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#28 Shipped to Timbuktu


An email to the wrong address sends us hurtling into the world of professional cookie advisors. 

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This episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. So you can focus on the work that matters most learn. More. Try us honour for free visit, assign a dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dot com. If you want a less is tasked with impress children, I'm sorry, but you might be. Where then is theirs explicit language and legs say were from gimlet reply on an empty driven, so others friend was calm down.
Dell. Has a gmail dressed. It's pretty generic like these methods. Email, dot, com and people who have email addresses like these get a lot, I ve that aren't meant for them, email, wrong numbers and this Adele all the time. Last time, You just got an email ridden completely in Spanish from a kid somewhere asking of you could turn into a silently and others. You got a letter congratulating him on the low interest rate for Tudor Chevy cobalt. He doesn't have one. Unfortunately, for the rest, the world deals a nice guy, but he likes to mess with people he likes to play pranks, so they'll ants. These emails, here's wanting out awhile back. I think it started off: hey Ladys to all Calgary area, district commissioners and district cookie advisers and then started talking about how they had a bunch of. I'll cookies that they didn't know what to do it and we gotta move them off the shells and, if their past, the expiration date than we can use them in the next cookie campaign. The evil
continue and Dale learns that the world of professional cookie advising is surprisingly bureaucratic at the top there's a national cookie adviser and then beneath her there provincial cookies this report up and then beneath them their district, cookie advisers, these patriotic court office building with a lot of people in fancy business close talking about cookies all day. And Dale decides that what he should do is sent intentionally stupid, email detailing all these asinine missions to their style. Cookie problem, easy adviser should sharply over the expiration date on the packages or he says they eat all the stale cookies themselves. In my mind, I was thinking no one's gonna build. No one can believe this. This is what a stupid well to write to somebody who who had high Person with suggestions like these said Cynthia who's, the Calgary area, cookie adviser research, scales, email with complete polite cheerfulness. She sent him,
cookie freshness calculator to help him sort his stale cookies from his fresh cookies. So Dale responds with even stupid or messages try to make it more obvious than he was just kidding. I said: what's this Sound. The cookies yard me so Hungary, with a picture of cookie monster, I think She responded something along the lines of those orders were supposed to go in a month ago, Did I misunderstand your question? Rather than horrifying Del ass, sir? Why are we even in the cookie advising business? He says his clients there about chocolate bars now Dear responded, chocolate bars question our question, our question. Our question are: all of my other suggestions were met with, like oh, maybe I misunderstood, or something, but this one, very emphatic- it was what it was. A chocolate bars it actually simply Dale had maybe touched a nerve, because after that cookie adviser world went completely quiet. There was radio silence. After that, I felt that I felt like I was in a little bit
deep, maybe the original you know he gotten had been meant for woman named Debbie. What have you? debian trouble or even just made her look bad I'm a little afraid I like to think that other got it sorted out and, and now it's funny and and Debbie is in on the joke and that but it can laugh at me and I hope it they're not laughing at poor Debbie. Did you not just people try to do their cookie job, where hyacinth. You hear me, pilots, Pga hurriedly. I wanted to find out if deals prank, it hurt anybody, so try to him Cynthia chosen Calgary. Cynthia s, multiple sclerosis, certainly Hartford Talk eventually dear doubt, and I read them emails where's. The obvious is to eat them. During our next November meeting pleases,
with the rest of area, and I will forward your decision on to national thanks. So much. Do you remember getting that? You know? I don't we get a lot of questions lacrosse Albert at that cookie time often they have suggestions that What always fly we find? We find a way to respond to them. A despot Cindy ensure explain that they were parted girl guides in the U S, we have girl scouts most everywhere else. They call them grow guides like the girl scouts to wear uniforms clicked- merit badges and sell cookies to their parents. Friends, coordinating the thousands of under age, cookie salespeople can be a logistical headache and to some volunteers, cookie advisers, those advisers, frequently field confused emails. And their use to handling them diplomatically. That's why? Since was so patient with though it was a job, but it is also very patient with me. You didn't really know, even as for reasons that I
I understand I found myself explaining to her the entire pattern. The events that led Del to email, her, I guess the email was meant for Debbie, but it went to a deal now turned american lover. Incense The thing about talking to indian show on the phone, so they had this tone of voice the Bin, the emails to, and I was trying to think of it as girl, guide, voice, grow guy voice cheerful impatient, unrelenting lay. So is there like a cookie general? Now we have advisers and commissioners, but that's that's about the weapon The extent of the military dirt mice are reading about girl guides. I found out that that helpful, sunny tone is actually hard wired into their original mission statement, which reads: quote a guide smile. And things under all difficulties, so all difficulties
my first readers, I'm thinking that this is hyperbole. I knew her. I can hear you. Can you hear me? It is not I dont use women woman Jimmy hemmed in and hold me about this thing. That happened. I literally found unbelievable. So a few years ago, Genie decides write a book making fun of the girl guides. I have to admit when I started writing a book. I thought I knew them make this a bit of the satellites and laughed at them honestly. Serve Dale thing. They do ingenious, as most people think about girl, guys we she dead, do not concern cool. What we call now nowadays with now those sort of unfashionable nerdy Right: do you use what mood of absolutely use the word nerd I've had it applied to me right so any sets out to tease some nerds, but then she search researching and Wendy, deep in the girl guides archive in their London headquarters, and she found
This old notebook, it small, seven by ten The book is a handwritten log of everything that one girl guide troop did years ago, and it said we did skipping and we did not sitting. Would you do all sorts of jolly things? And then I came across this song, the written- and it said we sang also yesterday and it went, we might have been shipped to Timbuktu. We might have been shipped to Kalamazoo, it's not repatriation, nor is it yet starvation. It simply concentration, ensure food. And I thought what does that mean? Concentration in Kivu? Jerry does not know where chief who is produced, not in England, so she likes it up. Chief, who is was a place in China, the coastal city tickets. Seven thousand miles from London. According to the guidelines book,
the song had been written and performed by a group of girl guides for concert on Christmas day. Nineteen forty two, the Christmas concert Jane discovers, was held in she flew, but not at school the girl had saying there song in a concentration camp. Jimmy was baffled. Why would a concentration camp in China have a singing girl guide troop, so Janey starts digging. And you ll find another more complete log and what happened to these girl guides. It's a website, an old belgian man into Leopold the about by seventy four years old, so the news Leopold was an actual witness who was born in China, ended up in the same camp as these girl guides the bad news. I tried to remember something: nothing comes about to me he's absolutely no memories. However, this nightmare he used to have when he was a kid at the time it had made sense to her, but later-
He thought it must have taken place at the camp. What was the dream that you would have? Well, I'm there in the hot sun, the Blue Sky brown slope ground garbage my so dirty earth and people running all over the place. Their sounds, no sound, absolutely no sound. Somebody pick me up in their wake up. That's. That's all. I remember that the problem is often a problem, though the curiosity is that that dream, king back very often levelled rose up and as an adult he wants to know about this place that he to dream about, and so he builds a website invites people are right in with memories of the cap and this
or you aren't, is pretty crazy. Man latest invasion of China, which has already lasted two years, work on a huge scale. I did not know this, but during world war, two when Japan occupied China, they built concentration camps that were filled with american and british and other european civilians avenues for that renders civilians have been living in China, one of those councils, We Shan that was Leopold. Camp And among the inmates situation where group of children there are Eric and British. There, mostly the kids of missionaries and they ve been studying at a boarding school called she flew,
japanese troops invaded she flew and capture the kids and eventually brought them to Asian with their teachers, but no parents, so by two hundred and fifty children who Phooey is were in this camp and the teachers very sensibly taken with them books, paper, musical instruments and, of course, one more thing. Brownie reforms guideline forms all the things they thought. We'd we're gonna need this sort of thing: Kate, the kids occupied in the chinese camps, there is very little food prisoners died of starvation. Take wish and imprison, monks would smuggle in eggs, and then everybody would share them, and then they also had the kids either round up a shells just to get some extra, calcium and the camp almost no infrastructure the prisoners had to be. Their little world from nothing there on kitchen. Laboratories and hospitals and their own girl guide unit
log Janey had found was the record kept by one of the girl guides leaders. The leaders, weaker Brown house There's always a woman in her twenties tone of writing with exact same cheerful, impervious to bad news tone that deal cookie adviser, email, threatened tat. This is entry from the day. They were marched into the camp. Hello. What's this behind bars? Yes, it's camp well, I guess, there's a good deal of fun to be out in this just ways to earn some badges occurring. Log book, the Brown I ran. The truth is or any other girl Gardena concentrate amber not they will all told it doesn't matter how disgusting the food is. We still what good table manners it doesn't matter. How hungry you are you don't need to steal your still gonna do a good deed every day and help other people. Obviously,
the grim sadness of life in a concentration camp should have overpowered this minute, your world, that the Brown we're trying to build for their young girls, but the Genie, that's not what happened. Instead, it was girl guides who started to exert an influence on the adults around them. They lead by example. It made a difference to all adults in this camp and kept them going. The whole atmosphere was better because they had this very struggle, promise that they wouldn't stop smiling. They wouldn't give up, they would carry on singing songs, they would insist on everybody washing. This is the point where I wondered this true. I didn't think that anybody was necessarily lying to me. I just thought Pierre, The the Brown AL had left the bad stuff out of her life, but I figured she put the best possible spin on an awful situation. Ass we grow guides do right.
Fortunately, this woman, who still alive and remembers Mason, is the first time I think I've been right time for time for her name's Mary Pravity, the small beautiful eighty two. My producer fear been in regular reporting, Isn t so bad Mary Pravity. As a small beautiful eighty, two year old woman She is also one of the happiest people I've ever met. I dont if anybody I've interviewed, has ever fully broken into song unprompted merited seven times. She's, like a real life. Mary Poppins armoury of on trap also unlikely uphold has a phenomenal memory. She told me the day that japanese troops arrived at her boarding school the day after prolonged was attacked. The Japanese showed up on the doorstep of our school. They put seals with japanese riding on everything the tables, the chairs, the piano, the desks? Everything belong to the great emperor of Japan and then,
put armbands on, as everyone had to wear norm band aid for American, be for british, whatever our nationality ones the girls were eventually transfer. Innovation and Mary became a concentration camp girl guide. This was for seventy years ago, but when Mary talks about the camp it, sadly she still there but she's twelve years old again, she's. Had this story about the Brown AUS, insisting on good table manners. Absolutely true. So you're eating some kind of glop out of of need boiled animal grain cause gaol. Young is broom corn that the Chinese feed Their animals was often what they'd fetters and and you're eating it. With the sub dish or a tin can, and here comes Miss Stark up behind one of our teachers, Mary Taylor, not slouch over your food. While you are eating, do not talk. You have food in your mouth
There are not two sets of manners, one set of manners for the princesses in Buckingham Palace, and another of manners for the way she and Concentration Camp Mary separated from her parents unsure when she be released, surrounded by a pact on men with guns she's, Did she spent a lot of her time? Just thinking about earning merit, badges in the winter it would get cold freezing, but no, he whispered the prisoners by the guards in marrying her friends had to go, collect left over coal shavings from the guards quarters. I Member now the ritual of going to japanese quarters to get the coal dust and carry it back like making. New pencil from old pencil shavings. He said the call was heavy. It had been asked bucket, bye, bye. It in a line of girl guides than this. Things have to be mixed with dust and water and dried into balls of coal. It was long, hard work and then it end of it still to go, use that recycled, call in a pot, bellied stove and keep the stove. Let's
very would be warm scented horrible, like a childhood from Charles Dickens. Now He's a merry remembers, it is, being surprisingly fine a game she could win I and my partner Marjorie Harrison. We won the competition in our dormitory, of which stove lighting. Team made the pot bellied stone in the winter turned red hot more times than any other girl in the camp. Well, you know Here I am eighty two years old, and what do I do? To tell you, I turn red, times with me and Marjorie Amazon than any other girl in our dorm. When you Private it sounds like you're describing summer camp and serve describing like a concentration camp did feel
like summer camp did you know I never was in summer camp. So I can't give you ain't, no, no, no, absolutely not you, when you had garb dogs, bayonet, drills, electrified, wires, are your walls, pill boxes with with guards armed guards in them. You know you weren't in summer camp. There was don't misunderstand me, I'm not say This was fun city, I'm telling you we. A miracle where grown, ups preserved our childhood there's room. Since in the log book to the trouble, the adults for having keeping it together, but you'd have to know to look for it. Gallagher, rights, one entry, the reeds dear me. What a tragedy Brown now had an attack of nostalgia, but social Therefore, our meeting you're out is a nerve disease, but, That actually meant was it the brown I was having a nervous breakdown years later. Mary
and tracked down one in the grown ups, I said Miss car. What were you feeling when we were in a concentration camp? Well, all the grown ups in the camp knew about the rape of non king, the atrocities that the guards than the disorders done when they came to the southern southern city of NOME. King javanese soldiers went door to door systematically, raping and killing tens of thousands of chinese civilians, so they knew what could happen. The teachers knew what could happen. So I said to my car flop: are you feeling
she said. Well, I would pray to God that when they lined us up along the death trenches and they were outside the camp when they line to Sup to shoot us, so our bodies would fall into the death pits that I would be one of the first, so I didn't have to see it. So there are two sets of prayers at night, the grown ups, many them now much older than the kids themselves prayed grimly for a fast death. And then they woke up in the morning. Some farms with the kids said: the bounty camp melodies- and it was like you, you weren't, can be afraid of you could sing about we would sing day is dying. On the side wrong does see from the hills. From the sky all is well now safely He ran past
ah is. Now? How can you be afraid when your singing about all is well safely? Rest got his money. How could you be afraid of them, so we were constantly putting things into music. Often you know there was a little bit of a twist of fun to it. One of the songs that we we sang was, we might have been shipped to Timbuktu, We might have been ship to Kalamazoo, it's not repatriation, nor is it yet stagnate, it's only concentration in who
you're probably aren't many places on earth. We have less reason to be cheerful than a concentration camp, but it turns out place like that being able to be cheerful to have a positive outlook. Dopey or silly. It's how you survive. How you tell us matters. I can still four examples. They one of the one of the things that we sang when the Japanese were marching is into concentration. Camp was the first verse of some forty God is our refuge, our refuge and our strength and on it goes in trouble. We will not be afraid all of these words just song into our hearts that sticks its like. You got a groove sticking in the gramophone record. I am safe, I am safe. I am safe that was just profound. The first chief brownies warded off to spare for four years,
Finally, on August seventeen nineteen forty five- they were rescued. It was when the day now remember the american plain fine low over the camp and falling from this guy was. I was running Weber was that was dropping out of the sky beyond the barrier walls I been a whole from the blue sky. Brown flew ground. And the people went berserk people running all over the place. People work frying screaming dancing. Somebody pick me up and then I wake up. Level says that the nightmare that you saw him issues his memory of that day of being a four year old lost in wandering around a riot of freed concentration. Camp survivors the people who are their liberation day or now dead.
One of the dormitories ovations memorial, but mostly displays exists as a footnote in some books unaware they designed by belgian man and in the memories of the remaining survivors to have beard world with a strong paw on the people who do still remember it A couple weeks ago, at the grocery store, I watched a gang of Brownie scouts rushed down the pet through now they had their. Uniforms on covered in mare damages for public speaking in backyard astronomy. They were Happy and safe in their own world well fed and rich. And a million miles formation. Wondered if they knew what they might be capable of. After the break. It's been a long time. We cannot requests.
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screwball stuff on the internet and comes to pity, and I to explain it to him yet because you you guys, yes, that's what you do it's. Basically all we know how to hear where you do it so well! So, today, Normally I come do with like a specific tweet. In today's an entire twitter feed to feed called at Riker googling. And was weird about it is that has almost fifty thousand flowers forty nine does not bother to Alex Limber know, which is twice as much as me: photon, socially just and the number of people that he is falling is three which is. I think pretty odd right for somebody else that may twitter followers and then you look at the tweets and they're just idly inscrutable so like, for example, there's one that says arrested development season. Eighty five next one real house.
If Commander Riker were around today, what would he be googling? Now? It's not if he were round today, elegy Google, if Google around when he was yes, jake you good beards, evil beards so you wanna know what this is about. Ask me. Do you understand what this do understand this twitter account? Yes Peter, I do understand the tutor camp yeah. I don't like understanding ever understand him out Bloomberg. Do you understand is Twitter account no Eric. Let's start at the very beginning, do you know rigorous, no commander Riker, the starship enterprise got it He is, he was the second in command and start the next generation plants Jonathan freaks. No you're, this kind of earth- rode slowly let every kind of nerd and waited there's a twitter account of his search terms, is a twitter. Account, Commander wreckers twenty fifth century, Google Search,
so it's mine, Commander Riker were around today. Where would you big ogling. Now it's not if you around today, Elegy Google, if Google around when he was her. Yes, so if maneuvers Wikipedia makes perfect sense, phaser settings dry, clothes right, right, good, beards, evil, beards in STAR Trek when they turn evil, they have certain they get like evil. Facial hair, but I mean record, has facial Got it got it now that you know what it is? How do you feel about it. A lot this is a long pause. I I surprisingly, have a lot of feelings, but it really well, I feel, like I'm, I feel like so much Ingenuity applied to something so meaning
but also can are you a fifty thousand dollars a sort of the internet. The main feeling the mystery of it was better than the answer of it. Yeah I mean it was very satisfying the moment like us, and then I was like the mountain moment the comprehension clicked in the place of and then it was like, and then, as I read it, Erasmus down at one time, like how are the highest I've ever been was in was on spring break in college and. Ghetto in the back of the hotel room. We were just watching tv and there was this movie on and you know like when you're high, it's like everything is seams Will the mysterious- and it was like it- was
most amazingly mysterious movie I had ever seen outside what is going on here I can under. I can't believe this movie and then finally like as well the way if I were often- and I was like ours Highlander, I think it's a pretty profound movie at there is really depressing to now. That's that's what happens I mean you know I didn't here your brain scanning, Highlander references, size, half its job. I am sceptical running. I think there are some things that are best left unsaid, unfortunately, you like burned me so much harder than myself. I love I fucking love them. Love you! So much fuck you for call me a nerd every. Can thing about star wars. You corrected meat
about the SAR Lack pit, the terminally reaching first hours reference use. I wasn't even a monster and ashes like oh sorry, black pit, but the pit is where the SAR like live thing. If I said it Alex, his name was Alex how I think I have a way to end of the segment I'm going to just be like. Thank you guys and you guys keep arguing and you can hear the door closed behind, bring up the music. Revilers me Peter Vote, an ox Goldman, your bruises. By TIM Howard feel abandoned through the amendment eighty announced Bloomberg, our internet Sylvie Douglas we'd edition production and editing help from Jonathan mean give our Joel levels. We chase IRA glass. Call and Emily Condon. Thank you guys are show, is mixed. Eric coin Matt Labour as your friend swimming boy, he's! Ok, if you come by gaining happened, about a girl guides is called how they
when the war. Another great book on this is by Tammy Proctor. It's called scouting for girls So thanks as we Tomato Campbell Harris, Tammy Proctor. Shall Harris our theme additional scoring was observed by the mysterious break, master cylinder and our add music is by build buildings. Horns by Michael lent harm the environment because of our show at Itunes, DOT, com, slash reply on or if you use a different path Sure you can visit our website reply, got lemme feeds are cited, his eye and partnership with athletics. You also bonus materials from the Swedes, episode on Digg dot com. If you are still asking this episode, so you really really like our show, and if you like, to do something small that can help us a bunch leave us our view on Itunes. It does a lot to promote the shall actually thanks ruining was the next week.
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