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#51 Perfect Crime


Every night, Catherine Russell puts on a wig, picks up a gun, and ignores her critics.

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Perfect Crime


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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for listen on Spotify or wherever you get. Your pot casts from what is required and he gave up and I'm out spoke so a couple years ago a friend was missing from out of town, and you take me to see this play is called perfect crime. All she really knew about it was that it was a crime, trailer, So he went to his off Broadway Theatre where the stage or set up like an office and an old, defective story. Big word book shelves in old, persian rug. We sit down in the play, begins: these- are recording the foreseen
A man is sitting in office listening to a real real recorder, and then this woman barges under the stage he's wearing a wig, but you can't tell if you're supposed to know that it's awake or not and you normally, how much time to wonder, because she immediately pulls out a gun and shoots the guy. and so begins the most bewildering couple hours of theatre I've ever seen in my life? The play. Has the rhythm The detective story, people Finding stuff out includes are revealed and accusations are made, but sitting there watching it. I could not follow anything. In that I didn't know if the play was over my head or really just bad, PDA made me go see this play. He actually made me, go see it with our producer few Bennett and it is pretty much bazaars. He describes it, I get leaning, we're going like. Do you understand? What's going on She would lean back insane, and so I looked on yelp end.
Internet feels the same way as I do about this way. Here are a couple reviews that I read on your first, the prows, the seeds have ample leg room. Emma sets art bad for once at play. That's everything. That's good about the show, and then here's another one at the end the play the audience was so stunned that we didn't know we were supposed to clap until one of the actors took a bow. The appeal then meted out of pity And mixed with laughter as we realized, this awful experience was over. So I should say I think Yelp reviews are maybe my least favoured part of the internet. They tend to be rich, this voice, it's like mean and picky and just find fault in everything. But even though I don't yelp reviews or online reviews at all for that matter. I know that they're, very powerful, bad helper. This can destroy somebody's business, and so it is crazy to me that anything could be so hated online and still survive, particularly
that relies on new people going to see it again and again and again, but my first clue petty crime might exist somehow generally outside of the laws of the universe, as I have understood it up to this point came I met the star of the play. Catherine Russell I ve never met anyone like this, how she righted, when I asked her about the bad reviews that I had found on the internet and pretty optimal. Sick and I am happy with get up in the morning, so I can't we make adjustment of other people's lives that they want to touch me. I this nothing. I can do about it I didn't understand like like the yell page- had it out like a lower starting than the page for Rikers Ireland like it was like riggers had to Have you got her one? I mean you know it is what they were so here people are buying tickets. And this is what is actually crazy about perfect crime perfectly, has been running nonstop for twenty eight years
It's the longest running play in New York City Catherine Russell two stars is sharp tongue psychiatrist. Margaret Thorn Brent holds the Guinness World record for doing the same performance more times than anybody else. History pro 18th one. Eighty seven, it was our first performance and work As someone who was two years old and ninety seven like what is happening now to seven, how lovely viewpoint that, as of this year, a lie? Music, we're gonna, live There were no cell phones, really people in have cell phones, no DNA. Resting really there, certainly no dvds. Yet it was it was a different time. So what is going on here. How does perfect crime survive? this procedure yeah,
is Lonnie. Yes, it is hi. How are you this is Lonnie Price he's a long time, Broadway guy he's been writer and actor director. He knows theatre and Lonnie said. The fact that perfect crime stays out is especially surprising, because these is even more expensive than most people realize, like even shows that critics of that audiences symbol of clothes all the time most shows fail? Most most, it must be ninety percent or something most fail. Failure is, is in your inches from failure at all times. It's the odd the here this place not ahead revise outside on three different nights once during the weekend, and we never saw the theatre more than a quarter for so how does it enough money to IRAN monitored the math she'll be If it's for characters, one said that mean to dismember have stagehands employs you know I mean I don't know if the actors- making.
The dollars a week, maybe eight hundred dollars a week, maybe less so saying maybe their entire budget for salaries is seven thousand dollars a week show, depending on the day the deal they have with Theodore. If ever we found the theatre they don't have to. Very many ticket I would think looking added, it's probably the cheapest show in New York to run. One would think lies. This could work, but they have to be scrappy. Calves and it turns out is scrappy, as hell I came in. He didn't like perfect crime. I think, and he complained about it and he tried to take money from the guys were signed the concessions, but was really Lydia, went and getting into space internal like livery, What my money back and trying to grab the money was a total asshole? I got right in his face. It was common. Your buddy, you saw hey, you, don't get out of Here-
but why do they worked for a play that so confusing when you the theatre, your hair, Seventeen point frequently asked questions list about the story that you just watched it. His questions like who old whom and what was the painting, Catherine did not write this play so why she chosen to devote her life to keeping it running Doing the same play every night, a performances away, ginseng same mind every night all those gimme faced on it yeah. It's terrifying, its typifying most actors. You know they do a year in something they want to kill themselves in anything
who periods of mounting a really bad couple months. You know it's a little bit better, but years Catherine Roy, wouldn't put it this way. But from my perspective, like those years doing perfect crime of castor, for instance, when she started the play There's a guy issue saying I was engaged to somebody else he got pretty disgusted set. Is it perfect crime ruined his life was like how is it ruining as life at the time, because it's no fun being married, an actress who does who does a week? You haven't I. You have no weekend to go away. You can't go out on date, diet Friday or Saturday night. You can go up out with couples or go to the movies. Like I'm always working, I get home at eleven o clock on Saturday night, and would he come into play a couple, I guess maybe and then and then, but we broke ups like probably after like too
a year and a half or two years, caverns take vacations. She hasn't take six days. She hasn't Michel, as there is no performance on nine eleven, but only because it having to be on their day off their back the day after and the data gathering mom died, she found out after a matinees showing a perfect crime. She still did the evening. Chow Catherine says that she gets her work ethic from her dad. He was aware who died while Catherine was still pretty young she's just twenty she, I saw him and he loved her when he was a tough critic in college. When she tried to force regarding desire and got a call back for the part of Stella she found. But the Good NEWS and his a question was why she hadn't gone the role of Blanche. It was always like back and then he was like gets. Days it gets her days, went on in a class. You get Nay plasma at all. If I says he was like what do they call the tiger mom? He was like that and he really instilled in us no matter what you do. Do it well caverns user, real picture of her down on the stage it's been there, the whole time place run and you
that he be proud of her, because even though accordingly internet perfect crime is a one and a half starved play she thinks of it as a success. Most people- be able to keep a play going for years and years and years? This is not how actors usually defined success it feels weird to be a performer and not be a crowd pleaser and told me that her least favorite part of performing is the curtain call at the end. When you come out, everybody claps for you who needs two strangers telling you you're good, I will tell you who needs it when I was talking to Lonnie happen, dimension just off handedly that he likes reply all as upon cast I take care of by the way I love the shall only gonna think you are you kidding adore it. I can't tell
much will have a pizza. It says everything that you need to know about use a human being. I we gotta think hold on. Let's just play. It were more time just so that people can soak up if no one else secondary it's a sort of any milliseconds of anything he rigour or so beautiful it is out of a person who feeds off human validation fighting. Source, I mean If I'm being honest, I am totally the same way like I my favorite website. Twitter is basically just a game where you try and see how many stars of approval you can get from people on the internet, you and me just had a twenty minute conversation about whether we should respond to someone who's allowing mean about the show on Twitter or whether we should just be strong and confident enough people to let it go. No, it wasn't in that it was whether it would whether it makes
like crazy d out somebody or not. I go wasn't like whether we should be healthy. It was whether we should try to look healthy or joy looking mad and then Peter. Like will how, but I just hate, feed him which I actually still think we should do we ve been a year of our lives obsessed with trying to get more fun where's that each other on Twitter and I commissioned a musician name, Matt Farley, to write a song telling people not to follow you. Lots of things is a cat in it. They lay their eggs, beaten Wireless Alex okay. So if had gone to choose the personality I was born with. I probably we have chosen to be somebody who cares less about what other people think but on the other hand, if you are born with this affliction performing,
What kind of seems like the right job cuz it is. You make something you look at people's responses. If they don't like it, it drives you crazy. You try to make it better and somewhere in that cycle, you hopefully make good entertainment, and that is basically what made this whole conversation with. Catherine, so confusing is that. Is it. I assumed that she was the same as us, no matter how many times I reminded her that some people many b, and I don't like her play. I ve never met. Care to its confusing play. Some people really like that some people, don't There's not one play that everybody in the world is going to love, but this You see if they are people, don't love like a two. What I say other people have liked. It right, but you could I mean if you wanted to you to do a different pay. People would hate at him. People, and my favorite place three sisters by check off. I love that, like us people alike, but oh, oh boy, that play
sure, but anyway, I should find a play that more people will like. I mean How would I do that? Why would I mean take a pole? Smaller peoples had harbour, expect perfect crime and say what you like me to do another playing like now. We hate you end up like you can't your life trying to make everybody happy. I try to make the people I care about happy, ok, but complete strangers I try to make them happy, but if I can't I look up our producer he abandoned Ass Catherine, a question that had not occurred to me to ask: is it really good? I have no idea, so you don't feel like this. Is the best play. That's ever been written and therefore no it's something that the best play. That's ever been written between their great great great place. This is not one of them. This is it's fun to do. My mother said it was the stupidest play she that receives it doesn't matter stands a super play. Everything happens off stage, but this is the plan to support your daughter. Friend Sancho the star of perfect crime. She does pretty much everything at the theatre
This is her hand. People take it to the box office mom. Before she specific on state. Can I help you hurt like three great blue people, tat you that I've got no living on you. You said you realise there you go sailor, so I take out the garbage and if somebody throws up by help clean it up, and you know that the toilet stopped up, we stop. I like doing all of that She starts her day at five: a dot m, she's, answering emails, she's, doing press request, she's booking actors, she's talking to sponsors. She is never not moving when we were done talking, I answer If you just sit still for one minute, while accorded the sound of the empty theatre. For me is that we look at her court like a minute of room down
she looked so uncomfortable. We actually had to start over because Catherine could not sit still. She taken her shoes off during the interview and she started trying to quietly put them back on. Having think feels weird forget, Is it still because she literally never dies and in fact Catherine says that the poor itself. The thing that we're obsessed and the world sees an internet hates that play is just a little sliver of her day. It's her down time, so it getting on stage breeze right. Actually really good and nobody can. You know I mean I can't I'm I'm on safe from most of the time in the show, so like I've been checking my email like model. It's a during the show. I can't there's no way. I have time to email, anybody or text anybody ceptin intermission. So it's like it's like blissful actually to have that time. Zero tolerance and the first thing I get.
Shoot somebody six times, so whatever crap is haven't we turn it. I am, I think it's great. Let's out whatever gravest like healthy right is going to read it all out. I cannot do performance number, eleven thousand, seven hundred and ninety two of perfect crime. I mean I, I know it basing the universe. You I'm in the Guinness Book of World records and am above the world's tallest horse expert, there's a picture of the horse, but I don't get a picture. While the rest of us spend our day screwing around on earth, wondering for smart or pretty or talented enough, Catherine Russell. She is like the sun, Iraq as every day and powers itself, it doesnt read its yelp reviews, there's too much to do.
There's not enough time to think about stopping coming up after the break. Literally since the dawn of time, people have asked each other one question which is, of course Are there any other good progress? Listen, too. We will. To the person who has solved this stick around. Peter, more thing yes Alex you nor Buddy met Farley. Yes, he's written eighteen thousand songs. Their Alan's modify, yes I asked him to read a song about this. We shall really yeah. Do you hear it? Yes, I do
Cameron rose so just like this very morning. Do one sees done pretty much every day about the same way. The world is in a sense it doesn't get while reading on a race in their needs and now a days since member states working one. That's why listeners you Alex called men on Twitter requested that I say this as they bore have learnt, may gather Indra. So so I guess that the take away from that
but I don't think there is one area, so our do interpret is follow, Alex on twitter at pee about a gold mine to Asia, while the emu Andy. I really wish that But having said that, I bet he's doing it because I specifically asked him to. I wish that he had so. You wish that he allied you ass. She had done fabric First sign journalism, sure if no standards, I've no standards for him. Please don't tell me about some years standards. I mean I want murder anybody. This episode is brought to you by better for it a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We are making,
takes better, for it looks at how mistakes have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars. I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck took some flyers business cards in a week later I had a business and H our role breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place. You wanted to proud of the work that you do. You want to be able to tell your friends about. You ought to be able to feel like you're, making a difference. You'll hear how they work their way through their mistakes and came out better point. Listen on Spotify or wherever you get your PA casts Logan back to show. So gimlet has a new body cast it starting next week and it's called sampler the host is name pretty loose and we her into the studio to talk about a hybrid me huh
Alex. How are you guys were pretty good seven out of ten seconds? It is a good society so way. The traveller works is that Britain he goes out and listens to the tens of thousands of progress throughout their navy. On that basis, No one has ever heard and she vines weirdest stuff, Colleagues likes it all and she brings back and often she will talk to the people who who make the stuff. So How do things you found so far? Oh my god. Well, I feel like you're like you're like you're, like one is a magical travelling salesmen like sat down like a dusty old suitcase and lots of great you'll open it up and it'll, be there'll, be like a light shining out of it at you. Always what have you got a guy? So I kind of know a lot about professional wrestling. Does it's kind of like passions or like general hospital with people per day, in a place for in a way that is theirs real drama to own. The fighting is faced with the drama Israel Who is the best Lake
Ressler talker, like podcast person, one of the greatest ever do it still calls the Astor place. You're gonna, get you give us any last minute, comma before that match up my last minute, coming out with your ass, just assumed I wouldn't want you raise in what sense to ever. His moms new boyfriend, music muscle bound doktor fell, but like that's kind of ex level, that would mean have the knowledge and like the we that's kind of next level, though what I mean to have the knowledge and like the we're, gentility or Doktor Phil, but then so be the person who can get like on the MIKE in panties, unlike me. Pads then say like asked: sixteen says I just whooped your ass regards really it's crazy. My range exact they lets them say, and so the name of the pact is the Steve. Austin show unleashed
isn't. It ascends come dangerous right. It's interview show, but my vapor parts are He gets updates on August like his his his Texas Homestead, but which he calls the boy can the skull ranch I wanna play? equip granary. Now you know what met my wife, you know, and we were there to get a firm. You know have allowing work together and then you know. Finally, we were married or whatever She said you know, sir, rid of facial, unlike what does fuck! You talk about our facial. I never had no facial show she said: well, you before you go. Do this movie, we need to get you a facial, because you would have a lot of close ups and stuff like that like me, from South Texas, you know we think of a facial. You think I am a little table and no rub to little shit on you, and so I can go to the ladder of your face and wash your face, and you know then they kind of Fidel Abyssinia. Nor now
That's not exactly what happens in this kind of a facial. The kind of facial tat, my wife want me to get wasn't extraction, This is why a highly trained professional squeezes all the little fuck and black hedge and shit out of your face and when Jim Rat, like I am in a guy who herds in fishes and use a chainsaw and bills and destroys shit and gets dirty and grimy unjust. Does what men do? I gotta fuckin blockage, believe it or not, God. And you know what the second time I went like three violated, I mean so of a bitch and never go to a maiden after you, ve had an extraction because member right after I had a facial one time, my fuckin was swollen up, it was read. I look like a whiskey knows, which was the case. I just had to shit, beat out I'm gettin a phase. You're gonna say I really
I think that it is so sweet did Steve Austin was game enough to go. Get a facial twice rate at ease, actually think that he got a bunch of times The way he's like because I hunt and like beat the shit, bears and shit like that. Somehow bills argument for him, the official out of here excessive masculinity Pakistanis so great. Amazing episode where he didn't have a guest for least Pakistanis recording in Mexico City, he just like me. Forty five minutes of him. Having like an intense stand with a fly analogous I just had a fly land or my flock, and microphone or fog adopt this motherfucker I could ask him some fuckin questions. Why there is one question: son of a bitch lies. You tell the mayor of. I got absolutely fuckin crazy me common economic, most refined motherfucker, then it goes like this for several minutes and
and then Steve ends up wrestling the fly, with both man and re. Well, one man of Lyon, rain reverie starts the match and supply us with age and re, seemingly this ground rather too much quicker. Much more sad, no fucking, Deirdre TAT right, yeah right, it's like Brecht. I would
and then I repeat scenario and that's the kind of response. I'm your change lies united. Thank yes, dear lives. I never, whereas others was what was in your suitcase. I'm reminded us. The first episode of simpler comes out next Wednesday Itunes website scheme that media dot com. How coming episodes feature guests like Dubuque, now Bell big boys, Molly Ringwald. There are tons of amazing, obscure, beautiful podcast that they are going to look into. So, You should have subscribed Revilers me pj's out and out skull men. We have reduced this week by TIM Howard shoes even in any and fear benefits are editors, Peter clowning production systems from calling a and Mervyn De Ganis we're makes Eric,
Matt Labour is the phone that you drop out your hand on the sidewalk pick up in sheer horror, look at and realise that it is somehow completely unharmed. Special said Emma Jacobs and Emily Kennedy. Our theme song is both mysterious break master. Cylinder are add, music is by build buildings. You can find that our website reply. I got ninja or Itunes, Itunes, dot com site reply on the real. If you have a good chance, you please review as on Itunes. It is much more helpful than you think. Also last summer we did a lie version of the Cavern Russell story. I cast party, this amazing festival that included in disbelief radioactive and all these other shows, and if you want to see what that looked like Party Isabel on Itunes and you check it out. Finally- this is Kaylee's last week and we will miss her so much in addition to being responsible for the Magnum Opus. That is a reply on newsletter. She has been a million things big and small, to make this podcast, smarter and better and funnier, and we will. Miss. You can follow on twitter at clearly hold she's great there.
Great everywhere Thanks for listening, everybody was the next week.
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