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#59 Good Job, Alex


This week, Alex tries to solve a problem and PJ insults him. Also the return of Email Debt Forgiveness Day.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen on sport fi or wherever you get your pot. This episode is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you It sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn. More. Try us honour for free visit, assign a dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dot com It's just a quick language advisory for this episode throughout the course of her Reading the story, every single person, both hosts and guests, used the word barter when they meant bargain. We know that it's wrong, we won't do it again, please don't malice
for it in Georgia from gimlet. This is reply. I know its hope and I'm he gave up our aid scheme for me to put on my Khakis lays out my loafers and crawl under some his desk, because his time for super export, or if you do so, here's the deal purity, yes I got an email from woman named LISA Libby. She, is she wears the college, but in her spare time she is a young adult writer in a website that she had made to basically promote her writing Elisa Libby Doc? very natural makes sense, yes Sir LISA Elisa
how are you? How are you I am good? Will? First of all, could you do me a favor and just tell me what And with so Elisa email me and said what would you say to a person who that is done, the ultimate stupid thing so filing wow, so LISA Heavens website she had it professionally design. Many moons ago, when it was oh really hard to design website, so she had someone design it for her. I html days yes, but it was Sir clunky. In difficult to use, so she targeting notices from go daddy and she was just like fine, this thinking expire, but the thing the cheating, quite understand what would happen when you let your domain spire. I think she just assumed that the site- it's would go away, but nothing would happen to the domain name like she can come back to whenever she wanted saying. No. She didn't think that are no. That's not what happens. I'm saying
you believe in the past was not true right. It didn't occurred at me that, like now by your l is out there and I rate yet why a novel, though, like any teenager who clicks on that laying like now, I'm afraid of where they will end up and I'd, feel whore? herbal. Suddenly there's this website out there, which is her first and last name, which is being. Used by some other person and her big fear they he was like at any moment suddenly Elisa lobbied outcome could become some kind of porn site yeah. That's not what happened What happened was immediately after her domain expired. It was just bought and then, while I can just show you what it looks like when it when we just website, why? Ok, we would you care to do
This is a great scale website. All the text is in, I think, japanese, Japanese and then there's happy looking white man who wearing a tuxedo and daffing his top hat, which is where that is so funny and in the graceful pictures are of eyes. So I translated this. Used to Google translate and it's kind of hard for me to figure out exactly what it's about, but it's about web market all in all a calves that the time just says, disadvantages of websites getting and then report as there is a disadvantage to web marketing. It's funny It's like spam to about spam during any that it spam. That's decrying spam, our yeah, that's good. I appreciate their sense of irony, this japanese speaking spammer and, of course, we ve talked Something like this in the show before there's this whole class of people who make a living buying, websites, when they expire and
often selling them back to the previous owners at hugely inflated prices, and it can get very tense and very ugly, and you don't know who to trust. You might remember previously reply all so this email from him- and it says we now received an unsolicited offer from a brand protection agency for this domain for seven thousand five hundred bucks. We said: okay, eight thousand, that's more, he says okay, then he goes back to them and he said that offers ten. So now we're in a bidding war. Have thousands of dollars to buy a domain and be she thinks that its gross to pay someone a bunch of money for something that she basically things was stolen. Billing questions to the owner about that domain, because the price the domain to skyrocket. So Getting your domain back can be tricky and Elisa, didn't know what to do.
And the thing about Elisa, is a she doesn't have thousands of dollars to buy a domain and be she thinks that its gross to pay someone a bunch of money for something that she basically thinks was stolen. From her. What does a reasonable price I like to you? I didn't have to answer. I I'd be willing to pay Fifty dollars that probably very lame, isn't it I mean It's my dont know so lame. Here's what I was thinking nor brand new domain costs like ten bucks right yeah. So if you say to this guy, who snatched your domain, like look I'll, give you a hundred dollars you're, giving ten times as investment yeah there I'm sure there are very few other Elisa Libya's out there trying to get the Elisa Libby Dotcom. I would be very surprised if there were ok, I think I'd be ok with a hundred. Could you barter agar barter on my behalf Lake or you just gotta,
Hey a hundred, take it or leave it! Oh, I will barred if it you see what I can do, I obviously I'm not know for my bartering skills, we'll see what happens. My plan was actually pretty simple are just going to you figure out who on the website, so that I could to an end, on around this auction sites and just appeal to that person's bet. Nature to sell it back to Elisa at a reasonable price. Okay, so one of the ways to find out who owns a website is to go to what is called a who is record. It's a record is associated with every website on the internet, and its supposed to tell you who owns the website is like a deed for a website. Kind of the problem is that a lot of them are either inaccurate or they are just protected. So you can't see who owns them, but that wasn't the case with the person who bought Elisa levies website it was a gentleman named Menachem hugger who lives in Singapore.
They have a phone number, it did really it had a phone number and address and I looked up Menachem hugger on the internet a common aim or non hominem he's the only one I found her and it looked as though he was a japanese speaker based on his facebook. Is Menachem together, we do have the right number: yeah, yeah, ok, but he's not therein. Ok, I will try back later. Thank you very much. She said so suspect she sounds like those
suspect, she's unsuspicious settled. I met she sound so suspicious because it do just collar, not explaining what he wanted asking about. Somebody do you know how stressed out that would make if that happened here Portugal is, are calling for more very far away. Yeah, I don't know I I would become interested assuming I know not be interested. I've seen that like anxious way you crawl through the world, you don't like me, someday understand it's probably good and interesting. Matt you for you knew what was going on. You just be mad. You would really how'd you get this number, so we are really getting in the weeds here, no you're, so weird so Menachem was There are, however, was not just forging ironic and I'm gonna get bogged down in this monopoly. Cargo is not there, but I knew at the right number.
Cited. Try calling back a couple days later, once the time difference that difference is well. It was before daylight saving so was thirteen hours there. Thirteen hours ahead of us is so when do you all because if you call in it, I was calling at six, a m impression that they would be probably at their house a Europe where you weigh up early to do that. Yes- and I woke Ever early several times, the next time I I called this is what. I all I'm trying to reach Menachem Hugger and no. No matter how high is not there. I knew where do you talking about you happy you're that websites. Yes, we have already said good bye. Thank you
I am trying to I'm trying to buy a website. Oh you mean you want. I our website, not your website? a website? Yet? Ok, thank you. I'd say that is owned by a whole hugger? Could you May I ask you: what is the evil in full? At the only document? Zombie, be zero m. Be I e yes info at zombie that net yet ok, thank you. Thank you you didn't say hello, so why what it's a human being. So why is this? Is this? tire thing to be about how I'm a weirdo here here, you're like you
Nerd Detective, Alex Golden like you to shove, you're like I'm here about a website yeah, I'm like the worst, Philip Marlowe yeah. If I can be perfectly honest with you, all nerves I find it really idea inducing deals- are nervous, good, sound gravy. Well, that's not the if I had to choose between the two cut as a tough car nervous creepy. Sounding thing. I'm go creepy relay here. We are once again Now this is that man is that we're going down a rabbit, the rabbit halls where we go. So invalids I'll, be that way now, guy website design website does I I say hello, America, so in, for example, I emailed it and it's not! Really! Milk has really it's not real. I think that that was like legitimate language barrier, a guy trying to get me off the phone. I think I miss her.
And he was just like yes, fine go way, so I knew that if I was gonna do this I needed to actually get the services of an interpreter, so I contacted I caught or whose helped us in the past and I as a total saint, because Basically, I was like here's. What we need to do. We need to wake up every morning at six, a m up up causing afore in the hope of reaching Mannahatta, so this is this morning this morning. Yes, ok, this is six thirty in the morning. I think this is attempt number seven or eight. You sell your budget, record a ghost. Good winning today is the day. I can feel that I am a bit
Yet it has to me, thanks so much for doing this gimme, just a second, I'm just going to get this guy's number in here and then we'll get Mccall decent. I'm tired your voice, like thirty active lower, I was exhausted her we're doing all that we can see how the thunder shopper he came up. The matter can be a door. Newborn NEO gotta get data industry the more at the city. I know it's funny, three o clock on the money, but I get a dirty money to funding through riding up Furthermore, I at all-
maybe if you heard it but she's, just action just asked about the domain LISA Libya play before you at all out inside it the common market today about Mr Duhamel industry. The law are you shot Elisa, having studied either the poverty written Wunnot assembled here? Ok now. I should note that, as you know, were big fan of hold music in this office. Yes, I prayed Lee in a previous who protects where I found the best hold music. Yes, this is the worst old music way have personal, home all music, we impose people, hold I'm gettin there, okay, so put us on hold, and this is what I heard but you know the sun: what is the sign of brown bread? I hate this. I am so with you. This is the worst all these.
Like a parade and how ok so turns out the gentlemen that we are talking to us, not Menachem hugger. Really, Yes, here's the deal You remember how, in the episode that we referred to earlier, the their weapons where we are trying to do. Informed at Org website. We eventually ran into a guy. Who's name is Michael Perkins who sold me a hundred websites a year, but they are all very high value yeah. So Michael Perkins is like a big shot in the domain world, but Menachem haha. You can think of him, a sort of like the owner of a giant thrift store because he flips this equation. He buys websites that pretty low value, but he buys thousands of them. Ok, so he's the honor of about eleven thousand domains. Ah Who is this like one of his guys? This is someone who worked for him and that's why why we hold music, I'm calling an office, not harmonize rakers, its nay time there. I can hear. Their people offers yanking here people in the background other Pike S.
For other domain name, a thirty eight kinda, took on who, should I know a good one? I will do it for you to go on a system. We will see the cup. I move that she- and I say to you- is to be here to people taking he say, hey how you gonna cutting them. You were studied it. U S dollars hate it paper. It Alex! Yes, sure he said began by four hundred dollars by people. That's great, ok can you is. Did you try and barter with him at all? Is there anyway, we can go cheaper than that Could she got out when you sure she's bartering, she asked her. She could be weakened
for any cheaper omen to hire my feet high, hundred dollar. Ok, it's a deal so we got the domain back from hunger what's happening. Now is in a couple hours they're going to they're going to issue an authorization code that Allow me to transfer the domains of ownership and when I wanna do is As for the domains, ownership to Elisa and then redirect Elisa levied our come too tumblr page of you and me with that says: we got your domain. Why do you want to do that? Because then I can get her on the phone and say I can you go look at your website and it will be a nice surprise. It is also for grandma thing of all our thinking that we could like we,
You like Hulk, Hogan muscles like we're. These days. The look on your visit amazing like you hire somebody to vex, something for you. They fix it, but like they're so proud of themselves. They're, like hey, I found the car book as well as brave. My pezara cause I'm the best- and this is definitely about me give the lady opening bag. Can write yourself, an ode when you make a tumblr page whenever here So yeah, I'm really proud of this one. You have we obvious. Why can't you just say good job? Because you said do such a good job saying it to yourself. Pay, we were able to negotiate this painful divorce settlement for you, and also I wrote a song about what a great lawyer I am. There are a lot of times our report.
This leads us down blind alleys and we never get anywhere in this field. Like getting somewhere and I feel really happy about it. That's totally fair. You should get it yeah. You know it, you don't deserve to be on the webpage. I'm gonna do myself go because and the only person who ever congratulates beyond anything you could get back. Rio Having highways its golden, how are you good? How are you I'm good? So are you at a place where you can open up police, let me now come just take a look at it. I went tank,
LISA. I got your website The photo of my smiling face like so am I pray so thankful for repudiate hey. We should make a website where we are smiling on it and say we got your website back and he was like you're such a narcissist. Why don't? We just give her her domain back? You weird like, don't you think they'll be funny at now? I think it's funny. Ok great yeah? That's what I wanted to hear. I am really excited to prevent in his face it. It's I e and free it will, as it would be confusing. Maybe four people expecting a young adult author and instead seeing someone, still smiling when I actually barring a predominantly like it will kite. It might inspire me to actually put something here. You know that my
think about my book. Elisa Libby is the author of the novelist, the kings rose in the blood confession and the owner of police are levied outcome. If you want to see what releases website used to look like or if you want to see my grinning maniacal face the moment you won't see either at least limit our com. You can go to reply all that fail where we will have posted links to both coming up after the break. Let me hear again this episode.
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Is it a holiday? That's like a big fat is the type of thing you remember yeah. So do you want to remind you what it was? We invented a holiday and to be perfectly fair, I think that was mostly your invention because it speaks to The problem that I have your deepest anxieties called email debt forgiveness day. It is thirty of and it is a day where you are allowed- to send an email, no matter how late it is as though no time has passed. So if you or ten months overdue, on an email on April thirtieth email, debt forgiveness day, consent that EU male- no apologies, no apologies- knew of guilt when you think about who you want a message. I know that this day, I'll garrison, email or type messenger whatever. Who did like what comes to mind for you, like What is what has been festering for you? My fourth grade teacher, MRS Lothar wow. She was super cool She like recognised in me, things in my.
Personally, I think are so fundamental that, like I and no one else really recognised at the time lag. Why, like my obsession with like dumb pop culture and in a north grave She like encouraged me to sort of go down those rabbit holes. Little bitch encouraged me when I likewise I was really in the rolling stones at the time she is like yeah here's a book by throwing stones, you should read upon them and learn all about their outcomes and viable bubble. Blah has varied and she was great and generally every couple years, or so I will send an email witches like hey just want to let you know I am how I'm doing what I'm up to her. Who was the last person email between the two of you like did she's anyone Yvonne you are dragging? Were she sent me an email which are a sort of bonds to mine, which is like this is what I'm up to it so good to hear from you and probably asked a couple questions I she I haven't spoken her sons, reply all started. Why not got it's like
usually the the emails that you send an email debt forgiveness. They are the ones that require a lot more brain power and emotion than the stuff that you dance after a normal day. So, like I'm every time I m like, I should sit down a right that I don't have the energy for it. So who are you said plenty and sending something too? You know I actually have a lot of. I have a lot of people where so I'm really weird over email, which is to say, like I won't answer, but then all answer like friends, people's eyes. He mounted advice about doing passing stuff a lot of times, I'll just be too busy. I want you back and then, like the fourth person, are sent from six paragraph essay development. I think they should do and it's very intense, aiming theirs rise and then maybe I thank you and one more question and if my comp efforts up again so it actually like to just do clean on a bunch of times where I am,
like a really motion, Bang forthwith, the person and then like didn't, actually just finish it. I think it would be very confusing to be, on the other hand, that yeah yeah yeah, it's not like you. In the fade away. Now it's like I'm coming on to strong and then disappearing Heather's. Actually, bunch of those names, are anything about my stomach, asserting that leg vinegar and actually saw my worst dad, isn't even email, like voicemail voicemail, really bad I have three hundred eighty four and listen to voice mouse. Think F, eighty five and eighty five voice, males and socially and a lot of them are just from my grandmother who I know has just gonna, be like call me back sweetie. I love you, which is great, but I can just call her back, but you in a voice, voicemail ray. I actually have a solution for that I found this act is free. App called Novi. Am the disabled smell, so not getting any more stuff there every day
that gives you disable your phone is like yes, yes, I did well what happens when the desert just never pick up. It rings forever ok so last year, when we did everything that, for you to say it turned out to be exact for people in a way that we hadn't really in dismay. They got on the grid rise. How many people had the same problems that we do and we kept hearing from people afterwards were upset that they'd missed it. So if you want to do this year, here's our sits very strange and if you have some sort of message you ve been putting off on April thirtieth, send it we're gonna have a on our blogger, site reviled, Alamo there'll be just like thing describing what email debt forgiveness day is, you can just include a link to that. Then included in your email and people. Click. Blank and I'll know. What's going on Also in the run up. If there's, if there's something they like you're, pretty curly agonising over something that feels surprising or just,
insane get in touch with us about it. Just send an email at reply, all a gimmick media that harm in the subject line, put now that we're gonna stay and tell us what you're worried about and if you need help ask, Vietnam PDA. One answer, I'll answer is actually true
in box, been then bring the thought of running back. You keep putting off to reply, feels and passed when I say spot Santa Rosa lots of God knows: shame male dead day, everybody else's in boxes say dead. The email debt forgiveness they anthem was written and performed by the very talented, Matt Farley he's written songs about basically ever
Nothing on earth and, if you'd like to commission and He takes customs, I'm orders. Reply. All is me Peter vote in our Goldman. We're produces By TIM, Howard Treaty put him in any and fear Bennett you suffered through some maneuverable by Peter Clowney and mixed by Rick. Matt Labour is one more hours sleep. My thanks as we too, I a cartel our theme. Music. Is in this year's break. Master cylinder and our add music is by build buildings. You more episodes. The show it I to Stockholm such reply. All You find this week's absurd in article form, undig dot com and our website. Is required that limo. Thank you. We will see you next Wednesday
you had the sands there have been, you didn't use it you suffered through some unbearable music. You got up early to use the with somebody a part time zone because you wanted to retrieve at least let me doc. And I M here to tell you Alex: go Menu, did ass. You did a good job.
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