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#72 Dead is Paul


This week, a Yes Yes No about gorillas, conspiracy theories, and glitter.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each of us Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for listing, listen sport. Fi or wherever you get your podcast this so. It is brought to you by a Sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so you can focus on the work that matters most learn more Try Asano for free visit, asano dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dot com from gimlet. This is reply all I'm Alex Movement, but I'm here and this week we're doing Just now the statement on the show where we inflict,
the marginally of the internet, on ten march and now this is like a stationary company sure margin area margin area emerging earlier marginally. The autumn. Saturnalia and marginal yeah we're after grids I'm right here up up up up up up up up up up up up up against them. Now we get another, there is the way it works is that our bloomer comes to us with a piece of internet. A fairer that he doesn't understand and we do our best to unspeakable it in a way that makes sense to him. So what have you got this week? I guess I between street is from Jason. It reads as follows: I was just eating a banana and this happened dot dot dot. I couldn't go one second. Without Rang Harangue Bay, we miss you and then there's four cry emerges and then underneath that and then underneath that there's a picture,
of some banana art. What can only be described as banana art? So imagine a banana. I could do that and then imagine. The the skin of the top half of the banana has been pulled away, but the skin, Bottom half is still there and then imagine that in the the part with the skin has been killed way. Somebody has nibbled a sculpture out of the banana. That resembles guerrilla face, it's very master like an authoritative. It's like it looks like they whittled it's very amazing, and then they took to other pieces of banana and did the same thing and where the they expose banana was they nibbled grow hands were not coherent. Imagine they nibbled those. I think they had to have actually sculpted that I'm here, in a world where they enabled. I liked your regiment but probably right they place called to them our Pga vote? Do you understand this to you? outgoing. Do you understand the stream? I'm gonna seen no really yeah
I would say that I'm sort of I would say that in white and about fifty percent wholly forever. This feels good, ok, Alex Bloomberg donors to industry. Don't ruin this for me: no gas! Ok, where, yes, no, no, sir! So what do you understand? What do I understand? I understand. The bananas are delicious fruit, hand, calcium, because that really is that all you get extended testimony no, I entered, all the words I just don't have any idea why they make any sense like I understand that you're eating a banana, I understand what crying is I don't know who harangue Bay, as I think you do, a stern it who forum is why they were. How much do you now? I know who for Albania's and what became of him Ok is run by the gorilla gas Oh that's a sad story. If you are not familiar with the story of her own bay. He was a gorilla
Cincinnati Zoo in May, I'm pretty sure a three year old fell into his enclosure. Really was dragging the three year old, around These you decided to shoot and kill the gorilla and somebody shot a video of it and the video search it scared. Now it's really scary that we address it's like a great, even here to watch read. It resulted in sort of like a crazy outpouring of opinions. People were mad that her omby was killed. People man at the relevance of the child is when I dont comprehend is what is being harassed. Bay has taken on her Abbaye lives now in their hearts of people on Twitter. In a way that I totally don't understand. Bs Europe has become a meme. Yes, it s raining, so I ll enjoy this a lot. I enjoy standing. This means a lot because, right now, if I can discharge my optional trajectory of this yes, no
There is a little bit of let down to realise our numbers. The girl, like Ives, like that story, is basically makes me sad. It's also not doesn't seem like those too many levels to it. It just sort of like your classic in an average. So I'm I'm hoping you can take a someplace, weird bluer minds. I know how we are going to go, but I might be able to make you feel it might be an emotional journey. Okay, so basically there's a thing that happens on the internet. Everybody knows that there are times when people like me, inappropriate jokes, about horrible things that happened. There is like a whole school of humor, that's like, if I can't say that's what I'm gonna say lay. We know that great select the best example what is after the tragedy in Benghazi when Americans were killed. There was a whole section of the internet that took this on and the way they were expressed their root about was, if they do these acrostic poems like
they would write Benghazi out in every letter would stand for a different thing. There is always like them, yelling about the cover up or whatever, and that went on for so long that people started making fun of the big gauzy acrostics like they were jokes about that thing, but the joke was not about the tragedy in Benghazi. The joke was about the reaction to the tragedy in mingles. He exactly so like, so that with her Rambo, like the sad thing happened, people reacted in big and terms like insane ways writ, and so there is now this counter cultural response of people. Doing jokes, that our lake, about even more over the top, how sad they are about the death of her own bay and like the first time he sees the joke. Your leg
ok and on they will need to make an appropriate jokes about the dagger on its very sad enough and, unlike the fourth, how you see the joke, if you're me at least you're so completely on board with a joke that so funny. So this is this. This is like an example of this and leg. Another eight. I was just eating a banana, and this happened. I couldn't go one second, without crying on baby messier around they removed. So the joke of this is that this person is so bereft that this girl at the zoo died that they accidentally nibbled at her arm base culture out of the venality, features my men. They looked out another go about when you're high level
when you lose your living inside you're, like eating pizza, tells you how you guys you like better the perfect I'll aggravates again. He reads, whereas we ve had the deadly always so it's like the rights. This is funny. This is ok thing divine funny. Yes, I guess so I guess for me the question is, I'm still not sure who is somebody may made fun of: what do we mean? What are we making fun of here? I don't think anyone having grief is being made fun of here grief. I mean, I guess, ok, people. Really sad about a growing ever met. Having died to save a three year old are being made fun of, but at this point they are not being made fun of it. Just like the joke as like. Wouldn't it be funny if the saddest thing in the world to me was the death of this one girl
I think I just want to sit here for one second, that one thing about that for a minute how you feel about it here, because I get as somebody who cares alot about animals in a certain way like a catalogue of animals. I get the tragedy of this poor. Animal who, like doesn't know, is like just is: animals are like a sort of like a priori innocent right and so I understand that, when their killed for like human fuck ups like it, it is. Isn't it just feels like wrong right and I don't mean, us that leg. I want people like
kill garage for my joy or anything that is morally okay, so like when you look at the momentum of the like online Hurrah may morning system, it's a weird: it's like there's a facebook group called justice for her own bay where they talk about like we have to avenge his murder yeah. It's been like that moment where it goes from. I shall set about this really to somebody must pay for my sad feeling about this girl. I we have to avenge the murderer. Yeah is like that's the moment that I feel like. I feel comfortable, securing right. Right and it's easier to actually just cure. I feel sad about this girl, unfortunately at her, which is why yeah, it's weird knifing, unsettled with how funny I find all this. Oh, the tables, tat at all. You made me feel that I feel like now learn anything without her watching watching the drug tumblers in his brow.
I figure out that. Maybe this is a sad fact that what the rock tumblr and his brains out, like ha ha ha ha ha. I feel fine. Underpricing explanatory I was about to recap: Jason salaried. I was just getting a banana, This happened. I couldn't go one second, with crying her. I we miss you and then there's a picture of banana sculpture where a gorilla has been sculpted out of banana and what this tweet is referring you me being mentioned in the street, is the gorilla who was killed in the sense that in I do when the toddler factors, enclosure and the it is a mocking the outpouring of emotion
that happened in the wake of that were seem like half the internet was an uproar of grief and sadness and finger pointing about the fact that this noble and innocent, animal died where it. Yes, yes, yes, good work, us very sad. Yes, yes, So I guess that's great, but I'm just looking there's this other Huron Bay tweet that I still actually don't understand. Ok, heritage to its from keen came, K E M and the captain is simply as a photo and the captain is proof. Harangue Bay is alive and then there's a picture of
girl, from the back with a pink dress on, and there is a sort of a crudely drawn red circle. The way druthers circles with like for government are like a crudely drawn red circle around what seems to be a bruise on her upper arm. Yeah. That's it pda vote. Do you understand that I know it is referencing and I've had conversations about the thing. That's referencing. I've not saved the data. My brain like it's like sort when someone explains like how assigns thing works, I'm just like ok directive loss or non after floss like I've, lost all of the explanation. So no ok, I was woman. Do you understand the sweet I'd like to think that I do But I know I want to see us, maybe I'm not confident enough to say ass outs Bloomberg. You understand the street, no ok. So let me explain what I do understand. The basic of this is that there is
a beauty blogger and there is there, are like stories on the internet like that started about it. We hear about how her large online Vienna Community believes that she is Sending distress, signals coded distress signal through her videos, Should I see what she like? Who is this now her name's, Marina, her nation of events, more basic thats. What is a political? I've back on like who like tells you how to apply, make up the guy, like you, there's a way to do. Am I gonna? Listen with such a jackass, it's gonna. There is now a party or brain. That knows when you don't know what you're talking about feeling that is like a late development shop, just cut british show me show me some issue we want so her name is Marina Joyce. Nineteen years old, she lives in England and the this sort of like water videos like it just her, in the camera hold on I'm getting that there's just hurt.
In front of the camera. Talking to you that, basically it pulled on me to visit other two adds. No, it's just a few points have been taken and did you really can skip? You can't skipper glitter make up the turtle I set out to us to look at my place. You guys are really want to show you guys. I do my like dress rise. I think that's also because every time I go up like why amazing I can share this with the world's yeah I've, just like love letters so much that size, but oh my eyes. So I think that you guys will appreciate it too. I'm gonna need some. I bought them, so I can show you guys, because it's got better lighting in there and like I'm feeling quite late, so it's gonna get darker darker, so yet so nine minutes longer. This is eyes by me.
But are we really going to be showing that this look and joy is very funding today? I disagree loved later and I love this is so much like eyes lit my face when it goes so how its Bloomberg isn't he's crazy. You look like her eyes are completely outlining glitter What it's like? You really new tutorial, you that you just like put a lot a glitter rather nearer. I met you and you do not know if you would think that, but then, as four hundred and fifty thousand view so obviously home needed tutorial to do but she's very charming interests so that her down and as a last, we people started to believe, or at least like at last week. A rumour circulated that videos like that are secretly being found from like a yes within it. Ices studio that she's not allowed to leave and that she's a prisoner and that in
Very very subtle ways: she's trying to like blink out a Morse code saying set me free, like that's actually a theory that I read that she was trying to blanket one of the many theories that use trying to Blinkered Morse code. That says that she is in trouble. I saw somewhere that there was a most where some of her friends actually thought tat. She was the victim of domestic abuse and fortunately it seems pretty clear now that that's not true, but there are these other theories about. What's going on that are just totally bonkers. So there's a million other questions. I feel you are going to have that. I don't know the answer to that or through acts. Would it be okay, if can bring an outside council sure? Is that ok? Ok, we legislate. Let me
get them on the phone. We will be back in the studio, there'll be people who can actually enter this, for this episode is broad You buy better for it, a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes better,
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I hear about something that to me is like Weirding views about the internet. There already very board of it like they. They make me feel like I'm in the wrong Paredes s now, so I figure like they will probably know everything. There is nevertheless amby like surprise that we shall find it. Interesting is very exciting how hello hello, hi hi! so. Can you guys just identify yourselves to say who you are so we have then on tape I made clear in summer therefore MTV News and yeah, I'm Erika higher white. I am also a rather for empty, be news right, so I wanted hard you guys because we ve guitar him out more,
Joyce, yes, and we don't really as familiar how familiar when you say we are familiar how familiar how much of this is the top story of all the news that you ve been reading lately last week it was like forty percent of our day, yeah. Maybe more while work when the when the democratic convention was happening, however, aid and even pay it. Oh and rain enjoys August. Yes into Marina, Joyce World, ok I'll kick things are so she's, a british you to bird who had like sizes
ash following six hundred thousand subscribers does more than I have, but I've heard isn't like that impressive. What's in preserving the tangled, like two million is like sure you did. A good job will pay attention, so she had had videos and then, in the past few months, some people, where realising that she had begun acting somewhat erratic and videos. I'd say that if you want to call it an condescension, if you want to meet up with me, one If you want to make me tat when we come in come in session, discussing with me means house, because I like she would just repeated none but in a different way, slake. If she were saying I wanna go, hang out with my friends right now. She would be like I wanna go. Hang out with my friends, it's my friends. I would love to hang out with right now to hang out with my friends like just over and over that's weird is weird saw earlier. It so we're
but it also it's fun. I could just be like we make our podcasting times will be like reading a line and you'll read it a bunch of times and not added it right so can also somebody screwing up editing. Yeah now it could be better than other things happened. Yes, so that's what Her editing style later eagerly detail. Erika. Do you wanna jumpin shall take it from here. So after that happened, it was the other youtube right on what was his name like Karami. Salerno right so does died, has met marina in the past. Said she was like a nice girl but kind of like a little strange, but nothing too
an I really, and so he was saying in the recent weeks, he's kind of noticed lake, very dramatic ships and her behaviour on her videos, any sort of took it upon himself to post his own video being like something's going on. We need to help this girl she's attic trawl? We don't know what's happening, but people need to be aware, which is a weird were concerned about somebody to express its have em yeah in its very efficient based on the police will get in you yeah, I'm site from blinking allowed in repeating herself what were the science of her of her trouble? Well, she had post said what was clearly a sponsored video, which is something If you have a certain number of followers, you get to do to make that cash, and so she posted one fur like this dress.
Company that I've never heard of, and in it she is essentially a robot with flash like she has no emotion she repeats herself over and over I'm advertising style you on an advertising, their clubs, so this is we just advertising goods, and yet I love you guys are much. The clothing company that advertising in this system ass, the unwary. This is she's not fully in the frame, and she keeps like heard seeing into the frame and spinning around billing. She she suddenly
so she's forgotten how to do a job. We show them what right out or absurd or crazy. She looks like she's impersonating. The person who used to do this ray and she likes starts, shall always look off camera like she's. Looking for approval like this is right right and like right, and then there are also other things in the video like. You could see someone's hand coming now that is supposedly a script. People on Twitter were convey
that that was like a script that her boyfriend, who is holding her hostage, had written for her belonging and take all the money and allegedly lake. I can't hear this by the rest of the internet can apparently, if you like, slow it down in this one part. She whispers help me, which I think is just like. Maybe a breeze. There are some things, a breath: yeah was there ever somebody early on foot somewhere, but that was ISIS involved in this that the story of her, I think there was. It was like part of the rumour that she may have been kidnapped by I. Sometimes it was ices. Sometimes it was just like severe drug use. Sometimes it was mental illness. There is like a whole range of gases as to what was causing this I mean has,
Lena Joyce commented on this at all like fish. What was her response to the internet losing its mind over the fact that they thought that she was being held hostage? She's respond a few times. Initially she just tweeted back at people being like. I'm. Ok, I'm fine thanks for the concern, but then it kind of kept growing and other outlets for picking it up like something's wrong with beauty, blogger. We don't know what it s, because at the Gaza, when somebody would makers her rights within what had happened. So then, at some point the police went to their house because the tweets had grown so voluminous, which I guess is held. The police there and they confirmed on their police twitter that everything was fine with the boy
go on my twitter and tell everybody everything was the eyes yes. Now let me ask you this, so you guys have like done. You ve been like deepen the story for a long time. What do you think? The truth is, I think that the guy, the male British Youtube or who began the hashtag was trawling an underestimated, how far twitter and tumblr users can run with, like very unfounded evidence, thumb and a kind of just spiral out of control, and I don't doubt that there is something extremely strange happening with her, but what it is doesn't seem to be what his conclusion loose, but then the thing that is still
we are to me as it's like that happens, and then she like keeps telling everybody everything's, ok, but she's continuing to do all the behaviors that people point out are specifically really weird and like adding new ones re, which I think is why, right now, I don't want the one to say, but she did get. You know a million and a half new subscribers from this you're being careful cause you I say I want to be the one to say like she's doing this for publicity and followers, because I mean she does seem a little off so if she is struggling with some mental health thing like I don't wanna, be the one that super cynical and like no she's just doing it for followers. So can I see you guys?
stand, a tweet that we're talking about the streets you and we don't you understand it yeah. So it's it's! It's a tweet from a guy named and it's it's still. I now realize from the promotional dress, video share and it's a shot of within a minute. Bringing the joint ran it. Yet it's a shot of men enjoyed heard nothing.
It's a shot of managed from from behind you see the her upper arm and there's like a very slight discoloration and then there's like sort of a red circle around it. And then the captain of the picture is proof. Harangue Bay is alive, erika you can take this on. I'm gonna go ahead and say that she sort of became a mean yeah. How do you say the guerrillas? around back yet he's like kind of become a meme like himself yeah. I was like the blending of two very popular memes from last week. The joke is that he's like using this is evidence to prove the wrong conspiracy. Right, I guess it's just too many means at once with pretty oh, I see
very deep its road. I do not mean more Harare Bay, then Marina caressed. Thank you. Thank you. So much for explaining the stars. Thank you know they audio so Alex we're. Yes, yes, yes, and were also kind of through the looking glass, well, you see that I never know what you mean when you say through the looking glass sit means that were in Wonderland ha what what happens in wonderland It's like all of the rules of reality are turned upside down. Dead grounds are alive. Yeah conspiracies, are in every hand gesture. I was proud to thought about what in the middle of the story that I would bet that nobody else is having thought and was especially when it was at the part where she was talking about like theirs. Is one part of the video that, if you slowed down it sounded like she was saying, help me yet I can. I take a guess: yes was appalling, dad. Yes, why. There was a there was a conspiracy theory.
In the 60s that around one thousand nine hundred and sixty four sixty five Paul Mccartney died in a car crash and was replaced by a fake Paul, and there was a ton of coded messages and album covers, there's one particularly famous bills, on which I have not forgotten. I used to know which, when it was, but if you played it backwards, it said Paul is dead. I was lying dead. His paw It occurred to me that, like people like to find patterns where there are none, which is a part of our nature rate, like we find that's, why we like as you will like, we sort of assemble things into pattern, even when there isn't one, but in the old days used to have to work a little bit. It's like have access to more random data points now than ever before, and so you can just assemble them anywhere. You want into a conspiracy story.
Months to assemble all those living in my way I made up and ruin or, as we had a few it hell executive. Worse has these days. They ve got conspiracy theories driven from their Bingley Apprenti yourself. Did you just whisper help make now thank the Erika. Harwood made currents you, them over MTV. They are bloggers and style. Section. Also MTV has I guess now in their good, listen to them. I that's it for the show this. We revise hosted by me, whatever our government, the show is produced by Shruti Pinnamaneni, Phia, Bennin and Chloe, Christina executive producer.
And our editor is Peter County correction assistance by Tom Cody, we're mixed by requiring special they We too Jaclyn Halbert and Halley melodic, malleable play a very fancy call cuts are theme, song is very mysterious, breakers cylinder music. As I built buildings. U S shop Itunes or in whatever progress. Have you prefer we're on Spotify when the Google music store? Thank you for listening, we'll see you next week.
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