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#60 A Simple Question


This week, PJ helps a listener named Matt ask a very large company a very simple question. Are you telling me the truth?

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your support to a woman who lost your domain name, unwanted. It back out. This week and so I'm stepping up to provide super technical support. So this starts very simply with an email from a guy named MAC Time lives in Brooklyn, Matt reduced aid at all. He wanted was to sign up for high speed internet in New York City. He wanted to service called fires, which is just not over fiber optic cables? It was me insanely fast Verizon. How's it, and so we called rising. I had like check right and he forgets service. I mean new apartment and I like it, I think they dont say no, but they became do. I will get back to you yeah, but fast forward a little while I get something in the mail saying thing like that: their offerings service and unlike our I create I'm gonna, call them up and get them to install it and on that,
then go anywhere. I eventually get being the man The thing that, like we ve tried to get in touch with your landlord to install service. Our engineers are working on it, and that was like ha weird because, according to mad, he has the rarest thing in New York. He has an exceptionally good landlord like if I complain about the weak, You think he actually drew up in the word which you now binding standards with others relate only oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, exactly waken. They might have experience of them. Wiki thank away. You going to do it. That way, I mean you think he's like by on a weekly basis and like if there's something about like we talk about it. So why wooden? good landlord won his tenants to have incredibly fast internet, it didn't make any sense. I called mats landlord up to ask fast internet. It didn't make any sense. I called my landlord up to ask his name's Fred
Few put me in touch with you right right right, yes, Fred said Verizon wasn't telling the truth is that he's never heard anything from them about map. Moreover, he says he had called Verizon on to ask about fires and they don't same thing, they need to get permission, from the owner of the building. You tell them the year, the owner of the building by whoever I spoke to yes, freedom day. I thought I was gonna, be yes, who ever spoke earlier and with these I hated it, they don't do they get they D. Never, and they re right now, and would you want rising to install fires in your buildings if they could our store files more so than in the dish that you got? Hang one you know when you go to the oil and other stuff here would fight failed morning at their gas soap?
said. He knows that sometimes with stories like this, when reporters start asking questions everything somehow just get streamlined for the person who made, travel anxiety. He said he didn't want that there wouldn't be re likely like like, if I were to mysteriously good service and then like people upstairs, we couldn't get further like to be part of me heard by a very wide awake at are now well. I guess I can still use the service I don't hate the more. I would hate with more and I wouldn't like myself, who likes the white either. I gather that the other, that's how I feel about that in this. It turns out I met really wanted to protect support, not for me too. Actually get him fires. Instead, he wanted something that was way more difficult. He wanted something that I have wanted so many times in my life. While dealing with some massive internet company, Matt, wanted an answer he wanted to know.
Wide Verizon treat him that way had they made a mistake, had they lied to him and if so, why This seems to me kind of like a hopeless request, but it resonated with me and so I started a poke around and turns out New York City. There are actually a ton of people with mats problem people who don't have fires and who want it one it with a kind of fervour that people usually reserve for new iphones or opening night star wars, tickets in two thousand there Jeanne. I found out. Yes, fires was available in my neighborhood, so I called number that was inserted in my bill. Yes, when five o sign me up. That was two thousand and thirteen that, with such an exciting moment, yes Would you like to find out when I got files? I would love to you when you gunfire. It is now two thousand sixteen. I still do.
Have it. This is Patricia Reply. All producer feel abandoned spoke to her. She was on the upper West side. By now it became my mission is this is in my neighborhood. I will Did I want to be able to save money and have faster internet connection so me tell you what it is like live in New York City everywhere. You look is an advertisement For fires. Genius I, unlike Obey Director of Hollywood such as transport, there's ads on tv theirs, as in the radio there's ads on the internet, both streaming and on pop up, there are flyers, they could show, you're getting horizon files with the autonomous billboards. It's on the back of the newspaper. It is in the eyes of the people whose you love, it is written in the night sky and the stars it is in escaping happens with a rise in brief Bible rubbish frontier. On every single Verizon truck in in Poland is files.
On the size of the truck. So with certainly something that is being promoted for sure and how do you feel when you see that ha ha? You know it's like you. Ride, torture, maybe the soundly hyperbole. But for me and promotes the people. I know it may sense, because New York is a slow internet housekeeper. Everything here recalls using the internet is like sitting in times square at five in Russia all the time, Jeanne Netflix is like slowly flipping a picture book in any time You used to this just think this is normal things take time to load. Whatever you tell yourself, then you see and add for fires rubbish to smile and makes this promise to you that it doesn't have to building.
And you can't help but wish that you had it that everybody had it that the mare would pass a decree guarantees fires for all new Yorkers. You get fired you yet fires now. I know you there's no way. That would never happen but dear listener. You are wrong because in two thousand eight rising signed a contract with the city that they would make files avail or to any resident who wanted it and they said that they were, do that by the summer of two thousand fourteen. This is Josh mom you're, for a progressive nonprofit group called common cause. Even if the only person in your part in building who wanted it they still had to and they had got the elevator shaft and get in there and not which would have a non standard. Installation is still how to do that. Still had the right to to request fires and have it installed. So in theory, this utopia should have showed up two years ago, but Matt doesn't have virus, even though he, once it Patricia, doesn't have virus, even though she wants it and when this
looked into this. They found that there is at least forty thousand people who requested fires and having after waiting for more than a year, so nobody That's for sure why this is happening? Every talk I started trying to find somebody at Verizon who taught me, which is not easy to do it. It turns out and more on that later, but in the meantime, gave me his theory for what was going on. He knows it, some bargain fires and his theory is the Verizon only wants to sell to rich people. Seven Williamsburg, which is a very expensive neighbourhood and when he lived there he actually did have eyes when I didn't Tobin Williamsburg, I came to the whole affair, the building but the fibre through it and make that was it. There was no getting contact with the landlord like they installed it, like the did. Regular cable. You think that they're much more interested in installing an expensive neighborhood in the less expensive one,
part of it is like no doubt yeah. This makes sense to me because when you sign of any kind of internet the company also try to sell you, the tv package and a phone line, these other services that come through that same wire and so Imagine that Maybe they want is a rich people first, because rich people- maybe they wouldn't just pay eighty bucks month for internet, they also might pay like another reed bucks for the really good cable package or like sixty more box, where the sports baggage, maybe Don't just want HBO wine and easier to maybe they want your area I'm through nine- I mean they're trying to mercury. The revenue like though every one level like you might have failed people weren't than about the course that, maybe that's why the big,
maybe people Vidal all day will come when each place did you close. You now have the big like Tucker and Watercolor. That would have been against the rules that he advised to everybody, not just the rich people, and who knows it, that's what they're doing these are just guesses Josh gives a slightly different way of looking at this whole mysterious problem, I should say that his group, usually tangles much bigger problems. Sunlike sit since United, but Fire ended up on his plate. After a lot of common causes, members complained that he couldn't get it, and so now they ve become sort of experts. Why people in the? U S, have such abysmally, slow internet, just in New York, but in many places So here's what I learned from Josh the actual process of one A city for internet, it's really really expensive up front. You value others construction, but once you ve done it You make a ton of money of people subscriptions governments don't
want to spend all that up from money, and so they let companies do it but before any wires, get put down, though, make deals with the companies. They'll say, if you give internet the people where we live. It's gotta be this fact after you, ve gotta give them this deal or you ve. Gotta pay us some of the money, and that moment before the targets laid that is where the government has a ton of power. If you lives more, were your internet sucks, it probably started sucking when one of those deals got made, and that's why internet across so much of the United States just seems to raw specially when you compare that too. Internet service around the world and how affordable and fast it's, even places like Bulgaria, Is it really faster in Bulgaria? Yet it's much faster and I think in some places like like South,
Ray. I think it's about thirty megabytes per. Second again I mean, wait. What is it like Manhattan and it's also a sea average speed Manhattan? Do what do you have? What do I have get your fires is gonna. Go that way anywhere where fires, seriously yeah. We are fires, I think one another thing they did was they went to bigger like downtown office buildings, where the slab, we're in lower Manhattan. There's not nonprofits. Here the slavic start up groups that are here, so I think they wanted to sure those areas where wired first and us just fastidiously test this by. We was actually the first time I've gotten to see fires when it actually look like, and it's you.
Fast. Normally, if I'd take any url and a hit enter, I'm used to this little pause. It's like three to five seconds by just wait and judges. Browser didn't have how do say by the were on this website is, has your speed. There are five ads from rising fires. There are five banner ads around this speed test. For sixty nine dollars a month. You're seeing and add for the thing that you have it's crazy advertising per day. I know it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but it just I'm so curious about it. It's like a store being out of stock is something but there to spring up all these added time. People come via like those customers don't come and get something else. They don't come into, not happy legged its it. That is the part that actually confused me. More than anything Now that we had stories of a guy, he said there is a rise in truck the parks out. I'd. Have he lives in Manhattan? These others for eyes. Instructive outside of my house, everything
all day, and I cannot get files installed. The rising truck is its files, track its files all over it, the promotional truck the two sits there is go out and talk to people. The tracking says, give me fires. I want it. There's other thing that I heard about the justice. Not explain when Verizon first signed a contract by all accounts, they ve been great, did wired fires. The people who wanted it things had been normal, but then after a year or so installations ground to a halt its. There- is a clue in that. But judge can explain why it happened. See the vague at and now you hide is Peach EVA combat for Bob Master Hoddan. Please so called Bob Master Bob were shooting reunification diverging, so he represents the guys who worked for horizon the view actually install fires and Basel? Yes, at a certain
Point: fires installations had gotten very weird. Now, members you have to do with their told to do right, but they they know what is being done right and what is being done. In every bureau, except for some reason, Staten Island, thereby tell him to go why the main avenues, but then they wouldn't tell them to wire the side streets, men, national, lower east side. Now they go up first avenue to go up second avenue available any of the side streets cuz. You got to go building by building, and why are these old tenement buildings and guess they want to invest it and that's the resources active evokes like Verizon, was doing the bare minimum and Bob Some will say that he has a bias here. If arise, installs more lines that more work for his union members, but he also said this other thing. You got. The mat was wrong about Verizon just being interested in rich customers because he said if you really looked at, which treats got skipped. It was, The symbols rich neighborhoods versus poor neighborhoods. It has not, in our view, just been
issue of economic discrimination right because There are pretty well be neighborhoods, for example, like it miss Park and Prospect Box out an part slow, but do not have fired. It appears to us that the company simply did not want to invest in me, the cost of labour that it would take to build out universally boxes. Here is the theory that he heard from his union members. The rumours that fires is basically the victim of a regime change within Verizon. This whole ambitious crazy plan to wire New York with fires. It had started with this I've. Inside of you see. Overriding sideboard was asleep. Oh until I dont know exactly when a let two thousand eleven to those ten. He came the wireline company he was, he was a mere tell my ex guy. So cyberspace is big risk.
A ton of money behind fires, he's and it's gonna be the next big thing, but then doesn't eleven the board tell sign break it he is no longer see. You then I had a wireless law. Mcgowan was currency, YO takes over he's a wireless guy and he's like why we spending our money on this visit. This was the theory right yeah at our members speculated that there was kind of a shift in philosophy one additional fact that might support this at a ball. At the same time, the new ceo took over the installation slow down there more. Complaints to the city about people not getting service, and it turned out that, while the three minutes had rising had to give almost everybody fires, it hadn't really spelled out any penalties if they just didn't follow through. So it's possible rise and thought that they could get away with it and nobody would really notice or care. After all, the mayor of the time was Bloomberg. It was pretty pro business and not like a huge regulation guy, but then in twenty thirteen bill De Blasio
Why did New York's mayor? Our approach is going to be bold and it's going to be decisive, because we simply haven't done well enough in the city, the goal simple: we must have universal, affordable heist internet access throughout the city, it's as simple as that, and plaza. This campaign, he cabs talking about how the internet is a human right help. Everybody should have fast internet typically have saying that horizon was falling down on the job, so do I you get selected and suddenly for rising is in trouble. There ordered this hearing and its hearing where the city basely just beats uprisen for four hours. Now. Let me first say we just received this. This is not your testimony right. It's a brief! Yes, if you gonna be all this, I don't know you better. Give me no doubt, but I I've never watched the city council hearing before, but if they really this all the time I watch one every night
City council members are just yet counting on this rise in exact, because the city has that when customers call to ask for fires, droughts doesn't say we haven't wired your home yet, but we're on our way. They just tell it a lot of the customers this isn't available in your neighborhood period. And then sometimes vowing do they do that, try to sell them satellite tv, the city's mad and one of the council members Brad Lander. He says he even called that view. The day. I don't mean to make this. My customer service request- to our lovely woman named Stacy. And I turned on to get in trouble- would talk about her training in a minute, but do do guess what Stacy told me about the available The fires, son at my house, on thirteen street between fourth and Fifth Avenue lander, has is better they suppress smile on his face. He looks like someone who's halfway through Frank from car and then the camera cuts to these two Verizon representatives who do not likely there having fun I'd rather, not, ok,
I've been repressed, gets daisy for me, and I quote I was gonna recorded, so I could play it for you, but I assume you ever recorded. Viruses on available your address at this time I asked when it be available. She did not see Honestly, I don't know- and she said It did not offer me nonstandard installation or any other approach. Now I want to go in trouble, it sounds to me like using the problem is not that fires is unavoidable, but what my house, the problem is that Stacy didn't say to me, Mr Lander, it's available in your neighborhood. Just not to you is that what was I'm just? That's right, that's what should have happened this you should have told me. She was wrong to tell me. On available the crazy part of the hearing is when they get to the part about the apartments they didn't want. Fires these requirements were rising, was posted just pass through,
by their house and K. Somebody wanted it later. It turns out a lot of those trees. Aren't wired even over rising, had told the city the bid fulfilled their side of the deal until Brad Lander the same city council. Member from before he says it sounds like you had your own definition were passed, but it, but it seems incredible that you never mentioned it. So You included in your testimony. Like your question tat, I was looking at the franchise agreement and it defined lot of terms the disagreement. You have defined right of way. Multiple dwelling unit, normal business hours, person subscriber even defined borough president in the franchise agreement. Does it too fine past. No, it isn't. It does not define path. So the city tells rising that if they don't follow the agreement, the city will see them. Publicly Verizon doesn't apologize
it's any wrongdoing, but this message seems to get through because afterwards everybody agrees that things just quietly get better Bob. They govern the union said that rises. Taking workers from other places in New York like upstate stayed, to relocate to New York for weeks at a time to try to install Morpheus lines and the sea. Said that the number of complaints they are getting from people who just couldn't get fires the complaints, to go down doktor. My a wily who's, the mayor's lawyer and it's her job now to make sure that rising follows the rules she's. As working, but even now even she says that she does not understand why they didn't want to do it in the first place that right at the end of the day, they make money by getting customers. That's why this whole process has been astounding in some respects, because it only benefits them to do everything in their power to get there fiber out there and get more people on line, and I'm looking forward to seeing them
more in line with their business interests. When I died, Only thing I want to get to do is to be a ghost. That building and no, if, like all these She came out of lake if there I ha so much money by not doing this or if it was just confused people kind of messing up a job I I honestly and I want to say I think I think, there's some committed people arrive. Sorry, I don't wanna know paint brought him one ass, the brush. We want them to be successful. I think that there are some examples of where they had to tighten up shop. I think that there are questions about what level of commitment they had to continuing file throw out? I think that they are demonstrating more commitment now, which is gratifying, but I agree with you. I think, there's a fascinating book to be written the central irony Sorry for me, as I've, never seen a story where people are saying. Please take eighty dollars a month for me.
Please check back that. I value will charge me more money. Well because you know what they want you to think about it. You know one of the problems we have in the city and it's one of the reasons we need more competition. Is we pay more for laugh? You know. If we're the lot of folks, we lived in Seoul Korea or Amsterdam. We'd be getting significantly faster speeds at significantly lower prices, and that's because you know they may have maybe five providers in the market to serve every one customer that of one to two providers. So I'm looking forward to the opportunity, plop thou my eighty dollars a month Have you genuinely called to just try to get fired for your help? there's a civilian I I actually went online. The website I had a heck of a time. I tried three times getting online. I held my my request for service at one
point there were issues with even being able to find the part of a website where you can request the third. So I raised that with Bam. Although that the end of the day I made clear, I am not arguing that my neighborhood be done first mire actually had advised for what Matt could do to get his internet text to get a fix away? He wants it fixed for everybody. She basically said he should call three that if the city he got a bunch of complaints and was neighbourhood, the naked yelled rising. Can make sure that his neighbor had got service, which was nice, but I still think ahead solve the problem Matt once no know why Verizon hadn't wanted to get a fires in the first place and nobody else can really understood it. I really only Verizon could explain this. So trying get for eyes on the phone weirdly fellow Little bit like trying to get signed up for violence is difficult, but I can never really tell if it was hard because they didn't want to talk or they wanted to
but they were messing up somehow or if I was just doing everything wrong. Like I e mail there, Pierre Cartman asking our I'll match virus problem and they said they look into it. They gave me a call. I, Mr Cobb than I tried to call the next day the guy who I spoke into was on vacation and he said I was both started this other guy or actually maybe this third guy, but neither those two guys got back to me days went by when I answered, and I can tell they were like an opaque organization that was just pretending to be transparent or they were really trying and our signals get crossing survive last Sunday night frustrated as an email that said I got the union side- and I just want to make sure that I also had there's a guy back to me so weak just tell me: what is your? What's your title, advertising I mean: are you just camera Verizon spokesperson I handle again I'll be for all like the new stuff. This is re Mcconville. We ended up
for over an hour accuse exceedingly patient when the things they ran by him with this theory that Verizon had stopped wearing virus because of its internal regime change. He did not confirm this theory now. That's just that's just nonsense. It is really nothing more again. So rapid that nonsense, so re would not say that rising had screwed up at any point according to re at this point, rising really And truly has wired every night New York city, he says in neighborhoods have outside, tell them poles, there's area cabling and where there is not I tell them poles, there's underground conduits. They can run the cables underneath the ground. And re denies of rising ever fell behind schedule that they agree to hear about the way we ve been saying. It is that we are the requirements set by twenty four that in our we pass all the homes with with the network which, which we ve done, that part of the next challenge. With that
Then you getting it directly into each and every property, which is what we're dealing with right now. Right I mean that was. Can we talk about the word pass I mean have you are neither that law gonna be the most exciting discussion mature well. For me, it was because that was the part where I felt I believe there are a lot of This is frankly, are over my head, like I'm, not worried. What are you? What are you suggesting that I may seem like you're, suggesting that were What is it you're getting at here that Europe for them? You idiot sound sounds like you want to make some sort of accusation, and here you're? What that, as yet no I don't want to make an accusation. I just want to understand the reason. The reason I bring up passes because when I was watching hearing there is an argument about what that word, men and it feels like that word is actually really important in this, because if I like the people, the city people represent the city were saying when you say
ass, a wire outside house like I think they pictured it very literally they picture tat. Will I get that I read it it it run very good at it runs path. Every building, but again, like I said that that final challenge is we now have to get it inside. Actual home. Now I think that when re use, the word passed he still using Verizon's definition. The word, which is different from most peoples rises. Definition, I think, is that if the cable goes past your house, you mean to those within walking distance of your house, raising dont get so caught up whether or not you can see the cable hang outside your window. That's not the point. It doesn't have to be on the actual street, but its close enough to it such that once we get permission, we can bring it like if you live in it
urban environment? There may not be. You know a telephone why that runs down that exact street, but you live close enough to the closest Paul that when you want service from us, it's easy for us to come in and extended to use. The same situation in the urban environment is just that the different there. If we have the then get permission and work out an arrangement with the property owner to come in and do the actual construction and that no, that doesn't Go smoothly. The property owner RE says that the landlords are the issue. That's that's. The only meaning hurdle. It's not it's not that if you're, if the landlord begging after come in and view weak very far. We can't do we just don't have fibre facility your your your apartment know that that was then. That would be a good case if a property that we don't pass the files, but that's not the case, because all that's left is you know to get that without. That was that last, however many feet it is to get it from the street into the actual building,
Got it, and and that's true of every home in New York City at this point, pretty much what you mean pretty much, we have to speaking so. At this point I was doing very slow. Call because we started out this whole thing. Talking about landlords. They'd said that mats landlord was the problem and that turned out not to be true. What re was saying was a little bit more complicated than that, and he said the best way to explain it. Was look at a part of the city where landlords actually are not a problem you know when you what you're a suburban environment, only the only party he do Green other did a guy who live now and then and then ask me: they'll get Eureka likes that now and it's almost in a pretty much clove, pretty close to a hundred percent availability, as that now has the most suburban well, that's where I found my parents to live there. They have it it other certain parts of the Bronx, the queen,
clean and Brooklyn that are no less urban. What were you? You see more traditional single family homes when a customer recall that hair on fire, they sure we show up caught up the pole. We run a fiber job from the nearest pulled down to their house and and get it connected, and that's it. Whereas Manhattan says Re Manhattan still has problems with fires. Penetration re, who is arising spokesperson, still can't I They get fires in his own house, kitchen apartment. That's because a Manhattan, their neighborhood, where you just can't run cables on telephone bills, theirs health and poles outside and you might have to string them. Apartment building to apartment, building, to eat your landlord is fine with having fires you still, need permission from the landlord of the guy next door races and get really complicated, which makes sense, I'm alright was talking about it all pretty commencing but then later re followed up
with actual information about Matthew. It turned out that rising had tried to get in touch with mats landlord. These animal letter, but it was addressed to Stricklin Frederick instead of Fred Stricklin his name, just been one letter in the male is definitely an attempt. But as somebody who has sometimes not paid my cable bill, I know that when it people can we really want to get in touch with you they fight, and other methods, so that's what I got. I decide to call me back down what I learned and see what he thought: hey Matt, I dont everything and I was like yea ashoored I'll, make sense and entrust rising interest the city, his big question, which is what we hi were they soul, freakin opaque with me, I don't know with vague why they couldn't like stated directly like ok, here's. What helps us come. Do a neighborhood! You like your make. This happen, I mean
There is political reasons. Are what not, but I have answers for you. Do you want the answered? Oh yes, of course, I do ok, so I asked I asked the guy rising Like you know, a lot of people are upset with you knock as they know, their legally and held the fires, but because you guys advertises a lot and like you put it on, your tracks and drive it around and if you just like target advertising or be better about communicate with people say if you said, like listen crown hides you're not going. Fires, anytime soon or view said like listen beds, die Europe If I was in two minds like, I think people would feel better and here so I think one reason there not doing it is because if they said that they are not like there. Really supposed to be doing this ways if they like we're, not doing it, they could get in trouble. But more interesting Lee the guy said to me he was like listen. This is really competitive like we. We are kind of in this invisible war with Time Warner, cable what he kept saying our competitors, but
arcades time Warner anything optimum he's like we're in this war with them and if they knew that we were to go to some neighbourhood, but we had gone yet. A good run in and they could call all their existing customers. They call you and they say, like oh yeah, you know like why? Don't we give you had twenty dollar discount and you just sign up to your exclusivity contract with us here? Would you yeah yeah yeah guy? That is like the story, but that is exactly why consumers. Complication people providing the service. You don't want it at all and ultimately the thing that enrages weirdly enough. I was once on a very brief date, someone who worked for time Warner- cable, I like I- can help it just be like a whole, but the hake working through such a despised company may well we're not despise Blake every one month we have such a successful proper having their gangway.
You ain't bad. So then I told man about how Patricia the other person who had been training a virus, She had actually had success, she's getting it this week and it seemed like in general, the people have the most luck are the people who have bandit rather have gotten everybody on their block to agree that they want fires. We buddy lined up. Everybody wants. It is an encouraging, discouraging. I bet that's definitely encouraging that mean that the kind of puts me in a position where I can do something to help make that happen. Can you see yourself EU of a four month old son?
but you also act to have fires could use years of doing. That is so. The thing is awake, gotta fund, but I also get way too much pleasure out of getting fixated on things like this and figuring out how to push things forward, which is why I'm talking to you right now and then the next thing that this become backward, is your meet me stuffing like fires than mailboxes around my black and you could tiers of doing that. Oh yeah, no, I mean I'm living, that's your printer! I gotta get out now and have never been born, Well, sir, do you feel, like you feel, like you're? Take? It has been resolved Oh yeah like this. This goes like well beyond anything I was expecting to get out of it when I submitted it- and I was thinking like this night.
Just like way to convoluted slightly entered. On the other hand, I am, I guess I think, that more like no, no, they like calculated how it actually planned in this now relief for consumption- oh my god, I'm going to have to like you know what I'm going to do now is I'm going to see where our cable connection comes into the building because it definitely comes in the of our building, which is more like a telephone. Dial, but I don't know where it's coming from and if I've never thought about it, that much profiles, me Pga, vote and Alex your Bruce
by TIM Howard, true, they and fee abandon production systems. Mervyn two you're edited by Peter Clammy, Matt Lieber, is light itself coursing through the city. Spreading information or show is mixed by requiring special thanks, as we John Broad can technical. We must understand the world of fibre optic cable. Our theme, you, is by the mysterious break, master cylinder and our add museums by build buildings. The cat. Seeing to super export is simplicity by macro form, also known as the greatest. The entire world. By more episodes of the show in Itunes, dot com, slash reply all or website reviled out, limo, Finally, we observed in article form on Digg Dotcom thanks: Grozny we'll see into wednesdays.
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