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#6 This Proves Everything + The Best Hold Music in the World


Keith Calder is known in some circles for his work as an independent film producer. In other, much bigger circles, Keith’s known for having the same last name as Eleanor Calder. She’s a model who dates One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. Hundreds of thousands of 1D fans maintain that Eleanor is a fake girlfriend, and that Louis is actually secretly dating his bandmate Harry. In today’s episode, we talk to Keith about what life’s like when you’re on the wrong end of a widely-held conspiracy theory, and we talk to some of the fans who believe it.

Also - we give an update about the amazing hold music in last week's show (episode #33 @ISIS)

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and this is Alex is Wednesday morning we just finished to night. Cast party, which was alive performance. This huge event we did with a bunch of other great shows. We did a new story. One of us is very sleepy. I am These sleepy is a lot of fun. Now I want to thank- Everybody who came out to feeders, who came out to the show in New York, you guys are amazing, just felt like we were all hanging out. It was really nice really was. We are here to tell you two things. The first is a sad thing yet scare me, you sad, but listen stay until the second thing don't just get sat in turn off your listing device. The first thing is that this week show is around there. He said She had its out really sad, but I promise don't that we would have an update to last week's episode. So last week's absurd PETE
wanted to cancel his subscription handy, which cleaning service using a very hard time. I helped him out and in the process. We stumbled upon the most amazing hold music. I we ve ever heard here is a bit of us funding over it from last week show I was read so I was on hold for two and a half minutes the whole time totally happy to listen to the sun. Another guy bickering could get me on hold for half an hour, it is really gag great hold music. It's like then it's to the end of a long struggle? Dear, I mean it's like. Everything's, ok, music, the day after the episode aired, we got an email from a listener named him shared, and that said I that's great hold music. Isn't it is one of the default bits of hold music included with asterisk
an open source phone software and the song he told us is called simplicity and its by someone called MAC Reform. So we we found MAC Reform and this I gave him a call someone really. Why are you I'm great friendly talking to the man the myth, the legend your guys by cast as Britain aware. Yet so I am not a concert hall music generally, but her that song and it was like that song is mind ploughing. We did a life from its last night, New York City, with Lou Miller, who works for invisibilium, which is applied cast from an pr, and she had just listen to the episode oh my god that hold music. It sounds slow motion in the seventies. Well, that's a worse because I actually used. I got a wurlitzer.
Hundred eight electronic piano that actual its public offender roads has a really can already seven. These sound so deeply deeply all the instruments on its own attract yeah. I do it's. I mainly play music for firing, a drummer by I've, downloading keyboard and guitar, and I just can't bill tracks on my laptop and really some online for fine. You know when you make it like that, you release a creative commons. Do you ever think that, like oh, the two lunatics are gonna become obsessed with the sun, or are you just like what You know like making music, I'm gonna put it out there. Actually, no that's really fulfilling them you guys thought of so awesome. I don't do this for a living. Actually, ironically, attacks the port workers, of course bear. So I make this music to keep me save from all apples it. So I really just have two questions for you
The first is: where can our listeners go to find this song if they listen to it to their hearts? Content like we do a website called jam at no language, they can download it and listen to it for free. Does the list to the whole music versions have been Our in here is my second question for you, I'm one. Ring. If, with your blessing, we can incorporate simplicity into every super tech support. We do Oh yes, and it that's an ironic twist of fate for me Yet the also you can get it amazing. you can find a more MAC reform. Songs at macro form, music, dot com. You can find the sung simplicity on the website, Jim NGO J M e Endy Oda com. You can lose to add to your heart's content
enjoy this episode, we're working on some great stuff will see next week. Depending on who, you ask Keith Callers, either at thirty five year old film producer who lives now I or he's a player in a vast international conspiracy, designed to conceal the greatest love story. Never told both story start at the same time and place on Twitter to ago when a bunch of random teenagers started asking Keith if he had a sister at Keith called her. Do you the sister and what is your name smiley emoticon January, two thousand thirteen Keith already have a sister Do you have a sister? You have a sister, you have a sister if you have a sister and don't just RT this shit and not answer. My question just tell me so this went on I'm scrolling on its hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tweets for what it's worth. Keith does have a sister for an NGO in New York Keith
imagine anything she would have done to provoke the attention of a crowd of our minds strangers, and then I was really something is up like I don't I don't know exactly what but something's up, I started doing some research. I realise that there was this woman, young woman called Eleanor called her, and she was dating but one direction? One direction, of course, is the boy band of the moment. There's five of them. One of them Louis, has girlfriend a model need Elinor, Calder, say Muslims. Kissing now seems clear to Keith. What's going on, oh, they think. That's because my name is called earth that I must be related to the so called her. They must think she's my sister, but why? Why would they just I mean they're. Surely there are like a lot of cultures in the world? What would I later found out is that they ve done this to many people called called her make. It could not be only
them from gimlet. His reply all show about the internet and I'm he gave it to you Tell the fans at Elinor was no sister in his mind, the question they were asking, which is none of their business. Would you didn't know we couldn't now was that there is a deeper reason for these fans interest and Eleanor Calder. They believed they still believe that Elinor collars cover a cover foisted on one direction. By evil corporate management to disguise the true story, the two members of one direction, Harry and living, are actually secretly in love with each other jobs when she's genes, so back and x factor a couple of people seem to notice a relationship between
The two members x factor is like the reality tv show where the band sort it got. There start right. Yes, this victory. I owe indirection fan, who calls himself a Larry Shepherd. Larry, because it's a mash up of Lewis and Harry and shipper because you ask them to be in our relationship and with Victoria as it with many Larry. Shippers is actually pretty sure that they already are She says the evidence has been there since the beginning are used to make video diaries for the tv show, and we just saw that they were always very close to each other, a lot closer than the rest of the numbers they ve been like that ever since, so many just keep they just caught onto a lot of people, and when you see closeness I mean day looked at each other alike, are now like they loved each other a lot. This is a! U I another shipper was. What was it that I heard
Marriage was scared if they came out that sales would go down, which is the main thing that This is why they're, not together in the public eye. There are hundreds of thousands of worshippers online for obvious reasons there suspicious about this woman who claims to be lowered. Girlfriend what he's only about Eleanor Calder there's not a lot. I can tell you, because she's doesnt really do social media, that much but if I had a characterize where you said that I was here, he said it suspiciously knee yes very suspicious. Why is every suspicious if you ve been going out with someone for as long as those children going out you'd think that they would show a lot of them being together and doing things, but there is no pictures of them ever so it makes you wonder giving as possible. She could just be like a shy person. It's definitely possible
but we actually, we just don't think that they genuinely are together at all, should find each other online. In other usual place of the teams do come on Twitter, Facebook. The facebook groups all seem to be closed invitation only we had to request and be granted access to a ship. Facebook group called Larry Shippers Smiley face smiley face. Today. These interviews and its in groups like this one that the shippers compare notes rundown evidence anything that approved conclusively that this theories correct, For example, they pay a lot of attention to Harry and Louise Tattoos. They have a lot of matching tattoos that apparently they think it's very subtle, but it's not communings.
For one of the ones they think is a subtle matching tattoo. But you can tell the story behind at ok. Louis has attached to that says. Hopes on his arm and Harry has one that says high, but there in each other's handwriting, and so what we can conclude from that is that those with their first words to each other, and they said that in an interview during x factor. So That's one! So the way that that piece of evidence gets interpreted than is like usually getting matching tattoos with someone from the first time you met him,
a couple of do more than friends. Do yes interesting gimme, another on ok, there's a ship and a compass matching tattoo that they have to get this got the ship who's got the compass hurry. Has the ship Emily? Has the compass defensible even a conspiracy, the symbolism of the ship and the company is obvious. The ship needs the compass plus a couple. One direction fans went to attach to arrest in LOS Angeles and asked him to see his sheet of tattoos that you suggest for couples and they found very ship encompass, there's also a lotta youtube, theorizing the videos or come very proofs they'll, show some small moment between Heron Lily, though play at the slow it down, though, repeat at you, I said she watches for these tiny telling moments it'll be their illegal look. One of them gives to the other during like when it comments made Eric it'll be a kind of attach when they re like able
next to each other. In order, can we like those kind of small things that you wouldn't really notice? Will they show the clip like the second time in slow motion? time. Sometimes it's like something really quick or of its life. And of hidden. They saw it down and like circulate, try their good of animals. Amazing it at its there's, a mantle of the top thirty chronic Larry moments on you, too, with over a million views in one of the moments, the boy being interviewed for german tv, and the host asks Harry about a mark on his neck that she thinks might be a heavy. Did somebody kiss you there? It's a scam. I thought it's a Knute flag in German, that's Louis slightly off my saying I gave him in the foamy. Her provides a sub. For that in case you missed it and then this music plays and there's a super slow motion zoom of Harry.
Smiling and looking wistfully towards Louis. There are twenty nine more moments like this. This was the world that Keith called her had bumped up against because of his last name. Take these two girls were kind, smart and thoughtful, but very all in on the conspiracy world. Do you multiply them by the hundreds of thousands? But he didn't know any of this. When questions about his sister start If he had almost certainly would not have done this, I thought it would be fun to play with a little bit. And so I tweeted there. I can neither, confirm or deny the rumours that my sister is dating a member one direction, Keith published a few more tweets, vaguely hinting that he might know something something he couldn't say: the mandate it up the original people that
ask me if I have a sister wrote a blog entry on Tumblr. That is exhaustive about proving that I am related teller, Calder Keeluk. Get up right now? Actually is it still is still exist? Oh yeah, I mean it's been reblong, it's all over the place. Where do I search for it? I find it I'm sure if you just search for Keith Calder Eleanor, oh, my god, yeah yeah coming up, but that Tumblr page looks like and the greatest love story ever trawled afterward from our sponsor. This episode has brought you buy better for it, a new podcast from HTTP hosted by Francesca ring.
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a bunch of other seemingly random people. Parliament makes these makes these diagrams convincing, for the people leave. Believe them is that, like any good slander, their chock full of damning half truths, prisons Keith that actually does work in the music industry and even cofounded JIVE records, which was a boy ban level, although not one directions by them later Oh yeah, no, isn't that's that's the thing that why this will never die. Is there there's a lot of vague conspiracy theory aspects here that wool that are impossible to deny? One of them being that I produced a movie with Morbid Spurlock and Morgan made the one direction documentary if they were looking for proof. I would point out that is proof, but it's not proof. It just means that people that people better in the film industry worked together. People would send me. A screen grab of the credits from the trailer for the movie. I pretty and they would say, look at this, you produce them interaction movie and I would apply it says right there. This is the movie cultivation
This is not a one direction and what were they say? They would say that proves everything every no matter. What I say approves everything in one direction: fiends all over the world and the conspiracy posts, I think, get translated into other line. Judges. So yesterday it became a big thing in Brazil, hundreds, it is an hundreds of mentions. I was block little end, a blocking hundreds of people. Maybe I think that two people and a guy to the point where they noticed. I was blocking them. So what they started messaging me was block me if you believe Larry. Israel and their very resourceful mean This is just a minor annoyance for Keith. He spends a couple more hours a week blocking people then he like, but occasionally effects is actual life in a real I know, I'm a film producer I have of actual career, and when have meetings with other people in Hollywood, the meetings
and with so what's? What's the story with you in one direction, and I have to have this conversation my meeting with an agent for the first time. I have to have a fifteen minute conversation about one direction at the start of the meeting their allow communities online or people gather to believe something impossible. There are the one you heard of the people who believe Obama a secret Muslim. And there are the ones that maybe you have it with the people who believe that Stevie Wonder, isn't really blind. But as far as conspiracy theories that I dont believe go though, action Harry Lawyer, secretly in love, one might be my favorite. Here's lie for years, bands of soul, teenage girls on the fantasy that these hot musicians could be there boyfriend, but now legions of teenage Those are saying, but I'd rather imagine a record companies forcing you to say that and that really you're in love with acute guy standing next year, its romantic toefl, its pro gay. It's a lovely.
When they come out. It'll be the love story of the century because of all the stuff they had to go through and it still stayed strong. What makes it better than any other love story is because is that they met before they became a band and they became best friends and bestfriends genuinely you know if, even if it's a boy or girl and boy sometimes they'll, fall in love, and we can just see that with Harry and Louis and that's what makes it so special because you can just see how much they love each other and charger
I think I know what you mean and I think it's also. It's like you know so much more about that relationship than other relationships, that they say that therein right and it's not be hanging out you'd think are. We only know so much about them because they are so famous and Eleanor isn't that famous, so they don't talk about it. But it's really not like that, because when the cameras are often when everyone is gone, you still see them together. With you see, pictures like that are leaked on mine. You don't see, leaked pictures of Llewelyn, Eleanor together at all, so you know I mean I think, Victoria's noticing something real, although I disagree with the inclusion of brings or to what I think is that when you're a teenager, Similarly, a younger one you're more likely to experience the rush of overwhelming best friend love than you are to have experienced romantic love when I was a kid I saw my best friend Duncan over the summer, plus one
now we can a year when it comes down to Philadelphia to stay over four weekend when he left. I remember crying inconceivably like heartbroken lying on the ground facing the carpet crying and my dad saying: look you gotta, keep it together. If you want your friend to keep this thing, I think an alternate theory for what could be going here is that these two guys could be straight and yet still love each other more than they love the girls they date and that all the Zapruder Youtube filmmaking. Could be fuelled by this truth? Maybe have you heard anything about Keith called her? I actually image. I just read something on twitter about that how he is he was. He had something to do with management. I think am I correct, ah well, there's rumours that he does. I dont think I think he just sort of has been caught up. I think people think that he's related to Eleanor called her that you know
these sort of part of this conspiracy and he was kind of a jerk about it. You may jokes about it and people take it seriously, so he gets a lot of messages every day from people who think that you know he's he's in on it. While there are a lot of rumours and there's a lot of things that go around on twitter, this whole situation with kids that could be one of the fake ones that we can rule out, but it also could be real. So I don't really know what to say about that cause. I don't know. Watch information. But I appreciate that, like a cop talking about an open case, you get the sense. Victoria just wants to know a little bit more. Maybe she'll just do the tiny, reasonable thing and ask you about the rumours he's on Twitter but that's the problem when things scale on the internet as it's easy for them to do. It can help
perfectly lovely normal human impulse. I can turn it into a force of nature on bad days when there are hundreds or thousands of tweets, he has to block them all, but during the quieter laws he tries to engage, you really thinks it's worth it. Yo human beings are human beings. They they they. Actually, when I found that when you engage- or someone directly like that, usually if they're coming from a good place to understand, end and adjust their behaviour and actually there their followers. I Ireland, Twitter, that are one direction veins that started following me, too ago or a half ago. Because of this nonsense, and now just chat with me, they chat and cracked the music recommendations, mostly one direction, songs or bans, I've open for one direction to Keith likes it here's the first person he knew and his age bracket here hear about Shirin another team pop star whose rising quickly its funding know about stuff, like that before all the old people do,
violence me he gave out and out Goldman your by TIM Howard, through they ve, been fear banning Catherine Wells and Lena Miskities, it is by Alex Bloomberg. Our shows engineer by requiring special thanks as well. Everybody who sent into out as I that song TIM Sheridan, who was the first person we heard from matters Where is the solution to a problem that has been bothering you for a while? Our theme because by the mysterious break, master cylinder and our add music is by build buildings used by more two thirds of the show at Itunes, dot com, slash reply on board our website reply all got limo thanks, ruining we'll see you next week
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