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This week we learn the truth behind Carl Diggler, the internet's most successful election forecaster. And a special Yes Yes No featuring comedian/actor/podcaster Jason Mantzoukas.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen on sport, fi or wherever you get your podcast. This episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you extra sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more try Osanna for free visit, asano dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dna dot com. This is just a programming note, you are a regular reply, a listener. You probably know that there is usually a swear word or two in every episode, but even those standards. This episode contains a lot of profanity, so We're doing something like riding in the car with it
you may want to cover their ears industrious scream at the top of your lungs until the episodes over here's the chef from gimlet reply off, I'm Alex globally. Elections. Make me anxious, mean I'm sure they make a lot of people anxious. But for me it's just the fact that its this huge of there that such massive repercussions- and I have so little control over it for the leading up to lecture night. I pick up my brain in his brain pulling data and election forecasts, and just one, incessantly about. What's gonna happen on election like two thousand and eight I was stressed out that I had to turn off the election returns and instead chose to watch that movie enchanted. You know that Disney movie with any atoms. The only things, that in any way sell this anxiety are those election forecasting sites like five thirty eight. They feel it
when guiding me by the hand, through a dark room in the twenty twelve election found myself checking five thirty eight every day, just work little lines indicating the candidates chances take forward. A tiny bit in that year we made silver, with his predictions on election night by calling every state correctly, I felt like ok, I can finally relax, because I know who to trust this year. I have reached a new look. Of anxiety. I mean it's not like. American elections are typically civil or orderly God. This here then they said to me. What do you think of what I said? I think it's great, but I dont the legal service of the world. We live in a world where the whole time very artful smear that you and your cattle have been carrying out the recent weeks
This election is so completely unpredictable ideas that would ve gotten people kicked out who actually dinner are now being talked about to completely possible in nobody saw any of this coming six months ago, all the forecast taking the precise moment that Trump would drop out of the election, and a few weeks ago, burn centres, was gonna lose Michigan. My twenty points. Neither of those things happen but there's this new guy we're just started to follow, who actually seems like he knows. What's going to happen, he predicted who come in first. Second, third, and forth among the Republicans in Iowa. He was called crews in Idaho and Rubio in Minnesota, when very few others were in of this rating. He has an eighty four percent Excess radon predictions His presence has actually started calling me down a bit. His name is coral dealer and his blog documents all the crazy things that he's done in the course of his political
ring. He writes about how I went to Syria to report on the election campaign of Bashar, AL acid and how he was up did by the syrian government. Writes about how he was forced to renounce his american citizenship on russian state television. And last week he agreed to talk to me You said in your last column, actually I love elections. What was it that? What is it that you love so much about them? ah, you know, like the the the football player loves the big game he's equivalent in journalism, the other alpha jock, the political junkie reporter Loves elections, I love the ceremony buying them. I love being myself a big election cake that I can just ten. Into the night of the night of the Caucasus and the prime areas. I love the. I love some speeches speeches I the the predictions I love just buying my finger, males why watch results come in? I love show me and my rivals faces.
We are. We are colleagues, we are members of the press, but ah there's little competition. There his blog. He refers to Colorado voters as bond water, soaked, Doktor, Seuss, hat wearing talkers any rights almost as much out his grievances with family court, as he does about the election. So honestly, this guy's pretty insufferable, but in its defence he is the nor creation of these two guys Felix and Virgil higher. This is Virgil this internet cut up? I feel experiment Felix is the voice of Karl and both of them blog as Carl on the satirical website. Cafe dot com dealer is this composite character, he's a parity of poetry, but while he may be fake, his predictions are very real. He's outperforming the very people he was meant to be ridiculing
people who Virgil describes like this hack horse race, political writers, guys who obsessively follow elections but ultimately say nothing at all. You know people who talk about era, concepts like momentum and expectations, Game Carl doesn't bullshit people I he doesn't always hedges bats. Talk about you know, who's got the momentum or or if this happens, this might happen and like. Ultimately, make no prediction, Carl says no. Here's who's gonna, win and its because these voters have these characteristics which encourage them to be natural case. Six support America when field Virgil eastward characteristics there talking coming very specific. They see the country through people's prejudices and they think that you can understand our politics by assuming the Everyone is racist and votes. Accordingly, we got a lot
people I call Idaho, is Trump country. That's not they're, not racist in the right way like they're, not there are like they don't they're, not racist against, like the two main groups. That Donald Trump is extremely racist against and so and there already predisposed fur like Black helicopter John Birch type shit. So, of course, I went crews and we saw coming staples predicted the trumpet when Big- and I now for months but Felix Virgil, Infertile believe it the racial resentment that powers trumps campaign. You see it more when communities undergo large population ships and you just don't and sparsely populated Idaho, with very, very small black population. These aren't whites were threatened, that black people or Latinos are coming to take their jobs right. Otherwise, who are just proud, tat, black friend talking about Rachel Animists in such a stark cynical way, makes me really uncomfortable but seems like it's getting them to the right answers or then
the case of Minnesota, where they just make these reckless brow generalizations, because there's no data to go from there was no polling, Theirs pulling I live, but I like I live in Minnesota for three years. I grew up in the Midwest in general, so I like pretty good inside and did you know if people didn't know how to call it and with a republican side of things it was like a crew. We spend three minutes on and I thought about. Like every Republican I renew in Minnesota, there were like a guy who always wears a fucking, zip fleece under soon die and is slays, business, conservative and because the Minnesota he's like- oh, I know that Mr Trump, I do not agree with on year on year care. The that you had a relations of TED, cruises, wife, very like all we now? I don't know about that, although you can't see that the job that is that it just rude to job he's ever done anything to you, buddy and selling,
together, can evolve really gonna voted Aruba because their visit conservatives and like their fight but the idea of a bombing whatever country, but just like the love, God, you not be impolite and if you look at them Foolish was that right. There are twin cities, Metro area delivered the votes from Arco and the Trump and crew split the rest of the stay that way If Felix and Virgil Sound dismissive of everyday Americans, they say that real pundits are much much worse. A lot of people are right about politics. They do have complete contempt for the people, right about our member Josh borrow he's a writer fer, a daily bees, toys in places he. I remember he said once like oh Mamma, flying over the middle country. I guess this is world to broke. Girls. Viewers live it's like go fuck yourself. These are all the people at fight, your dumb wars of conquest and vote for you can candidates and are the reason that you get to be you.
To live your life and put on your little suit and fly around the country and say things that are incorrect and cash. Six for your checks for norwegian and like this is finally you're there like now yeah fuck, you back yet they look there. He looked down on people, they patronize em. They make up. You know in India, bullshit ways of securing the electorate, like all. As you ve moms come out for Marco right, I got says yes phase, weird, because, like some of the things that you guys talk about as being like reasons, you're able to correctly called difficult races like Minnesota. They have a similar timber. That's reply! All senior producer, TIM Howard, you're, saying oh because here the races in this way here the races in that way? I don't know it's like it's a weird thing because, like there are totally people live, later in here stuff, you say and think you're, not razor Well, I think you know it's a really interesting point. Ah, yes, these people leg, they get insulted, denigrated shit on all the time I mean I'm doing it right now, but you know
don't just like, come out and say like this asinine policy outcome of like forcibly deporting twelve million people building walls, While this crap is motivated solely by racism, I mean that's what it is Carl's forecasting does the job becomes me down but Carro is the last guy. I want holding my hand through the election he write stuff, like quote The humanoid with a rat's face and lizards Brain Lawrence, less egg finally dropped out of the democratic primaries. This is a guy who wears a sweater that doesn't even cover his belly. There's a photo of it. I've seen it it's horrible to look at. How can this be a person who knows anything about anything, let alone the future country so don't touch with a guy named gain gardener he's an expert on predictions. You wrote a book called super forecasting and I asked him about Felix Virgil I wanted to know if they were the real deal. If we should listen to them and he says well, there's simple answer, but
in some ways they remind him of this other really successful. Forecaster name Paul. Remember that a couple of world cups ago, you may recall that there was all the octopus. This isn't. A nickname. Paul is an actual octopus. There is a thing in Germany where they had this aquarium and they had too little boy who's never put the national flags were detained. There were competing on on the boxes and they put food the boxes in whichever box the Paul. The octopus will go into that with his protection video. Is totally ridiculous. It's the clicking of camera, shutters the excited murmur of the gathered media as an octopus, slowly flaps into a plastic bags. So this german aquarium asked Paul to predict eight World cup games
all the octopus called one hundred percent of the games, including the championship. Maybe Virgil and Felix are a couple of lucky octopi who are obsessed with racial prejudice, but of coral is the Oracle of american politics. Dan gardener would be the gotta ask the book the Dan wrote Super forecasting was based on, huge longitudinal project, where people from all over the country were asked to predict world events by answering really hard questions, questions like will there be a new epidemic of mass killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo before January first and these people, by the way, we're not
experts on the Dear Sea or really on any topics, but still the study found something wild. One of the key and sites is that you have a very small group about two percent of the fork actors who are demonstrably excellent and not just actual at once or twice, because that could be locked but their consistently. Excellent their excellent, so often that you can be reasonably confident we're looking at skill fourth and lock, and they were dubbed super forecasters. Super forecasters Dan says that their people that can forecast big, complex GEO ethical events, and they can do it better than government intelligence analysts. People who have access to classified documents, it sounds like magic, but these people, walk among us it pharmacists and gentle and lawyers, and one guy with the former.
Every worker there was one artist. I knew your filmmaker most things I was forecasting on. I knew nothing about. I did I myself get in intimidated by any questions. This is Super forecast renamed the lean rich she's, a pharmacist. And this is from video of her talking at the warden school at you pen, whenever Hobbes is oil painting, so I've learned in painting that sometimes just the tiny new It's here changes, though the whole painting, looks and that's true in world events to and why you need a lot of different perspectives. So I'm wondering are Felix and Virgil Super forecasters. Can I trust them and dance as our aid will? I know how to identify super forecasters. There's a cup. Trade that define them. First of all, this is pretty foundational. They tend to be very in actually humble people super forecasters, dont claimed,
oh, how things will shake out if they dont know the subject all that well, he gave me an example. One of the people that we profile, for example, is it Fire Department of Agriculture, employ named though flak and you, hurry Nebraska If you go to bill Flock- and you say you know- hey build you got this great tracker- could give me a forecast. What chinese economy? What you will say is, I don't know anything with the chinese economy like. Let me go and do some research. Let me learn, let me think about it, We get to the point where I think that I have sufficient information and read no grounds to make a fork out. Then I will make a forecast danced round. Suspects that George Soros is a super forecaster. Not just me he's made about your money, but because he hears that classic Super forecaster humility at him.
Whenever anyone ass George, how? How are you so good at investment? How did you make all these billions of dollars? He always has this answer. I know that I am bound to make mistakes and therefore more likely to catch and correct mistakes than other people are okay, so humility is not the first thing I think of when I hear Virgil, make sweeping generalizations like this I need you to let me in this is obviously shorthand, but you know all right if you hate trans people, the most you vote for Cruz, if you hate Muslims, MOD Wii, U vote for Trump right if you hate yourself the most people from Marco, but on the other hand, I think there is an intellectual humility buried under Felix inverted contempt. They do so that looks not to dissimilar from what bill flag. Does they get there in time sure from as many sources as possible from polling reporter friends in different states, their girlfriends
even going to a couple primaries and met people involved with the campaigns and once I get the info, they sit with it and see how it all feels you know it's is it's like making us. Do you throw a few things in? It doesn't work and there you go to chain smoking. Just go, hang out. What do you think how about these people, or they hate what they hate most in life, other great quality that super forecasters have, which is that their likely to say this thing that the rest of us I hate to say I was wrong. This is basically that one of the basic funds inside the social fund. Colloquy. Is that particularly if you stand up in public and you take a position, you know I think so and so is going to win the election. It becomes very. You dig in right. You do
in opposition, because to change your position at all, is to acknowledge error and we hate to acknowledge here, which is why you often see pundits. You know dig into ridiculous academic, particularly on a big, important, high profile prediction. In fact, Philip TAT lack the collateral this book says that there is actually an inverse correlation between fame and accuracy seriously. It can be measured, leaving the most famous the Pandit was the less accurate is forecast for the person who has speaks with clarity and confident and tell the good story and knows exactly what the right answer. If that person is a terrible forecaster, but their great tv gas. And so they do really well in the media, even though their loudly forecasters pundits are trying to predict the future, but there are also trying to protect their reputations. There try not to look dumb,
and maybe that's Carl Dealer Secret superpower. It doesn't matter to him or to anyone if he looks dumb because he's not a real person, he has no reputation act, so he doesn't need to worry about admitting. He was wrong and he writes about it. Mistakes in his column. All the time as I described Carl declared a Dan, I could tell that he wasn't really sold on Felix and Virgil as super forecasters, but I took when more swing at it. They give us another example actually in in the case of New Hampshire, and it was about marker rubio- and I was wondering if I could just play it for you very quickly: Jerusalem, pray for you and then I'll. Ask the question: why. When we got there like everything associated with Marco Rubio was fuckin disaster, this guy This is like a weird metric to go by, but like one day, he we got this new oppress policy. Melick come have a pancake breakfast with Marco didn't even, ingredients for pancakes. They fuck that up somehow he had yet muffins
he couldn't even get fucking pancakes right. How do you promise people in New Hampshire PAN eggs and then show often be. I am sorry we don't know how to make pancakes by your some for an item enough. We we went to New Hampshire. We met New Hampshire people. That kind of shit will pick them up yeah well more than anything else. Those people love diners. They love pancakes. If nothing else going on. So I mean he's there. Predictions based on these sort of cartoonish generalizations. Both punitive of both political and racial sentiment. Sort of around the country is their merit to basing your predictions. On the contrary, there may be to some extent some validity in some of what they say, but I forecasters, probably wouldn't say you know. One thing you know Minnesota demand politeness. Therefore, Minafer will vote act. They wouldn't you know, rely create a whole fork out on the basis of the single dimension like that they got the entire
mechanic slate rate on Super Tuesday on in Iowa. They got the first through fourth republican primary wit. Winners, correct, how successful worded Felix Virgil, the guys who created Carl how how successful would they have to be over? What period of time before you ask for your book too, recalled you renounce all of your stuff like that. What that's really at point quest, and I would have to speak to a scottish station before I attempted to do that. Hogan Legged Free Super forecast that back I don't mean to dodge it only to dock, and it is true. It is true. Look if somebody comes along They have a method and they can demonstrate it repeatedly insufficiently to satisfy the statisticians. Then you gotta respect that. In other words, it still too early to tell whether Carl's forecasting the future or just extremely lucky what we do, Oh, is that uncertainty breeds profits
and when someone shows up who keep getting stuff right, there's no way to tell whether they are true profit or just Polly activists and really there's no way to tell whether Paul the Octopus was a profit or not his hot street, never actually broken. He just it up dying a few months after the Tunisian World CUP, but animal forecasters have been stepping up Teddy bear the poor pine and as you in Dallas just called the Superbowl. So did I see the Grizzly Bear Ensue Montana. There, also APOLLO the lion in Arizona, there's code, you them a car in Texas, there's no see the Galapagos Tortoise, they're all getting things right. So if Carl, English predictive powers do go south I've got plenty of other options. Dan gardeners
book is called super forecasting and you can really eerily accurate election forecasts of Karl Digger on the website. Cafe dot com just for the tag the dig coming up. After the break the first salvo in a yes, yes, no war. This episode is brought to by better for a new podcast from HTTP hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes better for it looks at home stakes have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars. I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck took some flyers business cards and later I had a business and in aid our role, breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place that you wanted to try the word
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I S, honor for free visit, assign a dot com to get started. That's a s. Dna, a dot com. Welcome wants it. And yes, yes, no, these Second, on the show where we find some poor unsuspecting sap and make fun of them for not knowing about the camps. The trivial stuff that we know about normally We will do this with our boss outs Bloomberg this week. We have a very very special guest who you will know from stage stage. I am asking this quest Do we know you from stage an screen or just screen depends on where you from no me from stage if you spend any time and in New York or Delay and and we're a fan of going to the upper Citizens Brigade Theater, but for the most part I feel like people know me from
screen or pot guests. There's a lot of people who know me from saying whore but things into their ears on a daily basis. That's true! So stage! Maybe most likely screen and also probably ear. Argus is Jason Man's Jason think So much for being on the show. Thank you for having me guys you. I have heard him a million times on a comedy: bang. Bang podcast, he also has its own part casket how this get made, where he bravely Wade's into some of the worst movies I've ever seen. Is you. You said in an email to me that that even outs boom Looks accomplished on the internet compared to you oh yeah: well, I'm He comes on any kind of get stuff. Ended there. Ok! First, I should see this. I am on zero social meat, zero, zero, zero, zero
I don't! I don't have a facebook profile I have I dont have twitter, I don't have Instagram, I didn't have Friendster. I didn't have I space? I am like eight zero. I have opted out so just like the very rudimentary things that people know about the lexicon of being on twitter and so forth is lost. Complete. Ok, so we asked you to find a couple years s nose for us. Can you tell us about the first when you ve got see when we got him Now, I'm going now, I'm gonna cause. You were kind enough to give me your login. I gave you my password because I wanted you to be able to look at tweets and also I encourage you to tweet is me for what and by the way you're welcome. I should so much restraint in not tweeting huh, horrible things. When I knew you were no doubt asleep in. In spite of the fact that I said I left to be humility
Did you really invited it? So what what do you have? Ok number one J, W free men at satellite high on twitter tweets there, and it is in all caps lock of two Meme L Uv the letter, the number two m e m e and then the trademark t am ok and then it's a box in the box are three boxes at the top of the box. That says: infinite recursion, starker pack in the first box is a pair sunglasses right bans black Rayburn sunglasses? Ok in the second pox is a dog wearing a hat and shore
out of the game? Is this real? If Israel, I swear to God, the third box that is below these boxes is oh boy is a box? contains this whole box, so a box in which is infinite. Recursion, starter pack sunglass, Box dog Box and then smaller, but it's basically in an infinity thing: infinite recursion started back sunglasses dog, but Papa is same I'm worried. I feel like the leg cocky you. One or one professor, who just got like goodwill. Hunting questioning can answer it. Looking at it and really really dont get it you don't want. Who do we have? No? No! No, I think we in still have I live on the game yeah. I am so excited right now, thrill
Do you guys genuinely have no idea? What's going on? I promise like zero zero zero. I think the best thing to do would be for us to retreat this on the day that this episode is released in the home. In the hope that we can get people to explain it to us. Ok, from now on. I will to be known as the only but I think the only prisoners ever gotten. No, no, no that's correct! You absolutely are so screw. You Alex Bloomberg, come at Azure Bro, in its turn, a war to start a war between you came in our show in it. In like six minutes, you broke this entire segment boom. I will just retreat right now and I'll say. Obviously I get this joke, but do other people please explain so I now that you do ok. So what's your other one? Ok, so they
says: oh ok, so I don't even know what I'm looking at okay. This is Scott Malcolm's in at Roy call back is his twitter handle, ok and then its Hashtag, the triggering. That's one word in its blue, so that means it's a thing that I like on: yes, yes is a thing you can quickly. I think I can click on it and other people will probably be talking about the triggering whatever. That is the and I write all caps ten, more valuable social commentary. Then your racial studies degree programme. Ok, that's what it as and then it is a picture from of. I think a video game called fall out I know there is a video game called fall out. I'm not a video game person just like I'm, not an internet person replicates as follows: Equestrian New Pegasus, and I
it's like a space city in a desert, landscape, there's like cactuses, is in and deserts, but then I guess based sitting in the middle and then is to Khartoum characters on the outside, of the city that are ones. Like a little octopus heading glowing, eyes and ones like a, I don't know like pink alien thing with a gun and I dont know space stuff. So I'm assuming I know it fan fiction, is ok. Ok. So I'm assuming this is some sort of van fiction for the game fall out. That's my guess! He gave it to you. Do you know this Means forty five percent comprehension on this job men took, as do you know what this treatment I mean like inasmuch as I know it fan fiction is. I know what that is, so I'm gonna say ten percent, but cow. The reality is no. I dont know what this is. This is nonsense. Hours Gorman. Do you know this?
we mean I'm gonna, say yes on this Hungarian, the Rebecca I wasn't nerve racking, a wig I tell you would make sense to me and ass sure person seems like Gamer Gate or gamer gate adjacent his right, yes, and the triggering is like referring to trigger warnings. Jason, you note due to your lungs. Are I do not So a trigger warning is this idea that you might put at the top of a piece of writing a movie or whatever you might say like. If you expect Some horrible trauma, like they sexual assault, does a trigger warning. I descriptions of this in here. If it's gonna play ye may now want to watch it got I it, and there are people who are very man, exist there just like a very mad that people are warning people about things. Yes, yes, and so the trick I am assuming since it seems gamer gaiety, it's like they are going after people who would want trigger warnings to exist. Yet you ve got the right idea.
So, are we there's more things? I now? Ok, I've played the game file array of ice, but that none of the characters that are in this or that are in the sweet are not alien fall out. I have enlarged this picture and I have a guess about something for it I think this is my little pony related. You guys, you're p it together wholly crap, really I'm really proud of both EU the ice, how What the my little pony clue? Austria and New Peggy s- and I was like that's like horse shit, and then I was like. Oh there's, so much weird, my little pony nonsense going on right now that I feel like that's what this is. I bet because I really think on Howard Stern, where they went to Brownie con right and talk to me like a dog. Men who are into my little boy
many sexually and all of the stuff that because, along with that which was cuckoo bananas right, so what does this have brownie implications Alex so Here's here's where what I can tell you. A woman named Lauren Southern who s sort of conservative. A conservative game danish person on the internet, came up that idea a few months ago? Here's here's your tweet. Can we start They call the triggering where everyone just posts offensive things on their social media in defence of free speech by it will take place on March Knife the day after internet women's day and the day before Osama Bin Laden's birthday, so people were posting things that that they thought would be offensive to pee. People who are usually been fourthly, termed social justice warriors as J W. Yes,
man. You away more. On top of this, there are New Jersey hitting I've that its are you serious anxiety. I still helping them is the actual acronym that they not I am assuming it would be, so they pretty But if we call people who believe in a sort of social justice and trigger warnings being part of that social this where's or s J, W good work, Jason and, One thing that is social justice warrior might do is major and racial studies in college, so So this person is saying the fan fiction than I write contains we're valuable social commentary than your racial studies degree programme through their writing. So this is a person who rates vary. Valuable social commentary in the form of fall out new Vegas. My little pony crossover fan fiction. They also hate social justice and they want to simultaneously plug their fan fiction. Even so. The social shows who justice warriors, I'm afraid,
that they're using the triggering for their own selfish interests. There is like if you drill down into the next posting there is like a description of the game Mr Horses, pet courier has been murdered, property stolen and, while the price of the killers, now the price on the killers heads is good enough to get any bounty hunters attention. It's the bonus for returning silly little poker chip that draws dead, shot in appalling tire on that kind of jackpot sounds ass. Well, it's! This is actually, if you look that their chapters- this is a book, Monroe. Ah, why some oh god, using the the characters from fought from. Are these characters from my little pony and the world of the fall out? Yes I'll follow. Can
just read the first paragraph of the book. Wait spoke so spoilers fall out equestrian New Peggy s Worth Ivy League. If you hadn't read it by this point is on you: are it? Won't you the first first paragraph has just one sentence. So do you want me to read just the sentence it yeah? I was. He's pretty small, especially for an earth pony This is amazing. Guys has Limburg brought you anything, this good, to say now. No, that's right. I went again Bloomberg. I went again that hurt earth pony too so that, like already indicates that we're going to speak this I mean like that that first sent in says everything you need to know. That is good. Writing. It's just good writing where that gives us on actually what were at now.
I mean, and I mean we. I think we ve cracked, I'm China now. I do now understand what the triggering is we ve covered. The Rachel studies part of it, which I thought was very confusing and we ve gotten into fall out equestrian New Pegasus with which is a piece of family China is set in the my little pony universe, combined with the game fall out, and I think that's it. I think. That's the thing, that's what I'm looking at right now. Whenever I guess it s, so I did tweet out there first, the first one that Sunday I tweeted out asking for help, and I got a little better headway on it, who oh So this is getting us all the way, but it's gonna help. Basically, there is a meme Joe format online. That is just the starter pack.
This is a real one. Would it be like the college fresh in starter pack and be leg above the pizza and like new books and God, I dorm room like adjust these, the ingredients of this kind of person got it. So this is like a very very, very very complicated version that joke they still don't get, but that's what they're working off of ok, ok, but there makes sense. I guess like this is like a meme, starter pack, basically yeah and recently. Luckily, I would go on forever because you got cool on rises in a funny dog don't feel ready to say that I am a yes on this. Well, oh nine, over the annexed confounded by this, Listen do you feel like I feel like we're like I'm really proud page men for using the internet, like these oil having this knowledge at like you're, missing out on anything no zero, It is so overwhelming, Alex's
so let's restful to me that if I had to look at this daily, I swear to God. I'd lose my mind. It just seems like everybody's, like I just took a weird and they got up like a picture of a dog. You know I mean I don't know I gotta be ended like myself to eat. That said, I just took a weird Pooh and had a picture of a game that, by the way, is gonna, be the text, there, the tweet that I sent from your plans and that accordingly said if I can figure out of the pieces, the going tweeting that I one hundred percent will do it. Will intermittently tweet as you over the course. The next week? In the meantime, I am going to put up a person says I just took a weird pure and its future. No that's! Why? First do it s all yours said unity. Election oaks are five, dare you dare you I wanted my tweet? We might that's gonna, be my first tweet very excited about
is so am I I feel like what's going to happen, is you're going to treat it and then people actually retreat in the like it and then you'll do another one in like that will get you guys and then it becomes a meme and fucking Alex Bloomberg brings in it and is like what is this that, will finally be don't know. Let him bring it in his yes, yes, no man's, because once again, I would like to open this fabric of space time and we will just implode honours that would be the infinitely recursive name. That's exactly it's just it's in one! It's me and Alex in another box. It's the tweet of the, not just the weird report and that infinitely. God Jason. This has been arrived at the light you can hear just means Lucas on how did this it may podcast or you can see and basically every comedy television show ever made. She's appeared on the cruel, show, he's curtly
Brooklyn nine. He is regular on the league he's everywhere? He is just everywhere reply. All is PDA vote and me Alex Goldman we're produced this week by TIM. How treaty. Put him in any and feel abandoned or editor is Peter. Cloning and the from Mervyn began. Yes, we were mixed by required Matt Labour. Is a killer, drum break special thanks to lease Beagle earthy music by the mysterious break, master cylinder and our add music is by build buildings towards them. For video of the Alain Ridge Interview which we exerted in this episode, you can go to the knowledge at Warden, Youtube Channel or go to knowledge that Wharton that Japan, that EU you can find more episodes at Itunes, DOT, slash reply! All our website
his reply. All that fail we'll be back next week, thanks for listening
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