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#77 The Grand Tapestry Of Pepe


Forty servers full of lost photos, a secret plan, and an unexpected rescue. Also, a Yes Yes No about a frog.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen on sport, FI or wherever you get your pot. This episode is brought to you by a sana. A saga is an app designed to help teams plan, organise and execute all the work they do together. It helps you it sure nothing falls through the cracks. So you can focus on the work that matters most learn more, Try us honour for free visit, assign a dot com to get started. That's a ass, a dot com. from gimlet this revival I'm devote and I'm Alex welcome once again to yes, yes, no. The segment.
Show where peter- and I explained some inscrutable internet phenomena to our boss, Alex Bloomberg and dumb he's remarkably patient about the whole thing, ok. So here Why then said the tweet from Laura Silverman? So the tweet simply reads quotation mark at deplorable patriot rights. Bra, look at this rare peep I found specially for you tap Keck, I think, there's comedy there's Carmody embedded in everything that happened so far, and then there's the picture. Donald Trump and doktor eyes. Yes, said: doktor us that is actor again down. Job and doktor us
on the set of some tv set, but that there is nothing like a random candid shot. It's very it's like the most random serve kennicott. You could see it. It's the opposite of sort of liquor, of a meme picture. It's just like a it's like it utterly banal before we get to whether where yes or our nose on this I just want to make whatever is there annunciation, one tiny, correcting that's just what we have at least one. No one. I pronounced just one minute. Rather guess what about you, what must have been peep. Direct, yes, ok, look at
it's rare Pepe, yeah yeah, I van especially for you ok, so the tweet is really when we're done with proper implementation. Laura Sailorman tweeted quotation at deplorable patriot, reds bra. Look at those rare Pepe Iphone specially for you top Keck. So Pga, do you understand the street? Mostly ok, AUS Golden? Do you understand history? Yes out Bloomberg, do understand, as we know this one. This is. This is a mountain to climb. I let me do the topic, as my understanding breaks down pretty early sure so dear, that Donald Trump, when I'm doctor OZ is television, show I've had doktor eyes, explain his medical health to him, for that, Thank you. I'm vaguely aware of that. Yeah, it's a big. They ve been the can't be arguing about like their medical records and
down forums like I'm transparent, I will have a tv doktor read. My fears all in private studio audience to demonstrate like by transparency and that guy showman, yes, he's variegated television he's so good at it, and so that just like that is literally a context where the photo cracked. The other thing that happened, that is its this is sort of like blending together, is hurry home recently had they come out where she said a lot of drums followers were a basket of deplorable super weird thing to say why it's a weird! I understand why this crap? Is it really it like? not only is it enough in that only way is it can offend a ton of people. Not only is it wrong but Nerdy lions generals hung so poorly. It doesn't work on many Luke. You like a field glasses, being pushed off the bridge of nose. Okay, so boy being pimping, white,
so she laid his basket. Horrible's comment which really inadvisable Donald Trump Junior, one of the Trump sans tweeted, our reposted. This mean that was. It was like set up, so I get action movie photo there was the cover. Is the movie the expendable eyebrows the deplorable and who, as I doubt, Trump linking to act with a kiss had only so that such loans by? Am I a guy, I think, are the world's Roger Stone and Ben Carson and Chris Christie and both of the term sons, but then also there was a cartoon head of a frog on one of the bodies. I can show you, and so just to the rate of Donald Trump is a green faced frog with big lips and blonde hair. Ok, that's Pepe. Ok
I'm laughing, but I'm scared of lovely out of fear. So you are good examples of mean where I feel like. I have been exposed to it all out without understanding and Alex. I feel you have. I understood it to the best of my ability. I have understood it started as soon as possible. As you know, so, unlike two thousand five there's, this guy named met, fury he's a comic book artist. He started posting comics to Myspace, and these comics recalled boys club, and it was about like a frog and a dog. To Harry monsters that live in a house together and smoke a bunch of pot. What the frogs name is pepper and in one particular comic strip. Pep egg goes to the bathroom and he's going to pee You say that you're trying to use cursores of road children or site just like there's no way
as to where he goes to pee, but instead he takes his pants all the way down. And the last panel is one of his roommates saying, hey Pepper, heard you like to take your pants Holloway offer New P and he says feels good man. That's the entire comic her eye. Some people do I'm serious the guy, the used with one another radio stations that I used to work at like you'd, look into the to the to the bathroom and thereby the urn all his pants all the way down, and you can't do that Underwear was still, but his pants were all them. That's even weirder yeah. I was you like a strange, our citizens with you, I got no center. I now know very gonna know his super normal. Actually, I think it was like those things right like that's how he learned when he was a kid, and so we
and just never adjusted it's one of the things that snuck into adulthood. He didn't realize. It was weird I think anyway, so the internet took this single last panel, where he sings feels a good man and cut out his head in the word bubble and sort of made it into a meme? Just like feels good man was like a character that you could put at the end of something like something good happens. D put this little progress has failed man in it and I really guidelines eight, the frog looks gross like there's something about the way he's drunk it's really crude leg. It feels a little bit bad too. Gatt. Like the wailing Ravenstein Pierre supposed to feel a little bad to look at ya, and so as as feels good man continued to exist on internet. It started to mutate and ended up on this message: Board called Robot nine K. Ok, what's that it's part of fortune and fourteen is just a message board where you can post anonymously, it's where a lot of internet,
name's come from, and it's kind of like a nightmare cesspool that is full of offensive stuff, like that, the Amsterdam of the internet cut man, that's like referencing location in the wire that will help nobody, it's like the part of, kings, landing where leg all thieves in prostitute hang out. Aren't you know what you're talking about game thrones, not a watch. Do you have you now I say things have HBO dramas, but the best or neared. Pretty much. That's me. Ok, so one of the rules of robot nine K, which is part of fortune, is that you can never post the same text or the same image ever again it it makes it so it's impossible
to do it. Ok, so that ok, so this is a thing that I've never said is that there is a period of time where Pepys people talked about the idea of RARE Pepys all the time, and so they like. Oh, I have an image of Pepe, the frog that no one else has which is counter to the whole idea of how images online workload you can't have one of anything but angle talked about them as if they were like a currency, which I never Where was that's what what you're recycle years? Three years ago, I act and in all can't stemmed from this message, would we could never put the same thing twice? So if you wanted to post a pepper, you had to make a new one, but the new ones were like. People making their own right was like he was sitting in his apartment. Nothing rare Pepys met, math fury was not making his own other people more in their own hold on. Let me let me find some rare Pepys for you. It's like a Pepe with a nuclear explosion going off in his eyes, crying pepper, Pepe. That's like a crudely drawn Sonic, the Hedgehog
a Pepe that is, has like an oxygen mask and is in his breathing in means. So rare Pepys became their own joke, ok and then Donald Trump Big became republican presidential nominee. That's how it happened. What happened was Pepys through the meme cycle, from a thing that was really obscure to a thing that was more know, my some people to think that Lake Katy Perry Like tweeted Pepe, yeah, Nicky, Menage, tweeted, taking pepper, Sir, why new ram networking pepper it wasn't here anymore and for Chan where this it originates Is a place that likes being abused
or am likes being kind of vile, and so people on four Chan had this thought that, like the way they would stop the way they would like pole, Pepe back to them would be to start associating Pepe with really gross stuff, so vague at first, I was just like you know, poop and be, but then somehow that, like migrated, intake, very racist, Pepe drugs, Psych, Pat Bay standing outside a gas chamber like really dark horrible, horrible stuff, lots of pepper wearing Nazi uniforms having a Hitler mustache got it so, basically for tenders are like pranks authors and like they are being racist, an awful but they're doing it as a joke. They actually caught their return for the court. Shit posting, oh shit, posting is like I'm going to post something to act.
Make people right and the bear easiest way to do. That is to make a bee line for racism rate, so they just like making people angry yes, so they will out rage. People laugh the irish people on the right. They will out ridge victims of racism. They will reach racists. Equally yeah, I feel like I'm not down with shit posting and it feels leg the grown up extreme beavis and butter, nihilism, sort of like that, just sort of like her, that's exactly what it they just right leg. It doesn't matter what we say here as long as like as long as somebody who takes himself seriously as annoyed. I would try to do, but then what happened was white nationalists who saw these Pepe means they were making started, sort of taking them seriously to a degree and using Pepe, not as it
like if I, if I go on twitter right now and search for some someone who is wet like await nationalist, ok, this he's got a picture of pepper smoking, a joint holding a Kalashnikov, as is twitter, Avatar and his twitter bio, says: race, realist, southern white Nationalist native IST defender, Dixie, First amendment in traditional values, speaker of truth, but that's not someone ship poster heads a person who, like is laying out their ideology. So white nationalists in the autumn which is essentially, is very, very right wing anti immigrant Firstly, online ideology got really excited about Trump rabbit running for president, so then went from came out and has been their candidate there's a lot of like Pepe Trump fan. Art got it so like here, a ton of trump,
base, oh my god! So they go so they all have the Trump hair cut the bell, the it's like blonde trump hair cut and most the Trump Pepys are wearing a suit with a red tie and then they're, just it's just like Trump Pepe. Twenty sixteen trump smiling in front of offence it says you s, border with a man and upon chauvinism and sombrero on the it's been. This weird thing were trump throughout the campaign. Will ache retweet or rebroadcast broadcast fan, fan images they get sent em, including stuff like this, and so he's late he's amplifying something that some people see. As raises, some people see his ironically raises, which is pretty similar and there's like be like, with everything with trumpet We actually know what he means, but last week hurry contains campaign did a thing on their website which, like I can only describe him.
Yes. Now that was lake, yeah he's just a legit, explain or have got it right here, Donald Trump Pepe the frog and wait supremacists and explain her, and then it's like a series of questions from an hour's Bloomberg type of voice and a person answering them and thereby making the case in this explanation that down trump. Servicing images of this cartoon frog is one more piece of evidence that down trumpeter racist and that people should vote Raillery. London wow look at it even in the style. Yes, Israel's. Why is there frog standing directly behind Trump and then answer? That's pepper, his assemble associate with what supremacy question wait really white privacy. That's right question! Please explain if the idea Now- yes, yes, Zelda CAP, powerful, like the EU, like controlling the levers of power. It now absolutely not. No god we did not invent the question
and found that, in spite of origin, I think so. Pepe is now a surrogate for like racism on the internet and the very fact that Hilary, like posted this thing, which was like Pepys, this white nationalist, like its encourage more people to do it. In fact, they are a bunch of people. Today, posting Pepe with the hashtag, the kitchen, pensive wow, and I think that it's like drawn the all right. Alright, like the public conversation which is probably not where you want them, read weight to what does tat mean? Ok, so in Korea, and there is a character that
when strung together is essentially with the korean version of Ella. Well, she uses character over and over and over again under the pronunciation of this, of this character is Kika, KKK, KKK and so in video games within like video game chat, and there are a lot of korean Like STAR craft and world of Warcraft players when they think something funny, they will do the korean equivalent of elsewhere, which is kick a k, and then there is a turkish cake called topic so when they think something's when we funny they write topic got it, but it is top. Keck is Ella well specifically for like the crappy for Chan, aggressive cranks of the internet, so that brings us back to the sweet. Basically, it's so all of the components of the the grass
and tapestry of Pepe that we ve just told you are incorporated in the sweet, and I'm wondering if you can ask. Where are you. Showing the original tweets. Yes, now I am my powers have some relation between one more time. Laura Silverman tweeted quote a deplorable patriot rights. Bra. Look at this rare Pepe. I found specially for you top tech and then there's a picture of Dr Oz, sifting through papers and Donald Trump looking at him attentively on the set of a televised one on one all right
Up up up up up up up up your silence, I get in here that computer starting up Pepys a picture of a frog who was invented in two thousand five and a comic book he threw is a sort of events that I will not summarize became an internet, meme, The meme was beloved by touchy members of an internet community and then, as so many things that are beloved and special and private went mainstream and started being adopted by people who had no authentic connection to it, such as making Minaj and Katy Perry and once basically Katy Perry started tweeting out peppers.
There, the cranky corner of the internet, who had adopted the Pepe as their own went a little roque and they started attaching pet bay to the most vile imagery they could find, including concentration camps in Hitler. Paraphernalia. Then the angry cranky corner of the internet, has like weird connections with the just angry angry corner of the internet. Yes, and it's hard to tell the difference, they ironic anger and the anger anger anyway. There's some subset of ironic angry. That's actually just angry and racist and mad at the world, and those people took on
ironic, awful pepper and made him their own actual awful Pepe, but in their minds he was an actually awful. He was just a crusader for what they believe to be right. Witches border security, border security and wait nationalism. White nationalism Ok up up up up up up up up up. Do you want us, so those people and their pet bay. We're looking for a hero and that here came along in the form of Donald Trump when they found their hero and Donald Trump, they attached there, there mascot Pepe to him, and that brings us to the tweet, which imagines that.
Doctor, as is reading a letter from a fan of down trumps and sang bra, meaning down trump? Look at this rare Pepe I found, especially for you top kick. I've never felt this tense during one of these it felt like the end of like a long spelling bee tournament and you're, not sure if the star kids going to be able to smell like in all the boar. Whenever I feel you did, it feels really get so it seems like we're. Yes, yes, yes, I think right. Yes, yes, he was weary of others. It's right it like it reminds me when I was in great school like third grade and everybody was intensely homophobic. People would be like hey if you get an airing like me, show you in that year, because, as already radio and like when I agree to all information, was that like that,
was assumed. The world was full of these, like hyper specific secret codes that everybody else new area have huge consequences and we get the world is not like that, like things are settling complex and whatever, but like stories like this about the way, a lot of the areas right now, it's actually kind of us like that, like actually this frog me racist right now, just like I kind of veal the trunk who is probably like a cool frog, but then, like I, don't feel brand because there is an easy is the call for August because a lot of his words racist? It is it's a really weird relationship with symbols: nets, business just not to use any symbols except the alphabet wow
After the break, we find out the fate of two hundred and twenty million photographs, and they went missing. Complementing of this episode is brought to you by better for it a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by new podcast from eighty p, hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes better for it. How mistakes have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his own, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars. I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck took some flyers business cards and
later. I had a business and in aid our role breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place, you deprive the word, the Do you want to be able to tell your friends about it? You want to be able to feel like you're, making a different you'll hear how they work their way through their mistakes and came out better for him. The non Spotify or wherever you get your PA casts. This episode is brought to you by a Sana picture. There a world where you spend less time juggling email meetings and status, updates and more time doing the work that matters the most your team, that's the world economy. Bill to create a Sana is an app designed to help teams plan, organise and execute all the work they do together its built to give teams clarity You can all understand your goals and how to achieve them together and whatever your next Object is a sonnet can help reduce the busy work that waste your time from small
companies to global enterprises, more than a million teams across a hundred and ninety five countries get work done with a learn more and I s honor for free visit, assign a dot com to get started. That's a s. Dna, a dot com. Hi Bj jagged. So, as you know, we have a segment on the show called super export. You do know that that I do know that we have a saying that show called seaward export where people who have technological problems come to us and we saw them or try or try yeah, and in that seventy one. I tried to help a woman named Rachel who is using the service called picture life and she was dollar pictures Yang come inside of disappeared in
She was especially concerned because she has a one year old and a three and a half year old and basically, all the photos she's ever taken. These kids existed pretty much solely on picture life. Let's say all of your pictures are gone. What what have you lost that the idea that their guys so whereby I have created this increase noble record of the lives of these two little girls up to this moment and so to lose. It would just be truly heartbreaking, so I looked into it and the company had been bought by this guy named Jonathan Minnesota and about a year after year by the company it started failing we follow his employees and because he had no money, headed downsize, really really quick and due to a series of sort of questionable decisions. And some bad luck. He screwed up the database of pictures he had and then suddenly, no,
who use picture life, could access any of their pictures right right and then he decided that he had a secret plan to save everybody's pictures, but that he wouldn't tell anybody that he was doing his secret plan. Does your plan didn't work, and so basically nobody could access their pictures but he was, he told you that the pictures were gone. I have you just give a little bit more time, this time really for serious. He be able, like fix the whole situation and get people's pictures back right, and when I talked him back in July, he sent a pretty confident that everything was gonna, be fine until the addition is and is done now, we're fixing the database. I feel good about the future of these things, so staging Jonathan Comity check back with him about a month, and today I have an update, which is that, just under a year after the episode aired. Jonathan announced publicly that picture life was shutting down effective immediately affected the media. It is done so.
The plan he had, which is that here and he ll always gonna rescue everything turned out to be true. Yes, so I talked to Jonathan and he told me what actually happened is that another photo hosting company this company called smug, Mug swooped in and saved all picture, sutlers photos; basically, they made them all available on their platform. Former picture, like users, can sign up for a free smug. Bugged trial and once they sign up, they get sixty days to download their photos or become a smuggling member. Ok, so, basically, smug, biogas, like sort of doing good deed and sort of the sea, is an opportunity to like advertisers to a bunch of people. I just wish, like somebody could just like be cool and decent in a way that was not.
So well, orchestrated too, like also give them a percentage of like conversion, users or whatever well just hold on a second, because I talked to the guys who run smuggling hello. I dont. This is acts, hey so. Could you start by just telling me your name and how you like to be identified? I'm dynamic half over found, earthy YO and chief geek at smug Mark Don, told me that smug mug is a fourteen year old picture company, their profit it's not like they're trying to make a name for there, not a start up. They're, not like they're, not like a growth company they run by their own? My family and Don told me that in the time that smug mug spin around they ve seen dozens of companies get into the photo hosting business open a website, get a bunch of people's photos, not be successful and fail, and then maybe give people a month to get their photos back
and then just shut down wow and a lot of times. Smug mug will go to these failing companies and say: hey: can we save your users photos and the answer, though we ve been no For the first time, though, where we got a yes, that's crazy, yeah, it is crazy and the other thing that he said was look. I think that will probably get a few sign outside of this, but I every which way I spreadsheet the thing I can't make the math make sense for us. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous in this day and age were everybody's kind of jaded, about company then and their approach, but basically Don said, the smug mug will probably lose money on us. I wanna talk like that. Ices person turns out to be a guy from becoming smug among it. It doesn't sound like a name like like that, this
I imagine legs like smug, amalgamating like smart Jerky someday that's what I smoke mug says here, but there is one catch to this whole happy story, which is that when picture life went down a bunch of people, if you just made a facebook group called picture life users, so they could talk about how they can find their photos here. And there are a couple people in that Facebook group who are saying like I got my pictures back. Some of them are missing. And Don told me that of the two hundred and twenty million photos that they recovered from picture life, it's possible that they weren't able to save some. So did you check in with Rachel? Do safety something photos yeah? I actually brought
into the studio, and I asked her not to look at her smuggling account until she got here so that we could see if she got nowhere pictures back and before we got started. I asked her if there were any pictures that use particularly excited to see yes, so the reason I initially even realise the pitcher life was now working was that I wanted to see. I wanted to find. RO from essentially the same month are weak and my younger daughter is of my older dotterine compare and that's when I found it was broken so photos of my older daughter when she was fifteen months old, I'm just I have. I can't find any link in my email or looking around, so I'm hoping if anything is theirs.
Like that, will be there. That would be like February two thousand fourteen or something you want to do this. Are you ready yeah? Ok, go ahead login? How are you feeling I'm so nervous and we have nothing's there? I expect everyone to cry system where you get ready. It's his picture, life memories, Merriwig canker gonna year. Therefore these folders for every month I know there are just individual pictures, I'm pretty sure, then that would be superseded.
Oh yeah euralia. Ah, what are we looking at? So this is it. This is February two thousand fourteen. So this is my elder daughter when she was the age that my younger daughter is now. She looks so cute. I'm so glad there back to seem like the clothes that she wore, then all of it. It's all agree. Look at that issue is not so great ass. She dancing she Cryin Ivy League crying and stumbling around news. We made aware of these late. The little tiny Lebron James groups agree legacy. There's, oh my gosh can my mom my mom's had ovarian
for five years. She like has gone through periods of feeling, really good and then periods of feeling really terrible and she's during this long blonde, wig so late that not a picture I knew existed. I think my mom wearing like long fake blonde hair and holding like a brand brand brand new baby does really glad so happy to miracle. Since the best interview had ever done. I believe I got my life back Annesley. So what do you think you're gonna? Do it hold it for us. The worst question she so dear.
eighty, Requires hosted by PDA vote and me Alex Goldman reproduced by should have been in any feel abandoned, close casinos and domino marketing. Our executive first him Howard. We were edited by Peter clowning Production assistance from Fain Faye we were mixed by requiring that labour is a dingy town in a small town. That somehow has your favorite involving our theme. Song is by the mysterious break, master cylinder and our add music is by bill buildings, also shadow to George David's, who email to say that he was in the fifteen hours straight of reply or while he was on a road trip. That's gotta be
some kind of record. So thanks George, you can listen to the show on Itunes or on any other podcast app thanks for listening and will see you next week.
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