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#2 The Secret, Gruesome Internet For Doctors


An app called Figure One wants to be Instagram, but for doctors. Why would doctors need their own Instagram? We spy on the secret & disgusting medical internet, plus we speak to one of its residents. 

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each of us, Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes, they ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for listing, listen sport. FI or wherever you get your podcast. This so it is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams, plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more try a sauna for free visit, asana dot com to get started. That's a ass, a a dot com. Hello, I'm Peter out and from gimlet media. This reply reply all show that the internet and this resource, is super gross and disturbing I've. Ninety eight,
on my phone, and this week we are tied. About the only one that I'm terrified of that app is called figure. One and its build is instagram, but for doctors, that means it's is where, if your daughter at Work- and you see something that is really disturbing like a particularly unusual kind of gunshot wound figure, one will let you take a picture of it posts mine and have other doctors comment and favoured it. Your first question others app is probably how can this be legal and actually it it's entirely legal. The app forces doctored actually get consent from the patient at their photographing. There's a built in screen where the patient has to have the entire up, explain to them and then sign their approval with their finger, and the EP includes went
rules about how the pictures have to be taken in a way that preserve the patient's anonymity. One of those rules that you can't you someone's face really, which means, as you scroll through the app which actually desert remarkably like Instagram, you just get close ups of the broken parts of people's bodies, cuts breaks, rashes for most of the reporting. This story, I was relying on other people's description of the EP, be his body. Stuff is the stuff that most scripts me out this week. I have finally decide to open it because you know and with them- and I decide to make my co host our golden Open it to be. As wrangling
he's been a lot more time on the gross gory parts of the internet for Jan a Chan, rotten dot com places where people develop the kind of armour that lets them. Likud, Suffolk, this without retching bring it on. I can we use growth. We have experienced that I saw and only think were beginning with a brain scan of somebody's been shot. I can't figure out those a brain scan to see hip fracture with femoral head ball path specimen after Arthur Planet. I was already having problems at the head thing. I mean it's a there's like a gruesome thing, but its again really her defeatist rather gruesome thing it. It looks like it looks like if you opened a tennis ball and there's just viscera inside it yet
that's a really good scripture, pretty grass any idea what this is patient family is unable to give us any ideas, and it's a chest x, ray with what looks like a huge speaks to that guy, I too, and then actually wonders of those usb ok and unlike three people identified by name brand in the comments, so assembly swallowed a usb key. I think sightings prior care right now. I dare eight wisdom. Teeth Youtube gone right now you do what you say. Well, you just kind of boring. So far, it's a lot of it's a lot of like it's a lot like cats, Ganz an x ray, so it it doesn't have to all the good. You don't mean he'll get bigger, see more x rays. Oh I take it back. I take it back. I just I just screwed up to the one that is doing. For me. What is it male diabetic patient that was asleep in his home and woke up his Tobin.
It off by a rat? Were the patient did not feel it at first, so the rat got most of the big toe. I'm gonna go to the comments, and then I'm done well I'd loaded it and I got the picture gun, destroy the picture to me. It like a toe, it looks like a foot, then is congealed into one gigantic bloody tat. Basically, I think I have like this like because we're doing this having I like this, I this under the second just a second it I've been on the internet for my entire conscious life more or less, and in that time I have seen
many things that I regret seeing, but my top one hundred list of things I regret seeing is now populated, I'd, say: half by things. I've seen on figure one. The reason we originally found out about the sap was because John Herman, who has the website the all right a piece about it, John said that the part of figure, one that really get some, isn't the pictures, it's the comments beneath them left by other doctors, and when you see a doctor or talking about lake, a finger, that's been punctured by a nail and making a joke about how the patient nailed it and then punctuating a joke with Ella. Well, it's us, I mean it's. I don't know I wouldn't say it's wrong. Is so strange to see it right, cut myself feeling strange about this and an immediately thought like. Of course, this is how doktor sock. This is how I would talk Anyone who faces anything like this would talk, there'll be Ella, Wells and LMAO is and ruffles, and things like that like this, these are like the conversations that doctors would be. Having
a break room when they assume no one else. Was there the combination of tat Subject matter is something that I have never quite seen anywhere else as a civilian. I guess what are you most wish? You could and see if the things you ve seen on it for some reason, it's the late stage, skin cancers, those are pretty common. I guess you could say trope on here, because it'll be someone who came in with an undiagnosed melanoma and clearly, as person does not have long left, you're just seeing cropped image of like a lower back with this fatal growth on it and then there is no sense that you're watching someone or that year eavesdropping on this conversation about someone who has any sort of chance. I too have established. One is the place where, for some reason you want to you can get a doctor's you of the world for two hundred,
for your one is actually made for doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, I mean aid. Did anyone doctors, if they needed their own instagram and also if they're using at how are they using it? Is it actually what it does solve, is a useful medical tool will find that out after the break. We also wonder how to torture, husband about your same day, at work when you spend a day at work, chopping corpses, penis off the ground. I promise you already her the grossest part, but First, a word from our sponsors. You will always know when and add, is playing on our show, because you will hear this. Add music, this episode of reply always brought you square space and our last August. We talk to Russia Hoffman a square space used. Who wrote an album of songs based on obituaries, for example. He wrote a song about a guy who flew up also would airplane across the Atlantic Ocean. And here, if I propose the add music for a minute I'd like to play, but for your skin
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And you're, using them as someone who just isn't and that's why, as much as an app can be traumatic figure, one is dramatic because you're getting a proxy experience of something that you don't have the training or the context, a process. That was my highfalutin broadcasters theory anyway, Size I detest it. Healthcare Hamilton, automated attendant certain. They called me from around he's a first year resident in emergency room. So the first thing I learned that yes threatened. How do you figure one? It's really popular, particularly among medicines, or the John used it, and then he founded unsettling. She could not fathom that at all. Worst grosses things he seen: Ehrlich horrible images from the internet really yeah, oh weird, most of its, not like gawk worthy. I dont think that maybe I'm gonna make you have one
more embassy that I thought over Lorenzo for her figure. One was not a useful educational tool that actually she was using it like John, was using it as a thing are found to look at when she got on board looking at all the other things on your phone? I mean Look at it kind of in the same way that I look at like Instagram, I'm not like honour sit down and do some studying by looking at figure one Aubrey like I'm bored, and it feels more or like a useful waste of time to look at something that is at least like tangentially relate if you are putting it, unlike the credibility scale with like Yahoo and at the dumbest end of it and lake, like Mayo, clinic website at their I stand like: where would it fall somewhere along the middle of the spectrum like it's like me, or knowledgeable idiots posting nonsense sort of, and there are other like websites out there that do a similar thing, but with like less educational.
Images like it to be like all the at US abdominal series of somebody who like has a beer bottle stuck in their bad, something wasted. There's like a whole doctors, gawking patients, internet Ogata, really yeah. I try not like I'm, not try some good person, I try not to engage in it. Just is no it's kind of means it and the operators tonnes. That really is a one or the other places lots of like random message: board, Ethan look. I don't. I don't know of any like asked to do the same thing, but there's their sub credits, where people posts Lake, for an object in in rectum kind of stuff learns on the kind of person You surf the beer bottle in rectum doktor internet, but when I talk about our work, does actually kind of story. She tells me silly quick anecdotes like the time she was working in an israeli hospital and use
heard not so great Hebrew try to ask a patient to lean forward, so she could listen to his heart. Instead, she asked him if he could leaned forward, so she could try to fuck him. She This story is not because she's a cold unfeeling person. She is the opposite, but she tells me this is because their funny- and there, the part of her day that she Tell me about- and I gotta know in the back my head- that actually there's this other thing going on a thing that figure one shows you probably don't look at people wouldn't all day in your job or, like you, probably don't the failure regularly at your work and make the call that I outcome I doubt if people as part of my job for very personal stuff, like Lord Conniston, Do you have gonorrhea? Are you sure you have gone arena. You for sure not have gonorrhea area, namely you forgot area or alike,
when you had blood in your stool, with only on the outside, always like mixed in with the store was earning mucus, diarrhoea. How many times questions that I am, I wouldn't be thrilled familiar and are those the kind of they like. If I say like how is today, you can't say you wouldn't believe how much blood this guy had in store yeah, like I guess. That's not me. There, something I find exciting but, like I don't let there's like a really interesting way that somebody died. I guess just even saying let me have recognised that the differences, because tumult People there's not like an interesting way to die, and I recognize for sure that it's sad that someone has died, but there may be something that is like clinically or like dizzy. Logically interesting about it with a trauma right like you, don't really care that some foot with only
somebody or and like you, don't really want to know more about that. Probably it like the fact of these things happening are more common. And so there is life processing time- I guess in bomb- it's not like I want. First of all, I have to totally like unhappy at the foot of a fella. You just say: I a partial application of their foot and no one would be like weak work. You know Do you ever like a specific memory of talking there? Somebody you are closed to? Who wasn't a doctor and just sort of realising like halfway through the story that this was not gonna work I feel it pretty much every terminated days about anything. It happened at work days, Lorens husband, he remembered gave was particularly horrified in there. Go when we were doing dissection and we only had one male cadaver.
Were the actual genitalia and I was the one who removed. How could ever keener? Ah, I feel- they hear your voice here, but yet We can't do it. I think, like speculative, in a way that he he wished at one and the same way like people ass soldiers. They killed any DE. I know, intellectually, that when you are at work, sometimes people die. I bet the number of people who I think you ve seen die is crazy low compared to the amount of people that you ve seen guy, and I don't think that's just goes. I dont know hospitals writing, because my brain are shouting when I get close to that. Like I would say like less than ten- and I bet it's not less than ten years now-
I don't know I mean I think that did there is some degree of sort of like you, have to disengage a little bit right. You can't feel Everyone pain, as though they were, your honor. You wouldn't get you the day. I remember four son, I saw like a colored wait, a code a code is Sepia like CPR like a cold blue with when coming and unresponsive, typically in any actual cardiac arrest, didn't know, do CPR, yeah and I'm over the first time. I saw that as immense tuned. It was super track like it was, I reckon
intellectually that like what we're doing and that their task is on these life. But I thought gentle, it's not like. It looks on tv. What's it like Ireland, you break ribbed and you bring people sterner like people would make jokes but like how bad tv CPR is like the tv series, is too gentle? Oh yeah, would ever come back. Man did the die. And I think that was even the weirder part was it ever was like. Ok, like we run this for a long time Anybody having an idea like now stop and you're like the sort of this juxtaposition of this. Really violent thing that you intellectually no is a good thing, and that put should be doing if that of the person wants and all about fashion, and just like that ever done. Everyone. I talk to you
The first under these are are they felt the same way, the gradually? people who actually work in medicine learn to dual around learn to do. They learn how to feel and after their cell human, not if you're so much of their overwhelmed, and they can help their patients. They develop a way of talking about the world as they see it. They mostly keep that language secret. The rest of us, because we won't understand it and we don't want to understand it and then figure one stumbling blocks. Ask me If your imagine civilians like near John, into her world, I never we consider die. We consider that it would be think anyone other than people who look at I got all day long. I phone a few weeks ago and
asking you. If, if like learning, medicine was like being a soldier that you felt like you end up in this place, where you're experiencing the world that you can totally explain to people on the other side of it and then talk to John, I feel like he was like looking through a window at this world and like totally being traumatized by it, like years ago. This is the world yet, and I think maybe like I don't have a great sense, any more of what it's like to not see it. The way that I see it I cameras doing, I was somewhere and one of the senior residence was draining it like a perennial abscess or something like it was something that lake. Understandably, there was like some anxiety on their behalf: the patient. What's a period labs us it's when you have an obvious like right, around you're in it
oh yeah, you have to train them, but what the resident said was. He was like use a giveaway analysis, anxiety for working for you, but this is just like this is what we do at work. The writer Paul Ford once said that the thing about social networks with that they gave you a different kind of I'm like a book or a movie re at three acts. Getting middle an end all times the internet just give you the middle of someone's life and give you that middle over and over again figure. One is that the pure sense a picture from somebody's day the office, and we feel, and what comes after, whether are equipped to do that or not the Friday. Before this episode, one up, from Miranda was, unlike any she ever sent me. She said you just want to. Let me know the truth really excited for work. That day, she's gonna get to see an organ harvesting.
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