits like refreshing all day, long during work after work after the kids went to bed like it is just what want, like my dream, is to stop having the experience of having member my family talking to me. Well, I'm checking twitter and having to look up and go hook. You say that again, raphaelites pretty Yeah like to be a little more present. It's like you'd call
smoking and then you have a cigarette and then you were like I'm back to having a pack a day, and I was I was very mad about it. I mean like mostly mad at myself, about it for like falling right back into my old tweeting habits, but I mean at the same time, I felt like if I, if I ever need to contact anyone else. I'm gonna need to have this account up again. Yeah see just de felt the lake even corner, and you re now. Let's and I know, but I got tired of Martin the next day after I reactivity my account I tweeted at but no name account and within a couple hours a reply
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So the day after I reiterate, my personal twitter account, the owner of the no name account got back to me and it is definitely not The master hacker had been expecting ass mountains. Martin, and I am nobody not really have, but I live in the North EAST of England and obviously originally from Scotland, and I just happened across twitter account which have no username for a very long period. the time. So when this account with no username fell into the hands of this self described, nobody of note, he was in a very different part of his twitter life journey. For me like well. Well, I had spent the past
couple years trying to win myself off the need for twitter validation. Martin has been trying to figure, it out, become twitter, famous, ok and it seems like the account just like, fell into his hands almost as if like by divine Providence. It was like one of many accounts: the ass like ass, fifth or sixth, seventh, or something really sure and he was going through the process of signing up, and I was taken to this action where you pick your user name, I was taken and random just names of work it select and see. If there were available or not, I don't have it still does, but like a tick was coming up, mixture across cannot to say whether it was available or not, and to the best of my knowledge, what happened was that I have deleted the field. The field was empty.
But the tick was there to see that it was an acceptable username. So I press next year and that that was it, that's all it took in that was a facility. So I again twitter- and I was like hey- how was Martin able to create this account and they were like there was a temporary bug in the code and a lot of people made accounts like this, but what they also told me was like these accounts. Dont work ass, like normal accounts, are intent. To work like the very buggy and so pretty much everybody who got one was like well. This doesn't have a username and it's impossible to use, I'm not going to use it ran, except for my yet except for Martin, because Martin got this idea in his head. Like any time he like replied to someone or someone posted a screenshot of his weird account and other people noticed it. There are like.
this thing is awesome. This is such a weird cool account. I want to make sure I'm. Following till he was collecting power. He was collecting flowers didn't matter how bad his tweets were. The account just like had its own pull it just felt to Martin like it could be huge specifically, was trying to head over thirty thousand followers, because, according to the UK, according to the advertising standards agency, if you have thirty thousand followers, not social media platform. You are legally a celebrity so that was that was my. I just want to be. Over thirty says we was heading that unfolded. Why did you want your twitter account? to be legally a celebrity. I just wanted to be able to say I am technically a celebrity, even though no one's ever heard of me and actually knows I am Martin, basically found the narrowest and most unglamorous path. The celebrity I've ever heard of I had to look this up, but this board in the UK that actually
the advertising standards authority made a ruling. That said, any account with over thirty thousand followers counted as a celebrity for their purposes, and so that's what Martin was aiming for re, but the first hurdle to Martens plan was the account itself, because it it's not only hard to find it's like impossible to use and is always breaking and sort of new in different ways. for a very long period of time, I couldn't see my tweets, so I would tweet, then I wouldn't able to see again out after them log into my main account to see them that's not tomorrow, and then, if I wanted to reply to one of those I would have to copy the link from now I got from Romania can sign intimate other sets out into the name, was complex to get too to reply to reply to so there's big period. A timber wasn't replying to people very much because it was a bit of her
lengthy process. Martin started. Developing other strategies to up is exposure like replying to tweets, buy you a mosque, which usually get him some followers, but the most successful thing he tried, which was originally how he got the attention of in who is our listener? I is a sponsor tweet and the tweet that Martin promoted said quote. I seem to have lost my username. Can anyone help please that's pretty cute and it worked in a RO. He ended up heating, thirty thousand flowers he's a celebrity LISA celebrity has made it. He has gone out. Thirty thousand but listening to every sort of dot, I ask joke he wants to make, but like martens moments in the sun was sadly very very brief because, like just a couple I got this weird things started to happen. Where any time you
things to setting on his account like you, ve changed your twitter bio or opened our closest yams. Anything like that for the next couple minutes, he'd have a username or would it be just completed brush numbers and letters when it disappeared very very quickly, and I was right, happen there. That was very strange and then on the afternoon of May twenty. Second, he made a choice. To one of the settings on his account and one of these gibberish usernames appeared. But this time it stuck and it hasn't gone away, and so Martin now instead of having a twitter account with no username has a tutor. Count with the username O J, a k, s S, seven, every three, seven s envy I so I've since learned, White Twitter, head too in that moment, take the new name, accounting. Ok, I talked
former twitter engineer whose name is LISA Philips and her job at Twitter was too like make sure as Twitter scaled as it got bigger. It wouldn't break free from all the people on basically and while she never encountered this particular account when she worked there. When I told her about it just like I could see why that was a nightmare for engineers to deal with, because what Martin doesn't know is that, because this account is so far- de mentally broken. Even the smallest interactions with it can generate errors that twitters engineers have effects say you're gaining ten, now followers every minute or whatever you know a celebrity or something you have to update each one of those followers to show that they follow that person and the counts for each of them that there is a lot of tasks that have to happen. When you start thinking about how to interact between twitter accounts say, I think, once he started getting fat,
where's. It probably triggered errors, while so every time you does anything they get there like notified they never got error messages that may or may not directly point to his account like it's still. The twitter implied that it took, time to figure out how at what was going on. But these errors, wood pile up until they had to be dealt with by twitter engineers and LISA, said that is the account started to grow. There be more and more errors, and so the engineers would eventually have to find out what was causing them, and I told her like while he did do a promoted, we and that promoted. We got him a bunch of new followers, he paid for a sponsored post now and he was able to that. He was surprised as you are. That was the so he wise guy. He was. He got that attention. Probably those errors flew through the roof.
And yeah. He got triggered that's really interesting, probably could have just kept without username for a really long time it was like his very quest for fame that undid the thing they made him special useless close, the sun. That's exactly what I said. He's twitters Icarus Is it feel like to be the part of the rest of US rabble these days sod This is a two innocent matters like dirt. You ve gotta username again like I've got this. There are eight eight. Since I am followers I like what I do love because they are there, because I was weird now, I'm not weird. So what do I do with it level? Alas, really you're still tweeting?
I'm so dream, but is, as your soon out of an open It's just not special anymore, It is really just lost it shine for Martin Work, which I can relate to wherever you Alex case. I'll, have your twitter. How did you get rid of it? No still up until reading still feeling bad sound, so ridiculous when I say it it's like I'm sure there are a million people as it has been like just stop tweeting, yes with very hard for me, I'm sorry when I allowed to get rid of it again. Yes, absolutely You ve only to ask me just do it. Everyone near job does not require you to have a twitter account. You need to be creative enough that you can, but you can use the web pages is informed before about it, and you can't tradable fuel from a creepy account that only post, slag weird since
his egg, but lake. I don't think it's greet your very small person. Then I don't think so far is your answer, but I think that leg you can figure out other ways to connect with the world. Rang yeah, I'm yes! So your! U rolling, just to be clear! The record button is red, okay, so best second say so fear taught. Last talked on Thursday of last week. Yes, and now it is Tuesday, and I just wanted to let you know that Saturday morning I did deactivate, my Twitter account I was about to go. I was like on my way to a to a weekend trip to
Harris family to see a nephew get christened, and I wanted to like. I was like our like. I bet, and if I have this thing on I'll, probably compulsively check it during downtime and just be like Sarah's, weird, rude husband who doesn't talk anybody so I'd rather measure is not rude husband who doesn't talked anybody so idea activated my twitter account and immediately outside? Can you tell me how you go across monkey bars. and played with pollyanna little jungle. Do we have in the backyard Look at you, you're hanging I had this moment where I was just like. Oh I'm, fine, I'm not me out on anything my not using twitter,
you seem really happy and twitter list? This happened reply all was produced by Jessica, young LISA Wing and Hannah Chin with protectionist, since from nor gale it was edited by TIM Howard, additional help the rest, the reply, I grew Anatoly done Kitty a manual Joshi enviable we're
hosted by a manual genji and me outspoken, the episode was mixed by requiring with backtracking by Isabel Cristo Musical, set aside by break master cylinder, Marianna, Romano Luke Williams and him Howard, special thanks this week to Brain Haggerty, Mark Mimms, Matt, Dobbin and Andrew Signal. Also, we are always on the lookout for more stupid exports. If there is a problem that is so big that you have no way to solve it and it is having a real effect on them, please email ass. At reply all give immediate. Thank you for listening. And we will see you in two weeks,
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